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Grades 1 to 12 School Gov. Julian F.

Pacificador NS Grade Level Grade 12

DAILY LESSON Teacher Mr. Errol T. Lariza Learning Area DIASS
LOG Teaching Dates July 22-26, 2019 Quarter First Quarter


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
The students will be able to: The students will be able to: The students will be able to: The students will be
I. OBJECTIVES 1. Know the Lord’s 1. Understand the Parable 1. Identify the core able to:
prayer, the Apostles of the Prodigal Son teaching of 1. Know and
Creed and the 2. Value the message of Christianity. understand
Beatitudes The Prodigal Son by 2. Value the core different beliefs
2. Appreciate Christian interpreting its meaning in teaching of Christianity that people
faith by reciting the their own lives. as part of their spiritual adhere to.
Creed, Lord’s prayer journey. 2. Appreciate
and Beatitudes. different beliefs
and practices that
other people
adhere to.

The learner demonstrates understanding of the elements of Christianity:

A. Content Standards
a. Founder: Jesus Christ (c. 7 BC30 A.D.) b. Sacred texts: Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) c. Doctrines: Trinity,
Virgin Birth, Deity of Christ, Resurrection, Last Judgment d: God: Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) e. Sects: Roman
Catholic, Greek/Eastern Orthodox, Protestantism, etc. f. Issues: Ecumenism, Sexuality issues (e.g., contraception,
homosexuality, ordination of women)
The learner interviews a Christian parent or couple on why they are Christians and what beliefs and practices they adhere
B. Performance Standards to.

C. Learning Competencies/ Recite the Apostle’s Creed, Interpret the Parable of the Explain: The core teaching of Interview a Christian
Objectives The Lord’s Prayer or the Prodigal Son Christianity is the message parent or couple on why
Write the LC code for Beatitudes HUMSS_WRB12I/IIIe-f-5.2 that a loving God sent His they are Christians and
each HUMSS_WRB12I/IIIe-f-5.1 begotten Son in order to what beliefs and
redeem humankind from practices they adhere to
eternal damnation. HUMSS_WRB12I/IIIe-f-
HUMSS_WRB12I/IIIe-f-5.3 5.4

II. CONTENT Christianity

A. References Introduction to World Religion Introduction to World Religion Introduction to World Religion Introduction to World
and Belief Systems and Belief Systems and Belief Systems Religion and Belief
1. Teacher’s Guide pages
2. Learner’s Materials pp.68-83 pp.68-83 pp.68-83 pp.68-83
3. Textbook pages pp.68-83 pp.68-83 pp.68-83 pp.68-83
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resource (LR)
B. Other Learning


A. Reviewing previous Review previous discussion Review the message of the Review previous discussion Review the message of
lesson or presenting the selected issues concerning Creed, The Lord’s prayer, and on the story of the Prodigal the Gospel about the
new lesson Judaism. the Beatitudes. Son. loving God, in the
person of Jesus.

B. Establishing a purpose The class will be shown by a The class will be shown a short How does Jesus preach the How does it feel about
for the lesson picture of a Spanish painter video clip of the prodigal son. message of salvation? interviewing your
depicting the first eucharist— parents about the
the most significant ritual in The responses will be written message of the Gospel?
Christianity. on the board. Does it make you more

C. Presenting The students will be asked How should Christians live their Film Viewing: The Passion of Today, let us see how
examples/instances of the following questions: What lives according to Christian the Christ. you were able to inject
the new lesson can you associate with the teachings? the message of the
picture? What does the Gospel from your
picture portrays in relation parents.
with Christianity? Does it say
a lot about the Christian
religion? How?
D. Discussing new concepts The teacher presents the The Teacher deepens the  What do you feel Some students will be
and practicing new skills Apostles Creed, The Lord’s message of the video about the about the movie? called to share their
#1 prayer and the Beatitudes. prodigal son.  How does it teach interview in class.
about Jesus the
 How does the story of the Messiah?
prodigal son depict the  Do you believe that
image of God? Jesus is the Son of
 Does the story portray God?
the reality of the kingdom
promised by Jesus in the
E. Discussing new concepts How does the Creed, The The Class will be broken down How does Christian ritual Based on what they
and practicing new skills Lord’s prayer and the into groups and discuss the during the Season of Lent hear from their parents
#2 beatitudes define the core following questions: tells about the story of Jesus they are asked to write a
teaching of Christianity? as the savior of the world? short reflection about
 What message can you the interview encounter.
The teacher then discusses inject from the story?
how the creed, the Lord’s  What things does it say
prayer and the beatitudes about God?
was formed.  If the story portrays the
message about God,
what kind of God does it

F. Developing mastery The students will be grouped Each student is asked about What is the concrete example If you were given a
(leads to Formative into three groups. Each group what message is portrayed by of a passage in the Bible that chance, would you mind
Assessment 3) is assigned with the Creed, the story in one word only. tells about Jesus as the conducting an interview
The Lord’s prayer ant the Savior of humanity? with other people who is
Beatitudes. They will perform Example: forgiveness not related to you?
in chorus the recitation of Answer: John 3:16
each core teachings.

G. Finding practical As a student, how do you feel The students are asked about As a student would you
1. If you happen to
applications of concepts about reciting the core the effect of the message to believe that being a Christian encounter a non-
and skills in daily living teachings of Christianity. Do their own lives. is enough to be called believer what will you
you recite it in a prayerful children of light? do to convince him/her
mode? If yes, how do you Only three students will be to be converted into
feel about it? asked by the teacher to share. Christianity?
H. Making generalizations What is the point of the The story of the prodigal son For God so love the world For those who have
and abstractions about Creed, The Lord’s prayer and depicts the story of the that He gave His only become good
the lesson the Beatitudes? repentant sinner and the begotten Son. Christians, the reward is
forgiving father… that’s what eternal life in heaven;
 Profession of Faith God is—a forgiving and ever for those who live life full
 Openness with God loving father to us, sinners. of sins, the punishment
 Love and Compassion is eternal damnation in

I. Evaluating learning Assessment: Essay

Writing with rubrics

J. Additional activities for The students are asked to The students are also asked to Students will be given guide
application or remediation memorize the apostle’s read the parable of the “two questions for interview for the
creed. It will be recited in the brothers.” next meeting. The outcome of
next meeting. the interview will be dealt the
following meeting.

Continue the topic Continue the topic Continue the topic Continue to the next
V. REMARKS topic


A. No. of learners who

earned 80% in the
B. No. of learners who
require additional
activities for remediation
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners
who have caught up with
the lesson
D. No. of learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovation or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish
to share with other

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