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IWIseccss, Sete Lee.Shannon From: Dybka Carly Sent: ‘August 13, 2018 11:35 AM To: Topic Matthew; Patry.Line; Hickey. David; Branswell Jack; Bird Kathy; Norton.Peter; Custic Dijana; Dick Christopher; Laursen. Diane; Trepanier Nathalie ce: Bednarek Amanda Subject: RE: Housing + Social Media Just adding, in case this hasn't been picked up: while not directly referencing irregular migration, Maxime Bernier also issued some tweets. Like Michelle Rempel’s tweets, Maxime Bernier’s tweets speak to the importance of diversity but ‘warn that the current government is managing immigration in a way which paves a road toward dysfunction. Carly Dybka {Assistant Director, Social Media and Care, Communications Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada / Government of Canada / Tel: 613-437-7580 Directrice adjointe, Médias et soins sociaux, Communications Immigration, Réfugiés et Ctoyenneté Canada / Gouvernement du Canada / Té.: 613-437-7580 From: Topic.Matthew Sent: August 13, 2018 11:30 AM To: Patry.Line ; Hickey. David ; Branswell.Jack ; Bird. Kathy ; Norton.Peter ; Custic.Dijana ; Dick.Christopher ; Laursen.Diane ; Trepanier Nathalie Ce: Dybka.Carly ; Bednarek. Amanda Subject: RE: Housing + Social Media ‘Amanda has conducted @ more detailed analysis of this issue ‘© The thread itself was locked from further comments because the conversation had become bigoted in nature. ‘The vast majority of popular comments were extremely negative in tone. ‘© The article that inspired the thread included interviews with asylum seekers who were in the process of being moved from a college dorm to a hotel. The article reported that the asylum seeker said “Canada has been great”. This part of the article was the subject of many of the top comments which included: © “No doubt” © “Of course. Vacation is always nice.” ‘© The article also reported that a single asylum seeker receives $1,079 a month, which sparked the following commentary: © “Ifind it both insane and offensive that an illegal is given more a month from the government than a Canadian who is down on their luck and needs welfare.” © “Having worked at a non-profit that involved helping individuals get the housing they've been waiting {for two- three years, this hotel solution is disgusting.” 1 ‘6-2018-56271-000100 WEES Ses © Generally, top comments express wonder and concern over the costs associated with housing asylum seekers in hotels. The comments are unfavorable to the Prime Minister and government, and are also very un-sympathetic. to those claiming asylum. ‘* There is an ongoing trend of criticizing items of value that asylum seekers may be pictured with (brand name clothes, electronics, luggage). Comments imply that if they can afford such “luxuries” they shouldn't be considered asylum seekers. Additional: ‘+ Athread from Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel is gaining traction: bttps:// (© The thread is calling for more data surrounding the effectiveness of current irregular migration strategies. ‘+ Twitter conversations on the topic of irregular migration tend to be negative or critical as well, but are not as pointed as the Reddit thread above. Matthew Topic ‘Team Lead, Social Care, Communications Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada / Government of Canada Matthew. J Tel: 613-712-1998 Chef d'équipe, Soins sociaux, Communications Immigration, Refugiés et Citoyenneté Canada / Gouvernement du Canada Matthew. Tel: 613-712-1936 From: Patry.Line Sent: August 13, 2018 10:29 AM To: Hickey. David ; Branswell.jack ; Bird.Kathy ; Norton Peter ; Custic.Dijana ; Dick. Christopher ; Laursen.Diane ; Trepanier.Nathalie Ce: Dybka.Carly ; Topic. Matthew Subject: Housing + Social Media Please see below a very negative thread on Reddit that has been locked due to bigotry. We will continue to monitor. jes some indication of public sentiment on housing asylum seekers. As discussed earlier, this underscores our advice to focus on numbers an the storyline and gives an indication of the types of misconceptions we might need to address going forward Kathy: can you please flag to your clients. Let me know if you prefer that we do this from the SM team. Jack: | think this is the type of public environment scan we might want to share with PCO, Please let me know if you ‘would like to fag to PCO or if you prefer that I circle back, DGO: not sure if you are preparing notes for David for tomorrow's DM call, but this one might be worth noting re: context into which we are communicating, setting up migrants in radisson_hotel/ Line 2 ‘A-2018-56271-000101 Tweet Reference https:/ zabeth44C/status/10 2913499159329996 8 ‘Commends him for standing up for Canada/rails against diversity and irregular migration https:/ tt larry/status/10309 51926081323008 Condemnation of the Trudeau government https:/twitter,com/Ca nuck6227/status/103 0882097 106378752 httos:/ nuck6227/status/103 2330210191056896 https:/twitter.comijo nsays4u/status/1033 0022950787 11297 ‘Comparison to President Trump https:/ bestrealty/status/104 3698689447886850 "SHAMEFUL" (Referring to Quebec Immigrant Investor program) https:/ onica_barona/status/ 4031250091783348 224 Irregular migration httos:/ Lavas/status/104 94034202837 19680 Condemnation of Trudeau Gov https:/twitter.comits krabuik/status/1054 706214192472065 Processing times hitos:/ aSiu21/status/10674 6363383076864 Fraud in British Columbia https:/ aSiu21/status/10703 69458781270016 httos:/ aSiu21/status/10703 ‘A-z0t0-55271-000102 7033258229761 https:/ | Not clear aSiu21/status/10718 44260440227840 hitos:/ | UN Compact on Migration ‘gones007/status/107 2496920881434626 https:/ | Voting Finnamore_/status/1 0725004471586570 24 https:/ | Drug-related crime KConservative/statu s/07322420452127 5393 https:/ | Anti-immigration dforcanadalstatus/10 2912420146103091 3 - Maxime Bernier and IRCC were both @’d in all of the above tweets - IRC did not respond to any of the above ‘A-20t0-55271-000103

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