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Corporate Communication Practice: Corporate Event
An analysis on the Corporate Communication Practice in highlighted on Corporate Event of Scomi Group Bhd. Lim Sie Eng, Chong Jun Wei, Povilas, Negar 11/11/2009

Scomi Group Bhd
Nov. 11

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Scomi Group Bhd
Nov. 11

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Scomi Group Bhd
Nov. 11

About Scomi
Scomi Group Bhd, a global service provider mainly in the oil and gas industry, is a company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia. Achieving RM1.97 billion or USD544 million in 2009. Scomi employs over 5,000 employees in 60 locations in 29 countries. Scomi was listed on 13 May 2003 on the Second Board of Bursa Malaysia. It was transferred to the Main Board which is now known as Main Market just a year later on 13 May 2004. Other public listed companies within Scomi Group are Scomi Engineering Bhd and Scomi Marline Bhd which are listed on Bursa Malaysia, and PT Rig Tenders which is listed on Jakarta Stock Exchange. Scomi’s ability to harness the synergies between its varied businesses has seen it transform itself to become an integrated solutions provider in niche markets. Scomi’s subsidiary and associate companies are involved in the following wide range of activities worldwide. (Company Profile, 2010)


WE FOCUS ON ENERGY & LOGISTICS. Our global reach. Our products and operations meet today’s needs while anticipating tomorrow’s. All of us in the Scomi family should remember that any new initiatives we undertake will focus on these areas of business. 2009) 5 . WE AIM TO REALISE POTENTIAL FOR OUR STAKEHOLDERS. • Our shareholders: We are committed to providing long-term superior returns to our shareholders. (Scomi Annual Report. WE PROVIDE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. we will give back to the communities we operate in worldwide. • Our suppliers: We will treat our suppliers as our partners in the mutual interest of business growth.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. We innovate to respond to an evolving environment. capabilities and talent provide us with the necessary resources to develop and own new technology in all areas of our business. add value and grow with our customers to shape our future. All of our 3 business units are focused in the Energy and/or Logistics sectors with the ability to compete globally. 11 CORPORATE S TATEMENT WE ARE A GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE. We are committed to developing competitive and innovative solutions to create effi ciency. • Our customers: We will develop and offer customers innovative and competitive products and services that help them grow their business. • Our society / environment: As a good corporate citizen. • Our people: We aim to provide our employees with developmental opportunities so they can succeed on personal and professional levels.

commercial and rescue services. which provides marine vessels for the coal and oil and gas industry.  Transport Solutions – which comprise of rail. and gas business. which mainly provides gas processing equipment. monorail and buses for the transportation sector and special purpose vehicles for th aviation.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. which comprises integrated drilling fluids and drilling waste management solutions. defense. health.  Production Enhancement.  Energy Logistics. which comprises industrial and production chemicals division. 2010) 6 . (Company Profile. OCTG machine shops and distribution of oilfield products and services. 11 CORE BUSINESS  Oilfield Services.

Scomi Group Bhd Nov. 2010) 7 . 11 CORPORATE S TRUCTURE (Corporate Structure.

regulations and other policies applicable within the Scomi Group. together with that of its subsidiary and associated companies (the “Scomi Group”) are committed to adhering to the best practice in corporate governance and observing the highest standards of integrity and behaviour in all activities conducted by the Scomi Group. It is required that employees display the highest levels of professionalism in all aspects of their work and comply with this Code of Conduct (the “Code”) and all applicable laws. it is not intended to be all– encompassing and there are areas in which the Scomi Group has developed or will develop specific detailed policies. regulations and other policies of the Scomi Group and failure to comply may result in the commencement of disciplinary proceedings that may lead to termination of employment and/or appointment. employees and business partners. This Code is to be read and applied in conjunction with such policies. b) The standards set out in this Code extend beyond normal working hours. conferences and social activities. 11 CODE OF C ONDUCT The Directors and Management of Scomi Group Bhd. including the interaction with its customers. b) This Code provides a common behavioural framework for all employees of the Scomi Group. suppliers. However. including after hours functions.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. shareholders. 2. and apply to Affected Personnel fulfilling their roles while on the business of the Scomi Group.1 Purpose of the Code a) This Code provides ethical and legal guidance to all Affected Personnel in the conduct of their business and that of the Scomi Group. All employees of the Scomi Group play an important role in establishing. irrespective of their specific job or location. maintaining and enhancing the reputation.2 Applicability of the Code a) This Code applies to all Directors and employees of the Scomi Group (the “Affected Personnel”). image and brand of the Scomi Group and ensuring the observance to and compliance with the standards of integrity and behaviour that the Scomi Group is committed to. c) It is a condition of employment and/or appointment with the Scomi Group that all Affected Personnel comply with this Code and all applicable laws. and within the community and environment in which the Scomi Group operates. Objective 2. 8 .

c) Scomi Group aims to provide a safe working environment for its Affected Personnel and for its customers and other business partners. honest and transparent in its relationship with suppliers and contractors from selection through to payment and termination of the relationship.3 Confirmation of Compliance a) All employees of the Scomi Group of grades 17 and above shall be required to confirm their receipt and understanding of the Code and shall further be required to certify their continued compliance with the Code on a semi annual basis. ethical and responsible in the way it presents products and services to its customers. General Principle 3. 3. It will be honest. and religion or ethnic origin. Affected Personnel are to conduct themselves and the business activities of the Group to facilitate these aims being achieved. sexual orientation. uses its market power and its pricing practices. 9 . c) Scomi Group will be fair. d) All commercial transactions will be properly and accurately recorded and documented. suppliers and other business partners are treated fairly and equitably irrespective of. customers. Affected Personnel must ensure that they familiarise themselves with the laws. b) Affected Personnel activities and the business activities of the Scomi Group must be conducted in absolute compliance with applicable laws and regulations. customers and other business partners. regulations and licence conditions applicable to their activities.1 Compliance with Laws a) The Scomi Group operates in a highly regulated business environment and its activities are subject to numerous laws. disability. b) Scomi Group will compete effectively and fairly in the markets in which it operates. regulations and licensing conditions. 11 2.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. safety and wellbeing of employees. Employees must work safely and adhere to appropriate industry practices and laws to protect the health. Affected Personnel are to seek advice. age. race. If in doubt. sex. amongst others.2 Fair Dealing a) The aim of Scomi Group is that it provides an environment in which all Affected Personnel.

in circumstances indicating an inducement or reward has been given. direct or indirect 10 . employee and customer details. whether directly or through intermediaries. 11 e) Corrupt practices. in recognition of the reality of commercial and business practices. c) Areas where conflicts might arise include: substantial share ownership in competing organisations.3 Confidentiality & Protection of Company Assets a) Affected Personnel must keep confidential all information that would reasonably be considered to be confidential. No bribes or improper payments. performance and financial details and policies and procedures of the Scomi Group. d) Misappropriation of property owned by the Scomi Group. Affected Personnel. or accepted from. customers or suppliers will not be tolerated. the Scomi Group acknowledges that modest gifts and reasonable entertainment are acceptable as part of the normal course of business provided that such gifts or entertainment are not supplied. or received.Scomi Group Bhd Nov.4 Conflicts of Interest a) Affected Personnel are to act in the best interests of the Scomi Group. b) The Scomi Group will maintain the privacy of confidential information relating to its Affected Personnel and customers. b) Affected Personnel must not engage in activities that directly or indirectly involve. c) Assets and confidential information should be fully protected and must not be used by Affected Personnel for personal gain or for any other reason that is not in the best interests of the Scomi Group. Appropriate disciplinary and or legal action will be taken. irrespective of local business custom and practices. are unacceptable. 3. Any misappropriation should be immediately reported and properly investigated. or could appear to involve. any party. gifts or inducements will be made to. 3. or received. a conflict between their personal interests and the interests of the Scomi Group. However. including but not limited to terms and conditions of contracts entered into by the Scomi Group.

other Scomi Group policies or applicable laws will be subject to disciplinary action. 11 personal interest in contracts. and (iv) promote a work environment in which individuals have the opportunity to develop and realise their full potential. Except in the case of summary dismissal for serious misconduct. 11 . Inappropriate conduct or performance.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. employees should be given a reasonable chance to remedy the inappropriate conduct or performance. unfair discrimination or other offensive conduct. or non-compliance issues will be brought to the attention of the employee who will be allowed to respond to any allegations. Specific Principles 4. (ii) ensure unlawful discrimination does not occur in the workplace or in circumstances arising out of the employment relationship. b) An employee who is found to be in breach of this Code. dual employment with outside organisations or seeking or accepting gifts or entertainment beyond levels considered reasonable in the business environment of the Scomi Group.1 Employees a) Scomi Group envisages itself as an equal opportunity employer and aims to: (i) make human resource decisions on the basis of merit with the information available to it. 3. b) The reporting of non-compliances with this Code may either be made to the appropriate supervising manager and/or Board of Directors or may be done in accordance with the Whistleblower Framework and Policy which shall be a safe environment in which to speak up without fear. (iii) maintain a workplace free from sexual harassment. reprisal or victimisation. shall not be deemed a breach of this Code. including the possession of skills. qualifications and characteristics relevant to the performance of work. d) Any actual or potential conflicts of interest are to be fully disclosed to appropriate management and/or Board of Directors and where such circumstances are permitted by management and/or the Board of Directors to continue.5 Reporting NonCompliance a) Affected Personnel are to report genuine suspicions of noncompliance with this Code. experience.

d) The Global People Policy sets out these policies in more detail and must be complied with. 4. a) It is envisaged that the Scomi Group will conduct its business Safety & activities and operations in a safe manner and in an Environment environment that prevents. treatment. b) Employees are required to ensure that payments in respect of all transactions and business activities of the Scomi Group are properly documented to indicate that such payments are made to the proper party for legitimate purposes and in respect of which proper consideration has been received. 4. protection and safety. customers. The appropriateness and effectiveness of this Code will be 12 . c) Scomi Group is committed to provide effective support and training for the employees of the Scomi Group to assist them in their responsibilities of ensuring a safe workplace and reducing the environmental impacts of their activities. with such variations as are necessary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction as set out in the relevant Country People Policy. customers or suppliers or compliance with this Code or other policies should be raised. b) Scomi Group endeavours to ensure that the Scomi Group will reduce the environmental impacts of its business activities and will seek to do this through continual improvement of environmental performance.Scomi Group Bhd Nov.1 Publication of the Code 5.3 Know Your a) Employees are required to conduct due diligence on new Customer(“KYC”) and customers. injury to its Affected Personnel. Health. the action of other staff members. suppliers and business partners of the Scomi Proper Group (including any intermediaries acting on behalf of such Documentation customers. suppliers and business partners) and monitor their activities to identify any issues of concern. to the extent possible.2 Occupational. 11 c) Any grievances with respect to an employee’s employment. Administration 5.2 Continual This Code will be available at all venues and places of employment in the Scomi Group. suppliers and contractors.

All updates and amendments are to be communicated to Affected Personnel. Affected Personnel will be required to comply with the Code as updated.3 Amendments and Updates b) c) 5. 11 Improvement continuously monitored and appropriate agreed improvements and reporting procedures will be adopted where necessary. a) This Code may be updated from time to time.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. 2010) 13 .4 Questions about this Questions about this Code and its application by employees Code should be directed to their Manager or Human Resources. (Code of Conduct. 5. Amendments to this Code must be approved by the Board of Directors.

to assist companies to address any shortcomings within its processes. non-compliance with Group or Group Company policies and procedures. sexual harassment. companies are encouraged to establish internal procedures for handling employee concerns. criminal activity. These matters may include. for example disciplinary proceedings. dangers to health & safety or the environment. impropriety or fraud. but are not necessarily limited to the following areas: financial malpractice. in writing or verbally to the Disclosure Officer. who in the course of carrying out their duties. and have a professional responsibility to disclose any known malpractices or wrongdoings. (Whistleblower Policy. and attempts to cover-up any of the above matters Whistleblowers can make the disclosures electronically through the Scomi Group Bhd. which offer protection to such persons against harassment or victimisation as a result of such disclosures. In tandem with provisions of the CMSA. to a material extent. 11 WHISTLEBLOWER POLICY “Whistleblowing”. but may then lead to the invocation of other internal procedures. Whistleblowers can choose to remain anonymous as the company has put in safeguards to protect the identity of the Discloser. Intranet. Disclosures should be made privately and in person to the Disclosure Officer. in the context of the Capital Markets & Services Act 2007 (“CMSA”). and to disclose information which he reasonably believes shows malpractice or impropriety. The Whistleblower Policy applies to all employees of the Group and is designed to enable them to raise concerns internally at a high level. the financial well being of the said listed company. As far as reasonably practicable. failure to comply with laws or regulations. The Whistleblower Policy is intended to cover matters which are of public concern and may at least initially be investigated separately. and provides alternative lines of communication depending on the person(s) who is/are the subject of such Disclosure. involves the disclosure of information to the relevant authorities by auditors and specific employees of a public-listed company.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. All employees of the Scomi Group of Companies play an important part in maintaining the highest level of corporate ethics within the Group. The Structure adopted by the Group establishes a clear line of communication and reporting of Disclosures for employees at all levels. 2010) 14 . improper or unethical conduct or behaviour. and to facilitate good governance practices. discover breaches of the securities laws or the rules of the stock exchange or any matter which may adversely affect.

56 million. The completion of the disposal of Scomi Engineering’s 100% equity interest in Scomi Transportation Solutions Sdn Bhd (SCOTS) to ALD Automotive Sdn Bhd on 31 March 2008.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. Scomi tendered a proposal in December for a rights issue of 500 million new sha red. Scomi Engineering was awarded the Mumbai Monorail project valued at RM1. India and other countries. Wave 2 of SAP. Scomi is among the three companies short-listed for the monorail project in Mumbai.40 per ordinary share in November. India. Scomi Marine declared an interim tax exempt dividend of Rm1. technological innovation and be recognised by customers as the best. Scomi’s Global Operating Platform went live in November in MENAT and Europe. In July Scomi Marine was awarded a Contract of Affreightment by TNB Fuel Services Sdn Bhd to supply shipping services for the transportation of bulk coal for 3+2 years.  15 . Scomi Oiltools won its first drilling waste management contract with BP Norway using a new green technology.8 billion in Nov 2008. Vietnam. 2nd Half          In November Scomi aunched ‘Formula 2011” a global 3-year initiative to grow returns. with an estimated contract value for the 3 years of RM426. Scomi Engineering made an investment of RM30 million for the extension of Scomi’s North KL Facility. 11 MILESTONE 2008 1st Half     Scomi engineering Bhd has the mandate to prepare a feasibility study for the implementation of the monorail system in Hanoi. Scomi Marine announced an expansion move to acquire 2 Anchor Handling Tugs and Supply (AHTS) vessels every year and an Accommodation Barge in 2009. Scomi Oiltools in Aberdeen unveiled its new £10 million quayside plant to boost its drilling fluids technology. which is expected to raise Rm120 million. Scomi has been approached to undertake studies for the implementation of monorail systems in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia. Bangalore.

Scomi Group Bhd Nov. Warranty. (“Geodesic”). a leading Brazilian construction company enabling joint marketing and submission of proposals for monorail projects in Brazil. Engenharia de Obras (“SR Almeida”).Ltd. received the “Best Overall VAM Licensee” award by Vallurec & Mannesmann Oil & Gas France (V&M). Chevron. Mr. a world leading manufacturer of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) product. Scomi Engineering signed a Joint Bidding Agreement with Geodesic Techniques Pvt. Scomi Oiltools scored a win in Indonesia with its 1st Drilling Fluids contract for major client. 11 2009 1st Half    Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Mumbai Monorail project graced by the Honourable Chief Minister of the Government of Maharashtra. After-Sales.6 million. for a proposal to build a 59 KM Monorail in Bangalore. a one-stop service centre and convenient after-sales service for busses.A. Scomi Oiltools won 1st Drilling Fluid contract in South Venezuela. & Technical (“SWAT”) centre. Ashok Chavan.  16 . Scomi Rail signed a Joint Bidding Agreement with CR Almeida S. 2nd Half     Csomi Group embarked on a renounceable Right Issue of Irredeemable Convertible Secured Lan Stocks (ICSLS) of RM165 million which raised RM151. Ltd. Scomi Coach/SPV launched its Service. Singapore. Scomi OMS Oilfield Services Pte. a leading engineering design & structural company based in India.

Scomi Marine completed the disposal of 29. which is owned by a privately managed Indonesian fund. (Milestone.07% equity interest in CH Offshore Ltd Falcon Energy Group Limited Scomi Marine entered into a Sale Shares Agreement with ANZ Capital Sdn Bhd and Mirapo Sdn Bhd to acquire 600.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. 2nd Half    Mumbai’s First 4-car monorail set was inaugurated by the Commissioner of Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority at Scomi’s North KL Facility. India. Scomi is among the three companies short-listed for the monorail project in Mumbai. Scomi Marine entered into heads of agreement with PT Rig Tenders Indonesia TBK (PTRT) and Portside Offshore Inc.000 ordinary shared of RM1.00 each in Trans Advantage Sdn Bhd. 11 2010 1st Half     Comi delivered the first Monorail car to Mumbai. (POI). The first Monorail car for the Mumbai Monorail project successfully completed test run in conjunction with India’s Republic Day. Scomi Engineering completed the sale of its Machine Shop business to Sumitomo. in relation to PQI acquiring a significant stake in PTRT. 2010) 17 .

Scomi come out with a lot of CSR program. Shareholders relation is both a financial discipline and corporate communication function. the CSR programme will help the employee in removing the communication resistance between the employer and employee and different department of employee. (Argenti. In the communication. 2002) Scomi is aware that having good governmental relationships will help the organization to grow more easily as they will have less obstacles. state and local jurisdictions – constitutes an audience no less important than customers. the other function of employee relationship is to ensure that the employees know that they are important in the organisation. This is one of the functions in employee relationship as this will make easy in the running of the company. This is because they know each other well and for sure their work will done smoothly and more productive. They portray their image that favours the state. media and activist. Every employer needs to maintain a good relationship with their employee. its prospects and the risks. share the same mission and vision and achieve it together. It is particularly important that messages sent to various governmental audiences are consistent with those that have been woven into any communication strategies targeted at other strategic public. The government – legislative and regulatory branches of federal. The function of maintaining good relationship is to getting and keeping the employees solidly behind the organization’s as the they will be more committed to the organization. Scomi Group done a good CSR and provide the sufficient information for the shareholder about the development in a company and understand the implications of these developments of the organisation. Scomi Group will ensure that they will always a positive engagement with Shareholders to provide a good understanding of the company’s business. On the other hand. Scomi Group Bhd is heavily in Shareholder relation because shareholders play a important role in their organisation. and the state in return grant them their approval. investors. consumers. 11 Key Publics SHAREHOLDER Shareholders are the first modal and asset of an organisation because they are the supporter of financial for the company. (Government relation. 18 . pg 144) GOVERNMENT Government relationship is very vital in every organization. EMPLOYEES One of the most important key public for Scomi Group Bhd is their Employee and they name it as their company such as training for the employee to make sure they are on the track of the company.Scomi Group Bhd Nov.

In line with this. 11 COMMUN ITY Scomi Group believe that the philosophy will lead them a successful company not only by the achievement of its business goals. To meet this goal. The rationale behind is to keep them 19 . and workforce to thrive. and suppliers. While managing the organisation operations responsibly and effectively. particularly customer questions and complaints. and resolving disputes amicably. we are actively involved in various causes that benefit the community. and contributing to social and economic development. customers. CUSTOMER Customer relations is the process by which companies promote customer satisfaction and. The organisation needs their resources. in our plants. companies may go to great lengths to build a strong reputation for lavishing their customers with special services. Undeniably. the strategic initiative that helps the organisation manage and create value for the company and the society in general. and we need their resources. We contribute either directly through our employees. Scomi Group fully recognise that the long -term success depends on the strength of the relationships between the organisation and community. loyalty.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. Scomi has been always there to examine their customers’ needs and make sure their cater products and services that satisfy their expectations. Scomi Group has a good relationship with the media to make easier for them to publish the services and product to the world. communities hold our franchise to operate. either by providing financial support. infrastructure. At its most basic. Media can help a lot in an organisation as they ca n easily reach the mass audience. moreover. communities are stakeholders for an organisation to operate. our expertise. image and the operation of a organisation to the public. or other resources whenever the opportunity presents itself. but also by the integration level into the society and creating a positive impact on communities that it operates in. infrastructure. and through our many non-profit partners around the world. it involves managing communications with customers. markets. and workforce to thrive. The ultimate goal of most customer relations programs is to build long -term relationships with customers. discounts gifts or other benefits. Media is a tool for an organisation to help in publishing the philosophy. identity. markets. Undeniably. (Our approach. 2010) MEDIA A good relation with media is important for any kind of business and firm. By applying the corporate social responsibility programmes in the company.

as well as keep the business growing. 11 customer and to make more profit out of them. 2010) 20 . (Customer Relation.Scomi Group Bhd Nov.

(Shareholder Engagement. infrastructure. In line with this. quarterly results and latest announcements in a timely manner. touches the lives of thousands of people every day in the community. By utilising various modes of communication. and contributing to social and economic development. either by providing financial support. 11 Corporate Responsibility Our Approach At Scomi. we fully recognise that our long-term success depends on the strength of our relationships with the community. we owe them our integrity.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. we fully subscribe to the philosophy that a successful company is defined not only by the achievement of its business goals. (Our approach. and suppliers. we are always mindful of our obligation to ensure that we announce any material information to Bursa Malaysia beforehand. We view our corporate social responsibility programmes as a strategic initiative that helps us manage and create value for our company and the society in general. our expertise. in our plants. briefings and participation in conferences and road shows (both locally and internationally) to keep key stakeholders and potential investors abreast on the latest development of the Group. and we need their resources. Whilst doing so. through its corporate social responsibility programmes. Scomi’s Investor Relations team regularly engages with the investing community and shareholders to share updates and developments relating to the Group. we ensure that they are informed on the Group’s latest developments. Shareholder Engagement Scomi is committed to continuous engagement with its investors and key stakeholders which include the investing community and shareholders. and our ability to offer jobs and community support. 2010) Investor Relationship 1. While managing our operations responsibly and effectively. but by how well it integrates into the very fabric of society and creating a positive impact on communities that it operates in. Scomi. and through our many non-profit partners around the world. or other resources whenever the opportunity presents itself. we are actively involved in various causes that benefit the community. Undeniably. 2009) 21 . In fact. communities hold our franchise to operate. This is done via regular meetings. and workforce to thrive. markets. We contribute either directly through our employees. customers.

B Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. (Economic Trend. unlock their potential and motivate them to epitomise the values of the Scomi brand. companies increasingly recognise the need to establish cultures that fully leverage the skills of their employees. the mission was also participated by Y. and the external environment. Project Pyramid – The Scomi Way Within a competitive business environment. Besides officers from MITI and its agencies MATRADE and MIDA. with Artevea Digital Limited proves that Scomi is being part of Malaysia government’s Trade Mission to India.B MITI Minister Dato’ Mustapa Mohamed led the Trade and Investment Mission to Mumbai.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. health. harness their capabilities. Ltd and between SCOMI International Pvt. 22 . with the ultimate goal of producing or supplying superior products and services as a recognised Global Technology Enterprise. goals. a corporate culture will only be relevant and useful if it is aligned with the organisation’s vision. Exco Member of Melaka State Government. India from 28 October – 3 November 2009. 2009) Talent Development 1. 11 Government Relationship Y. Ancillary to our brand vision of “Realising Potential”. Two signings of Memorandum of Agreement between SCOMI Engineering Berhad with Geodesic Techniques Pte. Ltd. However. Deputy Chief Minister Sarawak and Y. Experts agree that the purpose of corporate culture is to develop an internal environment that is conducive for individuals to perform effectively. The structured training and development programmes we provide our workforce forms the forefront of our human capital development initiatives and include coaching and mentoring to encourage unimpeded communication and constructive feedback. mission. Bangalore and Chennai. companies can better drive business results through their human capital. 2009) Employee Relationship Scomi’s Formula 2011 initiative aims to empower our people. (The Workplace. By creating cultures in which employees feel valued. George Chan. Scomi offers its workforce multiple opportunities for personal and career skills talent development.B Dato’ Perumal Raju. security and a sense of camaraderie through employee engagement initiatives such as the Project Pyramid where cross functional teams work together to achieve their own chosen social responsibility task. strategies. The nurturing of our people is further complemented by Scomi’s focus on providing them with a workplace environment that is governed by the key principles of safety.

The objectives of the Project Pyramid are to:      Cultivate leadership capabilities Create a mentoring and networking platform Inculcate a learning culture Foster “Living the Brand” within Scomi Create a culture of innovation and high performance 2. Their attachment to arotationalbased placement programme provides them the rounded exposure to managerial and 23 . Management Trainee Programme (MTP) As part of the Group’s Talent Management Programme.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. The MTP programme is a structured 18-month programme introduced with the primary objective to “train and mould” future talents by giving young fresh graduates experiences in a variety of operational settings within the organisation. In 2006 we recruited a group of 10 trainees to join the programme and in 2007 we recruited the next group of 6 trainees who joined us on the 1st November 2007. 11 Project Pyramid was launched by Scomi Group CEO. Scomi has implemented the Management Trainee Programme (MTP) since year 2004. Mr Shah Hakim on 22nd October 2007.

Let’s give them our full support as they embark on this learning journey with Scomi. In turn. as the trainees go through their rotations. participants will be given a Scomi certificate of completion. Our responsibility at Learning & Development (LeaD). who is the custodian of this programme. Over the next 18 months. Scomi launched another Programme called the Executive Managerial Programme (EMP) for all Global Managers (grades 16 and 24 . 2008 will be given a reward – a ticket to a renowned Leadership programme. successful trainees will be absorbed into the Group’s talent pool equipped with the Scomi values and culture. Scomi Manager . we hope that they will gain valuable insights and learning experiences from the various departments that they have been attached to. it will also see an increase productivity at all levels. is to not only ensure that the trainees follow the identified learning path and produce their key deliverables but also to provide the mentoring and coaching support in order to groom their personal leadership qualities to realise their potential in Scomi. we have launched a work-based training program called the ‘Scomi Managers Programme (SMP)’in June 2008.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. Upon completion.‘The Programme’ The programme is designed to be flexible to cater for Manager’s busy work schedule. Upon completion of all 4 modules. 3. Executive Management Programme (EMP) For Middle Managers In promoting learning and employee development. 11 functional skills where they are able to learn and perform in their respective duties . 4. equipping our frontline managers with knowledge on our internal processes will allow them to perform better on their day-to-day responsibilities. It will run on 4 half day Modules which managers are free to sign up as and when their time permits. A ‘stamp of completion’ will be issued in the passport for each module completed.     Module 1 – People Management (HR) Module 2 – Compliance Module 3 – Project Management Module 4 – Finance All participants/managers will be given a ‘learning passport’. Scomi Managers Programme (SMP) As we move into streamlining our businesses. The objective of the programme is to provide all managers with the essential work-based skills by understanding the internal processes and policies in order for them to become a more effective manager in their current roles. Managers who manage to complete all 4 modules before 31st August. To facilitate this development and skills upgrade.

The EMP is an in house programme consisting of 2 parts which will run every 6 months: Topics Include:         Leadership Framework Leadership Levels and Leadership Roles Leadership Styles and Behaviours Planning and Organising – Strategic Planning. risk management. and Teambuilding skills. Planning and Organising.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. To develop and enhance the personal competence and leadership skills of our Managers to improve management accountability and discipline. 11 17) on the 25th November 2007 in Kuala Lumpur. Project and Action Planning Communications and Decision-Making Processes Communications in a Multi-Cultural Society Communication and Conflict Resolution Negotiation Skills Project Management Advanced Leadership Skills             Part 1: Moving Up the Leadership Ladder – designed to focus on Leadership. Communications. Business Planning. to be a more effective manager in solving problems strategically and independently.            Human Resource Management – Transactional and Transformational Workforce Planning and Performance Management Organizational Learning and Development Culture and Creativity at Workplace : The FISH Philosophy Conflict Management Creativity and Innovation Problem Solving and Decision Making Processes Analytical Thinking – Tools and Techniques Logistics and Supply Chain Management Customer Service and Quality Management Risk Management 25 . understanding and perspective to the critical business skills of our Managers such as financial management. strategic management and contract management etc. human resource management. The 6-day programme is designed with two objectives: To sharpen the skills.

designed to focus on both Leadership and Management Processes. In the next phase of this initiative.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. Problem Solving. the need for knowledge enhancement in the business and management skills are undeniably increasing in Scomi’s aggressive business environment. 5. Conflict Management. there will be extra curriculum such as reading and an assignment to enhance the participants’ learning experience. Together with a Personal Improvement Programme Manual. Scomi will be implementing series of development programmes for executives as well as leadership development programmes for senior managers with the objective to equip the current leaders within Scomi with strategic leadership skills that will inspire trust amongst their subordinates and unleashing talents whilst having the discipline to execute strategic business goals. Besides various sporting activities such as futs al. In order to facilitate a diverse range of activities. the club also organises an annual ‘Family Day’ where employees and their families come together for a big. personal engagement and most importantly interaction among staff. This effort has been lauded as one of the most successful voluntary employee engagement activities and the number of participation from members of the staff throughout the year has increased. The Sports & Recreational Club activities are focused on team participation. Over the-12 month period. Scomi provides the opportunity for the hi-potential employees to undergo a 2 ½ years MDP/MBA programme where the participants undergo a more academic stream of management skills in order to upgrade their skills and knowledge in the international business and management arena. bowling and volleyball. and Analytical Thinking. 11  Part 2: Ethics and Integrity Hypothetical Leadership As Purpose. Furthermore. the Sports & recreational Club is run by a team of rotating committee members on a yearly basis. Management As Process . Innovation. 26 . participants are able to self monitor all aspects of their performance and set ongoing goals and action plans for self improvements over time. Creativity. activities and fun-filled day. Management Development Programme (MDP) For senior level managers. 6. the programme aims to enhance their knowledge and understanding in global business issues to better drive the organisation. Thus. Sports & Recreational Club The Sports & Recreational Club was established to promote a healthy and active lifestyle while at the same time to nurture ties among employees from different business units i n the company.

Energy Efficient Products: SUTRA or Scomi Urban Transit Rail Application – As part of the Group’s 5 year road map to promote our monorail system. 2010) Community Relationship Environment Scomi adopts the highest environmental standards in all areas of operations where meeting the most stringent legislative requirements in the world is the standard we strive to achieve. reuse and recycle efforts. 3. An initiative implemented in 2010. at the very least. Environmental Initiatives Project “EnviroUs” – launched with the tagline “If There’s No Earth. Scomi includes environmental and ethical considerations in investment decisions where appropriate. The course was attended by 32 employees form field operations and administration who clocked up 256 man-hours of training. 11 7. 27 . containment and handling of drilling waste but includes safety measures to protect personnel working in these hazardous environments. Scomi targets to reduce printing costs by 20% as a measure to encourage our reduce. the Group’s focus is to improve the sustainable technology of SUTRA via investing in energy effi cient features that will (i) store and reuse the energy generated from the braking activities of the train. Enhancements to our drilling waste management product portfolio encompasses not only the treatment. From CPR to the Heimlich Maneuver and blood pressure reading to patient care. First Aid Programmes Between 20th and 27th February 2008. which by virtue of producing lesser contaminants will translate into a reduction in the drilling waste management cycle.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. 2. SUTRA. processes implemented and through support of the activities carried out. Research and development is ongoing to develop water-based drilling fl uid (mud) solutions. the project focuses on environmentally friendly practices in the areas of the products produced. the Anaco office in Venezuela organised a first aid course conducted by a representative from the Department of Civil Protection of Anaco City. reduce environmental pollutants arising from oil and gas drilling activities. 1. There’s No Us”. together with careful and efficient use of all materials and energy resources helps minimise waste. the course proved to be an excellent training to prepare staff for an emergency. (ii) make our vehicle lighter and (iii) improve the performance and efficiency of our propulsion and control system. (Employee Development and Engagement. Protecting the environment – Our drilling waste management products and services provide solutions to eliminate or.

Indonesia to participate in various programmes/activities including beach and underwater cleanup. a non-profi t organisation responsible for the preparation of the International Global Marine Debris Report. As an effort to motivate the students. the Scomi Marine team from all locations in Malaysia. Motivational Program for students of SMK Air Hangat Langkawi It came to Scomi’s attention that SMK Air Hangat Langkawi is one of the most underprivileged schools in the country. Singapore. (The Environment. Scomi Marine made a commitment to participate in Project Aquatic World Awareness. on 19th 28 . The data collected during the beach cleanup is used for report features under the Ocean Conservancy’s annual Marine Debris Index – the world’s only country-by-country. Under this project. coral transplant. the poor.000 volunteers from about 40 various organisations and schools. 2009) Society Yayasan Scomi. the team from Scomi Marine Singapore did their part by cleaning up Semilang Beach. we provide education assistance and scholarships for needy students. Jakarta. The data collected from thes e activities will be channelled to the Ocean Conservancy Group. coral reef monitoring. motivational programmes and provision of basic food provisions for the orphans. All programmes by Yayasan Scomi are run by Scomi’s staff through volunteerism. the execution of this project was only carried out in April 2010 and will be reported in our Annual Report 2010. The ICCS is an annual environmental project participated by about 2. the Scomi Marine team in Singapore participated in the annual International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) which was jointly organised by the National University of Singapore and the Ocean Conservancy Group. Conservation of Underwater Environment: In 2009 also.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. rural school programmes. Jakarta and Kalimantan gathered at the Pulau Seribu National Marine Park. the underprivileged. Owing to sea conditions. 5. These activities are also aimed at educating local communities on underwater protection and Project AWARE’s Dive for Earth Day 2010. This is the foundation set up by Scomi in 2005 to officially carry out all its community projects. state-by-state analysis of trash in oceans and waterways. Responsibility and Education (“Project AWARE”) by supporting marine conservation activities in Indonesia. sea grass and mangrove planting and sea turtle breeding. On 12 September 2009. to celebrate Earth Day’s 40th anniversary. Through Yayasan Scomi. the disabled and the senior citizen communities. 11 4. 1. Project AWARE Foundation collaborates with Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) to rope in divers and scuba professionals around the globe to combat challenges faced by the underwater environment through education and advocacy. Conservation of Shore Environment: In 2009.

Azizon Binti Mohamad. Scomi volunteers also donated money and much needed supplies to the Disabled Organisation and special schools in Bentong. Puan Azizon binti Mohamad . whose entire family falls under the Poor Family and Student Assitance Programme (PFSAP) receives monetary aid from Scomi to supplement her income selling ‘goreng pisang’ or friend banana.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. Charity Program with OKU Bentong Chinese New Year Celebration with the Disabled in Bentong.03. Malaysia.   On the 23rd February 2008 30 volunteers from Scomi ushered in the year of the Rat together with 60 disabled individuals of all ages from Bentong in the state of Pahang. could use a new mattress for that extra comfort. the school’s headmaster and teachers together with motivational speaker Dr. 2. its volunteers went right to Siti’s home on 18th March 2008 and surprised her with a brand new ripple mattress! 4. Blood Donation Drive . Siti Zanatul Nabilah an extraordinary young woman with special needs can finally rest happily in her own bed. Scomi also invited neighbouring offices to participate and like good neighbours many showed their support for the blood drive. Azizon and her 5 children receive funding every 6 months for their daily expenses.Menjual goreng pisang untuk menyara 5 anak di KB Financial Aid for Azizon Binti Mohamad and Family. Tengku Asmadian held a one-day program sponsored by Scomi to address issues concerning the students in the school. Ripple Mattress for Siti Zanatul Nabilah at Setapak New mattress for Siti Zanatul Nabilah. Besides spending time with the disabled. This year’s blood drive was another great success with more than 120 donors registered in just one afternoon. When Scomi found out that Siti. 3. 5. 29 .25.08 The ‘Out For Blood’ Blood Donation Drive Every year the annual ‘Out For Blood’ blood drive is organised by Scomi to encourage its staff to give blood to the local blood bank. 11 February 2008. a disabled child.

containment. 9. handling . 11 6. The DWM equipments and services are provided to the oil and gas industry to prevent environmental pollution arising from drilling activities. these students can now happily cycle to school. thanks to MERCY Malaysia and its sponsors such as Scomi. Over the years. which forms almost half of its business activities. Our most advanced DWM technology was developed in compliance 30 . feel and understand their experiences as they help their members live more independently as a continuing contributing citizen. Spinal K9 talk . a nongovernmental organisation heavily committed in medical relief and humanitarian aids to those in dire need. 10. With their brand new bicycles. This includes various technologies to handle drilling waste separation. Scomi has been a supporter of MERCY Malaysia. Cambodia and Sri Lanka to name a few has benefitted tremendously. 7. on 27th May 2008 Scomi invited its staff for a 45-minute talk with members of the Ward K9 of Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL). Donations to MERCY Malaysia For humanitarian causes. One such hard core poor family is the one shown here in Sungai Buloh. At this session. employees had the opportunity to listen. Drilling Waste Management Scomi’s commitment towards the environment is reflected through its Drilling Waste Management (DWM) system. Sungai Buloh Case Monthly Groceries for the Poor Every month Scomi supplements the families living under the poverty line with additional groceries. Selangor which Scomi volunteers visited on the 29th April 2008. many disaster stricken and the underprivileged communities in countries such as Indonesia.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. Bicycle Donation . Ward K9 of the HKL is like a home to those with spinal cord injuries and who are life long patients of HKL. treatment and disposal. 8.Semporna Sabah Walking 5 kilometers every day to school was the faith of 10 students of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bugaya Semporna in Sabah. On 7th May 20008. Sudan.27th may 08 As an effort to promote the spirit of volunteering. Scomi donated 10 new bicycles to these students. They formed an association as a support group to each other by actively helping to re-focus as they face life’s daily challenges and needs.

12. Trials were conducted at various locations across the country and over 2. b. Scomi MyKids As a global corporate citizen.000 schoolchildren participated in the trials. 11. 31 . Scomi Engineering. the programme has created a lot of hype and renewed interest in football among children. Scomi Enviro Plans are in the pipeline to introduce a suite of technologically advanced application or sludge treatment under Scomi Enviro. Through Scomi-MyKids. 2010) Customer Relationship a. Scomi MyKids is a unique programme sponsored by Scomi to unearth the best football talents among children aged 12 years and below.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. thus reducing carbon emission levels into the environment. Nine of the best talents had the football experience of a lifetime in Manchester. This technology will enable enhanced hydrocarbon recovery from otherwise crude waste from drilling operations. At the same time. the monorail also promotes the use of private vehicles. Going Green with the SUTRA Monorail In November 2007. Scomi hopes its efforts complement programme and other efforts under the Ministry of Youth and Sports and other sports bodies. 11 with a Zero Discharge policy in the North Sea which has very stringent environmental legislation on dumping of Further. (Community Engagement. Scomi is proud to be associated with the world's most popular sport . a programme involving a nationwide talent search to unearth the best young football talents to be developed into footballing heroes of the future. UK when they were sent there for a week’s visit under Scomi-MyKids programme. Scomi MyKids Holiday Camp Launched in July 2007. the latest addition to the Scomi group of companies. SUTRA – Scomi Urban Transit Rail Applications. we have managed to bring renewed interest in this sport. which augurs well for the overall football development in Malaysia. our energy and logistic engineering subsidiary. launched its new generation monorail. SUTRA offers amongst many features an improved direct-drive propulsion system and lower vehicle weight translating into an energy-efficient monorail system.

As a follow-up to that trip. new ideas. Scomi Holiday Camp ran from 1st – 5th June 2008 in Selangor. 2010) 32 . A name that is proving to be a dominant global force in women's squash is Nicol David. Nicol David personifies hardwork and dedication. goal oriented and being customer responsible which are Scomi’s brand values were weaved into the activities. whilst bringing glory to Malaysia. against other much older peers. a living testimony that Malaysians are capable of becoming world beaters. 1 professional women's squash player. This is part of its plans under the Scomi MyKids programme for its “The Making Of Stars”. As World No.Jazeman Jaafar & Nicol David Under its Sports Partnership Programme. the Brazilian Football Academy (BFA). the second phase of this programme. Scomi has put in place a comprehensive football and personal development training programme for these 9 young stars. Teambuilding and motivational activities along the themes of working together. In addition to excelling in football. Scomi is proud to be a partner in her continuing quest for excellence. (Customer Engagement. The educational tours to the National Science Centre and the PETRONAS Science Centre hope to give the children knowledge into how things work around them. Powering World Champions .000 kids were rewarded with a trip to Manchester. 8 out of the 9 children attended the programme which was packed with football training consisting of football skills and techniques. Scomi provides support to a select group of young athletes in their pursuit of excellence in their respective sports. The first pilot programme developmental programme. Scomi will track their progress both in the football and academic aspects by working closely with their parents and teachers and through the evidence of their school report cards. UK in September 2007 for a football experience of a lifetime. c. The football training is conducted by the professional coaches from the world renowned football school. the children are encouraged to also excel in their school academic results. Scomi's sponsorship of this rising young star began in 2006 with the objective of supporting Jazeman’s quest to score even greater success and develop his true potential.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. The youngest being 14-year-old motorsports prodigy Jazeman Jaafar who continues to score success after success in the international motorsports arena. 11 Nine (9) of the best young players or winners from the trials held in 4 venues of over 2. Malaysia. motivational and educational trips and team building activities.

Later the delegation was briefed about the setting-up of Scomi's local office in India where the hiring of local Indian talent was carried out. 2010) Media Relationship 1. The journalists were also informed about plans for the setting up of the monorail coach factory in India 33 . Their visit also included a guided tour of Scomi's s tate-of-the-art facility in North Kuala Lumpur. India journalists get the first hand look at Malaysia’s monorail Six journalists from six leading media publications in India visited Malaysia for a first hand look at Scomi’s successful monorail achievements in Kuala Lumpur. the delegation also got a closer look at Scomi Malaysia's involvement in urban transportation. They were here from 10-13 January 2010. Customers have perceptions of good service and it is not just good service but Fantastic Service that we should render our customers each time. Kanesan Veluppillai . It’s that special touch that makes us feel like someone cares. While here representatives from Scomi took the media delegation on a tour of the city's transportation infrastructure and briefed them on the unique selling propositions of the monorail as a viable public transportation system to ease congestion in the city. deliver great service to customers.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. Aside from soaking up all the relevant information on monorails.You can’t live with it. It’s a smile or a follow up call. our first monorail project in Mumbai as well as all the varied businesses of the Scomi Group. Customer Service is very personal. both at the local and global level. Our expectations vary according to circumstances and our own ideas about good service. As a competency. Customers either internal or external have expectations . “Customer Service . Scomi International was on hand to receive the delegation. it can be taught and GLaD has been conducting workshops on Customer Service for the last few months. Scomi has defined Customer Responsible as one of its core values and Customer Focus as one of its core competencies. but we all know really good customer service when we see it. 11 d. (FOCUS. you can’t live without it!” Excellent Customer Service is crucial for good business. a Rapid bus ride and a monorail ride. This training is about facilitating what every organisation wants -Fantastic Service Every Time – to improve significantly how internal service providers assist each other and is the first impression that leaves a lasting memory. It’s someone doing something memorable that we didn’t expect.

34 . Matters of work aside.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. NDTV Profit. Malaysia's administrative capital as well as tours of the city's famous landmarks. Press releases Scomi provides press release to media to cover things happening inside and outside of the organization. 2010) 2. Example of press release: 3. DNA. 11 targeted for 2011 as well as plans for the establishment of a low floor CNG bus factory there. to reach greater publicity. Hindustan Times and The Telegraph. (On Track. member will be entitled to receive via e-mail the latest news and happenings on Scomi Group Berhad. E-community Being part of the e-Community. The media that were represented were the Times of India. the journalists enjoyed sightseeing in Putrajaya. Deccan Herald.

Scomi Group Bhd Nov. Scomi Premier League The Scomi Recreation Club Football Team has been having a ball of a time with various matches. It was very well attended with a full house until the organising committee almost had to wai t till the very end before being able to have their meal. The objective of this event is to break the ice between employees. 2004) 2. Petronas Carigali. Buka Puasa Dinner In true Malaysian culture style. KMC & Oiltools hosted an “open house” for our Muslim brethren to break their fast during Ramadhan. the KMC Labuan team had a friendly match with the Shell Sarawak Team. We played host to our major customers from Shell. (Scomi Focus 09. an annual event. but also others. Exxon Mobil and Murphy Oil to name a few and also to many members of the investing community. Scomi. The function was not limited to only our Muslim friends. 2004) 35 . so that they can work together in future without hesitation. (Scomi Focus 09. 11 Corporate Event as a mean 1. In December. the Holy Month of fasting.

create the excitement and build the spirit of teamwork amongst staff.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. (Scomi Focus 12. With over 2 months of preparation. the organizing team managed to build the momentum. Scomi Family Day The culmination was a carnival – it was an event successfully planned and organised by the Scomi Sports Club. 11 3. 2005) 36 .

public transport companies and consultants. 2010) 37 . During the conference. As the world’s only fully dedicated conference on monorail technology. OEM’s and their suppliers as well as monorail experts. Head of Rolling Stock Engineering of Scomi Rail presented papers at the 2010 MONORAILEX Conference and Trade Show (MONORAILEX 2010) at the Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel Kuala Lumpur from 2-4 June. (Scomi Focus 27. compare notes and learn more about the strategic. 11 4. metropolitan city authorities. Monorailex 2010 President of Scomi International and Peter Dennier. participants were involved in various discussions and visited the Control and Service Centre of the KL Monorail. social and economic benefits of monorail technology. MONORAILEX 2010 was opened to pre registered participants and attracted politicians.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. MONORAILEX provides a platform for relevant industry participants to discuss.

Scomi Group Bhd Nov. (Scomi Focus 23. the session also helped us get fresh input on the technical difficulties faced by our clients. With this information. 2009) 38 . Apart from sharing key problems that impacted their production rate efficiency. 11 5. Reaching out to our customer Scomi Sosma Sdn Bhd held a one-day course on Production Chemicals and Flow Assurance on 13 March 2009 with the aim to create value for our customers. we will be able to offer solutions and provide our clients with the assistance needed to overcome their problems. The training course not only helped enhance our customers’ knowledge about our products and technologies but also gave is the opportunity to share our expertise and experiences with them while building stronger ties.

In a recent Q2 results announcement. 2009) 39 . In the said announcement. Bursa Malaysia.” continued Shah Hakim. The Scomi Undertaking will be funded through the proceeds raised from the Group’s Proposed Rights Issue. other shareholders of Scomi and any other relevant authorities. “In order to meet the rapid infrastructure development in the emerging markets. Scomi prepares for global expansion – leveraging on infrastructure growth in emerging markets Scomi Engineering Bhd (“Scomi Engineering”) a 70% subsidiary of Scomi Group Bhd (“ Scomi” or the “Group”). (Scomi prepares for global expansion. India and China. it was also mentioned that this exercise will enable Scomi to optimise its capital structure and provide opportunities for shareholders to participate in its future growth.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. the Group had announced a corporate exercise to raise up to RM165 million through a renounceable rights issue of 3-year 4% Irredeemable Convertible Secured Loan Stocks (“ICSLS”) with warrants. 11 Challenges faced by organization 1. In a related development. as announced on 13 August 2009.00 nominal value of ICULS for every nine (9) existing ordinary shares of RM1. the Group announced its participation in the Proposed Scomi Engineering Rights Issue whereby the Group will provide an irrevocable written undertaking to subscribe in full for its entitlements as well as excess applications of up to RM61 million (“Scomi Undertaking”). the Gulf States. “We have mapped out a strategic plan that leverages on our global presence especially in fast growing markets of Brazil. The Group’s Rights Issue which is expected to be completed by year end 2009 and the Scomi Engineering Rights Issue which is targeted for completion in early 2010 are subject to the approval from the Securities Commission. “The Oilfield Services business secured new contracts. The Proposed Rights Issue targeted to raise up to RM165 million is intended to increase the equity capital of the Group and strengthen its eventual capital base. the Group must continue to market itself globally and invest in the ownership of proprietary technology in the public transportation sector.” said Shah Hakim Zain. its public transportation technology is gaining a strong interest from the global emerging markets and its Marine Services business has recorded a sustained performance.00 each held in Scomi Engineering (“Proposed SEB Rights Issue”). The Group will continue to focus on disciplined execution of its global expansion strategy while keeping costs under control” added Shah Hakim. today announced a corporate exercise to raise up to RM68 million through a renounceable rights issue of up to RM68 million irredeemable convertible unsecured loan stock (“ICULS”) at 100% of its nominal value on the basis of two (2) RM1. Scomi Group Chief Executive Officer.

2008) 40 .Scomi Group Bhd Nov. 11 2. Scomi optimistic despite challenges (Article retrieved from The Star Newspaper.

last but not least. training that enhance the employees’ knowledge and value. 11 Key Success Factor – From a Corporate Communication point of view 1. high media coverage is associated to good media relations. financial highlights. On top of that. This led to the feel of loyalty towards the organization and spread positive word-of-mouth. as well as research coverage. and was said to be part of the government’s Trade Mission to India. so that the business can sustain.Scomi Group Bhd Nov. They have activities that helps ensure the employees’ safety at works. they care about their employees. SinChew Daily) is covering Scomi’s issue. 41 . ensures employees’ well-being at work via incentives (awards/recognitions). 2. it became obvious to us that Scomi values internal relations very highly. Scomi recognizes the need to maintain good relationships with their investor. bursa announcement. Usually. that is why they share their share price information. as we found out that almost all major newspaper in Malaysia (eg: Star. As far as internal affairs are concern. dividend history. Scomi’s aim is to add value to their products or services. so that they will be satisfied and leads to customer retention.  Customer relations Customer is the reason for business to exist.  Government relations Government is one of the significant stakeholders that can manipulate an organization’s development. as they are often the company’s ambassador. this will improve the productivity and efficiency in production. Though our research. motivation and leisure events. Here. External Affairs  Shareholder/investor relations Shareholder or investor is the second asset that an organization has to prioritize as they are the source of fund that will contribute in bringing the company to a new milestone. Utusan Malaysia.  Media relations Media plays an important role in communicating Scomi’s stories to the world. This became factual to us. people who are within the organization and being affected by the company’s decision. annual reports. They see the need to update their investor on the latest scenario of the organization. shareholders’ information. the target audience is always the employees. Similar to others. It is obvious that Scimo has strong governmental relations because they gained many supports from the Ministries. quarterly reports. Internal Affairs. In general. all states would favour organizations that work in accordance to their policies.

This corporate event will help them enhance their relationship between employer to employer. notes writing in the form of electronic. 2. Scomi World Family Day. culture and form a good communication between each other. memo. and annual report and etc. This is because Scomi Group actually done a lot of publication by using e-publication such as newsletter. We recommend Scomi group can come out with more corporate event and targeted to their target audience about their philosophy. employee to employee and their shareholders. press release. image and identity to the public. This will help them in enhance the EnviroUs CSR Programme. business. Inside the corporate event. they can exchange of idea. More effort on EnviroUs CSR Programme. 42 .Scomi Group Bhd Nov. This will help them easily setting the mind set of wellness of the organisation to the public. mission and vision. Scomi Group can reduce the usage of paper in their organisation from 20% to 30% in coming year. Scomi Group can organise a corporate event that invited all the employee and employer from different branch of their organisation. 11 Recommendation 1. We recommend the organisation can put more effort on the management such as ebanking of salary. (2010).my/books?id=2TjbxDuvj0C&pg=PA174&lpg=PA174&dq=investor+relations+is+both+a+financial+discipline+and+corporate+ communication+function&source=bl&ots=J_qukNqcjn&sig=mR4p5UtQhOM4RaXTcuA7buR8G6Y&hl =en&ei=iKvaTMCPDYfEvQOunvzTCQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBUQ6AEw AA#v=onepage&q=investor%20relations%20is%20both%20a%20financial%20discipline%20and%20c orporate%20communication%20function&f=false Code of Retrieved from: (2010).com. Retrieved from: http://www.html Economy Trend.asp Community (2004). Retrieved from: http://books.scomigroup. (2010).com/encyclopedia/Cos-Des/Customer-Relations. Retrieved from: Company FOCUS. (2010). Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited. P. Retrieved from: http://www. Retrieved from: Group Bhd Nov.Document_e6286e13c0a81573-53e353e3-1759562c/1/MITI%20Weekly%20Bulletin%20(Volume%2069)%20%2011%20November%202009%20(updated).asp Customer Engagement. 11 References Corporate Retrieved from: Retrieved from: http://www.aspCustomer Relation (2010).my/community/sponsorships. 174 – 175.scomigroup. Strategic Corporate Communication. Retrieved from: Employee Development and Engagement. (2010).com. (2009). Retrieved from: http://www. P.pdf 43 . (2010).

my/media/Newsletter/Focus12.pdf Holtz. and more! (2 nd ed) NY: Amacom (2010). the investment community. Corporate Social Responsibility. (2009). P.scomigroup. Retrived from: Retrieved from: http://www.pdf FOCUS. (2010). (2010).scomirail.asp Our Approach. (2010).com. Retrieved from: Scomi prepares for global expansion.pdf FOCUS. the public. Annual Report 2009. Retrieved from: On Track.Scomi Group Bhd Retrieved from: Retrieved from: http://www.asp Scomi 30 . 11 FOCUS. (2009). S. the government. Retrieved from: http://www. (2005).pdf Whistleblower 270809_final. Retrieved from: 44 . (2010).com. (2002) Public Relations on the Net: winning strategies to inform and influence the media. Retreived from: http://www.

11 Appendixes Online interview with Shanizar Ahmad 45 .Scomi Group Bhd Nov.

11 46 .Scomi Group Bhd Nov.

Scomi Group Bhd Nov. 11 47 .

Scomi Group Bhd Nov. 11 48 .

Scomi Group Bhd Nov. 11 49 .

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