We Connect with People in Profound Ways

InteraXon is a research driven, experience-centric

technology company creating innovative “Brains-on” solutions that unleash new experiential horizons of self and collective discovery, play and mastery.

InteraXon is a technology company who creates new experiences.

InteraXon is here to bring awareness and understanding of the scale and scope of experiential possibilities within thought-responsive technology, and the global impact it will have as it becomes more market-ready.

We design and execute custom experiential marketing installations for brands who are looking to discover and occupy new spaces of thought and imagination within the emerging Thought Controlled Computing (TCC) market.

Key Terms

TCC – Thought-Controlled Computing EEG – Electroencephalography BCI – Brain-Computer Interface Alpha and Beta waves

TCC - How It Works

As the neurons in the brain fire, they generate magnetic fields that can be easily read from the head using an Electroencephalograph, or EEG.

The InteraXon system analyses these readings and separates the waves by frequency into alpha, beta, gamma, and theta waves, each of which is associated with a particular conscious state.

TCC - How It Works

After analyzing and sorting the waves by type, our software compares the amount of energy in each band and generates a control signal that correlates to the strength of a particular brain state. Participants quickly learn to navigate through these states using a variety of feedback mechanisms built into the experience.

TCC - How It Works

These complicated technological underpinnings remain invisible to the end user who comes to experience the syste as an extension of his or her own body.

The interface can be mastered by participants in five minute or less and is designed to provide clean, immediate feedbac This allows users to concentrate solely on the output necessary to achieve the desired results.

Control vs Response: Two Interaction Paradigms
•  The ʻremote controlʼ brain •  Responsive technology – technology which reacts to the userʼs natural state

Potential: Creating Transformational Customer Experiences

By illuminating and transforming previously “untapped” realms of the human mind, TCC plays a key role in the experiential evolution of human-machine interaction, computation, and communication as a whole.

Enabling users to connect and engage with brands in an intimate and internal manner, TCC changes the way people see and experience themselves, optimistically promoting ideas and images of self-discovery, actualization and mastery.

Value: Insightful Metrics

Neurofeedback data collected during installations allow for powerful analytics derived from not only time of ʻimpressionʼ measured, but also the levels of focus and relaxation during the experience as well.

CASE STUDY: Bright Ideas
 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Client: Government of Ontario

3 Main Goals: •  Showcase Ontario Innovation •  Showcase Ontario Destinations •  Instill pride in Ontarians and connect them to the Olympics

•  Nationwide exposure (Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Parliament Buildings, and Vancouver Olympics) •  7,000 users in 17 days •  Live online video stream with 
 Facebook Live Stream Box integration

• Media Coverage: - 156 sources overall - Total countries: 18 

(Canada, Colombia, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain,Germany,France, Japan,Denmark,China, Hungary, Poland,England,Turkey,Korea, United States, Russia reland) 

SCENARIO: Lifestyle Beverage InteraXon + Vitamin Water

SCENARIO: Lifestyle Beverage InteraXon + Vitamin Water
Experiential Marketing Focus:

Exploring Personal States
Primary Idea:

Colorful Minds


InteraXon offers functional drink and food companies a way to interact with properties of their products that are usually immeasurable or unattainable. These sorts of companies seek new strategies and experiences to further highlight the efficacy or general essence of their products.


Large-scale installation in a central public place (Dundas Square Toronto,Times Square NYC, Shinjuku Station, Tokyo).

Website: http://www.interaxon.ca More Info: pantea@interaxon.ca

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