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Revelation's Promise. God's Power. Our Choice.

Give Me the Word!
David Salazar

W hen we look at the story of creation, we often read and pon-

der upon all the physical elements that were made or that came
to existence by God’s Word. We think about the things we can see, hear,
smell and touch. We even think about those things or physical elements
which we cannot see, but we know are there. These thoughts can only
bring us to acknowledge that only an infinite God with infinite wis-
dom was able to create all those things. We even marvel at the thought
that the Lord made all these things in a literal seven-day creation week.
We who have free access to the Bible and who read it as God’s lesson
book have this certainty that what the Bible teaches in creation is absolute
truth. We have certainty in our origin. It not only gives us confidence
in the Bible but enables us to be certain and believe the Bible as THE au-
thority in history, in science, in literature, in religion and pretty much in
everything that involves our lives, including our future. This should be our
core belief because it is the key with which we can defeat the enemy. Dis-
proving the Bible, or disproving God’s Word, is Satan’s main agenda, and
the basis of his battle against the Lord. The conflict Satan wants to win is
not to discredit everything in the Bible, but only to allow doubt in just one
word, in one principle, in one commandment, or in one doctrine. And
to accomplish his plan, all he needs to do is to plant a seed of doubt or to
discredit even a single word of the Lord.
Just as when Christ was tempted by the enemy, Satan used his proven
tactic that he has used since the beginning and added that infamous “If,"
a word that suggests doubt. It is a word that can persuade the mind to let
go of faith in the absolute authority of God’s word, and to instead start a
process of “reason” by that which can be seen, felt, heard or perceived by

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our senses and our own human intellect. It is a word that gives just enough
“evidence” to spring forth doubt or discredit the authority of God’s Word.
Satan’s victory is not for us to completely reject God or his Word, but his
victory is to doubt its absolute authority.
Have you asked yourself if there is anything in the Word of God that
you don’t see as authority? Something you still don’t truly believe to be
possible or for real? Is there doubt in your heart because you have yet to
see Jesus’ return? Are you doubting the Lord because your family or a loved
one has left the church and no longer seems to have a relationship with
God? Is there a doctrine or teaching that bothers you and you keep try-
ing to figure out a way to discredit it, due to culture, time, society or what
today is not “politically correct”? Is the reason why our lives, our families,
our church leaders are not reflecting Christ because perhaps we still don’t
truly believe?
Unbelief can lead us to destruction. We are to ask ourselves, what must
I do to be saved? It is not about works, or about making a physical deci-
sion; it is about surrendering our hearts and minds that are full of unbelief.
Surrendering to the only authority, holding on by faith and believing that
what the Lord has said is indeed absolute truth. That nothing has more
power in the universe than the “it is written” of the Lord. Jesus said: “Heav-
en and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew
24:35). It is said that knowing is half the battle, and we know that the Lord
has given all the information we need. Our part,
to obtain the victory in this conflict, is believing—
truly believing the absolute authority of His Word
and allowing His transforming power to create in
us a new creature.
David Salazar is Associate Speaker of Pathway to Par-
adise Ministries.

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Tim Rumsey

O n July 16, 1945, the world’s first

atomic bomb exploded at the
Alamogordo Bombing Range 210
An atomic bomb explodes when
a single neutron of radioactive ma-
terial divides from its nucleus and
miles south of Los Alamos, New strikes the nucleus of a neighbor-
Mexico. The bomb, sitting on top of ing atom, knocking several more
a 150-foot tower and encased in a neutrons free. Those neutrons then
steel device nicknamed “the Gadget,” slam into other nuclei, separating
detonated at 5:30 a.m. The resulting still more neutrons and releasing
explosion released 18.6 kilotons of high amounts of energy. The chain
power, instantly vaporized the tower, reaction of dividing atoms spreads
and transformed the surrounding as- instantaneously and results in an
phalt and sand into a sheet of green explosion of incredible power and
glass. Kilometers away, observers brightness.
were knocked to the ground by the Atomic bombs result in death.
enormous blast. The successful test The Bible, on the other hand, pre-
opened the way for the U.S. mili- dicts an end-time explosion of spiri-
tary to use atomic weapons in war- tual power and light that brings
fare, and not long after, two atomic eternal life to all those who partici-
bombs destroyed the Japanese cities pate in it. In Revelation 18, an angel
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, quickly brings a message of division that re-
ending World War II in the Pacific verberates with the power of a spiri-
Ocean. tual atomic bomb:
“And I heard another voice • On Day 4, God created the sun,
from heaven, saying, Come moon, and stars to divide the
out of her, my people, that ye day from the night.
be not partakers of her sins, • On Day 5, God created sea life
and that ye receive not of her and birds that fly in the sky—
plagues” (Revelation 18:2-4,
animals divided by their habitat
emphasis added).
and method of transportation.
This heaven-sent message of di-
• On Day 6, God created the land
vision produces an end-time spiri- animals and divided them, too,
tual revival of power and light as by species (Genesis 1:25). Next,
people allow God to separate them God knelt down and “formed
from this sinful world, and be fully man of the dust of the ground”
united with Him. I invite you on a (Genesis 2:7), and then sepa-
journey through Creation week to rated Adam from that dust by
see how Earth’s first seven days par- breathing into him the breath
allel the history, mission, message, of life. Eve, too, was created
and destiny of this end-time spiri- through division as God sepa-
tual revival predicted in Revelation. rated a rib from Adam's side and
It’s a journey that follows God’s di- then created her.
vine principle of division. • On Day 7, God concluded His
work of creation by dividing
The Division Principle
time itself. The Creator sepa-
On each day of Creation, God
rated the Sabbath as a 24-hour
used the principle of division to unit of time from the preceding
transform a dark, lifeless planet into six days.
a beautiful cosmic oasis bursting So what does God’s use of di-
with life. vision in Genesis 1 and 2 mean for
• On Day 1, God divided the light us today? We are about to discover
from the darkness. powerful parallels between God’s
• On Day 2, God divided the wa- work of physical division at Creation
ters above and under the firma- and His work of spiritual division at
ment. the end of time.
• On Day 3, God divided the wa- Divided
ter again and created dry land After the establishment of the
in between. Later that day, He Christian church, the light of bib-
created an abundance of plant lical Christianity almost blew out
life that was divided and mul- during the Dark Ages. However,
tiplied “according to its kind” for nearly 700 years God has used
(Genesis 1:11). the principle of division to bring
Christianity back into the light of records Christianity's missionary
truth and prepare people to meet explosion this way:
Jesus Christ at the second coming. For the fifty years preced-
The Reformation began as the light ing 1792, little attention was
of Bible truth pierced the spiritual given to the work of foreign
darkness, just as God began Cre- missions. No new societies
ation week by creating light that “di- were formed, and there were
vided the light from the darkness” but few churches that made
(Genesis 1:4). During the Reforma- any effort for the spread of
Christianity in heathen lands.
tion, God’s work of dividing people
But toward the close of the
from error continued as many peo-
eighteenth century a great
ple rediscovered sanctuary truths,
change took place…From
including the reality of Jesus Christ this time the work of foreign
as humanity’s High Priest in heav- missions attained an unprec-
en’s sanctuary. Just as some people edented growth.1
accepted those truths and others In the nineteenth century, the
rejected them, on Day 2 of Creation Reformation grew into an Advent
week God placed “a firmament in Awakening as Christians from
the midst of the waters” to “divide many denominations, and from
the waters from the waters” (Genesis many places in the world, concluded
1:6). In Bible prophecy, water can
from the light of Bible prophecy that
represent people (Revelation 17:15),
Christ’s second coming was near.
and truth has always divided people
Specifically, it was a time prophecy
between those who accept it and
about the cleansing of the sanctu-
those who don't.
ary in Daniel 8:14 that led so many
On Day 3 of Creation week, dry
to expect Christ's return in the early
land appeared and again divided the
waters. Similarly, God prepared a to mid-1840s. Similarly, on Day 4 of
“wilderness” (Revelation 12:6,14) in Creation week, God placed “lights in
a New World that offered religious the firmament of the heaven to give
freedom and protection for those light upon the earth” (Genesis 1:15).
who desired to follow the Bible. Day Since light can represent prophecy
3 of Creation week ended with veg- (2 Peter 1:19), and the "firmament"
etation springing up to bear fruit can point to the heavenly sanctu-
(Genesis 1:12), and it was also about ary (Psalm 150:1), Day 4 of Creation
this time, in the late 1700s and early week contains a powerful parallel of
1800s, that Christianity began bear- the Advent Awakening.
ing "fruit" once again as missionar-
1 Ellen G. White, The Great Controversy
ies, literature, and Bibles were sent (Boise: Pacific Press Publishing Associa-
around the world. One historian tion, 1911), p. 287.
When Jesus didn't come back en's sanctuary. In the same way, on
in the fall of 1844, a small group of Day 5 of Creation week God creat-
Christians continued studying the ed winged creatures that “fly above
Bible and soon understood that the the earth in the open firmament
time prophecy in Daniel 8:14 point- [or sanctuary] of heaven” (Genesis
ed to the cleansing of the heavenly 1:20).
sanctuary, and the simultaneous On Day 6, God completed His
cleansing of human hearts here on work of physical creation by sepa-
earth. At this same time, a young rating man from the dust and then
girl named Ellen Harmon, whose breathing into Him the breath of
last name later became White, re- life. Similarly, as God’s work of spiri-
ceived her first vision of the Advent tual division draws to a close today,
people walking on a narrow road through the power of the everlasting
being divided from the earth. Be- gospel He will re-create many people
hind them a bright light shone, and “in the image of God” (Genesis 1:27),
in front of them a second, brighter, with His character, separated from
light guided them on their journey.2 sin and filled with the Holy Spirit of
In the same way, on Day 4 of Cre- Christ’s presence. When this hap-
ation week, "God made two great pens, Christ will “be joined unto
lights…and set them in the firma- his wife,” the church, “and they two
ment of the heaven to give light shall be one flesh” (Ephesians 5:31),
upon the earth" (Genesis 1:16,17). just as Adam and Eve were united
Later in her life, when Ellen White together in marriage at the conclu-
compared her writings to the Bible, sion of Day 6. Finally, Adam and Eve
she referenced God's creation of the celebrated their marriage by entering
two lights on Day 4: "[T]he Lord has into God’s Sabbath rest on Day 7 of
given a lesser light to lead men and Creation week. Similarly, the sign of
women to the greater light.”3 God’s completed work at the end of
Today, that Advent Awakening time will be participation in Sabbath
lives on as an Advent Movement, rest on God’s holy seventh day, “For
commissioned to share Revelation’s he that is entered into his rest, he also
Three Angels’ Messages with the hath ceased from his own works, as
world. At the core of the Three An- God did from his” (Hebrews 4:10).
gels' Messages is the good news of
Christ's ongoing, but soon to end, The Cleaver of Truth
intercession for humanity in heav- Jesus wants nothing more than
to be eternally united with the peo-
2 This vision can be found in the book
ple He died to save. Today, He re-
Early Writings by Ellen White, page 14.
3 Ellen G. White, The Review and Her- mains knocking at the door of our
ald (January 20, 1903). hearts, repeating the promise, “[If
any man hear my voice, and open from the world. By the great
the door, I will come in to him, and cleaver of truth He has cut
them out from the quarry of
will sup with him, and he with me” the world and brought them
(Revelation 3:20). Yet, rather than into connection with Him-
open that door and pursue true and self. He has made them His
complete unity with Christ, far too representatives and has called
them to be ambassadors for
many of us remain fascinated and Him in the last work of sal-
entranced under the tree of death, vation. The greatest wealth of
staring longingly, like Eve, at the truth ever entrusted to mor-
forbidden fruit. Embarrassed by our tals, the most solemn and
fearful warnings ever sent by
past, shy about our message, and God to man, have been com-
fearful to stand alone, we remain di- mitted to them to be given to
vided from Christ, and united with the world.4
the world. As the world pushes for a blind
Seventh-day Adventists must unity that leads to doctrinal com-
not now, at this most critical time, promise, worldly favor, and spiri-
surrender the unique history, pro- tual death, Seventh-day Adventists
phetic identity, or the heaven-in- must sound a different call—a call
spired message and mission that for division from sin and unity with
have shaped and guided this final Christ. If we fail, our only reward
phase of the Advent Movement for will be to plunge off “the face of the
over 170 years. Our challenge to- deep” (Genesis 1:2) into the void and
day is the same challenge that has darkness of Babylonian confusion.
faced God’s people through all of United to this darkness, we fall.
history—to stand divided from the Divided, we stand.
Seventh-day Adventists 4 Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the
Church, vol. 7 (Mountain View, CA: Pacific
have been chosen by God as Press Publishing Association, 1948), p. 138
a peculiar people, separate (emphasis added).

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Fettucine with
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Prep: 20 mins | Yield: 4 small servings
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• 8 ounces uncooked fettuccini
• 1/2 cup raw almonds
• 3 3/4 cups (packed) fresh parsley (large and tough stems removed)
• 4 - 5 cloves garlic
• 1 cup (packed) fresh basil leaves
• 1 1/2 teaspoons granulated onion
• 3/4 teaspoon salt
• 3 tablespoons olive oil
• 2 tablespoons lemon juice, scant
• 3/4 cup pasta water
1. Cook pasta according to package directions. Reserve 3/4 cup of pasta water
when draining pasta. (The pasta water will be added to the blender.)
2. While pasta is cooking, place almonds in food processor and coarsely grind.
3. Add parsley and garlic and process until parsley is almost pureed.
4. Add fresh basil, granulated onion, salt, olive oil, and lemon juice and process
until basil is very, very finely chopped.
5. Remove 3/4 cup of pasta water from pasta and add to pesto. Process until
6. When pasta is done, drain pasta. Serve parsley pesto over hot pasta.
1. This recipe works great in a 12-cup food processor. If your food processor is
smaller, you may want to prepare the pesto sauce in batches.
2. This recipe generously serves two. If you’d like to make a double recipe, be
sure to make sauce in batches. A double recipe of the pesto sauce needs more
space than it will get in a 12-cup food processor.
3. Actual hands-on time is less than 15 minutes. The total time you need to
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