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SAP Product Brief

SAP Solutions for Small Businesses

and Midsize Companies

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI

SAP® BusinessObjects™ EDGE BI SAP® BusinessObjects™

Edge BI software is ideal for
Designed for Growing Companies
midsize companies wanting
to improve business intelli-
gence (BI) processes and
get an edge on the competi-
tion. It can help you address
just about any BI require-
Comprehensive BI Solutions SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI,
for Growing Companies Standard Package
ment – and leverage the
SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, standard applications, data sources,
SAP® BusinessObjects™ Edge BI soft- package, helps midsize companies get
ware is the business intelligence (BI) started with business intelligence.
and platforms your company
choice of midsize companies that want It includes the core functionality neces- already uses.
to improve business processes, discov- sary to empower end users with greater
er new opportunities, and edge out the BI insight. Through flexible ad hoc
competition. It includes affordable solu- reporting, query, analysis, and dash-
tions that can address just about any BI boards, users can make fast, data-driven
requirement, such as operational report- decisions – all without relying on IT. Us-
ing, flexible ad hoc query reporting and ers also benefit from the convenience of
analysis, dashboards and visualization, data access in the tools they use every
and data quality and integration. The so- day, like Microsoft Office and Microsoft
lution provides an intuitive BI experience SharePoint applications. Plus, built on a
for where and how you work – support- proven, open intelligence platform, the
ing search, mobile devices, and dash- standard package provides secure, man-
boards, as well as aged information access, so the right
integration with familiar Microsoft Office user receives the right information at the
applications. And because it is built on a right time.
proven platform with open architecture,
SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI lets you SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI with
leverage the applications, data sources, Data Integration
and platforms you already use to run SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI offers a
your business. version with data integration that en-
ables confident decision making based
Flexible Solutions to Address Your on trusted business intelligence. It com-
Complete BI Needs bines the power of data integration with
essential functionality for end users,
This software is offered in three options such as ad hoc reporting, query, analy-
to meet your needs today and grow sis, and dashboards for better informa-
along with your company (see the figure): tion insight and reliability. The version
• SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, with data integration is designed to give
standard package your users greater confidence in the
• SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, data they are using to make decisions.
version with data integration Once again, this software is built on a
• SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, proven, open intelligence platform that
version with data management helps ensure that information gets to
the right people, when and where they
need it.
SAP BusinessObjects
Edge BI lets you lever-
SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI with • An even more intuitive experience for age the applications,
Data Management end users, especially in the area of data sources, and
SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI is also self-service reporting and analysis
available in a version that provides platforms you already
comprehensive data management func- Improvements have been made in use to run your
tionality for midsize companies. With the following areas of SAP
added functionality to help improve Business­Objects Edge BI: business.
data quality, it enables you to centralize • Management of data warehouse se-
the discovery, correction, and preven- mantic layers in the SAP NetWeaver®
tion of data issues across the organi­ Business Warehouse component
zation. Users can integrate address • Extended support for data warehouse Integration with Oracle Applications
verification to help ensure integrity of metadata SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI has
contact data. This functionality intelli- • Better integration with the SAP been enhanced to provide even tighter
gently verifies address data and sug- NetWeaver Portal component integration with Oracle environments –
gests potential changes to your data • Data integration with SAP delivering an extensive BI solution for
records. With trusted data and timely, Business­Objects Rapid Marts® Oracle customers. The software
accurate information, your business packages that are available for includes data drivers and integrated
users will have a solid foundation for SAP solutions security functions that deliver rich,
decision making. visual, and interactive reports for
Integration with Microsoft Applications Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards,
BI Within Multiple Business Recently, Microsoft has refreshed PeopleSoft, and Siebel environments.
Management Applications many components of its technology
platform, such as Microsoft Windows Delivering Content on a
As the leading BI solution designed Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server Wireless Device
for small businesses and midsize com- 2008, Internet Information Services
panies, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI 7.0, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. With SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI,
is built on an open and heterogeneous SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI sup- you can now deliver content over any
platform so your organization can have ports Microsoft SharePoint Services wireless device. Users can drill into
a complete, trusted view of all its infor- and Microsoft Office SharePoint data and interact with reports and met-
mation assets. Server 2007 and benefits from a num- rics to take immediate action. Deploy-
ber of architectural changes required ment is quick, requiring no additional
Integration with SAP Applications for the upcoming release of the integra- servers, and fully leverages the under-
SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI has tion kit for Microsoft SharePoint Server. lying security of SAP BusinessObjects
been enhanced to provide even tighter SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI is also Edge BI. Users can be notified when a
integration within SAP software envi- the answer for organizations wishing to new report has been scheduled or
ronments – delivering an extensive extend insight from BI to any Web or modified. They can also define what
BI solution for SAP customers. The Microsoft .NET application. IT depart- types of alerts they want to receive
enhancements are designed to help ments and developers can reuse the through their mobile device.
you achieve: functionality of the intelligence plat-
• Lower cost of ownership form, such as scheduling and security, Advanced Publishing for High-
• Quicker implementation for realizing or embed the existing content in appli- Volume, Personalized Reporting
value faster cations by using our updated Microsoft
• Flexibility to integrate with existing and .NET intelligence platform software With SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI,
future SAP software environments development kit. you can now publish personalized
reports such as invoices, statements, Quick-Start Packs for Faster Developed by Industry Experts
and other marketing materials to the first Time to Value Quick-start packs are built by trusted
100 recipients in a single publishing ses- vendors who have a long-standing
sion. An additional license is available As a midsize company, your organiza- history and expertise in working with
for publishing to more than 100 recipi- tion shouldn’t have to spend your limit- midsize companies to apply BI to spe-
ents. Also known as “report bursting,” ed time and resources getting up and cific industries or lines of business.
advanced report publishing allows IT to running with BI. SAP BusinessObjects With these packs, you can be confident
create multiple reports based on differ- Edge BI offers optional quick-start about getting your deployment right –
ent data sources – loaded with data, packs to help you tailor BI to meet your from the start.
personalized for each recipient, and specific needs.
combined into a single file (such as Help Ensure Success with the
Adobe PDF) – and then distribute them Tailored to Your Business Business Intelligence Leader
to a dynamic list of recipients, all with a Quick-start packs help you give practi-
single action. Content can be optionally cal, real-world relevance to your BI SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI is de-
archived, printed, or e-mailed. This deployment. Each pack includes a tai- signed to help ensure your ongoing
makes scheduling much faster and lored collection of templates and data success. As your company evolves and
easier, enabling cost-effective, one-on- connectors based on specific require- grows, you can readily upgrade to the
one marketing campaigns and other per- ments and best practices. Combined version for data integration or for data
sonalized, high-volume reporting. with optional rapid deployment servic- management to take advantage of addi-
es, quick-start packs can help you get tional functionality. To learn more about
your BI system up and running – and SAP solutions for small businesses and
adding value to your company – in just midsize companies, visit our Web site
a short time. at

Add-On for SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI

Add-On for SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI
SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts®
SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts®
Add data quality management
Add data integration functionality functionality
• Ad hoc reporting • Analysis • Graphical extract, transform, • Data validation
• Dashboards • Office integration and load • Global address cleansing
• Security • Scheduling and publishing • Impact analysis
• Auditing • Mobile • Widgets • Data lineage Includes everything in the standard
• SAP BusinessObjects Polestar package and data integration version
• Integration for SAP, Microsoft Includes everything in the standard
package Subscription to postal address data is
SharePoint, Oracle, PeopleSoft, sold separately
Siebel, and JD Edwards applications
* Download separately

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI,
standard package version with data integration version with data management

Three Options Available with SAP® BusinessObjects™ Edge BI

QUICK FACTS /contactsap

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Edge BI software is the business intelligence (BI) choice of
midsize companies. It includes affordable solutions that can address BI requirements from
operational reporting to flexible ad hoc query reporting and analysis, to dashboards and
visualization, to powerful data quality and integration, to planning and budgeting.

Business Challenges
• Improve business processes for better decision making and ability to compete
• Meet BI requirements for planning, budgeting, reporting, and dashboards
• Integrate BI with the applications and data your company already uses
• Give users secure access to BI whenever and wherever they need it

Key Features
• Choice of solutions – Select from three packages to meet the requirements of your
company, and then upgrade smoothly as your needs change
• Ad hoc query, reporting, and analysis – Help business users make fast, data-driven
decisions through self-service, without relying on IT staff
• Familiar applications and platforms – Use data within Microsoft Office applications as
well as SAP or Oracle software environments
• Wireless delivery – Interact with and share reports over mobile devices
• Advanced report publishing – Publish personalized reports to thousands of recipients in
a single session
• Tailored implementation – Use quick-start packs to help customize the software to your
specific customer requirements

Business Benefits
• Improved business agility and competitive advantage with a BI solution that supports
fast, sound decisions based on up-to-date, trustworthy data
• Cost savings achieved through integration of BI data with your current applications and
software environment
• Greater flexibility by having BI available for use when, where, and how your business
users need it
• Faster ROI through quick implementation and tailoring of software to your requirements
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