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FOG HORN Aug 2019

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Streamlight ProTac®Rail-Mount HL-X Laser USB

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Streamlight ProTac®Rail-Mount HL-X Laser USB 2019

Streamlight ProTac®Rail-Mount HL-X The ProTac® Rail-Mount HL-X is a robust long

gun weapon mounted light. On High, the light
Laser USB
generates a 1000 lumen beam capable of
By: Sal Palma illuminating every nook and cranny with a
tightly focused beam and abundance of
peripheral light.

Users familiar with the ProTac line won’t need

to retrain. New users will appreciate the lights
No carbine is complete without a light and
Ten-Tap® programming feature. Three modes
aiming laser accessory, but until recently, in
are available:
order to meet that objective, your weapon
needed to end up looking like a 1953 Packard 1. High for maximum illumination: 1,000
Caribbean. Not only did you end up losing lumens; 270m beam; runs .75 hours
precious rail real estate, you also had to have a (CR123A batteries); runs 1.25 hours
drug store array of batteries and ended up (18650 USB battery)
turning a 7 lb. weapon system into a 12 lb. load. 2. Low for extended run time: 60 lumens;
66m beam; runs 20 hours (CR123A
A number of companies recognized the need to
batteries); runs 23 hours (18650 USB
consolidate without sacrificing performance so
we saw a number of suppliers provide laser /
3. Strobe for signaling or disorienting: runs
light weapon mounted accessories. These
2.5 hours (CR123A batteries); runs 3.25
offerings evolved into tactical weapon mounted
hours (18650 USB battery)
lights with integrated aiming lasers. Companies
like Streamlight, of Eagleville, PA, went to work Selecting a mode, is done by tapping the tail cap
to reduce the accessory foot print on the switch ten times in rapid succession and holding
mounting rail, introducing its TLR-8 and TLR-8 G on the tenth tap. The light will flash and move
offerings. Now, in 2019, Streamlight has to the next mode then turns off. You’re now in
introduced a long gun, high output ProTac® the next available mode.
Rail-Mount HL-X with integrated aiming laser,
and USB rechargeable. The offering delivers a The ProTac®Rail-Mount HL-X Laser is a multi-
professional level of performance, consolidation fuel light that can be powered by two CR123A
and power supply flexibility. or the included 18650 USB battery that provides
the highest performance.

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Streamlight ProTac®Rail-Mount HL-X Laser USB 2019
The ProTac®Rail-Mount HL-X Laser is not a small
light; its overall length of 6.25 inches takes up a
considerable amount of rail space, so if you’re
operating with a short barreled rifle, it may be
an issue, but on a full-size carbine, the light
does extremely well. I found the rail clamp to be
extremely robust and secure. Once installed,
rest assured it is going nowhere. Another very
nice feature of the rail clamp is that it allows for
rotation of the light without the need to re-zero
To recharge the battery simply remove it from the aiming laser.
the light’s body and connect it to any USB
charging port; it also features a visual charge
indicator. Streamlight offers the light in two
configurations one that ships with two CR123A
batteries or, at a slightly higher price, the
rechargeable lithium battery.

The light ships with a long gun tape switch and

a tail cap pushbutton arrangement. Both allow
continuous or momentary activation of the
light. However, Streamlight should consider a
minor modification to its long gun tape switch.

The battery’s LED will shine red while charging

is in progress then turn green when the battery
is fully charged.

Operators are increasingly choosing shorter and

lighter platforms over the more traditional full-
sized carbines. As it exists today, the long gun
tape switch takes up quite a bit of rail space and
there’s no real need for that. I like the
continuous/momentary feature but the tape
could be shortened substantially without
impeding efficient operation of the light/laser.

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Streamlight ProTac®Rail-Mount HL-X Laser USB 2019
If you are using a short platform you’ll want to that most set setscrews used to adjust a laser’s
use the excellent tail cap activation switch. point of aim seem flimsy, with the slightest
movement resulting in large changes;
Streamlight uses industrial strength
adjustments to ensure no shift under recoil.

Streamlight’s ProTac®Rail-Mount HL-X Laser

USB is a professional grade weapon mounted
accessory. Everything from its anodized
aluminum construction to the impact-resistant
tempered glass lens is designed for duty use.

Streamlight has addressed a number of issues

with the introduction of this tactical light:
consolidation of accessories in a lightweight and
At the heart of its tightly focused beam is the rechargeable package. At an M.S.R.P of $275,
ProTac®Rail-Mount HL-X Laser’s highly polished and a considerably lower street price, you won’t
and perfectly shaped reflector along with a find a better deal for your kit, agency or
clear tempered glass lens. I was not able to department.
observe diffraction of the red laser and it was
I’d love to see a “G” version of this light.
every bit as tight as any of the dedicated lasers I
had on hand. -SP

Manufacturer Specification

 High Lumens 1,000

 Run Time 22.00 hours
 Beam Distance 270 meters
 Max Candela 18,200
 Battery TypeCR123A Lithium, 18650
Lithium Ion Battery
 Battery Quantity 1 - 2
 Length 6.25 inches (15.88 centimeters)
 Weight 10.80 ounces (306.17 grams)
 Colors Black

The laser is adjustable for wind and elevation.

An interesting observation I’d like to share is

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