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Technology in the Classroom

Brainpop ( – for games and worksheets;

User ID: smcs Password: lions

Enchanted Learning ( - for worksheets

User ID: stmarksschool Password: lions

TeacherTube ( - for videos, sound clips, and teaching resources

User ID: stmarksschool Password: golions

United Streaming/Discovery Education – for videos

( Click on the tab that says “Passcode/New
User” Passcode: FB24-111D

Linda’s Literature Links ( for tests and ancillary materials

Username: cathedral

Password: teachers

Interactive (SmartBoard) Lesson Plan Sites:

Websites for Classroom Use: -word clouds; multiple uses –digital collage tools for schools -make your own comic strips – you can write in English,
French, or Spanish -great for brainstorming – go to the site and take the tutorial – it’s
worth it! -Twisty Noodle has thousands of free coloring pages and

handwriting practice worksheets that you can customize and print. They work with top
illustrators, artists, and licensed image libraries to offer the most unique selection of
coloring pages and handwriting practice worksheets on the internet. -Create, Store, and Print worksheets, studysheets, exams and
quizzes online. Designed specifically for teachers, instructors, and homeschoolers. -CarrotSticks is an online multiplayer game that improves math

skills for 1st - 5th graders as they practice and compete with peers around the world. -Watch free technology training videos. Get help and answer your
computer and gadget questions with thousands of video tutorials for PCs, Macs, and tons
of different applications. -Ekoloko is a educational, virtual community where kids discover the

world, virtual and real, through fun games and quests, while absorbing the values,
knowledge and skills that will help them become more responsible and involved
individuals. -Tikatok is a community for children to write illustrate and publish a

real book. With Tikatok, becoming a published author is easy. Just write a story, illustrate
it and order as many copies as you want. Tikatok features a suite of free teacher tools
and has seen over 1000 teachers register to run bookmaking projects in their
classrooms. -Knowtes is a flashcard-based learning community. By adding a card

to your Knowtes memory, it becomes due at optimized intervals. The Knowtes Adaptive
Learning Engine then adjusts how frequently you have to study cards in your memory
based on how well you do on them. -SpanishPod is a language training service. It works by taking the

best of the traditional classroom, and recreating it around the needs and lifestyle of the
student, with all the improvements that technology allows. -Active Allowance is a revolutionary web service that helps

you create a thoughtful and sustainable allowance and responsibilities system for your
kids. Active Allowance provide easy-to-use online tools and an easy-to-maintain process
to help you teach your kids, as part of everyday life, about responsibility, values, making
choices and appreciating things. -MeeGenius contain a library with books for kids that can be read
on the site itself, over the iPhone, or through the iPad. The books come with audio
playback and word highlighting, and can be personalized just the way you like them.
Meaning, your students’ names can be added to the book story in a snap. For example,
you can change the character names in 'Little Red Riding Hood' to the original names in
your classroom and make the story your own. -Follow along with a new history channel

show entitled Chasing Mummies as Dr. Hawas, a.k.a. The Pharaoh, makes new
discoveries. He is hilarious, and the kids will be witnessing living history.