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November 2010

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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 11:00 AM Hennepin Church is delighted to welcome Kevin Kling as he presents “The Power of Story” in conjunction with our fall theme, “A Story To Stand On.” Kling will share stories and thoughts in the Sanctuary at 11:00 AM on Sunday, November 7. This event is free and open to the public…a great opportunity to invite your friends to Hennepin! Kevin Kling, best known for his popular commentaries on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and his storytelling stage shows like Tales from the Charred Underbelly of the Yule Log, delivers hilarious, often tender stories. Kling’s autobiographical tales are as enchanting as they are true to life: hopping freight trains, getting hit by lightning, performing his banned play in Czechoslovakia, growing up in Minnesota, and eating things before knowing what they are. More information about Kevin Kling may be found on his website,

Community Thanksgiving Service at Hennepin, 10 AM

Youth Dinner Theater (p.6)

Here is your November 2010 Edition of the !nSpire. There is much to read and learn about inside. Did you know that the publication of this newsletter is made possible by a grant from the Hennepin Church Foundation? Thank you for supporting the Foundation with your time and gifts! The December edition deadline is 10:00 AM, Thursday, November 18th. Send your info to, submit online at (Share Your Story) or drop off at church, attn: Daniel, 612-435-1320.


The Trustees determined that there was weakness in the SE Pier Stained Glass Window and so it has been removed for repairs and will be reinstalled by Thanksgiving. PLEASE, please, get up and move during the service if the sun gets in your eyes! Our contractor was unable to recommend a covering that was functional and aesthetically appropriate for our Sanctuary. There may be other windows repaired as need and funds allow.

The Hennepin Archives and History Committee is preparing to put a database of its collection on the church’s website. But, to do this, we need a computer. If you have a laptop computer with a Wi-Fi card that you could donate, call Bob Glancy or JoAnn Hanson at 612-729-7508.

The Community Meals Ministry will celebrate Souper Sunday, February 6. Many churches celebrate Super Bowl Sunday as Souper Sunday, and this year Community Meals is hoping you will bring soup that day. But why just bring one can of soup for the hungry. If you buy a can of soup for the hungry each time your team wins, think of the ministry that could be done this winter. If your professional, college, high school or neighborhood team wins won’t you buy a can of soup, and bring them all on February 6? How many cans would that be? Join in the fun, and celebrate Souper Sunday from now until February 6. There will be many grateful thanks. drive to collect baskets full of cleaning supplies for those that are newly housed. We will fill 10-15 laundry baskets with paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, sponges, dish towel, hot pads, garbage bags, broom and dustpan, mop, all-purpose cleaner, and laundry detergent. We will also create greeting cards to go with each basket. Almost a year ago the DCEH (of which Hennepin Church is a part) and the business council joined forces to raise money to hire 10 case managers to help move 150 of those living in shelters into housing. To date the Currie Avenue Partnership has housed almost 100 people experiencing long-term homelessness and more people become engaged with the partnership every day. These events are joint ventures between the Hennepin Faith In Action Team and Multigenerational Committee. A special Thank You for the support of the Hennepin Foundation and Project 52 contributors to make these events happen. For more information, please contact Larry Olson at, Kimm Schneider at 612-821-9492 or Kristyn Ebert at


Christmas is coming and the SPSS is seeking volunteers to price Christmas donations in time for the Holiday Sale in November. Contact Anne Hepper at Cashiers are desperately needed! A fun way to meet interesting customers and other volunteers. Training provided for user-friendly cash register. Stop by to observe our operation to see if it is a good fit. To volunteer, contact Avis Hoffman at

What Do Our Faith Traditions Tell us? The Minneapolis Interfaith Forums will be held on Thursday Evenings with Refreshments at 6:45 PM, Presentation at 7:00 PM and Sanctuary Tours at 9:00 PM. All free and open to the public. Nov. 4: Central Lutheran Nov. 11: Plymouth Congregational Nov. 18: Basilica of St. Mary
Sunday, November 14: Noon – 4 pm Cost $30 per person


First Aid and CPR are excellent skills for any person to learn. The training you receive could safe your life or the life of someone you love. To register call the church office at 612-871-5303. If you have any questions, please call Paula Colton at 612-435-1304.

BY KIMM SCHNEIDER Hennepin Church’s “Building Walls and Tearing Down Barriers” for 2010 will conclude this year with a Saturday work day at the “ReStore” on Saturday Nov. 13, from 9:00-3:30. The “ReStore” store is the Steeple People equivalent for building materials and tools. Visit their web site at All are invited to sign up for this fun day of working together. We will be sorting, pricing and helping take in donations. No special skills required. Lunch will be provided! Earlier this year the “Building Walls” program had three other Saturday work days at different Rehab houses in the Twin Cities. Check the church web site in a few weeks to see a slide show of this year’s work days. Participating in these fun work days is a great way to meet new people and to help build a new start for community members who previously had no home. Sunday, Nov. 14 at 11:00 AM we will create “Welcome Cleaning Baskets.” The Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness (DCEH) is sponsoring a — Page Two —

The Knotty Quilters will have their Christmas Sale on Sunday, November 21, with quilts, teddy bears and other handmade items. Proceeds are donated to Hennepin organizations, Heifer International, American Refugee Committee, etc. Recently the quilters distributed twenty-three quilts to local organizations. The quilters thank those who have contributed fabric, batting, yarn, thread, etc. to our efforts!

For sale, by Carol Robbins, a 1948, 4’3” George Steck Baby Grand Piano built by the Aeolian Corp. Mahogany case with matching bench, $1500. Piano needs $150 -$175 of repairs. Contact Chris Jackson, 612-435-1308 or

Little Kids, BIG Fun is a once a month event for families with young children. It’s a night when you don’t need to cook, clean, or entertain your kids! Come and

enjoy a good meal at 5:30 pm as a family, and then have some grownup and kid time from 6:15-7:15 pm. Wednesday, November 10 we’ll start with dinner and then we will have break-out groups where the kids will make sandwiches for the Dignity Center and placemats for Community Meals, and the Grownups will have a cooking demo by our own Nick Brown! A tasty

night for the whole family! Cost is only $20/family, but don’t let that keep you away. ALL ARE WELCOME! Please sign up at the front desk or on the church website:

Every year on Third Grade Bible Sunday I take a look at the Bible I received when I was 8 years old: that special day, August 28, 1966. I don’t actually quite remember the moment, but I have a collection of memories of my home church— of all the Sunday School teachers, youth counselors, choir leaders, and even those who just sat near my family in the pews week after week—and I hold those persons dear for the way they helped make me the person I am. My Bible is a symbol of their love and support. Forty-four years later, I am cleaning out some old files in the Hennepin Church office and I find the Fall 1966 Stewardship Brochure! Just read it:

Our church pledges have stayed substantially the same for the past three years. Yet last year’s pledges received were $15,000 less than the budget goal. Many families considered raising their pledges last year, but somewhere along the line good intentions failed. Now, we are entering a new year. The Capital Fund project is for the most part behind us. The 1967 budget is before us. Again, the budget has increased very little; it is a break-even budget. A truly great church could use more, much more. Isn’t it time you made Hennepin something more than a break-even church? Nobody else can do it. This year, prove what Hennepin Church means to your and your family with a pledge you and Hennepin can be proud of.


Hear church members share their stories about Hennepin Church and about their faith journeys. Each week new stories are added to our website. You can find them at This may be a great way for you to share your church with a friend, neighbor or co-worker. Just show them this website and let them hear these great stories I guess the writer in Ecclesiastes 1:9b is right: “there is nothing new under from members and friends of Hennepin the sun.” We are past our big capital fund debt retirement—thank you! But, our Church, your church! pledges and operating budget have remained flat over the past few years. Some budget areas (mostly programs) have been BUDGET INFO MEETING cut in order to sustain fixed increases JOB SUPPORT GROUP NOV. 7 AT 11:00 AM (apportionments, health care costs, etc). Staff NOV. 1, NOV. 15 — 7:00 PM TO 8:30 PM salaries have remained flat for 3 years, and will Hennepin Church offers a Roundtable A budget and stewardship again in 2011 unless we meet our giving goals. Job Support Group for people who information session will be For the past few years we have under-funded are worried about their current job or held on Sunday, November the budget and gone to the Trustees or back transitioning to a new career. 7, at 11:00 AM, with Chris to the congregation asking for more gifts to Plymouth Congregational Church is Jackson and church leaders. sustain our present ministries. Hennepin is a offering a job support group during Pledge Sunday is November great church, and our ministries serve our their congregation dinner on the second 14. Pledge cards are being people, our community, and globally through and fourth Wednesday of month. Dinner mission. Hennepin is worth it in our world! mailed and can be found cost is $6. The Basilica is offering free The last line of the 1966 brochure says “what on the church website: are you going to do about it?” As you consider job workshops on Nov. 23 and Nov 30, God’s blessings to you through this Church, at 7:00 pm. For more info on those workshops, please call 612-333-1381. under the Giving tab. please be generous with your 2011 pledge. — Page Three —



Back when I was a squirmy child who loved to stand up on the pew to sing the hymns and crawl underneath the pew when no one was looking, there is one person who sticks out in my mind and her name was Helen Brown. Both of my parents sang in the choir, so every week I sat with Mrs. Brown in the fourth pew on the left. She was my church buddy. She helped me follow along in the bulletin; she traced the music with her finger when we sang so that I could keep up; she passed me a mint when I needed one; and she let me lean against her when I would get tired at the end of the service. I remember her being kind, gentle, quiet, and loving. I don’t remember what people around me may have said as I sat and squirmed or spoke too loudly,

but I do remember Helen Brown’s reassuring smile and accepting arms. She was church for me. As the Hennepin Church community, you have always loved the children around you and have supported them heartily. Now, on the first Sunday of each month, you have a chance to interact with them in worship. We are encouraging and expecting our children and youth to be in worship on those Sundays so that they can learn the blessing and ritual of worship. It is a change for the 9:30 am service, but one that pulls us in line with what we have been promising our children at their baptisms for centuries. Worshiping together is a learning experience for everyone, and one in which we can all learn from each other. Children and youth have much to teach us about reverence, awe, and mystery. May we all learn together as we celebrate first Sundays with worship and communion—one church together! Kindergarten—Touch & See My Church A chance to explore the sanctuary “behind the scenes” and learn more about worship. Grade 1—Touch the Water: Baptism Learn about the sacrament of baptism. Grade 2—Taste the Bread: Communion Learn about Holy Communion and what it means for us. Grade 3—Bible of My Own Bibles are presented in worship. Learn about the Bible and how to use it. Grade 4—Ten Commandments Learn about and understand the Ten Commandments. Grade 5—Heart of a Servant A Saturday visit to Feed My Starving Children to pack food. Learn about and practice mission and service to the world in Christ’s name. Because of the generosity of the Foundation, we are able to mark each milestone with a special gift, designed to support and nurture families as they grow together in faith. For more information about specific events and how your child can participate, please contact Dana Neuhauser at or 612-435-1306. — Page Four —

JACK FISTLER, LEGACY GIVING The concept is simple – give to what has inspired you, deepened your faith, and nurtured your family and friendships. It’s a simple spark of commitment, of vision to help others experience what you treasure about Hennepin Church. Your legacy gift begins at that special moment, with the impact lasting for years to come. Careful and prayerful planning can help enhance your considerations about providing for yourself and your family, special friends, and gifts to Hennepin and other charitable interests. Planning discussions especially help to ensure that your intentions for Hennepin Church are realized, through gift provisions for Hennepin Church and/or Hennepin Foundation. To begin planning your Legacy Gift, or to discuss an existing plan, contact Jack Fistler at or 612435-1321. Of special note: for many reasons, giving before year-end 2010, considering the uncertainties of tax legislation for 2011, may call for even more thoughtful attention to the form and timing of your intended gifts.


On Sunday, October 17th, fourteen third graders received Bibles as part of the new Milestone Ministry program at Hennepin. Milestones are the significant events of our faith life. At various ages and stages, we seek to celebrate and support children in their journeys of faith. Milestone events are designed for parents and children together.

Hennepin Church is delighted to welcome Cynthia Ashley as our new Parish Nurse. She will be working for 10 hours per week. Her responsibilities will include integrating faith and health issues through education and worship; identifying needs for health related ministries at Hennepin and training volunteers in those areas; and being a health advocate for individuals who have no support systems to help them access resources and services that they may need. This position is funded by a private donor who worked with the Staff Parish Relations Committee and found it a nice fit with the mission and ministry of the church. This position is funded for two years, at which point we will need as a church to decide whether to continue funding it or not. Welcome Cynthia!

Age 3—Welcome to Sunday School Visit the preschool classroom and meet the teachers. Age 4—Prayer and Family Devotions Learn to pray together, including family prayers for all occasions.

ADVENT DEVOTIONAL 2010 Advent is a time of anticipation. In a culture that has immediate gratification at our fingertips, anticipation is often in short supply. Hennepin’s Advent theme “In Days to Come...Great Joy” invites us to be present to the unfolding nature of Advent. The Holy is breaking into our lives at every turn, and yet, so often we are too busy, too distracted, too asleep, to notice. From the beginning scripture on the first Sunday of Advent, we are encouraged to ‘keep awake’ to how God is present to us. Advent provides a time to live in deep expectation of all that God has done, is doing and will do. Awareness of this state of being brings us to the logical experience of Great Joy. Often we spend our time hearing and telling the stories of tragedy and desperation in our world. We equally need to tell the stories of the ways in which love, surprise, hope, transformation and great joy have broken into our lives, our world. You are invited to reflect on the ways in which great joy has come into your life and to share those stories in our Advent devotional. Please send a short reflection (200 words or less), a poem or a prayer of your own writing or another’s who has inspired you. These submissions should be sent (email is preferred) to or left at/mailed to the church, Attn: Daniel, by Sunday, November 14.

Are you between the ages of 17-25 and think that ministry might be a career option for you? Come find out at the Exploration 2010 Event put on by the Minnesota Annual Conference. The weekend will start at 7pm on Friday, November 12th, and end at noon on Sunday, November 14th. Events included are a panel discussion with clergy doing a variety of ministries; a discussion with Bishop Sally Dyck; small groups; and ministry site visits on Saturday afternoon.

Questions? Contact Leah Rosso: or visit the Minnesota The Good News of Christmas is that ‘the Light has come into the world and Conference website: the darkness could not overcome it.’ As children of the Light, are work is to keep awake, to be present, to be witnesses, and to continue to tell the story as we walk the Advent path toward the celebration of Jesus’ birth. With each day, let us walk forward in great joy.

Membership can mean something different in each church. At Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church (HAUMC), we believe that there comes a time when a person’s faith journey is strengthened by taking a public vow of commitment to a community where you want to grow in your faith. This does not mean that you have to believe a specific set of beliefs or that you have it all figured out. What it does mean is that you are willing to share your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness with the community and on behalf of the community in the world. In return, we share those same things with you! We believe that we are stronger together than we are alone. The next set of classes is: November 14: from 11:00 am—1:00 pm in the Dossal Alcove learning about Methodism November 21: from 11:00 am-1:00 pm in Room 205 for discussion in small groups about what it means to be a member. Contact Leah ( for more information or sign up at the front desk.

PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBIT OF HOMELESSNESS, NOVEMBER 7-14 Homelessness has increased 25% in the past two years, and the fastest growing homeless population is youth, ages 18 -24. The Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness (DCEH) and Minneapolis Community and Technical College have teamed up to create a collection of photographs to raise awareness of the numbers of impoverished and homeless people in our community. These images, taken by student photographers in a class at MCTC, shows impoverished and homeless people going about their daily lives finding shelter, housing, jobs and training and other supportive services. Peter Koeleman, instructor at MCTC, was Director of Photography at the Star Tribune, only allows students to include photographs of people who don’t object to having their photo taken. The exhibit, entitled SCRATCHING THE SURFACE…a glimpse into poverty and homelessness, includes thirty photographs which show many of the programs and services offered by the Downtown Congregations. These photos will be displayed in Carlson Hall from Nov. 7-14. After that, the exhibit will rotate to other DCEH congregations. The Opening Reception at MCTC is Thursday Nov. 18, at 7:00 pm. Throughout the year, the students will take more photos illustrating the many faces of homeless people from the tiniest infants brought to a shelter with their parents to senior citizens, and people recently released from prison. Photographers will also be illustrating the many programs and services trying to give a hand up to impoverished and homeless people. Many of the homeless are “invisible” to the wider population, living in shelters, with relatives and embarrassed by their homelessness. They are wanting to get out of their situation and need our help. This project will benefit all those involved: For the homeless and homeless services, it puts a spotlight on the plight of 13,000 homeless people in Minneapolis, including over 500 attending classes at MCTC. For the students, it means a wealth of real-life photojournalistic experiences with an end product they can be proud of as well as having performed a service for the community that will have an impact. — Page Five —


“How the Federal Health Care Bill May Affect Minnesotans” is the topic of an 11:00 AM Adult Forum on Sunday, November 21. The speaker and resource person will be Minnesota State Senator Linda Berglin. Linda, an active member of Walker United Methodist Church, Minneapolis, currently is chair of the Senate Health, Human Services and Corrections Budget Division. In addition she sits on over ten legislative committees as well as the Commission on the Economic Status of Women. Sponsored by Peace through Justice Committee.

ROD BACON, FINANCE COMMITTEE CHAIR Given the slower summer months, the end of the third quarter typically marks the low-point of the year financially. Through September 30, the Church’s Operations account (excluding Trustee activities as well as the results of the Foundation and Koinonia) generated a deficit of $75,000, which compares favorably to a $121,000 deficit in the prior year. Provided that pledges are paid as promised during the fourth quarter, break-even results are within reach for the full year. Turning to 2011, Stewardship Campaign Chair Marla Tipping reports that many activities are already underway to inform the congregation about the incredible ministries at Hennepin Church and the costs that accompany those ministries. Please prayerfully consider your role in helping us meet our 2011 pledge goal, and respond as the Lord guides you to do so. Hennepin Church is worth it! Thank you for your feedback and input regarding these quarterly reports. If you have any specific comments or questions, as always you may reach me at

KAY NELSON, A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS ADVOCACY TEAM MEMBER November brings two opportunities for Hennepin members and friends to learn more about our church’s uniquely placed Minneapolis neighborhood. On Sunday, November 7, our own Clint Hewitt and the Director of Hope Village, Mary Keefe, will present “The Miracle of Hope Village” at 11:00 AM in the Art Gallery. As co-chair of Hope’s Community Board of Directors, Clint will tell us about the transformation with inner city drugs and violence taking place near Portland and Franklin Avenues. Saturday afternoon, November 20, from 3:00-5:00 PM, Central Lutheran Church will be host to the Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness (DCEH) Sabbath Event. The topic of panhandling will be presented by the zAmya Theatre Project. Having been


raised on the Beatitudes, the act of panhandling can cause a certain amount of personal discomfort. Do I give, or don’t I? Is this person legitimately in need? Or . . . ? The voice of experience, the zAmya Theatre is a group composed of those who have experienced homeless and are now housed. They will enlighten us on panhandling theatrically. The group was formed in 2004 as a way to turn “homeless” from a word back into a person. According to the organization: “Our plays emerge from script development workshops held at shelters, homeless camps, schools and corporations. Not surprisingly, they tend to focus on homelessness. We tell stories, improvise and do some role playing, which gives us the basics of the play. Then we go straight into script writing and rehearsals” Knowledge is power. Come experience it at both of these events.

YOUTH DINNER THEATER UMW and the Hennepin Youth have come together to present “A Trio of Christmas Stories.” The partnership began with a generous grant from UMW (The Shannon Bequest) to underwrite the youth theater project. Then the timing worked to have one of the performances during the UMW Christmas Party. “We are glad to support our young people and look forward to this special performance,” remarked Karen Andrew, UMW President. Performances will be: Sat., Dec. 4 at 11:00 AM and Sun., Dec. 5 at 11:00 AM. Both performances will be in Social Hall and includes a 3-course brunch. Tickets available starting Nov. 7 in Carlson Hall and on the church website. Adults-$12, Students-$5, Families-$30. Reservations are strongly encouraged (and very helpful to the planners).

Our newest devotional booklet written by church members is on the information table in Carlson Hall or at the reception desk. We hope each church household will take one. New this fall is the opportunity to see and hear the faith stories of our members online, just go to

GRACE AMIDST LIFE’S UPS AND DOWNS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 7PM - ART GALLERY Thanks to the great response we received last time, the new, expanded version of the Soul Cafe Jazz Ensemble returns for another performance: Steve Blons — guitar, Daryl Boudreaux — drums, Laura Caviani — piano, Lucia Newell — vocals, Brad Holden — sax, Jay Young — Bass. Join us for another evening of poetry and jazz as we celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit. In times of loss and the fear of loss, the vision of poets and the solidarity of community remind us that we need not confront life's challenges alone. 7 PM, Nov. 14 in the Art Gallery. $10 requested donation, refreshments served. — Page Six —

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 Library Committee 8:30 AM India Partnership 11:00 AM Reconciling Committee 6:30 PM WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3 Shared Ministry 5:00 PM Kjerringsleppets 5:30 PM Lay Leadership 6:00 PM Susanna Wesley Circle 7:00 PM St. High Girls’ Book Club 7:00 PM THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Thursday Bible Study 11:00 AM Prayer Shawl Ministry 1:00 PM Labyrinth 3:00 PM Administrative Council 6:00 PM Lydia Circle 7:00 PM FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Alanon 10:00 AM NEW Life Adventures Luncheon 12:00 PM SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7 All Church Worship at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM Quilt Sale 9:30 AM Breakfast 10:30 AM Blood Pressure Screening 10:30 AM Reconciling Ministries 10:45 AM The Power of Story: Kevin Kling 11:00 AM Scratching the Surface (Photos) 11:00 AM Budget Info Meeting 11:00 AM Miracle of Hope Village 11:00 AM Community Meals 4:45 PM TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 Youth Council 6:00 PM Children’s Council 6:30 PM Russia Partnership 6:30 PM Foodservice Committee 6:45 PM WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10 Little Kids BIG Fun 5:30 PM Steeple People Board 5:30 PM Local Outreach 6:30 PM THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 11 Joy Circle 9:00 AM Thursday Bible Study 11:00 AM Labyrinth 3:00 PM Foundation Board 6:00 PM FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12 Alanon 10:00 AM Hennepin Church Rock 7:00 PM SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14 Regular Sunday worship at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM Sunday School 9:45 AM Breakfast 10:30 AM Blood Pressure Screening 10:30 AM Reconciling Ministries 10:45 AM A Story to Stand On: Paula Colton 11:00 AM Scratching the Surface (Photos) 11:00 AM New Member Class 11:00 AM Infant/Child CPR Class 12:00 PM Soul Café 7:00 PM

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15 Multicultural Committee 6:30 PM TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16 Multigenerational Committee 6:30 PM Global Outreach Team 6:30 PM WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17 Staff Parish Relations 6:00 PM Koinonia Board 7:00 PM Trustees Meeting 7:00 PM Sr. High Girls’ Book Club 7:00 PM THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18 December !nSpire Deadline 10:00 AM Thursday Bible Study 11:00 AM Labyrinth 3:00 PM Peace Through Justice Forum 7:00 PM FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19 Alanon 10:00 AM NEW Life Adventures Luncheon 12:00 PM Walk to Emmaus Potluck 5:30 PM SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21 Regular Sunday worship at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM Sunday School 9:45 AM Breakfast 10:30 AM A Story to Stand On: Bill Tipping 11:00 AM New Member Class 11:00 AM Peace through Justice Forum 11:00 AM UMW Leadership 11:00 AM Salon se Leve 2:30 PM MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22 Fine Arts Committee 7:00 PM TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23 Adult Nurture 6:00 PM Communications Ministry 6:00 PM Dignity Center Steering 6:30 PM WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24 Senior Members’ Council 10:00 AM D.C.E.H. 2:30 PM Haiti Partnership 6:00 PM THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25 Community Thanksgiving Service 10:00 AM at Hennepin

A special church conference, required by the Annual Conference to set the five clergy salaries for 2011 (Robbins, Rosso, Johnson, Jackson, Colton), will be held on Sun. Nov. 21, 10:45-11 am. All church members are welcome with vote.

Daylight Savings Time ENDS on Sunday Nov. 7. To be on time for church on Sunday, set your clocks BACK one hour before going to bed on Sat., Nov 6.

A gathering, open to all who would like to know more about joining a pilgrim Walk to Emmaus, will be held at Hennepin Church. Friday, November 19. The schedule for the evening includes: 5:30 mixer; 6:00 potluck; 7:00 program in Border Chapel with singing and prayer, small group sharing, 4th day witness sharing, Holy Communion and community news. For more information, please contact Nancy and Keith Sjoquist 612-825-3576.

FROM THE MULTICULTURAL COMMITTEE Because of the connectional nature of the United Methodist Church, we endeavor to live gracefully, as one unified global community that does no harm, does good and stays in love with God. A church of rediscovering and sharing hope is not solely about Sundays, nor is it about buildings. It is a 365-days-a-year experience where people seeking community can become involved in ways—many of them nontraditional—that their lives may be touched. Read this spot monthly to offer thoughts that may guide your spiritual journey into your involvement through HAUMC.

Building Closed—Holiday Remainder of the Day

Building Closed—Holiday
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 28 Regular Sunday worship at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM Sunday School 9:45 AM Breakfast 10:30 AM A Story to Stand On: Sally Johnson 11:00 AM MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29 Hospitality Committee 7:00 PM TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 Lay Leadership 6:00 PM

Send Calendar Corrections to — Page Seven —
Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church 511 Groveland Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55403

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Sunday Worship Schedule
November 7
8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM Communion Service Sacred Journey Sanctuary, Leah Rosso, Preacher Many Voices, Leah Rosso, Leader Communion Service Sacred Journey Sanctuary, Chris Jackson, Preacher Many Voices, Chris Jackson, Leader Communion Service Sacred Journey Sanctuary, Doug Pagitt, Guest Preacher Many Voices, Sally Johnson, Leader 1st Sunday in Advent Communion Service Sacred Journey Sanctuary, Sally Johnson, Preacher Many Voices, Sally Johnson, Leader

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November 14

November 21

Hennepin Church Rock
A Free Concert will be held Friday, Nov. 12 in the sanctuary. Doors open at 7:00 pm for General Admission Seating. The concert features 3 hot, local groups: 7:30 pm — The Starfolk, 8:30 pm — Zoo Animal, and 9:30 pm — Retribution Gospel Choir. This concert event is made possible by a grant from the Hennepin Foundation and is co-sponsored by 89.3 the Current. Invite your friends & neighbors!

November 28 -