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UPDATED 4/12/19

Courses will satisfy the “Experiential Learning/Lawyering Skills” requirement at Boston College if they engage students in real
client or simulated lawyering exercises, and may include skills such as interviewing, counseling, negotiation, fact development
and analysis, trial practice, document drafting, conflict resolution, organization and management of legal work, collaboration,
cultural competency, and self-evaluation. Participation in a third year intermural Moot Court or Mock Trial team will satisfy the
Lawyering Skills requirement.

NOTE: One course can count towards satisfying the perspectives requirement and either the upper-level writing or experiential
learning/ lawyering skills requirement. One course cannot count towards both upper-level writing and experiential
learning/lawyering skills requirements.
Courses offered in Academic Year 2019-2020 that satisfy the Experiential Learning/Lawyering Skills Requirement:

FALL 2019
LAWS800001 9th Cir. Appellate Program
LAWS800001 9th Cir. Appellate Program
LAWS825001 Admin Law Extern Seminar
LAWS825001 Admin Law Extern Seminar
LAWS831601 Advanced Immigration Clinic
LAWS845201 Adv. Evidence: Trial Objections
LAWS827301 Advanced Innocence Clinic
LAWS831601 Adv. Immigration Clinic
LAWS813002 Advanced Legal Research LAWS827301 Adv. Innocence Clinic
LAWS813003 Advanced Legal Research LAWS813002 Advanced Legal Research
LAWS855201 Advanced Trial Practice LAWS813003 Advanced Legal Research
LAWS862001 Advising the Entrepreneur LAWS847101 Appellate Advocacy
LAWS847201 Advocacy Competitions LAWS813301 Attorney General Clinical Prog.
LAWS842301 Amicus Brief Clinic LAWS813301 Business Law Research
LAWS885601 Attorney General Clinical Prog. LAWS897801 Civil Litigation Clinic
LAWS830401 BC Defender Program LAWS826701 Community Enterprise Clinic
LAWS660502 BC Defenders Seminar LAWS830801 Compassionate Release and Parole Clinic
LAWS830601 BC Law Prosecution Clinic LAWS997501 Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
LAWS446902 BC Law Prosecution Seminar LAWS820701 Dept. Revenue Tax Extern.
LAWS813301 Business Law Research LAWS893001 Dispute Negotiation
LAWS897801 Civil Litigation Clinic LAWS833902 Entrepreneur & Innov Clinic
LAWS826701 Community Enterprise Clinic LAWS831301 Immigration Clinic
LAWS830801 Compassionate Release & Parole Clinic LAWS826301 Innocence Clinic
LAWS442402 Criminal Justice Clinic LAWS888107 Innocence Program Extern.
LAWS893001 Dispute Negotiation LAWS812001 Insurance Law Research
LAWS833901 Entrepreneur & Innov Clinic LAWS876501 International Legal Research
LAWS811801 Environ. Legal Research LAWS669401 IP Licensing and Technology Transfer
LAWS777301 Fin. Services Reg. Seminar LAWS812701 IP Research
LAWS831301 Immigration Clinic LAWS883402 Judicial Process: Appeals
LAWS811901 Immigration Law Research LAWS832901 Juvenile Rights Advocacy Program Clinic
LAWS826301 Innocence Clinic LAWS842601 Mediation
LAWS888701 Innocence Program Externship LAWS836701 Mediation Skills Training Certificate
LAWS883501 Judicial Process: Appeals LAWS834001 Project Entrepreneur
LAWS823901 Rep Inmates at Hearings Clinic
LAWS827101 Judge & Community Courts
LAWS844901 Sem. In Practice: Dublin
LAWS832901 Juvenile Rights Advocacy Program Clinic
LAWS842501 Sem. In Practice
LAWS866701 Legal Practice Externship LAWS966701 Supreme Court Experience
LAWS891001 Litigation Skills LAWS8550 Trial Practice (All Sections)
LAWS992502 Mediation
LAWS836701 Mediation Skills Train. Cert.
LAWS834001 Project Entrepreneur
LAWS890001 Real Estate Trans., Dev. & Finance
LAWS823601 Rep Inmates Prison Hearings Sem.
LAWS823901 Rep Inmates at Hearings Clinic
LAWS842501 Semester in Practice
LAWS445901 Semester in Practice Seminar
LAWS812801 Tax Law Research
LAWS8550 Trial Practice (All Sections)

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