FADE IN: Montage - Various forms of ritualistic behavior blend with war.

--TRIBESMEN in Africa passionately involved in a local ceremony. -- War torn regions of Africa; bodies in the streets. -- Muslims at Mecca run in a giant circle. -- A BOY, caught in the unyielding crossfire between Jew and Muslim, is killed. -- Countless gather to see the POPE. -- An AMERICAN SOLDIER uses a Humvee to push an abandoned car. It explodes. -- Buddhists carry lighted incense to an alter. -- A KOREAN PATIENT with a prosthetic leg walks through a hospital for amputees. EXT. NATIVE AMERICAN RESERVATION - CAMP FIRE - NIGHT An OLD FASHIONED MALE ELDER sits near the flame. He looks at two children. They engage in portable video games. He CHUCKLES. An invisible spiritual entity watches from a high altitude. CRACKLING from the fire draws a reaction from the elder and startles the entity. With concern, the elder LEANS in and sees cinder RISE to the night sky. It leads the man's eyes toward the entity. The elder looks directly at it. This irritates the entity. It swoops down toward the man. The elder senses this and moves just before a strong gust of wind blasts into the fire. This causes cinder to rise once again, but this time, in much greater numbers. The cinder float to the night sky. When they fade, the night sky CHANGES to day.

EXT. CHIGACO - DAY INT. GREG's HOUSE - LIVINGROOM - DAY Well kept and virtually untouched. The television is tuned to a talk show. Host So, you've had these powers all of your Guest Yes. Host And these visions, they're constant? (working audience) On all-the-time? Guest Yes-Host All of the time?! Guest It is constant. GREG enters through the front doorway. He carries a backpack. As he passes the sofa in front of the television, he PACKS it down onto the cushions. His feet POUND as he exits into the hallway. Host(V.O.) Interesting. When we return, a researcher who claims to have an explanation for all psychic phenomenon along with reasons for thinking twice about beleiving what you hear. Stick around.


A theme SONG leads to a commercial break. INT. GREG'S HOUSE - BEDROOM - DAY Heavily cluttered. The belongings of a physics student and a restaurant manager are scattered everywhere. Greg prepares for work. His digital clock suggests a night job. Next to it is a beer bottle. Greg Get out of school, get ready for work... (takes bottle and observes its remains) I don't have time for you, but I make it? Wouldn't you do the same for me? (rattles bottle next to ear) Didn't think so. He walks to a nearby trash canister and disposes of the bottle. INT. GREG'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Greg walks toward the front entrance. The talk show returns from its commercial break. INSERT - GREG'S TELEVISION -- A glimpse of upcoming mainstream tricks of mentalism performed by the talk show guest. Greg doubles back and uses the remote control to turn the television off. EXT. GREG'S CAR - DAY

Greg drives to work. As he maneuvers through the city streets, he searches for a station on his car stereo. Announcer(V.O.) Welocome back to science Friday. It is October 15, 2017. Today, we look back at a broadcast dated February 24, 2006 in which a young scientist explains her project in identifying stars most likely to sustain life. Afterward, stay tuned to hear a discussion on the progress since. Greg Not much. (turns radio off) EXT. LAZY CRICKET SPORTS BAR & GRILL - PARKING LOT - DAY Greg PARKS his car. Loud music from inside is faintly audible. Amy (V.O.) ...then what are you throwing those parties for James? You know you can't handle them. Last night, I didn't even know half of the people that were at your house. INT. LAZY CRICKET SPORTS BAR & GRILL - DAY Well kept restaurant with stylish rosewood theme. JAMES the bartender stands inside the bar area. AMY the waitress sits at a stool. James Hey Amy, I don't even know half of the people that I invite, but, I say we do it again; tonight.

Amy One second okay? James observes as Amy suspiciously GRABS for the stool next to her, as if forced to do so. She STEPS on one of the leg supports and stands upright. Amy (annoyed) James says it’s on again-James LUNGES over the bar and motions for Amy to get down. Amy (being pulled down) Tonight, his place-(panicking) After work! The STAFF reacts jubilantly. Greg walks in with a box of supplies. He stops and STARES at everyone, amazed by the outburst. A MANAGER passes Greg on the way out. Manager Tag, you're it. Greg Hey, if it wasn't for school I'd have your shift. (under breath) Lucky bastard. (to staff) Hey...guys, lets first try to make it through the night, alright! Don't forget about the game. (gives box to busser and removes coat) Cause if you didn't get a ticket your stuck here...at the Lazy Cricket! (Walking through table area) But we don't see anything wrong with chillin' at the Cricket.

James (to Amy) Here we go. Greg The Cricket is it! Staff Yeah! Staff members begin to behave childishly, some PLAYING air guitar, as others DANCE in hip-hop fashion. Greg What else do you need? We've got food, beer,... (looks at Amy) beautiful women. Amy turns her back to Greg and LEANS forward. She hides her mocking expression. Before Greg passes the bar, he takes a glance at Amy. She playfully rolls her eyes. Amy Hey there Greg. You coming tonight, or are you too tired from yesterday? Greg Yeah, I'll be there. (Walks-off) It's not like I've got someone waiting for me to get home. Greg looks back and smiles. Amy does the same. She regains her composure before she looks at a clock on the wall behind the bar. She JOGS to the entrance and LIGHTS the neon "open" sign. EXT. LAZY CRICKET - WINDOW PANE - DAY

Anxious and curious, an UNSEEN ENTITY looks through the glass of the front window pane. It repeatedly SHIFTS toward and then away as time elapses. A work shift passes in a matter of seconds through the vision of the entity as the bar's occupants gradually deplete. Amy again pulls the string on the neon sign. This returns time to its normal pace. INT. LAZY CRICKET - MANAGER'S OFFICE - NIGHT Dull and densely cluttered. Greg counts the night's earnings. James PEEKS in. James Alright Willis, I'm out. Greg Have a good night James. James (exaggeratedly taunting) Aww, you're not forgetting about the party, right? You don't want to let everyone down now Greg!? Especially Amy, you know she won't forgive you. (stretched and grunting) Greg!? James LAUGHS. Greg RUBS his scalp, annoyed. His fatigue melts as he attempts to hold back a smile. Greg (whispers) Bitch-ass-James (CLAPS) Yeah! There it is. Greg Yeah alright, I'll go, I'll go!

(stands and pushes James out the door) Now get out. Get out! EXT. SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD - STREET - NIGHT It is very WINDY and on the brink of a storm. Autumn leaves SWIRL and SCATTER about. Rap music BLARES as cars struggle to find a spot. A Stiff lipped ELDERLY MAN stands on the street near the curb with a cordless telephone. elderly woman Come inside you stubborn oap, you know the police aren't coming. It's just a party! elderly man (to telephone operator) What?-(waves gesture at wife to go inside) What? No, a blasted hoopla. This is the third night already! It's nowhere near spring break and these kids are wrecking the joint! I’ve got cans scattered everywhere. operator(V.O.) I'm sorry sir... A muscle car RIPS by. The elderly man STUMBLES toward the curb. The heavy metal music BLASTS from the stereo and drowns the elderly man's voice. He SHAKES his fist at the driver. The female passenger LAUGHS as they stop. elderly man What!? operator(V.O.) I'm sorry sir, we have emergency situations that require more attention, and besides, we're having trouble getting dispatches out to even those areas. If we get a chance--

The old man's voice fades away in a flurry of anger. dial-tone interupts. INT. JAMES' HOUSE - HALLWAY - NIGHT


Greg enters. He nods at people he recognizes, yet allows no opportunity for conversation. He CUTS through the crowd. INT. JAMES' HOUSE - KITCHEN - NIGHT Greg GRABS a beer from the refrigerator. Upon his first drink, he is overcome with relief. He turns to those he had ignored and begins to socialize. Their voices are indistinct amidst the pouring of tequila shots. INT. JAMES' HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Amy accompanies SARAH over a mixed drink. Amy Hey Sarah, I hear James is always bragging about his porn collection. Sarah Eww, who would sleep with him after finding that out? I bet he expects women to do all kinds of gross things. That pervert. Amy whispers something to Sarah. Sarah shoves Amy away as they laugh. Amy then takes Sarah by the hand and leads her to a closet where they begin to rummage. MONTAGE - JAMES AND HIS GUESTS ENJOYING THEMSELVES --At a pool table on the backyard patio, James

threateningly holds a pool stick and explains to a group of minors to stay outside. --In the living room, Amy slowly pulls a black leather box in the shape of a board game from the top corner of the closet. She dusts the lid. Sarah finds an adult magazine and turns her back before anyone can notice. --In the kitchen, Greg parts with everyone and begins toward the hallway. --The couple who had startled the elderly man, find an empty bedroom. They kiss as they enter. INT. JAMES' HOUSE - LIVINGROOM - NIGHT Amy places the box on the coffee table. She reaches down to open it. She REMOVES the lid and reveals the contents. Amy (to Sarah) Hey, check this out! Sarah stands at the closet entrance. She closes her gaping mouth just before tossing the magazine in. She RUNS, excited by the magazine yet eager to see what Amy has found. INT. JAMES' HOUSE - HALLWAY - NIGHT Greg approaches a window that overlooks the backyard. He drinks his beer and notices that outside, several teenage boys have gathered around a joint. Nearby, a group of girls LAUGH at them. James walks through the hallway. He speaks on his phone as he approaches Greg from behind. James (covers mouth and receiver) ...hold on, I have found Gregory, and I am going to scare him... (SLAMS hand on Greg's shoulder)

Greg!-Greg (startled) Hey! Greg SHOVES James and spills his beer. James shoves back. James Hold on! My beer! (laughs pathetically) My poor beer. James gives Greg one last SHOVE, his face in full battle mode. He wipes his shirt and drinks. James (to phone) Hey, just get the hell over here, alright? Okay, bye. (hangs up) Greg (points at minors) Hey James, you letting them smoke that shit here, in the backyard? James (exaggerated and drunk) As long as they're sharing boss. James sips the last bit of beer left in his bottle, down to the last drop. He turns and begins to walk. James Besides, I promised they could hang out if they stayed away from the adult area.

Greg shakes his head in disbelief. He takes a drink and follows. James Come on, let me show you something. Greg falls behind. He notices a door left partially open. Inside, a young woman straddles her boyfriend as they kiss. Behind them, the door slowly opens. It reveals Greg's face. James intervenes, slowly closing the door, but not before he takes a look. The couple is startled by the sound of the door as it shuts. Greg (whispers and motions for the door) Hey? C'mon-James Move it! Let them get comfy! I'll put a spy cam in there for next time. Greg remains dumbfounded by this. INT. JAMES' HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT The clamor of talking and LOUD MUSIC surrounds Amy and Sarah. They sit in the center, crouched around a coffee table. The small crowd blocks Greg’s view. As the girls focus, a few onlookers mock them. Taking deep breaths, they place their hands over the surface of the communicator. The séance becomes obvious to Greg. Greg Aw, hell no! I ain't watching this! Greg begins to turn for the hallway. James grabs his arm and makes an appologetic expression. Greg thinks twice and decides to stay. He makes it clear to James that he does not approve.

Amy Okay,... everyone, be quiet. We need to focus now. (playfully) Let's focus our energy-They feel a sudden JERK. They point at each other, and begin to LAUGH. Sarah (Gasps) You moved it! Amy No I didn't! Okay? (laughing) Calm down. Are you ready? Sarah Yeah. Amy Alright, let's get this straight. Focus now. The room grows silent. A young woman hugs her boyfriend while two girls, who should be outside, roll their eyes and GIGGLE. Several people break the silence, MUMBLING as they leave immediately, unwilling to participate. Amy and Sarah take notice of this, but simply shrug their shoulders in disconcern. Amy Is anyone there? Amy and Sarah close their eyes. They become entranced and very focused. A long pause ensues as only their BREATHING is audible. Sarah's hands TREMBLE. A male PRANKSTER takes the opportunity to sneak beside them. He holds his finger to his mouth, as he motions for everyone to allow him to

continue. They all remain silent. He crouches down,his face level with theirs as he turns to each of them. He makes an expression of a person in a complete stupor. James nudges Greg's side with his elbow. Prankster (GROWLING) Yes! Amy and Sarah YELL as the prankster continues until he is out of breath. This sparks an eruption of LAUGHTER throughout the room. Greg is immediately spotted by Amy as she STANDS. Amy Greg! Come here, I want you to try this. Greg (turning to look at everyone) Nah, I'm alright, I need to go the bathroom. The crowd's attention quickly turns to Greg. They begin to urge him on. James PUSHES him forward as Amy waves him over. He resists slightly, but is subdued and placed in front of the board across from Amy. Greg Alright, alright what do I need to do? You've gotta coach me through this. It's my first time. Amy (takes glass from table and raises it) First, we need everyone to shut-(drinks) Up! James Yeah, shut up! (drinks)

The crowd becomes silent. A MUSICAN takes a cassette from his pocket and lowers the volume on the stereo. Musician (to friend) Check this out. I recorded it in my garage. (places cassette in stereo) The music begins to play just as Amy prepares to speak. Amy Okay, we're attempting to communicate with spirits. That means we need to concentrate very hard on forgetting our surroundings and focusing on absorbing what they...are trying to tell...us. The group APPLAUDS as Amy smiles in acceptance. The prankster and his friend glare at one another, extremely impressed. She GIGGLES, sending a wave of relaxation through her body. Her hair SWAYS down, covering her face. James Well put, now let’s see it work. Amy TOSSES her hair back and reveals a grimace aimed at James. He notices this and avoids eye contact. Amy turns her attention to Greg. Amy Greg, what you need to do, is clear your mind of everything. (places glass on table) She holds her index finger near her mouth as she sways. She regains her balance and SHAKES the dizzy spell. Greg looks

at all of the unfamiliar faces in the room, their attention, clearly a distraction. Amy (whispering) I'm gonna put my fingers on the communicator. You do the same. (pointing at Greg) And remember, it only works with two people, and only after you focus. Amy, eyes closed, sits silent. Her fingers hover over the communicator as she patiently waits for Greg. He is far from focused. He looks at Amy, turns to the crowd, and then lowers his hands. The prankster plots another joke. Greg nearly misses. After several seconds, the communicator receives a TUG. It begins to GLIDE at an average rate of speed with no particular pattern as it explores the environment. The group expresses opinions of skepticism. Amy Uh-(giggles; eyes closed) Greg is that you? Greg (confused) No. Amy (opens eyes) C'mon it's you right? Greg No! This display of emotion has a direct effect on the communicator, INCREASING its speed as the atmosphere intensifies. Amy Prove it.

(breathing frantically) Oh shit. The lights in the room begin to FLASH. James Hey! What the fuck? The ceiling light bulb EXPLODES above the two minors. They waste no time and exit. Astonished, Amy STANDS. Concern fills the room as the sound of CREAKING walls engulfs the area. The communicator moves faster. Along with this comes the ZIPPING of the musician’s cassette in fast forward. The audio passes at a speed much too fast to be considered normal. The tape runs out in seconds, ending with a loud SNAP. It was abrupt, yet the silence that follows seems endless. Some stand speechless. Others gather their things to leave. Before he exits, the prankster stops and looks at everyone who has decided to stay. His expression is riddled with confusion and fear. The musician takes his cassette out of the stereo. He RATTLES it and notices that the reels have been broken, now loose in the casing. Musician It busted. James, who stands silent and alone, smiles. Those who remain begin to ask questions. Sarah(V.O.) Amy, what just happened? Amy Shh! Hold on. Amy fails to notice that the board is active without her assistance. Greg is astounded, yet oblivious to his surroundings. On her way down to sit, Amy becomes aware of the sitution at hand. She stares silently at the communicator as she grips at her sweater over her heart.

The others surround her. Amy Greg?...Greg? Grandmother(V.O.) Greg? Gregory? Greg (sighing) Yeah? Amy (follows communicator with eyes) You're not doing this, are you? Greg ...Nope. Greg closes his eyes. MONTAGE - GREG'S GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE --Bed sheets flap heavily on a clothesline. --A screen door, brightly lighted by a fixture high on the rotted wood siding near the roof, bangs against the entrance. --From a distance, the silhouette of an old woman appears through the flapping linens. BACK TO SCENE Amy Um,...alright. I'm going to ask some


Greg nods his head in agreement. Amy nervously wipes the sleeve of her sweater across her lips. She almost touches the communicator, but holds back.

Amy (shaking her hands) Is anyone there? The communicator quickly responds "yes," then resumes its movement. Amy Who are you? It spells the answer. "G-R-A-N-D-M-A." Greg (eyes closed) Grandma. MONTAGE -- GREG REMEMBERS HIS GRANDMOTHER --Greg's grandmother becomes visible through the linens on the clothes line. --She walks up a driveway and pulls a small basket behind her. She stops and smiles at the front door entrance where someone waits. --Her hands reach down and GRAB some books that are scattered in the lawn. Amy(V.O.) Whose grandmother? --The bed sheets FLAP violently and louder. A vague figure of another old woman appears in the background. The bed sheets TEAR away from the clothesline and FLY into the darkness of a tree line.

(BACK TO SCENE) The communicator quickly MANEUVERS from one letter to the next spelling, "Mi bebe’." Amy GASPS and takes a step back. Tears swell in her eyes. She unknowingly PUSHES Sarah who stands behind her. Amy Greg? Her blank expression gives way to an intense stare. Amy This isn't funny. James Hey Greg, I think your cutting kind of deep with this dude. Maybe you need to chill out. Greg I'm not doing this. James Then let go. Greg I can stop-James (theatrically inclined) But,...do you really want it to? Greg looks down at the board, uncertain about the question. Greg (angrily) Man, shut up! You know what? I'm letting go--

Amy No, wait! (regains composure) I want to try something. She takes a moment to think. Amy How did you die? The communicator responds without hesitation. "A-Z-U-C-A-R." Amy is the only person who understands this. She stares at nothing as her eyes shift in deep thought.

James What's az you car? What, as you drive? Amy (whispers) No. James A car wreck? Amy NO! It's azucar. (drawn out and whispering) It means sugar. She had diabetes. Amy turns her back to Greg, biting her lip as she contemplates walking toward the door. A tear streams down her cheek. She wipes it away with her palm.

James Dude, that’s low man... James turns to look at Sarah, who seems completely taken by the scenario. James (soothingly) C’mon, let me take you away from this horrible place. James puts his arm around Sarah as he takes another drink. He leads her toward the exit. Sarah But Amy-James They’ll be alright. I’ll show you around, we’ll talk. Amy I thought you were-Greg (nervous) Great, you believe me, can I stop? The crowd breaks away and follow James. The musician tosses the cassette on the table in front of Greg. He waves his hands in Greg's line of sight to distract him. This distraction is accompanied by faster movement in the communicator as Greg begins to receive a message. He reads aloud to himself; eyes closed. Greg We...need...to...talk. It stops just as Greg looks at the people around him who are almost done clearing the room. Amy, shaken and confused, is the last person, waving at Greg as she exits.

Greg (staring at exit) Alone? The communicator slowly CREEPS to the "yes." Greg sits alone in the room. EXT. DOWNTOWN CHIGACO - UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE - DAY Greg, dressed casually, wears a back pack and a set of head phones as he makes his way from the city sidewalk to the entrance of a local university. He enters the building that leads to his classroom. A plaque outside reads Physics and Astronomy Department. INT. UNIVESITY - PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY DEPARTMENT - DAY The PROFESSOR allows no time for the students to get comfortable.

Professor Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. It's good to see that we have everyone here. He looks at the students, who are only a small fractions of the classroom's actual occupancy. It seems that they are all spread far and thin. Professor Today, we are taking a break from our standard physics curriculum to discuss a new development in the history of science. He reaches for a bottled water, takes a drink, and laments on the topic.

Professor Now, this doesn't mean that there has been some sort of miraculous break through. Nor, should it be taken lightly, because after all, any new data, be it good or bad,... has an effect on how we view science. The professor takes a transparent sheet and places it on a projector. He activates it, and a three dimensional holographic image of a sky map reflects off of a screen behind him, its surface covered in hundreds of crystals. Professor Depending on how you absorb this new data, some of you may part ways on shared opinions, and, of course, some you could care less. (pauses to scan the room) Let us now get to the point. Last night, an avid star gazer came across something that struck him as odd. At first, he was skeptical and passed it off as a mistake. But then, after wiping the forty-foot lens of his telescope, he came to the conclusion that he had found... (plain and bluntly) a new star. The class reacts in disappointment. Professor I know, I know. This must be a disappointment to you eccentrics, expecting to hear of extraterrestrial life, or that there was some mistake in the calculation that determines, oh-(sarcastically) the escape velocity of Titan for instance.


He pauses and seems to look each student in the eyes, then, slightly RAISES his fist. Professor A satellite with all the ingredients of life. If only it could hold onto them when it enters the Sun's temperate zone where life can exist in a billion,trillion, (sternly) zillion years from now! See, the fact is, the discovery of this star is much more important. This small bit of data, having been added to the endless scrolls of human knowledge, is in the here and now; not a "what if." Before now, it was categorized as a "never was." It went from nothing, shot past theory, and became rock...hard...fact. He takes an electronic marker from his shirt pocket, moves over to the projector and places a point onto the transparent sky map. Immediately, the holographic image displays the coordinates of the indicated point. The professor moves the point to the coordinates of the new star and presses a button on the side of the marker when he reaches it. Professor (pointing at spec) That star is, or was out there. I know it. All this done by a single individual using the most basic of instruments; a question to guide one's curiosity. You can apply this to what you hope will happen in the future, and what you know will happen, given the course that is being taken. I know that as long as we continue to observe the sky, people will continue to discover new stars, and why shouldn't they? It has happened before and it will happen

again. INT. LAZY CRICKET SPORTS BAR - DINING AREA - DAY Greg enters and approaches the bar. Amy is quiet and withdrawn. He proceeds and does not acknowledge her. He reachs his office, enters, and shuts the door. INT. LAZY CRICKET SPORTS BAR - OFFICE - DAY In his desk, Greg finds the local yellow pages. He skims through the directory and finds a listing with the portrait of a theatrically dressed psychic using a crystal ball. INSERT--PSYCHIC LISTING (BACK TO SCENE) He returns it and shuts the drawer. Greg takes a moment to prepare himself, then exits. INT. LAZY CRICKET SPORTS BAR - KITCHEN - DAY James eats strawberries from a dessert tray. Greg enters and halts. Greg (playfully) James! Don't make me pull out the store's produce bill. Man, you guys shove my groceries down your throats faster that I can sell it! James Humph. Ha-Huh..Hey Greg, naw I was just... (swallows) making sure they were fresh, you know, gotta make sure-Greg

Get out of here! What the hell do you care how fresh the fruit is? You're the bartender, (shoves index finger into James' chest) take-care-of-your-drinks! James Nah, but really man-Greg (takes strawberry from tray) Let me ask you something. (bites) James Yeah, go ahead. What's up? Greg The other night, at the party, you know, when we were messing with that thing... for talking to ghosts. James Yo, that was some crazy shit! Greg chews slowly as he stares at James in disbelief. James Well, what about it? Greg There's something wrong with you-Is it yours? James What? Greg The board, is it yours? James takes a quick look around to make sure no one is listening. He walks to a nearby trash can and disposes of his half-eaten strawberry.

James (wiping hands on apron) Yeah it's mine. It's been up in my closet for a while now. I mean, before Amy and her girlfriend pulled it out that night. I told them not to be going through my stuff, but, you know, they just laughed. I was just protecting my titty books though. (chuckles) You know them, they'd probably make a scene like they've never seen one. Greg Where did you get it? James At that little corner store two blocks from here. They've got videos too man. You just gotta ask 'em right. James turns his back, trying not to show his menacing grin. Greg No, I mean the board. James cocks his head back, crossing his arms as if in pain as he chuckles. Greg (slightly annoyed but smiling) Where did you buy it? EXT. GREG'S CAR - LOW INCOME NEIGHBORHOOD - DAY Greg drives by a stretch of small businesses in search of an address. James(V.O.) Oh, that thing! Uh...It was my aunts,

I think. She always talked about where she got it. I always pass it on my way to work, but man, I don't know if anyone other than my aunt was crazy enough to go in there. Greg pulls to the curb in front of a building with no visible name. It is covered in advertisements that promote psychic readings and literature. Greg (to self) Looks vacant. (removes seatbelt and exits) Here we go. INT. PSYCHIC STORE - DAY A bell rings over the door. Greg enters to find a dilapidated interior, much like the exterior. He NODS at the teller located at the entrance. On the shelves are images strewn over the countless books, posters, and novelty items typically affiliated with the occult. He stops at a display entirely dedicated to the witch board. When he chooses a book on the topic, he realizes that the teller is standing beside him. Teller Everyone has their taste. Some come for luck. (Points at a table covered in charms) Others, want to change destiny. (points at a display on casting spells) And some...only some...seek knowledge beyond all physical limitation. Greg (chuckles) I guess it helps to boost sales when you fit the role. Your boss must be proud.

Teller I'm the owner. Greg awkwardly turns to look at the store's various items, interrupting the silence as he grabs a witch board from the display in front of him. Greg (smiling) I'm gonna take this. The teller takes the item from Greg. He inspects it, strokes the surface, and then slowly turns to Greg. He stares at him for several seconds. Greg stares back in suspicion. The teller stares at Greg some more. Teller (sternly as he returns it) You don't even need it. Greg makes a look of slight anger as he REACHES for the board, but is STOPPED by the teller's outstretched hand. Teller You don't need this. Everyone else does, if they want to communicate with those who are no longer with us, but you don't. Greg, curious, relaxes. Teller You see, this device... (points at box) ...is specifically made for those who lack ability. Greg grimaces in disbelief and JERKS back. He shakes his

head. Greg (chuckling) What are you saying? Teller That this... (pulls pen from shirt pocket) ...is all you need. Greg A pen? Teller (placing pen back) Look at it from my point of view. Would it make sense if a healthy bird took a plane south? Greg (amused and smiling) No. Alright, okay, listen you almost had me...I don't know what you're trying to pitch, but-Teller Do you want to know? Greg Know what? Teller Do you want to know what's happening? Why you're here, in this store for instance? I mean, you don't look like the type that would be... just... walking by; not in this neighborhood. A homeless person looks in through the front display window as she walks by with her belongings. Teller Do you ever notice that you always

happen to be the first witness on the scene of an accident... EXT. GREG'S CAR - HIGHWAY MEDIAN - DAY (FLASHBACK) Greg passes a stalled vehicle with a woman leaning back in her seat as if unconscious. Teller(V.O.) (mysterious tone) It isn't fate. You choose to be there, placing yourself at the spot where you know something is about to happen. Greg approaches the driver's side window and proceeds to KNOCK, immediately awakening the woman. Startled, she rolls her window down and begins to explain that she has a phone and that help is coming. He walks back to his car and waves at the woman. (BACK TO SCENE) The teller leads Greg through an aisle of book shelves. Greg follows. Teller And then how, in the back of your mind, you always allow just enough room for the important things, setting aside little time for fun. (taking a book from a shelf) Here's what you're looking for. The teller walks back toward Greg. Teller (looking through pages) It's all bullshit, what I just said.

Fake psychics do it all the time. Over generalizations designed to apply to anyone.They come here all of the alot, expecting to learn new parlor tricks for the right price, but when they see that I take this seriously, they call me looney. Greg smiles. The teller gives the book to Greg, it's title, THE NOSTRODAMAN THINKER. Teller Yeah, see? Got you to cheer up. Just wanted you to stick around, that's all; long enough to explain. Do you have time? Greg Yeah, I guess I can stick around for a little bit. Teller First, I’ll tell you that those of us with real ability can sense trustworthiness in others, so I won't dare lie to you. Or at least after today. (chuckles) Now listen closely. You may come to know me as an instructor, but, if you are what you seem, I'll be learning from you very soon. (takes book from Greg) This book will help you for now. It will teach you what it means to take all space and time, and make it one moment from which you can choose what to observe. Of course this is only in theory. Most psychics have to piece their visions together to make sense of them. But, if you can master this technique, you might reach the level of its originator. And, if you can exceed it, well, we’ll find out won't we. Here is one thing to remember. What you choose to see is motivated by your own interests. Even when what you discover seems random, it has some significance to you. As for

spirits, well, don't let them distract you... (passing book to Greg) ...unless it's really important. He passes the pen to Greg. He inspects it, then places it in his pocket. Greg skims through the book. INT. GREG'S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT The surface of the bed is covered with notes and school books. In his hand, Greg holds the book given to him by the teller. Greg(V.O.) How can this be real? Teller(V.O.) Contacting spirits is no mystery. MONTAGE - OTHER PEOPLE EXPERIENCING SIMILAR PHENOMENON --An oriental man meditates in front of a large, decoratively framed mirror, incense and candles the only source of light. The flames begin to flicker, and when they stop, the man opens his eyes. The smoke from the incense billows thicker and thicker, until a face manifests in the back-drop of the man's reflection, his stare proof of having just seen something miraculous. -- A fourteen year-old girl sits at a school desk, completing a rough imitation of a witch board onto a sheet torn out from a spiral folder. She takes it to a nearby friend who makes certain that the teacher isn't watching. They place a penny on the surface of the paper witch board and begin to touch the coin with the tips of their index fingers. Their following expressions indicate a response. Teller(V.O.) It can be accomplished by anyone. Most conventional techniques are just ways

of tricking your subconscious into releasing it's acute abilities. The complexities that we absorb over the span of our lives block them, sometimes, layered on so thick, that there is no turning back. But, our minds have ways of cutting corners. In place of receiving a direct message, we create illusions for our senses. This allows us to blame the phenomenon on an outside source, rather than admit any involvement in the occurrence. INT. LAZY CRICKET - BAR - NIGHT Greg washes glassware in the sink. He raises a wet glass to hang on the drying rack. Amy approaches the bar. Amy (cautiously) Hey Greg. Greg Hi Amy. Amy Did you have any trouble working the bar? Greg (takes a deep breath) Nah. Started off a little rusty, but it always comes back. Amy That's good, no thanks to James. Did he say why he had to call in? Greg No. He just played out the whole," Hey buddy, I don't need an excuse, I'm sure you'll understand," bit. But, that's okay... (shaking water off of glass with force) ...we all know how that goes.

Amy Did he sound hung over? Greg (sarcastically) Yeah... (slams wash cloth on counter) Let's forget about James. I want to ask you something. Amy Go ahead. Greg Well, I think we've been at this long enough, you and me. Amy smiles, intrigued and anxious to hear where Greg is going with this. Greg And you know, I haven't done anything to show you any disrespect. Amy Uh-uh. Greg (growing nervous) I mean, you’re a waitress and I'm a manager... (sighs) Will you go out with me? Amy takes a moment. She acts offended, but then smiles. Amy Of course! Just one thing. Greg What's up? Amy

No sports bars! INT. DANCE CLUB - NIGHT The dance floor is completely full as people walk through the facilities with drinks in hand. Greg and Amy dance in the center. She takes Greg by the hand a leads him up some stairs. INT. DANCE CLUB - BOOTH - NIGHT Greg and Amy arrive. Their table overlooks the dance floor. Amy and Greg sit across from each other. Amy is partially intoxicated while Greg drinks from a bottle of water, holding his phone beneath the table as he checks scores for his favorite teams. Amy (bringing cocktail away) Greg, why don't you have a beer? Greg (turns off phone) I’m alright, this should hold me over. Amy That's strange, I've always known you to have at least one. Greg Well, you know, things have been different. Amy Since when? Greg Since the party. Amy Oh,...you mean the one where everyone witnessed all of that freaky... paranormal...stuff.

Greg (laughing) Yeah, that one. Amy Hey, don't let it get to you. I'm sure those "ghosts" are far from watching your every move. It’s not like they’re following you around and keeping tabs on Greg. Think about it, if you were one of them, you’d probably be doing stuff like...watching ladies in the shower, or possessing guys while they're in bed with their wives and all that good stuff. Greg chuckles. Amy (swirling drink) Maybe later...they might be interested in what we're doing. She strokes his cheek as they smile at each other. Greg You've got a great imagination. But I'm not quitting, I'm just not going to drink as often. Amy (sits up) Well,... (drinks and slams glass down) I quit! Amy takes the drink and raises it off of the table. Greg Hey, don't!...

Before Greg can get out of his seat, Amy moves the glass past the guard-rail next to her and DUMPS the contents over the edge. She soaks a couple below. The enormously built male of the couple reacts in anger. He points up at Greg who now holds the glass in his hand. Greg takes Amy and RUSHES her out of the club. EXT. DANCE CLUB ENTRANCE - NIGHT It is raining. Greg and Amy arrive outside. Greg removes his coat and places it around Amy's shoulders. They RUN into an alley next to the club. EXT. ALLEY - NIGHT Greg looks over the corner of the wall. He sees the enormous man exit the club entrance looking in all directions. His date begs him to go back inside. Amy stands against the wall further into the alley. She laughs uncontrollably. Greg That dude was huge. Why did you do that? Amy It's okay, we could have taken him. Greg approaches Amy. They look into each others eyes until they are close enough to kiss. They do so. INT. AMY'S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - MORNING (DREAM SEQUENCE) In the darkness, a faint heartbeat can be heard. The louder it becomes, the faster it beats, until its deafening rhythm comes to a sudden halt. A flat line blends with the sound of emergency personnel hard at work. Greg's spirit sees the nurses and doctors attempting to resuscitate him.

The image becomes smaller as tunnel vision pulls him up to the roof of the hospital. As he continues to rise, he looks up to the sky's blinding sun, back down to the city below, and back up to the sun again. He makes a decision and flies directly toward the sun. He continues down what resembles the typical,"light at the end of the tunnel." Resulting in a gradual deceleration, he stops in outer space, somewhere between the sun and the earth. When he looks back, the earth's size resembles that of a quarter. Once again there is a choice. More confused than ever, he chooses the darkness of space. Moving at an alarming speed, he passes many astral bodies, accelerating faster and faster with no end. AMY'S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - MORNING (REALITY) Greg sits up in bed. He was dreaming. Amy sits up, awakened by his panting and erratic movement. Amy (drowsy and whispering) Mmm... Greg, are you awake? Greg sits still. He turns his head left and right as if hearing something too subtle for Amy to detect. Ignoring her, Greg stands and begins to dress. Amy Are you leaving? Greg Yeah. Disappointed, she watches him leave. A bell rings. INT. PSYCHIC STORE - DAY The bell is seen above the entrance as Greg enters. At the counter, Greg finds the owner reading the local newspaper

and drinking coffee. His face is only partially visible. The teller moves the newspaper to expose his eyes. Silent, he motions for Greg to follow him to the rear of the store. They arrive at a doorway with curtains. The teller extends his hand, prompting Greg to enter. Upon doing so, Greg is followed into the corridor by the teller, who quickly shuts the curtain. INT. PSYCHIC STORE - STORAGE ROOM - DAY Glimpses emerge, giving hints about the surroundings. Photographs and newspaper clippings from obituaries are strewn over the walls. Teller(V.O.) You could be anywhere. In an instant, all of your intentions, everything that you had planned for in the days to come, get washed away from the face of the earth. You are amidst a sea of others much like yourself who just wanted to leave an impression. Something...to prove that they were here, made a difference, and left in dignity. For some, dying without having attained this can become an obsession. This makes them, unstable, unpredictable, and even dangerous. You need to focus on those who have moved on. Those who have information that can be seen as valuable. They are the ones, for they have accepted their fate, and have explored their new selves in the best interest of all that is good. Greg sits at a dimly lit desk. He holds a pencil against a note pad.

Greg (focused on the pencil) I understand, no disrespect, but...I

can't even get started. The teller walks to a small radio. Disappointed and shaking his head, he turns it on and begins SCANNING for a signal. Teller Do you remember the party? Greg Yeah? Teller When you placed your hands on the board, how did you feel? INT. JAMES' HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) Greg's hands hover over the witch board. His face is turned away, clearly distracted. Greg(V.O.) It was almost like I was...slipping. Felt like some unexpected accident. (BACK TO SCENE) Teller Well then, that means you're a natural. Those who lack ability, focus very hard on trying to get past the road blocks in their mind. You, on the other hand, just need to distract yourself and let it happen. A slight grin surfaces on the face of the teller, his back turned to Greg as he continues with the radio. Teller

Do me a favor, keep your hands where they are. Just close your eyes and listen. The teller stops the radio dial on a station playing "TWO TICKETS TO PARADISE." He smiles and points at Greg as if he is going to enjoy it. Greg gives one disagreeable look at the teller and immediately gets his point across. Teller (disappointed) Hey, it doesn't matter what you're listening to. Later, you won't even need the audio. He gets to the next station and finds a basketball game broadcast. Greg begins to close his eyes, his focus intensifying on the game as the radio's volume fades into the background. The pencil begins to move. Greg FLINCHES. Surprised but not distracted, he opens his eyes. His hand pushes the pencil as if writing in a cursive lowercase letter "L" over and over again. His face again looks the way it did at the party; solemn. INT. JAMES' HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) Greg has the same facial expression. (RETURN TO SCENE) Greg's face hardens in doubt and the movement stops. Teller (standing beside Greg) All you need to stop yourself is to have doubt. (walks to radio and lowers volume) There will come a time when you will be convinced that this is real. Just as you

were convinced with Amy's grandmother. You didn't know that she was diabetic, yet you produced that information without anyone telling you. Greg puts the pencil down. He stands and backs slowly toward the direction of the entrance. Greg I've got to go, I'm sorry. This is getting awkward. Maybe we can talk later. Teller Just keep in mind that there is a purpose behind all of this. Right now, you just need to let it sink in. Greg exits the back area of the store. The teller stands still for a moment until the bell RINGING at the entrance tells him that Greg is gone. Teller (under his breath as he clears desk) He thinks its so complicated. If he only knew that I couldn’t get a pen to do that for anything. He'll learn. EXT. PSYCHIC STORE - SIDEWALK - DAY Greg receives a call on his cellular phone. The ringer PLAYS "SMACK MY BITCH UP" by Prodigy. Before answering, he looks at the caller identification. It reads, "BITCHASS." Greg stops. It continues to RING. He looks around and decides to answer. Greg What's up James? INT. LAZY CRICKET - BAR - DAY

LOUD and very busy. James (shouting) Hey Greg, where have you been? INTERCUT - LAZY CRICKET/SIDEWALK Greg Me? Where have you been!? James prepares a mixed drink. He holds a phone to his ear with his shoulder. James I'm at work. Listen, I know it's your day off man, but we need your help. This rush came out of nowhere and... James places a bottle very close to the edge of the counter. It TIPS over and he begins to FUMBLE it. James Fuck! The sound of the breaking bottle SMASHES through the receiver. Greg (rubbing eyes) Did you just break something? James Yeah. It's no big deal dude. I'll pay for it. (whispers) Shit!

Greg Well I hope so dude, because it sounded like a new bottle! James You can tell that over the phone? Greg James!? James Hey, okay...Are you coming? Greg Yeah, I'm on my way. Just try to clean your mess before I get there. I'm sure the bar back has had enough of cleaning after you, I can't have him quitting. As for you well-James I'll see you when you get here Greg. Sorry about the bottle man. James hangs-up and looks at the soaked floor, rubbing the back of his head in frustration. James (walking over broken glass) Dammit! Greg walks toward his car, places his phone in his pocket, and retrieves his keys. Greg (under his breath) I should leave you hanging the way you left (fumbles key to open door) Bitch-ass-fucking-Greg realizes that he has a car alarm. He regains his


composure and simply pushes the button to unlock the door. Greg James. EXT. GREG'S CAR - DAY Greg FIDGETS the key into the ignition, obviously upset. He DRIVES away. Greg SHIFTS gears manually. EXT. GRANDMOTHER'S FRONT YARD - DAY (FLASHBACK) Five year old Greg stands at a screen door, crying as he watches his grandmother leave for an errand. Grandmother stops near the end of the driveway and looks back at Greg. Grandmother Oh, sugar, I'm only going to the market honey. This isn't like you baby, what's the matter. Greg, I do this every day and this is the first time I've seen you cry like this. Do you really want me to stay? Little Greg Grandma... (sobbing) don't go! INTERCUT FLASHBACK/PRESENT Greg shifts again, bringing his thoughts back to the present. Greg's eyes show the intensity of his concentration.

Grandmother(V.O.) Okay baby, I'll stay. Grandmother pulls her cart as she walks back to the doorway where young Greg waits for her. Grandmother I guess I don't need another bottle of rubbing alcohol, I've got two already. (chuckles) She opens the screen door and picks Greg up in her arms. Grandmother Besides...nothing's worth breaking the heart of such a precious little man. Young Greg and his grandmother disappear into the shadows of the front screen door. The bus arrives at the stop where Greg's grandmother would have been waiting. Looking through the stairwell, the BUS DRIVER glances at his watch, confused as he waits for a short moment. Old Man Passenger Where's Miss Willis? Bus Driver I don't know. I hope she's alright. Before shutting the side entrance door, he takes a look at the empty seat across from him where grandmother would usually sit. As the driver proceeds, everything is silent, except for the sound of the bus' motor. As they pass the next intersection, the silence is broken by the sound of SQUEELING tires. From outside of the bus, a vehicle drives a force of energy so intense, that it OBLITERATES the seat where Greg's grandmother would have been. INT. UNIVERSITY - PHYSICS CLASS - DAY

The professor, at the end of his lecture, gathers his notes in preparation for dismissal. Professor (humorously) And remember ladies and gentleman, your composition on the theory of relativity need not be formal I only ask that you express your understanding of the concept that took Albert Einstein several hundred pages to describe, with at least five hundred words... of your own. See, I'm a nice guy! Don't say that I didn't give you a little brain candy when you needed it. Besides, he was twenty-six when he wrote it, some of you guys are older than that. You should be smarter than him. Class dismissed! The students gradually overwhelm the professor's voice. Professor Have a good weekend and be safe. See you Monday! He takes his belongings and heads toward the doorway, passing Greg without taking notice. Greg Professor Marshall! Professor (alarmed) Yes, Mr.? Greg Willis.

Professor Ah, Greg... He takes a deep breath and looks down before returning with a smile. Professor Well, what profound topic, too valuable to share with the classroom... (stops smiling) have you felt intrigued to bring to my attention at this very last second? Must be important. Greg I just wanted to ask...Well, what do you think Einstein would say if he were here today? Professor (surprised) That definitely is profound whether you think so or not, but to answer your question, I think that he might say the same things as when he was alive. In a world that knew it all, where the scientific community was at the end of it's rope, Albert Einstein knew more. He wasn't afraid to share that with everyone. They needed someone to take it to the next level, and that is what he did. It is quite similar to the finding that we discussed in the previous lesson. Just when you think there's nothing else to learn, someone like him comes around to teach you more. The physical world may change Mr. Willis, technology, languages and so on, but people stay the same. That's why we need to keep learning. The professor turns to place his books on a table. He points in the air as if to hold Greg's attention. Greg takes this as a sign that the professor is about to give

him too much information. He takes the chance to leave. The professor notices this and smiles, for it was his intention. Professor (tauntingly) On the contrary, some people in marketing take advantage of this, rotating topics in cycles that might take years to resurface, seeming new to generations who missed the last go round! As for Einstein's personal opinion, he may be looking down on us at this instant with all the secrets of the universe. Mr. Willis!...I hope that I helped! (under breath) Ah, good...he's gone. INT. GREG'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Greg sits at his desk, revising his assignment. Professor(V.O.) ...he may be looking down on us at this instant with all the secrets of the universe... Yawning, he flips a copy of the THEORY OF RELATIVITY over to look at a photograph of Einstein. He rubs his eyes and places his head on the desk. INT. GREG'S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT (DREAM SEQUENCE) MONTAGE - GREG'S DREAM -- Greg takes his pen and places it on his notebook where it instantly begins to move, its pattern the same as before. -- Greg’s spirit sees the hospital below as he rises in reverse.

-- At James' party, Amy waves Greg over to the witch board. -- Greg sees the sun and flies toward it. -- Young Greg cries at the screen door of his grandmother's home. -- Greg’s spirit sees the earth and the sun, but chooses the darkness of outer space. --The psychic store owner offers a book. -- The professor points out specific areas on a large projector image of a sky map. All of these images are rotated at a subliminal rate, in sinque with the pen in Greg's hand until it comes to a complete stop. In what seems like a trance, Greg experiences a separation from his surroundings. As the room spins, a thin haze surrounds him. It dims and lights in a pattern that resembles the effect of lightning set deep within a storm cloud. A loud, constant RUMBLE accompanies this. It all subsides as the spinning slows. Greg Who is this? The pen moves. It spells, "you know," in cursive. Greg places the pen at his side. (REALITY) He awakens, his face pressed against his notebook as he comes to the realization that he was dreaming. Shaking his head, he peers down at his notebook. Greg (revising the sheets) I was asleep.

Teller(V.O.) This is not a part of some divine plan. It is something that has been brought upon by your own personal agenda. INT. PSYCHIC STORE - STORAGE ROOM - DAY The teller sorts through books on a shelf. He pushes a book cart as he moves to the next. Teller It's the same as meeting new people. You surround yourself with those who share the same interests. (stops to look at Greg) Think about it. As a student of physics, there would be nothing greater than to chat with the likes of Einstein. Greg But I was dreaming. Teller The message is forcing itself through. It knows that you're willing to listen. That's all that matters. It's the only thing that separates us from the spiritual entity. Most people shun our practices because they think that it all leads to evil. We as psychics understand that each individual spirit is just a person, made up of its own experiences which in turn, determines its personality. The trick, is separating the good from the evil-Greg I think I can do that. The teller, whose back is turned, stops sorting. He places the remaining books on the cart and turns.

Teller (confused) What do mean? We haven't covered that yet. It takes a very long time to learn. And as I said before, it’s all fragments and questions that need to be verified by the spirit. (walks toward Greg) Actually, the technique hasn't even been perfected. Their ability to pry into our minds-Greg Well, I think I've done it. The teller blinks his eyes rapidly. He turns away. Greg It's my grandmother. She helps me see. Teller (looks at Greg) That might explain a few things. You may have been brought up as a psychic, unlike those of us who had to learn it on our own. Yeah, that's right isn't it? Yeah. Well, lets go on. Whether it came directly or in a dream, you're getting what you want; an answer. (Moving across the room) It's a lot more than most people get, although it can be a curse. Greg A curse? Teller Well, once people start to hear about this...when it goes public, there's gonna be some commotion. Greg What if I don't tell anyone? I keep it

to myself, no one has to know about it. Right? Teller If you are convinced beyond any doubt, that you have learned through your practices, an important message that needs to be addressed; you need not concern yourself with being heard. I will handle that. Greg becomes silent and very serious. He breathes unsteadily as he prepares for his question. Greg How do you handle it? What, are you going to publish my findings or-Teller I am part of a network. We report findings to one another, take predictions, judge their validity. And, recently, we've begun passing our collective information to others. Its how we evolve in our practices. Not all of us are natural psychics like yourself. They pause as Greg slowly paces the room, lamenting on how he should react. Teller If you wish to remain anonymous, you can do so. As for our reputation, we seldom have trouble getting publicity. The only problem, depending on your information, will be keeping your identity a secret. Greg Why? Teller Things have a way of going public my

friend, and the public is full of people who may share differences in opinion. Small differences between similar beliefs have been known to cause severe grief, so you must imagine what someone may think of what you discover. The teller motions to Greg to follow him out of the back area. INT. PSYCHIC STORE - DAY The teller leads Greg through the aisles in the direction of the exit. Teller You be careful... (points to register) or you might find yourself stuck behind that counter. Greg Is something wrong with that? Teller No, it just happened to me because there are countless others like myself who have reached the plateau of what we consider to be the highest level of telepathy. We come a dime a dozen these days you know. With that being said, it was I who foretold that we would soon see the next, more advanced generation of psychic. For this reason, I wanted to stay involved. So, they give me a desk job. (chuckles) But, I don't think you need to worry about that. Greg Oh, am I not good enough? (smiles)

Teller No. It is because, so far...You're the first of your kind. There is no dime a dozen for you my friend. MONTAGE - GREG COMING TO TERMS WITH HIMSELF. -- Greg sits at his desk doing his homework. He pauses and looks at the NOSTRODAMAN THINKER. He closes his notebook and begins to read it. -- At a movie theatre entrance, a homeless man sits with his hand outstretched in begging. Greg and Amy pass him on the way in. Greg asks Amy to wait as he takes change from his pocket and hands it to the man. When their hands touch, Greg sees visions of a man tormented by his own criminal past. -- At James' house, the television is tuned to a basketball game. Greg and James sit on the sofa drinking beer. In the reflection of the television, Greg sees a woman walk behind the sofa toward the kitchen. Greg explains this to James, but he only laughs. Greg shrugs and takes a drink. -- In the storage room at the psychic store, Greg paces and explains his experiences, as the teller takes notes. --At the restaurant, the cooking staff exits the front door. Greg locks it behind them and walks toward the back area. The restaurant lights turn off. INT. GREG'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Greg enters, still wearing his work clothes. He walks in and tosses his jacket onto the sofa. Staring at his desk, he walks to it and stands beside it silently. EXT. SKY - NIGHT There is a sudden FLASH of white light accompanied by a

heavy BOOM. When the light fades, the perspective of the unseen entity HOVERS high above the city among the clouds. Through a pulsating and persistent deep RUMBLE, noises blend together in a barrage of everyday sounds. The lights of the city shift around in unison with the unsteady movement of the entity. Greg's voice is barely audible, yet distinct enough to be heard above the clutter. Greg(V.O.) Who is this? The entity descends down to Greg's house, the RUMBLING much heavier and continuous. INT. GREG'S HOUSE - NIGHT It passes through the walls and directly to Greg's hand which holds a pen to paper. Greg stares blankly at the pen as it has been looping repeatedly. It writes the answer. "You know." Greg speaks the questions and answers out loud. Greg How is it that we can communicate? "Energy is a...constant...and we are all energy." Greg What have you seen? "All...of-it." Greg Can you describe it? "No." Greg

Is it too much to mention all at once? "Yes." Greg If you could give the world a message, what would it be? "We must destroy the bomb...before the bomb destroys us..." Greg stops writing, and places the pen down. He stares blankly at the wall in front of him. Greg "...for there is no escaping the inevitable." Greg sits still. The seriousness of what he has just said seems to confuse him. He holds the tips of his fingers to his lips. He sees the pen in front of him and reaches for it once again. Greg What can I tell them to make them believe that it was you? Greg places the pen to paper. It writes,"E=MC2."

Greg So they either believe me or they don't? "Pre-cise-ly." Thank you. "Thank-you-lad." (TWO WEEKS LATER) INT. PSYCHIC STORE - STORAGE ROOM - DAY

A group has gathered to hear of Greg's experiences. Teller In death, it is said that the souls of the deceased linger in places that they are drawn to by the memories that they represent. This is commonly known throughout the world as the nature of the spiritual entity. But why? With no limitations and the ability of a spirit roaming freely, why stick around? Why not take the liberty to explore? As the others sit in silence, one woman walks to Greg. Vanessa (Extending her hand) Hi Gregory, I'm Vanessa. Greg (shakes Vanessa'a hand) Nice to meet you... Vanessa holds Greg's hand for a moment, cocking her head slightly as she observes his movements and uncomfortable posture. Vanessa How long have you been practicing? Greg Not long. Vanessa (intrigued) So, you were chosen? Teller (interrupting) It seems that way. Greg and this entity

seem to share an interest. Vanessa (cocking head as she stares) Interest in what? Teller Physics. Vanessa (bends forward and looks closely at Greg’s eyes) I need to read him, through the question. Greg seems uncomfortable with her proximity. Teller As I was saying. Why does a spirit feel intrigued to stay here to "haunt" the living? Vanessa nods her head and smiles. She straightens her posture, pats Greg on the shoulder then walks back to her seat. A YOUNG ASSOCIATE raises his hand, surprising everyone with his initiative. He looks to those beside him, and then to a man who sits alone. The man approves, nodding his head so that the associate may continue. Young Associate It's like a curse right? Sort of like a spell that binds the dead to the living. Teller That's one theory, which has actually been proven to be partially true, depending on the individual spirit and the way in which it lost its life. And it's not necessarily a curse as much as it is an infatuation. Greg tells us that it is because they are running out of time. As a spirit, one eventually fades away, joining the universe in its collective of energy.

Greg In a way, it's the spiritual version of what happens to the body after death. Several people take notes of what is being said, as one man sits silent and only observes. The teller gestures to Greg to continue. Greg stands. Greg I think this one spirit has found a way to overcome this. He claims to be Albert Einstein. Of course, I don't know what to believe at this point. The silent man nods in agreement. MONTAGE - ALBERT EINSTIEN'S SECRET FORMULA -- The hand of an old man writes on a chalk board in an empty classroom. --The chalkboard is cluttered with equations and drawings that would seem like nonsense to the mainstream mathematician. -- On his death bed, his hand sits on his chest. It gently rises several inches, quivers slightly, then falls. -- From the perspective of a spiritual entity, he draws very near to his mourning wife at his funeral. He slowly passes all of his family members as they console each other. He then turns to the ceiling and blasts off at a great speed. -- In an instant, he finds himself in outer space hovering amongst the stars. He takes a moment to admire the view, then dashes toward the darkness of outer space. Greg(V.O.) He devised a secret plan during his life that he would pursue in death. The

formula led him to believe that, as a spirit, if he was to pass through a black hole, that it would make him continue to exist as an individual, instead of becoming part of the collective of energy that we are all destined to join. This allowed him to explore the universe at his own pace. The only thing, is that he risked running out of time before reaching his goal, possibly eliminating the moments that he could have spent in the presence of loved ones. BACK TO SCENE Behind Vanessa, the man sitting in the dark corner, stands. Edward Hello Greg, I'm Edward. (walks to Greg) Now, although this all seems very interesting, you must understand that we have a process, the meaning behind which is to verify your findings for people such as myself who take interest in, but lack the abilities that you have. There have been many before you who have come forward with information in regards to highly sensitive issues, even in life and death situations. Some people don't care what happens to others, and to tell you the truth, some even intend to cause harm. That is why I have to take some precautions. Greg I understand. Edward Look, you don't know the difference, but we usually only send one person. That would be Vanessa. But, when I heard about you, I knew right away that this

was important. Vanessa, along with others, felt that something significant was happening. Listen, if I've heard about this, that means that so have others, or at least some version of it... Greg, stunned, looks at the teller, who humbly shrugs his shoulders. Edward They're going to want to know the truth. Now, are you sure that you want to go forward with this? Greg Can I ask you something? Edward Of course. Greg What's the name of your organization? Edward Ah. It doesn't have a name. We don't even know how long it's been around. It is as much of an artifact as some of our collected items. All we have is carbon dating. Some of the items in our archives date back to prehistoric times. In reality, our organization is scattered throughout the world. All it is, is people with the same interests sharing findings and ideas. Some branches, like this store, run on minimal funding. Others, like my own, have investors. Greg Oh. Edward Alright then Mr. Willis, I guess we'll be going now. Let me tell you, this sure does put a spin on everything we

think we know about the spiritual world. (reading a copy of Greg's writings) E=mc2?... Seems he hasn't lost his sense of humor. Well, we'll get on it. Edward leads Greg out of the room, shortly after which the others follow, with the exception of the teller. He stays behind and watches everyone leave, standing still and smiling. INT. EDWARD'S BRANCH - LOBBY - DAY Greg paces and checks his watch, observing posters and newspaper clippings that are mounted on frames. They are printed with stories and photographs of alleged paranormal phenomenon. A hallway door opens and a TECHNICIAN enters. Technician Mr. Willis? Greg Yes. Technician I’m John, I'll be screening you today. INT. EDWARD'S BRACH - HALLWAY -DAY Greg How often do you have to screen...uh... potential psychics? Technician Maybe once or twice a week. I haven't had a real case in months. Most are quacks. Of course, I don't tell ‘em that. I hear you're different. Anyway, other than this, I'm usually out doing field work and sorting through archives-Greg

Must be fun. The technician stops and looks at Greg with a stern expression. Technician Tell me, how fun you think it would be sorting through all this. He leads Greg through a double doorway and into a warehouse. INT. EDWARD'S BRANCH - WAREHOUSE - DAY Row after row of boxes and shelved items. Greg looks into a small cardboard box that is sticking out of one of the aisles. It is full of electro-magnetic sensors, goggles, and other commonly used items for measuring paranormal activity. Technician(V.O.) This is where all of the evidence for hoaxes and debunked phenomenon is kept. INT. EDWARDS BRANCH - DISPLAY HALLWAY - DAY They continue. Artifacts are visible through window cases which line both sides, each varying in size. Technician These items are considered genuine. Only stories about them remain. Apparently, they lose their power after being separated from the original owner. I think that's how we came to learn that the user, not the item, causes the phenomenon. (rubbing hands together) Tools for tricking your brain huh?

INT. EDWARD'S BRANCH - INTERVIEW ROOM - DAY There is a single table in the center, and two chairs. A camera is perched high on a wall. Greg sits at the table with what seems to be an excessive amount of sensors attached to his body and head. The technician makes some final adjustments before proceeding. Technician Just relax and answer as truthfully as you can. How are you doing today? Greg (sarcastically) Great. The technician looks at the machine's readings, pauses, then makes eye contact with Greg for several seconds. Technician Apparently not... Greg (smiling) Well no, not really. Actually, I was doing fine until I found out that I'd be going through a series of tests. Technician May we begin? Greg (continues with sarcasm) Sure. MONTAGE - GREG GOES THROUGH TESTING PROCEDURE -- Greg lies on the slab of an MRI machine as he is slowly inserted into the encased scanner. Greg still looks disappointed.

-- The technician holds a flash card with a shape printed on it so that Greg cannot see it. In front of Greg are cards with each possible answer. The card that the technician is holding is not one of the cards in front of Greg. Greg simply nods his head and looks at the mounted camera in disappointment. -- Greg uses his technique of communicating with spirits, writing on a notepad as the technician measures his brain activity. The readings show above average activity, making the technician smile as he stops to take notes. -- Greg's hand writes on the notepad which is already full of messages to John the technician. It says "John." "It's dad." "Son, I love you." The technician looks devastated as he sheds a tear. Greg puts the pen down and pats him on the back, rolling his eyes as he stands to leave. Technician(V.O.) What is your name? Greg(V.O.) Gregory Willis. Technician(V.O) How old are you? Greg(V.O.) Twenty-eight. Technician(V.O.) How many chairs are at this table? Greg(V.O.) Two. Technician(V.O.) Gregory, can you tell me how you came be involved in your recent practices? Greg(V.O.) It started at a party. I never really had any interest. A friend asked me to join her in this séance, and it just took off from there. to

Technician(V.O.) Is this something over which you feel you have control. BACK TO SCENE Greg I think trying to control it is what complicates it. I just let it run it's course. If I had to explain it, I guess I would say that...somewhere in my mind, I can translate the information that’s coming through so that it makes sense. After that, all I do is jot the answers down. Technician Let me get this straight. Where someone else might interpret a vision with their own metaphoric views, you actually see it for what it is? Greg I guess so. Technician I’ve never heard of that. Greg What do you mean? Technician Well, say the information coming through, in all actuality, is that you’re going to die by drowning in your pool. Your mind might interpret it by seeing the sky turn to liquid. Suddenly, you’re playing a game of blackjack and you bust. Of course, you wouldn’t understand that because you’ve always seen it for what it is. Even the most advanced psychics struggle with their visions before they get the message right...Whoa! Okay. Uh, let me move on.

(whispers) Damn this is crazy. Concerned, Greg looks at the technician who has become fidgety. Technician Okay, at this party, what paranormal activity did you witness? Greg(V.O.) Aside from communicating with my girlfriend's dead grandmother, there were things that happened...nearly cleared the room. Greg sits still for a moment. He bows his head in recollection. INT. JAMES' HOUSE -LIVING ROOM - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) At James' party, the walls creak. The lights flash and the bulb above the minors explodes. The cassette zips to the end in a matter of seconds. (PRESENT) INT. LAZY CRICKET SPORTS BAR - BAR - DAY James You told them about that? About the creaking walls and the power surge...? Greg Yeah, why? Greg stands behind James, waiting for his answer. James stops working as he slowly turns to face Greg. He finally

leans back on the bar and begins to explain. James (extending palms in need of understanding) The walls creaking,...that was just the wind Greg. It's been a problem in my house since I was a kid. Hell, I use to scare my buddies there with ghost stories all-the-time. In the back of my mind, I was already expecting it. Happened right on cue every now and then just like that night. I took it for granted man. Sorry. INT. JAMES' HOUSE - LIVING ROOM -NIGHT (FLASHBACK) At the party, James looks at the creaking ceiling. He hides his smile by wiping his mouth with his wrist. INT. JAMES' HOUSE - BASEMENT- NIGHT (FLASHBACK) Dark and cluttered. The television plays an adult entertainment movie. In front of the television James and Sarah sleep on the sofa, nude underneath a bed sheet. He wakes to the smell of smoke. He is not completely awake as he checks to see if his bong is lit. He notices a small fire beneath a circuit box in the corner. It drop sparks on a small pile of old grease rags. He tears the bed sheet away from Sarah and runs to turn out the flame, stomping at it. His socks catch fire. He grabs a broom and lowers the main power switch. A surge of energy causes a giant spark at the end of the broom. The lights go out as James falls back. James (V.O.) And that tape, just a power surge. Caused a fire at my house that time that I called-in. I spent that entire day just waiting for the electrician to show, didn't get any sleep...It was a big fire dude.

BACK TO SCENE Greg seems discouraged. He remains silent. He places his wash cloth on the counter. James (intrusively) It's not a big deal right? I mean, everyone knows what really happened. James backs away. He allows Greg to pass. Greg proceeds to his office. INT. LAZY CRICKET SPORTS BAR - MANAGER'S OFFICE - DAY Greg thrashes his weight onto his chair. Greg (blindfolding eyes with palms) What-the-hell am I doing? These people can't be serious! I don't even know what's happening....aargh! Wiping his face, he begins to reach for his cellular, at which time it begins to ring. He glares at the screen and smiles when he sees the listing. Greg Hello? Amy(V.O.) Hey. Greg Hey, what's going on? Amy(V.O.)

Not much, just here. What are you doing after work? Greg Coming to your place. Amy(V.O.) Oh really? Uninvited and everything huh? Greg (stretching) Yes. INT. AMY'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Intimate setting. Greg sits on the sofa, cornered and supporting Amy's back against his chest. Amy Mmm, you're warm... (snuggling) Greg? Greg Yeah? Amy Do you really think you're fooling yourself? Greg I don't know. Amy I don't. You got in touch with my grandmother. You can't fake that. And you don't even know Spanish. Explain that away. Greg I can't. Amy I've always wanted do stuff like that.

Solve a case, or find a missing kid. James is so stupid. He's your friend. He's supposed to encourage you. Greg He was trying to help. Amy And what about that organization? What do they say. Greg (insecurely) They say that I'm genuine,... (looks down) but they also say that I'm isolated. Amy What? Greg Yup, that I'm experiencing something that (sighs) hasn't happened before. Greg stands. Amy moves as he continues. Greg They also want to see if we can take it further. Amy How do you do that? Greg arrives at the window. It overlooks the city. The moon is in his view. He stares at it. Greg (mumbles) Hypnosis. Amy (chuckles)

What? Greg (smiling and turning to Amy) Hypnosis! Amy (giggling) Hypnosis? Well, just make sure they don’t make you cluck like a chicken, or have you make-out with a guy. Greg (playfully approaches Amy threateningly) Oh, you think it's funny... Amy (laughing) I want a tape please. Greg tickles Amy. Amy (laughing) Ah! Make it a DVD so I can show you later in slow motion! Greg You better shut up! They stop. Amy Make me. Greg and Amy kiss. EXT. CHICAGO - NIGHT

The moon illuminates the sky line with a silver glow. INT. EDWARD'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Greg lays unconscious across a sofa. His eyes roll behind the surface of their lids, suggesting his current state of R.E.M. Vanessa sits on an ottoman beside him. She takes notice of this and signals to the other witnesses. Vanessa Gregory? Greg (whispers) Yes? Vanessa How do you feel? Greg Very relaxed, very alive. Vanessa pauses. She turns to look at her audience then reaches down to the coffee table beside her and activates a tape recorder. Vanessa Greg, I want you to forget where you are. I need you to allow yourself to leave this room. Go to where you know the answers are hidden. We can help you to find them. Do you want us to help you? Greg Yes. Vanessa Are you certain? Greg Yes.

Vanessa They are deep within the memories of your past experiences. They are in your dreams. Those you remember and those you don't. Right now, they must resurface. Do you see? A flourish of Greg's memories flash in his mind. Greg Yes. Vanessa (insisting) Do you see? Again it happens, this time, much more vividly than before. He sees his grandmother walking down the old driveway, fragments of his dreams and visions blending with his everyday experiences. Greg Yes. Vanessa Do you have the answer? Greg I think...I think I do. Vanessa Very good. She pauses to take a deep breath and makes eye contact with those present. Vanessa Can you tell us what you know?

INT. EDWARD'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY (DREAM SEQUENCE) The perspective of a spirit flys through outer space at great speed. At an enormous distance, a black hole approaches. Without hesitation, the spirit accelerates toward it. It stops to observe the magnitude of the black hole, then enters. For a moment there is complete darkness. In an instant, the spirit is flying over the surface of a planet with no life. The same landscape changes to a planet with plant life. That landscape then changes to a planet with basic life forms. The next stage is a planet with intelligent life, ending with a planet covered in the destruction of life. Greg(V.O.) After death, the spirit is like a fading frequency that will eventually cease to exist...The solution was to waste no time in finding a black hole after you die. He finally reaches it. Entering, his energy is preserved in its state, making himself a constant... After this, he had all of the time that he needed to explore...everything...He encountered many other planets with life at different stages of evolution... of the many only a handful can sustain life...and within that, only a handful have reached intelligent life...and within that, only some have survived beyond the technology of weapons of mass destruction....He has seen the outcome of those who have perished and knows the key to our ultimate survival. We must destroy the bomb before the bomb destroys us, for there is no escaping... the inevitable. BACK TO SCENE Aside from the sound of Greg's heavy breathing, there is absolute silence. The observers who have come to witness this are amazed with what they have heard.

INT. EDWARD'S HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY Greg sits at the kitchen table drinking coffee with Edward. Greg You've got a nice place here Ed. Edward (attempting to be calm; still shaken) Thank you, we keep up with it, try to remodel on occasion. (sips) My family has owned this house for seventy-nine years now. INT. EDWARD'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Vanessa He wouldn't have gotten this far as a fraud. Teller I've never doubted him, but something here seems out of place. Vanessa It's his attitude. He doesn't hesitate, doesn't hold back. At the same time, he's his own skeptic. We've seen so many who can't get past the interference from their own internal complexities, and he... Teller He has none. He checks and balances himself, along with all the other information that's coming in. That's why his abilities exceed the need for conventional techniques. Vanessa Isn't that what you taught him to do?

Teller Yes, but he's going off on his own. I think it was always there. We just woke it up. INT. GREG'S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT (DREAM SEQUENCE) A screen door sways in the wind beneath a light that illuminates the shady rear entrance to grandmother's house. The sun is nearly gone and it seems that the wind is getting stronger. Seven year old Greg makes his way to the back entrance. He cuts across the property from a far end near his grandmother's clothesline. There is a single white bed sheet hanging and lightly flapping. Greg doesn't take notice. The wind creates a low moan. He becomes startled and turns in the direction of the sound. The moan becomes a deafening howl. The bed sheet adds to the noise with the sound of it's heavy flapping. It comes loose and flies into the shadows of a tree line. Greg drops his books and runs for the door. It slams behind him as he rushes to his grandmother, gripping her tightly and hiding. Greg There's a ghost! (sobs) It's outside. Grandmother looks away into the distance, seeming concerned. Silently, she strokes his head as she begins to remember something from her own past. As a child, she walks the same route as Greg, except there is no clothesline. In an almost identical sequence, she stops when the wind howls, looking in the direction of the sound, grimacing at the unseen. Her future husband appears, setting a pole in cement for a clothesline. Grandfather Honey, are you sure you want this under these trees? Grandmother Yes.

Grandfather But, the birds are gonna crap all over your linens baby! Grandmother No, that's where I'm gonna put your trousers. Grandfather playfully chases grandmother into the house. The door SLAMS shut and returns grandmother's thoughts to the present. For the sake of Greg, she smiles as she turns her attention to him. Grandmother Greg. C'mon now, let me see you. Greg raises his eyes and looks at his grandmother. Grandmother Where are your things? Are they outside? Greg Yes. Grandmother Do you want to go and get them with me? He nods his head in agreement as she takes his hand and leads him outside to where his books fell. Grandmother (reaching down and grunting) Here you go. (passes books to Greg) Now, where is that ghost? Greg points in the direction of the tree line. He runs inside and places the books on the kitchen table. Outside, Grandmother walks between some trees and out of sight for a moment. Greg returns and stands still as he waits. On the

ground not far from the opening, she finds the bed sheet mounded on the ground. She reaches down, grabs it, and begins to rise, where halfway up, she freezes. Her eyes scan the image in front of her. She slowly looks up at someone. She comes into view, picking leaves and grass out of the creases in the bed sheet. Grandmother (walking toward Greg) Look, it's a bed sheet. See? Don't be scared. There are a lot of people who never see what they're really running from.They never have the courage to face it until it catches up, and by then, it becomes what their imagination had them fearing in the first place. So next time, you go on and you chase that ghost down, until you realize that it can't hurt you. Grandmother takes the bed sheet and covers herself from head to toe. She dances in a waltz fashion, making the sound of a moaning ghost. Greg plays along, reaching for the bed sheet and trying to remove it. Behind Greg, a phantom woman emerges from an opening in the trees. Grandmother takes notice and proceeds with distracting Greg. He laughs and chases her until he takes a good hold of the sheet. Young Greg pulls with all of his strength. When it comes loose, he sees that his Grandmother has vanished. He stands silent, holding tightly to the sheet with a firm embrace. He slowly turns and takes two steps before noticing the phantom. The woman tilts her head at Greg with every will, but no ability to speak, exposing a putrid mouth full of decomposition. As she reaches for him, Greg turns and begins to walk inside. Her quivering arms are desperately stretch in alignment with Greg. The wind suddenly howls louder than ever. As he approaches the glow of the light above the entrance to his grandmother's house, the phantom's arms seem to loose their decomposition, looking normal once he has disappeared. The wind subsides. The phantom stares at the house with a look of disgust.She turns and fades away into the woods.

INT. GREG'S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT (REALITY) Greg's eyes open. He looks at the ceiling. He gets comfortable and closes his eyes. INT. GREG'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Greg sits in front of his television. The talk show from earlier returns from a commercial. He holds a cup of coffee in one hand and a sheet of paper in the other. INSERT - NOTES ON SHEET The Francine Doring Show Thursday 3 p.m. Channel 4 BACK TO SCENE The show's name appears on Greg's television. The audience's cheering subsides as the host prepares to speak. The telephone rings. Greg Hello? INT.PSYCHIC STORE - STORAGE ROOM - DAY Teller Hello, Greg? INTERCUT GREG'S HOUSE/PSYCHIC STORE Greg

Yeah? Host(O.S.) Okay, thank you. If you are just tuning in, we are doing a follow-up segment on our psychic show from a few weeks ago. You might remember our guest. We usually invite her into our studio every now and again, but this time, she has contacted us. It seems that recently, Lady Joan has come across some new information in relation to psychic phenomenon. A finding that is being highly criticized by both psychics and non-psychics alike. In her own words, "this may change everything." Ladies and gentlemen, welcome... our resident psychic, Lady Joan. Teller How are you? Greg Doing alright, just getting ready for work. (struggles with shoe) You? Teller Just lounging. Are you watching the program? Greg Yeah, actually, I tuned in to catch a glimpse before I go. They've really got everyone on edge about this. Teller Really, it's what they're hearing Greg. You know that right?... It's not entirely promotional. They're interested. (chuckles) Didn't I tell you I'd take care of that? Greg Yeah. (chuckles)

Teller Alright, well, I'll let you get back to what you were doing. (joking) Don't watch to much of that day time junk now, it's bad for you, you know. Greg Yeah, alright, I'll talk to you later. Teller Goodbye. Greg drinks from his mug and takes a look at his coat as Lady Joan makes her way to the stage. INT. TALK SHOW STUDIO - DAY Host Welcome back. Joan Thank you. Host Now, from my understanding, the rumors surrounding this has many of your colleagues and peers in an uproar. Joan nods her head, slightly grinning. Several audience members are individually shown, expressing the diversity of media attention that is being received. Edward and Vanessa sit in the audience. Host You have been at this for years, right? Joan Yes. Host But now, you're saying that you've

revealed something far more complex. More unique than anything you have ever experienced. Tell us your secret. Joan (obviously rehearsed) It's as follows: The typical spiritual entity is always in a rush. It seems that what they want, nine times out of ten,... is to contact their loved-ones, friends, people they knew in life, all before-Host Before what? Joan Before they run out of time. Host Out of time? Joan It seems so. INT. GREG'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY The audience reacts as Joan waits for a chance to speak. Meanwhile, Greg covers his face with a pillow, sinking in his recliner and pushing his head back. Greg (mumbling) No fucking way this is happening. Greg stares at the ceiling. His hands cover his mouth as he strains in his demented laughter. He gathers himself and rises, taking his coat with him as he walks around the wall and into the hallway. INT. LAZY CRICKET RESTAURANT - NIGHT

Business is already under way. Greg walks through the table area talking with guests. He is interrupted by the ringing of his cellular phone. Greg Hello?... a Woman's voice mumbles indistinctly. Greg I'm sorry I can't hear you. It's too loud in here. Hold on for just one minute. Greg makes his way to the office. INT. LAZY CRICKET - MANAGER'S OFFICE - NIGHT Greg enters. He shuts the door and puts the phone to his ear. Greg I'm sorry about that. Go ahead. Vanessa(V.O.) Hello Greg. Greg Yes? INT. VANESSA'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Vanessa This is Vanessa. INTERCUT - LAZY CRICKET/VANESSA'S APARTMENT Greg

(sits at desk) Oh, hi. how are you? Vanessa Good. Listen Greg, we've been discussing your recent progress. Greg Okay. Vanessa And we think that you might be ready for the next step. Greg What would that be? Another string of tests? (chuckling) Vanessa No! No, we believe in you, trust me. We're suggesting a technique that, well, hasn't really been successful in the past. Greg What do you mean? It just...doesn't work or...? Vanessa Well , it has been attempted. But, it seems that for us at least, that this direction is...practically a dead end. Greg And do you think that I'm able to get past all of that? I mean, the dead end... might not be the same for me...right? Vanessa You've got it. Well, whenever you have time, feel free to contact me for a session. Greg Yeah, but...what, you mean private? Vanessa

Absolutely no distraction. That's the way it has to be. And since I still have to trick my abilities into coming out, well, that's something that I might feel compelled to avoid in the presence of an audience. We all have our methods. Mine are just a little...different. Greg remains silent, staring at the floor and contemplating his next move. James peeks in through the door. James Hey, we're out of ice man. I think the machines out or something. Greg (stands) Hey, listen, I'll get back to you on that. Right now, I really need to get back to work. Vanessa Okay. Greg (rushing) I'll talk to you later. Greg hangs up and puts the phone in his pocket. INT. VANESSA'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Candle-lit; an illuminate KNOCKS at the door. It is Vanessa crosses the room, spirit of her theme. When surprised. gothic style atmosphere. Someone barely audible over the stereo. dressed very elegantly and in the she answers the door, Greg looks

Greg Hey.

Vanessa Hi Greg. Come-in. (leads Greg in) When you said you would call me back, I didn't think you meant right after work. Greg Yeah, well you got me with all that talk about"new techniques." Besides, it was either that or risk getting wasted with my employees. (observing apartment) So, I guess this is what you meant by uh-Vanessa Different? Yeah, It helps me focus. Greg (sits) I find it easier to do this stuff when I'm distracted. Vanessa (laughing) I guess we'll have to find a middle ground then. Greg Yeah. So, do you really think it'll work? Vanessa It's funny. Vanessa walks from one incense holder to the next, lighting the sticks. Vanessa Most people start by pairing up. You know, like the rules for a witch board. They don't even realize that it's the most advanced form of channeling; nearly impossible to accomplish. I just hope that I have what it takes to help get you to the next level.

After lighting the last incense stick, she turns around. Vanessa You can lay down. Greg does so. He observes as Vanessa lights nearly a dozen candles of various colors and sizes mounted on the coffee table in the center of the room. Vanessa sits on the floor directly in front of Greg. She sits Indian style and closes her eyes. Vanessa This is where we take it further Greg. Are you ready? Greg Yes. Vanessa Try to remember what we learned last time? Greg takes one last look at Vanessa. The candles behind her glow brightly and surround her in a halo of light that intensifies as he closes his eyes. He shifts his weight on the sofa to get comfortable. Vanessa(V.O.) Breathe...Breathe. Vanessa opens her eyes and sees that Greg is rapidly loosing consciousness. Suddenly, the R.E.M. begins. Vanessa Greg? Shit...he's already under? What fuck?


Vanessa immediately takes Greg's hand and closes her eyes. INT. VANESSA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT - VANESSA (FANTASY) INTERCUT - VANESSA'S FANTASY/ VANESSA'S APARTMENT A metaphoric interpretation of Greg's vision. In a dark hellish void, on a plane of darkness, a single tree made entirely of moldering ash, stands alone. Vanessa rests on the ground beside it. Wind tears away at the ashes. They swirl around the tree then reattach themselves. Each of Vanessa's eyes are covered with a single golden coin. Her hands rise slowly to her face and she removes them both. She stands. A statue of a death saint appears in front of her. It points in the direction of a large black metal gate that manifests at that same instance. It is covered in dried vines that bind the gate entrance from opening. The same death saint is on a mantle in her apartment. As soon as Vanessa steps in its direction, the vines release the opening to the gate. The gate opens. Through it, she sees the bank of the blood red river Styx. A massive decoratively carved gondola floats on the surface. In it, the ferryman's hand is outstretched in waiting. Vanessa(V.O.) Greg? Do you see? Greg (whispering) I'm almost there. I... Vanessa walks to the ferryman and gives him the two golden coins. She steps one foot into the gondola. It dissipates like a cloud, parting and giving way. She falls. With no control of her body, she sinks deep into the blood river. Her body rubs against those of countless victims as she continues to descend. Vanessa becomes overwhelmed with her experience. Her hand releases Greg's. She pulls it in toward her chest. Her

other hand rests on her forehead as her chin drops in an outburst of fatigue. She slumps over and loses consciousness. She gradually lands on her side. INT. VANESSA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT - GREG (FANTASY) Greg's vision in actuality. The clouded, high atmosphere of an alien planet offers little visibility. Descending, a rugged landscape comes into view. Greg senses something, scanning the entire surface of the planet for its location. He passes through city after city, all of them, tattered and dead. The search ends on a flat plane surrounded by mountains. A mirage on the surface of the horizon glimmers with the color of the bluish-purple sky. Greg's vision flies toward it at great speed. (REALITY) INT. VANESSA'S APARTMENT - KITCHEN - NIGHT Vanessa talks on her phone. Her back is turned to Greg. She leans against the counter and holds her head. Vanessa I'm sorry. I thought I could handle it. He practically did it all on his own. I don't think I even did anything aside from observing. Edward(V.O.) Just keep an eye on him. There's no telling what's happening. Vanessa (trying to hold back tears) I don't know Ed, I just saw things!... (sobs) He's probably the only one who can tell what it really is. It's so intense-Edward

Alright, calm down. Vanessa (whimpers) Okay. INT. VANESSA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT - (FANTASY) A figure becomes visible on the horizon. Greg's sight quickly approaches. The creature runs through scattered rocks and boulders. It stops and turns in all directions. It senses something and glares directly at Greg's invisible presence. As Greg hovers in front of it, the creature expresses submission by bowing and opening its eyes widely. It lifts its head to the sky as Greg's sight enters the creature's eyes. This reveals visions of it's past; a summary of the existence of an alien society that destroys itself through the abuse of it's own technology. INT. VANESSA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT (REALITY) Greg sits on the sofa. Edward (whispers slowly) You gonna be alright? Greg (grunts) I'll be fine. Edward You want to talk about it? Greg Yeah, but... (stands) right now, I just want to go home and rest. Greg puts his coat on as he walks to the front door.

Vanessa rushes to open it as Edward checks his watch. Greg (yawning) Hey, don't worry, when I tell you...well, (looks directly at Amy and Edward) it's worth the wait. Greg waves and exits. INT. EDWARD'S BRANCH - BOARD ROOM - DAY Greg sits at the head of a huge table. He is surrounded by many associates of the organization. Greg's physics professor is also present. He stands near the doorway with Edward and Vanessa. Edward Now that we are all situated, I would like to introduce you all to Gregory Willis. He is the gentleman whome you have all heard about. Greg, these ladies and gentlemen who have been kind enough to join us today, are people like myself; participants in our organization. Greg takes a moment to acknowledge Edward's guests. The professor seems intrigued. Edward They have traveled here from all over the world to see what all the fuss is about. Our friend Greg here, probably doesn't know it, but, although anonymous, he has become quite the celebrity among our circuit. And, like his initial appearance, it seems to have happened over night. I would like to start by asking a question if you folks don't mind.

Everyone, eager to get started, agrees unanimously. Edward Now, from the beginning, the main thing that I've been interested in learning about, is this inevitable. Greg, can you elaborate? Montage - Explanation. -- Scientists in a laboratory formulate radioactive materials for use in weapons of mass destruction. -- A terrorist group prepares a stolen nuclear war head. -- People in a market walk past a rented moving truck. Inside, a timer on a large box counts down. -- A soldier fires at his enemy on the frontline of a heavy battle. -- A gigantic meteor hurdles through outer space on a collision course with Earth. -- The battle ensues. Soldier after soldier falls to his death, oblivious to the oncoming disaster. the rage that motivates the onslaught intensifies. -- Anarchy in the streets of an urban area heats as men throw grenades and gas bombs at riot police. -- Jets fire missiles. -- Tanks fire missiles. -- The asteroid continues with its imminent threat. Greg(V.O.) Uh, simply put, its the outcome of misusing our technology. We create something that can destroy, and it turns on us. Or, we completely ignore using it for defensive purposes against natural

catastrophic events. In each case, it's just a matter of time before we reach the inevitable. Edward Do you really believe that creating something with the potential for harming lives is capable of reaching global catastrophe? Greg Give it another hundred years, and it might be possible. Professor He's right. All we need to do is spark the wrong chemical reaction from which there is no turning back. French Associate So, what do you propose, that the world turn its back on its current technology and focus on preventing the wrath of nature? Edward holds his hand up to calm the associate. Edward A lot of this goes without saying Greg, so why are you so intensely focused on it? Greg I have seen what you might refer to as a network of telepathic communication between planets with intelligent life. The room begins to chatter at the mention of this. Edward raises his hand once again. As the chatter subsides, the professor looks around at everyone in astonishment. Greg They channel each others thoughts over the vastness of space. You have to survive

long enough as a species in order to evolve to that point. I guess you can call it a form of intergalactic remote viewing. Edward Which is what you've been doing then? Greg nods. Edward So, I guess from the sound of it, we've made it. Starting with Greg. Japanese Associate Are they sharing ideas? Greg It's really more observational. You get to see the history of another planet. Learn from its past through the experiences of survivors. Teller And you have no trouble doing this? EXT. ALIEN PLANET - (FLASHBACK) The creature that Greg encountered in his last hypnosis bows and opens its eyes widely. Greg(V.O.) Actually, you must be allowed to do so by the being you interact with. They must be willing to let you in. (Back to scene) Greg The truth is, they haven't resisted. They acknowledge me, but it's as if they see it as a regular occurrence; child's play.

Vanessa's cellular phone rings. She exits through the doorway. Professor Can I say something? Teller Of course, this session is open. Professor I must say, as a scientist, that I'm highly critical of what I absorb. Without hard evidence, I can only determine that Greg has the potential for becoming a rather successful theoretic physicist. My question is this. What if this is only a conscious manifestation of subconscious ideas? That through your practices, you have uncovered questions that Greg might not have asked until later in his career. In a way, rushing past analytical practices...for a quick fix on an answer. Some of the things I've heard are already known as scientific theory. You're all talking about them as if it were all proven fact. Everyone remains silent. The body language of the French associate indicates that he agrees. The silence continues until Vanessa returns. She whispers to Edward as she passes him her cellular phone. Edward covers the receiver, whispers to Vanessa, and exits. Teller Professor? Professor Marshall. Teller Mr. Marshall. I respect your views, but I must insist that, through his testing,

Greg has exceeded well beyond any standard which has been set by any psychic currently listed in our archives, Vanessa's included. And, she's the best. That is why we have given Greg our utmost support. French Associate I am sorry my friends, but I personally cannot support this. (to Greg) Even if it is true, and you have the gift to see without internal distraction, you are wasting your time talking to space aliens! What can come of this? There are thousands of unsolved cases; missing persons and crimes. How can this be more important? How do you plan to save the world? With your third eye, and fundamentalist ideas? Agh! Teller Come-on now. You are well aware that we have plenty of psychics assigned to those types of cases all around the world-Japanese Associate I would like to know why you bother to focus on a planet that has been destroyed. Why not study a planet with life? We can learn so much from advanced civilizations. The room fills with chatter. Vanessa (whispers to professor) This is what happens when we forget that the medium is motivated by personal interest. (to guests) Ladies and gentlemen! Please!...

The chatter subsides. Vanessa Let us remember that Greg has not posed a threat to anyone. As far as we can tell, he is a peaceful man. So, let us continue with our discussion, and remember all those who have proven otherwise in the past. You all may not have thought about it, but if he can exceed our peaceful techniques, he may also do so with harmful ones as well. Greg seems confused by this. The Japanese associate and others are shocked at the mention of it. The French associate seems indifferent. INT. EDWARD'S BRANCH - HALLWAY - DAY Edward (to phone) This is Ed. INT. CHURCH - PRIEST'S OFFICE - DAY A priest sits at his desk. He places his pen down and removes his reading glasses. Father Bill Ah! Hello Edward. How have you been my son. INTERCUT HALLWAY/PRIEST'S OFFICE Edward Father Bill, hello, how are you. Father Bill

Good, good. Listen, I'm calling to see if you can confirm something for me. Edward Yes, of course. Father Bill It seems that we have come across some information about a gentleman by the name of Gregory Willis. Edward cringes and makes a fist in frustration, raising it to his forehead in disbelief. He relaxes. Father Bill A young restaurant manager I believe, a student of physics at the local university downtown? Edward Uh, yes father Bill, he's uh been under our observation for some time now. Father Bill Yes, so I've heard. When can I meet with him? Edward Well, father, you know I wouldn't do anything to thwart your curiosity. After all, you are one of my most reliable leads in cases like this. Father Bill Yes, how is business these days? Edward Doing good, can't complain. Listen, I'll talk to my advisors, and I'll see if uh we can't set that up for you okay. Father Bill That would be rather generous of you Edward. I will be waiting for your call.

French Associate (passing Edward) It seems you have a lot on your hands. I'll go ahead and let you get back to your business. Edward Alright then father, talk to you later, bye-bye. (hangs-up) Confused, Edward follows the French associate. EXT. CHUCH ENTRANCE - SIDEWALK - DAY Greg appears. He looks up at the exterior wall that faces the street, then proceeds as he enters through the front door. INT. CHURCH - FATHER BILL'S OFFICE - DAY The priest sits at his desk. He silently contemplates what he has just heard from Greg. He makes one final note in his writing pad, then places his pencil on the desk. Interlocking his fingers, he slowly taps his pinky ring on the surface of the pad. He takes a deep breath. Father Bill (sits back, palms up) Where is god in all of this? Greg I can't say that I've put much thought into that. Father Bill Let me explain something to you Gregory. The demonization of the unknown is meant as a precaution. In reality, tampering with the spirit world is seen as a dangerous practice because, you never

really know who you're dealing with. For all we know, it could be that all of the spirits that mean good, join each other in the after-life in love and compassion. This could be the entity known as god. On the other hand, Satan could be all of the bad spirits who have joined forces in support of evil. Maybe Jesus was one of the first to explain this, making himself a beacon to his followers in the afterlife so that they may join his collective. Truth is, we aren't meant to know...until we die. As for Satan, he would want nothing more than to have you and the entire world completely forget. Greg Forget what? Father Bill God,...all that is good. In your findings, there is no mention of god. It seems to be completely embedded in science, which is what bothers me most. For that reason, all that I can offer you, is a warning. You must be careful my son. Greg Listen Father, I've gotten this far because I'm not afraid of any entity, good or evil. I know that they can do no harm, as long as I understand that I, as a living being, am what they envy. When they deal with me, they have to leave their threats and scare tactics behind. If they can't, then I move on. I force them to reveal their true nature by threatening not to listen. In the end, what they value most is to, again, be amongst the living. Even if it means having just a small influence. This is what I was taught. Look, my grandmother knew about my ability to see. She taught me everything I needed to know about dealing with this.

Father Bill reaches for a glass of water. His hands tremble as he brings it to his lips. He fails to regain control of his hand as a stream of water dribbles down the side of his mouth. He immediately reaches for a handkerchief from the inner lining of his coat. Father Bill (dabbing mouth) That is what I'm talking about. You can't possibly know who you're dealing with. These demons will tell you whatever it takes to have an influence on you and your surroundings. Yes, you're right, that is what they want. (desperately) But you can't possibly know. Greg Father. (calmly) I do know, because I see them. Father Bill coughs as he drinks, losing his composure as he covers his eyes and sinks into his seat. He moves his hand over his mouth, his breathing accelerated to the point of exhaustion. Greg It's not like I can see them standing right in front of me. I envision them. But, I only accept their presence if it comes through her. Father Bill (coughing) What do you mean by her? Greg My grandmother. At first I see what they want me to think they are, but, she reveals them to me. Sometimes they change. Sometimes they stay the same.

Father Bill relaxes as he straightens his posture and leans forward. Father Bill You have a guardian? Greg seems at peace with this as he nods his head in agreement. Father Bill That might change things. I wonder...No! It could be a trick. A demon posing-Greg Father... Father Bill Yes? Greg I would like to confess something. Father Yes of course. Greg Maybe you can help me with this. (sighing) There are some details that I kept to myself after the last session with Vanessa. happy to hear what no one has Father Bill Feel free to express yourself my son. You are in the house of the lord. Greg bites his lip as he looks around the room.

Greg Well alright, here it is. INT. VANESSA APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM (FLASHBACK) Vanessa sits next to Greg on the floor. She places her hand on his, and closes her eyes. She trembles as she interprets Greg's vision. MONTAGE - GREG'S VISION WITHOUT BEING INTERPRETED BY VANESSA -- Greg sees fragments of his dreams. -- He remembers the party at James' house and how he scared Amy. -- In the psychic store, the teller fidgets with the dial on the radio. -- Vanessa stares into Greg's eyes at the psychic store to verify his authenticity. -- The scientist's hand writes his formula on a chalkboard. -- Greg's sight approaches the black hole and passes through it at great speed. Greg(V.O.) At Vanessa's apartment, when I was under, I broke through all of the barriers that kept me from understanding my visions. I would block out anything that would otherwise, come through as an illusion, allowing me to see only fragments of the truth. Now, I'm able to see everything for what it is. (BACK TO SCENE) Greg There are planets with intelligent life

capable of detecting life forms across the distance of space using an advanced form of telepathy. It's the same as the sight of a ghost, only obtained by a living being. This happens because the era of intelligent life on different planets are always at different points in time. This makes them a thing of the past or future in relation to one another. Father Bill Impressive. MONTAGE INTERGALACTIC REMOTE VIEWING

-- A being stands on the edge of a cliff. Its eyes are closed as it focuses. -- The beings sees from the perspective of a spirit. It accelerates toward the sky of its planet and travels through space at an immeasurable speed. -- The sight of the being bounces from one planet to another observing life forms of different varieties. -- It arrives at a planet with the basic elements for sustaining life. -- On it's home planet, the being opens its eyes and smiles. -- A satellite lands on the planet with no life, and disperses the most basic forms of life. -- The satellites course is tracked back to the beings home planet, which is now void of life. Greg(V.O.) For this reason, telepathic contact becomes more probable than actual physical or technological contact. It makes up for the distance that separates us from other planets with life. Some are advanced enough to detect the basic elements for sustaining life on planets with no life forms. If the

conditions are favorable, they send a container to disperse samples of the most basic species. In the end, leaving life on all planets that are aware of this, uncertain as to whether their existence was natural...or induced. (BACK TO SCENE) Father Bill And now, we...are aware of this. They both sit still and silent. Suddenly, the sight of a spirit comes through the entrance of the church, past the service area, and directly into the priest's office. Greg senses this as he turns to face it. It wastes no time in entering Greg's eye. He closes them, still facing the doorway. With a sense of urgency, the bed sheets in his vision flap erratically just before being torn away from their clothesline. This reveals a view of the exterior in front of the church. EXT. CHURCH ENTRANCE - ACROSS STREET - DAY A late model van is parked along the curb. EXT. LATE MODEL VAN - CAB - DAY Greg sees two men through his telepathic sight. driver (smoking joint) ...if he gives the word, you need to move fast, he's paying us good money, so don't fuck-up! He's gonna signal from that window so keep your eyes peeled. passenger

This is pretty fucked-up man. A priest pullin' this shit? What the fuck? driver Hey money's money. (passes joint) What the fuck do I care, these mother fuckers are all corrupt just like everyone else. Ah! I only make half the money with this dude anyway. He never goes through with it. passenger Whatever man, (smoking joint) let's just get this done so we can get home. INT. CHURCH - FATHER BILL'S OFFICE - DAY Greg opens his eyes. Father Bill seems puzzled by Greg's sudden change in behavior. Greg turns to look at the priest. Greg (confused) I need to leave. (stands and walks to the window) Father Bill Is everything alright...my son? Greg takes his phone and dials-out to Amy, ignoring the priest as he shakes his head in disbelief. INT. AMY'S APARTMENT - KITCHEN - DAY Amy is cooking dinner. She rushes to the living room where her phone is sitting on her coffee table. She reads the caller identification and smiles.

Amy (answering phone) Hello? Greg(V.O.) Hey, what's going on? Amy Not much, just making dinner. Waiting for you to get home. Are you hungry? INTERCUT CHURCH/AMY'S APARTMENT Greg Home? I actually have someone waiting for me to get home? Amy (chuckles) Answer the question! Greg Yeah I'm hungry. Do you have a pen? Amy rummages through some magazines on the coffee table. Amy Got it. Greg Write this down. (looks at van through window) EXT. CHURCH - VAN - DAY Passenger Yo man, is that the dude? I think he's looking at us. Driver He don't know shit. You're just trippin'.

Passenger I don't know man. He looks pissed. INT. CHURCH - FATHER BILL'S OFFICE - DAY Greg XRV 38F. (looks at priest) It's a black van, mid to late eighties. Father Bill is surprised at the sound of this. Amy Are you alright, did you get in an accident? Greg I'm okay. You can go ahead and read my notebook now, and when you're done, make sure that my professor gets it. I should have gone to him first. It has everything, (looks at priest) ...down to the last detail. As for the van, you'll need that if something happens. Amy What do you mean? Greg hangs-up and turns his phone off. Amy tries to call back but only reaches his voicemail. Greg Your boys outside. Call 'em off. Greg simply waits for the priest to comply.

Father Bill You really do have the ability don't you? No one knows about those boys out there. I keep them waiting in case I find myself in the presence of the devil himself. That they may strike him down and release the soul whose body he has possessed. There's no other way. Once he has a hold of you, there's no other way. Greg Why? What do you see in me that's worth killing? Worth going to prison. Father Bill Your ideas. They will put a thorn in the side of all those who are struggling to keep god alive in the hearts of our followers! Truly the work of satan! He will not be forgotten. I won't allow it. Your mind is clouded my son! This modern age of science is leaving no room for god in the creation of the world...The word of god must reign! Greg And what about the basics? Knowing the difference between right and wrong? Isn't that great? Whether it comes from evolution, or a divine revelation, it is what separates man from beast. Now, call-em off, because I'm walking out of here! Greg exits. INT. CHURCH - SERVICE AREA - DAY Greg walks through the center aisle of the service area. INT. CHURCH - FATHER BILL'S OFFICE - DAY

The priest paces in front of his desk. INT. CHURCH - SERVICE AREA - DAY When Greg reaches the doors of the church, he pauses and takes a deep breath. He exits and takes a glance at the van parked across the street. EXT. CHURCH - VAN -DAY driver Hey, its him. passenger Yeah, but where's the priest? driver I told you fool, he never follows through. Let's go... INT. CHURCH - FATHER BILL'S OFFICE - DAY Father Bill hears the SLAMMING of the heavy wooden doors at the main entrance. He races to the window. He signals a gesture to stop, waving his hands across his chest as he shakes his head. EXT. CHURCH - VAN -DAY He is barely visible, the smoke from the marijuana clouding the view of the assailants. passenger Is that him man?! driver

(pushing passenger) Yeah that's him! Go fucker!...Make us some money. The passenger takes a pistol from the glove compartment, places it in his coat, and exits. EXT. CHURCH - STREET - DAY He advances toward Greg as he brings the firearm into plain view. Greg takes notice and begins to run. Through his window, Father Bill reacts in astonishment. He grabs at his head, his screams inaudible. He runs out of his office. The passenger begins to fire at Greg, striking him in the leg. As Greg drags himself against a wall, the assailant runs toward him. Standing over Greg, the pistol at point-blank range, he aims in preparation for the fatal shot. Greg holds his bleeding wound. He raises his hand in desperation and guards himself from the impending discharge. Greg closes his eyes. He sees from the perspective of his psychic vision. He wastes no time in entering the eyes of his assailant who begins to show signs of confusion as he lowers his weapon, placing his free hand on his head. MONTAGE - GREG SHOWS HIS MEMORIES TO HIS ASSAILANT -- The assailant sees Greg's childhood. -- He sees Greg's friends at work. -- He sees Greg's interest in physics. -- He sees Greg's visions. (BACK TO SCENE) passenger Greg? Greg (opening eyes) Jerry.

Passenger (drops gun) I understand man. I'm sorry... The priest passes through the doors of the church. He notices that Greg has not been killed. Father Bill (to passenger) What have you done? The passenger approaches the van. He seems confused about what the priest has just said. He stares at Greg for a moment. Passenger I let him live. Driver Hurry the fuck-up! Lets go! Lets go! As they speed-off, Father Bill attends to Greg. Father Bill Are you alright, let me see. Greg I'm alright...father. Father Bill I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. Greg It's alright, just take my phone and call for help. (grimacing) Ah! Father Bill Yes.

As Greg passes the phone to the priest, he holds back for a moment. Greg I know where it goes from here father. I know how it ends.

INSERT - NEWS BROADCAST Anchor In an astonishing development, two hit men and a priest, yes that's right, a priest have all been arrested and charged in the attempted murder of a young Chicago man. The two hit men have been identified as twenty-four year old Albert Sanchez, and twenty-five year old Jerry Romero. The priest, Father Bill Everett, is said to have paid the hit men in advance for arriving at the scene of the crime, but claims that he was misinterpretted when he gave them the order to stop. Police have not yet released the victim’s identity, but he is said to be in stable condition at a local hospital with a gun shot wound to the leg. What has investigators boggled, is the motive. Apparently the young man is a psychic, whose findings were considered a threat by the priest. Anchor II That definitely is something to think about Gina. One would have to think of it as far fetched had it never happened. Anchor Well, Sam, sad to say, but it happened. In other news... (Television snow)

INT. TALK SHOW STUDIO - STAGE - DAY Host So, all this time, you were being paid by some organization to reveal other people's psychic findings as your own? Lady Joan Yes. Host And what was the purpose of this? Lady Joan It was meant for those who wanted to share their findings, yet remain anonymous. All without having to deal with the onslaught of the media attention that would otherwise, disrupt their everyday lives. Host Do you feel that your life has been disrupted. Joan (smiling) No, I actually enjoy the attention. Host And how do we know you're not lying to us now? Lady Joan's smile slowly begins to fade as the audience angrily reacts in agreement with the host. (Snow) INT. NEWS TALK STUDIO - DAY Host

So, at this very last moment, just before you're about to get shot at point blank range, you somehow find the strength to embed all of your memories into the mind of your assailant. Greg Yes. Host How did you do this? Greg It just felt natural. Host Do you think that this was prompted by the stressful situation you were in? Greg Definitely. Host Now, I have here, a statement that supports your claim, made by none-other than the man who shot you, Jerry Romero. It states, and I quote, "I saw who he was, and I couldn't shoot him. I didn't want to anymore. It was like I was pointing a gun at my own brother..." Greg I would like to say something. Host Go right ahead. Greg As it was happening, it was as if I were learning the final lesson of what I was meant to see. This ability to imprint my memories onto another person, and at the same time, have them feel what I'm feeling. I think that it's the key to what I was trying to unravel. The message to the world from my ghostly companion was that we must destroy the

bomb before it destroys us. At first, I took this literally. I imagined a coalition of people from all nations uniting to disarm the world of all weapons of mass destruction. If that is possible or not, only time will tell. But what if its a metaphor for our own internal demons. Those which allow us to destroy life. Imagine if the entire population of earth had this ability. Then, no one could bring themselves to kill another person for any reason, because they would be riddled with the guilt of having destroyed a loved one. I only hope that we can all achieve this before it's too late. Host So you can show me. Greg I think I can. The hard part was bringing it out. But, you have to promise to pass it on. Host You can give me your power? Greg No,...but I can bring out yours. (breaks fourth wall) Host How? MONTAGE - GREG PASSES HIS ABILITIES ON TO OTHERS. -- At Amy's apartment Greg sits across from Amy on the sofa. He takes her hand and they both close their eyes. Amy smiles. -- In the organization's board room, Greg does the same for all of the associates. His psychic vision goes to one member after another, each reacting in their own way. The French associate watches as one by one, each associate is affected, approaching him in a counter clock wise pattern

around the table. When it gets to him, he shuts his eyes and makes a grimmace as if about to be punched in the face. -- The professor is the last to be affected. He stands at the doorway. He somehow senses Greg's vision approaching. He bows his head and opens his eyes widely. Greg's sight enters. The professor sees all of Greg's experiences in a split second. Greg(V.O.) Although I was told by my mentor that I was the first to evolve into this...next level of telepathy, I felt that there was much more to see. But, to answer your question, you don't have to go through everything that I went through to get there. After I show you my experiences, you just need to let me pull you through...to the surface.


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