Brookline Police: North Carolina men charged in Brook Street armed robbery

By Laura Paine/staff writer Wicked Local Brookline Posted Oct 01, 2010 @ 12:23 PM Brookline — Brookline Police arrested two North Carolina men on charges of home invasion and armed robbery after allegedly holding up a Brook Street resident in his apartment during a drug deal. A Dorchester man was also arrested in connection with the home invasion on charges of being an accessory to the crime and impeding a police investigation. Lavell Brown, 23, of 602 Briggs St., Wilson, N.C., and Toris Ellis, 20, of 621 Fairview Road, Rocky Mountain, N.C., were both arrested and charged with home invasion and armed robbery on Sept. 30. Terrence Daye, 21, of 165 Columbia Road, Dorchester, was arrested and charged with accessory after the fact and impeding a police investigation. According to reports, police responded to the Brook Street address around 4:21 p.m., on Sept. 29 after a man reported being robbed at gunpoint in his bedroom by Brown, who had come to the victim’s home to purchase about half an ounce of marijuana. During the robbery, Brown’s cousin — whom police did not identify — played video games in the victim’s home. According to a police report, the victim retrieved the marijuana for Brown from under his bed, but “he heard a ‘clicking’ sound and turned and observed Brown as he brandished a black revolver type handgun” and demanded the drugs and the victim’s wallet and cell phone. The victim reportedly asked what “that was all about” before handing over the bag and his wallet, which Brown also demanded. The wallet contained $370, a Massachusetts liquor I.D. and a Charlie Card. The victim reportedly told police he had hung out with Brown a few times and used Facebook to show the police pictures of Brown. There were also pictures of Brown with Ellis at parties. According to police, a witness told police that they had observed Daye, Brown, a woman and another man walking on St. Paul Street in the area of Egmont Street about 35 minutes after the robbery occurred. Police reportedly visited Daye’s parents, who confirmed that he was out with Brown and his cousin earlier in the day and they were in Dorchester for the night. Brookline Police contacted the Rocky Mountain Police Department, which reportedly provided them with information about Ellis, as well as Ellis’ photo. A redacted copy of the police report given to the TAB did not include specifics of why police charged Ellis or Daye, but noted that there was probable cause to charge Ellis with home invasion and armed robbery. Brown allegedly called police as they were surrounding a Washington Street address in Dorchester to confirm he was on the second floor of a building. Brown opened the door to allow the officers access to the apartment. Ellis and Brown were in the apartment and arrested at that time. Laura Paine can be reached at Copyright 2010 Brookline TAB. Some rights reserved

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