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Density (ALPS)

Define these words






Take a look at the two boxes below. Each box has the same volume. If each ball has the
same mass, which box would weigh more? Why?
All density values in the following table are units of g/cm
cork 0.24 gasoline 0.68 hydrogen 0.000 09
mahogany 0.85 octane 0.70 helium 0.00018
wax 0.9 grain alcohol 0.79 ammonia 0.00077
ice 0.92 wood alcohol 0.81 CO 0.00125
balsa wood 0.13 coconut oil 0.93 nitrogen 0.00126
oak 0.72 water, pure 1.00 air 0.0013
hard coal 1.4 - 1.8 water, sea 1.03 oxygen 0.00143
sugar 1.6 glycerin 1.26 CO2 0.00198
bone 1.6 chloroform 1.73 chlorine 0.00321
concrete 2.3 Mercury 13.6
glass 2.4 - 2.8
aluminum 2.7
copper 8.9
silver 10.5
lead 11.3
gold 19.3
platinum 21.5

1. What is the density of pure water (don’t forget units)?

2. What is the density of copper (don’t forget units)?

3. What is the density of CO2 (don’t forget units)?

4. a) name 2 solids that are less dense than water:

b) name 2 liquids that are more dense than water:

5. If balsa wood were put into water would it float or sink?


6. If concrete were put into chloroform would it float or sink?

We are going to pretend that mass and weight are the same things in order to answer these

7. Why are two units used when finding density?

8. The formula for Density is = ________

9. What is the mass of the penny? ________

10. What is the volume of the penny? ____________
11. What is the density of the penny? __________

12. What is the mass of the rock? _________

13. What is the volume of the rock? ________
14. What is the density of the rock? ________

15. Measure the length, width, and height of a small board, then find its volume.
Length ______
Width ______
Height ______
Volume _____

16. A little aluminum boat (mass of 14.50 g) has a volume of 450.00 cm3. The boat is
place in a small pool of water and carefully filled with pennies. If each penny has
a mass of 2.50 g, how many pennies can be added to the boat before it sinks?

17. A miner finds a substance he believes is gold. He collects a sample and finds it to
have a mass of 17.8g and a volume of 2mL. Is the substance he collected gold?
Explain your reasoning.

18. What would the mass of that substance need to be for it to be gold if the volume is

19. Gasoline is a non-polar liquid that will float on water. 450 grams of gasoline is
spilled into a puddle of water. If the density of gasoline is 0.665 g/mL, what
volume of gasoline is spilled?