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July 30, 2019 ‘The Honorable Melissa Hortman Speaker of the House 463 State Office Building 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. St. Paul, MN 55135 via electronic delivery Dear Speaker Hortman, ‘The upcoming legislative MiniSession taking place October 2-4 in Winona is a chance to bring the Minnesota Legislature out of St. Paul and directly to another region of the state. This is a perfect ‘opportunity to hold hearings on issues Minnesotans care about, and issues that have arisen since the close of the 2019 legislative session. We are disappointed that the House DFL Caucus has so far refused to hold hearings on the recent, turmoil at the Minnesota Department of Human Services. With the agenda yet to be determined, wwe are writing to formally request hearings on this topic at the upcoming Mini-Session, if not sooner. ‘To date, Minnesotans have received no clear explanation for the leadership shakeup at our state’s largest agency. If indeed there are internal conflicts about the direction of DHS that caused Commissioner Lourey to resign after just six months, Minnesotans have a right to know and to be involved in the discussion about those disagreements and the direction of the agency. DHS is responsible for billions of dollars in state and federal spending; these decisions are not abstract— they impact the lives of more than a million Minnesotans. ‘The Fairmont Sentinel said in an editorial earlier this month that “Nobody is offering much in the way of real explanations as to what is going on. So Gov. Walz has some explaining to do. It’s time for some answers.” The Duluth News Tribune echoed those sentiments, saying “Minnesota taxpayers want to know just what’s going on. We deserve to know. We have a right to know.” ‘We couldn't agree more, and the Mini-Session provides a perfect forum for these discussions. We hope you will instruct your committee chairs to schedule and prepare for a hearing that includes testimony from, and the opportunity to question Acting Commissioner Pam Wheelock, as well as Deputy Commissioners Chuck Johnson and Claire Wilson. Sincerely, LAD us Nh Minority Leader Kurt Daudt Deputy Minority Leader Anne Neu Te 4 , : Representative Tony Albright | | Coaduc Representative Jeff Backer Representative Peggy Bennett Zea Representative Brian Daniels hia I. Denwerh Representative Lisa Demuth Representative Sondr¥-Erickson Poad Gari Representative Mary Franson Wr caor Representative Steve Green Ramee NE. Son tagh Representative Glenn Gruenhagen Fel Qaless Representative Paul Anderson Dae Bull Representative Dave Baker h. Representative Greg Boe Representative Greg Davids Representative Bob Dettmer \ _ * Daw tabrcans Representative Dan Fabian Representative Pat Garofalo Hie egel™ Representative Matt Grossell Set lee Representative Bob Gunther a Representative Barb Haley Representative Rod Hamilton Representative John Heinrich Representative Josh Heintzeman Representative Jerry Hertaus Representative Brian Johnson Representative Tony Jurgens Representative Deb Kiel Keyyaite ie ve ae Representative Jon Koznick Representative Ron Kresha Representative Sandy Lag’man Representative Eric Lucero Representative Dale Lueck Representative Joe McDonald ZBI > “O- Representative Shane Mekeland Representative Jim Nash be tee Golo Representative Nathan Nelson Representative Bud Nornes FD Vath Representative Tim O'Driscoll hae Representative John Petersburg Representative John Poston Representative Kristin Robbins (pA Representative Joe Schomacker [2 ede’ Representative Chris Swedzinski Representative Paul Torkelson Representative Bob Vogel ea Representative Ni Zerwas Representative Marion O'Neill Representative Nels Pierson Down Fae Representative Duane Quam Pr ferbek Representative Linda Runbeck Chap Zert- Representative Peggy Scott Sime A Representative Tama Theis Dean Ucdbd Representative Dean Urdal Va Representative Nolan West

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