Corporate bios

Luigi Grimaldi, president At the helm of innovative companies for over 20 years. Luigi participated in the research and planning of one of the first broadcast data transmissions. He registered the Radiotext, Radiosoftware and Telesoftware trademarks, which were very popular in Italy at the onset of the personal and home computers. He collaborated with the Media division of IBM Semea and founded Apis Niger Software in the Publishing production area. After the mid 90s, he became CEO of Navità and President of Sinedita, a leading company in newspaper production systems. He has been a part of the Italian Internet as founder of and as CEO of Columbus Net and then became CEO of Unione Editoriale SpA. Since 2003 he has been CEO of Exenia and Exenia Net. Thomas Christel, vp marketing Results oriented marketing executive with over 22 years experience, primarily with technology products and services. Recognized for actionoriented strategic marketing plans and cost-effective high quality marketing tactics. Known for his “market leadership process” which reduces time and cost to market. Thomas has international experience as Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, also Business Development Market Manager, Director Marketing Communications, and Product Marketing Manager. In addition to being an entrepreneurial business founder, Thomas has worked with large, medium and small firms both public and venture-backed entities such as Viviance AG new education and WisdomWare, as well as fortune 500 firms, such as Ameritech, Andersen Consulting, IBM and Career Education Corporation. Thomas has his BA from Michigan State University and his MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Francesco Paradiso, vp operations Francesco received a BS in Information Technology from the University of Pisa in 1993 and has always held positions in technical areas in the companies where he has worked. He has many years of experience in Project Management, Team coordination, planning and building of information technology systems and application software. He is admired for his tenacity, professional standards and capacity to keep in step with emerging technologies. He has a sharpened sensitivity toward the market and the needs of clients and users. He has been Technical Director for many IT companies (Gruppo Laviosa, Navita, Exenia Net) coordinating diverse work groups. In 2000 he began to participate in Administrative activities on the board of many companies.

Alessandra Zecchi, vp finance & administration
An administrator whose major strength lies in her experience and capacity of problem solving. She has been employed since 1987 in technology related companies and has a profound knowledge of them at various levels. She has been responsible for Finance & Administration in companies with over 50 employees and has managed Human Resources and Clients. She has also managed and participated in company M&As and IPO offerings.