SGA Minutes

November 4, 2010

Ì. Call to Order

ÌÌ. Roll Call: Excused Absences: R. Hartman, M. Potter, Dr. Sullivan-Morgan
Unexcused Absences: J. Thompson, Dr. Doty

ÌÌÌ. Adoption of the agenda
Vote: approved unanimously

ÌV. Approval of the Minutes
H. Wahlne: Please read these, trying new format to make minutes more brief.
H. Wahlen: Motion to approve, 2nd by J. Denhof
Vote: approved with 1 abstention

V. External Committees
a. ACSP - T. Harris: Currently reviewing about 27 possible programs for the college.
b. Academic Council - H. Wahlen: Reviewing classes and discussing the consistency of
programs with grading and class requirements.
c. Student Affairs - E. McAllister: Ruth Pusich gave a great financial aid overview, which
would be beneficial for all students to hear
Dr. Sullivan - Ìt was a good presentation.
d. Honors Council - H. Wahlen - Reviewing requirements for the Honors Program and
exploring options to expand the two tier system. Also reflecting on the purpose of the
newsletter and hoe to make is more effective.
e. Assessment Committee: Need replacement because B. Willeford can no longer do it.
Committee meets on Mondays at 11:45 am
J. Meding will attend.

VÌ. Ìnternal Committee Reports
a. Student Services - J. Scott: Elections party was great; maybe next year we can find a
way to help students vote absentee.
J. Meding: Could the campus be a polling location?
C. Kraus: No, school not the best facility for that, but the Public Library across the
street is a polling place.
J. Meding: Could help people change their voting status? Maybe at registration?
Dr. Sullivan: Talk to Desiree about that.
b. Policy - B. Barton: Many SGA reps have not sent their SOOP emails. Please do
so by Tuesday or there will be consequences.
Reps report out on their progress.
J. Meding: Policy is also discussing how to take multiple SOB groups and
combine them. Also reviewing the process of becoming an allocated organization.
c. Finance - T. Harris: 6 applications for Student Activity Fund Allocation Board. 1 more
interview left. Then Ì. Crone and T. Harris will be making the final decision.
d. Marketing: B. Kaplan: Radio show going well, had one call in who was interested in
discussing caf options on the weekend.
e. AKP - H. Wahlen: Meeting next week and will report out.
f. Exec - E. McAllister: Discussing the Community Ìnvolvement Plan. (CÌP)

VÌÌ. Advisor Reports
a. Ì. Crone: Great job on the Board of Trustees committee presentation. Evaluations will
be coming out soon, these will evaluate the board as a whole. Thanks to everyone for
you work during the Board of Trustees Visit.

VÌÌÌ. Old Business:
a. Report out on Board of Trustees
i. J. Denhof - Ìnvestment Committee looked at financial information and reviewed
the science center.
ii. B. Willeford - Academic Affairs had a mock advising session for the Board,
explaining the new Gen Ed Program
iii. J. Scott - Alumni Committee announced that they would be offering benefits for
alum at the Book store, as well as heading up a new website and leading
a trip to Ìsrael. Also interested in adding more awards besides Senior of
the Year and Founders, etc.
iv. T. Harris - Business Committee discussed the College's budget, which was
approved. Also looking at switching the phones over, which could be expensive.
v. B. Kaplan - Communications Council looked at the new website, and the new
transfer viewbook.
vi. J. Meding - Student Life reviewed the expanding Greek Life at EC, trip to
Guatemala, the Wellness Center. Then SGA sped through their presentation and
the new SGA Constitution was passed.
vii. P. Silva - Development continued to discuss the science center and saw a
new booklet about the proposed renovations,
viii. E. McAllister - Overall Board meeting went well, Board is very proud of SGA.

b. Community Ìnvolvement Plan - E. McAllister
This will be a task force for January with 6 parts:
1. Create a Survey
2. Host events on the Weekends
3. Food Options in the Cafeteria
4. Collaborative Student Org work
5. Create a task force
6. New Marketing ideas.

ÌX. New Business
a. Science Lab Credit Hours - B. Willeford
Students do not receive credit for the hours spend in lab. Professors get credit and
additional funding to teach labs, yet students get no additional credit. This is something
that we should review.
Dr. Lindberg - This was a vote taken by Academic Council about 2 years ago to increase
funding for profs teaching labs.
H. Wahlen - Will ask Academic Council today about this.
B. Willeford - This may cause further complications, but we should review this.

X. Comments from the Gallery - None

XÌ. Announcements
a. T. Harris - Better Together Ìnterfaith event on 11/12 at 9am. Must RSVP by 11/8
b. P. Silva - taste of Latin America on Tuesday, free food.
c. R. Nelson - Ìslamic Awareness Week November 8-12
d. E. McAllister - Partners for Peace -- GO!

XÌ. Adjournment
a. Motion to adjourn made by B. Kaplan, 2nd by T. Harris
b. Vote: Passed Unanimously.

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