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Relaxation is one technique that can be used to reduce tension and anxiety.

When your body and mind relax, often automatically, the stress that causes

tense muscles will be ignored. No wonder if one use of relaxation is to

control emotions, especially anger. According to Theresia Evelyn The more

someone thinks about her anger, the more she gets angry. When you are

aware of the initial warning signs of your anger, you should take a break, to

avoid yourself from things that can ignite your emotions. You can fill in this

time also by doing relaxation

Relaxation to relieve anger consists of several techniques that can be done,


1. Muscle relaxation techniques

As the name suggests, muscle relaxation techniques are used to help

reduce muscle tension. This technique also helps us better understand

the body, so we are expected to be able to control it. It should be noted

that people with muscle disorders or lower back pain are not

recommended to do this technique. Muscle relaxation techniques can be

done by:

• Tense up and letting go

This technique is done by tensing the muscles for about 5 to 10

seconds, then relaxing them for about 30 seconds.

• Letting go

In contrast to tense up and letting go, this technique is actually done

only by relaxing the muscles without tense them first.

2. Respiratory relaxation techniques

This breathing technique is one of the easiest relaxation techniques,

considering breathing is one of the activities that we often do. This

technique can reduce anxiety and reduce stress, it can also increase the

breathing process in the body. The steps that can be taken in this

technique include:

• Calm yourself

• Inhale through the nose for 3 counts, then hold for 5 to 10 seconds

• Exhale the air by mouth slowly

3. Guided imagination techniques

Just as the name suggests, this technique is done by fantasizing or

imagining something. In addition to managing stress, several studies

reveal that this technique is also able to reduce sleep difficulties

experienced by some ages, such as the elderly (elderly).

In this technique, you are trained to focus only on pleasant imagination,

and use these imaginations to eliminate negative imagination. This

technique can be guided by yourself and others.


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