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Peace Church Council

Peace Lutheran Church

Joyce Hanson
PO Box 164

August 2019
Barrett, MN 56311

Gaylene Hanson
PO Box 198
Elbow Lake, MN 56531
Todd Schneeberger
26875 Oak Point Rd Vacation Bible School begins on Monday, August 12th and contin-
Elbow Lake, MN 56531 ues on Tuesday, August 13th, and Wednesday, August 14th from 5-8
218-685-5210 pm.
Our meal is served at 5:00 and our Opening (including skits and
Robert Shervey
18659 220th Street music) begins at 5:30 pm. At 6:00 we go to our rotations – Bible
Barrett, MN 56311 Lessons, Crafts, Games, and Snacks. We end our days with our
218-685-4309 Closing from 7:30 to 8:00 pm – parents are invited to attend our
closings before they pick up their children.
Kim Lang
PO Box 223 Registration forms must be filled out before the children enter
Barrett, MN 56311 our VBS program so we have contact information, record of aller-
320-528-2290 gies, and permission to use photographs. They will be available at
our registration table.
Jon Danner
PO Box 152 Children must sign in and out of VBS so we can keep track of
Hoffman, MN 56339 them – we don’t want to lose anyone!
320-760-3926 We are still looking for helpers in the following areas:

Terry Lien
606 3rd Street
~Monday night Bible Lessons teacher & helper
Barrett, MN 56311 ~Tuesday night Bible Lessons helper ~Crafts helper
~Tuesday night Games helper
Trenton Gatzlaff
Elbow Lake, Mn 56531 ~Time keepers ~Set up clean up helpers
Pastor Eliza Johnson
If you can help, please call Joyce at 320-424-9726 or 320-528-2354
PO Box 266
Barrett, MN 56311 and leave a message. Thank you!
763-234-4399 You will find a list of items needed to buy/donate

Monetary donations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Joyce Hanson, Director


____10 small sports cones ____4 oven mitts

____10 tennis balls ____8 bandanas
____2 bags chocolate chips ____1 metal milking can
____2 bags M&Ms ____1 egg collecting basket
____32 powdered mini-donuts ____4 farm hats
____2 bags mini-marshmallows ____2 straw hats
____1 can white frosting ____knitting
____red rope licorice ____2 rocking chairs
____1 box Corn Chex cereal ____2 desk phones
____1 box Cheerios cereal ____1 small rug (4X4)
____1 box Honeycomb cereal ____bushel baskets, apple baskets
____1 box Corn Pops cereal ____metal pails
____1 box Cocoa Puffs cereal ____cow print material
____50 small clear cups ____farm play sets
____white craft paint ____ toy tractors
____14 small cow bells ____fake hay bales
____14 large craft bells ____sunflowers
____24 pegs ____farm animal cut outs
____14 3” clay pots ____play riding horses
____14 4” clay pots ____wheat, corn
____24 tin cans (veg. /soup size) ____scarecrows
____ farm decorations (i.e. fence, barn door, barn, silo, windmill)

Please initial on the line what you can bring. All borrowed items need to have
identification on them so we can get them back to the owners.
Thank you so much!
What is church for?
Over the past few months, our worship texts have been from Luke’s gospel. Particu-
larly, these texts have come from the part Jesus life when he was teaching, training,
and equipping his disciples for the work of ministry as they traveled as a group to-
ward Jerusalem- toward the cross, Jesus death, and eventual resurrection.
In these stories from Luke, a pattern I’ve noticed is how again and again, the disciples
try and try to follow and learn from Jesus and still, they end up missing the point
sometimes. But Jesus never gives up on them. He continues to teach, train and equip
the disciples to carry out his ministry- because he knows he will not always be on
earth to do the same.
We know that the disciples learned enough to share the story after Jesus’ resurrection,
because we are here still talking about it! The ministry of the disciples spread across
the world, it took root in communities which became congregations, and it trans-
formed hearts and shared the good news of Jesus’ gospel message. You are beloved
by God, your sins are forgiven, you are set free, and death has been overcome for you.
This is the ministry we are a part of! We are brought into Jesus’ story and ministry just
as the disciples were. Our congregation, our church is called into this ministry to share
Jesus’ gospel message and unconditional love with each other and with the world.
How do you think we are doing? What mistakes have we made? Where have we
missed Jesus’ main point? Where have we experienced God’s favor and faithfulness?
In the coming year, we are going to be praying, listening and wondering about where
Jesus is calling us to try to follow him into our community. Who can we serve in the
name of Christ? What relationships can be built? What are our gifts as a congrega-
tion? What do we have to offer as a facility? Questions like these – and many more! –
will guide us as we step into God’s future for Peace Lutheran.
As your congregational leadership, we are in the early stages of this planning this pro-
cess, but stay alert for opportunities to contribute to this conversation. Feel free to
share your insights to some of the questions above with Pastor Eliza or a member of
the council via email or appointment.
I am energized and filled with the spirit as your pastor. I am filled with great hope of
what Jesus can do through this ministry. Let’s figure it out together with him!
In Christ,
Pastor Eliza
Peace Council Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, June 5th, 2019; 6:30 pm

Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Vice President Gaylene Anderson.

Present: Gaylene Hanson, Joyce Hanson, Kim Lang, Bob Shervey, Jon Danner, and Terry Lien,
along with Pastor Eliza Johnson and Treasurer Tami Weigel.
Absent: Todd Schneeberger.

Pastor’s Report:
~Homebound visits begun. Let her if you know someone who needs a visit.
~First “Meet and Greet” held at the Dreier home. More are being scheduled.

Motion made by Kim, seconded by Jon to approve the Secretary’s report. MCU

Motion made by Joyce, seconded by Kim to approve the Transaction Report and motion made
by Kim, seconded by Bob to approve the Treasurer’s Report. MCU

The Youth Group did a great job serving the meal after the Memorial Day Dinner. Income:
$700.00; Expenses: $242.53; Profit: $457.47. Attendance was much less than in previous years.

The car wash will be held on Saturday, June 22nd from 11 am to 2 pm. Joyce will get supplies
and contact Palmer Bus to use their facility. Need adults to help.

VBS will be held August 12, 13, 14 from 5-8pm. It will be centered around a barnyard theme.
Registration and volunteer forms will be sent out in early July.

Old Business:
~A motion was made by Kim, seconded by Jon to hire Back to the Future from Brandon to redo
our altar cushions for the cost of $352.00. MCU
~Pastor Eliza will be working with John Zdrazil and Bryan Poyzer to provide services at the
Community Church service to be held during OSR at the pavilion on Sunday, June 23 rd.
~Joyce will contact Mike Wood to drive the church’s bus in the OSR parade and contact people
to ride in it.
~Brochures will be distributed to area campgrounds, community centers, and other places by
the Church Council members.
~A motion was made by Jon, seconded by Bob to accept the bid from Jet-Black Asphalt Seal-
coating and Repair, Fergus Falls, in the amount of $5,259.00 to seal coat the parking lot.
~Todd Schneeberger will check on the carbon dioxide alarms for the church.
~Jon checked on the defibrillator and it needs new batteries and pads. Kim will ask Todd about
replacing them.

New Business:
~Bob will check on the LP contract.
~ Motion was made by Jon, seconded by Kim to purchase 4 light-weight 8’ banquet tables with
a maximum of $250. MCU It was suggested we sell the older, heavier ones.
~Motion was made by Kim, seconded by Joyce to send an offering to the Synod Convention in
the amount of $500. MCU
~Boundaries Training should include child safety and financial best practices. Jon, Kim, and
Tami volunteered to serve as a committee to set the policies.
~It was discussed that we look at our Mission Statement and Constitution to see if there should
be some updating. A goal of June 2020 was made to have this done.

Lexi Danner is no longer our Youth Representative to the church council as she has graduated.
Pastor Eliza will find a replacement.

Motion made by Bob, seconded by Jon to adjourn. MCU Submitted by Joyce Hanson, Secretary
August 2019
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Serving in August
August 4 Ron & Kay Johnson
Terry & Nancy Lien

August 11 Terry & Maureen Volker

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August 18 Doug & Penny Ostenson

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August 25 Ron & Gaylene Hanson

Jeff Lang

Work Group # 2 Leaders Altar Guild

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***On Sunday, August 4, 2019 the descendants of Adolph Johnson and Beatrice Ostenson will be
gathering at the Peace Sunday worship. A choir of family members, under the direction of John Wiig,
will sing. The family hopes you will attend worship and visit at coffee before and after worship. (Coffee
will be ready early that morning.)


Access to education is a critical piece of helping children break the chains of
chronic poverty. That’s why requests for LWR School Kits are on the rise. Take
advantage of summer sales to make School Kits, and help provide hope and a
future to children around the world. We have school bags ready to be filled!!!

WELCA meets Wednesday, August 14th–

12 noon– POTLUCK DINNER-PAT RONHOVDE’S. Everyone Welcome!

Fresh Flowers for Sunday Worship

Summertime is flower time. If you have fresh flowers to share for our Sunday
worship services, please bring them before the service, either using a vase of your
own or vases are available here at Peace. You may take them home after the service;
these gifts of beauty are very much appreciated.
PO Box 206
Barrett MN 56311

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