Oi pull over you fat slob a man said as he was about to get in a cab.

Here·s ten dollars to air brush done and make it quick. That·s a pretty primo drawing mate want a job. What for said the other man in the cab. For my new company billboards. Sure said the other in the cab called Horhey. By the way I·m Leslie. ´Stop here and keep the changeµ. ´Fat slobµ Leslie muttered as he exited the cab.Oh wit oh wit is that your ride no that·s my ride down there bom chicka wa wa chicka wa wa what a classic 1964 impala. That·s not my ride I was just being sarcastic you dumb piece o f wet mdf down the toilet. Here is my ride I was being sarcastic. ¶How much did this set you back mate· said Horhey 270,000 grand Leslie boasted. Hop in said Leslie. When they got to Leslies company Horey was

flabagasted, amazed,
Got the best job in the

stunned, overwhelmed, astonished. I·ve

world shrieked Horhey. After Horheys performance leslie suggested that they go inside. Horhey followed Leslie in to his office. Leslie asked Horhey to sign some papers and his signature. But little did Horhey know he was signing his name to a mischdefise filthy little man. The ne xt day Horhey got a text from Leslie saying he was needed at omg lol o.p.m.o.a.p. o.p.m.o.a.p . standing for old polluted muck of a place. When he finally got there after he got lost numeres times he got down to bussniss. And by two or three days he was done and ready for his paycheck. 10.,000 smackaruus. That night Horhey brought a donkey with three legs / but it managed to find its way home. The next day Horhey payed leslie a vist to see why he airbrushe a pitrue of Leslie. Leslie told Horhey to take a seat. And then he lecuard Horhey about the history of him trying to take over South Carolina. And after 3 hours of boring talk Horhey was ready for bed teeth brushed and in his pjs. As Horhey ran off in fright Leslie gave out an off key evil laugh wich frightened mrs perhins wich made her choke on her gingernut when she was sipping her cup of tea. Mean dimwitted midget Mrs. Perkins said. Mrs. Perkins I·ve never heard those words

from such a pirsten lady. 24 hours later« and in no time the whole of south Carolina was under Leslies command. The next day Horhey was walking down the street when he just had an idea. Because when he was listling to some of the boring talk Leslie was going on about he heard something about a shrink ray. So Horhey headed to Leslies inttusion. The first thing that he had to do was get in the building. And another thing that h e remeberd was that Leslie said was that he was going to install a sauna. So he went to the sauna and saw two entries one was one with two big mucueld men and the other one was a sign with sauna written on it. So Horhey walked towords the entress that had two big men in front of it. Does the sauna have towels ´sure doesµ said the big man. Cool said Horhey. So as Horhey entered the sauna he saw a fire ingstiger and an air vent. So idmetitly he ran to it and sprayed it everywhere. So when evrery body was out he entered the vent and started crawling. And then all of a sudden he smelled fish. So he went where the smell of fish was. And soon enough he found the kitchen but he kept on going and then all of a sudden split, crash,boom he fell right in front of the shrink ray. What a cuwincadince Horhey yelled in his head. He put his hands on the shrink ray and idmayied it. Mooahah hhh



let out an evil laugh. aHHHHHHHHH as leslie was frightened he span the shrink ray in the direction of Leslie and at that same moment mrs perkins finally got that piece of soogy yet hard gingernut. As it flell out of her mouth it got in the air vent at 100km and flew out the same hole that Horhey fell threw and hit the button on the shrink ray wich shrinks things and you geassed it. It hit the button wich shrinks things and zap boom,whizz Leslie was s a small as a mouse and was locked up in no timeand south Carolina was back too normal.

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