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muc Nation Tribal Council Nipmue Natlon Tribal Council 25 Main Street South Graton, MA.01560 Ju 22,2018 Steven Rioux Superintendent of Schools Kilingly Pudi Schools 79 Westie Ave Killgy, CT06239-0210 Dear Mr. Rowe Per the request of the Board of Education, and per the request of you directly after our ecent phone ‘conversation, the Nipmuc Nation Till Counel would like to larly our poston on Native American mascot; ‘The Ninmuc Nation Tribal Counell has very publily decried the use of Native American mascots, even when the ‘organization using said mascots beleves that they are in some way fatering or used 3s a means of honoring Native Americans, We had representation atte recent Board of Education meeting where this was discussed ‘and made our postion erstal clear; Native American mascots, often portrayed as crlcatures or cartoons, are ‘demeaning to Native Americans and it Is our opinion that they should not be used, We do not feel It “appropriate for our cuture to be appropriate his way, or that we be represented inthis way. ‘our position onthe matters well documented and | welcome you to review the attached publ statement the 'ipmuc Nation Tribal Counell made ln September of 2016 on tis matter, spectcally regarding Native American rmascotry in Massachusetts. Our opinion onthe mater has not changed, and we sincerely hope that this letter finds you well and makes our postion abundant clear. Sincerely blr SP. Kenneth Gould sr ‘Tribal Council Chairman Nipmue Nation Tribal Council Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council - 25 Main Street South Grafton, MA 01560 - Phone: 774,317:9138