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45 mins
LEVEL OF SS Pre - intermediate DATE 04/12/18 TP# 3
TOPIC/THEME (e.g. Travel, Food, Crime, Culture, …) LESSON FOCUS
(one of the 4 systems or 4 skills; 2 possible if a longer slot)
SPORTS Ensure that the focus(es) get expressed in the MAIN and/or SUBSIDIARY

MAIN AIM: By the end of the lesson, students will have… see input session notes for conventional formulation of aims
Practiced reading for gist and detailed comprehension with a text about Mohammed Ali.

PERSONAL AIMS (refer to your previous TP tutor observation notes: “development needs” section) be specific on HOW
1. Improve set-ups and ICQs, demos and giving handouts at the end of the set-ups.

2. Manage my time better and make sure I’m setting the right limits for each task.

3. Stick to the procedure’s steps.

CLASS PROFILE: (include numbers, gender ratio, nationalities, strong vs. weak Ss, motivation, interests, class dynamics, preferred activities)
The class consists of 8 students, from which 6 are Polish (5 women and 1 man) and 2 Ukrainian (2
Antonina and Katarzyna (Kubinska) enjoy working together and are always asking me to elicit some
word or expressions they don’t quite understand while monitoring, they are very enthusiastic about
speaking in class.
Yuliya and Anna from Ukraine also pair quite often. Yuliya is quite shy and doesn’t open up that much
when she has to do PW with a polish classmate, and even though she can be a weak student if we talk
about grammar, she’s a quick learner when it comes to pronunciation.
Anna doesn’t seem to have the same problem while doing PW with polish classmates, she’s a quick
learner of grammar but still has some issues with the pronunciation of some words.
Agnieszka and Katarzyna (Krysta) like to go work together most of the time as well. Agnieszka is quick
learner and often takes active part during OCFB. Katarzyna (Krysta) is quite talkative while doing PW,
but she doesn’t really participates during the OCFB.
Marta doesn’t really open up during PW and is very shy during OCFB , but she´s an amazing solo
Leszek is a talkative student, with a decent background on the language, he tends to dominate when
it comes OCFB.

ASSUMPTIONS (what language do you expect sts to know that you are not planning to teach? What language items have sts looked at previous
classes that are relevant to your aims? Students’ interest/general knowledge in relation to the material/context / topic you will be using?)

Sts must have some background knowledge of this topic. They will be interested in the idea of
discussing about sports, They will also enjoy talking about box and learning a bit more about
Mohammed Ali’s career.
(think about classroom management, cultural issues, skills tasks. tasks types, group dynamics, topic etc)
Please label this clearly Problem 1 – Solution 1, problem 2 – Solution 2, etc. Draw a line under each – dividing it into sections.
there is a separate sheet for this if you are teaching a system – lexis, functional language, grammar or pron. If you are teaching a skill, there is no
need for any language analysis or anticipated problems for language. An exception is if you are pre-teaching vocab., for a text.
Problem 1 Solution 1
Sts might find some words in the text difficult to Meaning Check should clarify them

Problem 2 Solution 2
There might be an odd number of sts for PR Form a group of 3 with the rest of the sts

Problem 3 Solution 3

Problem 4 Solution 4

MATERIALS: (What course books, reference books, web-sites etc. did you use? be specific – page, unit etc)
Language To Go, Pre-Intermediate, Pearson Longman Lesson 19, pg 40-41 + handouts + visuals
Stage Name Interaction
Stage Aim/ Rationale
& number of stage pattern
Time Procedure start with ‘ to ………..”
Use standard lesson Length
Start each sentence with ss or T and draw a line to show end of for typical stage aims see models provided
s-s of
stage names from stage.
s-s-s Stage during input session on planning, for DVD
input notes and Use : SET-UP > SS do TASK > OCFB’ to structure stages.
T-sss observation and session on receptive skills
GI in Topic T-s-s-s 5 min Signpost: Tell sts today we’re gonna talk about sports. To generate interest in the topic in a fun and
s-s Set-up: Show visuals related to the topic to my sts and ask “what quick way
T-s-s-s kind of sport do you practice?”
Sts DISCUSS (PW>T monitors)
OCFB: Elicit answers

Gi in Text T-s-s-s 5 min Singpost: Tell sts they’ll read the text later To generate interest in the text
s-s Set-up: Show visuals of Mohammed Ali + questions “who’s this
T-s-s-s person?” “what do you know about him?”
Sts DO task (PW> T >monitor)
OCFB: Elicit the answers

To orientate sts to text;

ORIENTATION and T-s-s-s 3 min Singpost: Tell sts they’ll read the text later To have sts practice reading for gist, quickly
Gist TASK s Set-up: Show questions about text on the board, ask sts to read without understanding every word
s-s texts and answer the questions + handout text for sts to read
T-s-s-s Sts DO task (PW)
OCFB: Elicit the answers and confirm if they’re right or not
T-s-s-s Singpost: We’re gonna learn some new/difficult words from the To ‘unblock’ the meaning of key vocabulary
Pre-teach vocabulary s 7 min text. necessary to succeed with the detailed reading
s-s Set-up: Matching TASK (teacher tell sts to connect pictures with task that follows
T-s-s-s words)
Sts DO task (PW> T read>monitor)
OCFB: Confirm the answers + CCQs

Detailed T-s-s-s 12 min Set-up: Sts read text and complete a table based on the text To provide the ss with an opportunity to read
Comprehension TASK s Sts DO task (PW> T read>monitor) for details and important points in the text
s-s OCFB: Elicit the answers

Personal Response T-s-s-s 7 min Singpost: Telll sts they’re going to be speaking To have students talk freely about the content of
s-s Rearrange the sts the text then topic discussed in the lesson
T-s-s-s Show sts 2 quesitons on the IWB and tell them to discuss with
their partner
T-s-s-s To correct any errors heard and to allow the
PACS s-s 4 min students to participate in the correction of these
& (as used in this context) you are conveying the meaning to if using a CONCEPT
ANALYSIS: WORD STRESS  Copy this out of a Learner Dictionary the ss : QUESTION write out
 Copy this out of a Learner ‘mime’ ‘definition’ ‘visual’ (if question & answer. TIP :
LEXIS the word itself

Dictionary by hand.
Just sentence stress for
example/situation write it out) Vary the question type. Some
multiple choices, some yes/no
answers. Some eliciting of synonyms
/ antonyms etc.
 Use a Learner Dictionary to fill
in this table – not off the top
of head.
 Do not fill in grammar here or
functional language.
 If it is a phrase, idiom, fixed
expression or collocation, put
the whole thing, don’t break it
up into words. Put any
dependent prepositions.
 write part of speech like this
(adj) (det) (n) (v) (adj) (adv)
 use this also if you are pre-
teaching any vocab. Fill them
in here.

/biːt/ To defeat or do better than… If you “beat”

Beat (verb) somebody in certain
sport, it means you’re
better than this
person? Yes.

/ˈhev.i.weɪt/ A boxer who weighs more than If you’re a boxer that’s

Heavyweight 175 pounds (79.5 kilograms) and less than 175 pounds,
(noun) istherefore in the heaviest group. does it make you
heavyweight? No.

/skɪp/ To o jump over a rope that you or two If you’re just jumping
Skipped (skip) other people swing above around, is that
[verb] your head and then under your feet skipping? No.
/kənˈvɜːt/ To (cause something or someone If you want to change
Converted to) change in form orcharacter your religion, is that
(convert) [verb] converting? Yes.

/hɪt/ To move your hand or an object onto Did the girl hit the
Hit (verb) the surface of something so that boy? Yes.
it touches it, usually with force.

Reputation /ˌrep.jəˈteɪ.ʃən/ The opinion that people in general have

about someone or something, or how
Does the man in
brown suit doesn’t
(noun) much respect or admiration someone or really care about his
somethingreceives, based on reputation? No.
past behaviour or character.

/stiːl/ To take something without Is the man in blue

Stole (steal) the permission or knowledge of stealing from the
[verb] theowner and keep it. other one? Yes.
What problems with M, F, P might students have with the target language in the lesson?
List & explain these problems & include details of a solution immediately after each (please label them Problem 1, Solution 1 etc)

For grammar & functional language & lexis please include full details of how you will convey meaning & check understanding in your
solutions, including drawing TIMELINES, writing out CONCEPT QUESTIONS, etc .
For lexis, write CQs in the lexical grid provided. However, specific problems unique to certain lexical items you can put here too.
Problem 1 Solution 1
Sts might confuse the meaning of the word “beat” Ask a CCQ:
by thinking that it means to hit physically when it’s Does it mean she couldn’t “hit” his reputation?
not No.
Solution 2
Problem 2 Ask a CCQ:
Sts may confuse the meaning of the word Was Mohammed Ali a fat person? No.
“heavyweight” by thinking it means fat or big Does heavyweight mean fat? No.

Problem 3 Solution 3s