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FEDEX OFFICE 3898 PAGE OL 07/17/2019 11:28 RE: State of Indiana v. Dongwook Ko Case # 53C09-1907-F1-000790 | Dear Judge Fawcett & related parties: As the father of Victim #1, I’d like to call your attention 10 three things: No. 1 — The female victim stands 4 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 91 pounds. She is 13 but clearly looks 11 or 12 years old. Attacked and targeted at a camp whose attendees are largely in high school, she absolutely represented one of the most vulnerable-looking children in attendance. No. 2 —The victim is officially disabled and was hospitalized for the condition in February. It’s a lifelong disease that requires daily and verifiable treatment. Stress, including the stress of knowing your attacker is on the street, exacerbates her condition. No. 3 — Victims rights and the rights of defendants are often one of the most challenging intersections in our legal system. However, the current facts of my daughter's attack should eliminate any possible gray area. | respectfully ask that you make protecting a young child - | physically and emotionally — to be your highest priority today and every day forward in this case. | Thank you. Father of Victim 44