13 Stories for Salesman

1 . “If I Don’t Go, I Don’t Get” In the southern part of the United States, an old man with a now boat ferries passengers across a mile-wide river for ten cents. Asked how many times a day he does this, the boat man said, “As many times as I can because the more I go, the more I get. And If I don’t go, I don’t get.” That’s all you need to know - all there is to know - about selling!

2. Ask Your Customers What They Like There was a company in the U.S.A. selling dog food. For one of the monthly sales promotion meetings, the chairman of the company decided not only to call all the department heads but also to invite the young trainees so that he might get some new ideas from some of these relatively fresh brains. At the meetings, each department head gave his own ideas, views and ways of how to go about selling. However, the chairman was feeling very uncomfortable because each one was coming out with bombastic theories, ideas and concepts. Casually, he asked a trainee sitting at the far end of the table, “Well young man, what do you have to say? The young trainee replied hesitatingly, “Sir, we want to sell dog food and therefore, we should ask the dogs what they like. “ There was an uproarious laughter in the meeting room. However, the chairman said, “Let us give it a try.” The young trainee felt very perplexed wondering what would follow. To the astonishment of all present in the meeting, a few dogs were brought into the board room and different varieties of dog food formulations were placed before them. The dogs sniffed at each of them and in the end, out of ten varieties, many of them liked two or three formulations. The meeting came to an end and subsequently the company concentrated its effort on the marketing of those selective varieties. Within six months, the company’s market share registered a 10 percent increase. 3. Judge by Sales, Not By Reports A recently employed area salesmen in the farm machinery industry wrote his first report to his head office. It stunned the sales manager because it was obvious that the new man was almost illiterate. Here is what he wrote : “Dear Bos, I bin to sea this outfit what an never bawt a pennies - worth of farming mashins from us, an I sole them our know forig arvesters, balin mashins, muk spreaders, an kuters also fifte ov owr knew shift in mashins. This amounts too a cuppla hundred thousand pownds ov guds. I am now

going to Nawthan Egerland.” Before the illiterate could be given the old heaveho, this note came from him in Northern Ireland : “Dear Boss, I cum ere an sole them a half ov a milyun.” Not knowing whether or not to fire the illiterate salesman, the manager dumped the problem in the chairman’s lap. The next morning, the salesman’s letters were pasted on the head office notice board with the following memo from the chairman above them : “We bin spending two much tyme tryeing to spel rite instedd of tryeing to sel. Lett’s watch those sails. I want everybodies shud read these letters from owr knew man, who is on the rode do in a grate jobb for us an you shud goe out an du like he dun.” 4. A Good Salesman Gets What He Wants A hungry salesman, while passing through a village, sees a welcoming light in a small cottage by the edge of the woods. He knocks on the door. It is opened by a farmer. Salesman : “I’m very hungry, friend. Can you spare some food for me?” Farmer : “Go away ! It’s late and we have nothing to give you.” Salesman : “Please, please... maybe some water, and the loan of a pot...” Farmer : “Water and pot! Why?” Salesman : “I’d like to make a little stone soup for myself... with this stone.” Farmer (thinking) : “Stone soup! What next?” Farmer’s wife : “But I suppose there’s no harm in giving him what he wants.” (The farmer agrees) Salesman “Thank you, good lady. Would you mind if I kept the pot on your fire?” Farmer’s wife : “Oh, all right, if you must. Come on in.” (The farmer frowns! His wife puts a pot of water on the fire and takes the salesman to the kitchen). Salesman : “Now I’ll put this stone in the water and wait for it to cook.” (The farmer and his wife sit back to watch the strange cook at work. A little later, the salesman opens the pot and peeps in.) Salesman : Let me taste it ... Ah! It’s coming along ... (After a while) but it needs a bit of salt.” Farmer’s wife : “Wait, I’ll get you some.” (The salesman adds the salt). Salesman : “I should taste it again, don’t you think?” Farmer (getting impatient) : “Yes, yes, but be quick.” Farmer’s wife : “Is it very tasty?” Salesman : “Well, it is! But wouldn’t an onion improve the taste?” Farmer (to his wife) : Go and get him an onion quickly, otherwise he’ll be here all night.”

(The farmer’s wife goes off and ... soon a chopped onion is added to the soup). Salesman : “It’s taking too long. I should try to once again, I think.” (After tasting) “ Delicious! But if only I had some carrots and potatoes to add. Farmer (By now the farmer, too, is beginning to feel hungry) : “Wait, I will get you some.” (The farmer returns with the new ingredients and ... soon the soup begins to boil.” Farmer ; “don’t you think you should taste it again?” Salesman : “Good, very good. You must share it with me ... but could I bother you for a few coriander leaves and perhaps a bit of pepper?” Farmer’s wife : “Yes, of course!” (A delicious aroma now begins to spread around the house. The soup is ready). Salesman : “Please bring three bowls and spoons and let’s begin to enjoy this fine soup.” Farmer’s wife : “Here is some bread as well.” (Finally they all sit down to eat). Farmer : “It’s delicious!” Farmer’s wife : “Mmm, so it is! How did you do it?” Salesman : “All thanks to this stone of mine.” Farmer’s wife : “May we have closer look at it please?” Salesman “I’m sorry, my good friend. I can’t divulge the secret. Thank you and good night!” 5. A Salesmen Must Sell Himself Before Talking of his product The Ford team had come to India. Our former colleague’s name was suggested for the sales assignment in India. He went to Patiala with the visiting team and was told that his acid test would lie in his actually selling an implement or accessory to any one farmer to whom the dealer would take him. He and the dealer went to a farm and saw that the farmer was watering his mature wheat which was almost ready for harvesting. Here, his own experience helped him a lot in developing a fast rapport with the farmer. He went upto the farmer and told him that the wheat was of “Kalyan” variety and the would be getting about 50 maunds per acre. He even told the farmer that the plot must have been levelled (this was from his observation of the colour of the crop which was different in the patches where soil had been filed in and remained loose as a result of levelling). He also went to say that it must have been a locally made leveller. Next, they went on to the farmer’s water pump and seeing that the outflow of water in the pipe was not full and also hearing the belt noise (he could not see the engine and the pump coupled to it), he told the farmer that the belt must be loose. The farmer switched off the system and after checking confirmed that our colleague was right. However, the farmer said that at that stage he could not stop

the work as watering the crop was a priority. He agreed with him but suggested a temporary arrangement. Some Barojaa (pine resin) was fetched from the village shop and applied on the inner surface of the belt thus increasing its tension and reducing slippage. The result could be seen immediately. Now, our colleague walked upto his tractor and suggested a belt pulley system as a stand by for the pump. The farmer just enquired the price and placed the order then and there. What one must learn from this incident is the selling himself is a must for the salesman. Our friend never talked of the product till he solved that the farmer’s problems which took almost 90 per cent of the time. 6. Selling Without Profits for One Day A Year Vivek & Company has three showrooms in Madras. They are dealers for electric and electronic consumer durables. Their sales amounted to Rs. 1,08,000 in 1965 and rose to Rs. 9,60,00,000 in 1986. This increase has been achieved through : Hire Purchase Scheme lOn January 1 every year, all the goods are sold at cost price. Their Mr. Kodandaraman gave the logic, “For 364 days, my customers buy from me and give me profits. One day in the year, I do without profit to say ‘thank you’ in my style.” lOn this, they also give 1500 lucky-dip gifts to the customers who buy items from them. 7. Installation Can Be A Future Prospects Building Opportunity An incident narrated by our former colleague Mr. H. S. Gill : “Chaudhary Lakhmichand of village Alawalpur near Palwal in Haryana was an uneducated customer who had come from his native place and had settled here. He bought his first tractor from us in the year 1956. Mr. W. R.P. Fermie was then our service manager at Roshanara Road. The evening when the customer was to take the delivery, the office had closed and almost all the employees had left. I was assigned the responsibility of installing the tractor. I left the office with the customer and his tractor and we reached his village late at night. The customer made arrangements for may stay in the barn where my first might was a bit sleepless one. “Next morning, I asked him if he had somebody in his family who could read and write. He had a sone who was studying in eighth class. I asked the boy to miss school for a day. Next, on my asking, he fetched some cardboard pieces on which we pasted on white paper. These were made out into daily and periodical maintenance charts. After lunch, the son went away and I took Chaudhary Sahib to the farm. Till that time, he knew only bicycle riding. Anyhow, I spent a few hours and taught him how to operate the tractor. In the evening; while Chaudhary Sahib watched, the charts where put on the walls so that they could act as

The result of all this was that after some time I sold three tractors in that village.reminders all the time through an automatic two-way communication. I took him with me and driving his tractor down the village. This state had an excellent army that was well provisioned.” This story reveals that the salesman should be a practical person and during installation. I even told the five existing tractor owners that they could use our seeding attachment with the tiller to make a seedrill. I was really moved when. I asked him to keep on practising till it became his habit. I introduced the Escort tract and explained its salient features. I sat down with him and enquired about names of such people who had big land holdings. 8. On the third day. his son read the chats. In the evening. I invited them for coming to Chaudhary Lakhmichand’s farm after two days to have a look at Chaudhary Sahib operating the tractor and also to have a look at the tractor’s capability. “On the morning of the fourth day. After the session. I also had a look at their tractors and got information on what they grew and what implements they used. In the evening. That was it and this caused the fall of the king. On the battle day. the day the king was ploughing through the enemy’s forces when suddenly his horse tumbled because of the shoe of its front foot having came off. The war Was Lost Because of A Nail Centuries ago. “On the second day. There were about 15 such cases. Then Chaudhary Sahib was made to operate the tractor using tiller. I told the village folk that whatever they could see was the result of only 48-hour training. Before lunch. a turban and Rs. I talked to him and prepared brief history of the other tractors in the village . He told me that he could return his entire tractor loan because of better yield resulting from our tractor’s use and also from the custom-hiring income. I met them and invited them also to Chaudhary Sahib’s farm the next morning. My mind kept on registering what all implements and accessories could be sold to them. he should try to locate other prospective customers too. Also. Then I went to demonstrate the capability of the tractor by trilling about an acre of land.there were five of them. He said that he had come to make me his ustad. I spent some hours with Chaudhary Sahib at the controls. His forces fled and the battle was lost. there was a gathering of about 40 to 50 people at the farm. after a year. we talked to all these other tractor owners and got an idea of their feelings. The opponent king analysed the reasons of his unexpected victory and . I also informed them about other implements. a battle was fought and it changed the density of a state and the people who were living there. and he demonstrated while I watched. Chaudhary Sahib walked into my office with a basketful of fruits. 5 towards shagun.

He also offered Rs. There. parker asked him when he had learnt operating the tractor and if he would like to join an operator’s training course at the Ford School. Late. As soon as the farmer left the dealership. size painted signboard at the workshop of each of them. And he learnt the lesson that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. at that very moment. broken and overturned the tractor. 10 Handle a Customer Carefully And Creatively . while ploughing his farm the front axle had hit a hidden rock. He had a friendly chat with each of them and was subsequently successful in putting up a 6ft. Mr. He personally carried out a survey and met all the competitive brand’s mechanics of his area. Mr. “That will be great of you. In the morning. Mr. . Mohan also offered to train them at his dealership and to supply special tools at discounted rates to them. Turning Competitors Into Your Own Sales Promoters Four friend Mohan Sonone of Jain Brothers Auto agencies Jalgaon had practically nil sale of a particular model of a motorcycle. He pacified the farmer and requested him to visit again on the next day. On the bikes after that. The farmer’s son blurted out excitedly. 400 each as incentive for the first two mobikes sold to the prospects brought by a mechanic. of the quotation that was sent. That was it. Uncle Parker. Mr. when the dealership pushed up its shutters. x 3ft. Parker who was the area manager. He found out that the farmer had bought a Ford tractor only six days earlier. had an experience during his sales assignment in Australia. 300 per unit till such time his dealership sold the first 50 motorcycles. it was discovered that the farmer had proudly put his son at the controls of the tractor and the son’s overconfidence had resulted in the tractor hitting a tree trunk while operating the tractor at full throttle. they were received by the farmer’s son> After the normal courtesies. but the nails of its shoes were worn out. Parker took the dealer and his service manager with him to the farm. damaging the tractor’s looks. Fortunately. The sign board had a visual of the motorcycle and carried the name of the mechanic as well as of Mohan Sonone’s establishment. The result of all this was that Mohan was able to retail just within five months what he had planned to sell in the entire year. K. an agitated farmer created a scene. the incentive was to be Rs. J. A large sale may have been lost because the pages. because the training will help in avoiding another tractor accident. Mr. happened to drive in for his routine sales call. Parker was very sure of the quality of the tractor he marketed. 9.found that the king’s horse had an excellent armour. Parker of Ford Motor Co. Later. were wrongly stapled and did not make any sense.

” .” replied the applicant. Jagannadha could not recollect. 100 to the retailer. “we no longer insure pedestrians. And the visiting salesman would tell the retailer. He guaranteed that the tablets would give instant relief and Jagannadha could get them free if he bought a bottle of 50 vitamin capsules from him. the young man opened his bag and produced a strip of tablets which were made by his company. The young man wondered if it was at a cinema hall but Jagannadha informed that he never saw movies. Union Carbide India (manufacturers of Eveready batteries) had a scheme under which a few of their salesman would call incongnito upon the battery retailers. isn’t it? 13 Be Clear About Your Market Segment .” “Do you fly much?” “No. Jagannadha replied in the negative and pleaded with the young man not to ask him any more such questions as it gave him a headache. “No. Jagannadha Rao was waiting to receive a friend at the railway station. “Please give me a battery. “Sorry. A man went into an insurance office to have his life insured. 12 Selling Creatively . The young man did not give up and tried to remind Jagannadha if it was at Dolphin Hotel. What do you think would happen? Very obvious. Immediately.” If the retailer would offer an Eveready battery. sir” said the agent.11 Create the Need For Your Product . The young man enquired if it was at a church in Vizag to which Jagannadha said that he had never been to a church. One day our friend M. A young man walked up to him and said that it seemed they had met earlier. “Do you drive the car a great deal?” the agent asked. H. the salesman would give Rs.

and prepare it for fresh thoughts and ideas. However. After all. Relax. .00. Spencer Johnson of One Minute Manger fame. it becomes imperative that we increase our balance in the Happiness Account. a book which has sold no less than 40. life passes us by. I learnt years ago to take care of myself. let us stop awhile and take stock of what we have been doing. then wife. It is a pity that many of us are moving at great speeds without checking if we are going in the right direction. We are blind to the glory of a sunset and the beauty of flowers. She would take greater care of her “mental drawing room” than the one in the house.” by Dr.000 incarnations! Therefore. God has created me after 84. I will tell you a simple technique for achieving this goal. conversely. Empty the cup of your mind of its stale contents. then I’ll relax” or Let me slog for a few years more — then Haridwar.. We are so busy looking at our speedmoters that we forget the milestones. depends on our ability to make our near and dear ones happy. Make sure you’re on the right track. than to be so obsessed with the speed? Take it easy. This is how you go about it : First minute : Drive away all thoughts. Read. to a large measure.. Cheerful herself. we can give others happiness only if we ourselves are sufficiently happy. Take three minutes every three hours to think of yourself first. she spread cheerfulness all around. Perhaps I have inherited this disposition from my mother. that’s how.000 copies. She looked after herself well and was usually in good humour. next daughters and finally sons.00. how can you lend me a hundred rupees unless you have at least six hundred of your own? Thus. Reflect. I was prompted to write this editorial after having listened several times to the audio tape. Now. daughters and wives. It seems relevant after my having share with you my research on sons. “One Minute for Myself. Because.. But our own happiness. How can we live a more meaningful and satisfying life? By wringing happiness out of every minute that is slipping through our fingers. Thoughtlessness first. May of us are racing through life at such a frantic pace that we don’t have the time to stand and stare and think.Take Three Minutes to Think of Yourself First I am not excessively religious. is it not more important to go in the right direction first. but I do believe that I have a definite place in the divine scheme. I think “myself” should have come first.” When we are speeding breathlessly along. zoom ahead. then.. and blunder along the wrong road. We keep deluding ourselves by saying. And. “let me finish this thing. Now let’s stop a minute and think.

Indarjit Singh. contented and do not believe in bending themselves backwards to please others. and they share their happiness with others. come to think of it. I carry the same sparkling spirit to office. Somehow. All the bottled up anger starts showing in the tone of their voice and their dropping eyes and long faces. There I start the day by rearranging my cabin here and there.one minute for setting goals. . and ask myself. I also learn a great deal by listening to them. And on top of it all. my day begins pleasantly. bruises an scars. I start waking up my daughters with sunny cheerfulness in my voice. The pain turns to resentment and keeps accumulating.those who put smiles in their voices. These hurt. we talk. I enjoy sharing with them what I have ready recently. In the process they collect a great deal of cuts. They are happy. Lunch.I make the meetings yield the best results. one minute for praises an done minute for reprimands . I breeze through them with a song in my heart. “What can I do now that will make me happy?” I don’t let any dismal thought intrude into my mind. I relish talking to my colleagues and dealer guests. for yourself that will make you happy. Mr. Now. joke discuss politics and have a real good time. I relish talking to my colleagues and dealer guests. This pleases my aesthetic sense and elevates my mood. is more of a picnic. If a dealer comes to visit me. I also learn a great deal by listening to them. They look after themselves first. the people for whom sacrifices were made generally turn out to be ungrateful. Often they are neatly dressed. we foolishly call them selfish. I think of ways of making him and myself happy. what is wrong if they have fun themselves and share the fun with others? After these general observations. are you? Why don’t you look around? Then there are some blessed souls . One of them is this : I think of Hema Malini! Because way back in 1976 in Bangalore I was able to persuade here to sit on a Ford 3600 at the Ford launch and won a bet of two bottles of Scotch from may senior colleague. I enjoy sharing with them what I have read recently. at Escorts. when I think of that moment of triumph I once again become the here.Second minute : Think of what you can do now. Observe them. let me come to an individual instance (that’s me!). I bounce out of bed at 6 a. And. By Minute Manager . Shocked to hear this. We sometimes come across people who sacrifice their own pleasure for the sake of others. or a little later. Lunch. Third minute : Start doing it or imaging that you have done it. Instead. the day’s meeting commence. So. at Escorts. Here.m. I have may ways of doing it. is more of a picnic. But. Then. that’s it! Think of similar achievements and you are on the way to thinking of yourself first.

m. I repeat this wholesome exercise at 6 p. I put myself first. Does that sound selfish? Well. Sick people neglect themselves. They are my best teachers. Here are some techniques that I have evolved for increasing the balance in my Happiness Account.an hour or so during which I can do whatever pleases me without feeling guilty about it> Sometimes I use it to take a walk around Humayun’s Tomb. but I do not fancy the idea of bleeding myself to death for others. I am not suggesting that you should make a fetish of the three-minutesevery-three-hours formula. At other times I enjoy the luxury of going out and buying a big watermelon or simply indulging in kite flying. To me work is happiness because an honest day’s work is the best medicine for all ills. I again ask myself what I could do to make the Escorts Dealers Development Association Limited (EDDAL) more beneficial to its dealer members. I stop doing for others when I stop enjoying doing for others. I consider ways and means of making myself happy. success and lasting happiness. I also observe others and learn from their mistakes. You can vary the duration of thinking about yourself to suit your style and convenience. It makes them happy and gives me a great deal of pleasure. I am willing to feel hurt for others. What do you don? You can curse and fret and fume and louse up your own mood. 1. I always take time off for myself . During the walk I hold communion with myself.Around 3 p.. 5. I learn from my mistakes. I have a sneaking suspicion that dowry deaths are the result of the “stamp collecting” phenomenon by those girls who were drilled to suffer and sacrifice. It helps.m. Sometimes I just play back to myself the floppies of what I have seen or read which would enable me to do my job better and would pull me out of an occasional indifferent mood. I see with my mind’s eye . 4. Am I selfish? I don’t think so. I have learnt to say no! I love to do somebody a favour. 2. Healthy people think of themselves. p. I use the lesson derived from it to enhance my future happiness. in the long run it is good for everybody. 3. Instead of letting a mistake disturb my present tranquility. but I do not allow anybody to take me for granted. .that deep-seated visionary faculty which is so powerfully symbolised by Lord Shivjee’s Third Eye.m. Hence my service to others is warm and sincere. Suppose on your way to office you are stopped by the red light at a crossing. Or you can do what I do — I think of some way of making myself happy. I do not sacrifice so much for others that it would start hurting me. I have discovered the unsurpassable joy of work. And its side-effects are achievement. and 9.

Yes. your assistants could have taken longer and could have even made more mistakes..6. And it is just like our car being run with one piston working and with 30 percent extra air in its tyres. be hones with yourself. Therefore. and prevent future misery. Do you not believe that it can happen to you? Well. say 100. I never et insulted. frankly. Dealers have virtually thrown me out of their showrooms. And we are convinced that it works. do you get a job manual? Maybe not. I know my own worth. Relax and think for a while How much of your Mind did you use yesterday? You did several things. no one can ever insult you. and makes the process of exchanging thoughts and ideas immensely satisfying for both of us. have delayed payments. We have been thinking about it and doing our best to find better ways in all walks of life. here is a “mind manual” which will enable you to do your job better. Have you heard the following story? A young MBA rushed into the sales manager’s office and complained that he had been insulted by a dealer. feels and wills. 7. If you give more authority and responsibility to them. Agreed. no one can really offend me or shake my faith in myself. Mind your mind! Your mind is the best asset you have Most of us use only 10 per cent of our minds. There are always better ways to do what you are doing now. Mind perceives. I have been in the dealership business for 25 years. They help me avoid dumb mistakes. And he gave the details. The sales manager after giving him a patient hearing. When you get a job. have shouted at me. but no dealer has ever insulted me!” If you have self-confidence and self-esteem.. you get a user’s manual. Think . it is happening and your money is going down the drain. I ask questions. The habit of asking questions also assists me in establishing healthy communication with my inner self. said.. Now. Well.. “Thank” was “invented” by IBM and we “discovered” it in 1966.60 or even 90. Won’t it be wonderful if we got a mind-manual to do our jobs better at our offices and at our homes? What is a Mind Manual? When you buy a car. “son. There Must Be a Better Way Think and you think of IBM! Yes. 3 Better Principles of Self-Management 1. how many of these could have been done by your assistants? Maybe 30. don’t you . thinks. Thinking is done in your mind.

It will never be full. You can do the indexing to suit your style and your present job. long hours fertilisers .. provided you keep on using it. This is the easiest way to harvest the crop of your acre. that will depend upon motivation. But a few of us underutilise it. your best asset. Relax and think. ideas come seemingly from nowhere. It will keep them busier and they will feel happier.. say six days or six months.. the stronger it gets. commitment seeds . Some of us treat this “acre” with love and care like any good farmer. On this wall. Won’t they? Of course. Now it is up to you to transfer this flash from your mind to a piece of paper. you can hang a good idea which you can easily retrieve when required. self . What else will happen? Simple. visits to your counter parts to pick . attitude and your style of management. good thought-starters.. The older you get. hard work.. Those who read job-related books. you have a lot of pegs. You will then have enough time to use your Mind. good reading pesticides . you can “grow” whatever you “put in”. God gives this “acre” to everyone. You cannot expect good ideas to come out unless you put in seeds of good ideas.think they will improve themselves? They Definitely Will. Let us put it in another way: “Your mind is an acre of land.. but even after 10 or 20 or 30 years.. of course keeping their minds open and also 6 per cent to 9 per cent empty. Your mind is even better than an acre.” In your “acre”. In several offices we often see employees doing nothing.. Your mind can store as much information as you want it to.discipline irrigation . fully and it will take you towards your goals.. limitless white wall. To those who try and concentrate.. the better it becomes. because “germination” can take place not only within. finding short-cuts to get the production to meet the current needs of the day.. Identify such people in your organisation and give them a few such things to do which you are doing yourself. Your mind is like a large. The more you exercise it. soak in newer and better ideas. Your mind is like a muscle. still better to jot it on your pocket memo pad and later on transfer to your diary. You can learn to use your mind. It happens to everybody.. On each peg. But it is the miracle of your mind when suddenly an idea starts flashing on the screen of your mind. Our “acre” of land needs : tilling .

the power remains largely untapped.aided by new computer programmes that can simulate brain cells in action ..is now revealing that the bran is far more intricate than any mechanical device imaginable. no matter how great its capabilities. and so on. according to the article in Span. a whole new branch of Science . it can record 800 memories a second for the average 75 years many of us live. Five out of ten times you will get good results. it would occupy space comparable to the size of the Empire State Building (1. sleeping. talking. If a computer to match the brain’s potential was built. Please remember : Thinking can also be done by your subordinates. everything is on permanent file in our brain. You have to encourage them to get involved in thinking. the Plain Truth (October 1988) writes : “The brain is a fabulous mechanism..000.Brain Science .” Our mind comes as “standard equipment” at birth and it is free. for the functioning in unison of the 100.. you. with all its capacity for instant differentiation. For many.up ideas rains . The mind is one of God’s most amazing gifts to man. In fact. Thinking is also to be done while you are travelling. being the farmer-owner of this acre. It is part of the game. shaving. “An explosion of recent findings in brain Science . far surpasses that of any potential machine. In an article on human brain. Accept it. In fact. Allman. without exhausting itself. Our Scientist has called the brain an “engine of thought”.” Another article “Our Wondrous Brain” published in the American magazine Span (September 1989 and edited by William F.000.S. . Amen.250 feet tall) and need 1. visiting others.000 watts of electrical power to run. Yet most people use only a small fraction of their mental ability. Do you do it? If not. we value only those things that we pay for. Unfortunately. About the size of half a grapefruit. Even though we don’t recall all the information received. Tomorrow is always another day. But this term is quite inadequate. keep your eyes and ears open.000 million neurons of the brains. try to develop this habit. And we place little value on things that are given to us for nothing. The human brain retains everything it takes in and never forgets anything. three out of ten times you will get fairly alright results and two out of ten times you will get poor results. The cost would be equally immense. News and World Report) tells us that research work on the brain has been so stepped us that research work on the brain has been so stepped up that the recent increase in information on the brain has been like an explosion. should decide what you want to put in. Now.has now come into existence. After that. and then start looking after the plant when it is growing.luck (may God be on your side). Senior Editor of U.

Frustrated . The guru complemented the student but asked him to name the object. This reminds us of a story. It reminds us of a another story in a film that was shown on American television network many years ago. Once so done. but the wire mesh came in the way.Soak the problem into your system. This is the process of putting the heat on in your mind and. The crow solved the problem by thinking and using its mind. In an ashram. his story has now been modified. you cannot do it until you widen your span of thinking and extend it to the region that lies outside the nine dots. It pecked at the wire mesh in desperation but to no avail. experience and exposure is never complete. It flew away without drinking the water. The crow who had dropped the pebbles saw that the water that came up was muddy. it started pacing up and down alongside the wire mesh until it saw that the wire mesh was only six feet wide. you limit your scope and span of thinking. told the guru that it was a round object with a hole in it. It tried to reach it. POPCORN. Think ( a few mind bogglers) : Why is the engine of the car normally in the front? How was the tyre invented? Why do we drive on the left side of the road? . If you are asked to join the following nine dots with four straight lines without lifting your pen. visit and talk to a lot of people. a disciple insisted with his guru that he (the shishya) was ready to go into the world. It went over to the side where the wire mesh did not exist and reached the grains. POP. The above story just points out that when you are thinking. after a lot of calculations. A chicken saw some foodgrain across the other side of a wire mesh. OPP. even one straight line can join the 9 dots. Meet. Education without common sense. the sleeping thoughts will come up like POP. The student made some more calculations and said that it was a grinding wheel. Think and give it a try. The guru fisted his hand and asked the student to name what it contained. Let your subconscious mind work on it round the clock. To his surprise. The shishya. Develop common sense and use it since it is your best friend in the world. He agreed to take a test before venturing out. Another crow who was sitting nearby and observing all that was happening waited with patience for a few minutes so that the mud could settle down. the guru opened his fist which held a finger ring. Incidentally. quenched its thirst with the clean water. believe it. The more innovative ones expand the size of the dots so that they overlap each other. Also remember the crow in grandma’s story that could raise the level of water in the pitcher by dropping pebbles into it.

Think about those situations that are bothering you now. he used to land up in confusion because many dealers used to drop in together on a particular day. we reply many of our letters instantly in this way. why not EDDAL? We want to reply to you the same day. On several occasions.same day. AS simple as that. While buying potatoes. We can send you gold embossed replies . He used to schedule and reschedule. One fine day. Of course. We have seen from our working experience that very often our dealer is happier to get back our reply on his own original letter sheet as it takes less time. Often so much time is wasted on “sorting potato” type of decisions that very little time is left for the big decisions those we get paid for. If it is wrong. make urgent phone calls. it’s time for action. you will find out sooner and will therefore think of a still better way to avoid similar repetitions. individually dictated and typed letters . We believe you will prefer efficiency to the formalities of a nicely typed letter. today. Do not postpone what you can do now. You can also give your reply on this letter itself and return. i. returning your letter with our comments . If the decision you make is good. If Americans do it. but do we really think too much of the size we want? No. apologise. the “earth-shaking” decisions can wait for consideration and thought. It happens so automatically that we do not really have to exert ourselves. his boss had to put a stop to it and asked him to get involved in bigger decisions. He used to feel that he was working very hard without realising that this task could be handled by his secretary. we had a colleague at Escorts who used to spend a lot of his time in allocating our office staff car to the dealers while they were in Delhi and Faridabad for official work. How many of them really warrant the time you are spending on them? Often you find that identifying small problems and delegating them to subordinates will leave you with enough time to handle bigger and more complex problems. We attach the following slip to the returned letter. We are assuming that you will be using your better judgment and applying this principle to the “Potato-sorting” type of decisions.in 7 days.How was the zipper invented? Do it now After you have done the Thinking.e.after 15 days routine replies . and so on. . Now. At Escorts Dealers Development Association Limited. Experience will make you better and better.after 30-45 days-at your cost. he had worked his way up the ranks and had formed similar habits. Do It Now.and vice versa. you will soon find out. we normally sort them out. Many years ago.

. say when you feel it should be said. This is what differentiates winners from losers.” he wrote. is when you say. More often than not he has been annoyed over a trifling matter and had he been handled properly. no. When you say that you will do it at 9 a. When you follow this principle. Send or give sincere compliments when you have liked the food. Let us put it this way : The world’s largest fires can be extinguished with merely a cup of water if it is poured at the right moment at the right place where the spark ignites the fire. it was only your thought.” Had the hare remembered it and not gone to doze off in the midst of the race.. his . Also use Waste paper Basket (File No. in the midst of a raging war. and then you actually do it at 9 a. I feel how weak and fruitless must be any word of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. Did you sincerely try to find the time to write it? We are sure. Think about your most annoyed customer. More important than what you say. “I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant .. at least for you. Look around and think..” If President Lincoln could write this letter when he had a thousand preoccupations. you should also find time to attend to the minute details of your day-to-day life.m. found time to write the now famous letter to Mrs. I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost and solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom. Have you ever thought that a lightning phone call is normally the result of a delayed post card which you could have written in time but kept on postponing because you thought that you did not have the time to write it? Mind it.m. We give here some relevant excerpts : Abraham Lincoln. people will respect you because they will also reciprocate by following this principle. always. Bixby. You will then have enough time to do important things NOW.General of Massachusetts that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle. Remember the axiom : “Do Important Jobs NOW Before They Become Urgent. or how you say.. the tortoise could have never made it to the winning post first. 13) to get rid of most of the papers. be sure that your colleagues also follow this principle and the efficiency of your office will go up. But I cannot refrain from tendering you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the republic they died to save.This reminds us of an interesting article on the subject. “Dear madam. We are sure that you want to be a winner .

3. Ask questions whenever there is something even remotely connected with your work. This works 90 per cent of the time. at that time we were poor and our priorities were different. Asking for the order is very important for a salesman is shy to ask for the order. The father said. Maybe next day. just make a guess and very often this may be cheaper and faster than collecting detailed information or statistics. The ADC took this to be a very serious assignment and worked on it for the next six days. it is for that moment. on several occasions. next decade it will be “Yes”. The ADC was shocked at first but then he realised that he should have asked the General. remember. “No” to an idea does not mean it is “No” forever. go ahead and ASK FOR IT. The son wanted to buy the elephant crossed their way. next month.” More questions mean you have been thinking (supposedly!). Do your home work as if you are having a “love affair”. In other words. Many ideas fail not because the timing is either advanced or retarded. 13 (waste paper basket). It will also rule out the possibility of doing what should not be done. The General asked his ADC how many caps would be required to be changed. Ask For It Once you have a conviction and you are not “begging” for your own benefit entirely. This is how most good ideas have originated. the General put it in File No. And. Let us illustrate : “In the French Army. It has been wisely said : “Ask dumb questions and you will not make dumb mistakes. then hope for the best. As simple as that.” The idea is that in several situations the concept of sensible approximation should be applied. ‘Son. only the sixth draft can be good enough to send into whom you are requesting. This principle will help you further to increase your productivity. Today we can afford it. When he gave the General a compiled report. clues will come your way and you can then build on them. Let us tell you a story : “Once a father and his son were walking down he road and an elephant crossed their way. the caps of the soldiers were being changed from one design to another. The son wanted to buy the elephant and the father said ‘No. Write it down (Your request). After 15 years or so. they were going in their Toyota and the son asked his father if he could buy the elephant. ‘How accurate do you want the information to be? May be he could have answered from experience and that was probably what the General wanted. The son could not refrain himself and asked his father why he had not allowed the same thing 15 years ago when the elephant was a available at a far less price. The father gave him permission.annoyance would have disappeared and he would have been probably your best customer.” .

A. Similarly. At that time. he was working with General Mills in the U. accordingly. (EIP). However. I can help the team in carrying out a better survey.I will stay on may own in India (I still have cousins almost everywhere in the country). In the case of “Mini-MBA” programmes. Many of the ideas given in this book have been collected by following this principle. At Escorts. one of the authors of this book followed this principle and was rewarded with an around-the-world tour. Yamaha” training programmes for the company’s dealers were based on this very principle. travel by PANAM 1st class. Sewell Andrews. make your request. normally no one wants to say “NO”. Mercury. Years ago. The more you ask for ideas. he was keen to meet his parents residing in India. he was able to attend the 5th International Food Fair in New York.A. At last. he got an assignment as Special Consultant to Soybean Council of America and was sent for 45 days with all expenses borne by the company in addition to 25 dollars per day for coverage of out-of-pocket expenses. All I want from the company is my regular pay while I am on tour. the more you get them.”Believe it. put yourself in the shoes of the person from whom you are asking and.S. our 1982 and 1984 “ MiniMBA with Ford.S. The request stated the following : “As I am Indian. he wrote a request to his company’s Mr. Burma and Ceylon for surveying the dietary habits with a view to include soybeans as part of the PL 480 scheme. I will repay my air fare in installments. we had to write over 1000 letters for collecting the facts and information and we had to meet a lot of people before putting up the request to the top management of our company. within six days of the request being put up. before you ask for something. In the company’s house magazine. . Moreover. he read a small news item that the company was sending a twomember team to India. The news item kept him awake.Ask again and again. Remember. you must do your home work well. On my return to the U..

The next step in starting a new venture begins with listening to the marketplace. You may have the most exciting product in the world. Write your initial version of the business plan : Your business plan must reflect the unique environment you will be operating in as well as what you plan to be your competitive advantage. how you are going to penetrate the market. with a minimum of time. before you develop a product to satisfy that need.10 Steps To Small Business Success Starting a business. is a serious endeavor and requires consi derable preparation. Develop and clearly state your goals in a written plan. However. a successful business of your own. given its share of rewards and risk. If you are going to accept the challenge. and expense. Define an unmet consumer need first. However. Each level involves a tremendous amount of effort and a lot of street smarts to work effectively. you should maser each level before moving on to the next one. Develop your marketing plan : The purpose of the marketing plan is to describe how you will attempt to create and maintain customers for a profit. you are probably doomed to failure. Regardless of how astute you may be in business. then you must do everything you can to improve your chances for success. if the market isn’t there to support you. Here are the ten steps : Develop your personal and company goals : New business success requires a combination of knowing that you are doing and capitalizing on a good opportunity. how much you will sell annually over the next five years. which will then serve as your road map. and people might think that it’s the most interesting thing they’ve seen in a decade. these steps are not easy nor simple. This process involves the mastery of ten steps. effort. an analysis of your business strengths and weakness. then you cannot expect to go very far. It is an outline of the direction in which you plan to take your company. Define a viable market segment for your product or service. the majority of entrepreneurs first come up with a product they think is “hot” before determining the existence of sufficient demand for the product. Similar to playing a video game. It needs to state whom you are going to sell to. but if you can sell only a handful (to your immediate family and in-laws). and finally. In order to verify that there is a need for your product. The marketing plan will ultimately become an integral part of your overall business plan. They give you a sense of direction and help you get to your destination. why you will be successful with your sales campaigns. you must test the market by conducting a variety of market research. and a skeleton from which your formal business plan will later . but it must be completed first.

Market your plan successfully. they should be filled. Finalize your financing needs and create your formal business plan : Starting with the rough business plan. Determine your financing needs : Once you have developed a rough business plan. you will need strong management tools and marketing skills in order to make sure you stay in business. By progressing in this manner. Each step. Develop a marketing strategy to obtain financing for your company : I’m not talking here about the marketing strategy to sell your product or service. Form your key teams : founders. executed in order. In addition. managers. which will be incorporated into your formal business plan.be developed. attracting capital on your terms : Once you’ve developed a strategy for approaching financing sources. put together a full-fledged formal business plan. you must make use of the negotiating tools that will give you an inside edge on the competition and enable you to attract capital on your terms rather than on those of your investors’. Your marketing analysis leads to sales forecasts. and it will also help you to begin developing your financial projections. This is the document you will use to secure the financing you need to get your business off the ground. Getting a company started is only half the battle. If there are any holes in your team at this point. it will help you to build a strong board of directors or board of advisors. but a strategy to sell yourself and your company to financiers in order to raise the capital that your business needs. you can begin to determine your financing needs. A business plan should convincingly demonstrate that your business can sell enough of its product or service to make a satisfactory profit and be attractive to potential backers. It will assist you in securing the key people you need. you begin to gain the needed experience. you must make sure you have put together a solid management team. and defines your operating budget. rather than using the typical haphazard approach. Market your product/ service and manage your business to achieve your goals : The last step in the process involves the ongoing management and marketing of your business. It will also serve as an operating manual for your business once it has been funded. from which you can generate proformas (financial projections) and determine your projected cash flow. and directors : Before developing your formal business plan. Once you’re in business. . The rough business plan you developed in Level IV should help you to attract top talent to your company. which determine your staffing level. builds a solid foundation for the steps that follow.

it is its application. established domestic players typically get motivated and attracted to the prospect of "globalising" by aligning with an MNC.. eliminating competition and / or reducing the time to market (especially with respect to the market leader. The MCN. e. that has led to failed JVs. the government notified through PN 18 a protection mechanism whereby Indian joint venture partners were not shortchanged in the scheme of an MNC's India plans. While these motivations are real and relevant in the initial stages of liberalisation. However. Likewise. as a measure of protective intent. and at time abuse by certain Indian partners that led to the questioning of the operationalisation of protection for Indian partners. Legislative Intent It is in the backdrop of the above experience with joint ventures that the now epitaphed "Press Note 18" needs to be reckoned with. The growing number of cases of Indian partners holding bona fide .The Making of Successful Joint Ventures It has been the experience of most developing economies. and more importantly the "why" of a partnership. What happens after the MNC got very familiar with the local business environment and success drivers? What happens when the business needs capital to match the growth objectives of the MNC? These and similar issues not comprehended by contracting parties have led to the disbanding of many joint ventures. where upon liberalization. as in the case of a famous beverages MNC's entry into India revealed) has been another motivation. especially India. knowing local tastes and practices. Such an approach to market entry by the MNCs and the strategy of existing domestic players had certain apparent complementaries which made such an arrangement relevant. the entry of many an MNC into the market has been structured as joint ventures.g. and growing interest of MNCs to operate in India on their own. out of a timely cashing out before the MNCs with huge financial muscle got established here. With growing disbanding of JVs. as has been the experience over the last decade. a partnership founded on immediate needs of the partners is unlikely to sustain in the long run. The intent of PN 18 cannot be faulted. On the other hand. especially in newly liberalized market. It is the lack of an appreciation and alignment of long term interests. and in certain instances. Any foreign entity that had an existing or previous venture or tie up had to get a No Objection Certificate from its existing Indian partner before setting up another business in the same or allied field. would want to de-risk its business model to take care of local unknown risk in making a successful entry.

e. but at times not dealt with adequately in partnerships at the time of entering into the partnership are : Partners should thoroughly understand and align their respective motovations it cannot be overstated that unless the two partners have an alignment in terms of the long term need for each other. As to joint ventures that are currently in vogue. a pragmatic solution has been embodied whereby he reference to "previous" ventures is no longer relevant. Without such and agreed by the MNC.Establish concrete understanding and suitably document respective roles and contributions. a joint venture between them is by design destined to be terminated sooner or later. After much debate. . barring any conractual obligations.. Ensuring a broad business plan for a minimum of 5 years that is jointly evolved by the two partners would greatly help in this understanding. the government has recently notified PN 1 (2005) whereby in spirit. Establish Alignment of Vision and Goals An MNC looking to achieve a multi-billion dollar turnover which calls for significant infusion of capital may be foolhardy partnering with a domestic partner who either does no share the same vision or does not have the wherewithal. the course of future joint ventures and the implications on the partners upon termination is now very much left to contractual arrangements such as conflict of interest and non-compete clauses. as also what is NOT An Indian partner who expects the MNC to bring in all its new innovations in technology needs to have it understood and agreed by the MNC. Without such an explicit understanding. once a foreign partner exists a JV. i.actions of MNCs to ransom. particularly on account of reference to "previous" JVs also. This is very much the way it should be instead of two parties contracting commercially. relying on legislative protection for termination or operation of the partners. Imperatives The removal of the legislative protection or intervention in the operation of two JV partners brings into focus the need for the two parties to be comprehensive in their approach to the JV and its documentation thereof. Some of the very important facets. led to a much needed review of the policy. sooner or later differences will surface between expectations and actions. it would be free to re-enter the same field of activity.

Gaining the appointment with V. Knowledge 5. Asking more question is a lost art. Time Management 2. much less what to talk about. Most productive and enjoyable method of Selling on the planet today and yet you don’t’ do it. Knowledge in the sales world is a tragic and comedic joke many sales people do not even know what they are talking about. Gaining the Appointment with V. Closing the Order 10. You don’t control it. 5. it is the people involved in the selling process that make it difficult in other words.10 Steps To Double Your Sales Without Any Costs Sales is relatively easy. Not only do we not know what questions to ask and how to ask them.O. (Very Important Top Officer) 7. we also waste the time of our prospects. 2. who is to blame for this mass? 6. idiotic activity in the business world today not only do we waste our own time. take a studied approach to this article and have an open mind. 3. You can every Single one of your business colleagues involved in professional selling know That referral selling is the easiest. Asking More Questions 4. Prospecting 3. YOU. The Sales Call 8.T. Referral selling is again a terrible joke in the business world. The Presentation 9.T. (Very Important Top Officer) results in Nothing other than catastrophe the vast majority of the time . we don’t even know when to ask them! 4. you don’t manage it. The 10 steps are as follows: 1. After Sales Service Some comments about the above 10 steps for your consideration are: 1. If you are one of these people that are related to Frank Sinatra” I am going to do it my way.I. We some times treat time like it is an unending assets and we pay the price: The hassle and grief of failure! 2. “stop reading now and do something else with your time”. straight forward. and simple. Prospecting is perhaps the most misunderstood.O. Referrals 6. To get the most out of this paper.I. and you don’t even incent yourself or your sales people to do it! So.

Was not impressed with you. Most presentation that you personally have attended were they a success or a failure? Yes. Speak to any decision make and ask them what they ideally like as a result of a sales call (and please note they have not even bought anything yet).I. such Approaches are somewhere between innocent and naiva relative to making a successful sales call. 99% of all sales calls certainly come nowhere close to doing that!!! 8. burn. Why? Well.O. They violate a few basic rules and therefore may be: ○ Boring Not memorable or interesting ○ Not believable ○ And create little or no enthusiasm 9. The moment of truth is the presentation where you actually try to convince the prospect to buy your product or service that provides them with what they want. your task would still be significant if it were not for two more associated problems some salespeople are over aqqressive and close too early and too often and alienate the prospect!!! . masochistic. and overcomes or minimizes their problems.O. and abundant work that your sales people put into getting to this stage go up in smoke because they can not properly ask for the order and make it easy for the prospect to say yes.I. If you are lucky enough (or perhaps more accurately unfortunate enough) to gain the appointment with V. V. most are failures versus successes. and crash effort. Sales calls are centred on books like Spin Selling. The brief meeting is. and profitable. Most sales people in North America Know two closing techniques (there are 12 in the capital goods sales business) and use only one That’s little bit like going into battle with a pea shooter you may hit something once in a while. However. Just like life.T. And if the above problems of not knowing closing techniques and how to use them were the only ones you had to solve. but it has absolutely no impact. world. In today’s business world. The double tragedy of closing the order is that all the hard. more often than not. enjoyable. and lastly your products and services. your approach.in one of two arenas: Trying to gain the appointment itself is usually a flame. Closing the order is again a horrifying weakness in the sales. Getting Into Your Customer’s Head. Every last one of them will tell you that they appreciate sales Calls where the sales person has provided value in the form of consultative information and advice which they can use to make their personal business life more comfortable. it’s not what you do. somewhere between complete failure and a painful experience in other words. 7. your company.T. but how you do it that makes you a success or a failure. and other such publications.

and your personal job satisfaction. to do list. when successfully done. please find below some fun. “After sales service” are simply three words to most sales people. repeat business and referrals. but we sure would like to make you aware of two of the most important and easy to make changes in how your manage time your only and most important asset! If you just follow these two recommendation below your business life will be filled with fun and profits. The other recommendation involves “dead time” such as having five minutes in which you really have no processing task to do. yadda. which must get involved on any issue that is not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. along with eliminating the hassle and grief of burning time.10. It is true “leadership . Sales people are ill trained and have zero motivation to get involved in this crucial step which leads. Now that we know what the heck is wrong with these 10 steps. you are not there to be interrupted with problems that can get solved by other people and to be called in to a series of inconsequential meetings (two of the top time wasters in North America today!!!). easy to do. yadda. “Where am I going to find the time to do the rest of my job?” The answer is really simple While you are away from the office in the morning. Go ahead and do the two instant A’s which are: –Pick the phone up and make an appointment with a prospect. fail proof. and profitable solutions. and fun will soar.. – Pick the phone up and gain referrals from your happy customers. After sales service is usually left to Maintenance and Education Department versus the Sales Department. Simply do this one physical action of not steering your are in to the office in the morning.. activities. meaning Nothing to them personally. These solutions are practical “rubber hit the road. “Do not go to your office in the morning” Because when you do that. where you can collapse the sales cycles and close more orders more often (inventory turns take off like a rocket!). “and in a “do it now” time frame. to massive amounts of customer loyalty. Now I know exactly what you’re thinking and probably saying to yourself. you cannot be out making calls with your sales people to prospects. We are not going to review these pillar and eternal truths of time management. Time Management The #1 reason for your personal failure or success is time management!!! You probably have been through some time management courses that go through all the usual “ to do” lists. 1. unique. Do not go to your office in the morning! Yes.mantras of goals. enjoyment. These telephone calls will be the most productive calls you will make day in and day out once you get in the habit of making them. and the like.

Your only other choice is to chased own leads (all of which your competition most likely know about!) or make cold calls. 2. and on going pain! And yet.000 budget. Well. here is an examination paper of the YWCA which you can give to your managers with the following suggestions : 1. to study and think about. And then. where your customer almost feels obligated to provide the names of business colleagues who may by in the market for your products and service: –Right after closing the order –On delivery –After solving a significant problem –After delivering unexpected good news. 2. It will cost you money. 8. Prospecting All prospecting from this point onwards. Buy books. Yes. should be primarily based on referrals! There are four best times to ask for referrals. Audit Your Managers' Skills & Attitudes Recall the classic Sholay and the Thakur putting Amitabh and Dharmendra to an acid test to see how "fighting fit" they still were. “If I am not going to do these two things with my time. It will cost you time.in action” where you truly can be an example to motivate and inspire your sales people into the same productive phone calls. what will do with my time?” We have yet to speak to any executive who is able to answer that question intelligently. 1. Make the required copies and give to each participant. . Give "Mini MBA' certificates to those who pass. 7. It should be professional.. ask yourself. resulting insignificant sales. easy attrition. tell them to present the answer paper in 30 pages. Give a Rs. Give marks. Take 30 days. By the way. At a good place-not in your offices. But you will be able to sharpen the mental axes of your people. You will be able to upgrade your knowledge too! 6. Hold a one-day seminar.. 4. Consult. Ready Copy.We don’t know of two more certain ways for sales failure. the majority of Fortune 500 corporations do exactly that. 5. and to the balance give another 30 days to shape up or ship out. constant turnover. per participant 3.

2. You want to buy a refrigerator for your home in May and you have only Rs. Why should you be hired? Question Set No. 7. "The Customer is the Bos.2 1. What are the factors influencing customer behaviour when buying a motorcycle or a scooter? How do they differ from the purchase of toothpaste? Give the reasons for making your purchase decisions. 1 1. Is competition good or bad for us as consumers? Give your views based on your experiences and exposure. Our economy is opening up.You have to sell yourself for a job opening at a car franchise. What will the marketing scenario look like in 2000 A. More foreign brands are coming in. 12. What is marketing and what is selling? High . . What steps will you take to sell more TVs in your area? lllustrate your answer by developing a cost-benefit analysis of your suggestion. What is meant by channels of distribution? Give details of these channels around two products of your choice. 9. Illustrate your answer with the help of the various principles. What are the principles of Advertising and Sales Promotion? How different are they for industrial goods and consumer durables? Write your views using the goods of your choice as examples.? 2. What is meant by service after sale? What are the prerequisites for attaining customer satisfaction from service after sale? 8.9. but get going to improvise to meet your special requirements. agreed. This may not be the best way." Comment on this statement. List the major changes that you think have taken place during the last five years. 6. everything else is overhead.000. while the market price is around Rs. your weaknesses. Do your "SWOT" analysis : your strengths. preferably with specific examples. your opportunities and your threats. He is the profit. 3. Question Set No. 4. Elaborate how competition can enhance consumer welfare. The marketing scene in India is undergoing transformation.light their differences taking any product as an example.D. How will you go about buying it? 5. You are manager of a TV shop in Lajpat Nagar. Is it good or bad for us as consumers? Give your views. 6000. 10.

program. When we do this early in the meeting. We’ll suggest approaches that we and a number of our clients have found far more effective than more traditional approaches. we plan to present an idea. What is a product life-cycle? Give examples. or product to a group. and open up to more possibilities. Benefits Clarification. indirect and personal selling? How can this be integrated. How can you prolong the life-cycle of Coca-Cola? 7. When selling to a committee. What is the difference between consumer products and industrial products? What are the factors according to which products are classified in these two categories. 4. Presentation.3. The steps are Initiation. And who knows how they’ve been influenced since we saw them last. Advertisement and Sales Promotion: describe its role in our economy in 1996 and 2006. What is niche marketing? Give details through examples in India or abroad. and how does this influence channels of distribution? Give examples of the products. people tend to drop their defences. from ‘initiation’ to ‘close’. Objective Identification. We also want them to participate in a positive way. Give examples of good and bad advertising and sales promotion. What is the role of packaging and branding in the selling of products? Give your experiences and exposure. Give factors influencing consumer behaviour in the purchase of an automobile. Involving the people and getting them to communicate is our primary objective in this initiation phase. even if we have met with them individually (and hopefully we have!). and Close.How will you handle a difficult customer in a motorcycle shop? First put yourself in the shoes of the shopowner and secondly in the shoes of the customer. Initiation In this phase. Inspiring Group Management Gaining the buy-in of a committee or group could be one of the toughest sales any management faces. even if it was yesterday? We’ll review the process of a group presentation step-by-step. 6. 8. in the selling of management books 9. What is the role of direct. What are its implications for the management of the company? 5. le us say. They also become involved . but accomlishing this with a whole group is usually even more complex. we may not know what kind of support we have from all the individuals. 10. Gaining the agreement or commitment of one person is difficult enough.

support the organization in moving towards where we want it to be? Write the objectives or issues as specifically as possible on a flip chart (which you’ll also use for your presentation later). verify that nothing has been left out. It is important to identify the elements that are important from each individual’s perspective. While it is okay to have them start thinking early in the meeting. When laying the foundation of a . The question might be something like : What are the three most strategic or critical elements that you feel need to be addressed in this situation? Or. Then we need to probe until the individuals agree there are no more underlying issues or objectives. Explicitly ask for agreement every step of the way.and focused on the meeting and objective. Obtain explicit agreement to the list. We want people to open up. so the question should be on the right side. what aspects of this situation do you feel are most important to the success of the project? How would those issues. Now and only now are we ready for the actual presentation. One key is to use an effective question to start the meeting. objectives need to be identified from each individual’s personal and current perspective. They need to be probed until the individuals agree that there are no more fundamental underlying objectives or issues. We want the question to encourage positive comments. if resolved. what are you particularly looking forward to about this project? etc. not shut down. we want each of the people to be fully “present” and attentive to our subjective. Ask each if they agree that these are the critical areas of interest. As soon as possible. What do you most appreciate about how you have handled the process? Now that the team is formed. Objectives identification In this phase. When the list seems complete. We cannot deal with them if we do not know what they are! List the issues or objectives as specifically as possible on a flip chart. we don’t want them to have to think too hard! Some questions you could ask are : You have come a long way in this project. Use this list directly in the actual presentation that follows. Inspirations From Lord Ganesh Jee For Managers Ganesha is known through out the length and breadth of South Asia as the fountainhead of wisdom and courage.

building. in the Deccan region. His excellent image took thousands of years to evolve.. For a few years Ganesha has fascinated me as a student of management.on the job. Later. in this case a good harvest. Ganesha is unique because he emerged before and alongside. because of his wisdom and courage and the depth of his influence in the population. It leaves a lasting image in the minds of adults and children alike. At Diwali and New Year many greeting cards are Ganesha's.are contained in the Puranas. comforting themselves that Ganpati will remove all dangers in their path. and a trident to one side . Ganesha is believed to embody OM. Different stories of the origin and qualities of Ganesha arose in different parts of Indian over the years.the embodiment of courage and wisdom combined. Ganesha's Background Ganesha's background is very interesting. the sound from which the world was created. In Hindu civilization.including by laughing and poking fun at the gods in their all-too-human predicaments.. and driving a rat. Ganesha is pictured with a sheaf of corn and sugarcane. Travellers on lonely roads stop and pray at roadside Ganesha shrines. the first word.C.often contradictory . Symbology has been one of the most effective ways to communicate ideas since the dawn of civilization. These stories are important and interesting.his wisdom and courage made it possible to conquer the farmer's worst problem. as the sone of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha started emerging as early as 1200 B. Management is always 86% of the problem . and VAK. and so on. namely rats. I did some research on the subject which I want to share with you so that we can all become more effective managers. It is an effective visualization-cum-association. and I would strongly suggest that my readers do their own research in this area. and was worshipped by several sects in different parts of the country. Prayers to Ganesha precede all religious ceremonies.. and took his place among these principal dieties. Now new business or industry is started without a prayer to him. Many of these . Here Ganesha is the guardian and protector of success. . and assure a bountiful harvest. Vishnu for preservation and Shiva for destruction. about the time of the Mahabharata. in business and at home. with a sword and snake in one hand and quill pen in the other. In Maharashtra and Orissa it becomes a frenzy which has to be seen to be believed. and during a training session it becomes an audio-visual show! Let's go to the symbols of Ganesha to get our managerial inspirations. Brahma stands for creation. These stories teach the truths and beliefs and values of the religion in the simplest ways possible . Early representations of Ganesha show an elephant-headed warier with the beard of a rishi. Ganesha is invoked before placing the first stone.

He always operates at 150 per cent of capacity. and he likes to work. As usual. and because he likes this challenge he is becoming better and better at it. such a huge potential getting wasted! The Ganesha Way Ganesha is Vigneshawara. Ganesha was the sone of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva. Shiva travelled a lot. A Ganesha manager likes people. is Gobarganesha. at the door of her palace with specific instructions not to allow anyone to come in when she was having her bath. Eventually he had to behead Ganesha by unfair means. but still could not defeat Ganesha. according to our mythology. The fact is. Parvati had no choice but to get an attendant who was loyal to her. Parvati. When you think about it. he knows that is what keeps him happy and growing. with clear and friendly eyes. He is always looking forward. He makes others feel tired and unhappy. He likes to help others realise goals. to survive. He likes to set goals and solve problems. According to mythology. the Remover of Obstacles. his goal orientation. He's terrified of change. in her own right a goddess. his capability as a communicator. and his adaptability. he's got no goal. It was like this : Shiva came and went as he pleased and Parvati was irked by his instrusions on her privacy. these are the qualities that our forefathers needed as they advanced from hunters to agriculturalists and citizens. Well. He's always oppressed. know for his quick anger. He nurtures his own understanding and discrimination by reflecting on his own and others' experience. More and more they needed wisdom and judgment. always put upon.What Ganesha Means for Managers What I have found to be the common thread in Ganesha's long evolution is his wisdom and judgment. He hopes that by obediently wallowing he can survive. shiva's attendant. and used her shakti to create Ma Kali and Ma Durga. It was confusion compounded. and Nandi did not stop him. Shiva walked in. as husband and wife. Parvati posted Nandi. He just can't seem to get up any steam. He can't lead others. . all different kinds of people. He's so full of himself that he doesn't have time for others. had differences like any husband and wife have today. Shiva came again one day from his travels and was stopped by Ganesha from entering his own house without the permission of Parvati. Parvati was furious. Shiva and Parvati. Shiva had to use his army. not just strength. It never occurred to him that that's something he has to decide for himself. The opposite. She liked her creation so much that she made Ganesha her on. went away in a huff. carrying them around instead of solving them. his associates and tier armies. These qualities are no less at a premium today. and piles up problems there. his ability to solve problems and remove obstacles. as we approach the 21st century. especially for managers. He enjoys doing things better. He mistakes his rump for his head. he doesn't know what he wants to be or do. made a son out of the saffron paste she removed from her own body and created a boy.

He also gave him the name Vigneshwara — one who can remove obstacles. Ganesha. legendary. all seeing. Gobarganesha. The elephant seems to swerve. He does not like a challenge. Below he head is the belly. He makes it to his goal with unhurried grace. of course. ferile forces of the earth into which it burrows. With an elephant head. avoids action and movement. he is an excellent transport for Ganesha. Ganesha uses his great strength only when provoked. The wise do discriminate as to what to do and what not to do. The elephant uses his ears to winnow his ideas and experiences. it had to be overcome. stands for the dark. Gentle and harmless. Good managers can learn from this! Ganesha is goal . This is a critical aspect of judgement. He does not set goals. He converted his disadvantages into advantages! Ganesha is the symbol of wisdom and judgment.full of sweets. He prefers to wallow in his own problems and pre-occupations. with the head of an elephant. He met the obstacles head-on. Manifest and Unmanifest. Ganesha had a lot of obstacles to overcome from the outset! Did he run away and hide? Did he try to bluff? No. avoiding light.oriented Ganesha's progress was very slow and steady. As a recurrent threat to the harvest. to separate the essential from the non-essential. the pot-belly has endeared him to the population as it makes him look like a loveable child . He was in the right place at the right time. chews through anything. but not without grumbling. It reminds us that there is no direct path. that we must turn right and left in the search for truth. the symbol of the manifest. he burrows with his sharp teeth. The memory of an elephant is. He does not like to be in the spotlight. Shiva realised his mistake and used his powers to revive his son Ganesha. Ganesha is the Lord of all. But the rat also represents swiftness of movement. The elephant head is the overseeing. Ganesha's twisted trunk represents the zig-zag path to wisdom. the writer and communicator. He may do what he's told. . who has to be everywhere and anywhere at short notice to remove obstacles. In this way. natural and guileless. but is only swaying in the straight.Eventually. a pot-belly. Lokmanya Tilak began the tradition of making the Ganesha Chaturthi festival a community event in 1892 to bring the people together to achieve the goal of independence! Ganesha's vehicle. eternal witness. Shiva blessed his son and decreed him to be worthy of worship forever. and a tiny rat vehicle. Ganesha rose from the ranks to hold high office. it is vast enough to hold all wisdom and all life! Moreover. the mortal. Ganesha's great belly is equated with space. the Unmanifest Supreme. by contrast. squeezes through the smallest hole. All experience must be subjected to scrutiny to determine what is essential and what is non-essential. the lowly mouse or rat.

who used his tusk to write. There is a lesson for us as managers in this arrangement. dictated the Mahabharata to Ganesha. Ganesha. under instructions from Brahma. he suffered in status and stature like any Indian going abroad. The ability to write is one of the basic traits of a good manager. Once Shiva and Parvati got a pot of the nectar of supreme knowledge edge. Due to his unique form. observed. and changed with ease. Of course. analysed the situation. When Kartikeya returned he was deeply hurt. They declared that whoever went around the world seven times and returned first would win the pot. Kartikeya and Ganesha. adaptability became his way of life. where he found that one's parents are bigger than anything else in the world. weakness. When he found a better way. Ganesha travelled abroad. In fact. should not be read in a hurry.It is believed that Ganesha wrote the Mahabharata. or for that matter any important document. Ganesha increased his wisdom. the manager will find the needed inspiration. There were conditions to this arrangement. we must understand and see through to the implications of spoken and written words. Further. using the mental library in his big head. It happened then and it happens now between brothers. Mahabharata. Both sons. opportunities and threats) and realised that because of his bulk and slow mount in the form of the tiny mouse. He went through the Vedas floppies in his mind. The sage Vyasa. Ganesha's quick thinking solves problems. Ganesha went around his parents seven times and staked his claim to the pot. wanted it. reflected and changed constantly over the years. he adopted it. Kartikeya instantly started circling the world on his peacock. Good writing and good communication is only possible when thinking is clear and understanding is deep. he could not compete with his elder brother. He is the most adaptable God. did the SWOT (strengths.. namely that whatever we tell or are told. Shiva and Parvati had no choice but to give Ganesha the pot of nectar. it should be listened to one small part at a time. Vyasa was to dictate without a pause. Ganesha could absorb symbols over the centuries. but his essence remained intact .an inspiration for any world-travelling manager! . He acted.. to benefit more from Mahabharata. and after that both brothers went in different directions. So. Ganesha is adaptable. In Ganesha. Amen. It should be understood and digested and reflected upon. And Ganesha was to understand every word and thought and its implications before writing it down. The parents had no choice but to set up a competition.

Risks typically fall into three categories : • • • 2. Make your own list to help you determine a unique security policy and the level of protection you will need. Secure Fixed Assets Your building's alarm system will put off thieves from outside. customers. Put your most valuable materials. Here is a ten-point guide to help you protect your business. they probably know more about your computers than you do. if your network extends to suppliers. There is no onesize . The most . 1. in an access-controlled room rather than leaving them lying around your premises. Lock Out Hackers Lots of hackers target big companies for 'ethical' reasons. floods. 10 Simple Steps to Your Computer Security Harm to your computer systems and data can be a fatal blow to your company. 3. Establish guide-lines for your team to control and track movement of IT assets in and out of the premises. and accidental damage. And. 4.fits .Gobarganesha. but that does not stop anyone inside from opening a machine and stealing memory or a processor. and partners. Conduct a Security Audit Not all the risk you face will be obvious. by contrast. saboteurs. Network users who leave their computers badly protected. Large corporations and small and medium businesses (SMBs) are all susceptible. For example. providing opportunities for unauthorized users Equipment malfunctions or natural disasters such as fires. But they are not averse to creating a bit of chaos anywhere they can. Define a Security Policy You cannot protect yourself unless you have though you have thought about what threats you face and how serious they are. There are precautions you can take which amount to common sense. It is vital to ensure that whatever security products you invest in are relevant to your business needs. and thieves. International threats from unauthorized users like hackers. especially if you do not have a full-time information technology expert in-house. Have a security audit carried out by an independent company to find that vulnerable points before your purchase protective hardware or software. Every business has individual vulnerabilities and priorities. like servers and achieved data. He can't conceive of change with time or circumstance.all list of risks. is a fixed lump. He does only what his father and grandfather did. affecting your ability to operate. this automatically means network security must be given high priority. This way you will avoid purchasing tools for problems you do not have.

The most important tactic is to enforce adherence to security policies such as the ones explaining how to handle suspicious emails and what to do in the event of infection. Encryption. they hit maller companies as much as large ones. If you budget permits. Encrypt Communication Channels Many companies live or die by email.common mistakes companies and their employees make. Employ a Capable Team The nature of security measures is that you cannot just worry once and ret foreover. you should employ at least some basic form of encryption that makes it hard for out-siders to tap in. there will be times when you are sending a business plan or a quotation which you definitely do not want anyone else to see. If you want your company network to extend to remote workers or over wireless links to customers and suppliers. Eliminate Computer Viruses Viruses like Melissa. That way. at a bare minimum. . Use your Internet connections smartly and direct all incoming traffic through one point of entry. perform constant reviews. you can protect your firm by setting up a single firewall. and I Love Your have caused damage worth crores of rupees in the last couple of years.some forty per cent of use us 'password' Incomplete back up of data Use password management software to help employees choose strong passwords : have password expiration Create stronger authentication by combining passwords with biometrics. Protecting against them is not as simple as deploying a software package and forgetting about it. Ideally. This hot only protects sensitive data in transmission but makes the Internet a much safer and more trustworthy medium for e-business. you could set up secure connections to a variety of destinations over a virtual private network. 6. IN order to ensure that you do not lose data to a virus. But the Internet has vulnerabilities of its own. which leave their data vulnerable are : • • • • • 5. While no one would pretend all email messages are equally crucial or sensitive.one with the right 'key'. My Doom. Like most security threats. patches. such as public key infrastructure (PKI). Default installation of operating systems and applications Weak passwords . you need a good IT team that can handle various 8. Secure Your Internet Connection Every business needs a website. and virus signature updates. even if it does not use it for online transactions. wraps up important data so that it can only be read by some . 7.

Scale Your Security Plan Security is a sliding scale. This is true but strangely enough. At two Security is a sliding scale. There is no person on earth who has had success without the hard way or without failures. Success if allowed to go into one’s head will surely make him complacement. 9. Poor security measures can have catastrophe effect on business. The parable of the hare and the tortoise is a typical example of this truth. It is believed that even Amitabh Bachchan was rejected by All India Radio much before he became a star. That is the characteristic of failure. Failure is a bitter medicine. while Success Weakens A four-year old. Anticipate the worst You cannot protect against everything but you can be prepared. 10.forms of security nightmares. Alternatively. stronger and long lasting. have tasted rejections and bitter failures before they have been able to achieve their respective goals. too much security can both de detrimental. But is that correct? Nobody likes to fail and everybody wants to succeed. Typically. The mother did not get discouraged and decided to teach Tommy herself. The hare was carried away by his short-term success of surging ahead of the slow moving tortoise in the race and as everyone knows the turtle eventually won. Expect to face a choice between your preferred solution and one with the optimum solution. Walt disney faced rejection from many newspaper editors because they felt that he had no talent. This brings us to the conclusion that it is essential to fail once. The common thread in all the above illustrious people is that they started as failures and were virtually written off. Ben Johnson and other most great people who have accomplished greatness. you may look at the option of outsourcing it to a vendor specializing in IT security. in particular. addressed to his mother. and in the note the teacher further advised her to get him out of school. while short term failures strengthen if taken with a positive attitude. survived and revived themselves are sweeter. short-term successes weaken. partially deaf boy came home one day from school with a note from the teacher. Ensure that your organisation has clearly understood and well rehearsed recovery procedures in place as contingency against system failure. there are situations and times when failure is preferable to success. but is essential for achievement for long-term success. Armed with these tips we hope that you will have to more security IT environment Failure Strengthens. stating that her son Tommy was too stupid to learn. That boy became Thomas Edison whose feats and accomplishments need no description. Short-term victories are traps which one must avoid falling into. Successes in those who have failed.total lack of security as well as. short-term success. At two extremes . .

and the real glory has gone to the losers. There are plenty of instances where winners have been completely side-tracked. A billiards or snooker player may fail several times before he succeeds in getting a particular shot. • Failure facilitates learning both what to do and what not to do. There is a story of Rueben Gonzales who was playing for the world little in racquet ball tournament. Similarly a person who has failed once will realize the rice that he has paid for a sauces and his humility gained from past failure will dilute the swelling pride which comes automatically with success. If the bowler fails to take wickets • • • . Take the case of a captain of a cricketing side who is desperately trying to take a wicket. he turned back to congratulate the opponent admitting that the shot was faulty. Failure teaches the latter. he may not be able to bowl the entire opposition out fast enough. is persisted with endlessly. After a little pause and some thought. and become a good loser. A good sportsman in any field should know both what to do and what not to do. Failure is essential experience to bring in humility. a true sportsman.There are several reasons why one must have a failure at some point in life and that is why God wants us to fail at times. The joy of playing a game is in its good clean competitive spirit and playing it well and not in winning. In Gujarati there is a proverb that a person who has had something hot to eat and nearly burnt his tongue will be extra cautious the rest of his life to such an extent that he will also taste even cold buttermilk by blowing cool air into it several times before drinking it. Many inventions and discoveries have resulted from failures or hardships which necessitated such discoveries. One who enjoys the trill of the opponent’s victory. Undoubtedly he failed to get the title but was it a failure? Not even the opponent would want to take away the glory from such a person. Only then will he know the correct way to play a shot. Failure to get the shot is an integral part of his success because without failure he cannot learn what he should not do. Failure brings in creativity. He has to bring in bowling changes imaginatively. Failure is useful to absorb short successes in the right spirit without getting carried away. thereby losing the serve and the converted title. When a person who has failed desperately wants to achieve his objective he delves into the innermost recesses of his heart to find a solution. Only then will his knowledge be complete. Even if a bowler has taken two or three wickets. What is good loser? One who is as much at ease in failure as in success. The last game match point had been reached and gonzales played a fantastic shot and both the refree and the linesman confirmed that the shot was within the line and valid and he was declared the winner. He will try and try till he learns how to play it. and enable him to look at the life in the real perspective.

say. the main objective in life of finding out who we are and what our ultimate reason for existence is. He told his foreman point blank that he wouldn’t sign. in the same way because the main goal. but eventually won.after initial successes. When asked why. But alas. This inspired Robert bruce to fight his battle again and again after failing several times. the captain has to bring in resourceful bowling changes of. The spider was in a difficult situation ad could not weave the web without falling down time and again. Failure thus helps in strengthening one’s resolve and determination to the extent that even unachievable goals can be accomplished by sheer perseverance. That is creativity spurred by a failure. Thakur Devender Singh. Obviously an experienced worker like Dhyan Singh could not digest such a rude shock. one may be interested in getting down at some stations on the way to look around. However. According to the new announcement each worker was required to sign an undertaking which started that he would pick only ‘quality’ apples. It enables him to realize his divine nature.. • Failure brings in persistence and resilience.. the Zero Defect gimmick wouldn’t work with him. Now the matter went to the proprietor of the orchard. Whether one has become a CEO or a Prime Minister or a simple family man. The famous story of Robert Bruce who lost so many times almost gave up before he won the battle. • Zero Defect Dhyan Singh was an apple picker in an orchard at Simla. The poor foreman went to the manager. Failure facilitates transforming a man into a human being. . he explained that he had been around for a good 30 years in that orchard and he had picked only quality apples. some uncommon bowler or some new field placing or something new to try and get some wickets. one should not get attached to trivial successes in life. The Thakur Saab called Dhyan Singh to his office. just as one cannot stay back at those intermittent stations after the train has left. His victory was inspired by a spider which tried its best to weave its web. but not deterred by short-term success. until the management’s announcement about a ‘Zero Defect’ programme. When one is traveling in the train to go to a distant place. even the manager. Life was very peaceful for him. the main success of life to reach God or the state of self-realization is still distant. should never be forgotten. Hence. inspite of his best human relations skills failed miserably in convincing Dhyan Singh. The spider did not give up and eventually wove its web.

“Saab.. he heard the ominous sounding words being delivered “Dhyan Singh. The Thakur asked him why he had refused earlier.. if you don’t sign. Fool me twice. Dhyan Singh watched him light it and blow the smoke. In his booming voice he asked. one problem always used to bother him : “How to get real top class customers?” Imagine how he solved it.. When this gentleman started his business.there was sizeable number of them in the early forties.” But why be fooled even once if you can help it? It is only a question of having some sound internal-control systems and monitoring them closely. 9 Better Ways to Avoid Frauds and Swindles Let us tell you a story narrated to us by the proprietor of a new studio. how long have you been working here?” Dhyan Singh replied. then you all don’t work here any more. He signed the undertaking on the spot. each of you is a prince in your own right but certainly not the type who should pay bills without receiving goods or services. “Thirty years. shame on me. . Saab. “Dhyan Singh. Zero Defect — nobody explained it to me that way!” It’s simple. The Chinese say : “Fool me once.” “Your wife?” “She is also working for the past 20 years. By getting introductions? By gate crashing? No. shame on you.” Dhyan Singh was getting very uneasy. Pat came the reply from Dhyan Singh .He was not a man who believed in wasting words. while the Thakur Saab took his time to refill his pipe.” Dhyan Singh didn’t think twice. From somewhere behind the smoke screen. some of them even paid his bills. But what is more. This resulted in his name getting put on the files of almost all the princes. Saab. Now. Saab.” “And your son?” “He has joined last year and he is working very hard. All he did was to simply send bills for work never done to all the princes ..

000 because he relied on his Branch Manager whom he thought very trustworthy and whose statements were never checked. Also. 30. At another Escorts dealership. a dog. We have seen many dealers who repent after making such incidents that can put one in the red? May be the following better ways will help. Less cash handling also . Telegrams Fund Account with the post office reduces cash handling. it was the husband who was punished for being careless and bringing the holy stake of matrimony into disrepute. Also. One dealer lost Rs. reduce cash handling. For registered letters. As many payments as possible are made through DDs. the young son of a dealer trusted his “Accountant Uncle” for three years and almost ended up in jail himself for non-payment of government taxes. he never felt the need of productivity bonus or overtime money. He knew that no one would be there to check the reconciliation of bank accounts. Reduce Cash Handling There is an American saying that a man has only three friends. So. Always. Another dealer lost Rs. given a chance will eat up your cash. Beware of them. viz.000/. Rats tend to eat up the grain that a farmer produces with great effort.000 at one go. after 10 years at the dealership. it was the man involved who was punished on the first occasion. you always get punished for your lack of internal control even if you are not aware of it. And he had no problem of income tax. 20. There are many rats who. Goods are sent on freight to-pay basis and received on freight-paid basis. it was the woman who received the punishment. 1. 86. On the second occasion. he did not require any brains to adjust the accounts for over a lakh of rupees that he pocketed over a period of two years. In another case.We are also remained of a Chinese practice followed in older times. If a wife was found guilty of infidelity.the cash in hand and at bank. postage is paid through Registered Letters Journal Account with the post office. helped himself to a bearer cheque meant for paying sales tax. And on the third. Well. it is your duty to your employees not to put temptations in their way. The cashier of a very big dealer of Escorts helped himself to Rs. At EDDAL. handling of cash is avoided. remember that the biggest frauds are often committed by simple ways. his wife and money. In the first place. the accountant knew that his master was busy selling more and more tractors to win the Escorts Sales Shields.because his accountant. naturally.

That is the function of accounts. For receipts above Rs. Daily accounts Why not think of your accounts on a daily basis. When a new book is issued to the cashier. 4. In the evening. it is ensured that another person co-signs the cash receipt. the dealer went a step further and asked the cashier to check prices of important items because at times the spare parts men charge a price lower than that stated in the price list . it was suspected that at times the salesmen in the spare parts section were selling the parts and pocketing the cash proceeds. We changed the system whereby the salesman would issue two copies of the cash memo to the customer. Do get the totals in the cash book checked regularly. But how do you know that a receipt has been issued? How do you know that the amount on the receipt is the same as entered in the cash book? At EDDAL. including Accounts”. But do translate the day’s transactions and evens into rupees and paise. the dealer would check both the registers for their totals to tally. Its accuracy will go a long way to see that the rest of accounting is also accurate. 2. to reconcile their books. Too many customers? Good. Satisfy the customers.m. there are receipt books and the cashier is using double sided carbon papers. Not only this. he is asked to see that no form is missing (like we do when we take a cheque book from the bank). The cashier kept one copy and entered it in a register. We thought of a better way to avoid this. 3. for payment are prepared at weekly intervals. No doubt it involved a little extra work but it ensured that no deliveries were made without cash being received. It is a well known fact that many a fraud is committed by simply entering the correct amount on the original but a less amount on the copy or the counterfoil. . like the banks do? Banks close at 2 p. “Customer is the profit. The salesman would also enter the cash memos in a register. your cashier gives him a cash receipt. All the receipts are pre-numbered. Communicate to them well. The cash book is a fundamental accounting record.reduces possibilities of thefts and losses. Cash Receipts If a credit customer pays cash at the time of the payment becoming due. everything else is overhead. after all. 100. Only one receipt book at a time is issued by the cashier. Cash Sale of Goods At one of the dealerships of Escorts. keeping the others under lock and key. DDs. The customer would take these to the cashier with the cash and the cashier would sign and stamp “Received” one copy and give it back to the customer who would take it to the salesman and take delivery of the goods.a situation of money down the drain without the dealer knowing it. Follow this.

collections after 1 p. in the bank every day. Incidentally. Separate Persons to Handle Cash And Ledger Put yourself in the shoes of your accountant and Think. Put this amount to the debit of any expense account in the ledger. Simple. The moral : Do not allow your cashier to have any access to the ledger. 1. Any amount sent sooner will slow down the meter and add to your profit.. Escorts dealer at Patiala deposits his entire collection upto 1 p. And. the bank manager will be happier.5. ledger.m. banking.500 by cash. At a dealership. once a customer came and paid Rs. the amount of expenses can be increased and the total of payments can be inflated. Pocket the money.m. For daily expenses. nobody will ever find out. Let no one else use that coloured pencil. he did not demand a cash receipt. The trial balance will tally. if you have a small set-up and you cannot employ more than one person to handle cash. sales money or advance) should be deposited in the bank every day. The very fact that you check regularly will deter your employees from mischief. Total the receipt side of the cash book short by the amount your require. etc. So the cashier pocketed the money and credited the account of the customer and debited Miscellaneous Expenses Account where debits of similar amounts were common. in the case of payments. see to it that you have taken care of Fidelity Guarantee and also Cash-in-safe and Cash-in-transit insurances. Investigate any amount in any account that does not have your checking mark. The gentleman was also writing the books of account of account. This ensured that the customer would not get any reminders and would thus not come back and raise hell. maybe. the dealer withdraw the required amount and never touches sales proceeds.e. Deposit of Cash Collection The entire collection (i. . Similarly. Like many Indian customers. Now. be your own auditor and check all the entries in the ledger with a colured pencil. there is a simple way of make money. are deposited on the same day in the evening branch of the bank. An advantage of sending all your collections of the bank every day is that you may have an overdraft or cash credit and the interest meter thereon is always running. And of course. If you are a cashier and write the cash book and the ledger yourself. However. By following this practice you also ensure that your cashier does not run away with cash which may otherwise get accumulated over a period of time. 6. we came across a case where the cashier was an old and trusted employee. The insurances should cover maximum amount that you are likely to have during peak sales season.

A still better way is to make every entry through the personal account of your supplier.again no basis for being suspicious. small octroi challans. Pick up major pilferable items. after payment. as often is the case. Regular Stock Verification When was the last time you physically checked the stores with cardex (or stock ledger) balances and valued the stocks? Were there any surprises? The concept of sensible approximation would have done the required job. Moreover.7. Do not be in a hurry to make the payment. 9. 8. the customs challans were paid and nice looking vouchers prepared and. you can reconcile your cash vouchers and see if any are missing. also mentioning the date of payment. You know that they are so illegibly prepared and therefore no one was suspicious when they were paid again in cash. If you are satisfied. Imprest System But then how to meet your expenses? Have a small amount kept in your office for purpose and meet the expenses out of that imprest. put a big rubber stamp “PAID” across the voucher. convert the original bill or cash memo into the voucher itself.” The system is not certainly elegant but it has its merits. were lying in a heap. what is the use of this comparison? Check the issue entries against cash memos. Change the colour of the ink every year. this way you can check your inventory worth Rs. nothing stops you from drawing it from the bank. these were field and the old files. Check them thoroughly. if cash is needed. Maybe. The amount ran into a few laksh of rupees but then the total of the numerous customs payments ran into crores . unless I get at least six reminders. However. let your cardex or stock ledger entries be made by a person other than your . can be used again. You should first make all the checks. Also. As a practice in this company. “I never make a payment. 3 lakhs just within three days. He felt a little insulated by our question and replied. And apply this concept to tools and assets also. Now a clever employee took out a few customs challans again. By having an imprest system. Better still. always make large payments only by cheques. And use the concept of sensible approximation in regard to the balance items. If the issue entries are bogus. yes. do not just compare the physical balances with the cardex (or stock ledger) figures. etc. Of course. Avoid Double Payments We know of a company which does a lot of importing and has been doing so for a numbers of years.draw from the bank what was spent during the past week and replenish the imprest amount level. by cash since customs duty is often paid in cash. We are reminded of what an old a accountant told us when we asked him what steps he took to avoid double payment. Similarly. Periodically suggest every week . stationery bills.

we would like to narrate an incident. 6. you are a salesman. ten batteries were found to be short. in case of a pilferage. Naturally. whatever we are going to discuss in he following pages should be considered as thought-starters for the development of your own parts-merchandising ideas to suit your own style of business management. by doing so. What is parts salesmanship? It is ‘sell well : Outsell’ It is an area where no book and no experts can tell you exactly what is to be done. In a company. Therefore. What is Parts Salesmanship? Salesmanship means “Influencing the prospect to become a buyer”. he sent them back with the advice of trying do their best under the prevailing system. at the end of year. In the end. the cardex will reveal any shortage that may be there. 5 Better Ideas for Parts Selling 1. 13. Rs. he asked about the loss due to pilferage. accounts and audit people worked out a system and went to the boss who asked hem how much the system would cost. On being told Rs. The stores. and the merchandising practices of your “friends” in the area.000 was the figure.salesman because. If you have this talent for persuading others.000. Anyone who understands the factors that make a person buy can develop his own style of . your market environment.

Showroom selling 3. 3. Please remember that the basic salesmanship ideas remain the same whether you are selling toothpaste or tractors or refrigerators or parts. 2. Two-way communication 4. Doing certain things. Sales prospecting through mail shots and letters 5. Call upon your competitors’ customers regularly. Lose one. nothing else should take priority.Remember selling is a noble profession 2. Acknowledge the presence of any customer who has to wait. but just how do you go about the job of selling your products and your services? Here. 2. Your Retail Parts Counter. first apologize and then attend to it quickly. make sure that you are well groomed and dressed up and pay full attention to your customers. 2. Shadow the salesmen of your competitors. Let us review the steps of successful parts counter-sales : 1. tailoring it to his own personality.. . The principles. gain two. Never pay unreasonably more attention to “good looking” customers.. an eye contact or a smile is good enough. 6. Only the adaptation of the idea to a particular situation is required. Offer to ring back. a certain way. Serve a customer immediately. And if the telephone rings or any other interruption takes place while attending to a counter-customer. rules and concepts do not change. therefore. 5.. Put a smile in your voice. Knowing your job 6. every day 7 Better Ways to “Outsell” 1. Never speak ill of your competitors Know your competitors Know your competitors’ products and activities. logical that good customer-relations is the secret to successful counter-sales. where do you like to do your shopping? Market research shows : “People Do Business With People They Like” and it is.selling. 6 Better Ways to “Sell Well” 1. 4. It is easy to say that a salesman’s job is to “sell”. But do it again every three minutes so that he knows that you have not forgotten. A nod. if necessary.. Are You Proud of it? Think. Attend to each customer in turn. we would like to recapitulate the basic ideas which we had discussed earlier in chapter 7 of this book.

look at him. if possible. listen with your eyes. read body signs. He is not dependent on us. He is a part of it. He is not an outsider in our business. Make him feel that he is the owner of the machine and not a mechanic or an operator or an engineer. “A good partsman will always give a customer what he wants. Let him feel that he was not an interruption in your work. Remember what Gandhiji said : “A customer is the most important visitor to our premises. lip-reading may help. We are dependent on him. Let us now proceed further and discuss how to handle a difficult customer at the counter. . Remember. Ensure that the facilities are well-kept. Well. If in doubt. 8. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so. even if the problem is not solved. 10. walk across with your customer (after you have attended to the other customers waiting at the counter) to your service colleague and find out if there is an alternative till the required part arrives. But do not show anxiety that you want to sell.partsman is one who can identify parts accurately and quickly. not what you cannot do. you may not have a particular part that the customer wants. Think of related-parts selling. Listen carefully to what the customer is saying. 4.” This is a golden rule of customer service. Never be impatient or critical. the atmosphere pleasant. consult the catalogue. ask his name and the name of the place he comes from. Never ask complicated questions or use such technical jargon which the customer does not understand. 7. Ask questions to discover the customer’s exact needs and wants. 9. Do not hesitate to talk in his language even if it is non-technical.Thank your customer for coming. ask the customer if anything else is required. Remember. and can handle customers efficiently. Greet the customer by name. For example.” In an nutshell : A good counter . He will love you for it. Go ahead. It is better to tell the customers what you can do. perhaps. He lacks confidence and experience and has “in case” fears. We are not doing a favour by serving him. Remember that the may be a first time buyer. even when. the customer will respect you for trying at least. use open-ended questions. the people friendly and the product well-stocked and displayed. He is not an interruption in our work. With sincerity oozing out. We will discuss it in greater detail later in this chapter. He is the purpose of it. impress more that you want to help him so that he may not have to come again for a part. politely and speedily. 5. 6. the customer does not really know what he requires.3.

Remember. How to sell more parts though related parts selling You can increase your parts sales by suggesting additional related items to your customer when he comes to you to buy some parts. Remember. Ask questions about facts and not emotions. Tell the customer what you can do. later. if it still does not work. Do something extra for the customer. For example. You can ensure complete customer-satisfaction by suggesting related items to him. Analyse objectively what went wrong and who was responsible and ensure that it will not happen again. and so on. remember “Lose One. Let him feel that you want to do something extra for him. Maybe there is a fault in the system or maybe employee-raining is not complete or maybe he needs more of your love and affection. Listen with empathy . Use common sense. Listen. Now. Now. Do not interrupt. Gain Two”. show concern by asking questions about other major assemblies. Show patience in analysing his problem and.put yourself in his shoes. mistakes can always be better teachers. show impatience in satisfying him. Avoid confrontation. Agree on how the problem has affected him. Put a smile in your voice when you to buy some parts. 3. Do not forged that we are in the buyers’ market. Now that his machine is down. Find a solution. do responsible and ensure that it will not happen again. Secondly • Thirdly • • • • • • • And you must : And. Put a smile in your voice when you talk about related-parts selling.find out his side of the story. a customer can take his business elsewhere. Ensure complete understanding of the customer’s problem. do not rush to get angry with the errant employee . Seek and discuss alternatives Get agreement on a possible solution. if he is buying a water . He has more choices than you have.Firstly • • • • Allow expression. too. Personally see to it that his problem is solved.

They look straight into the eyes of the customer.” 2. 4. Another caution.. • • • • time saving possible machine down-time saving cost saving botheration saving Give him the assurance that you will take back the parts that may not be actually required. Selling quality. materials specifications. Selling Genuine Pars is Your Strength Our experience shows that sellers feel negatively about the prices of genuine parts while selling them. you can suggest radiator hose. earn the deserved reputation of showrooms selling genuine parts only. Such people sell with confidence. And. and so on. I may also be counter-productive to try related-selling on a customer when others are waiting. those sellers who have the right attitude overcome he price barrier by : 1. Be brave to offer items known to be of good quality and having competitive prices. develop the aptitude in your staff in Related Selling Skills by asking them to suggest related-parts groups. dimensional accuracy. a radiator cap... a fan belt.. and over a period of time. Remember that you want him to relax and be sure that when the machine is down.. Win them over by asking for and implementing their ideas. You must often conduct in house classroom exercises in your office. in case there are some special schemes for the promotion of parts. Use imagination. Well. For increased pars sales and increased profits. Another idea is to use posters and displays of related items at the point of sale. Remember. A pars salesman who has not read the parts catalogue and the repair manual is doing injustice to his job and profession. product-knowledge is essential to recognise the opportunity when it arises. Involve your service colleagues. you are there to help him. Do not forget to stress upon the following benefits to him. They can sell genuine parts. not all customers respond to it and some may be offended by it. You can suggest to your customer that he buy assemblies or kits to simplify and to speed up repairs. A caution. of buying the additional items NOW. you want to walk that extra mile to be helpful. .pump for his car.. refer them to him. Remember : “he cost is long forgotten but the quality is remembered forever.

3. “One Part Protects Another Part - the dealers can afford to give this guarantee on the quality of genuine parts. He customer should be educated about this at he time of sale of the machine. As a matter of fact, the parts man should be a member of the sales team. 4. Confidence in supplying the current part for longer service life. Do not get tempted into selling non-genuine parts (i can be termed adultery too). Believe us it is a quicksand situation; slowly, your reputation will star sinking. By selling non-genuine pars, you are in effect, letting your customers know hat they do not have to come to you for their parts requirements. The next time they need the parts, they may look for “will-fit” parts in shops which are located in places closer to them. Keeping of records and accounts books, and dealing with taxation matters become easier when you deal in genuine parts only. And, remember that you are not being fair or honest to your customers if you misrepresent a “will-fit” part as genuine. You will lose self-respect as well as the respect that your employees give you. It is tempting but suicidal. You risk the loss of customers’ confidence and respect if you sell them lessthan-genuine parts. And, of course, you will lose he respect and confidence of your principals also. You may not then be able to look straight into their eyes. So, be your own judge. 5. How to use Mailshots and Telephone to Sell More Parts You, as a parts manager, must rely on communication between yourself and your potential customers to inform, persuade and sell. And the following are the questions which, when answered, will sell your parts : 1. Who are your customers? 2. What are their needs? 3. How to attract them to your shop? Let us take up the last question. How do you reach them or communicate with them. Well, you can contact them through : 1. Mailshots It is a favourite medium because of its reach, flexibility and cost. You can reach your customer anywhere he is doing his business. You can reach him even when he is not easily accessible or because of shortage of time. Well, your message can be to a customer or to a group of customers and the frequencies can be as per your needs. You may not be selling through mailshots now. But if you want to sell more, try it. Do not expect miracles. It takes time before things start happening. We suggest that you plan to send one type of mailshot on the 6th day of

every month. Try this for a year and then decide to improve, modify or even drop it. Some ideas as thought starters :

• • • • • • • • •

Direct the message to a specific group of customers, with a specific purpose to be accomplished. Make the message short and clear. If your mailshots are printed, they will look more appealing. Have a good layout and ask a question in the headline. Keep the copy (what you write) personal. Remember, you are communicating with one person. “YOU” is a powerful word for the reader. Do not limit your message to asking for orders only or to appreciating your own product. Friendly and informative mailings can build goodwill and keep your name fresh in the minds of the customer. Make attractive offers in the mailshots, such as : Something free with bulk purchase. Extra discount - single item or quantity. Package offer, related-sale, and so on. You can send a nice birthday greeting on the date on which the customer bought the consumer durable from you. Escorts’ Rajdoot dealer at Nashik is doing it to create tremendous good will. He invites the customer for a free check-up of his product on this occasion which is so special to the customer. Your best mailing lists are your “Service Customers and Owners” files. Ensure accuracy; it is a continuous process, i.e. every hour, every day. Please ask your sales manager to write the complete address of the customer on the product bill. The parts manager should ensure a similar thing on all the parts bill and cash memos. Spending half a minute extra to write the address of the customer on the cash memo instead of writing the word “cash” is what makes all the difference in creating a closer rapport this way. The service manager must ensure that the complete address is written on the job-card. Make sure that your own complete address is mentioned on the mailshot envelope so that the undelivered ones can come back to you and you can then strike out or correct the addresses of such customers on your mailing list.

2. Telephone Maybe, you are smiling because you think that in India, in the first place, customers do not have telephones; and, secondly, if they have telephones,

they do not work most of the time and, thirdly, even if they work, they are very expensive. But this does not mean hat you sit back and relax. Even if phone is expensive, see the benefits vis-a-vis the cost to you . Calling on phone is much cheaper than walking or driving down. And see the time that you save. Of course, it cannot be as good as a face-to-face meeting, but is it not better than no contact all? And a phone call can be less embarrassing for the customer when you are remaining him, but he wants to postpone his purchase decision. Now, despite your constraints, we suggest that you do the following :

• • •

Ensure that your mailing list has the correct phone numbers. Whenever a customer comes to you, get his card updated. Call him up to inform him about the arrival of parts that have been in shortage. This will make him feel that you are a fair seller. Call him up to ask him if you can do anything for him. He will be delighted. Won’t you be happy if someone acted in the same way with you?

Better O & M Ideas in Accounting

1. Demand Draft (DD) Issue Request In line with the DD policy of the Dealers’ Association at Escorts, a lot of DDs have to be issued to the dealer members as well as to the suppliers of the Association. Ordinarily one would have got the bank’s DD Issue Request Form and filled up a separate form for each DD to be made. This would have meant filling up of certain information repetitively, i.e. company’s name, account number, and so on. Subsequently, one would have to prepare a separate voucher for each DD prepared by the bank. However, we thought of a better way and got our own Demand Draft Issue Request Form printed on a sheet of size 8½” x 11” with provision for details of 10DDs. The repetitive information is pre-printed avoiding a lot of clerical work. The form is sent to the bank in duplicate and the bank, along with the DDs issued by it, returns the carbon copy to us after filling in the DD numbers and date of issue. This carbon copy itself becomes our voucher because it has provision for writing the name of account to be debited as well as for specifying the folio of our Cash and Bank Book. The voucher number and date provision has also been made on this DD Issue Request Form. The DDs are received from the bank on the same day the request for issuing them is sent. 2. Rounding off Rupees In all the bills prepared by Escorts Dealers Development Association Limited, the amount figure of Value of the Bill, CST, Packing and Forwarding (P&F), Insurance Cost, Labour, Total Amount, etc. are rounded off to the nearest rupee. Therefore, there are no paise in the bills at all. The suppliers are paid accordingly and the general charges are also paid the same way. The net prices mentioned in the price list of spare parts supplied by Escorts, on the basis of which the company prepares the bills, have also been rounded off to “two digits”. Moreover, the parts are issued in multiples of 10 and 100 if the value of such parts is less than Re. 1 and Rs. 10 respectively. This is our humble contribution to reduce the drudgery of the “poor” accountants. 3. C-Form with DD When payment is made to the suppliers at Escorts, the C From is sent along with the DD. This reduces the company’s and its suppliers’ paperwork and the follow-up that would have resulted had the C-Form not been sent with the payment. Similarly, dealers are encouraged to do so and if they do it, they are sent the goods faster, i.e. documents pertaining to the goods are sent directly instead of through the bank. Experience has taught the organisation to be up-to-date in sending as well as in receiving of C-Forms.

burnt their fingers and they now make sure that their dealers have valid registration of products to issue CForms which will be accepted by the authorities. These are issued only when cash is received. Signing of Bills In many of the divisions of Escorts. 4. the earlier practice of filling up pay-in slips every time a cheque or a DD has to be deposited in the bank account has been eliminated. Moreover. Not only has our poor accountant been saved from taking the trouble of writing down the company’s bank account number and other repetitive details on separate slips. each sheet containing three cash receipts. the second one becomes the voucher and the last one remains in the receipt book as the record copy. 6. Pay-in Slips Eliminated At Escorts. Official Receipts for DDs and Cheques Eliminated. 1. It not only saves the spent in preparing these on receipt of DDs but also saves the time spent in filing these in case DDs are sent to the suppliers. Provision for two signatures has been made for receipt of amounts above Rs. Mode of payment is not mentioned on the cash receipt because it is always cash since receipts for DDs are not issued at all. These are bound in books of 50 sets each. it . This slip has provision for filling in the particulars of 10 DDs to be deposited. These are issued only when a partly insists and this happens very rarely. it is very conveniently consigned to File No. which also happens very rarely. It is filled up in duplicate and the bank returns the carbon copy after signing. At Escorts Dealers Development Association Limited. earlier the bills were signed by the manager/ supervisor and because of the large number of bills to be signed. the practice of issue official receipts for DDs and cheques received has been discontinued. the time saved is also considerable. And now. whenever a DD/ Cheque receipt reaches the office. people at the company. 150 receipts in triplicate in each book. The organisation too does not ask for these whenever DDs towards payments to be made are sent out.the wastepaper basket. 13 . There is also a provision for writing Cash Voucher Number on the Cash Receipt so that a separate cash voucher need not be prepared subsequently.000. On a few occasions. 5.The adage “A stitch in time saves nine” truly applies here. However. and this copy is attached to our the company’s voucher. i.e.the firs copy goes to the party. The company has now printed one pay-in-slip on 8½” x11” size paper. taking the approval of your bank before implementing such an idea is advisable. Double side carbons are used to reduce “temptations. the cash receipts of Dealers’ Association have been printed on sheets of size 8½”x11”. Each cash receipt is prepared in triplicate .

Counterfoils of Cheques. 90 items per bill and each item means about 30 typing strokes. For the spare-parts bills of Escorts. Each bill normally can run into several pages in view of the number of items included in a supply. is now being done by two well in time (this system has now been computerised in some Division). it resulted in blind signing of the bills. 7. it means earlier receipt of the goods. Pay-in Slips. . Rationalised Vouchering As already mentioned earlier. And. To the dealers. In order to reduce and eliminate the delays. For both dealers and Escorts. typing of bills was a bottle-neck. what six typists could not do in time. We are willing to told -emboss the bills if you are willing to pay the price for the same. Orders are now received from the dealers in duplicate on preprinted order forms. Cash Receipts. The dealers really protested.g. Just for your information. at Escorts the vouchering has been rationalised to a great extent by converting the original documents into vouchers.” This won the point. This led to the search for a better way. giving therein the details of the parts and the prices as well. The better way turned out to be improving of the improvement manual system. various possibilities such as Bradma Invoicing System and an invoicing machine were thought of. on an average.was not possible to do the necessary checking. This was basically against the major change that was involved. it was decided to allow the officer-in-charge of the pricing section to sign the bills. the Japanese still prefer writing by hand because they consider it an art which lends a personal touch and reflects the individual’s personality. e. Then. change itself was something to be protested against! The argument to the dealers was : “If you want faster and economical service. Prior to implementation of this system. These delays resulted in the dealers getting the spare parts quite late. it means less errors because of less copying and all that it means. there are. One copy of the order becomes the office copy of the bill and the second one becomes the bill copy for the dealer. of course. and so on. There was a chronic delay of almost seven days on an average. This not only saved hte time of a senior person. DD Issue Request Forms. you will have to sacrifice the beauty of typing and be satisfied with your and our hand written bills. 8. typing of bills pertaining to spare parts was eliminated long ago. Typing of Bills At Escorts. This handwriting idea has led to always same-day billing. Cash Memos. but made the checking more meaningful. Bills. In real practice.

” advise Schulze. Schulze says breakfast work out better than traditional meetings because the relaxed atmosphere helps conversation get started. it can become tough to keep track of who’s responsible for what. he devised a simple system for keeping track of each employee’s accountability. If. “It’s a reference tool.” Kamp complains. So. Kamp hands them out in a looseleaf binder. After Schulze’s most recent cashier’s breakfast. To find out what’s really happening.” In retailing. at his lowa City outlet. he made changes in store-level management. “You have people constantly crossing functional lines. CEO in Training Putting in a single day on the shop floor to gain employee goodwill may backfire and bring complaints of patronizing behaviour. a chain of 40 consumer-electronics super stores. After all the matrixes are complete.. has grown from 25 people to about 260 in just four years. for instance. and you sense that a particular store is underperforming.” he says. except that you might hear only part of the story. “go to the last point the customer visits.. CEO of Minneapolis-based Best Buy Co. Richard Schulze suggests you should check in with the checkout personnel — preferably by taking them to breakfast. Cashiers heat customer complaints and observe how a store runs. you’re probably going to ask the store’s manager what’s causing the trouble. “By writing it all down they come to own it. that means the folks behind the cash registers. employee’s initial serve as column headings.” says Thomas G. For $50 to 60.All the company does is put its stamp on the original documents.. Down the side are different job tasks (such as internal growth planning) or limits of authority (such as approving purchases of less than $500). he asks his 18 executives and managers to draw up a matrix specifying their responsibilities and those of each of the people under them.” he says. but all tool often nobody asks their opinions. The Inside Story You can’t solve problems until you identify their source.” Premier. a manufacturer with 175 . including his own. The matrix looks like this : across the top. “It becomes easy for accountability to get lost. a disk-drive repair company. And the cashiers consider it a nice treat. “I found myself not knowing who was responsible for ensuring proper turnaround time. Paul Huber. The stamp has provision for putting voucher number and date as well as the coder number of the account to be debited. in Oklahoma City. you operate a growing retail chain. Kamp. All Present and Accounted for As a company grows. “If you’ve got a problem. At least once a year. president of Premier Computer Corp. Nothing wrong with that. president and CEO of Seco-Warwick Corp. he gets “absolutely invaluable results.

staffing requirements.and the payoff. little production time was lost . “We know there’s no way management can control the company’s aggressive growth on their own.an enterprise Ripley’s Believe or Not! calls the world’s largest dairy store .which. was committed to really learning the factory operations. retailer Stew Leonard says. because he has personalized it to his business. so the floor supervisor assigned him different jobs for one day a month for a year. his secretary types up everything he’s marked. space and equipment needs. and a beer party afterward. Leonard says.employees in Meadville. We need the help of all the employees to do it. and assembled 320 full-time workers for a day of information sharing and brainstorming. “You can also give your outlines to employees. As he reads useful texts. shut down its printing plants. Since July is the company’s slow month. has taken over spending one day a month on the floor. catered lunch.” Leonard adds. Employees then met in departmental groups to discuss production bottlenecks. When he worked as a wire welder. “You’re so busy trying to keep up with what is coming out that you can forget what you’ve already read. says company CFO Joe Hudetz. The eight-hour retreat. and the . Clifford Lohr. Solar Press Inc.” Use (All) Your Brain (s) Employees can help solve growth-related problems . came complete with T-shirts. dubbed Solar Brainstorming day. will be substantial. because it’s too long. he improved material flow efficiency. he thinks. Huber decided the make-do machines were lacking and purchased new ones. Conn.” Top managers gave short speeches.has come up with a solution. Laying brick one day convinced him that using knee pads would be much easier than moving around pads on the floor. rented a nearby community college.provided you give them the opportunity. Last July. “If you give them a 300-page business book. Leonard underlines passages he likes and scribbles notes in the margins. .”The owner of Stew Leonard’s. and he has a 20-to 30-page new book summary . And after retracing his steps as an assembly worker. Bt they’ll read 30 pages. in Norwalk. who adds that floor employees were impressed with the quick turnaround on improvements. they’ll never read it. Personalized Wisdom The problem with new books is that they keep you from rereading the old ones. is better than anything he could buy.. And it’s hard to convince yourself to go back and reread a 300-page book. “I gained a much better appreciation of the company’s problems. and president and CEO Frank Hudetz presented a slide show on Solar’s projected growth and future plans. When he’s done. Now the vice-president of manufacturing.” says Huber. Pa. Periodically he goes back and rereads his summaries.

due to his inability to coordinate his business schedule with his personal commitments : missing his daughter’s recital. “It saves a lot of headaches. Finally. Value Added Whenever you go outside to hire a top manager. Wilson says that most new executives are happy to do it. came up with a plan to solve the problem. to spend a night working with the company’s product. The upshot : a list of 50 problem areas. you run the risk of bringing in someone who doesn’t really understand or appreciate your business or your values.C. and so on. has a technique for communicating his values to new executives and giving them an education in the business at the same time. Brodsky and his wife.” Mixing Business With Pleasure Entrepreneurs show a remarkable capacity for letting their business screw up their personal lives -remarkable mainly because the solutions are often so simple. both located in New York City. and polishing the floors. you might want to listen to Neal Patterson. He requires each of them. “If they think it’s beneath them. That would be an inviting assignment if Wilson ran a Porsche dealership. While his companies thrived. chairman and CEO of Kansas . the founder of Perfect Courier Ltd.” says Elaine... which he takes to his office and incorporates into his business calendar. waxing. they’re not the kind of people we need. of Pioneer/ Eclipse Corp.. in Sparta. and often those of competitors as well. his family life took a beating. Consider Norman Brodsky. William H. forgetting about the school open house. So it’s over to the high school the executives go for several hours of cleaning. Norman can decide what he wants to be part of and work his schedule around it. using Pioneer/ Eclipse’s equipment and products. and chief executive of CitiPostal Inc. Elaine. Elaine now gives him a schedule of family and personal appointments for the next 30 days.. “My life is a lot better balanced than it’s ever been. during the first month of employment.like. but he makes floor-cleaning systems. “This way.” Says Brodsky. N.” Time Out for Thinking If you find you’re too busy to do the strategic planning you company needs. Wilson. each one to be the focus of an employee task force during the coming months. At the beginning of each month.

That can get a company in trouble. It was when Cerner was doubling revenues about Every 45 weeks that Patterson said. so he won’t be interrupted.” He prefers to do it early in the morning .and away from the office. Patterson says.City. Mo-based Cerner Corp. “Whoa I need to preserve some time to think. “This isn’t fill-in work between appointments.” He now schedules a weekly two-hour session to “talk to himself. “yet that’s how too many executives treat it.” Six Better Ways to Outsell Your Competitors 1.“when my mind is uncluttered” . Never Speak Ill of Your Competitors .

respect him. Keep an updated SWOT analysis of each of your competitors. Know Your Competitors’ Products and Activities as well as Your Own ○ Remember . published data. We all have strengths and weaknesses : you need to sell your strengths against your competitors’ weaknesses. ○ If your competitor visits your office.what they can and cannot do to fulfil the needs of your prospect. sir. So get rid of the common belief that your competitors are you enemies. do not challenge their beliefs since can’t change them in a first meeting. No. and if you darken their faces. Tell all about your products . your customers will not believe you when you run down your competitors and their products. And do tell him about yourself. they are your friends. ○ When visiting your competitor give him your sincere compliments. ○ Keep in mind that as brand parties become a reality (competitive products are alike because each catches up with the others very . when a prospect comes to you he has already visited your competitors or is likely to do so later. There are very good chances that he will reciprocate. well established facts. Know your Competitors ○ You run your business for profit and for fun too. ○ Once you have the SWOT analysis of each make and model of the products you sell. ○ When visiting your competitors. 3. 2. do so only with testimonials. And then shut up! ○ If your prospect asks for comparisons. we have seen local businessmen forming an association and this can give benefit for all. they will do the same to you even better! ○ More important. and so on. you will be able to talk to your prospects with confidence and conviction. ○ The best way to beat your competitors is to serve your customers better. and call on them. Life is too short tot have enemies! ○ Befriend the competitors in your area. You will lose him if you try to lie or bluff. ○ A prospect will respect you if you know your competitors’ products well.○ Follow the “Holi” principle : if you sprinkle scented water on your friends they will do that to you. so you cannot hide the strengths of the competitors’ products. In several cases. Accept his good techniques. facilities.

you can plan your own moves.you will come to know your weaknesses and this will help you to remove them. ○ Make monitoring of your competitors part of your programme. . If you’re smart enough and quick enough you’ll be victorious. It is an activity which is allowed and accepted as part of the game. ○ Your competitors’ customers can tell you the plus and minus points of the competitor’s product. It is very important that you analyse every sale you make as well as every sale you lose. Gain Two ○ You are also going to lose some sales. ○ If you meet such a customer frequently you also develop a rapport with him which can help break the ice toward winning him to your product when he goes for a repeat purchase or when his friends buy a similar product. blame your company. etc. 4. where every player of the rival team is marked. ○ A new customer of your competitor can reveal to you why he did not buy your product. regroup your energies and fine-tune your approach. technical input. 5. By keeping a close eye on the moves of the rival players.fast or disappears altogether). do you consider it part of the game and get busy analysing to find out what’s wrong? ○ You can learn big. blame your dealership. Find out what went wrong. ○ In this way the successful salesperson can be sure hat if he loses one customer he moves on to gain two. Call On Your Competitors’ Customers Regularly ○ Your competitors’ customers can tell you a lot about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Shadow the Salespeople of Your Competitors ○ Observe your competitors. as they see hem from the customers’ point of view. ○ It is essential to relax and think after a lost sale. What do you do then? Do you hit the bottle. training support. blame your luck? Or. real big lessons from such defeats. This is the way to build confidence and capability. It is a package consisting of the product along with service support. for they are the first ones to discover your faults. Lose One. Do not call or meet the next prospect unless you have reconditioned yourself to be in top form to make the sale. ○ It is like a soccer game. 6. the “product” is no longer just the widget. since he has bought it and used it for some time.

Direct Mail Can be an Extremely Effective Weapon in Your Total Selling Armoury ○ Research shows that most people read it. professional prospecting means using every method at your command to uncover a steady flow of good prospects. 2. it’s 300 to 30.in the tractor business. ○ Mailings can be coordinated to compliment or follow-up advertisements. you will never even see many of the people who could be your customers. You Do Need Regular Prospecting ○ Without adequate prospecting. . ○ You need regular prospecting because :  The prospect will forget you  The competition might sell to him  You want to get referrals  You need new customers  You need to monitor the changes in customers’ needs ○ In every industry or product area there is a “rule of thumb” relationship between potential customers contacted and actual sales per month . for example. provided the material is attractive and well presented.Three tips for sales prospecting through mail shots and letters 1. Find out the figures for your business.

e. i. to he point. ○ Use P. Sell Yourself ○ Ask questions that involve the customer and get across the idea that you are interested in him. order form and reply envelope. to tell your reader what to do or think .personal. no jargon.e. Give a Friendly and Enthusiastic Greeting ○ Meet the customer at the door or even before he gets inside the showroom. ○ Offer a long-term money-back guarantee. More confuses the buyer and reduces the response. 2. your most likely customers. 3. Six Practical Pointers for Showroom Selling 1. ○ Sell one thing at a time.○ Mailings are an excellent way to establish contact with customers in advance of visits by sales staff. ○ l You can pin-point your readership target. first and then keep it in mind as they read the letter.S. what the product will do for the customer. i.surveys show that four out of five read the P. ○ Be a good listener ○ Look for causes that point to his possible needs. ○ l A direct mail promotion is simple to organise. and you have plenty of options.S. ○ Write a “talking letter” . sell the benefits. ○ Don’t sell the product. very accurately. ○ Use the customer’s name if you know it. ○ l This makes a favourable first impression and also provides you with an opportunity to analyse the customer. ○ l Remember. . many a sale has been won or lost in the first 90 seconds. Put “Marketing Magic” into Your Direct Mail ○ Make sure you have he three essential ingredients of your mail shot : letter.

○ Your interest in the customer and enthusiasm for your work will strike a positive chord. ○ Get him to acknowledge that he has a need. “Ask them. 5.. . ○ Do not answer questions that he has not asked . but be careful not to gouge and gash. Demonstrate Your Equipment ○ Every good car salesman does it. 3. A countess should not be put into the driver’s seat and told about automatic gear shifts. she should be guided in the rear seat and told about the soft leather upholstery. Guide the customer into thte driver’s seat. or other proof that you represent a reputable company. 6. Answer his Questions ○ Find out the customer’s needs ○ Answer the customer’s question one by one.. Quality the Customer ○ Lead the customer into talking about his needs.. be careful. let him know about your Spare Pars Department and your Service Department. the customer must not feel hurt or offended. agreeing gets more sales. ○ Proudly show the customer your list of satisfied customers.. ○ Get a commitment that he will buy today if he gets the right deal.○ Think of the customer as an onion. Create Confidence About Your Organization ○ Convey to the customer that you represent a good company ○ Let him know that the products you want to sell to him are backed up by the manufacturer and by you as the salesperson in your area. ○ If you are selling consumer durables.unless he answers are positive in relation to your competition.” 4. ○ Of course. soon he will be thinking of his old car as junk. use more questions to peel off the layers. You simply have to say. he will feel comfortable and proud. Probe deeply for his needs. ○ Display your trophies. ○ It works with any product. ○ Do not argue with the customer. Let the customer get to feel the importance of ownership of the product.

When the Customer Says. the customer. where you can talk to him comfortably.○ Where possible. give him the relevant information and build confidence about your self and your organisation. No. The salesperson who accepts the no at face value is sure to leave his profession in no time. ○ It is the easiest thing for our boss.. Ten Sales Objections and How to Handle Them 1. to say. . talk with the customer in a setting where disturbances and distractions are least..

The prospect may need more assurance. because. ○ Have you turned the prospect off with any of the five no-no’s?  coming ill-prepared . ○ You may like to develop profit planner formats for your products.” If so. I Can’t Afford It. but never argue with the prospect and be patient in answering his questions. ○ There really is no such thing as “No” all by itself. ○ This is a strong buying signal. ○ Make sure you’ve adequately researched the prospect. ○ If you’ve done your research and home-work.○ “No’ does not mean “Never” . 3. organise a follow-up visit. ○ Behind the no you might discover that the prospect :  has not applied his mind to evaluate your brand  has a friend whose machine of your make isn’t working  lacks the finance to buy your product  does not have the authority to buy ○ Try to overcome the problem.”. “No. not just its features. ○ Make sure you present the benefits of your product..therefore. and covered his specific interests. It is always. ○ Big numbers put a psychological fear into everyone. Probably the prospects has evaluated your product and is interested. I Am Not Interested ○ Check to make sure you’re talking to the individual with authority to buy. persist. 2. the fear of making a wrong decision... ○ Keep listening for buying signals. “I am not interested at this time. ○ Make sure the prospect understands the “total cost” involved : the price per se may be high. ○ probe to find out whether he really means. you’ll be prepared to explain the value of the product. but the total cost is lower in the long run..

we have a sales-incentive scheme going on and you can take advantage of it. or a sincere statement? Try to find out... etc. try to find out what kind of help.. not using visuals. ○ Do not leave empty-handed. we can deliver now and you can pay us in 30 days. a stall. An early-order discount. ○ If it’s a stall for legitimate concerns or a sincere statement. can push the prospect into taking the decision now. (Make sure the list of pulses is longer!) ○ Now is the time to throw in the special inducement you’ve been holding back. Come Back In Thirty Days ○ Is it a brush-off.  Would you like me to meet someone else in your organisation?. ○ encourage the prospect to examine your proposal very carefully... . get some sort of commitment :  that he will buy after 30 days  that he will meet you in 30 days  that he will suggest some more prospects ○ Set up the next appointment.. I Will Think It Over ○ The prospect needs help to say yes. you can give several options.  Right now. and confused the prospect? It is always better to say convincingly that you feel product C will be ideal for the prospect. such as :  Well. ○ have you presented too many choices. and proceed accordingly. ○ Help the prospect to draw up a Balance Sheet on the proposal. Ask him what other information he needs while thinking it over. a list of the pluses and minuses as he sees it. special payment terms. testimonials. based on what he’s told you of his needs. 5. leaflets  doing a lot of superfluous talking  being too lazy to demonstrate  not even asking for the order 4.

As him to educate you on how his business is different. ○ Write a thank-you note mentioning specific points ○ Try not to leave the literature without a three-minute drill. ○ The present dealer may develop problems : quality . or be transferred and replaced by someone the prospect dislikes. ○ You have to agree! Everyday is different. what he is dissatisfied with and wants to improve. ○ Find out what he likes about his situation. 7. partnership problems. ○ The good salesperson is so persistent that when the prospect needs a change.control problems. and then sell to that difference. Is it lack of interest? Lack of time? Another pressing problem? Should you meet someone else? ○ Once you decide to leave literature. I’ll Have to Talk It Over With My Father . 9. Find out the why of the prospect’s response. ○ But don’t leave it at that. financial crises. Just Leave Me Your Literature. My Job Is Different.6. I Am Happy With My Present Dealer ○ Nothing is ever perfect or permanent. mark it up for the prospect’s convenience in focussing on his needs. ○ Do not “paper” the prospect. There are more than 5 billion human beings on this earth and no two are alike. Sometimes the best marriages end up in divorce. ○ Use the prospect’s conviction of his uniqueness to position your product or service as the only one which can fit the situation. Nothing is certain in life except change. His salesman may neglect the account. dumping piles of literature on him aimlessly. 8. with specific motivation for the prospect to go over the literature. he will be the only person in the prospect’s mind. ○ Never just leave your leaflet. what he is proud of and wouldn’t change. and what his long-range goals and dreams are.

○ A professional salesperson must be faithful to himself. and the plan must be prepared on a daily. this objection simply tells you that the question.. ○ A professional Salesperson will keep the company of those who have an obsession for doing their jobs well. special payment terms. The Secret of Selling Well Selling well is doing certain things... Address the concerns of all present.” has not been answered to the prospect’s satisfaction.○ Any major purchase involves more than one person.. it has to be made better with better ways. physically and mentally. meet the influencers. even when it seems you can’t afford it. weekly. colleagues. ○ A professional salesperson must work. and will continue to grow as person.. keep digging. And no life ever grows unless it is focussed. dedicated and disciplined. ○ Light a spark of enthusiasm. to goad the prospect into action now. ○ A professional salesperson will do his best to learn everything about his work and his company and his prospect. ○ Research what the influencer is looking for in your product.. but it takes a good deal of training to sharpen the common sense. quarterly and yearly basis.” Why buy now?. Remember : business never gets better tomorrow. ○ Review the benefits to be derived by accepting your proposal. friends. ○ With the prospect’s help. etc. according to his action plan. Selling is applied common sense. extended warranty. to his company and to his prospect. . Honesty is the best policy. free delivery/ installation. ○ Use visuals and dramatize your points in group presentations. ○ Keep a few incentives in your pocket for this moment. ○ Keep asking. Not horse gets anywhere until it is harnessed. a certain way. sound risk-taking and positive thinking. Learn more about everybody who might be involved in the decision. 10. or a committee. Things like a special price that will be raised soon.. I Will Wait Until Business Is Better. monthly.. It could be a father. ○ If it’s not a brush-off. uncles.every day. The water of the Bhakra Dam turns into light and power only when it is harnessed.

The time has come to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and it is “Belly-to-Belly Selling Time”. and how and when to use them. ○ A professional Salesperson knows how to analyse success and failures. Sales Objections and How to Handle Them Selling is not all that easy any more in India. it notices that the wire mesh doesn’t extend beyond six feet. the customer.○ A professional Salesperson makes sure he always has a positive attitude. Today. He never forgets that the customer has to shell out hard-earned money for his product. The two main ingredients are enthusiasm and confidence. but it is based on knowing your product very well and understanding how it can benefit your customers. the sellers’ market has turned into the buyers’ market. While packing up and down alongside the wire mesh in desperation. . Of late. ○ A professional Salesperson makes sure he knows his selling techniques well. we have to realise that we cannot afford to ignore our Boss. What happens when a customer whom we contact refuse to buy from us for several reasons? Do we go back? Or do we take a detour as in the case of the chicken? A chicken sees grain on the other side of a wire mesh and keeps on pecking at the wire mesh in vain. It walks over to the end of the wire mesh and around it to the grain. This breeds confidence. Enthusiasm comes from within. This is another confidence spinner. and build on them.

but did not have the patience for the mud to settle down and so let hte other crow (the competitor) drink the water. if your mind is active and vigilant. Every obstacle presents an opportunity to do more research and to think. Most of the time. Do not limit the scope of your thinking. Very often. • Therefore. We narrate a story which will help you remember this basic fact : A father and son were walking down the street when they saw an elephant coming down from the other end. what do you do when the Boss raises any objection? Treat every problem as a road block which forces you to take a detour. All that is required for the salesperson to do is to take leads from the objections. No. Be persistent. A good salesman habitually understands this basic fact of selling. The son approached the owner of the . “No”. the customer to say.Moral • • • • • Do not get disheartened by obstacles. In this chapter. You can add on to these 12 to make 13 or 14 or 15. Obstacles do not extend to infinity. more the layers you peel off. And a salesman who accepts this “No” on the face of it is sure to quite his profession in no time. it is often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. but the common factor that will emerge is REAL CREATIVE SELLING USING COMMONSENSE. It is the easiet thing for our boss. like the cros who toiled hard to bring up the level of water in the jug by dropping pebbles into it. we will be discussing 12 different types of sales objections that a salesperson comes across irrespective of whether he is selling a car or a watch. Do not give up and fly away thirsty. treat your prospect like an onion. but in vain. More the questions you ask. even when it is actually not there. Don’t get discouraged. You may find the best during this forced detour. Ultimately. The dove was scared. They are limited. During every sales presentation. salespersons think that the objection is the glass partition that exists. The eagle wanted dove for a meal. do more research to adapt his presentation to suit the situation and then close the sale. both sat peacefully. the situation of a salesperson and his prospect is like that of the eagle and dove as in the following story : An eagle and the dove sat in a cage partitioned by glass. The glass partition was removed and yet they thought it was there and hence they still sat aloof of each other. 1. The first thing that we must remember is that “No” does not mean “Never”.

he approached his father and sought his permission to buy it. The third important fact to remember here : “There really is no such thing as “NO”. or knows that his friend’s machine of our make has not been given proper service.” Our young friend Ish Kapoor has been trying to sell to our office Modi Xerox copier for the last three years..elephant and. and found that it would cost Rs. With hesitation.. or feels that our brand is no good for his need. persist. This reminds us of our Escorts dealer friend S. discovered that it was priced at Rs.000. And this is what is called Real Creative Selling.. He has got flat “Nos” from us and maybe. 1. while travelling in his green Fiat in the Akola area. to his astonishment. Patil who never worries about time when visiting a farmer. the son asked his father why he had refused ten years ago when the elephant’s cost was a fraction of the present cost. we can easily afford it. 125. may be he : has not applied his mind to evaluate our brand. Ten years later. he has virtually thrown away his wach! Once. he makes it a point to call on us once a month. approached the owner of the elephant. who was at the wheel. he may sell his machine to the office. “Son. at that time we were poor and our priorities were different. because. If we can find out the reason for No. If the customer has said No. Had the son given up by assuming that it meant “NEVER”..” The message is very clear. he visited a farmer . Not all by itself. The father said.” The son kept quiet. The son. we can then think and try to overcome the problem of the customer. the two of them were driving down the same street in their shining limousine and again they saw an elephant coming from the opposite direction.. or knows that his friend’s machine of our make has not been given proper service. Yet. though disappointed. We must know the story behind NO. he would not have had the elephant at all. He is persistent and. The son tried to sell the ideas of owning the elephant to his father and the father said “No”. The father was very clear in his mind and said. persist. “No. one day. This leads us to another fact : “Persist. or does not have the authority or power to buy which he does want to admit. It is always “NO.25. or lacks the finance to buy our product.” Our problem is that our customer does not go on to explain this “Because” and stops just at “No” and the trouble with many of us is that we do not try to probe this WHY. or lacks the finance to buy our product. At that time I had said NO and not NEVER. he sought his father’s permission to buy it and. Later. his father agreed readily. Today. the other sales objection too. especially before our Board meeting. stopped the car. to his delight. N.

the salesman said. in that case.who said “No”. This reminds us of a story which reveals this basic instinct of human beings : A young lady walked into a store and asked for a hairclip. had not been provided with satisfactory service. you may take it free. lHe is patient in answering the prospect’s questions. you must give me two pairs!” Well. he never forgets that if a prospects that if a prospect says No today. Now.” Not to be floored by this. And. i. If we also follow Patil. He always puts himself in the shoes of his prospect and is thus able to visualise the exact problem of the prospect. and smart salesmen always build in a bargaining mark-up in their prices.” said the lady.” she said. the man at the counter who finally relented into giving her the clip free of cost could not longer bear the pressure of price-objection and wanted to get rid of it. “Well.. reduced it by 50 per cent. ladies. was told that it cost Rs. This leads us to the second conclusion : Poor salesmen are intimidated by . Authority or Desire to buy (the MAD concept) at that point..e. “Your price is too high. “Your Price is Too High” “Price-objection is really the inborn instinct to bargain. Also. i. Not being disheartened. on enquiring the price. listens . “This is a fact. the lady demanded. listens. are known for bargaining. it is not a No for the future. 2. Circumstances change and so does the decision of the buyer. The salesman. 4. Rs. discovered that his farmer’s neighbour friend who had bought a tractor from Patil’s Malkapur showroom about three years ago. not all. for buying signals. “Madam.” said the lady and the salesman brought it down to Re. lHe listens. Patil made the sale because he told the farmer that having learnt a lesson from such experiences he had just opened a branch in Akola. we are sure to get less NOs and more YESes.1 “Your must be joking. and remembers that “agreements and not arguments results in sales”. 2. Irritated. Patil probed into the WHY and after half an hour of discussions. after a lot of haggling. “Oh no. Patil always keeps a positive mental attitude... Patil follows a few simple rules whenever a prospect says No : lHe uses his skills of handling people lHe never argues with the prospect . But then. yes. especially India ladies. She selected one and. please spare me.e. Money. Everyone is looking for bargains in life.

I am sure you are proud of your work and so is your organisation. Reputation of the manufacturer and of your business 2. delivery 3.the “I” account system. existing numbers in operation. In all probability. you have to prepare your own presentation for the price objection and any objection is difficult to handle if we are not prepared for it. Use paper and pencil. Of course. he is also looking for a bargain. “You have spent several years prepairing training notes for your dealers. Resale value 5. If we raise the value of our product to meet the specific need of the customer. 30 each. the prospect has evaluated his product and is interested. On our saying. service. we should do some research about his needs and tailor-make our salespresentation accordingly.” When a prospect walks into our office to buy. Your presentation can include : 1. Almost anyone can be an order-taker since anyone can make a sale if the price is lower. and the specific data which is applicable to the prospect. better spares availability. “We can’t afford it. Use it as an opportunity to explain to the prospect. At other times. Your presentation has to be suitably modified to the prospect’s needs. A professional salesman welcomes objections. That is not much when you consider the feeling of . When the prospect says.customers’ price-objections and are quick to give in and lower the price to get the order. It is the solution that we provide to the prospect’s problem. “This more attractive. Quality. based on your home-work. He may be testing us to make sure that it is the best that we can do for him. Maintenance. yet he may raise the price objection.” he said. our price may be fixed and. a prospect gives value to our product. better-quality binder will cost only Rs. 10 extra per dealer. The customer may know that our product is a good deal. therefore. Use the concept of “They vs We” . a prospect may genuinely feel that our price is higher than what our products is worth to him. you can use data provided by manufacturer. your own data. they are order-takers. Value is total package of benefits that we have built up for the prospect. Now. we lower the mental cost to him. a constraint within which we have to operate. These people are not salesmen. In other words. less down-time 4. the salesman sees in it a strong buying signal. It is rightly said : “Anyone can make dollar article for 99 cents. Do you want to put a quality training programme in a binder that is not attractive and will not last?” And he continued. Testimonials. Remember. and so on. He sees in them an opportunity to sell creatively. “I can’t afford it”. In other words. Our friend Raj Madaan wanted to sell PVC binders to our office at a price of Rs. a fair-priced one. Simply put.

Try. in the case of reactors on the cost per acre. this is the missing link in the selling process for the objection. Mr. The buyer used to purchasing in the Rs. And if not. Our Escorts dealer in Nashik. and in the case of portable gensets on the cost per hour. because we believe in the fact that we don’t have to invent the wheel. “I can’t afford it”? But when you buy a car. very good. Make sure that the prospect understands the total cost involved. Dhananjay Vadnagare. It is often due to the fear that their friends will laugh at them for being made fools of. When you go out to buy potatoes. give testimonials. i. rich people like to talk about how poor they are. Mr. “I can’t afford it”. we can suitably modify and improve the . why not learn from IBM. and please reply it honestly : “What can you tell us about your top 100 customers?" Well. Your price may be higher but the cost may be lower in the long run. and so on. Mr.” Madaan made the sale. and they have to make decisions to buy. his fears would turn out to be “in case” fears. bring out possible savings. Vadnagare logically explained to the father that if his son took driving lessons before he bought a Yamaha. Vadnagare made he sale. the fear of making a poor decision. Vadnagare found out the real reason. dear reader. evaluate and decide. try and try to find out the why of the objection. if often means that the prospect needs further assurance that he is making a wise buying decision. He was not just an ordertaker. Normally. Very often.e. When the prospect says. 5 lakh purchases. in he case of road vehicles on the cost per kilometer.satisfaction that your dealer is going to get be handling the binder for the next five or six years. he knew how to sell value. 4 Ideas to Promote After Sales-Service 1. A fact which a salesman should always remember is that big numbers put a psychological fear in everyone. 5. Keep his attention focussed on the total cost. if you can answer it to your satisfaction. you take weeks to analyse. Mr. and that was that the father was afraid to buy his son a Yamaha motorcycle because of the high speed that it could attain.000 range is cautions as hte buyer used to working with Rs. Service Your Top 100 Customers the best you can Here is a simple question. Is it cash or an earlier problem with the dealer or the product? Maybe you can demonstrate. He realised that our price objection was legitimate but he met it head on with the value of contents to go into the folder and its life. do you ever tell the hawker. found that an executive of MICO who walked into his showroom with his son said. Madaan had done his research and homework. “I can’t afford it”.

All of us have family jewellery. will always have a comprehensive file on each of his top 100 customers. Look for those customers who are satisfied with your organisation and can give you testimonials mentioning reasons for their satisfaction. Most businessmen keep such information in their heads. Now. if you go around expecting gratitude. is it not? And when you serve your customers better. you are heading straight for a lot of heartaches. Do what you think will be good for you. So. Another good way is it promote customer . anywhere in the world. but at the same time be honest with your customers. Be selfish. Give your customers the best you have and nine out of ten of them will give you back the best they have. or feel happy because it is a disguised form of compliment as you may have aroused jealousy and envy in such customers. It is not important how you select your customers. you will feel like a hero. Get involved in them for the pleasure and profits that they will bring to you in the long run. As a habit. similarly such satisfied customers are the jewels of your organisation. Every branch manager of IBM. Good enough.clubs. One way to be popular with your customers is to remember a nice thing a customer said about some other customer and tell him so.wheel of others to meet our needs. These customers can be termed as leadership accounts. collect these and proudly display these like you display the photograph . you will start managing your business in a far better way. once you have the list of your top 100 customers and start thinking what will happen to your business if these customers desert you. Do favours and forget hem. Remember. You will start walking around and talking with your customers and employees and you will star solving problems and seeing more opportunities to serve your customers better. An organisation with 1000 satisfied customers and no facilities will take less time to make facilities as compared to the time hat an organization with good facilities and no customers will take to get 1000 satisfied customers. service and accounts departments. no one ever kicks a dead dog! Also remember that it is natural for your customers to forget to be grateful. it will cost you extra in terms of money and time and some of the customers will unjustly criticism so hat you can do better. You will automatically begin self-auditing your policies and procedures and your day-to-day activities in your sales. . Why not take inventory of such customers like you do of your spare parts? Do it on every sixth of the month and consider it as the invisible asset of your organisation jut like goodwill and reputation.album of your son’s marriage. Sure.

it will cost you approximately Rs. It is what we believe that IBM does. II.And. through warranty claim opportunities I. one of the suppliers to Escorts used to send by post. Maybe you will never face any situation of this type. Frankly. on free-of-charge basis. Once he wrote to Wilkinson saving that heir razor blades were very good and also hat one had lased him for six months. S. It used to work out cheaper for him as compared to the raising of a bill. However. the sales manager of wilkinson replied. I take pleasure to enclose your requirements for the next six months. “A good deed is one that bring a smile of joy to the face of another. And before we forget. Keep on learning and keep on earning from your top 100 customers. here is the story of a U. R. Sell more . Years ago. but you can always keep in mind : Think and Do. Shah of Rohit Time Industries for using his imagination so well. here is always one more thing to learn and earn from your customers. Rohit Time Industries replied : “We request you to kindly replace the glass of the table model which you received in broken condition. On receiving his letter.. 20. . any part costing less than Rs.. when we received or copy of he complaint letter from the dealer. we had all the reasons to get irritated.. a dealer of Escorts from Nashik wrote to the company’s clocks’ supplier. 3 We are enclosing five rupees along with his letter for the same”.the number you can serve the best. now we have no hesitation in congratulating Mr. One Good deed per day to your customer When you are thinking and doing you’ll have no time to worry. finally. Soldier who was very fond of writing congratulatory as well as complaint letters to all such companies whose products he used. 2. Please get the glass from he local market.. Rohit Time Industries.” With he letter there was a razor blade! III. on receipt of any complaint from any customer.S. You can have 60 or 300 . this is an excellent way of handling customer complaints. “hank you for your letter. 100 is not a magic number... Some years ago. In our opinion. that the glass of he table model clock supplied to him was broken. free of cos.” said Prophet Mohammed.

you have to bear the cost of repairing your bike. contact Customer Relations at Yamaha Motor Corporation. questions about warranty naturally arise. If you still can’t get satisfaction. But make the effort to resolve the problem at your dealership. so it saves time to turn to your dealer first. He warranty does mean.A. Yamaha will repair it free of charge.provided you are genuinely interested in them. When this happens to a new motorcycle. they’re the ones who will ultimately repair your motorcycle. IV. The more you can tell a mechanic. the dealer’s and Yamaha’s. Yamaha warrants that each Yamaha motorcycle is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period of time. Having a motorcycle out of commission is no fun. If your motorcycle breaks down because you neglected that maintenance. motorcycles often break down.S. hat if there’s a failure within the specified period because of defective parts or workmanship. the quicker he’ll be able to diagnose and repair it. With that tunderstood. Despite all the new technology. When you go to your dealer with a problem. contact the service manager at the dealership. If you feel your problem is not being handled properly. If he cannot resolve your problem. and you are responsible for seeing that it’s performed. bring your warranty registration card and accurately describe the problem. Each party has certain rights and responsibilities. there still seems to be some confusion. however. Unfortunately. There are certain components on your motorcycle hat require periodic maintenance. Every purchase of a Yamaha receives an “Owner’s Warranty Guide” that explains Yamaha’s warranty policy and outlines each party’s responsibilities : yours. what happens when a problem that you feel should be covered under warranty arises? First. Please read he following carefully between the lines and you will realise that your customers will love you for speaking frankly to them . so you’re covered! . U. contact your dealer immediately. This is no a blanket guarantee that your motorcycle will never break down. Briefly stated. contact the owner.One satisfied Customer in 10 years will bring you 100 more customers. “Yamaha’s Warranty Program Works for you” — A letter from Yamaha Motor Company to its customers. but Yamaha stands behind their machines.

S. the dealership would have to send the tyre to is manufacturer. Mr. Eventually. Fortunately. Our friend Sumer Dugar of Rhino Farm Equipments. he delivered it to another tea garden owner. bulbs. etc. She will bring in 100 new customers in the next 10 years. He used to send back all the customers without lodging their claims. Fortunately. The customer replied that he did not know . During the warranty period .A. have to be taken up directly with their respective manufacturers.. S. Gill’s colleague told the customer that as per he procedure. Rourkela. No claims on the manufacturer through him meant no rejection of claims by the manufacturer.” VIII. Sumer changed the oil and thoroughly checked the returned tractor for fitness. Sumer visited the garden and identified the problem. the claims for proprietary items like tyres. on being asked. tubes. A study confirmed this and soon the market had nick named and dealer Na Manzoor Singh because the dealer hardly forwarded any of his customers’ warranty claims to the manufacturer (Lucas TVS).V.. he became a repeat customer.At Sears in Minneapolis. years ago. “Do you do it often?” replied. a customer came to Mr. The sales girl at the counter refused to listen to her. he was delighted. the tractor hat came back had not been registered till then. Gill who was working for Utkal Automobiles Limited. It is good business sense. office of the tyre manufacturer was located 500 kilometres away at Cuttack. VII. In this case. And ever more satisfied. he delivered another ford tractor to the garden manager and took back the earlier one because he was confident that there was nothing wrong with the tractor. The customer had come with a defective tyre in his motorcycle that he had purchased a month ago. While in the workshop of the tea garden. The manager. The tractor started throwing out oil from the silencer and the garden manager was upset. He immediately apologized to the lady who not only took the replacement but bought more goods during that visit. the sales manager saw all this going on. Later. G. “Of course. VI.Some years ago. Lucas TVS had a dealer in North India who was proud of his record that none of his warranty claims were rejected by the company. U. a helper put an additional litre of oil in the engine. However. When the tea garden manager got another Ford tractor. Tezpur supplied a Ford tractor to Narohani Tea Estate. a lady brought in a pullover that she had purchased three years ago but had not used at all..

I used to fill up information on number of hours the tractor had been operated. I used to make my programme so that I could meet each tractor owner at least once before his tractor became due for repair. Mr. S. were recorded and I left five or six columns blank. In his own words : “I remember when I was looking after sales but had also been assigned the responsibility of bringing in tractors to our company’s workshop at Roshanara Road. I feel that the proprietor of a dealership should similarly be friendly to the customers and also share their joys and sorrows. etc. Gill. H. ○ In the blank columns. ○ Back at my office. The customer was happy. and had paid Rs. “For this. I used to study his proforma and accordingly meet the owners and examine their tractors. Later.” . mortar and repair tools and machinery. J. ○ My customers had so much confidence in me that they used to get the tractor checked up by me after its repairs.000 for the motorcycle which could no be run because of the defective tyre. Lamba used to keep me informed about his idle dates and I used to contact my customers accordingly. Gill. land holding cropping pattern. I used to : ○ Make a note of the tractors sold before me and also by me around Delhi. his address.Escorts and its procedures but only knew the dealership. I also used to make the immediately required adjustments on the tractor. We will narrate the approach of Mr. S. Well. 20. There used to be 80 per cent to 90 per cent response. it is the job of a salesman to look after the promotion of service too. ○ Our workshop incharge Mr. its owner’s name. ○ On my routine tour. Gill’s dealership lost in terms of money but i gained too because till date that customer has brought in about a dozen of his friends to buy from Mr. A Salesman can contribute to bringing in customers for service Most service workshops are full of brick. Mr. 3. No doubt. Gill sent the tyre to its manufacturer but the claim was rejected. The tractor registration number. Gill overheard the conversation and arranged for a replacement then and there. the hours that it could be operated before overhauling or rings change leading to the likely time that it would become due. yet they remain empty. Mr. During my call.

Again. he sent his mechanic all the way with a torque wrench and other tools to render free service. N. Dugar strongly believes that each such customer is instrumental in talking to 10 customers per month for the next two or three years. During the off-season. Since it was my job to get tractors to the workshop. Rather. lMalkapur who follows a creative practice. Lamba as the workshop was idle. he found that even the passage to the workshop was blocked. was known for providing this type of service. he pulled up Mr. P. Armsrong had a habit of driving his car right into the workshop at Roshanara Road. They carry out the “first aid” repairs and also suggest to them the likely time when it would be advisable for them to visit the dealership’s workshop for overhaul. in his own words : “My boss Mr. that very afternoon I contacted a lot of customers whose tractors were becoming due for repairs and asked them to reach our workshop at 7 0’clock the next morning. Whenever a customer calls upon the dealership regarding a problem of his Rajdoot or Yamaha. many more smiling customers. One fine morning. And.. S. I was called and visibly happy Mr. Either the job is done on the spot or the motorcycle is brought to the workshop of the dealership. During office hours. Gill. Believe it. Patil of Lucky Tractors. of course. His mechanic went on the Field-Service Motorcycle and if it was no available. Dugar feels that the extra cost to him for providing this service is compensated by the good word of mouth by the customer. The customer is not charged anything extra for tis service. J. S. Even if the tractor was 50 kilometres away from his dealership. I was summoned by him and given a god one. the mechanic goes to the breakdown spot with the customer riding the pillion. Armstrong asked me to offer tea to all the customers and schedule their workshop appointments. he keeps a field service motorcycle ready with a mechanic all the time. Another case is that of Mr. Service at the customer’s doorstep Our friend Sumer Dugar from Tezpur provides services similar to those provided by Automobile Association of Upper India.m. we would like to drive home the point through various illustrations and actual cases from our experience. Late Mr. he . he sends his service mechanics to the owners of the tractors. Escorts dealership in Salem. Balasubramanian of Salem Automotive Corporation. When Mr. The service at the owner’s doorstep results in additional pars and service revenue.We would further like to narrate an episode pertaining to Mr. Armstrong reached the office at 8 a.” Walk an extra mile to offer service to the customer We would not like to sermonise here because we have already talked a lot about it in this book. 1.

your market leadership in a particular year. It results in tremendous good will. New Year. You need not find excuses. 4. special to the customer. he has created “Good will Service Fund”. Service with a smile. He assures his customers that they will not have to go to the insurance company and that is dealership will take care of all the formalities with the insurance company. Ganesh Puja. A booklet is given to the customer enrolled and services like diesel and mobil-oil change. diesel-filter change. water-body service and general check-up are done free of cost for a year. tightening of nuts and bolts. which may be even due to the customer’s fault. Sell after-sales service through mailshots : Dhanajay Vadnagare of Vadnagare Automobiles. Durga Puja. Dugar goes ahead with the job on the tractor or motorcycle and gets the claim processed on his own. 5. free service schemes to their old and new tractor customers. and so on. He also helps his customers in cases of major claims. 3. Nashik has been practising a unique idea for the last few years. occasions like Diwali. Malerkotla and Dhuri. 2. a . You can also look for an excuse to offer such a free service to the customer. your anniversary. Any such claim. He customer naturally respected him for this and became his repeat service customer thereafter. Subsequently. visit of the Prime Minister to your city. For example. From whatever income Dugar gets this way. such as breaking of a brake lever. Look for an excuse offer free service : Hindsons Agencies. Look for an excuse to give useful gifts : Escorts ‘ Varanasi dealer organises a service camp for tractors with the help of Escorts’ service engineers.sent his service van or even his own car. Tezpur who has made arrangements with National Insurance Company whereby he is able to provide an extra service to the customer whenever there is an insurance claim up to Rs. He sends out a nice birthday-greeting card to the customer on the date on which the motorcycle was bought. they are handy. Id. e. He invites the customer for a free check-up of his motorcycle on this occasion. During the camp. 500. a police officer bought a Rajdoot motorcycle from his dealership. very frequently. Christmas. it got completely damaged in an agitation. Gurupurab. offer.g. Helping he customers in insurance claims : Again pertaining to Sumer Dugar of Rhino Farm Equipments. Dugar assured the officer that he would get a new motorcycle and he was able to do it. is taken care of from this fund.

He gifts are distributed by a districtlevel or a state-level VIP. and incentives offered to them.m.  Double service output. 103 jobs were billed and an equal number of minor jobs were attended to. Seven banners were put up at strategic points two weeks in a advance and local dailies carried advertisements for four days. the informal picnic way :Silver Star Engineers.registration number is allocated to each customer. Escorts’ Nashik dealer. This first shift worked from 9 a. In order not to miss any motorcycle owner. Also. At the end of the camp. and the second one from 3 p. a lucky draw of these numbers is taken out and gifts like tractor accessories. 1985. organised a Free Service Camp for motorcycles from 28th January to 14th February.m. workshops can work more than eight hours to keep the production of service at a level required to meet the market demand.. prizes for best-maintained tractors are announced. 6. Develop a family feeling.. the technical sessions and the rally on the concluding day. Each day started with a study class conducted by he service engineer. well in time to go to the office in the morning. Trivandrum. personal visits were made to workshops and spare-parts shops.m. . to 11 p. Vadnagare Automobiles. did exactly this. Preparations started in mid December. and so on are given to he winners. 7. why not in the workshops? Factories work more than eight hours to keep the production of the product at a level required to meet the market demand. Slides announcing the camp were screened in all shows at nine cinema-halls from 22nd January to 14th February. The benefits :  Office-going people who couldn’t get their mobikes to the workshop in the morning could do son in the evening and get hem back right hen or the next morning.  No overtime bill for the dealer. In all.  Double strength of mechanics in the evening at peak hours to attend to minor repairs. All motorcycle owners were also informed through individually typed out letters and these were followed up by personal and telephonic contacts. tyre pressure gauges. Double shift in your workshop : If we can have double shifts in our factories. to p.m. These invited all motorcycle owners to the camp.

the rally proceeded to Kovalam Beach Resort where dinner was served and a lucky draw was held. “Examination showed that the net cause was gummed piston rings. W. Throughout the 24 . 8. This provided us with a golden opportunity to discover what the Ford tractor engine really had in its belly and we replaced and ran it under full-load conditions for a further 1000 hours. Each participant was given gift packs. to declare to the customer “it is time your engine was re-bored” which is a very expensive undertaking. if the dealer were to tell the customer. observing all traffic regulations and etiquette. which had already done 5000 hours as a test vehicle. and it is along this theme that I relate the story of our findings at ETL (Escorts Tractors Limited). “If you apply this to a customer-dealer situation where the dealer practice today is to look at the hourmeter and. a rally of sixty eight motorcycle owners was organised. if it shows around 5000 hours. Whereas. Stewart of Ford Motor Company. when it suddenly started showing excessive blow-by (smoke through he breather tube). when again i started exhibiting excessive blow-by. After passing through all the important roads of the city. Winning the customer’s confidence : Here. All moved in a perfect. “It has long been my contention ha a good dealer is one who supports his customer over a long. We decided ha as this represented what was commonly appreciated in the field in India as the life-time of a Ford tractor engine. A.On the closing day. “We had a specific tractor engine which had been used as a test vehicle for extensive continuous hydraulic testing for over 5000 hours. we will quote the words of Mr. we would disassemble the engine for inspection and analyse the cause of the blow .kilometer run. “The period of 1000 hours of full-load dynamometer test is equivalent to approximately 4000 hours in the field and this engine. “You need a new set of rings and your tractor is good for another 3000 hours” I am have . the motorcycles were accompanied by a car in which a doctor and senior citizens travelled. single-line formation at slow speed.by. Mechanics were always at hand to attend to any problems. sustained period generated from mutual trust and interdependence. Disassembly of the engine again showed that the piston rings had gummed and subsequent replacement of the rings again allowed us to obtain full engine horsepower. completed those 1000 hours on the dynamometer and was sill able to produce full horsepower when equipped with only a second set of piston rings.

But if you want to plan for 10 years. And if your values and beliefs are ordinary ones. very essential when you are managing people including customers.” 6Ideas To Make Your People Now. an innovator. Become a “gardener” of men. it may take three years before the customer is ready to buy again and he remembers your gesture or is able to convince someone else to buy from you. which is out of the warranty period. if the engine (the manager) is travelling at sixty kilometers per hour. Let us explain. Your values and your beliefs “ooze” out of your organisation. plant corn.a great deal of confidence in a dealer who is apparently not taking his money for nothing. they will. A leader has to be an entrepreneur. to his customers and. Therefore. It takes. above all. three months for your CGR to come down. The illustration on the next page elaborates it best : Now. so that his men can follow behind.” Plant men? Yes. He has to listen to his people. three years for your CGR (Character. Goodwill. irrespective of whether it is a large group of 600 men or a small group of six men. “Speed of the boss (leader) is the speed of the team”. don’t assume that this act of yours will bear fruits right away. a manager must behave at all times as a typical leader. say. and an inventor. If you want to plan for 3 years. on free-of-charge basis because you believe it is not his fault. A manager must understand these aspects of his leadership role and act accordingly. how to make your people? Draw your inspiration from this Chinese proverb “If you want to plan for a year. Any manager who has his eyes glued on short term profit and loss statements can’t do it. won’t the wagons (his people) also travel at the same speed? Yes. How? 1. plant men. the manager. So patience is a virtue and is very. what will happen to the wagons? “An organisation is the lengthened shadow of one man” and that is you. if they happen to be good ones. There is a lot of wisdom in the hackneyed proverb. with a flag in his hand. Reputation) to go up and. to himself. When you walk an extra mile for your customer to repair his machine. they too become obvious. say. plant a tree. If he makes up his mind to . And on the other hand. if the engine slows down or gets derailed. Lead your people with the flag in your hand A manager is a leader of his group. This is so.

a statue of a lady for his gardens. our subconscious thoughts play a very important role in our actions and decisions towards people. Pygmallion’s belief converted his fantasy into reality. So how much is enough? Look around and see and you will find that your watchman has more security than you. but what about security? This may be a good question and the answer is : Security is a myth! Why? Because there is no limit or end to security. He has to possess a lot of courage to be able to lead. As time passed. It is human nature. he will. he acts out that belief in the same manner. In other words. yes. not noticing the lack of response on her part. he would speak to it for hours on end. The story of Pygmallion : “There was a rich trader in Greece who commissioned Pygmallion.” 2.” This is also called “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”. Understand pygmallion effect (PE) to turn your people into committed people What is Pygmallion Effect ? We strongly recommend you see the feature films “My Fair Lady” and “Man Pasand” .” Don’t push. All the three were asked to work . He may face occasional storms. Thoughts become actions. While sculpting the marble block he was doing such a fine job that he fell in love with this statue as if it were a real person. Laxman and Bharat working in a company. What is courage? Courage is will power. He would put it on a table and say. Security is peace of mind. It means coolness and presence of mind under all circumstances. So strong was his belief in ‘her’ that one day a miracle occurred. but the attempt to pacify it is like trying to calm waves with a flatiron. to create in marble. and these actions become inter-actions with the second party. Push it and it will go nowhere at all. Staying calm means not showing or expressing anxiety or fear during lean selling periods because lean seasons pass away. “Paul it and it will follow wherever you wish. It has been wisely said. a talented sculptor. And staying calm during these storms is what will take him through them. It’s just that way when it comes to leading people. A dealers’ conference was to be held and a pencil had to be purchased for inserting in the conference folder. It is the perception of another individual which becomes the basis for taking and making decisions. She came to life and loved him for the rest of their lives.outperform every quarter. There is another interesting story on the subject “There were three colleagues named Ram. General Eisenhowever used to teach leadership with a piece of string. Courage. turning boys into men.get these from any video parlour in your area. “You want peace of mind. If a person believes something to be true. Pull.

I wonder why you ask me this routine question? Why not go and decide yourself and I will go along with you. I am happy you consider may opinion.on it. colleagues. Each one individually went to the boss and asked the same question : ‘Boss. Build self-respect of your people Any manager who wants to make his people ensures that each of his actions builds . ‘Bharat. green and brown colours. rather. this is because of the Pygmallion Effect and the boss is to be blamed for not letting his people make routine decision and thus building confidence in them. 3 and the one without it costs Rs.’ This is because of the Pygmalion Effect. “When Ram goes to the boss and asks the question. be cautious of the fact and accordingly build it into a healthy habit over the years. the boss says ‘Laxman.up . How? Here are some of the ways : i. It is a habit-forming approach and. “When Bharat goes to the boss and asks the same question. customer. it is a continuous approach. and so on) doing something right. “When Laxman goes to the boss and asks the same question. He must genuinely believe that people want to work and they want to work purposefully. the pencil with eraser cost Rs.’ This is also because of the Pygmallion Effect because the boss is not very sure of Laxman and sometimes does not have full confidence in him. ‘Ram it is good that you asked me. keep on listening and keep on seeing and whenever you come across any of your people (employees.and occasionally sitting with his people and analysing the decisions taken so that the quality of decisions taken keeps on improving. Catch them doing something right! Yes. His opinion remains subjective and possibly the organisation may suffer. the boss says. Why do you waste my time and irritate me? Please go and buy green pencils with eraser. family members. therefore. Incidentally.the self-respect (self-esteem) of each of his men.“brick by brick” . It cannot be done in one day or in one way. 2. ones . Which one should I buy?” The boss may react to the same question in three different ways. purchase of 40 pencils is a very minor decision and need not be talked over with the boss. this is too much.’ Again. Any good boss will cultivate his people to start taking and making as many decisions as possible . the boss thinks well of Ram and he has made up his mind that Ram won’t make any mistakes. 3. catch them! Do not only notice it . His reaction would depend upon the individual impression that he has of each of the three men.starting with small ones and gradually coming to bigger. they come in red. the boss says. sir.

e. what your eyes says is 20 percent. challenge. It is not always the amount of money or time that matters but the thought behind it and the style it is done in. why don’t you make it a habit? You will benefit from it.” The man started saying his prayers for longer and longer hours because he liked to listen to this word-of-mouth publicity. and you will never go wrong. He has built this dealership over the years by simple thoughtful acts. give them challenge. When he met him. A man was once saying his prayers and his neighbour accidently saw him doing so. Give them security. Subramanychari. education. “because once my neighbour caught me saying prayers and appreciated it!” Is it not logical. believe it you will be able to do so irrespective of the size of your organisation. give them training. “I am happy that I am your neighbour. it amounts to your giving a medal and that is it. R.g. when you give. Whenever you do any such thing. give them job satisfaction and. Remember. You are a good man. . you say your prayers. What you say. he gives him a plot of land. give them respect . You don’t have to have a large organisation to start doing what big corporations do. There is no end to what you can do for your people. Everyone in the world has a boss. common sense and a good example of auto suggestion? ii. what your mind says is 30 per cent. and what your heart says is 40 per cent! Remember this. Whatever you give should be given with a feeling. in one way or the other. above all. give them money. give them education. This went on and on. and so on. 300 per month and every employee can go to him for consultation.but also acknowledge it openly. money. is 10 percent. Mr. Once you have the right attitude and desire to give security. Think about it. he pays a doctor Rs. One day. he said. the Escorts dealer at Guntur does exactly that. Don’t you expect your boss (your customer) to catch you while you are doing something right? If so. this man was asked. The dealer says that when his business does even better he will start paying for medicines as well. We have seen many employers giving Deepawali or New year gifts to their employees like rich men distributing alms to people sitting in a line in a temple compound! They give because they have to give and not because they love to give. when an employees has worked with him for five years. the pen is lighter than the sword.like you expect from your boss. Follow it up by relating the incident at a right occasion and also put it in writing. He sold only 35 tractors in 1987.

He admits his mistakes gracefully and asks for suggestions to avoid failures. Try coming in at 8. even if your people come at 9 a. tap off”. you will be able to look straight into the eyes of your employees. When you want to make people. and you talk about it sensibly and from your heart. A good leader (manager) shares his success with his employees and takes the failures on himself. They may not put their hearts in their jobs till they see you working harder than them.m. If you come at 11 a. you have to discipline them sensibly. 4. “Today I will have discipline in the office” and then relax. their successes are your successes. It is a good habit which will reduce blood pressure. In the process.manager . you will create a snow ball situation. he will fast success and that is it . In this connection.his success is your success. and your office starts at 9 a. anxious moments and results in a “you care” attitude. Some day. His shoulders are strong and broad. in addition. there is a wise American saying : “If you are ten minutes early. it happens when he achieves more than what he is supposed to on encouraging and keep on chasing till success is achieved. for a year and see the difference.m. You cannot do it overnight. Teach them discipline by setting examples.30 a. A reason for doing is important for your employees. it takes continuous conscious efforts on your part. you are already five minutes late. What is success as applicable to your employee? Well.” In other words. always reach fifteen minutes before the appointed time. Give them a reason. Moreover.m. There is always a next time for him as well as for you. A sale is a sale but when you tell them that a sale of one unit means so much profit to the organisation and.m. You will not only reap rich dividends but will start enjoying your job as well. in case things do not work out as per expectations.iii.. Sit with him using commonsense and then help him make a step and in the meanwhile prepare him for failure. Once they taste success. and your voice will not only carry conviction but will carry fairness as well. You won’t be able to stop your employees from trying to achieve one success after another. Their success is your success Let your employees taste the “blood” of success.should set good examples himself. he earns the genuine respect of his employees. Any leader . You can’t say. It is not a situation of “tap on. better .

what can you do? You can either discard it or else eat it after removing the spot with a knife. Don’t allow your employees to get away with swindling. You may have heard the name of Michelangelo who sculpted the . when a chairman writes. the employees are likely to understand it better. You can apply the needed “discount factor” when dealing with them. and so on. you are tempting your honest employees to became dishonest. selfishness. you can keep them in mind while getting things done from them. ○ Employees may have an in-born tendency to cheat unless preventive atmosphere exists in the system. And make it a habit to give them your reason for whatever you want them to do. 5. If one is dishonest and you ignore it for too long. the spot is not very deep. Human being are people. he too can make mistakes while writing and he uses the eraser to rub out his mistakes. greed. Your employees will then start working harder as well as be smarter at their jobs. People are employees. short temper. use common sense and forgive an employee for occassional lapses in case you feel that he is basically a good person.prospects of more sales. the manager is to be equally blamed for allowing himself to be cheated by creating temptations for them. Once you know such weaknesses as built-in parts of your employees. ○ Remember that an employee is honest or dishonest just like a woman is either pregnant or not pregnant. ○ When employees cheat. colleagues and associates are like apples. Employees are human beings. Forgive their mistakes gracefully There is another American saying : “Even the chairman’s pencil has an eraser on it. Human beings have built-in human weaknesses such as laziness. Similarly. Don’t be shocked if we say that people are like apples! When you get an apple with a spot on it. most of your employees. They may have weakness such as : ○ Employees may take longer time to do their promised jobs than they should. A spotless apple is very expensive. telling. 96 per cent of the time. Because people never really put themselves into a job until they understand how their individual roles can make the business successful. She cannot be a little bit pregnant! However. lies. You have to remove their weaknesses with your “mental knife” and use their strengths to mutual advantage.” In other words. ○ Never allow your employees to cheat you.

Take your office.statue of David.000. 1. Like a soft spot in an apple he cut around it. That is it! We can all be “Michelangelos”. Have you ever wondered why a particular player is not selected in the team? Possibly.” They refused to try and overlook the flaws. you can overlook their imperfections and utilise their strengths. Make yours a winning team A Japanese wise saying beautifully describes the concept of “working together works’ in the following words : a projecting nail must be hammered down. the fastest team is the one whose members move the oars in perfect unison and of course most forcefully. He could then afford to go to the union and his other colleagues to ask for . you may have an excellent employee but if he is not walking that extra mile in harmony with his colleagues.000 per year. Mcihelangelo saw the block and had the vision to see the form of “David” waiting inside the marble asking to be set free. We all see our people. we will see imperfections in our people and thus will not be able to work towards maximising our profitability. it was very good marble. to be successful. Many artists had seen the marble block standing in the open pit with imperfections visible even to the naked eye from a distance and said. must be understood and backed by each member of the team. this player is excellent as an individual player but is not willing to sacrifice personal acclaim for the good of the team. The block of marble he used was flawed and imperfect. Make sure that you use your “dip stick” again and again.” There are basically five principles underlying the concept of “working Together Works” : i. which is considered one of the greatest works of art ever created by man. Inside. after chipping for a while. he saw the greatness and looked around the flaw. We have to have the vision and you can develop this vision to see through your people and by trial and error and practice. Equality of Sacrifice! Lee Iacocca of Chrysler fame. as though it wasn’t there . Even in a boat race. the result will be jarring noise. as the leader of your organisation. Unless we try to become Michelangelos. “Nothing can be done. Each member of an orchestra has to play the notes on his instrument so that the net outcome is music. ii. ensure that you have good team employees instead of only good employees. he is useless to the business. It cannot be a management director Any idea. accepted $1 per year as his salary which was once around $1. Michelangelo did not see the imprecations. If every musician plays a different note. Therefore.

When Should Marketing Be Taken Seriously? . your employees will listen. it is very important that its parts work in perfect coordination. Put yourself in his shoes. And it often takes adversity to get the people to work together. It is as true as the fact as : “You do not smile because you are happy. Remember. How you feel about yourself is very important. you can be sure to beat your targets. And when you act. The fact is that people get good positions or wealth. So you have to be careful about everything that you say and everything that you do. good attitudes do not result from good positions or wealth. you are happy because you smile. Add a drop of smile Even for our body to function well physically.sacrifices. If you are the owner of a business you have to set examples. If everybody is willing to suffer equally in your business in terms of working hours and conditions. both to other people and certainly to your. iii. See his problems from his angle. If you do not feel good about yourself. If any of the parts suffers a damage or becomes inactive. the team will work more effectively. Getting along with people This is dependent upon your attitude towards them. the employee will feel satisfied that you had tried to help him. it is hard for you to feel good about other people and to work with them. your employees will watch you. even though the problem may not be solved. it has a crippling effect on the whole body. As simple as that. iv. If the leader sacrifices today for tomorrow. Solve his problems to the extent possible and try to solve every problem of each of your employees. The spirit of trying to solve is important and once you try. The fact is that people get good positions because of their positive attitudes. Iacocca describes it as “to bleed equally”. This is the simplest way to explain the concept of “Working Together Works” which can be further understood with the help of 13 body parts that must work further understood with the help of 13 body parts that must work together so that the output of our body is greater than the sum total of the output of individual body parts. (iv) Put yourself in others’ shoes Each team member has his own problems. When you talk. his followers will also do the same willingly and naturally.

which first requires change in thinking! In short. any business could be passing through one of the three broad trends/phases either its sales are “Growing” (15 to 20% average growth per annum) or the sales are “Stagnant” (i. at least tentatively 4. it means applying your mind to issues like” which product to focus on? Which segment to focus on? What should be the basic proposition? What is your positioning. it also means investment in terms of man power. or outright “Decline” in sales over a period of time. You should have the willingness to review and analyses the whole business in a different perspective. It may involve some experimentation. it is the “Sales Trend” that would determine the answer to above question “When should marketing be taken seriously?” Taking Marketing Seriously Now. It is expected that generally. let me explain a bit more on this question as to what is meant by taking marketing seriously.e. money and energy. if you want to take marketing seriously: 1. You should strategies your marketing efforts. You should change your approach to aproactive approach. their requirements as opportunities and . to implement the tentative plan.In the last article titled “Is Marketing Really Relevant to my Business?” (IPF May 05). at any given time. 2. And the most important is a change in approach. “taking marketing seriously”. there are no short cuts available. You should be willing to start planning. before you arrive at right combination. etc. Further. you really start thinking and taking actions about customers. the answer is to be found out by the individual entrepreneur. Thus when you start taking marketing seriously. Obviously. Should have patience to experiment and wait for results. and 6. Which will further call for investments to terms of time. money and energy and in other resources like manpower. we discussed what marketing is and its perspective with respect to SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises). promotions. (with some ups. When I say. only then will have to answer the next question “When should be marketing be taken seriously?” Generally. 5. Mind you. Should be willing to make investment in terms of time. just + or -4-6% variation in sales over a period of time or even wide fluctuations). The Next Question If an entrepreneur feels that marketing is really relevant to his business. but mostly downs). 3.

i. value proposition. which product to focus. And naturally so! Why should one talk of segmentation. you do not have any incentive to take marketing seriously. nothing much can go wrong. Let us think of the first situation. i. because you never invested in any mechanism (marketing set up) that would enable you to face such situations. The frame of mind to think in different way. marketing plan. new technology make debut. new foreign competitor starting operations in India or the government changes its policy. And that is where are make a mistake. i. etc. So when and if it happens you may not be ready to face it. etc? Things are happening as per the desire so why bother too much? Why to invest.converting those opportunities into a substantiable business. it is the action for implementation that is going to show whether you are taking marketing seriously or not..e. Patience and courage to experiment on different combinations. . you are assuming that the same state of affairs. inclination to think in terms of marketing 2. growth will continue almost for ever! and. to take the marketing seriously. then following picture may emerge. Growing Sales (on an average around 20% or more per annum) As we have seen. Now. you should have: 1. It is highly action oriented) This implies that. nothing wrong with this thinking expect with the underlaying assumption. and not the thinking or the written plant! Those are only small but important steps in that direction! (Marketing does not mean just strategic planning or thinking.e.e. A. Resources for investing in the marketing efforts as this could require a lot of resources in terms of time of the entrepreneur. However. can you afford to make that assumption? You may find someone suddenly introducing a new product. and 3. during this phase you have the resource as well as patience to experiment. if you consider these requirement against that status of the “Sales Trends/Phases” of the business indicated above. Here. In today’s globalised and competitive economy. the sales are growing. just because you are growing. Why take so much trouble and get distributed? As such. reduces prices. Ultimately.

The end result could be the loss of “Time”. experimentation. if right solutions is not implemented (mind you there are no quick fixes in marketing! or for that matter with anything else). although you are willing or inclined to try out marketing approach. The result could be that you could become vulnerable to changes in marketing government policies etc. etc. and you could be facing more and more problems. which will require investments. Stagnating or Widely Fluctuating Sales (plus or minus 46% change) In this phase. if nothing else is working. The problem with this phase is that. marginal growth or decline over a period of time. They remain just within ±4-6%. but no incentive to take marketing seriously. in the Growth Phase. you are not very much inclined to try out some thing new like marketing approach. i. the situation may not remain in control. Or even it could be widely fluctuating over a time period. So. Let us wait and watch. However. you have neither resources nor the time on your side. Declining Sales Now. you have the resource and patience. You are engaged m ore in “fire fighting” exercise. people think that these are temporary problems.So. C. Instead your focus could be shifting to cost cutting. The “Time” gradually runs out. Sales are declining Quite obviously during this phase you have no resources for investments in anything. You would like to get faster results for whatever initiative you are taking. B. let us take the other extreme situation i. unless some fundamental or drastic steps are taken. try out new approach. you neither have patience nor the required resources to carry out marketing approach. You would like very quick results and naturally so! In short. However. The market or situation will improve. you have no patience for experimentation for trying out the marketing approach. as we have seen. with you back to the wall! You are now inclined to try out different “ways” to over come the crisis. You are likely to become “inwardly focused” (due to the . your sales are just not growing. You have no time to carry out experiments and trail and error methods. Under such circumstances.e.e. Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with product or markets or the company. at a time when you must take drastic steps. So you could be wiling to try out the marketing approach. in decline phase. generally for the first couple of years.

the best time to take marketing seriously is when going is good. So. Generally. Therefore you just wait and watch with the hop that things would improve on its own. other than what he is or was trying out? If he is settling for what ever comes in his way and feels that nothing much can be done. Nothing wrong with this approach except that you must guard against slipping in the “Decline Sales’ phase. in any of the phase indicated above. which you are hoping would improve doesn’t improve. Day to day Experience! . then as indicated above. But if he wants to remain on path of growth on a sustainable basis.e. do not take marketing seriously? The answer is both. it is observed that entrepreurs do not take marketing seriously. In a nutshell. is that the correct thing to do i. let us leave aside this discussion. how do you go about? When situation demands. marketing could be taken seriously in any of the there phases/situations! Is that the conclusion that an entrepreneur should draw? But. marketing is neither relevant to his business and need not be taken seriously in any way.inward focus. you neither have patience nor resources and patience during growth phase. Yes and No! Does he want consistency in growth both in sales and profitably? Or is he willing to accept whatever come to him in a given situation? Or he believes that there is nothing much that can be done or possible. that you should take marketing seriously. that is what is observed happing in reality. You may not realise as to when you may enter into “Decline phase” if the situation. in declining phase. the chances could be that you may miss the shift/change that is taking place in the “market” or the “environmental”). And decide to wait and watch.e. i. for whatever reasons. during the growth phase! For the moment. So. the situation doesn’t demand for marketing approach! And during stagnation you hope for “Better” or “Improvements”. then.

if the same person starts facing minor problems at first. There are a our of similarities between the two. More and more people are going out for jogging. Gradually there is realisation that. than why not adapt the same policy for business! Why not adapt “Better Marketing” (like better heatlh practices) when you are doing well! Mr Entrepreneur. The same lifestyle continues. in our case) of an organisation. them. waits or feels that on its own it may get sorted out. in some other field. If we accept this proposition. and the same normal lifestyle countries. the person gets worried enough and approaches the family doctor. go to the gym. just think which approach or policy is better for your organisation? “Preventation” our “Cure”? Advantages There are very specific advantages in taking marketing seriously when going is good! . or all of a sudden realisation dawns of the seriousness of the problem. Now. It is said that any organisation resembles a human being. For out discussion. If someone has no health problem. let us accept that the health of a person resembles that health (trend in sales. you can’t survive in this competitive world! It is better to “Prevent” rather than wait and then “Cure”. she/he generally ignores it.Let us now turn our attention to our day today experience. At the most. if this realisation is growing in case of personal health related issues. unless you are fit and fine. So. But if the problem persists. Time and again it is proved that “Cure” could be costiler than “Prevention”. obviously she or he generally does not do any exercises. etc. or control the diet. let us see how normally people behave in case of their health related issues. or even a specialists. yoga classes (better health practices). some known common remedy/ therapy is tried out. Thus the general policy is “Cure” rather then “Prevention”! The change in Thinking! However as all of us are observing there is a gradual change in thinking! There is growing attendance at the gyms and health clubs. say due to some incident. Because there is no need felt to change this lifestyle.

by trail and erro. Isolation inhibits the leader’s the leader’s ability to develop important . even if made. you may be able to arrive at some workable winning combination. The mistake. you are creating a proper marketing infrastructure. So. it is often the root of this problem. the time is one side. you will be preparing for the future. Entrepreneur What’s you decision then? When do you feel marketing should be taken seriously/ Just thin! The decision is your alone!. Being Isolated An over reliance on reports and analysis rather than devoting time to meet and talk with new colleagues can isolate new leaders. which will help you to retain your profitable growth path. How To Take Charge In A New Management Role 1. which always come.Firstly. The need to “know” an oragnisation before venturing into. which is likely to give you an edge in a time to come. Secondary. So. This will help you in staying ahead of your competitor who may not be ready with comparable infrastructure. as they may not be taking marketing seriously. If you invest in marketing during good time. Mr. may not affect you too much.

If this practice goes on too long. are more valuable to people in the organisation who understand the stories behind them. New leaders generally are not held responsible for an inherited team’s performance during the early days. 4. often more important than formal analysis in making crucial early decisions. This means giving primacy. although informative. Employees who believe their leaders minds are made up are reticent to share information. Some see it as an issue of fairness. to learning over doing. it’s not advisable to retain team members with a record of mediocre performance. impeding a newcomer’s ability to learn the true nature of a situations. Impressions. they encounter direct reports that are too inflexible to change. tham team becomes the leader’s responsibility. 3. Time spent carefully diagnosing the organisations’s strength and weaknesses seldom is wasted. This is not to say that new leaders should be unfair. Others believe they must appear decisive and establish a directive tone. Staying Too Long With The Existing Team Many. establishing and refining an agenda. making tough decisions and instilling a can do spirit of achievement. expect miracles. or hubris. ideas and strong feeling about how to deal with issues. especially those with a collegial style. Whatever the source of the impulse. Coming In With “The Answer” Too many arrive on the scene with “The Answer” a preordained fix for the organisation’s problems or they reach conclusions too early in their tenure. even if they are confident they understand to organisation’s problems and the best approaches to dealing with them. Retaining direct reports who are not up to the task squanders precious time and energy. early on. or seek to terminate people summarily. Personnel changes may be difficult in government. it springs from arrogance. Staffers become cynical if they think their leaders deal with deep problems superficially. but they are not impossible and the effort usually is worth it. Attempting Too Much .relationships and to cultivate sources of information. New leaders must embrace and project a spirit of inquiry. 2. New leaders must get out the about in their organisations quickly. then the newcomer is inevitably labeled as remote and unapproachable. Written assessments. Many fall into this trap through arrogance or insecurity. Frequently. Leaders are brought in to improve performance by imparting new ideas. and adopting methods for gaining insight. They key is to be systematic and efficient at learning. for others. depending on the severity of the problem for deciding who should be one the playing field. But after a few months. making it difficult to rally support for change. believe that the subordinates they inherit deserve a change to prove themselves. They should impose a time limit six to 12 months.

Performance expectations typically are negotiated early.Some try to do too many things at once. “If I get enough things going. Easy on in their transitions. leaders must identify the vital few top priorities for the first year. Given the many demands confronting federal organisation. well meaning but out of touch. Failing To Build Coalitions Many devote too much time during transitions to the vertical dimension on influence upward to bosses and downward to direct reports and not enough to the horizontal dimension of peers and key external constituencies. They must discipline themselves and their organisations to focus on those priorities. They theory goes. and new bosses too often expect miracles. New leaders should never presume that their initial mandate will or should remain unchanged. intent on misleading. New leaders want to impress. Setting Unrealistic Expectations Managing expectations starts the moment a new leader arrives on the job. 5. 7. It’s easy to set unrealistic expectations about what can be accomplished during transitions. Whether they come from outside or are promoted from within. new leaders must keep lines of communication open to balance that internal influence. Just as one is known by the company one keeps. The roots of this pitfall often lie in lack of prioritising or poor planning. the risk of overload is great. it beings even sooner. judgments about new leaders are based on perceptions of who influences them. Should leaders are trying to send the message that winners are active and able to handle diverse challenges simultaneously. during job interviews. 6. something is bound to click”. They should devote considerable effort to dialogue with their superiors and other key constituencies. This approach renders an organisation confused and over whelmed. Advisers who don’t represent broad constituency. before new leaders have a thorough understanding of the situation. or use their proximity to the leader to advance partisan agendas that alienate other and close off valuable input. have skewed or limited information. For those hired from the outside. Being Captured By The Wrong People The arrival of a new leader inevitably precipitates jockeying for positions in the new regime by those who had influence in the old organisation. Among the many people vying for the new leader’s attention will be those who are incapable. or in search of power for power’s sake. New leaders must exercise great care in deciding who to listen to and to what degree. This is .

the fundamental qualities have largely remained constant. and crafting a plan to reach out the build support. This means identifying who influences key decisions and what they care about. new leaders need the support of people who aren’t under their authority. identifying personal vulnerabilities. This means carefully diagnosing situations. Avoiding these pitfalls depends on how well new leaders prepare fro the manage their transitions.understandable. negotiating success. since leaders naturally gravitate to the people they report to and who report to them. But sooner or later (probably sooner). Leadership’s Core Quality Though there are numerous variations in leadership styles and modifications in approaches. . Building coalitions is especially critical for federal leaders who have to manage in a political environment. accelerating their learning. building coalitions. and securing early victories. mapping networks to figure out who influences the influences.

In this article. Their commitment to the goals. in both leadership situations and general business conditions. knowing that much can be done if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit. Inquisitive and approachable enough so that others feels safe offering honest feedback and new ideas. is and obvious by both their actions and their repeated communication of what must be done. Flourish in a boundary less work environment by focusing on results. and why. behavior. are the ones we follow. Seize the opportunities of the present without compromissing the need to invest and build for the further. and confidence. Those leaders will: • • • • Act and be unwilling to rationalise inaction with relentless follow through to ensure that the action is implemented. through clearly stated overarching objectives. Open minded and capable of respecting their competitors or adversaries and learning form them. which surfaces not as a desire to move for movement’s sake but to move directly toward a clear goal with a relentless follow through. Behaviors With clear objectives in mind. an outcome. Self aware. refusing to accept the response. Successful business leaders develop goals to achieve their vision. how he or she will behave while working with and through people in pursuit of the end goal. and challenge the status quo. vision. and thus to the vision. Character • • • • Infused with humor and humidity. and by nature inclined to treat individuals in their organisation equally. and who can translate that to clear objectives. . The most elegant documents and structures where irrelevant it they did not help the readers form a vision. the issue then become what a leader will do. Although leaders must adapt to a specific and ever changing set of circumstances.feels the author. weakness. the most successful leaders exhibit a common set of behaviors. “We’ve have done that before”. and sincere efforts to improve. without ”smiling up and kicking down”. and honest with themselves as to their own strengths. Create and shape change rather than passively accepting it. Action oriented. he places these core qualities into four basic areas: character. Vision Leaders who can spark the imagination with a compelling vision of a worthwhile end that stretches us beyond what is know today.

and a willingness to communicate with teams and to follow through. Confidence and trust in employees. and are driven by a need to compel and to influence. and potential. encouraging. A title along cannot inspire others to work toward a common end. and listening. and a desire to give opportunities to any individuals who are eager to accept the accountability that necessary goes with responsibility.• • Evaluate and deploy people based solely on strength. • • • • • • Confidence Leaders share another attribute that is critical for success self confidence. ideas. Well articulated expectations of high performance for each and every member of the organisation and the belief that everyone. will be evaluated against those expectations of the basis of performance. not to command and control. critiquing. and honest communication does inspire others to follow.. but not so detail oriented that they “miss the forest for the trees”. open. seek out the opportunities that lurks in every challenge and realize that things are never as bad as they seem. An appreciation of the principle that well informed team members are the most motivated and strongest achievers. including those without the benefit of a little. Seek consensus without being paralysed by the through of making a mistake or intolerant of those who make them. lending all their energy. hunger for feedback and new ideas. An understanding that communication is a two way process in which leaders listen. never give up. and commitment to the endeavor. Strength of character and foresight mater not a whit if people are not willing or able to follow some one. . Think positively. including the leader. Communicate constantly influencing. performance. Sharply distinguished from arrogance of egotism a healthy level of self confidence enables the leader to undertaken the difficult ventures necessary to meet his goals. Be detailed oriented enough to know whether the objectives are being met or the course is correct. But frequent.

It experienced relatively high rejection rates for these critical senior jobs. Instead of looking to the individual you need to look to the staffing and talent management process including succession planning. based multinational increased its global presence. etc.Talent Management When someone says to me. Such was the case for a company that targeted aggressive expansion based on several years of sales growth. If it continued to add sales staff by entrylevel hiring and promoting from within. many companies have trouble justifying an investment in talent management or succession planning beyond the traditional use for top executives and high potential individuals. I hope he can make a go of it”. “This is the fourth person we’ve had in this job in six years. experiencing family problems while abroad. That pool was exhausted. because the market placed a high value on their ability to deal with clients business issues. The rate of change is no longer slow enough for people who come in at the bottom to assimilate before reaching upper middle management. When a company fails to recognise these requirements in key positions are changing whether due to internal change. it began having difficulty finding sufficient talent to go overseas as country managers.S. Situation #2: A key position is suddenly no longer easy to staff because the number of available positions has increased or the talent pool has shrunk. Following are all too common. Situation #1: Business growth dilutes expansion in key positions. I respond. If you are filling the same position with less experienced people. the company could “troll” for the people who wanted them. as well as collateral damage: people were coming back early. The immediate solutions was to aggressively rotate people at the levels prior . Example: As a U. they obviously do not have the same capability for making business judgments. in two years it would find itself with sales managers that had only three years of expansion. Why? There is clearly a systemic performance failure: a problem with the position and the system around it. such as rapid growth or alterations in the business environment it puts itself at risk. When it had only a few of these position. Previously sales managers were required to have 12 years of experience. real world examples of systemic problems where succession planning becomes an urgent need. Faced with constrained resources. “It’s not likely”. Example: Most organisation regard growth as a god thing. What they may fail to recognise is that if you have an informal talent development system time and grade growth brings dilution.

Replacements for top positions are too often dealt with on an emergency staffing basis when an unanticipated exit occurs. launches a flurry of succession planning activities. The longer term answer was putting processes in place to identify. and systemic problems that cause failure. the position’s role in the business and the system around it). At this point. and support appropriate candidates. Successful organisations optimize their succession planning by balancing the individual perspective (labor pools. lower level staffing etc. That’s a very different perspective. transaction. prepare. In times of change.S. structure. the company. Example: This example is closest to the traditional application of succession planning. competencies) with the position perspective (changing requirements.to candidacy for country manager between U. Situation #3: An urgent demographic issue arises. paying more attention to the position. . “Where’s our bench strength? This situation occurs because the corporate focus has been elsewhere: winning business. You may need to rebalance. Selection and development tend to be individually oriented: systemic structure tends to be ignored. suddenly releasing it should never have allowed itself to be in this kind of crisis. pipelines. a board of directors suddenly recognises that a significant number of senior executives will reach retirement age in the next five years and asks. In a typical scenario. The way to prevent systemic problem from recurring is to have renewable solutions in place. And overseas assignments. you need to continuously monitor actual circumstance including the talent supply and demend sides and adjust position requirement and development as needed.

you can change your actions. good thinking will make you better. It doesn’t matter who or what you are. flexible. rigid. why are so many business bloated. oragnisation must learn how to think well and reach their potential.Mantras For Manufacturing Excellence Every organisation wants to be flexible enough to adjust quickly to changing market conditions. customer focused. So if managements wants companies that are mean. competitive. efficient. clumsy. In the same way. All of us want our children to be educated in the best schools and colleges. lean enough to beat any competitor’s price. And by changing your actions based on good thinking you can change your life. But knowledge has value only in the hands of someone who has the ability to think well. If you can change your feeling. unreactive. and dedicated enough to deliver maximum quality and customer service. Good thinking Benjamin Disraeli the great philosopher once said: “Nurture great throughout. inefficient. noncompetitive. Why should you embrace the value of good thinking? David Schwartz. I am not undermining the importance of good education. responsive. nimble. and not how to think. what do they have in common? What is that one thing that separate those who go to the top and those who never get there? It’s good thinking. for you will never go higher than your thoughts”. We must learn how to think well and reach our potential. and loosing money? The answer lies in how these companies do their work and why they do it that way. Look at all the successful people in the world. innovative enough to keep its products and services technologically fresh. But the problem with most educational institutions is that they try to teach people ‘what to think. Here are a few reasons why good thinking is important: . they are measured by the size of thinking. The results that companies achieve are often very different from the result that their management desire. “Knowledge is power” said Francis Bacon. disdainful of customer needs. sluggish. Becoming a better thinker is worth your effort because the way you think relay impacts every aspect of your life. people are not measured in inches or pounds or college degrees or family background. you can change your feelings. Professor of Georgia State University and the author of ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ has this say: “Where success is concerned. If you are willing to change your thinking. innovative. and profitable.

You understand this in the mental and moral world. How? By reading positive attitude books. Who am I? I am HABIT! The good news here is that no matter how complicated life gets or how difficult problems may seem good thinking can make a difference and move . Why do you think you fall short of achieving your complete dreams? It’s because you are trying to change your result without changing you thinking. you can try and decipher this. You will become as small as your conditioning desire or as great as your dominate aspiration. you need to sow great thinking. to our business. The ceiling on your leadership ability is low if you are a poor leadership ability is low if you are a poor thinker and that ceiling is high if you are a great thinker. I have made failures. for your thoughts will lead to actions. I am your greatest companion.. Those who are failures. If you think about excellence. and good thinking produce some progress. I am the servant of all great men. You are that person as you think in your heart. Those who are great. Our leadership ability determines our level of effectiveness. be it to our family. “Good thinking can never produce bad results. I am not a machine. I will push you onward or drag you down to failure. on our professional. I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden. and cooperate with it. For achieving manufacturing excellence. average thinking produces no result. and I will place the world at your feet. and good thinking produce no result. Half of the things you do you might as well just turn over to me and I will be able to do them quickly and correctly. You all know that poor thinking can produce only negative results. The best way to develop good thinking is by surrounding yourself with it. I have made great. in our social environment. by firm with me. you lead by the way you think.. bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results”. Show me exactly how you want some thing done and after a few lesson I will do it automatically. Look around you the world keeps getting more complicated. I am completely at your command. though I work with all the precision of a machine plus the intelligence of a machine plus the intelligence of a man. Be easy with me and I will destroy you. you are bound to produce more of that good thinking. Instead. Remember the proverb as you sow. It doesn’t have to discourage you.. Good thinking produces more good thinking IF you make it a habit: The problems we face today cannot be solved by thinking in the same way we thought while creating them. You cannot change you results without changing you thinking. You may run me for profit or run me for ruin. etc. of all failures as well. Take me. listening to positive thinking tapes and being among people who have developed the ability to think positive. I am with me. It makes no difference to me. train me.. in our community.Good thinking creates the foundation for good results: Remember James Allen’s words. and alas. Good thinking increase your potential: Each of us is a leader is some way. so you reap? If you need great results.

de-containerising. These activities add to cost and not value. Examples: Bajaj Auto until Honda and Yamaha came long. Now that they have choices. This new situation is unsettling to companies that have known life only in either the mass market or protected environment. and data processing support people is a negative one. how they want it. accumulating. The balance of market power has shifted from the producer to the customers. and successful people focus their thinking on progress. Success comes those who habitually do things that unsuccessful people don’t do. and errors in the system depends on failure to make what is needed on time. searching. Mass market suppliers in India had few competition. Their task of managing the waste. stock keepers. but the idea provided manufacturers with useful fiction that their customers were more or less alike. they offered very similar products and services. if you make it consistent part of your life. the better your thoughts become. We are no longer in the sellers market. The task of material movers. What will you focus your thinking on? What than can be good thinking in manufacturing? What is the ‘how to’ think agenda or Mantras of Manufacturing Excellence? “Don’t wish it was easier. It’s like creating an army of good ideas capable of achieving almost anything continuous improvement. The more you engage in good thinking. Available simplified tracking methods can be used instead. Get to know the customer The dominant force in the seller customer relationship has changed since the 80s. and inspecting employ a log of people and resources because of legal and financial reporting. Customers were not dissatisfied. expediters. Don’t wish for less challenges wish for more wisdom”. wish you were better . storing material. Sellers no longer have the upper hand. The nation of the customer has been replaced by ‘this’ customer. Counting moving. Don’t wish for less problems. material clerks. . wish for more skills. They didn’t know there was something better. customers do.you towards excellence. when they want. mass market never existed. Every one of you has the potential to become a good thinker. some as small as a single customer. delays. It reality. says Jim Rohn. They unique and particular needs. not cost’. The mass market has broken into pieces. The one with whom the seller is dealing at this moment is the person who now has the capacity to indulge in his personal tastes. and what they will pay. Reduce work in process HP in Coloradio cut work in progress (WIP) from 22 days to one day. Remember unsuccessful people focus their thinking on maintenance. Premier Automobiles and Hindustan Motors until Suzuki and the others came along. Remember the JIT goal is add value. customers do not behave as if they are cast in the same mould. Customers now tell suppliers what they want.

Growth is not the problem. But who wants to stay small? Everybody wants to grow. “Maruti needs a different steering assembly to the one now being run”. I asked him curiously and he said. will do”. Changeover times are a measure of your flexibility and efficiency. Cut set-up and changeover time How do you see the set time? Does skill lie in the set up or in simplifying the set up? Are set up technicians and engineers needed. no units between stations). computer assembly. to avoid stop and go production. the production is usually fast. PCB assembly (one piece lots. Lead times drop fast when problems are solved fast. or operators who lead the projects. Growth must be accompanied by a transformation to preserve speed. He then picked up another phone and barked his instructions. produced. The dominant precepts for correcting imperfect flows are: the smaller the lot size the better (JIT principle). and maintain the equipment so often and so thoroughly that it hardly ever breakers down or mis. Sure enough the plant changed its settings on machines and assembly stations. You have to rise above it to the next level”. His telephone rang. because a plant can only reduce it by solving problems that cause delays. I was in the office of the executive director of a tier one Maruti supplier in Gurgaon. and delivered the first shipment at 1400 hrs that day. tested and packed in one small room. It was around 10 o’clock. Lead time reduction is a true and reliable dominate measure of efficiency. . Reduce flow distance and space Sperry in Minneapolis made whole computer. diagnosis and problem solving talents? These days the most important type of work study is change over the set up time reduction. and said “Yes. with technicians and engineers the help them? Should the operator watch the machine run or should operation be a well timed routine while the operator is busy thinking about the next improvement? Are assembly jobs simplified so that unskilled labour can perform them or because assemblers can acquire multiple job skills. As Albert Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. What tools and techniques make shop transformation possible? At the top of the list are a set known as just in time techniques. The number of believers in zero lead time as a super ordinate target is small but growing fast. listened. data collection duty . When the shop is small.. He picked it up. do it right the first time (TQC principle). Lead times drop when problems are solved.performs during a production run (TPM). The first pick up will arrive at 1400 hours”.Reduce lead times There are many believers in the zero defect goal who remain unruffled irrespective of whether or not it is achieved. Wow! This was achieved only by reducing set up and changeover times. “They want the B assembly today. Problems is more of the same approach to growth.

and some times even financial assistance. Long term contracts replace short term purchase. GM in Canada sole sourced 99 percent of components. They eventually produced 27 models (different configurations) with a basket of part that had 800 manufacturing team. Too many suppliers mean to little down. Twin City Disc reduced suppliers from 900 to 250. Xerox had done something similar.000 to 300. contractual agreements should be tough so as to drive the supplier into a mode of continual and rapid improvement. Remember maruti sent its trucks to Sona. Stories like these sure strike fear in the hearts of suppliers. They battled 15. Supplier receives training.Reduce through put time Increase make delivery frequency for every item A WCM precept is to produce some of every type everyday and in the quantities sold that day. Supplier development means treating the supplier like family. This was a huge challenge given the conventional shop and they had to produce one if only one was required. Even where they had continues orders. They achieved this by shortening the batch sizes and short make delivery times. applied a great degree of standardisation and rationalisation.000 part numbers to configure five basic models. then something is wrong. The rationale for supplier development is quality goes up and price goes down. The buying by benevolence. instead. supplier development starts with supplier reduction. advance planning information. Would this mean that a large number of supplier companies bit the dust? Surely not. they developed modular machines. Perhaps the best known example comes from the MKL Hubli case study. Buyers takes over making the freight arrangement. They had evolved a methodology to produce one as fast as they produced as batch by the use of JIT techniques. Focus on a few good suppliers Xerox Reprographics reduced supplier from 5. During the reengineering process. Standardise and rationalise Cut number of part numbers. some machines had to be produced as one piece or one number only. “Give yourself an even greater challenge than the one you are trying to master and you will develop the power necewsary to overcome the original difficulty”. Too many suppliers mean tolo little attention to each of them. Some of the contracts may provide for delivering to a daily rate rather than irregular demands. IBM TW Division reduced suppliers from 640 to 32. At MKL in Hubli where they strictly produced to orders. MKL in Hubli reduced supplier numbers from 178 to 33 no. their production was one an every day mix of models to be delivered to customers. As William J Bennett has said. If supplier reduction runs its course then the results should be a typical supplier plant sells in much larger volume to much smaller number customer than before. . If a WCM effort fails to make it easier for marketing to sell the products.

Yet. So. I was called in to a BPR at a client’s factory recently. no disciplined operating systems. no quality history. The organisation must take a balanced view on the cost effectiveness. optimises numbers of the workforce. no master processes. When I walked in and saw the place. and improves operation efficiency. the place was buoyant with activity serving export markets. but the organisation now has to go through the process of overcoming the resistance to change. Quite often when I stand on the work place to analyses the environment. turnover. correct eighty per cent of the steps in manufacturing processes and correcting part programmes to increase productive time. every operator was trained to operate at lease three machines. the set up was that the work force was trained such that each operator worked on one machine under the banner of ‘skill’. I have found that workmen search for something and consequently end up loosing time. Retain production and problem data We were recently invited to re-engineering an ongoing business. When the shop floor was relayed in smaller manufacturing cells and on a flow line concept. Multi killing the workforce builds flexibility. a clear and distinct vision. Among the many things that required change were arranging the work place to eliminate idle movements and search time. for it had everything (the entrepreneurial zeal and zest. One before and one after his machines the one up one down concept. I called it God’s miracle. a business that was doing well in terms of demand. procedures and practices etc. People with limited exposure and experience had set up the manufacturing practices.) The absence of this data has not only left the organisation devoid of learning . a big dream. Eliminating the search time will reduce the through put time and improve the output. Something the CNC machines part programme or the part manufacturing process may not be optimised. The number of man hours required per day to produce the daily rate defined the need for an operator. There is always the argument of adding equipment for processes required. it had nothing (no documented data of any kind. a hurry to move forward.Make product manufacturing easy The designs should be so made that the manufacturing process can control the process variations with available equipment. overcomes line stoppages fro want of an operator. Cross train and multi skill the work force At one of the factories where we implemented these principles. Eliminate search time I am called in to many factories to talk about waste eliminations. and perhaps profits. tremendous ability to sell in competitive overseas market) and yet. desire to become a global organisation. the focus on production was to produce to daily dispatch rate and not to either a forecast or inventory. because people have to move out .

Recording and maintaining date on production. It is necessary to imbibe a sense of appreciation and commitment while training and retaining the work force. Don’t try to do it elsewhere. A problems is best solvent at the place it originates.of their comfort zones. information and feel are best available at the line level. Improve existing systems When qualitative and productivity improvement have to be achieved. Have multiple workstations During the 1980s MKL looked at building a moving assembly line for machines. Building a quality circles is a practice used to achieve this. The date. unless there is a different technology needed to solve problems. We have all heard of these suggestions. For examples. Sure. some organisation think of investment as a route. learn from past actions and results. movable equipment Some say that equipment decisions should be based on variability and volumes. This acts as a motivator as well. Look for simple. Other are of the opinion that the equipment should meet daily rate of requirement. that is where the problem must be solved and by those very people. take corrective action but avoid pitfalls. identify training needs and areas where skill needs to be upgraded to improve processes etc. The process of continuous improvement also involves frequent layout changes. so having machines that can be easily moved around in case of layout changes is a huge advantage. Today’s technology can give you a great degree of sophistication if your process and part design requires it . if you have a defect or process deviation on the shop floor. If they understand the ‘why’ they will implement the ‘how’ that you will coach them to do. helps in identifying the areas that need to be improved upon. quality and problems helps to measure rate of improvement. Crack the problem at the place of origin ‘Nip it in the bud’ Get down to the grass root level’. At that them the factory practiced group technology as its . too. Small batch producers find the flexible and easy to set up stand-alone CNC machines a boon. Continuous manufacturers still find simple dedicated machines cost effective. Data can be best collected at the functional level from operators and line supervisors. you may have to invest based on an assessed need. But you should first give your best shot at improving your existing equipment using preventive maintenance techniques or even productive maintenance technique. Although some people are highly committed to achieving the targets life is a struggle even at the end of a 12-14 hour working day and the employees lose out on vital family time.

necessitating extra corrective operation and the pains of rejection. process variations. At ANZ.Suppliers Become Closer Partners When big buyers and their suppliers use information technology in the clothing business. Using problems solving techniques. they have set up multiple work stations to balance a three minute cycle time. and delays. automate incrementally to control process variability.manufacturing strategy. Eight types of problems confronted them. TAL Apparel. It shows that suppliers who already find "extras". they have incrementally automated with available equipment to bring all variables under process control. The case reveals more than the sophisticated technology used in the garment business today. This involved balancing all the background work. So. TAL made 12% of the shirts sold in the United States in 2003. Do we need a moving line or doe we need a faster workstation? What impact will both have on the floor space? They worked to drastically cut down lead times and cycle times. Calvin Kein and Land's End.TAL. When the company implemented learn manufacturing in the very early 90s. It usually means suppliers take on new responsibilities. and eliminate the process variability to clear the eight problems once and for all. E-management . Instead of rushing into buying the most suited automated equipment. They built eleven workstation that would churn out assembled machines to match this daily rate. Automate incrementally At ANZ. the question that emerged out of JIT and Kaizen learning was different. they identified they by automating the process they would finish the part in just a few operation. They had to ship six machines every day a mixture of different models. and this way you will also keep costs under control. they had to balance a lot of cycle times. deviations non conformances. Moving responsibilities to suppliers allows companies such as JC Penney to concentrate on "lean retailing". they set up multiple workstations where required. such as fabric sourcing. a shirt maker in Hong Kong (China). has an arrangement with retail giant JC Penney in the United States that shows how manufacturers can provide new services to buyers which go beyond the traditional supplier role. catalogue sellers and e-retailers. has also established relationships with other major retailers. Pressure to cut stocks spurs link . it is more than just adding computers to conventional commerce. JC Penney is one of the United States' largest department stores. a burden will have to work hard to stay competitive. Balancing the cycle times. including Banana Republic. It took about one third of the space that the line would have taken. with operations through out Asia. they produced spindle bolts in over 15 operation. and it is the country's largest catalogue merchant of general merchandise. Brooks Brothers. and since they produced more conventional machines during that time. where they need to ship 250 deck hub assemblies every day.

000 new shirts for a test run within four weeks. TAL's computer determines the ideal inventory level for that brand. JC Penney and TAL cooperation expanded into sales forecasting. is under pressure to cut the quantity of goods in stock so that there are fewer items to be sold at reduced prices. JC Penney stores now hold almost no extra stock of house-brand dress shirts. TAL receives sales data directly from the stores.JC Penney. The system links the manufacturer directly to the customer. By Wednesday afternoon. by passing Penney's warehouses and corporate decision-makers. from design to ordering yarn. TAL has stepped in and also provides JC Penney with related services such as sales forecasting and inventory management. After analysing sales data for a month. a Taiwan Province (China) factory has produced and packed replacement shirts to be shipped to the shop. TAL. For example. because TAL manages the entire process. If TAL's New York and Dallas design teams come up with a new style. With this process working well. TAL stepped in to forecast what JC Penney stores would need each week from TAL's headquarters. Saving time and money JC Penney has been willing to cede some functions once seen as central because TAL can do them better and more cheaply. warehousing and stock replenishment). runs the numbers through a computer model and decides how many shirts to make. its factories can produce 100. style.The manufacturer sends the shirts directly to each shop. collects point of sale data for JC Penney's shirts directly from North American stores. like other retailers.not JC Penney-decides how many of the new shirts to make and in what colours. TAL can respond instantly to changes in consumer demand: stepping up production if there is a spike in sales or reducing it if there is a slump. Instead of asking JC Penney what it would like to buy. which designed and operates the programme. That means outsourcing traditional activities (for example. TAL. JC Penney's sales forecasts were not always correct. and in what styles. the manufacturer's computer system informs them how many shirts they have just bought. and responds by ordering more fabric and . With decisions made at the factory. A computer technician in Hong Kong (China) downloads a record of the sales on Monday and based on past sales data. leaving none of this size and colour in stock at the store. it can bring a new style from the testing stage to full retail roll-out in four months. colour and size at that store. much faster than JC Penney could on its own. a JC Penney store sells two white. sometimes overestimating the number of shorts they needed by as much as two months' worth of sales. wrinkle-free shirts and two sage coloured shirts of similar size but of another house brand on Saturday. colours and sizes.

has fully taken over the sourcing decisions. Moreover. dealing with internal resistance in JC Penney and some pitfalls along the way. for example. After years of patient work. Manufacturers wishing to emulate their success should note that investment costs are high. Over the next few years. then let TAL do the rest. importers will have to comply in order to avoid unpredictable delays at the United States border. TAL expects in the future to be able to deliver individual assortments to each stores. jeans from Cambodia. requirements to reduce the cost of goods while increasing quality and improving the time to market require the use of advanced technologies. TAL began by proposing to take over restocking JC Penney's warehouses. the buying part will be kept by JC Penney or will be done collaboratively. Small and medium-sized firms can hardly develop such a system on their own. Companies that have been proactive will have a clear advantage. Where needed. as garments are still sewn in different parts of the world. Within a few years. Tougher market needs This TAL-JC Penney arrangement shows technology is becoming more important to companies that want to sell into retail channels in the United States. JC Penney provided TAL with goals for how often store stocks should be replenished. TAL is now designing and testing new shirts and delivering them directly to all of JC Penney's stores in the United States. TAL. They look for progressive manufacturers that could be integrated into the evolving value chain. Thus. companies can differentiate themselves by adapting these technologies and making them . It took a long time for JC Penney to become convinced of the merits of this sort of arrangement. TAL invested US$12 to 15 million to develop and perfect the system over about five years. with Thai shirts and underwear from Bangladesh. they must find ways to team up with big suppliers like TAL. "homeland security" and other customs protections are another factor that will force companies to adopt new technologies to be able to deliver their goods efficiently in the United States. many large trading houses based in Hong Kong (China) and Singapore do.increasing production. however. As a result. While TAL does not outsource operations. TAL will not. forecasting and replenishing. the use of advanced technologies. Instead. inventory levels have dropped. but JC Penney would not accept a third party making its buying decisions. however. This requirement is increasing every year and will put additional conditions on companies wishing to sell (or continue to sell) in the United States. Across all categories of merchandisers. Further plans are for collaborative planning. take over all decisions. As more requirements come into force.

increase your group of business partners and cast your net of clients wide. With new technologies. as with all technologies. to increase your visibility. Get out there. Increase the visibility of your business by talking to them and introducing yourself to those unfamiliar with your business. Therefore. They can produce and ship replacement stock without waiting for new orders from the retailer. but who knows you". To increase the success of your business. manufacturer receive "point-of-sale" data almost immediately from the shop.available to their customers. that advantage will last only a few years. you have to get out there and participate actively in groups that have your potential clients or target markets. you have to widen your circle of contacts. But. Increase the visibility of your business New sales can come in only when people are aware of what you do and what you can provide. . Business is never done alone. Networking For Success Why network? "It is not who you know. get noticed and let people know about what you do.

and so would your chances of being accepted by them as someone whom they can do business with or refer business to. You have to continuously work on nurturing and developing the relationship with your new contact to convert him from a new prospect to a long term partner or client. But a successful business relationship doesn't just stop there. For instance. You can work together either by paying them a fee for each referral they make.Dish out your business card One of the first things you should do when you start your business is to make your business cards. As part of the team that drives the associations's activities. Join business associations Opportunities to pick up new leads and meet up with like minded people are aplenty in business networking functions. And don't forget to bring along your business cards wherever you go ! One innovative way of using your business cards is to give other businesses your cards and asking them to pass you referrals. or by providing discounts for one another's clients. and vice-versa. it is much easier to approach the person the next time round. if you are a frame-maker. Words of goodwill about your business will naturally spread by word of mouth. You can also attach a card to all your mailing correspondence. Build successful relationships Once you have met someone for the first time. Be a sponsor Another way to increase the visibility of your business is to become a sponsor in your local community. Next. follow up. follow up! . Find out how you can rope in your family and friends to help promote your business. The chances of personally acquainting with many new people would therefore increase. observe how you work and have the opportunity to interact with you. you can tie up with a retail shop selling jigsaw puzzles and offer discounts to its clients. join business associations and Entrepreneurs' clubs. Participate actively in your association One of the best ways to get your business noticed is to play an active role in your business association. association or industry by sponsoring door gifts or prizes for events and donating goods or services to needy members of the community. sustain it and make it grow. your profile would naturally rise as more people get to know you. You have to make the effort to cultivate the relationship. pass a stack of cards to your family and friends. To take part in such functions. and ask them to help pass it on. Follow up.

Listen and learn. It is not the quantity but the quality of contacts that the group can bring you. by making the effort to stay in touch with your business partners or clients. they would grow to expect to hear from you and make time to receive you. Drop him a note within the same day if possible when memories are still fresh. Business Coach It is about meeting people and sharing with them how you can help one another. they'd begin to look elsewhere and eventually you might lose them. Thank the person who gave you a referral.No matter how well you know your partner or client. Many people love to talk about what they do. By staying in touch regularly with your partners or clients.. you make it clear that they matter to you. Don't Don't choose a networking group by its size. Think first before you speak so as to present your thoughts and ideas clearly. regular meetings and phone-calls are actually more effective than long but infrequent sessions. Finally. Think. He'll remember you for a long while because you'd be the only person out of the ten people he met to have dropped him a note. If they feel neglected. Make the effort to follow up promptly after meeting the person whom you want to have contract with. not just about looking for self-gains. so take the opportunity to learn and you might just be able to find out how you can work together with them. Bear in mind too that short. Follow up. they may take their own initiative to call you to find out how you are doing. Do your homework prepare yourself by asking yourself who you would want to know and what you would like to achieve from the networking event. Show gratitude. A little gesture goes a long way. . 12 do's and don't on successful networking Networking is easy and fun! Just bear in mind the following have an effective session: Do Adopt the right attitude about networking. If on one occasion you fail to call them. you should maintain regular contact with him to sustain and strengthen the relationship.

Don't offer unsolicited opinions. Generally speaking. Leave a more lasting impression by allowing them to know you first. Don't be shy. phrase or device which uniquely identified a particular company or individual. but 'Xerox' is. Once a company or trademark. they are gifts.e. Acknowledge the person by saying Thank you. etc. This same philosophy holds true with distinctive slogans or band names. Band Aid. Coca Cola world's most valued Trademark. Xerox. a trademark is a word. Be patient. as it might take a while before people are comfortable with offering you a referral. Trademark laws work much like copyright laws in the sense of first rights. A photocopying machine is not a trademark. Jucuzzi. There are many types of bottles used to contain soft drinks but only one with the distinctive logo and design of Coca Cola. Consumers ask of 'Xerox' instead of photocopy. Let us understand the trademark concept with the help on an example i. Don't ask for more than what people can give. for instance. Each element of a imprint and name could be considered a trademark all of these elements have been legally registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) no other soft drink company can create a similar trademark. Don't expect instant results from your contacts. Legal Protection of Trademark A tradermark should be registered with agencies such as the Patent and Trademark Office of government of India for maximum legal protection. even though the name 'Xerox' is a registered trademark of the Xerox is registered trademark of the Xerox Company. Other trademarks which have become universal in India include Frooty. for instance even though the same 'Xerox' instead of photocopy. Any product bearings the name Xerox implies the same level of quality as the original products. symbol. a circled "R" or the abbreviation "Reg. TM" can be legally imprinted on the product or slogan. Don't be shy and turn aside compliments. Tetra Park. You never know what the other party knows and you might land yourself in a minefield.Don't dish out your business cards to people before a conversation occurs. Sometimes a trademark becomes so popular that is replaces the generic description of the product. . Legal Protection of Trademark: A Sound Business Decision In our earlier article we had discussed trademark and why it should be protected.

For the purpose of registration. value or geographical origin of the goods. New Act has made is possible to register Service Marks in India. What can be registered as Trademark? Sometimes the critical fro trademark registration can be challenging to understand. a mark chosen should not be deceptively similar to an existing mark of another person and not the one another person and not the one expressly prohibited under Act. Kentucky Fried Chicken's registered trademark does not protect individual words. but it can't be readily confused with the swoosh logo owned by Nike. or any combination thereof or combination of colors and so forth. The Nike swoosh (stylized check mark). Trademark Registry has started accepting service mark applications from September 15. This would create confusion with the registered trademark of Colonel Sanders owned by Kentucky Fried Chicken.Please note. The marks devoid of any distinctive of the kind. the shape of goods other than those for which a mark is proposed to be used. The Nike shoe company has a legal right to trademark the phrase 'Just Do It' because the words have become an identifiable slogan similarly another prominent example in India is Pepsi's slogan 'Yeh dil mange more'. but they can turn a distinctive combination of world into a trademark. Companies and individuals cannot simply register ownership of common words or phrases. quantity. Subject to certain conditions. Definition of a Trademark for registration A 'Mark' may consist of a word or invented word. signature. letter. name written in a particular style. living or dead. heading. purpose. just the entire phase or symbol. is also a registered trademark. that another company can't use a styliszed check mark. brand. or which are marks already in vogue in the trade due to . however. for example. as simple as it may apear. Companies and individuals who have registered a trademark will pursue many legal avenues to protect it. 2003. device. a trademark may also be symbolished by the name of a person. India Trademark Law The new Trade Marks Act 1999 and Trade Marks Rules 2002 have come into force with effect from 15 September. label. there is no such condition as "trademark pending" unlike applications for patents which may take years to process through the Patent office. cannot use the image of an elderly man in a white suit as official logo. 2003. Courts must decide if the unauthorized use of a trademarked slogan or product by others has caused actual restaurant featuring fried chicken. This doesn't mean. What is Covered Under Trademarks Under the Act. quality. trademark is a mark used in relation to goods and services so as to indicate a connection in the course of trade between the goods and some person having the right as proprietor to use the mark. numeral.

their customary use may not be registered. But these disqualifications do not apply to marks, which have already acquired distinction due to their popularity and consistent use. The new Act also seeks to make internationally acclaimed brand names freely available for use in India. Who can apply for a Trademark? The right to use a mark can be exercised either by the registered proprietor may apply for registration of a trade mark to the Trademark office under whose jurisdiction the principle place of the business of the applicant in India falls. In case of a company about to be formed, anyone amy apply in his name fro subsequent assignment of the registration in the company's favor. Before making an application for registration it is prudent to make for inspection of the already registered trade marks or to apply for "search Report" to ensure that registration amy not be denied in view of resemblance of the proposed mark to an existing one or prohibited one. Duration of a Trademark The present term of registration of a trademark is ten years, which may be renewed for a further period of ten years on payment of prescribed renewal fees. Remedies for Infringement and Passing Off Two types of remedies are available to the owner of a trademark for unauthorized use of his or her mark of its imitation by a third party. These remedies are: an action for infringement' in case of a registered trademark and an action for passing off' in the case of an unregistered trademark. While former is a statutory remedy, the latter is a common law remedy. In a suit for infringement or for passing off, the relief that the court may grant includes injunction and either damages or an account for profits with or without any order for delivery of the infringing labels and marks for destruction or erasure. Although registration under the Act is prima facie evidence of validity of a trademark, yet the registration can and upstage a prior consistent use of trademark, for the rule is priority in adoption prevails over priority in registration. Filing and Registering Under the Indian Trademark Act, which uses International Class of Goods and Service it is essential to file a trademark application for registration in proper(es) using acceptable description of goods/services to obtain registration quickly. Opposition/Cancellation/Rectification/Appeals Once a trademark is registered, it is deemed valid unit it is canceled through a cancellation action. Upon discovery of an application for a conflicting mark, it is essential that a strong and vigorous opposition be filled to block that application from effecting registration.

In most of the cancellation actions filed in India, the ground for cancellation is based on non use of a registered mark. Two major grounds for invalidating a trademark registration are: (a) Conflict with previously registered or well knonw mark, and (b) Lack of inherent registrability. Licensing/Assignments, Change of Names & Recordals Recordal of trade mark licenses are not mandatory under Indian Trade Marks Law, unless the marks are registered in which case a Registered User Agreement can be recorded with the Register of Trade Marks. It is advisable to record such Registered User Agreement or otherwise in contested proceedings this situation can become complicated as the User may not have a right to initiate legal proceedings, independently. Similarly when ownership of a trademark registration/application or a corporation changes due to assignments or merger, and when company name changes, it is critical to properly registered the change at the Trademarks Registry to give proper effect to the trademark registration and/or to establish proper evidence of use in the event of a cancellation action. Conventions and International Treaties India has declared certain countries as conventional countries, which afford to citizens of India similar privileges as granted to its own citizens. A person from a convention country, may within six months of making an application in his or her home country, apply for registration of the trademark in India. It such a trademark is accepted for registration, such foreign national will be deemed to have registered his or her trademark in India, from the same date on which he or she made application in his or her home country. Where the applications have been made of the registration of trademark in two or more conventional countries, the period of six months would be reckoned from tea date on which the earlier or earliest of those applications was made. Recovery for damages for infringement of a trademark is possible if the infringement takes place after the date or registration application with the concerned trademark office in India, yet the deemed seniority in making application in home country may entire the applicant to initiate an action in India for injunction, delivery of impugned labels, etc.

Better Concepts For Staying Ahead
1. Visit Your Counterparts Regularly Remember: ○ If you have a rupee and I have another, ○ And we swap, we have only one rupee each. ○ If you have a BETTER IDEA and I have another, ○ And we swap, we have two BETTER IDEAS each. Needs no explanation. And we can vouch that it works wonderfully. No idea should be kept confidential because those who want to get it, will get it anyhow. Why not give it on your own and nine out of 10 chances are that the other person will share an idea with you too. You get many thought starters when you visit counterparts in other companies. Have you given your ideas away to others? No. Then please DO IT NOW. Your will be surprised that if nothing else, you will at least find out that you are smarter than others. Reward enough. Isn’t it? We are giving here the experience of one of the authors of this book: “It was in 1966 when I got my first idea. I was visiting Mr. Amarjit Singh, then Resident Director, ACC. I noticed that the incoming mail reached him at 9.30 a.m. I asked him, ‘Is it Yesterday’s mail?’ He replied, ‘No, it came just now. Why do you ask me?’ I said, ‘Our mail does not reach us until noon, as we get a lot of mail which we first enter in the Mail Receipt Register.’ He asked ‘Why do you enter it in the register in the first place?’ I replied, ‘Well, in case... He asked, ‘How many such cases in one year?’ I replied, ‘Maybe 10.’ He asked, ‘Is it worth it?’ I replied, ‘Good question.’ We eliminated it at Escorts after considering several aspects that were basically “in case fears”. This way we got several ideas at Escorts and we strongly recommend this concept. During such visits you will learn those things which they do not teach in B.A., B.Com., C.A., M.B.A., B.E., and so on.

Have you heard of M.B.A.? Yes, of course. Are you an M.B.A.? No. Don’t worry. We suggest that you follow this concept and grant yourself the degree of M.W.A. or M.B.S.A. within a period of nine months. But you must be honest with yourself. THE PANCHATANTRA WAY What are M.W.A., M.B.S.A., and M.B.B.S.? Simple. M.W.A is “Management By Walking Around”, M.B.S.A. is “Management By Showing Around”,; M.B.B.S. is “Management By Business Stories and Sayings”. You can also call it the Panchtantra way; it is very effective for solving complex management problems by drawing morals from simple and common-sense stories. This is the approach that we will try to follow in this book for conveying our ideas to you. Encourage your subordinates to follow the M.W.A., M.B.B.S and M.B.S.A. ways. You will be surprised at the results. Take our word, if you do not practice this concept, you cannot avoid bankruptcy of ideas. If you are working in particular department, visit other departments frequently and you will pick up a lot of ideas. For example, if you have a white collar job, you may learn a lot from what goes on at the assembly line. At times, processing of material on the shop floor may give you ideas for processing of papers in your office. There is no harm in poking your nose in the business of others so far as you do not irritate them. And when you visit others and talk to them, treat them like “onions” ! Ask questions and you will find a new layer of ideas every time you peel off the visible layer. 2. DO YOUR “SWOT” ANALYSIS “SWOT” is the crystal ball to your future. SWOT stands for : 1. 2. 3. 4. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats What do we understand by these? All of us have certain strengths and weaknesses. These may either be visible or latent. Strengths and weaknesses are internal to us and are within our control. We can manipulate these to suit a particular situation. For example, being a good writer can be the strength of a person and having a short memory can be his weakness. On weaknesses, Norman Vincent Peale, in his book “ Positive Thoughts For The Day” has rightly said:

save valuable foreign exchange by accepting their hospitality. do your SWOT analysis. I heard a great speaker say. if you want your boss to send you to Japan for after-sales service training with your collaborators. As in welding. . you always try to: Exploit the OPPORTUNITIES Avoid the THREATS. OPPORTUNITY: ○ Your company is planning to launch a new product. when you are thinking of avoiding your wife who has been nagging you for having forgotten to bring her favorite movie cassette. On the other hand. Nobody in your department has been trained so far. As an individual. s You have a lot of acquaintances there and can. And at that moment if you remember that it is your son’s birthday. STRENGTHS: ○ You have been to Japan earlier too and will have no problem. Training requires going to Japan. So thought and intensity of faith can weld the weak spots in personality into greater strength. you cannot avoid the boss-it is beyond your control-and you cannot avoid the threat too for you cannot postpone your son’s birthday. Well. For example. you get a phone call from your boss who asks you to come to his house for something very urgent because he is proceeding on tour the next morning. opportunities and threats are beyond our control. here is an opportunity of escaping your nagging wife. ‘You can become strongest in your weakest place. They are external to us and pertain to the environment existing around us. therefore. the broken point becomes strongest when heat is applied. you are faced with a threat if you dare go out anywhere for official business.“In my youth. before you put up your request. s You are a technical man WEAKNESSES: ○ You do not know Japanese. And a successful person is one who can happily marry SW to OT. Knowing the language will definitely help you. Dilute his WEAKNESSES. It requires trained people to handle the product.” It should be the endeavour of every person to: Build on his STRENGTHS. It’s amazing what a person can creatively do with his own self. For example. SWOT is basically a common sengse approach to management that can be applied to any situation with a little bit of imagination.

You can offer adjustment of your leave against your foreign tour and can also place your suggeston-1/3rd of the cost be borne by the company. Work out your itinerary and also do the costing clearly stating how much you save by accepting the hospitality of your friends. REMEMBER. see how you can concentrate on your strengths.THREATS: ○ You have a colleague who has taken lessons in Japanese. This will give rise to discontent in your colleagues. Tell your boss that you are already doing a sandwich course in Japanese which will be completed in the next two months. When you put in your request. SELLING IS A NOBLE PROFESSION . Apply the SWOT concept to other situations too. State in your request that this is the right time to go in view of the forthcoming product launch. 6Better Ways to “Sell Well” Your Product 1. s You have been to Japan twice this year (unprecedented in your company). s Your colleague has never been to Japan and is an active aspirant for this trip. quarterly or yearly. 1/3rd be borne by you before departure and the balance 1/3rd be adjusted against your salary. Do your SWOT analysis on a regular basis-monthly. This will take care of your weakness.

like a doctor or an engineer. he has started the hair cut. Unfortunately. Crowds pouring in. thinks of his prospect first. and more so in India. And soon enough the customer sees similar activity again! And then he sees similar activity yet again! And then he realises what is happening. there are periods when our businessmen have to put in efforts to sell. as the name implies. before the customer knows it. Don’t you believe it? Don’t blame yourself. Well. in order to achieve even better occupancy. but restless. it so appears that times are changing fast. uses all techniques including dishonesty. On close scrutiny. A professional salesman. uses a variety of selling skills. we now come back to selling techniques ideas that you can use to improve selling skills just as doctors and engineers do. and so on. The difference between a professional and a non professional is that a professional thinks of his profession first. A typical barber’s shop. an engineer repairs a machine and an architect builds your house. other hotels having large occupancy rates. . the top criterion for professionalism in selling is the ability to think rationally of your prospect. Close scrutiny reveals that everyone is sitting with an incomplete their cut. The barber moves so quickly and efficiently that.Why? Because it satisfies the needs of the buyer-just like a doctor cures the patient. deception and any such method to get the order.S.A. The High Pressure Salesman. An innocent looking customer comes for a hair cut. in India because of shortages and a controlled economy. there is virtually no competition in comparison with that in countries like the U. but soon the market once again changes as the demand over-reaches the supply. Well. one observes a few sitting quietly. What is happening he is what happens every day at our businesses. Hectic activity is seen at the barber’s shop. When one hotel offered a 45 percent discount. True. The professional believes in thinking of the customer first so that the customer too thinks of him first. last and always. Therefore. Salesman” is almost a “dirty” word anywhere in the world. But more important at this time is the need to remove some misconceptions about a salesman. He becomes another head in the line of partially complete hair cuts!” The Professional Salesman. Doctors. but professional Salesmen are different. on the other hand. He may be totally misinformed and has no intention to fulfill the needs of his prospect except to get his pay or his commission. That may be true of high pressure Salesmen. look at five-star hotels in Delhi. in between. followed suit by cutting their tariffs to match the offer. To get an idea as to what kind of days are ahead. Here is an interesting story: “imagine Kumbh Mela at Allahabad. knowing the commissions will flow in automatically.

ii. decides which salesman has fulfilled his needs better and he then gives him repeat business. and in several other countries. They learn by observing other successful salesmen and by attending courses. In the U. As a professional salesman you have to customize your selling to suit your personality and the product you sell. obviously the one who helped you fulfill your needs. THINK. In regard to selling attitude. Don’t they? A doctor thinks of curing his patient first and. successful salesmen enjoy reputation and respect in society. asked several short questions. We repeat.engineers. 40 percent to 50 percent selling skills iii. The balance 80 percent to 90 percent is divided between selling skills and the attitude of the professional salesman. He knows that they are the geese that can lay golden eggs. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and think back which salesman you respect. Such salesmen may not go through colleges as doctors do. a good salesman finds out how he can give the most suitable product that will satisfy the maximum needs of the prospect at the least cost. 40 percent selling attitude. therefore. You always like the salesman who met most of your needs and it is likely that you do not even remember the price of the product or the service that the had sold to you. No. Suppose you know your product extremely well )(product knowledge) and you are also very sure that your product will truly benefit your customer. We are no going to tell you the most important thing in selling which is a applicable almost everywhere. 10 percent to 20 percent produce knowledge. Selling techniques are almost the same. Your basic approach and principle to selling remain the same. Another misconception about a salesman is hat he is opposed to talk and talk and talk.S. The professional salesman needs: i. A good salesman listens to his prospect carefully. The professional saleman knows that his best customers are thin skinned. This way. We will be discussing selling skills in the following pages in more detail. chartered accountants do the same. society respects doctors. They learn from competitors as well. the customer. being the boss. does not interrupt. He inspires them to keep laying and does not “kill” them to extract all the eggs in one go. He knows that a seemingly small thin like serving tea in a chipped cup can make a customer walk over to the competitors. We are sure that you will be surprised to know that product knowledge is only 10 percent to 20 percent important to a professional salesman. whatever the product. In the final analysis. we will briefly talk here. A positive selling attitude.A. . Enthusiasm comes from within yourself. You will then be really enthusiastic to talk to him and will talk with your eyes as well as your heart. consists of enthusiasm and confidence.

Display your trophies such as Dealers Conference Group Photograph. think of him to be an onion.” iv. A good professional salesman also learns from either a successful sale or a lost one. Best Dealer Cup. And the products you want to sell to him are backed up by the manufacturers as well as by you as the seller in your area. A doctor cures his patients and learns from each curing or death. Look for clues that point to his possible needs.Confidence comes from knowing your selling techniques well and how and when to use them. Create confidence in him about your organisation: Convey to him that you represent a good company. Remember. This makes a favorable first impression and provides you with an opportunity of analysing him. He guides his customer into the driver’s seat. Sounds funny? Maybe. You must do the following and more to suit your style when a customer walks into your showroom: i. the customer must not feel hurt and offended. When you talk to him. but be careful not to gash the onion. 2. So you have to have a good idea about using your selling techniques. many a sale has been won or lost in the first 80 seconds. If you are selling a consumer durable. Friendly and enthusiastic greeting: Meet the customer at the door or even before he gets inside the showroom. You simply have to say. demonstrate your equipment: any good car salesman does it. Qualify the customer: Lead him into talking abut his needs and get him to agree that he has a need. Be a good listener. Confidence also comes from knowing how to analyses successes and failures of the past and to build upon them. But it is a fact. Sell yourself: Ask questions that involve the customer and get across the idea that you are interested in him. Showroom Selling Most of us make efforts to sell. iii. Probe deeply for his needs. Try to peel off the skin of the onion by asking more questions. we launch advertising and sales promotion. Showroom facilities are kept net and clean. Proudly show him your list of satisfied customers. etc. Peeling off a layer will expose a new layer every time. and so on. Service and spare parts are provided to the existing customers. your customer has to shell out money to buy your product. Ask them. Remember. He need not worry after he has made the huge investment . Get a commitment that he will buy today if he gets the right deal. Towards this. show him your spare Parts Department and your Service Department and whatever prizes you have won to tell him that you are not an overnight dealer. Soon he intends to own the new car and . v. ii. The customer feels comfortable and proud.

words which he knows and understands. i. Why not do the same with your customer in regard to your shiny products? Let him get the feel the importance of ownership. do not be too technical. Listen to what he says. listen and let it go into your head. repeat what you have said. Agreeing with your prospect gets more sales than arguing does. to be patient listeners. while listening to prospects. ii. Many a sale is lost because the salesman wants to impress the prospect by showing his knowledge. slowly. Train each of your employees. where you can talk to him confidently and give him the relevant information and create confidence about yourself and your business establishment. Frequently but humbly. Everyone in a business establishment communicates with customers. She should be guided into the rear seat and told about the soft leather upholstery. if need be. Many salesmen. For your own sake. you observe the following basic rules: i.think of his existing car as junk. This is important. Talk slowly and clearly. Do not answer questions that he has not asked unless the answers are positive in relation to your competition. they listen through one ear. TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION IN SELLING Communication with the customers is the core of good customer service. 3. ask him if he understands and. and retain it for possible use later. A countess should not be guided into the driver’s seat and told about automatic gear shifts. Ask questions to check response: Questions such as: ○ “How do you feel about that?” ○ “What’s your opinion?” . Of course. Observe how he is dressed. Let him talk. Do not argue with him. especially the ones involved in direct selling. Instead. And get his agreement that your product is the best possible answer to his needs. Answer his questions: Ask several questions to determine his needs. Determine his main interest: You can do it by asking him a few questions. vi. A salesman without training is no salesman at all. Answer each question one by one.e. Train your salesmen to express themselves clearly. guide the customer to your room where disturbances and distractions are the least. and send out through the other. Gain and maintain understanding: Make sure you use those iii. Wherever possible. be careful. engage their differential lock”. It is very important that while taking to your prospect.

Observe how he says it. Watch gestures.○ “Does that make sense to you?” And answers to these questions will tell you what your prospect’s needs are and how your products will meet such needs. Listen with your eyes. He saw and he heard how he could go in for the best buy by purchasing a new Escort tractor from us. model. But dress neatly and smartly. attitude and approach: Your appearance says a lot to your prospect. And also try to understand it. When we went on a sales call to this prospect. Do it close to what salesmen in your profession normally do. We are reminded of an incident which our dealer friend J. Attitude: Remember that your attitude always sows. We kept quiet and gave him a patient hearing. remember the Dipstick . Please read a good book on attitude. facial expressions and other actions that indicate what he is thinking. the particular make. And.e. listen: Salesmen normally do not listen. listen. Make sure your mind has positive thoughts when you are meeting your prospects. iv. Listen. They get a wrong notion that they must keep on talking and talking whether the prospect is listening or not.” A salesman must first listen to know what the needs of his prospect are. A salesman should be as professional as a doctor or a chartered accountant.Jayaraj from Madurai told us. Do not overdress or underdress. and whether to buy an old or a new tractor. sometimes more than the mouth. v. they ask questions to get more information. he blurted out a lot against our product. Don’t they listen first and then talk? In between. eyes say a lot. Approach: Impress upon your prospect that you want to be helpful. The very man who wanted to buy a different tractor and was conservative on money made the full payment in advance. He came across a tractor owner who wanted to sell his old Escort tractor to him. This WRONG. The very man who wanted to buy a difference tractor from us. Watch your appearance. This tractor owner had gone to the extent of biasing the prospect’s mind against buying a new Escort tractor. When he had given a vent to his feelings and cooled down. Listen to what the prospect says. In his own words: “One of our prospective customers was in dilemma about the tractor to be bought. Avoid negative salesmen for the are bad company. finally. we used a paper and pen and started working out his costs. i.

Now. you are spreading good will through word of mouth and creating more prospective customers. Now.000 cards per month to his customers. You can’t go wrong. SALES PROSPECTING THROUGH MAIL SHOTS AND LETTERS “Buyers will bet a path to your door provided you bet a path to their door first. our dealers friend K. Besides Pongal. Subramanyachari of Vijay Auto Stores. Our friend Dhannanjay Vadnagare of Nashik sends out nice vehicle birthday anniversary greetings to people who have bought motorcycles from him.000 letters every month. how about 30 per day. Ask yourself the questions that have been discussed above.360 per year? These can be to the existing customers as well as to the prospective customers. We cannot and need not go to meet prospective customers unless we have “sifted” them through mail shots. maybe you cannot send 13. not before. 4. what do you do to determine the quantity and quality of oil in the engine? Keep on checking. Continuously check yourself to see if you have two-way communication in every sales interview with your prospect. Keep it up. Guntur sends out specially designed and printed Pongal Greetings to all the owners of Escort and Ford tractors in his area. please use a telephone or post card to make prior appointments.Approach. Good. These are also sent to VIPs in his area. Let us take “Sales Prospecting Through Mail”. talking to your colleagues and soon you will acquire the art of knowing the prospect’s state of mind to enable you to “Ask for the Order”. he creates in their minds a feeling of love and care. The sale really begins after the sale. Rehearse. through mail.” He genuinely cares for his customers. The best car salesman in the world sent out 13. By sending to the existing customers. In your car. Going on a motorcycle or by car is not only expensive but time consuming too. There is no other way. one has to just look for an excuse to write to a customer. 180 per week and 9. vi. However. Success in any area depends upon your obsession for treat area. He sends letters to his customers on their birthdays and on special occasions and makes sure that while doing so. Make it your habit. With so many festivals in India. When and wherever you can. He “fight” with his service manager for his customers. these are sent out on other festive occasions too. rechecking. you can reach the maximum prospects in the least . He said beautifully. Similarly.” You want to sell more and you want to sell well.

it takes. Turn up future needs for later sales iii. Customer response can be boosted if direct mail includes a reply-paid facility. It is good advertising practice to coordinate these mailings to compliment or follow-up your advertisements. as a rule of thumb. And. you will never even see many of the people who could be your customers. Do you know why you need regular prospecting? Because: i. special offers. ii. In the tractor business. It’s equally effective for announcing new products. Competition might sell to him iii. 300 potential customers in your SPADE (Sales Prospecting and Demand Enlistment) Register to sell 30 tractors every month. There are several ways to work towards BOP. for example. Please work out your own figures for your area or your product. Professional prospecting means using every method at your command to uncover a steady flow of good prospects. Get referrals of other possible prospects. Without adequate prospecting. It can be combined with invitations for customers to visit your store for a demonstration for the product or service.possible time with balanced Organised Programme (BOP). You can time direct mail to link precisely with every type of seasonal and special event. more closely than you can with advertisements. of course. new premises. which can be arranged through your local post office. You want to get referrals iv. Direct Mail can be an extremely effective weapon in your total selling armoury. There is continual need for new people as customers v. . One must keep track of changes in his needs. it is ideal for checking that you have been aiming your campaign at the right people. It is an excellent means of establishing contact with customers in advance of visits mad e by sales staff. provided the material is attractive and well presented. and you have plenty of options. open days and machine demonstrations. The prospect will forget about you ii. it needs some thinking and some creativity. Uncover people who are ready to buy now. Research indicates that mot people read it. Your mail shot is an opportunity to: i. organising a direct mail promotion is quite simple.

But that’s only the start. 2. At least once a month it should be checked. Even if you have no immediate plans to use Direct Mail. if you don’t have these details. you can achieve maximum cost effectiveness. We strongly recommend that you appoint someone to be specifically responsible for compiling and maintaining it. staff promotion and moves. as many people dislike being addressed incorrectly. Determine your maximum total budget. Begin with the names and addresses of all your customers-past and present. and it is not easy to compile in hurry when it is needed. P. invoices. event or invitation. so keep at it. or go out of business. black and white mailers. It is always preferable to address a customer by his name and lob title. leave the area. initials and job titles right. envelopes and postage. in it you must mention all the details of your prospect. and you’ll also find details in sales correspondence. e.P. not only to save unnecessary expense. Mr. new staff appointments. much more accurately with Direct Mail. with minimum wastage. Colour postcards and product range sheets do an excellent selling job. 1. suggest you proceed on these lines: 1. Farm Manager”. but to make sure your direct mail reaches the right people. so the next job is to select promising customers from trade and professional directories. It will be one of your most valuable sales assets. Remember the following two essentials. Make a special effort to get their names. they can be adapted to any selling operation. And keep an eye in your local press for new business developments. Don’t forget. 2. including costs of printed items. and like the two colour.You can pinpoint your readership target. . Customers can change their addresses. announcement. Call on your sales staff to help. etc.g. i. Once you’ve established your mailing list. It’s essential to add as many new potential buyers to your list as you can. Define your promotional objective and readership target. their staff. your most likely customers. it is just as important to keep your mailing list up-to-date. updated.Garg. added to or pruned. special offer.e. With your special knowledge of local business potential. it is most important that you establish a mailing list of customers with known or likely sales potential. With important customers. copy can be prepared to put across your particular sales message. it is worth a polite phone call to enquire. Keep the list under continuous revision. Easily adaptable to individual requirements. You can take the help of SPADE (Sales Prospecting and Demand Enlistment) Register.

a facility for dealing promptly with customer responses. 4. 4. Testimonials can be an excellent way more so in India-where several of the prospects are first time buyers. and make sure you have ample supplies of response material. competitions. 3.. entry forms for free draws.before it is . We know of a tractor salesman who sold many tractors by telling the farmers that out of the money saved by buying his brand of tractors. Decide on the content of the mailer.3. Along with it. 5. Otherwise. a direct mailshot should not just inform. Establish a target date for the mail out. It is absolutely essential that any mailshot produced contains a device or information to prompt the responded into taking immediate action. Work systematically and ask for the order. go back and ask more . 6. you have to show enthusiasm for what you are selling. allowing adequate time for receipt of printed items. Close: Close the sale otherwise you will be just wasting your time and working for competitors. These can take the form of invitations to special events. etc. To do so. Don’t forget to include a reply-paid card to encourage customer response. coupons for demonstration requests. i. write the copy and choose the illustrations. 5. first. In very sale. they could send their children to school.e. Arrange in advance. Interest: You have to arouse his curiosity so that he becomes hungry to know more about your product. over-printing. he has to enter you showroom. there are six steps which a prospect and you have to take together: 1. 2. Desire: You have to arouse the desire in your prospect’s mind convincing him that your product will meet his needs easily and that he will get a bit more as bonus too. SELLING WELL IS EASY ONLY WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR JOB Each salesman must understand the basic concepts of selling. special offers. Attention: You have to get into conversation with him to find out his needs. You many prefer to use the services of a design studio. The prospect must have it. But.. your dealership and the product. Conviction: Now you have to convince your prospect that your product will meet his needs. typing addresses. and that comes from your motivation and positive attitude. you have to have confidence in yourself. 5. etc. Take this step only if the prospect has given you signals that he is ready to buy.

6. a saleman can “oversell”. they told me that I was most welcome but must not talk of selling my tractors to them. H. Congratulate: When your prospect has said “Yes”. . After every decision. I took the challenge. emerged victorious because I could prove. A prospect may want a product because it looks good. do not forget that word of mouth is the best publicity. Please not the difference between congratulating and thanking. his prospect will then become his repeat customer or will recommend the salesman to his friends. undersell” and sell wrongly” A professional salesman would like to know. Let us give an actual incident here which was narrated by our former colleague Mr. congratulate him. or because his friend has it. even though it may not solve his problems. A professional salesman sells what his prospect needs. His decision means money to you. For the demonstration. that it was suited to their requirements. I adjusted my implements accordingly and naturally. Gill. My next visit was just a courtesy call. on the spot. you must proceed to thank him. A professional salesman will do his best to get answers to his questions after which his sales talk will be moulded accordingly.T. In his own words: “Choudhary Balbir Singh and Choudhary Partap Singh had their farm in village Kadipur on G. Yes. I went around and studied their soil condition as well as saw that basically their farm required breaking of bunds. Repeat to him who else has taken similar decisions. based on my tractor’s performance.They agreed. Road. Now. every man suffers from a sense of insecurity because he is not sure if he has taken the correct decision.questions so that you can fill in the missing links. What are the real needs of the prospect? 2. I bagged orders from them. When I went to them for the first time in 1955 and introduced my self. through questions put to his prospect: 1. Many a lost sale has been saved by a final try.S. The two brothers owned tractors that were very old. Many a time. Your congratulating him will remove his “in case” fears. During my third visit. I suggested that they organise a competitive demonstration at their farm and also told them that about 10 acres to 15 acres of their land would automatically get cultivated. One satisfied customer will bring you one hundred more customers. because it is the latest model. A satisfied customer is your best salesman. What does he really want? There is a difference between need and want. once he gives his money. levelling and ploughing.

” 3. 4. physically as well as mentally.e. out of emotional and personal impulse. SELLING WELL IS DOING CERTAIN THINGS. Through questioning. or does he want too show off in his social circle? Nearly 60 percent of the sale depends upon knowing this. And no life ever grows unless it is focussed. decide to buy it. quarterly and yearly basis. a good salesman has to find out if the prospect has money now or will come back later because he needs the help of the dealer to get financial assistance for his purchase. come out ahead in the final analysis. 6. he has to work. He will keep the company of those who have an obsession for doing their jobs well the successful professionals and read and practice whatever comes from the company. 5. as per his action plan which must be prepared on a daily. No horse gets anywhere until it is harnessed. Those who practice it even in circumstances when they are going to lose a sale. his business establishment and his prospect. Selling is applied common sense. It is important to know the Dominant Buying Motive (DBM). who is visiting you. This will help later in the sales presentation. A professional salesman must remember it.. Radius of their village. therefore. 6.. weekly. dedicated and disciplined.“Later. You will have to do some fact-finding and you will have to make your presentation to them accordingly. the brothers became so friendly with me that they used to came all the way to my office to inform me of the new prospective customers within 15 km. Does he want to give your product in his daughter’s marriage. monthly. but only a few practice it as long as they can afford it.. He is his own boss and.. Judgement is an important consideration if you want to be of service to a prospect to fulfil his needs.EVERY DAY Bhakra Dam water turns into light and power only when it is harnessed.A CERTAIN WAY. i. but it needs a good deal of training to sharpen the common sense. Most of the buyers buy this way. or does he have to check with his father or brother or village chief? It is important to know who the influence-makers or decision-makers are. Honesty is the best policy. . Influences are sometimes more important for completion of a sale. Can the prospect. A professional salesman has to be faithful to himself. An honest salesman will do his best to learn everything about his work and his business establishment and will continue to learn and grow as a person.

Testimonials: He always uses written testimonials to his advantage. Bubna of East Zone Supply Corporation. Thy day shall be planned in advance even though it take the a portion of the previous evening to prepares thy calls. about his products and that of his competitors. Analogy: With a view to making his selling nontechnical and more common sense. He makes his prospects buy his products. there is motorcycle dealer who uses a different method. Following “DEFEATS” as a concept.S.The professional salesman is active in the field. you can check up about us with any of these who have bought from us. because the prospects want to buy. Our colleague M. Example: He can give several examples of his customers fulfilling the needs similar to that of his prospects. He develops. Depending upon the specified need. Facts: Yes. Our friend R. DEFEATS stands for: Demonstration: He knows very well the value of demonstration and has the skill to demonstrate well. the salesman is doing certain things. Ford Motor Company have very nicely given the salesman’s creed: Thou shalt not wander aimlessly through the wilderness. We have some friends who use the above concept. Exhibit: He displays his products and supporting aids. Any prospect finds it always very difficult to believe the salesman and hesitates to make the decision. he pulls out the relevant testimonial to convince the customer. In the customer-sitting corner of his showroom. . in a certain way.Nagar. The board clearly conveys the message: If you are thinking of buying a motorcycle. he has put up a huge pin-up board which is full of passport-size photographs of his existing customers. while moving around in the field for sales promotion and while talking to prospects. In America. He sets his own goals. he develops his own analogies to suit his prospects in the area. And does everything to achieve them. Statistics: Collects them and presents them to suit his requirements. In on of their training folders on selling. his own ways to suit his area and his prospects. every day. Calcutta uses the photostat copies of testimonial letters from his existing customers when talking to a prospective buyer. carries a bunch of different types of testimonials from the customers.” On analogies.K. we are reminded of our former colleague Late Ranbir Dutta who used to compare the function of an air filter in a tractor to the hair in the nostrils while demonstrating the tractor to the less educated farmers. He implements “Evidence DEFEATS disbelief”.

Thou Shaft render maximum assistance unto thy dealers. We paddles service in the ultimate and the sweet fruit of procrastination is forbidden unto thee. Thou shalt not depend only upon the efforts of thyself to service thy dealers. Thou shalt include the multitudes within the branch in thy plans and efforts. Thou shalt not speak falsely to a dealer for within the foundation stone of thy world lithe the strength of thy dealer relations. Thu shalt not sell price alone. For its written that a dealer buyer only that which has something in it for him. Features and Benefits shall be thy strength and thy salvation. Thou shalt not sell by the method called high pressure. Our business is built upon the firm rock of human relations. A house built upon the sands of hot air Standard not the test of time. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy competitors. Such tactics stinkiest. Thou shift honor thy employer. Breath the standard of the Credit Company known as Ford proudly for yea, it is only that firm which truly has a mutual interest in the affairs of the dealers of the Motor Company known as Ford. Thou shalt not weep for business for to do so is useless. To he who regularly goes forth early in the morning, charged with enthusiasm and full of hope, surely to him shall be given the Lion’s share of the business.2. Prospecting All prospecting from this point onwards, should be primarily based on referrals! There are four best times to ask for referrals, where your customer almost feels obligated to provide the names of business colleagues who may by in the market for your products and service: –Right after closing the order –On delivery –After solving a significant problem –After delivering unexpected good news. Your only other choice is to chased own leads (all of which your competition most likely know about!) or make cold calls...We don’t know of two more certain ways for sales failure, easy attrition, constant turnover, and on going pain! And yet, the majority of Fortune 500 corporations do exactly that.

Think People, Good People, Committed People...
In his best seller “ogilvy on Advertising”, David Ogilvy says: “If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of draw But if each of us hires people who are bigger then we are, we shall become a company of giants.” Another relevant management axiom is: “Never hire anyone who will work for money alone.” No double money will get you people. As many as you want. But business is managed successfully by good and committed people. And it takes much more than money to have good and committed people. Therefore, having got the people with money, try to turn them into good people and people committed to the organisation they work for. So let us get them and retain them. Planning for men, i.e. your employees, is a 10 year plan; so plan ahead: First: Select those who have a sparkle in their eyes. Those who love work as worship honour. Hire those who will throw away their watches while working. Second: Train them well. Training is a long term investment. People will become as you imagine them to be (Pygmallion Effect). Third: Understand the Holi way, i.e. if you spray scented water on other people,

they will do the same to you. And if you smear them with dirty water, they will do that to you, too. Fourth: After getting them and training them, do everything possible to retain them. Because now the profits will follow. Fifth: There is no magic wand in the world by which you or anyone can get good people. You have to be an expert in human relationships; you have to keep abreast in this management art. Read plenty of books, exchange notes, observe successful people, and attend seminars on the subject. Sixth: Develop a bond between yourself and your employees the Japanese way. A bond that cannot be snapped easily; a relationship of friendship, equality and brotherhood. Seventh: An expensive employee is not expensive if you know how to manage him to the advantage of your organisation. A less paid employee can prove to be very expensive because of his frequent mistakes. Eighth: Show your concern for them. Let them know that you care for them. Be sincere and honest with them. Ninth: Trust them. Yes, maybe few will cheat you, but is it not far better to find out who will not, so that you can delegate accordingly? Please do some reading on human relations. Today’s business cannot be managed without employees and wherever there are more than three employees, you must be well aware of how human relations work. It is a very important area of business management. Now, let us see how good people are to be converted into Committed People: First Never be too busy to say nice words to your people whenever they do something good. Go out of your way too find such opportunities. Please never forget to THINK, THANK, SMILE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR PEOPLE. Second: Do you work from 9 a.m. to 5.pm or from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.? Well, if you work 16 hours a day for your organisation, then you can expect your people to work for long hours too. Third: Be honest with your customers and colleagues. You can then expect honesty from your employees. Be honest and appear to be honest too.

Fourth: Do you show enthusiasm, initiative, loyalty, devotion to your organisation and your people? If you do, you will get it from your people. Fifth: Do you genuinely ask for their suggestions and after some of the suggestions have been implemented, do you give them credit and rewards? If so, you will then motivate your people very well. Sixth: Have a golden tongue and a golden pen. Say nice things-genuine only-about people behind their backs. You can be sure that these will reach them eventually and you will be loved for your good habit. Make, manage and motivate people. Tips to Remember 9 WAYS TO BE LEADER... 1. Begin with praise and honest appreciation. 2. Call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly. 3. Talk about your own mistakes before criticising he other person. 4. Ask questions instead of giving direct orders. 5. Let the other person save face. 6. Praise the slightest improvement and praise every improvement. Be “hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.” 7. Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to. 8. Use encouragement. Make the fault seem easy to correct. 9. Make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggest. 10 RULES FOR GETTING ALONG WITH PEOPLE 1. Keep your tongue under control and watch your body language. 2. Make few promises but keep them. 3. Learn to praise and criticise constructively 4. Empathies-be interested in others. 5. Be cheerful. Worries, pains and disappointments? Do not let them wipe off your smile. 6. Present for yourself an open mind. Discuss; do not argue. 7. Let your merits speak for themselves, do not talk about others’ demerits unless necessary. 8. Pay no attention to ill natured remarks made about you. 9. Treat everybody with importance and never laugh at others’ expense.

3. 3. 6. 2. 3. efforts and reward will come to you. Become genuinely interested in other people. If you would have friends. Give honest and sincere appreciation. BE FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL. cautious with criticism. 6. The sweetest music to anyone’s ears is the sound of his own name. be a friend. Encourage others to talk about themselves. Failing to develop a sense of responsibility. Keep a good disposition. 7. BE CORDIAL. 5. 5. CALL PEOPLE BY NAME. BE Genuinely interested in people. 4. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. only 14 to smile. Smile. Failure to solve problems and complaints. There is nothing so nice as a cheerful word of greeting. Arouse in the other person a eager want. 6. Failing to ask for advice. WAYS TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU 1. BE GENEROUS with praise. You can like almost everybody if you try. . Speak and act as if everything you do is a genuine pleasure.10. 2. 3. Make the other person feeling important and do it sincerely. 3 Fundamental Techniques in handling people 1. Failure to keep criticism constructive. 4. SPEAK TO PEOPLE. 2. 10 RULES OF HUMAN RELATIONS 1. It takes 72 muscles to frown.Do not be anxious about getting what is due to you. Failure to keep them informed. Doing things more to be liked than to be respected. 6 SINS OF MANAGING YOUR EMPLOYEES 1. Be a good listener. 2. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests. SMILE AT PEOPLE. Don’t criticise. condemn or complain. 6. 4. 5.

There are usually three sides to a controversy: yours. like a customer or a client. Helping him build a positive selfimage is one of the most important things you can do. and the right side. associates. small successes. BE CONSIDERATE with the feelings of others. Be creative! It is said that successful parents normally do not have successful children. BE ALERT to give service. Prove it wrong.ADD TO THIS A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR. You are your children’s hero. employees. customers. Encourage them to read non-fiction. What counts most in life is what we do for others. big doses of patience and a dash of humility. The medicine required is flowers. 9. Do not insult them by comparisons. The chemistry of each child. so please don’t make it worse by neglecting or overprotecting or overproviding for your children. Spend more time in taking care of your sons and daughters and converting them into assets even if both are liabilities to start with! Life has become very complicated. Do not give her an aspirin. Managing A Family When your wife says she has a head ache. Remember that. Don’t push them. Also remember that God has fitted the world’s largest and best video tape recorders in your children’s minds. Put yourself in your children’s shoes. the other person’s. Proverbs contain the distilled wisdom of all ages! Your sons and daughters won’t have to invent their own wheels. and you will be rewarded many fold. she may be saying that you are neglecting her. Let them be known on their own and not as your children. well.8. . The way you treat your parents. Give them opportunities to achieve small. is so different that it is not funny. 10. Books will give them a head start. it is all getting taped to be played back to you later! Catch your child doing something right.

do not forget. Your child is always watching you and unless honesty. Why do we want our children to grow up so fast that they regret it when they look back? Education is when your children can play with their grandparents.Use creativity when you want your children to get into the habit of creativity. truthfulness. and do things to make your children proud of you. . it is only outwardly. and a dew days on a farm and in a village. Skipping college life may be a smart thing but no wise. a few days in a big city. to. Ensure that you have two-way communication with your children. a social worker and do on. set objectives for your sons and daughters such a becoming a doctor. they’re more easily handled than dumb mistakes. Help your children to take and make decisions. This is also eduction. a few days in a small town. Remember that in two-way communication it is not only the words but silence. A pint can’t hold a quart if it holds a pint it is doing all that can be expected of it. Even if your wife and your children laugh at you. you are leaders for your sons and daughters! On leadership. Whether your sons and daughters become assets or liabilities. 70 per cent depends upon you and 30 per cent on luck. Keep on using the “dipstick” approach observing and analysing which direction your sons and daughters are going or are likely to go. you do not have a chance of becoming a hero in his eyes. a few days in a family where both husband and wife work. Let your children spend a few days in a joint-family system. Don’t be a preacher but a doer.” As a leader. Try to be as hones and truthful and sincere as possible. Did you ever hear of someone on his death bed saying: “I wish I’ d spent more time at the office”? Choose your life’s mate carefully. and sincerity become your habits. their friends. that can work miracles. Inside they will be proud of you. remember: “Don’t Push: PULL. (Each child has a different capacity!) Don’t be afraid to ask dumb questions. their uncles. an engineer. Educate them with examples and stories. an accountant. As parents. From this one decision will come sixty per cent of all your happiness or misery.

once in a year. please wake her up... The father who does not teach his son his duties is as guilty as the son who neglects them. Distance is required.A family business is a serious business.. they finance them. Normally. Right? The only way to live in this would is for every man to have a fair-sized cemetery to bury the faults of others. he would never have married you.” There is no single way but several better ways which you can show to your son... old customs. Old famiies. It cannot be conducted at the dinner table.. and (2) being the right person. also between father and son for the son to grow worldly-wise. If a thing is old. The way to get along is to go along. The road to success is filled with women pushing their husbands along. They surely won’t have any idea what the world expects of them unless we make sure that they find out. and so rude and crude to those we love? Remember that successful marriage depends on two things: (1) finding the right person. A woman once asked Thomas A. Sure. and old styles survive because they are fit to survive. your husband has faults. there was Eden.. If he had been a saint.Some parents scarcely bring up children. and the chances .... It is important to tell your son once in a while when “enough is enough.. it is a sign that it was fit to live. Give your son a fish .... It will benefit you both tremendously! The best thing to spend on your children is your time... Don’t dwell too long on the shortcomings of others. Mark Twain said in a tribute to his wife “Wherever she was.he eats today... Edison wrote: “Never look at the clock!” If you keep the book too close to your eyes you can only strain your eyes and not read the book. sons create and will continue to create problems unless you plan or unless they re smart enough! The opportunity to do mischief is found a hundred times a day and to do good. Edison to write a motto for her son.. Teach him how to fish.he eats everyday! Why are we so polite to those we don’t know. If your wife is your sleeping partner in business. And they’ll find this out best in the hands of objective outsiders.” Most businesses are inherited by inexperienced children in the same way that children get inexperienced parents! Children are not born with an understanding of what they can do or what they are worth to others..

Think. Practice makes perfect. 3. 12.. decide. A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth. Thinking is hard work. Problems are only solutions in disguise. The ability to speak is a shortcut to distinction. 23. Understand by reflecting. Don’t force your son to do what you want him to do. The future is NOW. One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters. like time and tide. 4. all the time. Success has made failures of many men. Most problems are really the absence of ideas. It really is impossible to please all the would and your father. 8. 5. do what you think is right. Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing. 19. There is only a little less trouble in governing a son than a whole kingdom. and you will be surprises at his initiative.are that he will like a few of these. 10. Keep your mind six to nine per cent empty! 7. Your son is like a body of flowing water. 9. The key to success is knowing yourself 21. 33. The greatest loss is the loss of self confidence. wait for no one. 11. Every stone can be a stepping stone. 6. 18. A positive attitude pays. Making excuses does not hurt anybody but yourself 16. 29. I ruined time. 31. 24. Reading without thinking is like eating without digesting. you can then channelise the energies towards the desired goal. get out of the kitchen. 30. Ideas. 26. Be daring in setting priorities. Managing Yourself 1. Learn by listening. there must be a better way! 2. 28. You can regulate its flow by making small bunds. If you can't stand the heat. 22. Think. Simplify your life! 14. He will then hate it. The bow that bends too strictly snaps itself. 27. 20. Do it now. Strong convictions precede great actions. There is no right way to do something wrong. Stick your neck out. Ask for it. Arrogance is the quicksand of success. 32. .. Learn to say "NO"! 25. now time is ruining me. A man's reach should exceed his grasp. 15. Let him decide himself. 13. 17.

If you do not know how to speak. You will have no quarrels with life. they lose their wisdom. he must know how to fall. . 52. 55. 40. It is not enough for a man to know how to ride. Improve it.34. today is the day to start the big job. Don't start something which you cannot stop. 68. The people who make haste are usually saving minutes after having wasted hours. There's plenty of room at the top. Even if you're on the right track. The most important thing for a young man is to establish reputation and character. 41. still better and the best will follow. well and good. Character is the foundation stone upon which one must build to win respect. Organise yourself well to have more time to do the things you love to do. 45. don't kick over the beehive. Crossing your bridges when you come to them and exploiting opportunities when they come your way are the real secrets of success in this world. 38. 62. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. 65. When you're sure it's good enough. It is sometimes easier to fight for one's principles than to lie up to them. better learn how to keep quiet. but inaction. 56. And if it is wrong. Implement the better idea. 39. 51. Take the decision. 49. If you want to gather honey. 70. as long as you have something to do when you get up every morning. You cannot be anything if you want to be everything. By working sincerely for eight hours a day. Of all the things you wear. 60. 67. Admitting you're wrong is a modest way of showing you've grown a little wiser. There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the labour of thinking. you are through! 37. If it is right. 50. If at first you do succeed. Attitudes are mirros of the mind. If you are through learning.. At the start of your career. they reflect thinnking. 63. the sin becomes less since it becomes the truth.. but they are not meant for that purpose. 64. Our trouble is not ignorance. try to hide your astonishment! 43. 53. 58. but there's no room to sit down. Some people pay so much attention to their reputation that they lose their character. Do not wait for the best idea. 61. 59. Leadership usually gravitates to the man who can get up and say what he thinks. what you learn is more important than what you earn. 69. 57. 47. 66. When confused. Be lion at heart and do not forget the tact of a fox. Ships are safer in the harbour. 42. When the wise get angry. you'll get run over if you just sit there. your expression is the most important. One can see the heavens through a needle's eye. 44. 54. 35. 71. 46. The average man develops only ten per cent of his latent mental ability. There is no indigestion worse than that which comes from having to eat your own words. 48. Ninety per cent of the decisions can be taken immediately on the basis of past experience and only ten per cent require in-depth analysis. you can get promoted to be a boss and work twelve hours a day. you will find out soon enough. One of these days is none of these days. 36.

Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself. we have one rupee each. Napoleon was an early riser. Two years later. 99. If it were not for the rock in its bed. 79. 102. Take calculated risks. 82. 95. 92. There is no one way be which you. 76. His third corportion has done rather well. can please everyone. 81. Stop existing. 76. the less power there is available. Either I will find a way or make one. 100. 94. Start living. The world's largest fires can be extinguished with a cup of water at the right time.There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. 98. A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm. you become mentally lazy and will never fulfil your potential. 87. Be willing to spend today for tomorrow's growth. 78. And we exchange. his second company also failed. 84. 93. If you have a better idea and I have another. and not long enough for him to discover how well he can get along without you. An hour's less sleep per day will dad five years to your working life.The more noise a man or a motor makes. when you take a decision. 88. 77. however! 89. what matters is if they can be proud of you. 104. And we exchange. You may find the best during this forced detour. henry Ford went bankrupt. 73. we usually spend about 95 per cent of our time thinking about ourselves. When we are not engaged in thinking about some definite problem. A person doesn't learn to choose a good alternative without chosing a few bad ones. condemn and comlain.72. In his first year in the automobile business. If you have a rupee and I have another. the stream would have no song. with a little bit of common sense. Honesty is still the best policy. 91. Unless you are forced to use your mind. There is always one thing more to do. even the dull and ignorant. Learn to live with your mental doors unlocked so that idea can get in.Man has a hidden treasure within. Treat every problem as a roadblock which foreces you to take a detour. 80. Any fool can criticise. 78. Doing so is quite different from being rash 97.It doesn't matter whether you can be product of your ancestors. they too have their story. we have two better ideas each. 85. 74. 75. It's what you learn after you know2 it all that counts. It is foolish to learn things that one has to forget later on. 96. A manager succeeds or false not so much because of what he does. The great aim of education is not knowlede but action.and most fools do. Speak your truth quietly and clearly. 83. 86. Education is the ability to meet life's situations. and listen to others. 101. 77. The fire you kindle for your enemy burns yourself more than him. Difficulties and setbacks bring it forth. 90. if your mind is active and vigilant. . A vaction should be just long enough for the boss to miss you. Men may blush to hear what they were not ashamed to do. 103. but because of what he is able to get someone else to do.

105.Failure means delay, not defeat. 106.Never show your teeth unless you can bite. 107.The person who can smile when the natural impulse is to cry wins the admiration and respect of co-workers and friends. 108." I cannot do it" never accomplished anything yet. 109.Always tell yourself: the difference between running a business and ruining a business is "I". 110.Accepting responsibility is accepting challenge. 111.If you want to be a success, display enough courage to welcome failures. 112.Giving a drink of water to an enemy is like putting a lump of burning charcoal on his head. 113.God grand me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. 114.All confidence is acquired or self-developed through positive thinking, which is triggered off by good books, good friends and good visits. 115.Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good actions; try to use ordinary situations. 116.There is no blindness except blindness of the heart 117.A wise man is one who forgets the faults of others, but always remembers his own. 118.Big achievements can be made only by a man who is content with small beginnings. 119.Build your self-respect via the joy of role excellence. 120.The genuine beauty of acquiring knowledge is that you can learn anytime. 121.Say "Sorry" at the right moment. 122.Chasing after the impossible you lose what is possible. 123.Cut your social functions where your substitute will be equally good and no one will miss you. 124.The fullest and best ears of corn hang toward the ground. 125.Like tees, we must each find a place to grow and branch out. 126.Those who fret over small issues only demonstrate their inability to find anything big in their lives. 127.Crowding one's life does not always enrich it. 128.Concentration is the secret of strength in war and in trade; in short, in the management of human affairs. 129.You don't need to invent the wheel. Start from where others left off. 130.Glory is a poison that can only be taken in small doses. 131.Challenge is a part of life take it in stride knowing that you will win most of the time, lose some of the time , but become a better man either way for having tried. 132.Being honest is like being pregnant: there's no such thing as a little bit; either you are or you are not. 133.It is difficult to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys. 134.One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it. 135.Polished coper is cheaper but makes a better impression than crude gold. 136.Do the thing you fear, and fear will diaspper. 137.All men make mistakes; only fools repeat them. 138.Indecision is expensive, very expensive.

139.Learn from failures; do not brood over them. 140.Empty sacks will never stand upright. 141.He who hesitates is lost. 142.A wise man speaks when others have exhausted their words. 143.Get a good "radar," and keep it sweeping. 144.An open mind collects more riches than an open purse. 145.You have to be very cleaver to do simple things! 146.Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises. 147.If at first you don't succeed, try once more and then try something else. 148.One is not born a genius; one becomes a genius. 149.It is not only machinery that becomes obsolete. One has to guard against obsolescence of the of the mind. 150.If you are still tender enough to feel ashamed, thank God and ask Him to keep you hat way. 151.Do not postpone the unpleasant and difficult task. Do them now, and you will feel much better afterwards. 152.If you make up your mind to do three things, namely to work, to save and to learn, you can rise in this world. 153.Influence is like a savings account. The less you use it, the more you've got it. 154.Keep on learning-from your successes, so you repeat them; from your failures, so you never make the same one twice. 155.Keep on mulling your ideas, remembering that even the best can be made better. 156.Keep on reviewing your basics. 157.To act right, you have to look right and feel right. 158.Life's greatest thrill is tomorrow. 159.Machines must work. Men must think. 160.Many a live wire would be dead except for his connections. 161.Most people expect more respect from others than they give to themselves. 162.Success isn't the opposite of failure. A runner may come in last, but if he bets his record, he succeeds. 163.Envy eats nothing but its own heart. 164.Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps. 165.Try to forget useless things. To remember everything is to make your mind a dustbin. 166.Don't major in minor things. 167.Unless you are willing to come to your job and be fired every day, you cannot do your job properly! 168.Anger, like revenge, is a drink best served cold. A little displeasure, in a low voice, should do the trick. Difficult, but not impossible! 169.Follow no one but learn from everyone. 170.Management is a series of interrupting interrupted by other interruptions! Learn to reduce interruptions. 171.He who has good friends has no need for a mirror. 172.If you want to move mountains, you have to first learn how to move particles. 173.If you do not make mistakes, it only means you are not trying 100 per cent.

174.Take advice as you would take a sandwich-with two big slices of doubt. 175.When it is impossible to change others, you must change yourself. 176.We do things quickly to save time, and what do we do with the extra time? We kill it! 177."My problem was I kept reading books on leadership and excellence and management when I should have been working." 178.Take three minutes to think of yourself first. 179.Winners develop the habit of doing the things that losers don't like to do. 180.A man is not hurt so much by what happens, as by his opinion of what has happened. 181.Work fewer hours; some of us waste half our time. 182.Don't do anything which someone else can do for you. 183.Other men see things as they are and ask, Why?" I see things that never were and ask, Why not? 184.Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to helen Keller, Louis Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein. 185.185. Beaten paths are for beaten men. 186.A man's life is what his thoughts make of it. 187.Keep secrets. 188.Every thought we think is creating our future. 189.The wise man thinks before acting and the fool thinks after it. 190.A change for the better always starts with a change of thinking. 191.Where your mind goes your energy flows 192.The more clear you are on what you want, the more power you will have to achieve it. 193.Following a precedent is an easy substitute for thinking. 194.A fundamental requirement for success: humility. 195.How many of us have realised that since we were given two ears and one mouth it might be that we were intended to listen twice as much as we speak? 196.I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than to be crowded on a velvet cushion. 197.You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself. 198.I believe in loyalty, for if I am not true to others, I cannot be true to myself. 199.I believe in holding up my chin, for self-respect commands respect from others. 200.For 25 years I tried to change my wife. I could not do that. Then I thought for 25 minutes and decided to change myself. 201.I am changing myself, having fewer expectations of others, not reacting sharply to their behavior. 202.The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. 203. Dare to dream-dare to try-dare to fail dare to succeed. (EEW).


More commercial, publication and newspaper printers are using reference printing conditions Every imaging device, from the lowliest desktop inkjet printer to the mightiest pressroom iron, has its own personality. Color imaging will only produce accurate results if we consider the characteristics of each device, which requires a global framework for color control. Every color-imaging device behaves differently hence the need for color management, Individual desktop printers have different inks, paper and printing technologies. And of course the difference between a desktop printer an offset press are even grater. It you ignore these differences, inaccurate and inconsistent printing are the obvious results. Closed- and open-loop color systems can help bridge the gaps between devices. Since a closed-loop system performs a compensation for each device-to-device translation, it works \best with a small number of devices. A closed-loop workflow is fixed the user knows where the images came from and how they will be viewed and printed. In a typical scenario, images are always acquired from the same drum or other scanner, displayed on the same monitor and destined for a single proofing/printing prices, such as Color Art or Chromalin. In this closely controlled situation, it’s relatively easy for users to achieve the desired results. Skilled operators learn device characteristics and compensate accordingly. An experienced operator, for example, would know a particular scanner has a color cast, responds weakly to blue, or always produces unsaturated images and needs a tone-curve correction. Typical corrections might very depending on whether the image is low or high key has dominant flesh tones and how it will be printed. Color corrections could involve a certain amount of gut feeling as well as adjustments made using the RGB/CMYK values shown by an onscreen dropper tools. Closed-loop color has worked well for years. Operators learned device characteristics and compensated for them accordingly. But times are changing old-time prespress specialists have given way to all-purpose employees. Today, the same person who crates graphics in Photoshop and pages in QuarkXPress may also generate separations. Color management today How can you achiever color that’s consistent and accurate even if you don’t have skilled personnel or a fixed workflow? Many printers are exploring open-loop options. Rather than connecting all devices together, open-loop systems ( or color- Management systems, as we’ll call them in this article) use a hub-and-spoke configuration to communicate color between devices. The hub-and-spoke model provides greater flexibility, an i important

you can process images to the printer space. The preview ti obtained by “pretending” to apply a printer profile to the image. Reference printing conditions include: . users can concentrate on processing and viewing images and getting the job done. committees of printers. followed by the local proofer profile. ICC provides a valuable framework The ICC is a regulatory body that supervises color-management protocols between software vendors. The press profile is used first. the industry has been slow to adopt ICC color management. images can be processed without changing the underlying pixel values while still providing a preview of a job on a particular stock. Since the specifications are based on experimental press runs. A color-management system connects all devices in and out of a central profile connection space. including some for monitor proofing. Reference printing conditions Working together in the U.S. since images frequently originate from many sources and are viewed and output on different monitors and devices. three-dimensional device independent scale used for measuring color. depending or the device) and converts it to CIELAB. feature internal ICC profiles. Users can immediately know to all of the system’s devices.. it’s easy to ruse/repropose images you don’t have to scan them again. Open-loop advantages Color-managed workflows let users prices images in simulation mode. print buyers and suppliers have developed several standard or reference printing conditions. ICC profiles can be used as the basis for other products. equipment manufacturers and users. If you’re proofing. In a color-managed workflow. You needs scanner profile for a scanner. they represent results that the average printer can achieve.consideration. Rather than dealing with the interstices of profiles and their cantons. The image can then be returned and viewed on the monitor the provide a preview. When a device and its profile (which describes device characteristics) are available to the network the characteristics are immediately known to all of the system’s device. a printer profile for a printer and so on. A single profile that connects the device and its images) to the central space is all that’s needed to ad a new device. Since no colors are discarded. Many color-management products. a monitor profile for a monitor. It has worked diligently to create a standardized file format an protocols for use in color communication. but in general. you can also process an image using a press profile and then print locale to provide a proof on an inkjet or other printer. User can immediately transfer images between the new device and any other device in the network. In other words. The central connection space take a device’s internal color scale (either RGB or CMYK.

the data is referred to as TR 001 data. GRACoLcertifies press sheets were released recently. These sheets are pinioned according to the GRACoL standard for Grade 1 and Grade 2 gloss-coated paper.7/3 CMYK values and their measurements in LAB/XYZ. Since “TR” stands for Technical Report. a generic SWOP profile can help clients and designers visualize the impact the printing process will have on specific colors. everyone involved in the prepress process can use a widely available SWOP profile.SWOP for magazines and catalogs printed by web-offset lithography an g revere Specification for Newspaper Advertising Production (SNAP) for newspapers GRACoL for commercial printing. (Photoshop already includes a SWOP Profile in its list or output profiles. we assume the press is operating as a SWOP press. Press sheets for sheetfed printers In an exciting development for sheetfed commercial printers. A press is considered to meet the relevant specification if it can hit specific measurable print parameters. graphic-arts professionals can determine if their proofing systems are reasonable predicators of the final printed product. Measuring the targets on the press sheet provides data that can be used to create an ICC profile. You can maker a SWOP printer profile. At early stages of the production process. The “D” stands for draft (the data is in a three-year trail). Using these sheets. you can use a SWOP press. They averages the measurements from these sheet and published a set of IT8.7/3 target pm a SWOP press. for example. This data was the first publicly available and widely accepted colorimetric characterization of a sheeted offset printing press and is exactly what users need to make an ICC output profile. If you operate a press to the SWOP specification. If the pressroom can hit SWOP guidelines. Early feedback indicated GRACoL could . and provided the press is operating according to SWOP specifications. you don’t have to make a custom press profile. The group measured six selected press sheets using Gretag SPM 100 and the X-Rite 928 spectrophotometers. Using TR 001 data.) And last but not least. the SWOP committee printed and measured a 928-patch IT8. What is a SWOP profile? In 1995. The GRACoL target and test images are called DTR 004 and are used in the same way as TR 001 data for the SWOP process. SWOP gives press operators a straighrforward goal. this profile can be considered representative of that pres.

Since five or six reference printing conditions can cover the full range of printing processes from newsprint to heavyweight catalog papers. In the early 1990s. and other profiles for Process Standard Gravure. The group also offers a profile that is valid for offset printing of glossy or matte coated paper. several leading color technology companies were developing systems for color desktop publishing. The European Color Initiative (ECI) has created profiles that can be used as the default setting for the CMYK working space in Photoshop and elsewhere. Apple Computer had been working on ColorSync. The ColorSync connection At the same time. ICC got started about 10 years ago. When new system were introduces. Anyone printing to a European standard such as FOGRA or System Burner Europstandard can thus obtain reference ICC profiles that are based on median production values for broad catergories of papers and printing processes. Since there wasn’t a common color-management framework. it is convenient for printers to use corresponding ICC profiles in their workflows. Since different vendors’ users couldn’t mix and match components.ipa. You can buy GRACoL fibres sheets online from IPA.org). The ICC is a regulatory body that supervises vendors. What eventually became the ICC started in 1992 at a FOGRA meeting. A profile for European printers European printers also are attempting to use a standardized output profile for printing. Where did ICC come from? Today’s color management is basically International Color Consortium (ICC) management. vendors discussed interest in a unified color- . equipment manufacturers and users. the Assn. many key workflow features were missing. Many vendors were interested in adopting or interfacing with ColorSync. depending on whether the pres sheet is batch certified or individually measured. For Graphic Solution Providers (www. It specifies the framework for the profile connection space as well as profile format. Sheets range in price from $85 to $950. After the regular agenda concluded. an operating-system-level technology that facilitates the communication of color information among multiple hardware and software components. each application had to align itself with a specific hardware vendor. but were assertive about their intentions.potentially do for commercial sheetfed printing what SWOP has done for publication printing. Few users want multiple profiles for different press conditions. It is an open platform system that all vendors can link into.

give them to your colleagues. Adoption Transform. we build the power to accomplish our goals. Never hire your client’s children. it is completely independent organization. Agfa. It ain’t what you say. If you offer peanuts. The mechanic said. Whenp all of us think alike. An American was traveling in Afghanistan when his Cadillac stalled. If you ignore substandard work. keeping together is progress.org.90 for knowing where to hit. Working in groups The consortium meets three times a year.” The American gasped and asked him to itemise the bill.5 people. Microsoft.management system. A committee is a thing which takes a week to do what one good man can do in an hour. you will get monkeys! Pay well. Friendly. You will get more. Taligent. You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips. but it didn’t start. When we educate ourselves. Do a kindness one and it will be seen as a favour. Never hire anyone who will work for money alone. tell me how much you get done. working together si success. A manager shows his greatness by the way he treats little employees. and speak all the good I know of everybody. no one is thinking. Communication. The main work of the ICC is done in groups.color. Don’t keep a dog and bark yourself. A Manager creates conditions for his people to achieve results. Don’t tell me how hard you work. would you employ twice as many milkers as cows? Never hire your friends. Whenever you get medals. Managing Employees Too many people are thinking of security in stead of opportunity. Praise in public. Use meetings and conferences for cross-pollination of better ways. When you kill somebody’s good idea. He opened the bonnet and hit the cylinder head six times. Respect skill. When the blind man carries the lame. Those who only of what they are told are seldom told to do anything. Graphic Arts Workflow and Profile Assessment groups. it becomes acceptable. it’s they way that you say it that gets results. He asked the American to start it and it did. When you need 2. The man who trusts men will make fewer mistakes than he who distrusts them. Helping people helps in the long run. The American asked. Chromatic. Coming together is a beginning. reprimand in private. you will a little of that person too. I will spike ill of no man. From its eight founding companies (Adobe. both go forward.” MORAL: Respect skilled people. and it become a duty. Never hire your own children. . Sun and Silicon Graphics). Don’t run down the other man’s plans unless you have better one to offer. a mechanic cone form the hills riding a donkey. He did everything. They seem more afraid of life than of death. “$100. hire the second one. Currently there are Architecture. do it twice. For more information. “How much?” The mechanic said. Hating people is lie burning down your own house to get rid of a rat. each dedicated to a specifics issue. Kodak. If you were a dairy farmer.” 10£ for hitting six times and $99. Remember that nobody is a no body. see www. Apple. ICC has grown to about 70 companies.

From humility arises trust. The best executive is the one who has the good sense to pick good men to do what he wants done.It’s against company policy. Everyone has dreams. I don’t think about what I want. you’ll realise that the self-made ones have an abundance of working parts. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are. 3. It is not your job to go around bursting dreams. You can kindle them into fires. If we decide to negotiate. Your mind is like an acre of land.Let’s form a committee.Put something in writing and get back to me.I will think about it.It’s too wild. I think about what they want. Some people think they are generous . From softness. 6. Your mind is like a camera with memory! It can take pictures which you can “file” for subsequent use. In your job or at your house. you are a member of an orchestra. well shall become a company of dwarfs. Before you point a finger at your employee. A man should live with his superiors as he does with fire not toon new. and enough selfrestraint to keep from meddling with then while they do it. good reading acts lie fertilizer. If each of us his people who are smaller than we are. Look after it! Hard work is like tilling. The secret his success was the ability to attract exceptionally able men and to treat them with so much respect that they never left. The difference between a secretary and a professional secretary is in keeping your balance when everything was needed yesterday. Throughout history there have been two categories of people: those who crate wealth and those who consume it. but success is achieved by working from 5 to 8. arises humility.It will never be approved. 5. 8.It doesn’t fit the system. Do not be angry that you cannot make others as you wish item to be since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. It depends upon you whether the result is music or noise. Here are 10 tried and tested ways to kill the good ideas and enthusiasm of your co-workers. it brings ut the best in each one of us. lest he burn. From trust arises togetherness and one mind. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. use the “dipstick” on yourself as to how honest you are your customers. we shell become a company of giants. 1. The German army won’t let a soldier file a complaint or make a criticism immediately after a thing has happened. 4. Working together not only brings out the best in all of us. 2. 7. but I find that for more strange reason fish prefer worms. then we must be open to compromise. People who accept responsibility are the people who are making the most of their lives. Listen to what your employees say. discipline is like pesticides. Personally I am very fond of strawberries and cream. A suggestion box can work as well in a business with six employees as in a company with 1000 employees.The timing just isn’t right. nor too far off.a cheap employee is expensive. So when I go fishing. 10.It didn’t work before. If you observe people long enough. lest he freeze. or reduce them to ashes with a few drops of cold water in the form of judgment. Anyone can live by working 8 to 5. We’re not ready for that. Feel like a hero every day by doing a good deed for you employees. 9. Very often their ideas are like burning embers.

Training that brings about to change us as effective as a parachute that opens on the first bounce. Training is essential. yet we don’t listen.e. Give them a fair chance. A soft voice is heard long after the shout. It is true that we learn by listening. Relax ! Relax ! Relax ! Learn to relax while you are doing your work!There are two sides to every issue. Demand and you will get it. There is no easy way to dress up someone’s performance without dressing him down. There is always more to learn and more to earn for every employee. I pay bless attention to what men say. it’s a sure sign that you’re doing things wrong. not people. . To keep customers. There’s little choice among rotten apples. People don’t waste time. Your mind is the best asset you have. Ignorance is easy to remove by education fan training. The administrator many have to stay out of the way in order to get his way. Never try to teach a pig to sing. Teach. The hard and unbending are broken by change. You don’t have to invent your own wheel. Condemn actions. Grant ribbons. Someone. The ups and downs of life are all in books. extraordinary performance from the average man or from yourself. But you and I are not dogs. the supple and yielding make way and prevail. nothing is as important as it first seems. business needs to invest in its employees. A projecting nail must be hammered down. fools by their own. Criticism dispensed in small doses rather than large ones is a lot easier on a person’s ego and is far more productive. wisdom is not the exclusive possession of management. You cannot train a horse with shouts and expect it to obey a whisper. Delegate but don’t forget. i. Treating people courteously requires very little effort.Please all and you please none. The best leaders lead by demonstrating how it is done. You cannot teach new tricks to an old dog. somewhere. Indifference needs creativity to be removed. Different strokes for different folks. Loosen up. Communicate downward to subordinates with at least the same care and attention as you communicate upward of superiors. Gentleness is stronger than anger. They just spend it on things they don’t need to do. don’t preach. What matters most today is the ability to think together. Conduct meetings with your managers in your head before meeting them across the table. Asking costs little. We learn a lot by listening to our employees because. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. Find out whether it is ignorance or indifference. A man will not sell his life to you. As I grow older. Except for rare life-and-death matters. sometime has had your problems and opportunities. I just watch what they do. so make certain you keep both your ears open and listening. People are sick of getting letters that sound like they have been written by a computer that knows their name.Sound becomes music if a trained man makes it. True. Wise men learn by others’ mistakes. The minds of your employees are the “assets” which do not appear in your balance sheet.because they away free advice. but he will give it to you for a piece of colored ribbon. A boss has to be a good shock absorber. Everybody wants to success. If you’re comfortable. Good leadership starts with good communication with people. after all. As a manager you’re paid to be uncomfortable.

Situations themselves do not cause stress. You can splash all you wish when you enter. Just follow these simple instructions. your reactions do. forgive and forget. Don’t forget that people tend to forget conveniently. but to be angry with the right person. Make it an on-going process to do the BEST. and for the right purpose that is certainly not easy. Once you break it. Put your hand in it up to the wrist. Try to do BETTER and still BETTER. Working together won’t work if you do not take to task anyone who doesn’t carry his share of the load. Training demands patience and persistence. And see how they humble your soul: Take a bucket and fill it with water. Admit your mistakes gracefully. Don’t be deceived by first impressions. When management arrives before the workforce and leaves after they do. Never allow two people to do a job which only one can do. You have to keep on “repairing the fences’ to keep your business in good condition. they are seen as providing leadership. Start measuring your people by the size of their thinking not only in kilograms and inches!A wound inflicted by speech is more painful than a wound inflicted by the sword. Sometime when you’re feeling important. It requires more common sense to get work done than to do it. When big bells ring. Anybody can become angry that is easy. Managing your business is an art and not a science. There is no indispensable man. Do not be afraid of admitting mistakes. But stop and you’ll find that in no time It looks quite the same as before. It is the mark of a big man. Pull it out and the hole that’s remaining Is a measure of how you’ll be missed. people really respect a man who admits his mistakes quickly and gracefully. try to improve it. Training is expensive to import as well as to receive. Everyone needs training from a prime minister to a peon. use creative ways to remind people. Training demands a positive attitude. Sometime when your ego’s in bloom. Even the chairman’s pencil has an eraser on it. It is more fun to be overworked than to be underworked. Listen with your eyes also. Never be vindictive with anyone. at the right time. The best things is. We all make mistakes. There’s no indispensable man. Sometime when you take it for granted . An administrator must be adept at adapting. If you can’t explain what you’re doing by using simple language. Don’t forget that. . We cannot be right all the time. When you want to get things done. Do not take it for granted that working together works automatically. Everyone is a trainee as well as a trainer. no one hears the small ones. You’re the best qualified in the room.Listening is an art. Sometime when you feel that your going Would leave an unfulfillable hole. Trust is like a chain of thought. to the right degree. Next. You may strip up the water galore. The man who is right only 60 per cent of the item can be a howling success if quick to correct his mistakes the rest of the time. you are probably doing something wrong. Be proud of yourself but remember. The moral of this quaint example Is of just the best that you can. Always starts with GOOD and implement it. Few persons weigh the faults of others without a thumb on the scales. it is almost impossible to put it together again. Accept praise with humility.

Delays make people lose interest and become lazy. they will do the same to you. never stop training. they will do that to you. A man who climbs to the peak foot by foot earns far more respect than the one who reaches there by helicopter. The used key is always bright. they are obtained by training. children like to do what they are prevented from doing. Never stop listening. never stop learning. Give someone a title and you make a hundred people angry and one person ungrateful. you will get it from your people. There is no such thing as a perfect solution. if you spray scented water on other people. too. Skills aren’t enough. And if you smear them with dirty water. Why do individuals behave so? Part of human nature. He travels fastest who travels alone. Shout.. Give them responsibility and authority. Give it to a pig and you will get a grunt. The best of men is he who sees his own faults and does not see the faults of others.e. If you want to get a thing done.backstage. them. stupid. Everything takes longer than you think. maybe. Give it to the busiest executive. So add “10 to 30%” before you give a target date. A manager needs to develop his own mirror. Start treating your people as grown-ups. initiative. But it happens with elders when they are not properly guided. Take this factor into your calculations. He gives twice who gives quickly. The rapidity with which we forget is astonishing. devotion to your business and your people? If you do. you have a whole lot of term-mates who helped you achieve all that you have. it’s your attitude that makes the difference The squeaking wheel gets the grease. Thirty per cent of your employees are lazy. Do you show enthusiasm.. Trust. Most people remember only 20 per cent of what they hear. He who want to eat the fruit must climb the tree.. Give editorial freedom to a nightingale and you will get a song of summer in full-throated ease. Good managers are not born. Or the “Holi” way i. Never be too busy to say nice words to your people whenever they do something good. and some will . These hacked proverbs contain the very essence of the distilled wisdom of all ages. you discover that he has been at something else-just because he liked doing what he liked and did not do what should have been done. Throw enough dirt. Understand the Pygmalion effect. Upgrading your people is a far more challenging job then upgrading yourself of your facilities.. A person’s true character is often revealed by the manner in which he receives praise. loyalty. Looked at the other easy round. too. Go out of your way to find such opportunities. whenever you are reasonably sure that someone in the team is over-or under-carrying the load!A manager’s success if due 15 per cent to technical skills and 85 per cent to skills in human engineering. dishonest and so on. A ballet dancer needs a mirror to perfect her style and technique. when they are not properly motivated. why does one behave contrary to have we expect one to behave? Well. Everyone likes to do what he likes and not what should be done It is a common phenomenon in offices. There is nothing so powerful as the truth. Any person who enjoys responsibility usually gets it. And more important. You ask your colleague to do something and just when you and are expecting the results.

Procrastination is the thief of time.. a telegram results when a postcard isn’t sent. When one mixes with ladies. Very often. Walk 25% faster. The least impotent word in social and congregational life is “I” and the most important word is “You” Work smarter. One way to encourage excellence is to demand excellence. When one gets up late. what you have to do is to get ahead and pull. When a job takes a long time. and you will feel not only smarter but will impress other people. you will get it! Notice it. Encourage people to suggest possible solutions to each problem that they put up. The Boss Is Always Right What the people say When one talks. An appraisal system is no good without an effective grievances precessing system. nothing motives a man more than tissue his boss putting in an honest day’s work. When one corrects others. Do it now! Leadership is like moving a string. Leave inertia behind. plant men. People can be divided into three groups those who make things happen. There is usually something else at the bottom of it. and those wonder what happened. And. Take the step. but not in the business world! Ensure that your team becomes the hero. When cases are kept pending. When a lottery si won. People are seldom angry for the reason they think they are angry. When one mixes with people. remember. always. But if you want to plan for ten years. When a rule etiquette is overlooked. You cannot move it by pushing from behind. plant a tree. See the miles melt away under your feet. praise in public... not just harder! It is good to become a hero in films.stick. Good people. When a job is not done. those who watch things happen. Try it. Talk about it. Committed people. Attack the task with full gusto and your will be pleasantly surprised at your own competence. When a job is done without being told. When one rises to an occasion. When one goes for a walk. Write about it. Positive and negative strokes should be well mixed. If you want to plan for three years. So important jobs now before them become urgent. Think people. A thousand mile journey begins with a single step. You can get more work done with a kind and a gun than a kind word alone! And. When a mistake is made. Do not forget. Say a nice word about it. When progress is made. Treat people like winners. When one goes early. Jobs don’t have futures. But. plant corn. Why neglect the job at hand now and let it crush you under its weight later/ A stitch in time saves none. reprimand in private. The reason many people fail to recognice opportunity is because is comes disguised as hard work. the worlds biggest fires could have been prevented by a small cup of water. The habit of putting off important tasks can rob you of hours of achievement and success.. people do. . When a stand is taken. It you want to plan for a year. Good people without discipline are worth nothing.

You can’t have everything in one person. but becomes inspired because he is working. If you want something done. who in Viking days was usually the steersman and navigator as well. The ability to communicate effectively. but give him full credit when he is absent. Managing Customers . Great people are attracted to great leaders. And they must have a sense of success in it. I am avaricious. He has worked hard. and he’ll have his secretary do it. I get breaks. but no brains. of a deportment. The mob has many heads. The ability to foresee the future and take necessary corrective action from time to time. He is diplomatic. He is firm. If your men fight each other openly in your presence for what they believe in that’s healthy.. one has to have the following. I am going in for cheap popularity. give it to a busy executive. Be moderate in praising a man when he is present. He is being original. I am bull-headed. I am showing off.For Me. The leader was the captain.. He was working late last night. He is thorough. He has initiative. Great managers end up working for great people. He takes care of his health. But keep all the conflict eyeball to eyeball. The word “Leader” comes from “Lord” which meant. I am an opportunist. For My Boss. They must to do too much of it. I am rude. He is too busy. The great composer does not set to work because he is inspired. I am incompetent. He is guiding others. I am talkative .. And burst. I abuse concession. He is human. I am loitering. I am overstepping my responsibilities. He is gregarious. If you’re the boss and your people fight you openly when they think you’re wrong that’s healthy. He didn’t waste time waiting for inspiration. He is social. I am lethargic. I am slow. in Old Horse. The ability to think deeply. He will definitely do it. He is always lucky. Now. It is an adjustment. In order for people to be happy in their work three things are needed: They must be fit for it. or of a home. of a business. I am careless. The frog tried to look like the elephant. He is charming. I am always after women. whether one is the leader of far nation. I am lazy. the course or path of far ship at sea.

Think of the customer first if you want the customer to think of you first. Once you give him the alternatives and educate him on how to take a decision and do not push him. The more liberal a refund policy a business has. Always exceed the customer’s expectations. He will give you every promotion you will ever obtain during your lifetime and he will discharge you if you displease him. the more likely it will be able to avoid disgruntled an unhappy customers. the more customers you get. he is likely to choose the alternative that will make him happy. The customer is the Boss There never has been there is not now and there never will be any boss but the customer. They also serve their customers who only stand and wait for the customer to come in! . A rupee goes a long way now. Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. your clothes. He buys your home. like anyone else. The only way to get the best of an argument with a customer is to avoid it. Everything you own he has paid for. tell him. your cars. He pays for your vacations an puts your children through school. “You can sand your son to college on the money you save on an Escorts tractor.” Ninety per cent of your customers are reasonable. The more prospects you meet. “Kiss” your customers. it is only 10 per cent of them who require tactful handling. Mean what you say. the other in terms of good will. You can carry it around for days without finding a thing it will buy. Every customer is essential to the well-being of the organisation. Treat your customers’ complaints as suggestions! Be more prompt to go to your customer in adversity than to the one in prosperity. Agreement with customers gets better results than arguments. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Keep it simple. There are really two entries to be made for every transaction: one in terms of immediate currency an coin.If you take care of your staff. When Banta Singh walks into your showroom. He is the one boss you must please. your staff will take care of your customers. A customer. Any successful organisation has the customer as its focus. may not be able to take and make decisions easily. “Maybe the customer is right” works wonders.

Do not so over-welcome the new customers as to annoy the old ones. he will get you the business of his friends and acquaintances too. Even accounts people. Customer satisfaction is affordable and profitable because a satisfied customer becomes your salesman forever. Not only will he give you repeat business. Customer want answers to their problems. Each of your employees should visit your customers. profits will follow. with common sense. If you are not busy meeting customers. more customers and many. A sale is not a one-time transaction it is the beginning of repeat business provided you keep the customer satisfied. you’re forcing them to visit your competitors. they are not impressed by your carpets and chandeliers. Honesty is still the best policy. Bait the hook to suit the fish. newspaper and magazine insertions. the wiser he thinks you are.Feel like a hero every day by doing a good deed for your customer. Follow-up complaints and suggestions is a must. And there is no other way of doing it than to be prompt in reaching out to him in his adversity and giving him good after-sales service. If you run after two hares. therefore give fast service. wall paintings. Be selfish but be honest to your customers! Business exists only to create customers. you will see the word of mouth spread like wildfire. many more customers. If you are sincere in helping him and create in him the confidence that you are always behind him. with your customers. A satisfied customer is your best advertisement. Get the customer to do most of the talking. radio jingles. television advertisement films have the credibility which a satisfied customer has. Make yours a customers-oriented business. customers are business. you catch neither. He pleases customers best. banners hoardings. No amount of advertising leaflets. The more you listen. Consumers are statistics. who trusts customers most. Customers are not hard to please. . Give the customers the best you have and the customers will give you back the best they have. Customers forget very quickly. The essence of marketing is to create customers.

Customer is the profit Everything else is overhead! The customer is not an inconvenience or a pain in the neck. And. One way to be popular with your customers is to remember a nice thing a customer said about some other customer and tell him. Axe the overhead.” MORAL: Ask the customer what he needs. On being asked by the chairman. pamper him. It makes good business sense. He is our bread and butter. Learn to listen. Nothing motivates a customer more than to see his dealer putting in an honest day’s work to solve his problems. Present customers are and will continue to be the best prospects for more business ! Spend time and effort to read your present customers accurately. Sow the best possible service and reap a golden harvest in bumper profits. tune in to what they require in terms of assistance and support. Do it discreetly. you are heading straight for a lot of heartaches. He pays for our salaries and our profits. Judge a customers more by his questions than by his answers. A company sailing with a heavy load of overhead will soon find itself at the bottom. Keep on checking with your key customers about your employees. Some customers simply cost more to serve. Let us get a few dogs to the conference table and put out different food formula specimens. and make the one they like. Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly. the real boss. so if you go around expecting gratitude. It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. Do not take them for granted. “Sir. a trainee suggested.It costs six times as much to get a new customers as to keep a customer you already have. . Nurture your customers ! One small deed for your customer accomplished more than a thousand words. make it a monthly exercise. Eliminate those activities which are not for the customers. I am not a dog. It is natural for your customers to forget to be grateful. not yearly. Poorly served employees serve customers just as poorly. everybody was giving suggestions on how to make better dog food. Ask the customer In a company meeting. Customers are innovative by nature and will always opt for the better. The customer is the only goose that lays golden eggs every day forever! So care for him.

rest if you must.There are sunrise and sunset customers. Everyone in business “communicates” with customers. the seller of but one. you’re in possession of the magic wand that will conjure up fabulous fortunes. Communication with the customer is the core of good customer service. he may in fact be saying that you are neglecting him. You get your accounts audited. Watch out an learn the difference. He needs to be listened to more. that’s how! What would you want if you were in his place? Find that out. Very little is needed to make your customers happy. how do you know what the customer wants? By seeing things his way. The buyer has need of a hundred eyes. Therefore. But. you cannot manage your business for profit. but losing one is pure hell. What do you do to convince your other customers that they too should not dismiss you? The time has come to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. You cannot expect your employees to be honest if you cheat your customers.” Unless you are willing to come to your business daily thinking that your customers are going to desert you. Do you get your customers audited? Our customers are our very best friends. And set out to satisfy it as if your life depends on it. as they sometimes will. Discipline results in faster customer service. When things go wrong with a customer. does it not?) “If there is nay secret do success. When your customer says he has a big problem. Do not give him free service or discounts. the policy of “I will try” has done wonders. “it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from his angle. Spread a smile and make profits.” With annoyed customers.” says Henry Ford. train each . There is no such thing as “soft sell” and “hard sell” There is only “smart sell” and “stupid sell. We must adjust ourselves to the customers never the customers to ourselves. Should we tell you the secret of success? Find a need and fill it! Once you’re identified customer needs and satisfied them. (At least your success in business depends on it. Winning a new account is a heady experience. The realisation of losing a customer expresses the determination to gain another one by working hard all over again. but don’t quit.

You have not converted a man just because you have silenced him. Excellence is when a man asks of himself more than others do. apologise. the other half is servicing our customers. See him walk out with a smile on his face. If you are not hearing customer complaints. Looking annoyed. Only half of our job in selling our services. and. Customers le to feel good about themselves no matter what they are doing. Sometimes the things we don’t day speak louder than the things we do say. A difficult customer is a dark cloud with a silver lining. that doesn’t mean that everything is okay. continuing to attend to paper work all these non-verbal behaviors turn customers off ! Customers who write or call with complaints want someone to listen. to improve conditions. Handle a difficult customer with care. He is your golden opportunity to prove your mettle as a sales person. The basic philosophy of any business. Handle a difficult customer with tact and sympathy. far better service to our customers than our competition does. . It may only mean that uncomplaining customers are quietly accepting conditions they dislike and planning never to return. if indicated. is to do two things: get and keep customers. fidgeting. to be patient and to express himself clearly. When you do hear complaints. correct the matter.of your employees to be a good listerner. appearing rushed. Instill in your mind that we offer better. It is impossible to make a good deal with bad people. Rewarding employees for friendliness toward customers reinforces the feeling that the customers come first. particularly a service business. avoiding eye contact. Then mend it. They want to think of themselves a intelligent. not only for a specific customer but for all those other customers who follow. sympathise. he will get you a hundred more customers. Remove the irritations to make him happy. Win him over and you have sharpened your technique of satisfying customers and getting more business. Studies have shown that 96 per cent of the customers who are dissatisfied with an organization’s services don’t actually complain. Your attitude determines the satisfaction level of your customers. you have a second chance to make things right. Put yourself in his shoes and see where is pinches. And you may rest assured. wise and competent beings. They do not want to think of themselves as foolish.

When they exit the firm. reducing time to market. in striking contrast to its competitors who operated strict business hours. Shared knowledge A huge amount of business intelligence resides with employees. What ties all this in. Citibank India changed the rules of competition with its campaign The Citi never sleeps. the telephone and Internet access 24x7. Customers contact the firm at various touch points.Information And Knowledge Management Share and grow In recent years. This was made possible by ensuring information availability to employees at all times. products. this is a necessity. By announcing that it worked 24x7 for its customers. thereby enhancing business effectiveness. They expect instant resolution for a bulk of their queries.. procedures and most importantly. From being a hygiene factor. customer feedback with them. slashing turnaround time and improving cross-sell opportunities. It was the first bank to introduce phone banking to the Indian customer where he could call and transact anytime-day or night. This system provides employees with instant access to knowledge gained throughout the Organisation. Successful companies utilize the opportunity of constant contact to build loyalty. physical office or branch. is the continuous .e. globally competitive companies have discovered the importance of an organisation-wide knowledge management system (KMS). How? Simply by giving its frontline staff. Vital employee knowledge can be retained even if the employee cannot. thus speeding problem resolution. As an example. KMS has now evolved into a must-have component for customer-facing units or departments. the havemorrhaging of this expertise and experience can be plugged. slashing turnaround time and market. The main source of competitive advantage therefore lies in a firm's ability to effectively utilise corporate knowledge and learn faster than others in their field. With the right KMS in place. i. it raised the bar so high that it enjoyed unassailable competitive advantage and high brand recall for a very long time. rapid access to adequate customer and product information. customers and industries.What does KM involve? What does KM involve? Sep one is the aggregation of the employee knowledge about business practices. And for organizations that are spread across the globe. Management and distribution of collective corporate knowledge thus becomes a powerful tooling global organisations. they take with them this knowledge of products. if not all of them. in the mid 1990s. Step two involves leveraging this collective corporate intelligence to gain a competitive advantage internet of customer retention.

throw up best practices and lessons learned by others in the organisation and help build on competitive intelligence. say. the organisation needs to work backwards and identify the data that needs to be part of the KMS. sold and re-ordered. while the latter is customer-triggered in that fast-selling items are continuously ordered. assimilating. on the other hand. safety stock needed. This is an extremely crucial step. Identification of the business requirements: Who are the employees that need information? What are the employees that need information? What is the quality and depth of knowledge needed by each of them? At what frequency and how soon? Where is it needed-across local or remote locations? These questions need to be examined before commencing the KM exercise. The former indicates that the hyper market orders and holds quantities based on sales forecasts. Here. Another major benefit-aggregating such employee knowledge canreveal. Understanding the organisational business strategy will yield: Key business processes and procedures. Thus. stocked. gaps or lack of expertise inherent inthe organisation. a KMS finds application and could be used to move from an anticipatory-based supply chain to a response-based supply chain.process of updates. Every organisation houses . Data definition: Once the business requirements are defined. It can reveal hidden opportunities that can be tapped for new business and cross selling. Developing such as knowledge warehouse helps a firm build units competitive intelligence. More importantanly. KMS can also give insights into customer behavior identify industry or customer-specific peculiarities. a front-desk customer interface employee needs a snapshot of the customer account while ansering queries whereas an operations employee will need a detailed history of the customer to resolve complaints. over time. spending patterns could be analysed and opportunities for cross selling could be exploited. Inventory decision making involves assessing the stock out rates of various products. which one spots inmost Indian shopping malls. might need information on. The KM initiative An organisation can kick start its KM initiative in three steps. Who needs the information and at what level. Such outlets stock thousands of products whose inventory management needs to be efficient and cost effective. a hyper market. omissions. review and data availability. eliminate redundant employee research across departments and establish best practices across the organisation. various departments in a single organisation require different subsets of the base data in different formats. Take for instance. any lurking inefficiencies. reorder point. quantity to be ordered in addition to balancing order processing costs with inventory-carrying costs. a PDA from a remote location. For instance. A sales executive. Information flow from one department to another.

timely. with appropriate access rights. Ownership: A dedicated KM team is required to drive this effort. the constant process of review. Major resources include a strong IT team. Explicit knowledge refers to reports or information confined within the organisation that others are not privy to. Infrastructure: If different departments of a company were to use disparate systems. Top management support: A KM initiative has to necessarily be driven by the top management. .two kind of knowledge-explicit and tacit knowledge. A top-down approach works best in raising awareness and emphasizing the importance of constant updates to the KMS. resulting in islands of knowledge instead of an organization wide business intelligence. whichever part of the world they may be. employee knowledge. benchmark data utilised. finances and top management support. information gets isolated. This team can spot duplication of efforts across departments. consulting firms consider their project knowledge in terms of approach used. if any. The expanding use of electronic information necessitation that the KMS keep pace with changing business needs and new technology solutions. This team is responsible for ensuring continuous and consistent absorption of research. However. learnings and new information into the KMS. Definition of data architecture: Once the users are identified and the data is defined. Key success factors for KMS Can a firm convert the KMS into a sustainable competitive advantage? Yes and here's how. only to its employees. updates and management of the knowledge assets must be instituationalised. the next step is to define the data architecture and design the database. client information and lessons learned as tacitknowldege. introduce search facilities depending on user type and initiate multiple levels of access rights to the database. identify the inputs and outputs of the database. This too needs to be constantly updated into the KMS. Resources: Managing information can require a significant commitment of resources as the sources of data and information grow dramatically. This information goes into their KMS and is accessible. This is usually the domain of the chief technology officer (CTO) and the IT department which has to map the relationship between different user requirements. It also needs to develop measures to ensure that the knowledge fed into the KS is accurate. For example. strategy formulated. and thus eliminate wastage of resources. Once the KMS is set up. published reports from Forester/Tower Group research or RBI annual publications like The Trends and Progress of Banking in India or Currency and Finance Report are explicit knowledge. reliable and confidential. A KMS integrated with the organisation's IT systems allows effective and efficient utilization of knowledge assets.

distances. which is in turn leading to increased orders and greater customer satisfaction. This knowledge base holds over 50. It also plans to state a national call-centre to provide a one-stop enquiry system for train timings.000 engineers from around the globe to input product solutions into a knowledge base. peak and lean seasons of various really routes to expand the scope and scale of rail travel. Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) is another organisation that has implemented a KmS>the dissemination of knowledge is done through formal through ITbased networking and a structured feedback system) as well as informal processes. important stations along the routes. Its website displays information on trains playing different cities. as well as electronic documentation. tariffs and so on. the IRCTC is set to launch tourism packages that will offer one stop service for travelers. The value derived by Ford India from its KMS is continuity of customer relations. he will voluntarily input the solution into the system once the problem is resolved. the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). HMIL was able to implement its 100 PPM programme for vendors. It plans to little up with local tour operators.000 problem/solution entries. For the captive traveller who books tickets on the website. Ford India initiated knowledge management efforts as early as 1997 and implemented a KMS at the corporate level. KM helped the IRCTC tap its knowledge base of highly frequented destinations. popular travel circuits. Using the KMS helped Ford save substantial costs. Connecticut-based Xerox Corporation has implemented a KMS called Eureka that enables the organisation's 23. by quickly transferring project learning from its economy car models to premium car. hotels.Industry best practices. offers online train ticket bookings with a home delivery facility. arrivals and departures and even for booking tickets. The initiative is owned by the Chief Knowledge Management Organisation and supported by shared infrastructure. all service engineers are provided with a laptop that is loaded with a Eureka interface. If an engineer encounters a unique situation where a solution does not exist in the knowledge base. resulting in higher quality standards. government resorts and ground transport providers to offer a start to end package. An autonomous body under the Railway Ministry. Through KM. To make the interface accessible everywhere. electronic training and diagnostic tools required for the services engineers to do their jobs. finally resulting in greater customer loyalty and product leadership. ticket availability. . reservation status.

Never develop a friendship with a man who is not better than yourself. You can hardly make a friend in a year. It is not as difficult to die for a friend. Each one put a dot on the portrait wherever he felt it was not good. Managing Competition.” MORAL: It is way to find faults in what others do. Birbal painted the emperor’s portrait in six days. The flower that follows the sun does so even on cloudy days. Never injure a friend. “Dot-ers” On being asked by Akbar. . even in jest.Managing Friends. Akbar. To suspect a friend is worse than to be deceived by him. Life has no blessing like a prudent friend. “Doters. What is a friend? It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself. A little strength talk between friends is sometimes the best way to stay friends. Managing Sales and Service The only way to have a friend is to be one. No man is useless while he has a friend. your work. No one come forward. but difficult to do it yourself. murmured. Be true to your word. as to find a friend worth dying for. and your friend. those are gold. but the reconciled one is truly vanquished. The most I can of for my friend is simply to be his friend. It is chance that makes brothers but hearts that make friends. A fallen enemy may rise again. Akbar asked Birbal thought and called for eight blank canvases for his colleagues and asked them to do the portrait. but you can lose one in an hour. Akbar asked his other eight Navratnas to comment. but keep the old. these are silver. with drooping eyes. A real friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be on the way down. Make new friends.

It is an intelligence above language. Your friend is the man who knows all about you.Have you fifty friends? It si not enough. and abates misery. Develop friendships with people having twenty-twenty vision. and dividing our grief. Trust not a new friend or an old enemy. Friendship improves happiness. Don’t walk in front of me. by doubling our joy. A good neighbour doubles the value of a house. Why are we shocked when succes brings us more problems than it solves? We are surprised by the obvious. If you play safe in . as iron is most strongly united by the fiercest flames. he is greater who esteems his rivals most. yo get the medals. Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other’s little failings. He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs. Don’t burn bridges. The firmest friendships have been formed in mutual adversity. Success doesn’t depend upon being at right plce at the right time. If you go through the wars. All men have their frailties and whoever looks for friends without imperfections will never find what he seeks. and still likes you! Prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them. get out of the business. it depends upon being ready. You’ll be surprised how many times you have to cross the some river Managing Competition If you can’t stand the competition. Never say you know a friend till you have divided an inheritance with him. Don’t walk behind me. Of two heroes. It is the lack of oil which puts them out. or great. The language of friendship is not words but meanings. Walk beside me and just be may friend. God send me a friends should be few and good. God evidently does no intend us all to be rich. or powerful. What upsets me is not that your lied to me but that from now onwards I can no longer believe you. Have you one enemy? It is too much. I may not lead. No one puts out other people’s lamps. Three days of uninterrupted company in a vehicle will make you better friends than one hour’s conversation every day for three years. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. but he does intend us all to be friends. Nothing happens unless we make it happen in the bazaar. I may not follow.

maybe you should go out of business. In a buyers market the best is still inthe sellers market. We manufacture quality products and sell them. aesthetics and beauty are found int he simplest things. Tomorrow is another day. Managing Sales and Service Life is short but there is always time for courtesy. Keep yourself fighting ft! Absorb every new idea. it’ll drive him crazy. The system. causes the great majority of quality problems. and not the price. not the workers. Place quality before profits. When starting out. servicemen keep them.And.life. The competitor who won a customer from you might broadcast his victory toall who will listen. and others will be for sale. Meet it halfway and accept the challenge.We have strengths and we have weakneses.either you keep moving or you fall down.. But so have our competitors. Your business will be a rice bowl or a rust bowl depending on your atitude today. Anyone can sell a one rupee item for 99 paisa. of course. till it’s over. Advertising makes promises. Don’t criticise him. Only those who can give the best for the least will survive. you are creating it Competition is not an enemy which has to be feared. Love your competitor. your competitiors will leave you light years behind. you’ve decided that you don’t to grow anymore.Limited funds are a blessing. Quality is really a way of managing an organisation. Nothing encourages creative thinking in quite the same way. Price doesn’t matter if you make the buyer wants the thing more than. to serve your customers better. the more people buy from you. Never run down the product of your competitoryour customer won’t believe you anyhow! never speak ill of your competitors. Today. It is our policy not to compete in price with any competitor. business is like riding a bicycle. the price. And move up. Or else. Statistics are no substitute for judgement.One way to beat the competition is to serve your customers better. gain two. Lose one. people will bet a path to you wherever you are-even int he forest. spur yourself on. not a curse. If you have too many problems. Keep on keeping on! There’s plenty of room at the top but there’s no room to sit down. Now. things are changing at a frantic pace. And sink into oblivion. The more people trust you.Today. If your mousetraps are better than those of others. It ain’t over. The .And be alert to every minute change. we will win. if we sell our strengths against their weaknesses. he is just what you would be under similar circumstances.. Ther is no law that says a company must exist forever. don’t worry about not having enough money.Only razor-sharp reflexes can help you respond to each new challenge and be on the top. the world is moving at supersonic speed. it’s worth doing well. Harmony. If you are not busy meeting competition. If a thing is worth doing. The best of all ways to beat competition is.

but the real test lies in selling yourself. A visit is equal to 10. he cbecomes a docile pet.”Suppose we refund your money. Stop worrying and start selling. If your costs are going up.. Selling is a noble profession because it satisfies the needs of the buyer. Whatever the struggle. all the more glory goes with getting it. In thelong run.dog that trots about finds a bone They talk most who have least to day. A dissatisfied customer should not be taken as an unwantd nuisance.And when it comes to asking for the order. say more.he does not hesitate to ask for it. Talk less. Out of the small orders of today grow the big orders of tomorrow. but is not too sharp at replying to the sales objections. try lowering your prices by selling more! A difficult sale begins with the first call! Temper urgency with patience.. it may be only one step to the summit. fool me twice. . The best way to increase the sale of a product is to improve the service. Service is to sales like ink is to pen. sir? It is not the orders you hope to get but the orders you get that count. Being cheap is false economy. but you will need a good deal of training and experience making practical use of it. close the store and have the manager shot. The “Tiger Salesman” is made of sterner stuff. tigers make more friends and close more sales too. have a firm handshake. shame on you. they don’t courage at the critical moment is half the sale. In fact. Many a “lost” sale has been saved by a final try. Selling a product is not an easy thing. A sales oriented acounts staff? Why not? Quality of service before profit. What people say they will buy. Many a sale has been won or lost in the first three minutes.000 words. shame on me. Never forget. but he is also firm. Cut not the tree that gives you shade. like the war was lost because f a nail. that is. In his eagerness to be goody-goody. Just like a doctor cures a patient Become a Tiger Salesman! The “Pussy Cat salesman” does a fine job of prospecting and establshing the initial contact. Visit your counterparts regularly. Fool me once. Any fact is better established by two or three good testimonials than by a thousand arguments. that is bagging the order. If an order is hard toget. And finally. Selling may be applied common sense.he is nice to the prospect. A picture is equal to 1. Please don’t lose a customer for want of a part. The dead are always content.He also makes a good presentation. would tht be satisfactory. A dissatisfied customer is like a spark that can spread like wildfire. he loses sight of his main objective. A man without a smiling face should not open a shop. the pen is useless. gentlemen. send you another part free of charge. If the ink leaks in the best pen. tht we are salesmen-not just demonstratiors.000 words. continue the climb. he views every slaes objection as an opportunity to tell more about his product. the customer’s signature onthe bottom line.he is persistent and does not give up.

as long as he doesn’t mind who takes the credit. don’t make every problem a war. Rigidity and salemanship do not go together. Silence is one great art of conversation. Build a core group around yourself.” And. Writtingmemos to the boss about sales is not the same as selling. they seek admiration.A smile is like a drop of ooil that makes the complex .but no one wins who does not fight. If you have not sowed seed at the proper time. cost-conscious and profit-oriented. If any o the parts is damaged or becomes inactive. Good salemen ae problem solvers. Evaluate a lost sale. There is aremote possibility that he will refuse . Some salesmen forget they are salesmen and try to be PR men. If you know but won’t tell say so. Listening to a customer’s complaint is 90% of the job. This is the simplest way to explain the concept of Working Together Works. 3% is following up with him to ensure satisfaction. nothing gained. you cannot reap at harvest time.It sue will become a pyramid reaching for the moon! Negative salesmen are bad company. Instead of sales.Close the sale. it lies inthe ability to get the customer’s point of view and see things fromhis angle as well as from your own. They lern from it and get prepared to avoid another one. Pick and choose the battles you fight. say so. And once youare working together. It there is any one secret of selling. A sales call whichis put off till tomorrow is usually never made. American billionaire oil tycoon J. taling necessary action is another 7%. Once you open your mouth and start talking. Use field demonstration-as a closing tool. it has a crippling effect on the whole body.The same is true for work sitations where everybody must work together. Working together works There’s no limit to what a man can do. Work systematically and ask for the order. More sales are lost through inabilityto express one’s thoughts and ideas than any other single cause. Right is might. Be honest. your customer strts dissecting you! A saleman’s trouble is not ignorance. they will build teams around themselves. but inaction. why not do it with a smile? Try asking for a vour from a colleague with your face all lit up.If you dont know. Adversitymakes a salesman wise. The only way to get in the game is to come out of the locker room. Do it now! Nothing willbe sold if all possible objections must first be overcome. and then speak. Agree. otherwise we are just wasting our time and working for the competition. First think. Even for our body to function well physically. for the law is costly. it is the various components of the mechanism that work together to make it run. Paul Getty calls them “ men with the millionaire mentality: people who are forward-thinking. No salesman ever says that he lost a customer because of his faults! Nothing ventured. it is very important that its parts work in perfect coordination. Always think in terms of what the other person wants.” In a machine. Good businessmen consider every lost order a disaster. Team building works. not rich.

Morning is coming! Opportunities may be missed.Better For All The great law which lies at the foundation of all life is that our rewards in life will be in exact proportion to cur service. but others will surely come your way. the greater will be his selling success. it takes 10 seconds to lose one. another opens. the incentive for you to give better products and service to the customer. your means to growth. That’s SUCCESS! In a business.human mechanism work without friction. Better quality is equal to fewer service problems. our business goes galloping forward. Tell this to your customers. The postage stamp secures succeeds because of its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there. on the other hand. In the deepest water is the best fishing. and it is developed only through sweat. but he ofen seeks it in the customers. Train your salesmen to talk to the customer in the customer’s language. Result: very slow growth. Spred a smile around and your workplace becomes a better place. Competence is the engine that gets things done.It is your legitimate right. Don’t give up sooner. mistakes. It takes three years to get good results from giving god srvice to customers.000 to get a customer. It takes Rs.. Profit is not a diry word Profit is the driving force that spurs us on. It takes 10 years for the problem to go away. you need not feel guilty of making profit. Do not replae a part if repairing it can make it almost as good as new.And more profits come rolling in. As long as you are not profiteering (that is. mistaking it for the animal itself. making money by unfair means). Speech is great. Talent is only an enabler. Night has fallen. Have a sense of urgency when a customer comes infor after sales service.Do not repair a part if it won’t last. Never fallign is not an achievement. he will finally have nothing left for himself except empty cartridges. The cause of failure lies within the salesman himself. Listen for more service when a customer walks in. Teamwork. but silence is greater. Too many of us sell ourselves short. When one door shuts. But putting profit before better quality and services is like putting the carriage before the horse-busines does not move. Complaining about others is often an admission of one’s own incompetence. we strive for quality and service. One person says. If. It is the material yardstick of success in business. Real achievement is rising again after a fall. bruises and frustration. Good after-sales service will increase your market share. If a hunter opens fire at the shadow of an animal. customers are normally underservicced.. Overservicing of customers means redued profits.” Whereas another says. 10. The more extensive a salesman’s knowledge of what has been done. . Managing a business is the art of knowing the difference between underservicing and overservicing.

And the suggestion we offer to ourselves will be expressed inour actions. Tips for Management Managing Friends. Being organised is being motivated. who chided him. wil resort to every possible way to underservice your customers. A business is like a game of tennis: the one who serves well. none without proper servicemen.. If I don’t I don’t get. As many times as I can because the more I go. . Don’t allow the phone to interrupt important moments. not before. seldom loses. And he greatest secret of all failure is impatience. Salesman’s Persistence A young salesman was finally admitted to the office of the president. I know. you should feel flattered that I allowed you to come in here. Customers need service twelve months a year. prosperity and self-respect. Winners have driving force that keeps them winners.” replied the young salesman. economics. If you stilll have not lost everyting. A wall cannot be broken with just one push. It is better to lern from the experience of others. i turned down five salesmen today. Positive. I was all five of them The greatest secret of all success is patience. not an ordinary salesman. Service is our success. Customers have an uncanny memory for keeping track of who calls on them during good and less than good times. A good manager always keeps the sand bucket ready. The cost of after sales service is so much that quality assurance at every stage of manufacturing proves to be cheaper inthe long run. the more I get. Find answers for customers. the old man said.. your staff. Asked how many times a day he went back and forth. but the head gets broken inthe attempt. I don’t get.but theydid not produce or sell cars. Look people in the eye. Thus he is able to avoid devstating fires. The unique thing about a winning attitude is that it perpetuates itself. Don’t get a reputation for being a fair-weather salesman. There lived an old man with a rowboat who ferried passengers across a milewide river for ten paise. It’s there for your convenience. A good businessman sees his business through a marketing eye as well as through the general ledger. And if I don’t go. A company and its dealers are partners Unless each one bothers about the other half of the partnership. repetitive self-talk changes our self image.And he keeps on looking for the smoke from unlikely places. unless you watch out.Many businesses have succeeded without service facilities. The sale really begins after the sale. That way the wall remains standing. not the caller’s. Young man. We were collecting tons of sttstics. Be a consulting supplier . That’s all you need to know-all there is to know-about business. If your job is outside sales. it doesn’t work for too long. stay outside.

but the reconciled one is truly vanquished. I may not follow. Friendship improves happiness. Don’t walk behind me. To suspect a friend is worse than to be deceived by him. Akbar asked Birbal thought and called for eight blank canvases for his colleagues and asked them to do the portrait. A fallen enemy may rise again.The only way to have a friend is to be one. Have you fifty friends? It si not enough. as iron is most strongly united by the fiercest flames. No man is useless while he has a friend. your work. What is a friend? It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself. The most I can of for my friend is simply to be his friend. Life has no blessing like a prudent friend. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. but you can lose one in an hour. Don’t walk in front of me. Birbal painted the emperor’s portrait in six days. and abates misery. even in jest. but he does intend us all to be friends. “Dotters” On being asked by Akbar. those are gold. with drooping eyes. or great. It is not as difficult to die for a friend. I may not lead. Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other’s little failings. Akbar. or powerful. Make new friends. The firmest friendships have been formed in mutual adversity. but keep the old. “Doters. A little strength talk between friends is sometimes the best way to stay friends. and your friend. Akbar asked his other eight Navratan as to comment. You can hardly make a friend in a year. Three days of uninterrupted company in a vehicle will make you better . by doubling our joy. Have you one enemy? It is too much. but difficult to do it yourself. The flower that follows the sun does so even on cloudy days. Be true to your word. murmured. as to find a friend worth dying for. Never develop a friendship with a man who is not better than yourself.” MORAL: It is way to find faults in what others do. God evidently does no intend us all to be rich. It is an intelligence above language. No one come forward. Walk beside me and just be may friend. Never injure a friend. A real friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be on the way down. these are silver. The language of friendship is not words but meanings. and dividing our grief. It is chance that makes brothers but hearts that make friends. Each one put a dot on the portrait wherever he felt it was not good. All men have their frailties and whoever looks for friends without imperfections will never find what he seeks.

to serve your customers better. Trust not a new friend or an old enemy. you’ve decided that you don’t to grow anymore. If you play safe in life.. of course. you get the medals. God send me a friends should be few and good. And be alert to every minute change. If you go through the wars.. Nothing happens unless we make it happen in the bazaar. Today. No one puts out other people’s lamps. . business is like riding a bicycle. It is our policy not to compete in price with any competitor. spur yourself on. Or else. your competitors will leave you light years behind. Keep yourself fighting ft! Absorb every new idea. Never say you know a friend till you have divided an inheritance with him. And move up. He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs. A good neighbour doubles the value of a house. the world is moving at supersonic speed. Limited funds are a blessing. Only razor-sharp reflexes can help you respond to each new challenge and be on the top. and not the price. The price. Why are we shocked when success brings us more problems than it solves? We are surprised by the obvious. Success doesn’t depend upon being at right place at the right time. get out of the business. And sink into oblivion. don’t worry about not having enough money. Price doesn’t matter if you make the buyer wants the thing more than. Today. he is just what you would be under similar circumstances. it’ll drive him crazy. Keep on keeping on! There’s plenty of room at the top but there’s no room to sit down. Of two heroes. You’ll be surprised how many times you have to cross the some river Managing Competition If you can’t stand the competition. maybe you should go out of business.either you keep moving or you fall down. Nothing encourages creative thinking in quite the same way. Develop friendships with people having twenty-twenty vision. Love your competitor. and still likes you! Prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them. Things are changing at a frantic pace. Your friend is the man who knows all about you. Don’t burn bridges. Now. not a curse. It is the lack of oil which puts them out. he is greater who esteems his rivals most. What upsets me is not that your lied to me but that from now onwards I can no longer believe you. The is no law that says a company must exist forever.friends than one hour’s conversation every day for three years. When starting out. people will bet a path to you wherever you are-even in the forest. If you have too many problems. If your mousetraps are better than those of others. it depends upon being ready. Don’t criticise him. The best of all ways to beat competition is. We manufacture quality products and sell them.

Many a “lost” sale has been saved by a final try. the pen is useless. A picture is equal to 1. One way to beat the competition is to serve your customers better. The competitor who won a customer from you might broadcast his victory to all who will listen.. Selling a product is not an easy thing. say more. Fool me once.000 words. Stop worrying and start selling. close the store and have the manager shot. Talk less. Out of the small orders of today grow the big orders of tomorrow. It ain’t over. Harmony. The dog that trots about finds a bone They talk most who have least to day.” Suppose we refund your money. fool me twice.. Never run down the product of your competitoryour customer won’t believe you anyhow! Never speak ill of your competitors. But so have our competitors. A visit is equal to 10. Quality is really a way of managing an organisation. gain two. If an order is hard . Many a sale has been won or lost in the first three minutes. continue the climb. A dissatisfied customer is like a spark that can spread like wildfire. Statistics are no substitute for judgement. In a buyers market the best is still in the sellers market. Lose one. Cut not the tree that gives you shade. shame on you. A man without a smiling face should not open a shop. Would that be satisfactory. If the ink leaks in the best pen. we will win. try lowering your prices by selling more! A difficult sale begins with the first call! Temper urgency with patience. If a thing is worth doing. Tomorrow is another day. The more people trust you. shame on me. aesthetics and beauty are found in the simplest things. send you another part free of charge. it may be only one step to the summit. they don’t courage at the critical moment is half the sale. causes the great majority of quality problems. If your costs are going up. Visit your counterparts regularly. What people say they will buy. Place quality before profits. The system. Only those who can give the best for the least will survive. Your business will be a rice bowl or a rust bowl depending on your attitude today. it’s worth doing well. not the workers. and others will be for sale. you are creating it Competition is not an enemy which has to be feared. We have strengths and we have weaknesses.000 words. Have a firm handshake. the more people buy from you. A sales oriented accounts staff? Why not? Quality of service before profit. Advertising makes promises. sir? It is not the orders you hope to get but the orders you get that count. The best way to increase the sale of a product is to improve the service. till it’s over. And. A dissatisfied customer should not be taken as an unwantd nuisance. servicemen keep them. if we sell our strengths against their weaknesses. Managing Sales and Service Life is short but there is always time for courtesy. but the real test lies in selling yourself. Whatever the struggle. Meet it halfway and accept the challenge. Service is to sales like ink is to pen. Being cheap is false economy. Anyone can sell a one rupee item for 99 paisa.If you are not busy meeting competition.

the customer’s signature on the bottom line. Close the sale. The only way to get in the game is to come out of the locker room. tigers make more friends and close more sales too. but is not too sharp at replying to the sales objections. Adversity makes a salesman wise. And finally. He is nice to the prospect. A sales call which is put off till tomorrow is usually never made. Selling is a noble profession because it satisfies the needs of the buyer. Work systematically and ask for the order. Evaluate a lost sale. And when it comes to asking for the order. for the law is costly. Be honest. It there is any one secret of selling. Listening to a customer’s complaint is 90% of the job. talking necessary action is another 7%. it lies in the ability to get the customer’s point of view and see things from his angle as well as from your own. . that is bagging the order. he becomes a docile pet. you cannot reap at harvest time. 3% is following up with him to ensure satisfaction. Selling may be applied common sense. Good salesmen are problem solvers. Just like a doctor cures a patient Become a Tiger Salesman! The “Pussy Cat salesman” does a fine job of prospecting and establishing the initial contact. Never forget. Do it now! Nothing will be sold if all possible objections must first be overcome. If you have not sowed seed at the proper time. If you know but won’t tell say so. Agree. The dead are always content. If you don’t know. More sales are lost through inability to express one’s thoughts and ideas than any other single cause. Please don’t lose a customer for want of a part. Always think in terms of what the other person wants. he views every sales objection as an opportunity to tell more about his product. that we are salesmen-not just demonstrators. but he is also firm. he loses sight of his main objective. all the more glory goes with getting it. say so. that is. The “Tiger Salesman” is made of strainer stuff. He also makes a good presentation. In the long run. Any fact is better established by two or three good testimonials than by a thousand arguments. otherwise we are just wasting our time and working for the competition. like the war was lost because of a nail. They learn from it and get prepared to avoid another one. gentlemen. and then speak. First think. not rich. In his eagerness to be goody-goody. Good businessmen consider every lost order a disaster. but you will need a good deal of training and experience making practical use of it. In fact.to get. He is persistent and does not give up. he does not hesitate to ask for it. Writing memos to the boss about sales is not the same as selling.

Once you open your mouth and start talking. If any of the parts is damaged or becomes inactive. In the deepest water is the best fishing. Rigidity and salemanship do not go together.. American billionaire oil tycoon JD. but inaction. Complaining about others is often an admission of one’s own incompetence. It takes 10 years for the problem to go away. Use field demonstration-as a closing tool..A smile is like a drop of oil that makes the complex human mechanism work without friction. but no one wins who does not fight. The more extensive a salesman’s knowledge of what has been done. cost-conscious and profit-oriented.Working together works There’s no limit to what a man can do. Morning is coming! Opportunities may be missed. Build a core group around yourself. The same is true for work stations where everybody must work together. Spread a smile around and your workplace becomes a better place. Some salesmen forget they are salesmen and try to be PR men. No salesman ever says that he lost a customer because of his faults! Nothing ventured. nothing gained. the greater will be his selling success.” Whereas another says. Teamwork. Even for our body to function well physically. but others will surely come your way. don’t make every problem a war. If a hunter opens fire at the shadow of an animal. as long as he doesn’t mind who takes the credit. Speech is great. Pick and choose the battles you fight. your customer starts dissecting you! A salesman’s trouble is not ignorance. . Paul Getty calls them “ men with the millionaire mentality: people who are forward-thinking. Train your salesmen to talk to the customer in the customer’s language. It takes 10 seconds to lose one. Team building works. Never falling is not an achievement. Real achievement is rising again after a fall. why not do it with a smile? Try asking for a favour from a colleague with your face all lit up. It takes Rs.Better For All The great law which lies at the foundation of all life is that our rewards in life will be in exact proportion to cur service.000 to get a customer. Night has fallen. And once you are working together. it is very important that its parts work in perfect coordination. This is the simplest way to explain the concept of Working Together Works. Right is might. but silence is greater. Silence is one great art of conversation.” In a machine. they seek admiration. There is are mote possibility that he will refuse . 10. It sue will become a pyramid reaching for the moon! Negative salesmen are bad company. Too many of us sell ourselves short. The cause of failure lies with in the salesman himself. they will build teams around themselves. it has a crippling effect on the whole body. it is the various components of the mechanism that work together to make it run. but he often seeks it in the customers. Instead of sales.” And. One person says. The postage stamp secures succeeds because of its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.

Have a sense of urgency when a customer comes in for after sales service. Managing a business is the art of knowing the difference between underservicing and overservicing. he will finally have nothing left for himself except empty cartridges. Overservicing of customers means reduced profits. Tell this to your customers. As long as you are not profiteering (that is. Listen for more service when a customer walks in. bruises and frustration. Do not repair a part if it won’t last. .mistaking it for the animal itself. It is your legitimate right. you need not feel guilty of making profit. our business goes galloping forward. Good after-sales service will increase your market share. Many businesses have succeeded without service facilities. Don’t give up sooner. Result: very slow growth. If. Profit is not a diary word Profit is the driving force that spurs us on. your means to growth. we strive for quality and service. on the other hand. When one door shuts. But putting profit before better quality and services is like putting the carriage before the horse-business does not move. It is better to lern from the experience of others. It takes three years to get good results from giving god service to customers. the incentive for you to give better products and service to the customer. customers are normally under serviced. That’s SUCCESS! In a business. another opens. It is the material yardstick of success in business. And more profits come rolling in. Better quality is equal to fewer service problems. Do not replace a part if repairing it can make it almost as good as new. none without proper servicemen. mistakes. Competence is the engine that gets things done. making money by unfair means). Talent is only an enabler. and it is developed only through sweat.

Selling is once. People don’t buy things! They buy the benefits that things provide.New Management Tips Managing Marketing Marketing will not only sell products. No one is so powerful that he can harm others without harming himself. A good reputation is more valuable than money. Don’t explain the features. We do not always buy products. it must do a certain amount of scratching for what it gets. one good deed per day for your customer! When you are thinking and doing you’ll have no time to worry. the realist adjusts the sails. Your image can never be stolen. the optimist expects it to change.. A thoroughbred horse is not dishonoured by its saddle. Don’t forget the power of postcards. Changing conditions may cause a monumental idea to become a tombstone. Concentrations the key to economic results. The pessimist complains about the wind. No product. Business is never so healthy as when. we often buy images. what really matters is its contribution toward making life better for everybody. Learn to listen.. Marketing is when it is sold again and again and again. like a chicken. however. a small leak can sink a big ship. Look straight into the eyes of people. explain the benefits.. Success does to make a company great. If you do not get ahead of others.Our motto seems to be: “Let’s do a little bit of everything. Ninety per cent of punctures (flats) happen in the last 10 per cent of tyre life. many of us think we know the trade. colleagues and books. Keep in touch with friends.. Make . employees and customers. When the winds of change are blowing. and keep it simple. Those who apply themselves too closely to little things often become incapable of great things. no other principle of effectiveness is violated as frequently today as the basic principle of concentration.” Think and do. Often that is all you need to get the basic message across. they will get ahead of you. A good deed is one that brings a smile of joy to the face of your customer. This world is a world of competition. Marketing is simply sales with customer orientation. Learn to compromise. See it big.. It is often easier to get back the profits than the market share. What is the use of running when we are on the wrong road? Marketing is really a form of communication. Homilies: collect 1001 and your communication skills will improve. Everything else can. After learning the tricks of the trade. it will also hasten the death of bad products. good it may be sells by itself That is where marketing comes in. Beware of small expenses.. you need to know which way and how fast. Expect the unexpected.

It is worth sixty IQ points. The essence of leadership is a point of view. but he who climbs a tree and shouts will. Any fool can write a bad advertisement. make sure you have said it. He who has a product to sell and whispers in a well is not going to get the rupees. a certain way.it a habit it will give you more confidence. The best mental effort in the game of business is concentrated on the major problem of securing the consumer’s rupee before the other person gets it. Don’t expect your agency to pay for all the dry holes they drill on your behalf. Customers do not forgive bad quality. Selling well is doing certain things. The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. Adhocism is the worst enemy of advertising. . No question is so difficult as that to which the answer is obvious. Never be afraid to have a point of view. Make sure that yours is so good that it lasts for years. In selling. Speak your mind once you have cultivated it well More often. untruthful advertising and being bored. The one who had the most information was the one likely to get the most information in return. Most speeches self-destruct within a day. The secret of success in conversations to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. I sold three times. Not because the customers were desperate to buy. no matter how depressed the market. Organization learn and adapt very slowly. go to sleep. The best way to sell more is to work more and loaf less. Frightened people are powerless to produce good advertising. It would be a swell world if everybody was as pleasant as the fellow who’s trying to sell you. you’re running about average. You know what you’re doing. There are no prizes for the seller who comes second. If at first you don’t succeed. Of all those arts in which the wise excel. I will persist until I succeed. but it takes a genius to keep his hands off a good one. People look for leadership in any get together. It is better to make profit on dirt than loss on muck. When you say something. A satisfied customer is the best advertisement for the product. Bad advertising can unsell a product. There is new business out there. All we have got to do is to find it first. Gift wrap what you have to say or write. Half the money you spend on advertising is wasted. as in chess. very day. innovativeness. Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. If you have anxieties. but because I was desperate to sell. but nobody else does. Even Napoleon lost one-third of all the important battles he fought. your title is not relevant when you speak from a well furnished mind. The chances of your having said it are only fair. Nature’s chief masterpieces is writing well. No seed turns into a tree by leaps and bounds. Selling is an art: enthusiasm. the trouble is you don’t know which half. for thought wins. and ideas are some of the essential ingredients.

Start a positive thoughts factory. If your actions (or inaction) have caused you to be left behind. Top management should spend 40 to 50 per cent of its time educating and motivating its people. Most of the ohs and has are momentary. you have spent eighty paise out of your rupee. Pretty cars sell. Take profit into account as late as you can. While another person is talking. take expenses into account as early as you can when you have written your headline. Ugly cars do not sell. but it takes brains to make a better product. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. there is less incentive to innovate. Good Ideas in and Good Ideas Out GICO Look and think before you leap. but to what you know or think is the liking of the person you are meeting. Don’t save your good clothes. Insults and pills must not be chewed. Managing Your Health & Happiness Laughter is the best medicine. you have to convince yourself. Knowledge is power. When you try to spread . you can’t complain to the railways that the train left without you. He that goes a borrowing. for it displays respect for the other’s intelligence and point of view. New systems generate new problems. Bank your winners.” The wise man says: But the future is still safe. You must have goals. a polite silence is golden. and abandon your losers. The fol says: I have ruined my past and my present. wear them Action kills the anxiety caused by procrastination. A big order can be lost by reaching late for an appointment! A 100-tractor dealership can be a losing proposition while a 10-tractor dealership may be a big success. When business is good it pays to advertise. Learn to laugh at yourself. Greed is the heart’s biggest enemy. It’s simple. The computer is only yours faithfully and obediently. Without competition. Follow the river and you’ll go to the sea. and your advertising money on your successes. Anybody can cut prices. If you are late in reaching the station. your brains. and tickle the funny-bone in others. but the goals should be achievable. To convince others. God does not make faulty products. Take ups and downs with equanimity. Dress not to your liking. Good communication can result in the elimination of undesirable activities.Never give up a campaign just because you have grown tired of it. Most people don’t succeed in life because they don’t know what they want to achieve in the first place. A blind man will not thank you for a looking glass. mere words will not push you ahead. Better cash management means better profits. when business is bad you’ve got to advertise. Modernaton is advisable. goes sorrowing. customers don’t see your advertisements as often as you do. Change what you can and accept what you cannot change.” Concentrate your time. He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty.

Do whatever you can for the pleasure of doing and giving to others. A wise mains one who asks for more. happy is he who is happy with his children. Plan to reach your work place or an appointment early by fifteen minutes. no one can break it. If you are ten minute early. Laught it off. but is willing to take less. it is said. Think big thoughs. Accept sorrows and failures to enjoy happiness. the less feedback you are able to get and you distance yourself from the fealties of business. you’ll find them. do it lovingly. Anger is an expensive luxury in which only men of a certain income can indulge. Financial success is never having to balance your cheque book. Praise is the best diet for us. He who lives with little possesses everything. some of it sticks to you too! If I give my word. Think. Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled. and like counterfeit money. The growth of wisdom can be accurately gauged by the drop in ill temper. Eating right will make you very old! Don’t carry your mistakes (and others too) in your heart for too long. If sickness is unavoidable.. A smile is far better than the most expensive Banarsi Saree. be good for something. A good day’s work begins with a good night’s rest. not life threatening. greeds never. carpets and chandeliers make a nice house but only the smiles on the faces of the residents make it a home! Doing business should be a pleasure. my lawyers can break it.. happiness is something that depends not on position but on disposition. Agreements get better results than arguments. but relish small pleasures. because they take themselves lightly. Always have something beautiful in sight. Crystals. To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. Anticipation breeds frustration. You end up making mistakes.happiness. Ninety one per cent of financial worries are a result of 3 per cent each of carelessness. Have a golden tonne and a golden pen. you only live once but if you live right. you are already late by five minutes.. The most manifest sign of wisdom is continued cheerfulness. relax and enjoy it.. thank and smile. even if it’s just a daisy in a jelly glass. Health is happiness. Angles fly. The trick is to function with a level of stress that is life enhancing. If you look for the positive things in life. Business men who do not know how to fight worry die young. The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention. after all. once is enough. Needs can be met. Have a nice day. Flattery is counterfeit. but if I sign this contract. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. . Fortunately. a pressure cooker is no good if it has no safety valve! Be not merely good. laziness and overspending. it will eventually get you into trouble if you try to pas it. If you have to criticise. The faster you run. Don’t expect gratitude from anyone. Work is the best remedy for all ills.

Do the very best you can: and then put up your old umbrella and keep the rain of criticism from running down the back of your neck. and thinking good thoughts. It is difficult to worry while you are busy doing something the at requires planning and thinking. Ten poor men can sleep comfortably under one blanket. Build your memory bank now before it is too late to make deposits. . a hell of heaven.When we have accepted the worst. Do not grieve over hardship Hardship makes the man. Achievement of goals. you need enthusiasm and creativity. I wasn’t interested in making a lot of money. Everybody in the world is seeking happiness-and there is one sure way to find it. To kill stress. Contentment is a pearl of great price whoever procures it at the expense of ten thousand desires makes a wise and happy purchase. Think and thank. Try prayer. but I was interested in making a good living. Goals of helping someone. and it is a fact that reduces your stress. Remember that no one was ever killed by lack of sleep. Change yourself and your life will change on its own. now or in the future. yet the mind and body are one and should not be treated separately. Don’t fuss about trifles. If you can’t sleep. Happiness is doing. drip of worry often drives men to insanity and suicide. Result: true peace of mind. while two kings cannot be contained in one kingdom. and the constant drip. Be large of heart and succeed. you improve your self image. Be small of heart and fail. lets stop thinking about gratitude or ingratitude and give for the inner joy of giving. Don’t permit little thins to ruin your happiness. Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on others unless you have some on you. When fate hands us a lemon. let’s story to make a lemonade. doing it yourself. you are wealthy. Looking for happiness is like clutching a shadow or chasing the wind. That is by controlling your thoughts. drip. Worry is like the constant drip. When you feel good about yourself. we have nothing more to lose. drip of water. But I am rich. Worrying about insomnia usually causes far more damage than sleeplessness. Happiness is a achievement. Yes. The greatest mistake physicians make is that they attempt to cure the body without attempting to cure the mind. and thank God for all our boons and bounties. If we want to find happiness. get up and work or read until you do feel sleepy. but you can prevent them from nesting in your hair. You can choose to get drunk tonight but when you do. You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from flying over your head. you have also chosen to feel miserable tomorrow. Think of all we have to be grateful for. The mind units own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell.

One small deed accomplishes more than a thousand words.Even Alexander the Great was carried to the burial ground with two empty plams. Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow. Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.. we will be fearful. but keep your tents separate. Nature gave you your face. Happy memories require preparation. Make the business fun for you and others. If we think miserable thoughts. A wise man is one who can live in peace with things he cannot change. Allowing emotion to govern one’s actions brings failure. Worrying is a function of the idle mind. be happy. give away what you cannot use in your lifetime.. Good deeds cut of tongues. Think and act cheerfully and you will feel cheerful. Walk straight in your life. Staying calm is the best way to take the wind out of an angry person’s sails. One should be honest and also appear to be honest. If you are patient in one moment of anger. Some of our problems are self inflicted. Take time off to make yourself happy. . A regular life is very essential for happiness. and divide your problems with equal number of solutions! Don’t worry. subtract your worries. Don’t ever look for shortcuts or compromise with your conscience. we will be miserable. What the mind of a man can conceive. and believe. Keep physically fit. we will be happy. multiply your happiness. The secret of happiness is curiosity. A milligram of prevention saves tonnes of cure. An honest day’s work is he best medicine for all ills. Bring your hearts together. givers do. May every day of the coming year add to your prosperity. Conceive HAPPINESS. We can give others happiness only if we ourselves are sufficiently happy. The fact is that people get good positions because of their positive attitudes. Think. Sick people neglect themselves. If we think fear thoughs. Good attitudes do not result from good positions or wealth. Getters generally don’t get happiness. Men leave home because their wives nag. The only happy man is he who thinks he is. Some people worry because they do not have anything to worry about! If we think happy thoughts. Practise abstinence. Pray about every difficult problems. The only goal which is common to all mankind is to attain happiness. for riches will not last. Acting with restraint brings success. Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Are you getting smileage from your business? Healthy people think of themselves. mentally alert and spiritually strong. Showing outside his shound. Use your “third eye” to see what makes you happy. The happiness of your life depends on the wholesomeness of your thoughts. The ones from the heart are warmer. you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. Happiness results from discipline. but you have to provide the expression. Happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have. Think objectively and keep a sense of humour. they are appreciated and remembered. Success depends upon outlook. People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness. Thanks can come from the head or the heart. it can achieve.

A means father has thieves for children. What Really Makes An Effective Leader? There is no such thing as a strong organization without effective leadership yet there is an ongoing struggle for a solution to the problem of creating excellent leadership. Typical leadership models derived from comprehensive analyses emphasize. A good laugh is like sunshine in a house. Stupid) answers. Try to complete the least urgent in the time you have allowed yourself because left over tasks steal part of tomorrow’s time. and make e-leaning tools available. THINK and use your imagination.There is no disgrace in honest failure. there is little. Happiness lies. from one competency model to another from one process to another. Many organizations have stumbled from one initiative to another. . there seems to be a growing lust for ‘KISS’ (Keep It Simple. A sharp dagger only wounds the flesh. especially when faced with uncertainly Taking accountability-taking personal accountability for outputs. IF it were only so simple!. top talent. Many a wife has made her own marital grave with a series of little digs. give them meltwater feedback reports. Man is the only creature endowed with the power of laughter. demonstrable instead of digging deeper. in health. The costs of the struggle have been higher than anticipated. actions and consequences. most of which never happened. Some people know how to live everyone’s life but their own.” That sounds about as easy as picking up some burgers and fries. if any. A typical drive through solution: “Define the core competencies for your leaders. but a sharp tongue can wound the spirit. Three and 3 can make 33 and zero as well as 6! Therefore. produce online development suggestions. A good secret of how best to use each day’s time is to try to pack it like a suitcase. Unfortunately despite valiant efforts. Studies of Core leadership Competencies Showed There are always common characteristics shared by any group of people including those who excel at leadership. My life has been full of terrible misfortunes. Then leaders will emerge. • • • • • Earning respect creating a record of successes prior to or early on in the leadership role Creative visioning creating a word picture of the future Instilling belief-persuading and influencing other to commit to a course of action Courage-willingly taking decisions and risks. there is disgrace in fearing to fail. filling up the small spaces with small things. first of all. and desperately trying to find a way to cultivate their most important asset.

The military has known for centuries that a clear and shared objective correlates with success oftentimes more so than the singular skills of the leader or of the troops. produce personal development plans and. any road will get you there. throughout. Cause or Effect? The truth is the while the display of these competencies may correlate with excellent leadership. timed-bound expecting as based on a clear insight into the future. Latest Web-based performance management applications are based on the assumption. having a competency model appears to be more of a differentiating factor than having the right competency model. Organizations now invest heavily in developing Visions and Missions as overarching statements of what is expected. receive feedback on current skills. These applications allow individuals to view high level goals. We have come a long way since the days of management by objectives (MBO). achievable (and believable. Analytical Thinking-rapidly assimilating and making sense of camp of complex information. they will perform excellently. developing and regarding to these skills and personal qualities. But. determine the competencies required to succeed. say. From these we then derive divisional. leaders included. In most organizations. And goals may have been arbitrarily set in the first place. why have we not seen universal and dramatic improvements in leadership performance? Symptom. align them within matrix structures. set their won objectives. Resilience-remaining emotionally stable through good and bad times. we still have very little in the way of concrete measures of individual output performance against which to validate to models. Shared clarity about haw the leader should operate may be the more important factor. So. The miliary also knows that failure to plan is planning to fail.!). measurable. Business now recognizes these truths as well. it is difficult to assess the impact of extraneous factors on the bottom line. Over the last two decades organizations have been developing and putting in place similar competency models-and then recruiting. departmental and individual objectives and plans. In fact. even here. sales or investment banking. the assumption of a direct cause (the competencies) and effect (excellent leadership) is suspect. Energy must be focused and efforts aligned. The intention is to provide employees with specific. If you don’t know where you are going. to actively engage their managers and coaches.• • • • Displaying passion for excellence-refusing to accept second best from self or others. And the assumption is that if people know precisely what is expected of them. all adding up to the greater whole. Persistence -maintaining or increasing performance in the face of adversity. or financial measures for. But still we do not seem to have found the . Of course we can quantify such things as retail results.

(The excellence on the followers. When the Harvard Business Review (December 2001) reported on the defining moments for 17 world-class leaders. and told us. while the risk of removing or suppressing unique skills or an extraordinary combination of competencies in the course or such a program is hard to assess. You’ll be a good company-but you won’t be a great company. “Ah hah. Displays a unique combination of competencies rather than one set of traits shared with others. Igniting the Spark of Excellence Nurturing the dormant seeds of greatest is not easy. it is fair to say that it is probably higher than zero. And in a follow-up investigative study. said about benchmaking organizations.’ we think. typically based on respect. The reality seems to be that the exceptional leader: • • Likes to succeed and has a track record of achieving results prior even to becoming a leader. “If we can combine the nine or then common ingredients from our favourite dinners. “We used to have leaders who knew what they were doing. or fail to be as successful in a new environment. Indeed. “If your organization benchmarks the best companies then congratulations. let alone another superstar like Bill Gates. one disenchanted employee commented. Most of them can’t make a decision without a focus group or . Now we just have managers.) Arises out of a defining situation. (We only have to look at the impact of 9/11 on George Bush. The Elusive Missing Factors Leadership core competencies are typically derived by looking for the common ground in a sample of excellent leaders. Stamford University. is slim. as Charles O’Reilly. Tony Blair and Rudy Giuliani) • • The chance on any conventional competency-based development or performance management program. Has a special dynamics with the specific group of people he/sale leads. we can make the perfect meal. Moreover. at one European car importer. gresat leaders often take their staff with them when they move. Prof HRM. concurrent employee opinion surveys and multi-rater appraisals revealed a leadership development programm has produced efficiency.” The same of others best practices to achieve goals may simply produce stunning mediocrity.” But would anyone really want to dine on the resulting dish? We also seem to think that we can generate top quality leadership by having our leaders emulate the leaders of other organizations.formula for generating consistently high performance nor for replicating leaders who beast the odds and truly excel. In fact. producing an excellent leader. not one identified a development activity as major influence. (The subtle differences seem mor important that the common ground working somewhat like the catalyst in a chemical reaction. However.

BA Systems sends a small group of selected leaders around the world. From Washington. the task of honing true greatness is doable. to Bangalore to Beijing they discuss local business. If you prove that your selection is hard to get past. politics and even study taichi. Toward that end. Apply rigorous selection Select people who have shown the desire to succeed in their current roles. grow their context: increase their knowledge of peripheral guage. spending a week in each of five countries. spread over 15 months. Don’t covertly encourage anyone to apply. Look for those who’ve exceeded expectations by taking tough decisions on their own initiative. Don’t focus on developing core competencies that’s pre-program work. Let people self-select out. each year. and technology. Seek input from others who really know the candidate. grow own. the eventual result will be that more appropriate candidates will apply and the standard of the applicants will rise. Ensure a minimum level of core competency Do not tolerate any shortfalls against the minimum set. I offer this five-point checklist for building a programm to flush out and develop excellent leaders. Don’t teach potential leaders things. (For example. Spend your money on those who really want to excel. Select people who truly want to be leaders. no matter who that person is. Breadth matters-widen their perspectives Create open leading environments. mathematics. Rather than compromise. Consider allowing subordinates and/for peers to make nominations. Expand their thinking. to be sure.) Create moments of truth . especially the impact of different cultural perspectives. There are no compromises on excellence. Seek support for and test the nominations Don’t accept just one person’s nomination. Make this clear from the start. In this increasingly global environment. society.” These are demoralizing developments. We are promoting clones. Nevertheless. offer the opportunity for candidates to develop in the areas of shortfall and to reapply later. it is crucial that leaders know about and understand a wider range of issues.asking us what to do. not just management. teach them how to learn on their own. There must be evidence that people would be prepared to be followers. Expand their thinking. Compromising here sends a message about the entire program. Demonstrate that you are focusing on leadership and leadership here. psychology.

These challenges allowed people to face their own fears and helped them find ways to use their skills to cope with and even benefit from them. A final Caveat Although the media may glorify guru-like figures in the business world. but ensure that they identify what in working for them. it would behave us all to bear in mind a lesson Jack Welch has tough: Learning is important. Ricardo Semler. Be brave enough to allow those who would lead to succeeds or fail. consider whether or not you really want to develop an icon. Create opportunities for individuals to explore and refine the unique combination of competencies that works for them. Equip your top talent with as much knowledge of leadership theory as you can. and all that doing so implies. but sharing learning is critical. even if achievable. Coach them through a process of self-discovery. but then erode the benefit by playing down the importance of the result. Defend and maintain the threshold of competency and behavior. striving to produce larger-then-life leaders would not be so desirable. not because of them”. Use real business-focused projects or assignments. Present genuine succeed and fail leadership challenges. but make it obvious that their task is to develop their personal style. Encourage them to test boundaries. .” Semler noted.One useful remnant of the 80s outdoor/experiential development is the idea of presenting participants with real challenges outside of their normal realm of experience. Many organizations use project work. and to work on those that prove effective. but don’t label them as just part of a program. Make the rules of engagement clear. to try new approaches. Unless you’re interested in creating a cult. This is what leadership is about. In aspiring to generate leaders who can bring out the best in those whom they lead. and accept the consequences. “they failed to create organizations that could flourish in spite of them. probably on of the most innovative of all company heads in the last two decades was recently quoted in the aforementioned edition of the Harvard Business Review explaining how may currently recognized great leaders may have done more harm than god by fostering dependency “Because [these leaders] couldn’t rise above their egos.

Successfully Managing Remote Teams Introduction Managing teams can be a challenge. With advances in technology. This white paper explores how to make a dispersed team successful. When you try to mange teams across different geographical regions and perhaps time zones. Remote teams have become more common in the workplace. They satisfy the need for accessing specialized expertise at a cost savings. including: • • • • • Types of remote teams Challenges and pitfalls of remote teams How to successfully manage a remote team Using technology and remote teams Other tips for successfully managing your remote team Types of Remote Teams . there is now a broad array of communication methods to enable remote teams to function more smoothly and cohesively. you have a situation that can be difficult for even the best manager.

these teams take on the characteristics of remote teams. airport. This is often the case in mergers where the aim is for synergy by creating strong pockets of expertise and making them available company-wide. action plans. Team members are now expected to interact with a wider set of peers from different areas. such as project mangers incorporated into work teams or business managers into development teams. Without co-location for even part of the team. communicating well and working productively. It is hard enough to add a new member to an existing team it is even harder when the team is remote. work. multicultural sensitivities and language affect the ability to communicate in real time. Home-based offices add to the numbers of remote workers for organizations. Even if they may not work solely from their homes. countries. In larger organization it is not uncommon to have satellite offices. And let’s not forget the sales staff in your organization. the distance barrier will create a challenge. or distinct existing teams that are not co-located. the complications of dealing with remote teams comes into play. With the physical and cultural distance barriers. Teams can also include a partnership with a third party. These teams may be made up of geographically dispersed individual members forming one team. Even if you have all the team members on the same page. Teams may also cross corporate boundaries. and other countries for their programming. to complete the project work. Maintaining quality and productivity are paramount. Remote teams make good economical sense when your can access expertise from a specialist without having to take on the team member full time. holiday) Outcome of meetings (decisions. while they are there. such as time zones. These companies can take advantage of remote talent to fill a specialized need such as technology firms that use expertise from India. minutes) Plans . Russia. ensure that they are working together. Although they do technically have a home-base office. Challenges and Pitfalls of Remote Teams The challenges for remote teams affect both the teams themselves and the manager managing them. And growing the team can compound it. and cultures. and it is difficult to. it is more common of them to be working sporadic hours from a hotel. but one of the biggest problems the team will face is communication. Communication is essential to keep all team members on board and up to date on the most pertinent details of their tasks and the latest revisions including: • • • • Programming code Schedules (project.Remote teams can take on many different forms. or client site most of their time. such as other companies or clients.

3. and who is responsible for publishing the outcome. Now that your plan is in place. who needs the information. will you make decisions. Decide your leadership level What will your leadership be? It needs to be appropriate for both the team as a whole and its individuals. Outline the decision making process How. it will be up to you to manage the interaction of the team members and ensure smooth communication between your team members. If you can’t seem them face-to-face. teleconference. 4. what escalation path have you set when a decision cannot be made if your prime decision maker is either unavailable or unable to decide. 6. including their specific responsibilities. then communicate who does what. 2. roles and responsibilities Set out the goals. video conference. what is your back up plan to make a decision. Set up your communication plan Outline what needs to be communicated. After communication. pick up the phone and introduce . Determine your conflict resolution strategy How will you deal with conflict and what your rules for avoiding them. and only 10% will concern utilization of technology so it is smart to address your people issues first. will they be held (chat. Ensure fair work distribution This may need to be adjusted as time goes along and the project or work changes. and what happens if communication breaks down. when do they need it.• Other information As a manger. How to Successfully Manage a Remote Team So how do you mange your team? Where should you start? What do you need to know to be successful? 90% of your problems will be people problems. how it will be communicated. combinations of methods).. Start by working with your team to create a team plan and make sure that all members of the team are familiar with the end result. 5. The communication plan should also outline meeting structure when are they needed. another critical challenge as a manager of a remote team will be building and maintaining trust and cohesion with your team members. Distribute goals. who will be in control of the meeting.. you should get to know your team. as a group. in what format. Your team plan should consist of the following six activities: 1. what will be their purpose.

they will need the same level of preparation. Determine how much time they can realistically expect to be working on your project. to be well executed. check inarguably to monitor their progress and provide them with feedback (back good and bad). For meetings take advantage of video feeds. or transmitted. Face-to-face connections help build trust quickly and it is trust the strengthens relationships on the team. Even if the meetings are video conferences or teleconferences. Stay on top of your meetings. A revision system will ensure that only the latest information is being viewed. Make sure that they are well informed of the work flow not only what is expected them. contact someone in authority who can ensure work progresses when issues are encountered. When you are unavailable. Keep your communication consistent to avoid the trap of “out of sight” out of mind. These can provide a central location for a repository of information and can be secured to provide appropriate access. use video conferencing to enable members to make more of a personal connection as the initially meet to facilitate better communication in the future.making authority levels. editing documents and files. does not become a barrier itself. If the budget permits. there are issues that must be handled to ensure that the technology. One excellent form of keeping in touch and providing access to information is either through the Internet or an intranet site. and specific work space can be set up for your team and can be organized by projects for simplicity. an how team members use it. and marking decisions. access to documents and slide presentations. With expectations set for each team member. or when a new member joins in. Mailing lists. This will involve you determining an escalation path including decision . Technology and Remote Teams Technology makes it possible to have productive teams located all over the globe. have face-to-face meetings. but what other team members are responsible fro and how their work affects them. issue tracking logs. Keep you remote workers in the loop and motivated to work. However. and even smart white boards that can be hand written on at one location and the images then printed at others. Encourage collaboration on ideas and decisions to keep them connected. Ensure that the right decision makers are present at meetings to ensure that decisions are made on a timely basis. edited. it may be possible to travel to a central location. Meeting may take a little more preparation to ensure that sites an link-up . And make a plan so that team members can easily contact you. or at the very least. conversation streams. especially when the team is initially launched. If at all possible. Make sure that they remain productive and produce the desired output such as brainstorming. Let them know what you will be expecting of them and ask for their input.yourself. if not a little more.

Make sure everyone participates. and also to provide technical assistance on a timely basis to keep your team connected. and modified (develop a change control procedure). Encourage personal communication whenever possible such as faceto-face or over the telephone. cell phones pagers. e-mail. wherever they are. Establish how meetings will be scheduled and who needs to attend. Can’t meet face-to-face? Then try distributing photos of team members on a communication list. Technology can give us instant access to our colleagues. and video conferencing etiquette and corporate guidelines for sending and replying to emial and phone calls. Remember technology tends to be very impersonal and can easily lead to misunderstandings. Put multilingual people in key positions to bridge the language barriers. reviewed. At any virtual meeting have someone make introductions at the beginning of meeting and include what their responsibilities to the team are. Encourage social interactions between remote teams. as long as it does not interfere with the work being done. with instant messaging on telephones. Determine how work will be managed an information shared. • • • • • • • • • . otherwise silence will be taken as agreement. The downside of technology is our ability to use it properly. Very the time of meetings so that no one group or individual is consistently having to meet after hours. or attached to their chat identity so that team members will be able to relate to each other personally. Tips to Successfully Manage Your Remote Team Here are some great remote team management tips: • • Try to have an initial facto-face meeting and incorporate team building activities to build trust as you launch your remote team this will help you dramatically if problems arise later. Ensure that your team has the appropriate training and convenient assistance when things go wrong. Test video conferencing equipment thoroughly before each and every meeting. so appropriate time and resources will need to be made available at all locations prior to meetings.. Make sure that you have the necessary support to both recommend appropriate technology for your organization and your goals. Establish strong procedures around communication phone.properly. and make sure the team members know who they are. and chat programs on the computer.

to keep everyone informed of current questions. and utilizing technology. implementing team processes.A Win-Win Situation Is your sales team performing far below potential? Mine was. Keeping your finger on the pulse of the team’s progress and individuals’ work will be essential to knowing whether or not your team is one track. fostering communicational. especially home-based employees the ensure that they are fitting into the team and working well. Cliques tend to seek each other out instead of going through proper channels. but will require greater emphasis on building trust. they/we were performing far below standards. such as up-to-date mailing lists. Watch out for cliques that may form that tend to work independently of the team. The attitude in the office was pitiful.• • Keep your information tight. so it is in your best interest to keep in the loop. • • Conclusion Managing remote teams is similar to managing regular teams. I inherited a 10-person sales team that was ranked dead last our of 64 offices. and general progress on work being done. . You will also need to have a good understanding of technology and excellent technical support to ensure that your team network is performing at its peak. Developing Your Employees . answers. Nope of the other nine salespeople had more than one year of sales experience. Keep in mind that these workers function well alone and will tend to gravitate toward that mode of operation. Ensure your team is attuned to cultural sensitivities. Our only producer was an 18-year veteran with the company. This may require cultural sensitivity training and should be done as close to the beginning of the team forming as is possible to avoid misunder standings. In my first sales manager’s job almost 20 years ago. Obviously. Keep your eye on group that have worked independently in the past.

talk to them.” But what salespeople really lacked was success role model. “if you stick with me.I heard a lot of excuses for poor performance like “lousy territory.” you’ve got to ask yourself which salespeople do your less experienced salespeople look up to? And. having posted the biggest increase in sales of any office in the company. what kind of example are these “leaders” setting? You can get peak performance out of average producers if you can get average producers to emulate the success habits demonstrated by a leading salesperson. They hadn’t yet experienced success. and he didn’t let met down. I needed to find a leader. do exactly as I teach you to do. Unfortunately. and there was no role model.” But the example you set for your people is not enough.” Hopefully.. Overnight. he produced 200 percent of quota. Help them see the importance of their success example. *STEP ONE: DO NOTHING When you first arrive on the scene of a sales office in diastase. the attitude in the office changed.” and “our prices are too high. . That’s the day when they finally accepted responsibility for their own poor performance. from one of making excuses for poor performance to “What’s that Bill Zeep doing?” Bill’s performance forced others to take a hard look in the mirror. you will succeed. In his four the month. the answer is “yes.. Perhaps a few of the strategies I used will help you improve the performance of your sales team. don’t do anything. a salesperson of whom others could say. you already have a few players capable of stepping up. I had to recruit a new salesperson to be my success model because nobody else on my team was capable of leadership. *STEP TWO: ANALYZE YOUR PROBLEMS (S) My main problem was my salespeople didn’t believe in themselves. Clearly.” You may be thinking. “there’s somebody like me who’s successful. it’s called “stepping up. Fast. If so. I told Bill. isn’t it may role as a sales manager to set a leadership example?” And. because many salespeople emulate the actions of their “follow the leader. of course. “Hey. Eighteen months later the office had moved up to number five. gather information about the people involved. I had my new leader when I hired Bill Zeeb. and. and ask them to share more of their knowledge and experience with less experienced salespeople. * STEP THREE: FIND YOUR SUCCESS ROLE MODEL In sports. I knew that my nest hire could play an important role in reversing the downward performance tend.” Bill knew that I was counting on him. Take the time to understand your organization’s situation. when a player assumes a leadership role on a team.

a higher sales quota. could be to arrive in the office every morning before 8 a. your standards are meaningless. One.m. Activity and Results. A behavior standard for example. * STEP SEVEN : COACH. Salespeople who fall below the minimum standard for a three-month period are placed on probation.” The key question is this. I mean poor performers must make a decision themselves to either a) recommit themselves to perform the necessary hehavios and activities. or b) leave the company immediately. “There’s only one thing worse than somebody who quite and leaves and that’s somebody who quits and stays. a lower “keep your job” standard. or may want to avoid confrontation. If you don’t enforce them. * STEP EIGHT : CULTIVATE A BETTER “QUALITY OF LIFE” Have more fun.000 per month. Instead. A result standard could be that a sales rep with seven to nine months sales experience must sell a minimum of $50. A manager may not want to face the hassle of recruiting a replacement. * STEP FIVE : INSTALL PERFORMANCE STANDARDS You’ve got to communicate your expectations. So raise the BAR on everybody with standards that consist of Behavior. is there anybody on your team you would not have hired? If so. As my manager once told me. A successful sales manager doesn’t tie the ship to a poor performer’s anchor.” Another standard performance is. Your objective is to bring those that are lagging behind to “the intersection of choice” By that. If sales don’t pick upon the next quarter that person must be “de-hired.” Get out and work with your salespeople. If you knew then what you know now.* STEP FOUR: DON’T TOLERATE MEDIOCRE SALES PERFORMANCE Far too often. We instituted a series of contests that got everybody focused on a team goal. For example. It’s the only way to grow your people and your business. On results standards I recomment you set two standards. get “hands-on” and escort that individual to his or her intersection of choice. COACH AND COACH SOME MORE Don’t be a “desk jockey. successful managers take a “hands-on” role by providing the coaching an training the poor performer needs to improve. salespeople . “Do you really mean it?” The first person you dehire will send a loud and clear message-performance standards will be enforced.. if we hit our office goal. This is a big mistake. of course. An activity standard could be to make a minimum of 25 telephone prospecting calls every day. poorly performing salespeople are allowed to continue their lackluster ways. * STEP SIX : DE-HIRE THOSE BELOW MINIMUM STANDARDS Your salespeople will be wonderment.

where everyone would pair up and make a bunch of cold calls. Two very different goals. supportive experience and capabilities with upfront personalities. as the viewer is only left with one or two e-mail addresses to a single department. Some of these skits were really creative! * STEP NINE : NOW WHAT EACH SALESPERSON WANTS Every person has his or her own personal motivators. or how its websites came about. Good selling! What’s Hush-Hush Marketing? Who are these mysterious and secretive executives behind millions of corporate websites? There are millions of very expensive well-designed websites all over the global. This information is often missing. The results we experienced from all these steps: average sales per salesperson doubled. the management these staff a their true particulars. and often bundle their eduction with the total yourself experiences as “Our . Sit down with each salesperson one on one. but both could be achieved faster by the salesperson exceeding quota. But in a very large majority of cases. what is missing is the proof about who really are the people behind the site: the owners. You have no idea how and why this business originated.who achieved their individual standards earned a round of golf with the others. The salespeople who received the resulting leads had to repay the group with a comedic skit. Most have a lot of information to offer with have a log of information of offer with great graphic illustrations. have and do more? For example. and turnover reduced by 45 percent. Your job is to find out what they are and help the salesperson toward achievement. Most talk about their teams and their wonderful experiences. while another wanted to play the top 10 golf courses in the world. Then there were sales blitzes. Try to learn something about each of them: what are their goals with your company and beyond? What is their past like? How can you help them be. one of my salespeople wanted to buy a house.

as you wonder how many total pink slips they have all acquired during their lifetime or how many years combined they have spent in re-habs or behind bars. hush-hush secretive branding maneuver. Today. a simple credit card purchase to a job applications. pictures of products and any other proof of who they are and what they say is all real. However. this is now a thing of the past. it is absolutely necessary for the true and honest players one-commerce to put their name identity. when this process turns into a mysterious. Stand up and identify yourself truly. The smart ones are using this to great success.team has a combined 17 degrees from major universities. Ownership The websites offer wonderful opportunities to roll out your business propositions and clearly identify your role as owners of the idea and . photos. otherwise Uncle Tom Ridge and the staff of Homeland will decide for you. it becomes or suggest calling the Homeland. 27 years of working experience and has traveled to 7 countries all together” Great now you really feel comfortable. instant banditry and guru-ism are only a websites away. We are living in dangerous times. The personal identity of each one of us is a number one issue. Nothing wrong here. fear or just corporate discretion. Faceless. There are several things that will create trust and confidence among your potential customers. and honestly. Every corner of our daily life is now becoming a checking point. or just stay put. For this reason alone. fake certifications. We must sympathize with the brave entrepreneurs who stick their necks and savings in pursuit of new business ideas and use e-commerce and rely on websites as the cheapest medium to push about their capabilities. correctly. Customers want to know whom they are dealing with. Fabricated experiences and dishonest bragging are all too common on websites. Less than 3% of websites have truly identifiable and easily accessible components and easily accessible components about the principals behind the business. offering quick an easy access to the management of the company is rule number -one of any marketing and advertising strategy. Fake data. Call it shyness. Creating Trust & Identity The days of a fifteen-minute fame and fortune are now old and boring stories. You better be the person you say you are. Nameless and Empty Empires. Unless it is offshore gambling. Following the rules of any commerce. or some contraband-porno-operation for all other legit businesses. it only makes sense to put your smelly faces and your personal images and your personal information forward.

Leadership Remember. and why you and your team are really capable of serving such a business proposal. There is no reason not to show your face and let the customer see you and feel comfortable doing business with you. Profile Explain in some detail how and why you came to the idea that you are offering. otherwise consider contacting your local Homeland in a hush-hush. living our of a cardboard box there is no need not to clearly identify your location of operation. with out trying to close sales or get on-the-sport commitments. people. size. then show it. loud and clear. then it is expected that you do the same. If you're shy or antisocial (and we all have our moments). and try to convince people that behind the great graphics lay this mythical secret talent. then you're creating a severe competitive and financial disadvantage for yourself and your business. The other extreme is coming on too strong. customers are looking for expertise and here. then you'll discover a potentially lucrative source of customers. BUT WHEN WE LEARN TO SHARE IT. WE REALIZE HOW BIG And PRECTIOUS IT IS!!!!!!!!!! FACT: Almost everyone tends to do business with they know and like. Either you have it or you don’t. Five Vital Concepts To Improve Your Marketing Results HAPPINESS ALWAYS LOOKS SMALL WHEN WE HOLD IT IN OUR HANDS. staff. That's why one of the most important facets of your marketing program should be developing and using your communication skills.gatekeepers of the technologies. It you do that. There is no need to fabricate an expensive websites. Accessibility Unless you are homeless. and you expect that the customer will come to you with open arms. but if you cultivate the ability to casually mention your business in the course of friendly conversation. you better prove it. Following up at a later time with the prospect is necessary. but at least you've set the stage for a future business relationship. . then people will start avoiding you like the plague. and any other pertinent information. If you do not have any thing to hide. If you know who you are.

sustained. clearly and concisely. or even in print. sales resistance. and dozens of other ways you represent your business can have a cumulative effect on your ability to acquire and retain customers. Enthusiasm is not something you have to be born with. coffee stained. enthusiasm can literally translate dollars and cents! Another vital principle to keep in mind is that advertising and marketing messages that focus on the benefits that a product or service provides. Image is not everything. and don't allow yourself to be caught off guard when opportunities arise. but it can make the difference between owning a thriving business and just struggling to get by. Whether you're at a Chamber of Commerce meeting a 4th of July parade. the speed the prestige. or had our-of-date phone number on it that had to be crossed out an corrected by hand? I don't know which is covers: handing out an unprofessional-looking business card or not having any with you at all. the comfort or the enjoyment of a product or service that will close that sale and win the customer. You are constantly being judged by appearances. Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful antidotes to customer in decision. And while we're something to think about: Has someone ever handed you a business card that was wrinkled. and that can tip the scales in either your direction or that of your competition. whether it's face to face. and keep putting your marketing message in front of them on daily basis. but it's often the anticipation of the benefits. it's a habit you can practice and cultivate. Enthusiasm can be extremely contagious. targeted. to describe what you do. Know who your prospects are. the pleasure. and integrated approach. run-of-the-mill business cards. and always have a fresh supply of professional looking business cards on hand. make sure you're visible to them in a variety of ways. . a low-quality answering machine message. Both are stumbling blocks to creating a favorable impression and cultivating new business. and the effects of a competitive business environment. almost always attracts more customers an generates a higher response rate. If you act like you really believe in your product or service (and yourself). An effective marketing strategy consists of a planned. an unimaginative trade show booth. then your sales prospects will be a lot easier to win over and convert to loyal customers. Remind your self that when it's conveyed to prospective customers with sincerity and conviction. rather than just the features it offers. Poorly designed brochures. Product and service features are important selling points. over the phone. an amateurish logo.Be alert for opportunities to make new business contacts. the convenience.

Successful Local Retail Advertising Strategies Successful Local Retailers Use These Advertising Strategies Strong Positioning Image • • • • • • USP Consistency Media Vehicle Dominance Sell Something More Profitable Than Low Price Avoid the Sale Syndrome A strong competitive position and a strong equity position: .

• A strong competitive position requires a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). so don’t try. they think of you. unique benefits to consumers that no other business can offer (or hasn’t offered through advertising).”* “Consistency is the key to equity position and subsequent growth. morning news time period in television. Dominate means to invest more than your competitors. Select a medium that reaches your target market effectively. The most effective ad or commercial is the last one (most recent) consumers see before they make a purchase when they are most receptive.”* Consistency means advertising all the time because you never know when someone is in the market for your product or service. If you dominate a medium or a part of a medium and advertise consistently. Sell Something More Profitable Than Low Price • • • Local retailers cannot hope to compete on low price with Wal-Mart or other huge national chains. Avoid the Sale Syndrome * . Sports section of a paper. “Steaks so good you’ll want to pay more. Develop a USP and positioning statement that creosotes a quality image and change more and increase profits. time period. • • • • • Equity Position Requires Consistency Media Vehicle Dominance • • • • • • Let other advertisers compete to try to dominate the “best shopping days” and kill each other off. or type of content if you cannot afford to dominate an entire medium.” “The sports shop with the largest inventory in three sates. you do not have to worry about what days of the week you run your advertising. Dominate a section.” Unique Selling Proposition • A USP requires a positioning statement that separates a local business from its competitors what are the different. “An equity position means that when someone needs your product or service. It is more profitable to invest $1 in advertising than to lower prices by $1 in order to increase volume. Dominate that medium if you can afford to. for example. country music radio station.

It’s as easy to send an email around the globe as it is to talk to your next door neighbor. You cannibalize future full price sales. Consumers don’t believe retailers who have sales all the time. They will stockpile. Insider Secrets To Network Marketing Success Network marketing and the Internet were made for each other. If you use them continually. Discover how you can literally turn the Internet into your own twenty four seven cash machine. Sales (or rebates) are addictive.• • • • • • • • Sales can be useful when used sparingly so they become something special. you have a to sell more than 50% more goods to make the some profit. Sales lower your image. you train consumers never to pay full price. . not including the extra cost of advertising. They will wait for your low price sale. If you drop prices by 15%. The world is your oyster.

They sell their selves first. read on and discover how you can literally turn the Internet into your own twenty-four seven cash machine. 10.They stay in contact with their down line and their prospects. 9. 2.” Secrets of the “heavy hitters. ○ Short-term goals ○ Intermediate term goals ○ Long-term goals 5. They give more.They go the extra mile. They market daily. beyond a shadow of a doubt. 14. 11. Many marketers are already creating fortunes.With the avant of the Internet. 19. Stop following the followers and start studying the secretes of the network marketing “Heavy Hitters. 18. 13. . Anyone with a computer and Internet access can turn other Internet into their own twenty four-seven cash machine. 16. 17.They follow up on leads at least seven times. 4. isn’t it time you took the bull by the horns and secured you and your family’s financial future? If you answered yes.They concentrate on benefits. The Internet has literally brought new life to the network marketing industry.They praise their downlines’ accomplishments.They automate their efforts. They are always recruiting. 20. 12.They keep it simple. As the economy continues to plummet and layoffs and bankruptcy fill the news. 15. 8. They train their first level downline members to duplicate their efforts.They have a daily study plan.” 1. They have the patience of Job.They never become complacent. the monster is out of the cage. They believe in what they’re selling. 7. They have a solid bulletproof marketing system. They understand what motivates people. They set goals. They have the persistence of a bulldog. 6. 3.They accomplish tasks in order of importance.They learn from others.

28.They reward themselves when they reach a goal.They only spend money when it will earn them a profit.○ Books ○ Newsletters ○ Cassettes 21. True.They are willing to step out of their comfort zone. The clock is ticking. 26. And act on them. “Customer is King” : Ensure Always To Keep His Smile “Customer is king” it is said. There is competition everywhere to serve the king better and still better! There is an ongoing war among the firms to win and retain his patronage.They don’t waste. 22.They reach decisions quickly. 24. 27. Act now and secure your future and the future of those you love.They are global thinkers.They are organized. 25.They enjoy what they are doing.They reinvest their profits in their business. . 23. ○ Time ○ Energy ○ People 29.

To keep the client happy and smiling. Being a frequent flier.Some firms emerge victorious while others are vanquished in the battle. Step into the shoes of a client! That should not be difficult at all. customer. Sirisha was completely bowled over by the hospitality. collate the information and the success formula is ready! Displaying client concern is the secret of success. Once she boarded a long distance flight. Assure him that you are always there to solve his problems. Tailor your services to give maximum satisfaction to the client. came with a pain relief balm gave her a massage and left only after she felt much relieved. An airhostess. Why do some tick while others dip? The answer is simple. All of them were similar in their services and offers to customers she had never experienced such client concern. Put in extra efforts to gain the trust and confidence of the client. The airhostess had walked that extra mile to help her. The firms favoured by the ‘customers king’ grow into huge empires while those neglected by his majesty fade into oblivion. She started recommending the airline to several colleagues and relatives. who noticed her discomfort. relations. in an MNC. we list our pleasant experiences as a customers. A few must dos to help you surge ahead of competition whether you have an elaborate client relationship management in place or not: • • • • • Interact continuously with the client to gain deeper insights into his needs. does just this. What does it take to gain the acceptance of the customer? As a customer relations manager you may be exploring all the tricks of trade to keep the client happy and smiling. she flew by almost all the airlines in the fray. Sirisha. serve him happily and smilingly! What is Success? Is It Good Or Bad? Or Does It Actually Matter? . switch roles. for you are the customer to myriad firms offering a plethora of goods and services. She suggests. She recounts her own experience as a customer to gain deeper insights into client psychology. Suddenly she experienced a severe pain in her legs due to cramps. add a human touch to your services. Train your employees to be customer focused. Irrespective of your line of business. If you run out of ideas. a senior manager. Nothing can stop you from winning over your clients. Look around and analyses why you favour some products over the others? Jot down who’s bowled you over and the reasons thereof.

be definition in any given field. What the philosophers have been most opposed to is what might be called Ozymandias Syndrome: the belief that power and wealth grants you a sort of immortality that elevates you above the herd of mankind. and one of the maxims we have initialised is that you should try to do your best. After all. This leads to another complications: what is success anyway? Another truism we’re come to learn is the true success is out the same as reaching the top of your profession. not because. not necessarily be the best. All this is true. but because they don’t think the price of victory is worth paying. for would the world really be a better place if we all took sensible. but lesser delusions of grandeur can be seen in many people who seek success. You might suspect some self-serving bias in the philosophers’ diagnosis. only one person can be the best. ye mighty. What does it gain a man to win the world of high finance but lose his friends and family? Hence the current rage for downsizing. One reason why we find such people tragically comical is that we live in a world where everyone is an armchair psychologist. a statue. And yet it doesn’t quite add up. We may laugh at people who look themselves in the mirror every day and shout “You’re the best” but is it really possible to excel if you merely think you’re OK? The person who walks away from defeat thinking “I did my best” is less likely to bounce back better than someone who thinks. with the plinth inscribed with the words. they feel they can’t win it. On paper this is a sensible strategy. What the others might have thought. Or at least that’s what the famous philosophers who have achieved worldly success say. Too much reality a bad thing? But isn’t there a case that this pragmatic realism is the parent to mediocrity? Perhaps too much reality is a bad thing. it’s very handy if you believe that fame a riches don’t matter. Shelley ripped this idea to shreds in his poem about. .Is There is one thing the world’s great philosophers and thinkers have agreed on. A life is not well lived if the costs of hard work outweight the benefits. Though there may be some truth to that. because while everyone can be the former. if you’re in aline of work that is unlikely to make you rich or famous in your own lifetime. the ambitious would be wise not to dismiss philosophical scepticism of success entirely. whereby people give up on the rat race. we do not know. moderate decisions? There are some good reasons why the pursuit of wordily success might sometimes be a noble quest. for these are but shallow things that crumble to dust in time.” That kind of drive and relentless ambition can make you a trying person to be around. “I must do better next time. King of King: Look on my works. it’s this: that the wise never seek fame and worldly success. and despair!” Ozymandias is an extreme case. “My name is Ozymandias. but it can get results. now reduced to a couple of stumped legs and rubble.

the external validation such worldly success provides does not count for nothing. for this provides some sort of objective validation of the quality of your work. you can’t pretend it’s just because your talents are being overlooked. The . by testing our abilities against the real world. objective judgement is much less reliable. I would not want to glamorise mental instability for one moment. In many individual sports. but just right. for example. If that is true are there is something intrinsically rewarding about finding something you’re good at a doing is all well as possible. at least proves that other people who should know something about these things believes you’re doing something. this is arguably one the few ways of finding meaning in life. I write books. Some of the reasons for this are instrumental: success earns you time and freedom to pursue the projects that really matter to you. The delusions of Ozymandias are do be avoided. Tiger Woods is the best golf player is the world because he wine more tournaments than anyone else. admitted that “The greater the difficulty. In different fields the reliability of this endorsement varies. however. have different “excellencies” as the Greeks called them. this meant a life of thought and contemplation. even through imperfect. a world renouncer if ever there was one. and I want to get better as a writer. then isn’t dedicating yourself to developing your skills a worthwhile goal? Indeed. but so are the delusions of people who believe they are good. Even Epicures. Yet even. In the age of psychotherapy. or been short-listed. If this is what drives your.First. however. then it’s quite natural that success in your field is going to be desirable. here. to suggest that we. agree. however that raises more profound questions. as Aristotle recognised. we value being well adjusted and sane. Like the hapless auditioners for The X Factor. in the absence on an afterlife. It si more credible. the objective acts are indisputable.” There is on final thing. the people for whom books are for. for example. right. each of us. And sales show that readers. external success cannot he dismissed entirely. it’s no good telling ourselves we have the ability that we’re not. Fashion and luck play large part in an artist being recognised. Hence the most successful artists and writes in terms of sales and fame may not be the most creatively successful. the more glory in surmounting it. which is why it is always possible for a genius to die unrecognised. For Aristotle. the best lives are those that see us using our natural capacities to their full potential. The ideal we seek is to be “well balanced” with its suggestion than human perfection is a king of Goldilocks phenomenon: being neither too cold nor too hot. Only a fool believes that they have written the best book of the year because a jury says they have. But again. If you’re ranked 329. In the arts. But to have won. Fulfilling your potential needs a more subjective measure. I know that I can do this even if my sales are poor and I win no awards. yet aren’t. But do I want high sales and awards? Absolutely.

teetering between sanity and madness. One women’s perfect work-life balance is another woman’s suburban nightmare. but certainly no less. and leading a good. Are these people the happiest. Yet nor is it right to make the person of perfect balance the model everyone. because is presupposes that nothing is ever more important than the comfort of being content and well balanced. A few business people my be the shallow wealth-seekers of myth. is obscene when we consider how real life mental illness destroys lives. a passion that is not rationally proportionate to the objective importance of their job. but it is not at all draft for people to priorities work over other aspects of life if that is what really gets their motor running. but even most entrepreneurs care than just about money. They get their success not just because they seek success in the abstract. The hard-won and often fraught success of those who rise to the top is different. but because their relentless desire to do better inevitably makes them rise in the regard of their professional peers. . decant life on your own terms can be the most rewarding kind of like of all.romance of the tortured genie. objective measures people who will carry on striving for some goal even when they have been knocked down time and again. Some of the greatest things is this world have been created by people who refuse to “keep things in perspective” people with a passion for excellence in one field that is totally unjustifiable by calm. and who are told repeatedly if can’t be done. most well-adjusted members of our society? The question is facile. no more worthy. sensible. It is criminal when people sacrifice their personal lives for careers that have little ultimate meaning for them. Success comes in many forms. The most successful people are those who have a passion for something they do well. The most successful people are often like this. It is just stupid to sit them down an recommend they have a better work life balance because it’s not balance they are after.

the eye-opening fact is that employee loyalty cannot be forced.” Moreover. “Just because someone has worked for your organisation for 20 years does not necessarily mean he is loyal. assistance in completing work. training opportunities and career development. It is no longer about longevity but continues dedication. As Aaron Green. Unwavering commitment and permanence (read employees working in the same organisation for life) have definitely become a things of the past. most employers dismiss the nation of staff devotion as a myth of the ‘good old days’.Take Realistic Initiatives To Ensure Employees’ Devotion And Commitment What is the average tenure of your employees-two years. as it boosts morale. Companies should go a step ahead and transform ‘Just any job” to a rewarding career path. It is important to identify your loyal (not your long-standing) employees. then it is time to wake up and secure some loyalty. and the key to ensuring happiness is understanding what they want from work. if having someone on the records for even three years sounds not just unbelievable but downright impossible. six months? Through normal employees of not stay put at a company for long. or does not have marketable skills and cannot find another employer to hire him. winning employee devotion acquires crucial overtones in the form of a competitive advantage in the tight labour market. a Director of the American Staffing Association elucidates. They should realise that people seek a variety of things like : • Meaningful work-Employee dedication thrives on a holistic work atmosphere marked with challenging assignments. Giving them a reason to feel loyal Managers can foster commitment only by keeping employees happy. Maybe he is unhappy but does not feel like looking for another job. it can only be earned with specific efforts and realistic expectations. productivity and most importantly. . one year. retention. sincerity and earnestness during their span of employment. What they fail to realise in that loyalty quotients are an altogether different ballgame now. With escalating levels of career mobility and relentless job-hopping. But in today’s era of incessant corporate change. thus fostering buoyant excitement and motivation all around.

even a smile of gratitude can work wonders. chance to shine and bestowing credence in the their value. timely acknowledgment is a much-coveted requirement. active participation and a strong team spirit. Sensible-appreciation .• Strong. It not only inspires trust and respect in management. support system. As winter Carol Hymowitz reaffirms. how customers are reacting. . but also inculcates the drive to achieve company objectives. Tell them how sales are going. once a week or month) to discuss choices. Find the most appropriate ways to say ‘think you’ for employee efforts and contributions-at times. seek input and require about individual problems. Managers should demonstrate this belief by delegating important tasks and functions to qualified personal thus giving them a. what problem areas have surfaced and about overall company performance. but when the people feel empowered to do their very best”. solving problems. This inclusiveness can go a long way in building respect and trust in management. increasing customer satisfaction and helping the company grow. • Furthermore. supporting them in attaining personal goals and collaborating efforts to help them to succeed can make all the difference in the world. ask questions about their difficulties and implement appropriate suggestions wherever possible. They should engage employees in shaping company vision. Sense of empowerment . • • Executives should meet regularly with employees (say. Employers can impart this by soliciting staff opinions and ideas on varied issues like improving productivity.Nothing can boost die-hard commitment as much as a confidence in employees’ abilities and worth. Open communication -Managers can fine-ture loyalty levels by keeping their workforce informed about business goals. requests and job satisfaction and career goals. direction and strategies. “Results are achieved not because of the perfect strategy or knowing how to give orders. Getting them to understand and embrace ideas along with the chance to be hard will foster zealous adherence. • Feeling of involvement-Every employee yearns to feel like an integral part of the company. strive to inculcate a sense of pride in ‘my company’ as with pride comes loyalty and such employees will stick around through thick and thin. Employers should make is a point to recorgnise achievements with a public pat-on-the-back. pay rise or benefits.Assisting employees in their plans.Last but not the least. monetary reward. Opening the channels of communication involves throughtfully listening to staff contributions and explaining the rationale behind various decisions. developing their ideas.

“When a worker’s sense of being valued and belonging exceeds expectations. What most people actually need to do is to analyze how they spend their time and implement a few time saving methods that help them make most of the time. Poor organization. Leaders have numerous demands on their limited time. president of the Ano Consulting Worldwide’s Loyalty Institute sums it up best with. putting it off. In additional. Micro managing by failing to let others perform and grow. but enough time to do it over). Making unrealistic time estimates. that employee is nearly seven times as likely to strongly recommend the organisation as one of the best places to work” Time Management Is An Art The in an organization is constant and irre versible. Worse.. creating priority folders and lists. Nothing can be substituted for time. Unanticipated interruptions that do not payoff. that you end up wasting (are then waste) more time rather than managing its. it. . you can become such a time fanatic convert by building time management spreadsheets. The following are examples of some of biggest time wasters : • • • • • • • • • Thinking about it. they cannot stop time.. they cannot slow it down.Davaid Stum. unnecessary errors (not enough time to do it right. time management techniques may become so co plex that you soon give up and return to your old time wasting methods. once wasted. colour coding tasks. (Indecision) Creating inefficiencies by implementing first instead of analyzing first. Time keeps getting aways away and they have trouble controlling it. No matter what their position. Ineffective meetings. it can never be regained. time needs to be effectively managed to be successful (effective). Yet.. worrying about.. nor can they speed it up. On the other hand. Crisis management. and separating paperwork into priority piples.

Poor planning and lack of contingency plans. short-term. Managing the decision-making process. Ensuring all meetings have a purpose time limit. Using checklists and To-Do lists.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Doing urgent rather than important tasks. Failing to delegate. standards. and procedures. abiding by them. policies. Establishing personal deadlinges and ones for the organization. Setting aside time for reflection. . Keeping things simple. Maintaining accurate calendared. Delegating everything possible and empowering subordinates. Establishing daily. and include only essential people. policy. Throwing unneeded things away. Getting rid of busywork. mid-term. Not wasting other people’s time. not the decisions. Knowing when to stop a task. and long-term priorities. Concentrating on doing only one task at a time. Lacking priorities. The following are examples of time savers : Adjusting priorities as a result of new tasks. short letters and memos and e-mails etc. Handling correspondence expeditiously with quick. or procedure. Ensuring time is set aside to accomplish high priority tasks.

and to visit each of the principal parts of your prospective plan. 2. understand that you will have very little of the information needed to build a solid business plan. you will be investigating and developing these issues in depth. In subsequent steps. In this initial stage. and 8. begin to define the scope of your business. Marketing strategy. 4. Company name __________________________ Team members____________________________ __________________________________________ . These are listed below. use your best judgement to answer all of the questions and complete all of the worksheets. Nonetheless. Industry and marketplace analysis. 6. 7. Operations plan.An Analysis The first step in creating a business plan is to outline your concept. 5.New venture feasibility . The attached worksheets will help to guide you through this initial look at your business. Distribution and sale strategy. Company overview. 1. Product/ Service description 3. Financial estimates. Development plan.

partnership. partnership. or corporation? What are your ambitions for the company? Will it always be a small company.g. you and your readers should understand the dynamics. copyrights. What is the industry that addresses this market? What trends are important in this industry? How does this industry segment the market? . patents. corporation)? What is your overall strategy and what objectives do you have? What are your goals for the company (keep it small.)? Why is your product/ service superior to the competition. buy out investors)? What additional information do you need to describe and organize your company? Product / Service description The product and service section is a detailed description of the products and/ or services you will be selling. What exactly is your product or service? Describe it carefully. Be sure to explain and describe it carefully. and opportunities driving your industry and marketplace. or do you want to grow it into an international giant? Upon reading this section. grow it big. etc.__________________________________________ Company overview The company overview is a brief description of the company you have founded or want to found. problems. go public. the reader should have a good idea of where you are and where you are going with your company. and how is it different? What additional information do you need to define your product or service? Industry and marketplace analysis The industry and marketplace analysis section dispassionately describes and outlines the industry and the marketplace in which you will complete. What is the name of your company? Does it currently exist. or does it have to be formed? How is your company organized (e. What is unique about your product/ service? What are its features and benefits? Do you have any proprietary rights to the product? Service (for example. sole proprietorship. How will it be organized? Will it be a sole proprietorship. franchise it)? What is the exist strategy for yourselves and for your investors (sell to larger company. You should not assume that the reader is familiar with your product/ service. technology. When finished with this section.

What are unmet needs in the marketplace and how are you going to fill them? How will you differentiate your product or service from your competitors? What unique features.)? How will your product or service be sold? Who will do the selling (your own sales people.g. “nothing happens until the sale is made. etc. etc.g. wholesalers.. mail-order. In the marketing strategy section. Distribution and sales strategy How will you reach your customers? How will you close the sale with your customers? Remember.What What What What is the market we intend to serve? How large is it? is its growth potential? motivates customer purchase decisions? additional information do we need about our marketplace? Marketing strategy The marketing strategy section of your plan will make or break the prospects for your venture. benefits. manufacturing representatives.. direct sales.” What distribution channels will you use (e. show how you are going to fit into your marketplace. or capabilities will you bring to the marketplace? Who are your customers? Who are your target customers? What problems are you solving for them? What are their profiles? What motivates their buying decisions? What are the strengths of your product/service? Weaknesses? Who are your competitors? How will you differentiate your product or service? How will your product be priced? What are gross revenues per unit sold? What are anticipated annual sales? What additional information do you need to create an effective marketing strategy.? What are the costs associated with your sales strategy? Which costs are fixed and which variable? What additional information do you need to create an effective sales strategy? Operations plan The operations section outlines how you will run your business and deliver value to your customers. Operations is defined as the processes used to .)? How will you communicate with your customers (e. etc. advertising. promotions.

These steps can be as routine as securing retail space. and what will you purchase (make vs. Annual unit sales : B. etc. fixtures. etc. and sales): E. Price per unit : C. What must be done before you can introduce your product or service to the marketplace? What are the risks? How long will it take to bring your product or service to market? What is your timeline? What are the one-time start-up and development costs of your business (equipment. shown how you will execute your ideas. etc. about 80 per cent of your expenses will be for operations.) and variable costs (labour.)? What additional information do you need to understand and cost the development of your product or service? Financial plan Your financial plan should be frosting on a cake.) What additional information do you need to understand and cost your operations? Development plan The development section is a road map of how you are going to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Fixed costs (administration. etc. inventory. Working capital required (receivables. In all likelihood. demonstrated a real need in the marketplace.): F. consulting. Which operations are critical to the success of your business? Which are secondary? How will you produce and deliver your product/ service? What will you do in-house. and so on. Summarize estimates made in previous sections ($): A. equipment. or as critical as applying for and getting a patent on key technology.): Calculate estimated annual gross revenues and income ($) : .. Variable cost per unit (Production and sales) : D. One-time start-up costs (equipment. 80 per cent of your employees will be working in operations. deposits. You have out-lined a great business concept. etc. transportation. legal.deliver your products and services to the marketplace and can include manufacturing. and 80 per cent of your time will be spent worrying about operating problems and opportunities. travel. furniture. and now will show how much money everyone is going to make. logistics. printing. materials. marketing. buy)? What will it cost to produce and deliver your product or service? Estimate fixed costs (plant. aftersales service. production.

. Annual break-even quantity (D/J) : L. Estimated annual revenues (A*B) : H.G.' ○ That's all you need to know-all there is to know-about selling.even quantity with up-front funds (K+N) Calculate financial performance figures ($) : P. a loan. Total up-front funds required (E+F) : N. the boatman said. If I Don't go. Estimated annual variable costs (A*C): I. I Don't Get ○ In the southern part of the United States. . Payback period for start-up funds (M/I): Q. Break ." As many times as I can because the more I go.. And. Annual return on start-up investment (I/M) : R. Contribution margin ratio (I/G): Do these numbers look attractive enough to proceed? How can they be improved? How much cash will you need to start your business? Where will you get it (savings. Variable cost to price ratio (C/B) : S. ○ Asked how many times a day he does this. an angel.)? What other information do you need for your financial projections? Seven Stories for Salespeople 1. I don't get. the more I get. Contribution margin per unit (B-C) : K. if I don't go. an old man with a rowboat ferries passengers across a mile-wide river for ten cents.even figures ($): J. Additional units to cover up-front funds (M/J) : O. Ratio of break-even to expected quantities (K/A) : Estimate the money you will initially need to start your business ($) : M. Estimated annual contribution margin (G-H-D): Calculate break . venture capital.

Not by Reports ○ A recently employed area salesman in the farm machinery industry wrote his first report to head office.. and casually asked one of them what he had to say." ○ To the astonishment of all.. Ask Your Customers. The next morning the salesman's letters were posted on the noticed board. ○ Within days he was back at head office with a twinkle in his eye: the untapped potential for selling shoes is enormous. but the chairman said. ○ An American dog food company held monthly sales promotion meetings. ○ The organisation was reluctant to give up and sent their ace salesman to the same island. ○ "Sir. 4. I Hear It Open .. but the chairman was frustrated with the bombastic theories and stale ideas that came forth. we should ask the dogs what they like. market share registered a 10 percent increase. the sales manager dumped the problem in the chairman's lap. 4. as it was obvious the new man was almost illiterate : ○ Before the illiterate could be terminated another note from him came from Northern Ireland : ○ Not knowing what do do. Within six months. ○ In the hope of fresh thinking he invited some young trainees to the next meeting." the trainee said. a few dogs were brought in and different varieties of dog food placed before them. ○ He did not find a single person wearing shoes on the island.. ○ A salesman was sent to an island to explore the possibility of selling shoes. "Let's give it a try. Judge by Sales. The dogs sniffed at all of them.2. we want to sell dog food and therefore. 2. 5. Uproarious laughter erupted. The War Was Lost Because of A Nail . he reported. 5. and sent a gloomy report back to the head office that there was no prospect of shoe sales there as no one wore shoes. 3. ○ The company concentrated its efforts on marketing those few formulations. along with this memo from the chairman. and then zeroed in on two or three. It stunned the sales manager. Where You Hear a Door Close. 3.

no. "Madam.○ Centuries ago. ○ When the opposing king analysed the reasons for his unexpected victory. ○ After a lot of back and forth the salesman brought down the price to Rs. ○ He learned the lesson : a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. not at all. he found that though the king's horse had excellent armor." she said." the man replied. the nails in his shoes were worn out. . they are order-takers. and proceeded to haggle. please spare me. the king was ploughing through the enemy's forces when suddenly his horse tumbled because the shoe on its front foot came off. ○ These people are not salespeople. in that case. the salesman said. his forces fled. Salesmen Are Not Order-Takers ○ A young lady walked into a stored and asked for a hairclip. "Your price is too high. ○ "Sorry. ○ The agent asked. and he dropped it to Rs. 1. ○ On the day of the battle. "You must be joking." The lady's reply? "Well.you may take it free. ○ "Do you fly much?" the agent continued. That was it : the king fell. Be Clear About Your Market Segment ○ A man went into an insurance office to have his life insured. This state had an excellent army that was well-equipped. 6. and the battle was lost. "Oh." said the lady. She selected one and was told it cost Rs. give me two!" ○ Everyone is looking for bargains in life. Poor salespeople are too easily intimidated by customers' price objections and give in to get the order. a battle was fought which changed the destiny of a state and the people living in it. 2. 6." said the lady. 7. ○ "No." said the agent. 4. "We no longer insure pedestrians. ○ A large sale may be lost because the pages of the quotation were wrongly stapled and thus did not make any sense. sir." 7." replied the applicant. ○ Irritated. And as is rightly said : Anyone can sell a one dollar article for 99 cents. "Do you drive the car a great deal?" ○ "No.

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