TEXAS 76544

4 July 2003

Dear Andrea:

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for allthe love and support you give to your father, 1SG Glenn Soule. You see, your father is a very important part of Alpha Company, 4041h Aviation Support Battalion, and is largely responsible for the overall success of this unit. But your father couldn't do all the things he does without the support, encouragement, and understanding he receives from you and your family.

I want to take a moment to tell you about your father. Your father is a good man and a great American. He has chosen the honorable profession of a soldier, and in doing so he has swom to defend our great country and our way of life. Many men and women before your father have fought to ensure that we live free and secure in the best country in the world. But being a soldier is not easy. It requires a lot of training, a lot of hard work, and a lot of sacrifice. Your father has spent many long hours preparing himself, his fellow soldiers, and his equipment for the successful accomplishment of any mission. This has taken valuable time away from you and your family - but your father has done it to protect you and all the other children in the world. Most recently your father has safely moved all our trucks and equipment halfivay around the world, driven over 600 miles into a foreign country, and provided the best aviation maintenance support possible to the 4th Infantry Division. He is a very small piece of a very big mission that is making the United States of America a safer place and is freeing the oppressed people of Iraq. He has withstood 12O-degree temperatures, blowing sand, poor living conditions, and a very dangerous environment. But by far the hardest thing he has to do is spend time away from you and your family. He will miss many significant events and wishes he could be there with you, but know that he thinks of you constantly and loves and misses you with all his heart. He can't wait until the day he returns to see you again, and we hope that will be very soon.
Although it may be many years before you will be able to fully appreciate what your father is doing; I want you to know how proud you should be of him. I am extremely proud to have served with your father and give you my solemn promise that I will do everything in my power to bring him home safe. I appreciate allthe personal sacrifices you make to support your father and hope that God blesses you and the United States of America.


a-)*/4Donald R. Nitti Major, U.S. Army Commanding


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