Live for Speed S2 0.5U ALPHA ============================ Welcome to Live for Speed!

Important : ----------This is Live for Speed S2 ALPHA. ALPHA means : LFS S2 is still in the testing and development stage. This software comes with no warranties of any kind. By installing this software you agree that you do so at at your own risk and you accept full responsibility for any damage caused by the use or installation of the software. The developers of the Live for Speed racing simulator make every effort to ensure the program is safe but can not accept any responsibility whatsoever for personal injury or death that may arise during the use of the software, or any damage of any kind to your system including corrupted files, lost data or damage to hardware. Installation : -------------To install LFS S2, unzip the file into a suitable folder on your hard drive. You must ensure that the directory structure is preserved by using the appropriate option in your unzip utility. You will know that it has been correctly unzipped if you see a data folder beside the LFS.exe program and some more folders inside the data folder. To run LFS S2 : --------------Double-click the program file LFS.exe Note : Microsoft� DirectX� 8.1 is required and can be downloaded from DirectX is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation Documents and Manual : ---------------------You can find extra documents and a keys guide in the "docs" folder There is an extensive unofficial online manual at Unlocking the full version : ---------------------------When you first run this S2 version, you will only have access to the same content that is available in the DEMO : 3 cars and 1 track area. You need an S1 or S2 license to unlock additional content and features.

With an S1 license you can unlock 5 extra cars and 3 extra track areas. An S2 license includes the S1 license, and allows you to unlock a further 11 cars and 3 track areas. Total : 19 cars and 7 track areas. Game controller information : ----------------------------To set up one or more game controllers : 1) In LFS options...controls select "Wheel" at the top of the screen 2) Select Combined or Separate axes to match your controller's settings 3) Select the button functions and press buttons to assign 4) Press the button "Axes" to assign axes 5) Click on the function you wish to assign to an axis 6) Move the controller to see which axis to assign 7) Click on the button next to that axis, to assign the function 8) You may need to invert some of the axes by clicking "invert" 9) You can click on "recalibrate" to adjust the calibration limits 10) For axes which need to be centred, click on the C button at centre 11) You may wish to lock calibration after calibrating your controller 12) To use a shifter, select the correct shift mode and assign gears Force Feedback : 1) You can turn on or off Force Feedback with the on-screen switch 2) If you have more than one FF device you can select the required one Switching to other programs : ----------------------------The ALT-TAB key press is not recommended during a multiplayer game as after ALT-TAB the game is never called by the operating system and cannot maintain its connections with the other computers. Instead, please use the quick key SHIFT-F4 to temporarily run the game in a window. SHIFT-F4 - toggle between window / full screen Command line options : ---------------------LFS can be run from a command line or another program. A dedicated host mode is available with no hardware draw : "nogfx". Before selecting your options, you may find it helpful to run LFS and try out the options on the Start New Game screen - the required upload bandwidth for those options is displayed on screen. 1) Host options : Example : LFS /host=test host /cars=ALL /dedicated=nogfx /maxguests=4 /host=Host Name /pass=Pass /admin=Pass /ip=X.X.X.X :FIRST IN LIST :if required - password :if required - admin password :if required - local specified ip address

/port=63392 /mode=demo /usemaster=yes /track=XXCR /weather=1 /cars=[cars] /maxguests=4 /carsmax=5 /carshost=1 /carsguest=1 /pps=4 /qual=0 /laps=5 /wind=1 /dedicated=no /vote=yes /select=yes /rstmin=X /rstend=X /autokick=no /midrace=yes X /mustpit=no /start=finish /welcome=X.txt /tracks=X.txt

:a high number below 65536 :demo / s1 / s2 :no / yes / hidden :track and config (e.g. BL1 / SO3R / FE4) :weather : 1,2,3 in Blackwood :see below : "Car Strings" :max number of guests that can join host :max number of cars in a race :max number of cars (real+ai) on host pc :max number of cars (real+ai) per guest pc :smoothness (3-6) number of car updates per second :qualifying minutes, 0 for no qualifying :number of lap, 0 for practice :0 no wind / 1 low wind / 2 high wind :no / yes / nogfx / invisible :no / yes : can guests vote to kick or ban :no / yes : can guests select track :no restart for X seconds after race start :no restart for X seconds after race finish :no / yes / ban / spectate (Wrong way drivers) :no / yes (Join during race) :no / yes (Pit Stop Required) :fixed/finish/reverse/random (Default race start) :set welcome text file :set list of allowed tracks

NOTE - alternative way to use the command line options : A command file xxx.txt can be used instead of a long command line. The command file would contain the command line parameters. The parameters can be spread onto several lines. The command file can contain comments, starting with two slashes // Then the command line would be simply : LFS /cfg=xxx.txt (where xxx.txt is the name of the config file) 2) Guest options : Example : LFS /join=test host /join=Host Name /mode=demo /pass=Optional Pass :FIRST IN LIST :demo / s1 / s2 :password if required by host

3) Status file "host63392.txt" - updated whenever info changes : 63392 is the port number of the host. The file contains the following information: lfs=0.5U status=ingame guests=4 maxguests=4 host=Host Name pass=Optional Pass usemaster=yes trackcfg=BL1 cars=[18x"0"or"1"] :version :offline / online / ingame :current number of guests :maximum guests allowed :game name as listed on master server :host password :no / yes / hidden :short name for track and config :cars allowed on host (0=no / 1=yes)

qual=0 laps=5 conn=Host conn=Guest 1 conn=Guest 2 ...

:qualifying minutes :number of laps :player name :player name :player name

4) Status file "guest.txt" - exists while connected : lfs=0.5U status=online joined=Host Name :version :status :host name

Host commands : --------------You can use text commands to control normal or nogfx dedicated hosts. Using the normal text message system (pressing T in a normal host or simply typing into a nogfx host), the message becomes a command if you start it with a slash character. Simple commands with no parameter : /restart /qualify /end /names /exit /help /reinit :(re)starts the current race :(re)starts qualifying :return to entry screen :toggle display between player and user names :clean exit from nogfx host (host only) :get list of commands :total restart (removes all connections)

Commands with a parameter - entry screen mode : /track XXCR /weather X /qual X /laps X /hours X /wind X /autox X /axclear :track and config (e.g. BL1 / SO3R / FE4) :lighting (e.g. 1, 2, 3...) :qualifying minutes (0 = no qualifying) :number of laps (0 = practice) :number of hours (if laps not specified) :0 no / 1 low / 2 high :load autocross layout named X for this track :clear autocross layout

Commands with a parameter - any time : /axlist X /maxguests X /carsmax X /carshost X /carsguest X /pps X /msg X /rstmin X /rstend X /autokick X /midrace X /mustpit X /start X :get list of layouts for track X - e.g. AU1 :max number of guests that can join host :max number of cars in a race :max number of cars (real+ai) on host pc :max number of cars (real+ai) per guest pc :smoothness (3-6) number of car updates per second :send system message :no restart for X seconds after race start :no restart for X seconds after race finish :no/yes/ban/spectate (Wrong way drivers) :no/yes (Join during race) :no/yes (Pit Stop Required) :fixed/finish/reverse/random (Default race start)

/pass X /welcome X.txt /tracks X.txt

:set new password :set welcome text file :set list of allowed tracks

(BLANK = no password)

Kick and ban commands - any time : /spectate X /kick X /ban X Y /unban X :make user X join the spectators :disconnect user X :ban user X for Y days (0 = 12 hours) :remove ban on user X

Host settings commands : /vote X /select X /cars [cars] :no or yes - guest voting :no or yes - guest selection :see below : "Car Strings"

These commands are also available to any user who has connected to the host using the admin password if one was specified when the host was started. To restrict the tracks allowed on a host : Create a text file named "X.txt" in your LFS folder. List all the tracks and configurations you want to allow. Type one configuration on each line. You must use the short name of the tracks : [first two letters of name] [config number] [reversed] Example : BL1 BL2 FE1R Use the command /tracks=X.txt in your startup command line Other text commands : --------------------Most of these text commands replicate functions usually controlled by pressing on-screen buttons but can be useful in other situations, for example when controlling LFS from an external program using InSim. Game setup screen only : /ai [NAME] /ready /cancel /clear :add ai driver (can specify NAME) :set ready :cancel ready :clear all racers from list

Game setup screen on in game : /car XXX /setup X /colour X /join /spectate :select car (e.g. XRT) :select setup X :select colour X :join the race :spectate or leave grid

/leave /player X

:disconnect from host :select existing player X

Mode / replay control : /spr X /mpr X /end /sp Any time : /speedreduce X /reducehalf X /loadkb X /savekb X /out X :total speed steer reduction (0 to 1) :speed in m/s for half of reduction :load kb settings file (data\misc\X.kbs) :save kb settings file :ignored by LFS but seen by external programs :run a SP replay from entry (front end) screen :run a MP replay from entry (front end) screen :exit from replay back to front end :go into single player from entry screen

To get info from LFS World - /w and /ws commands : /w CMD sends command to LFS World for current car/track e.g. /w pb (Personal Best) or /w laps (Laps) /ws TRACK CAR CMD sends command for specified car/track e.g. /ws BL1R XRT pb (get PB in XR GT TURBO at Blackwood GP REV) More online DB access commands can be found on the "LFS Keys" page at To get info from master server - /m command :

/m find USER : find a user online /m ? : get a list of master commands Car Strings : ------------The /cars command for the startup command line or for hosts / admins now uses the three-letter S2 car codes. Example : /cars=XFG+XRG /cars=MRT :Allow XF GTI and XR GT :Allow MRT5 only

These Car Groups can be used as well : ALL ROAD RACE TBO LRF GTR all cars road legal cars race cars same as XRT+RB4+FXO same as LX6+RAC+FZ5 same as FXR+XRR+FZR

The plus and minus symbols can be used in conjuction with these : /cars=TBO+LX4 /cars=ROAD-UF1 :Allow XRT, RB4, FXO and LX4 :Allow all road cars except the UF 1000

Replay Analyser File : ---------------------This feature is provided for use in external analyser applications. It stores data from one lap of driving. - USER information : Press ESC while viewing the car in a replay, on the lap BEFORE the lap you wish to analyse. Click on "Output lap data" and enter the name of the output file. This file will be saved in a "raf" folder. Use an external application to open the .raf files (not supplied). The file will be created when the car crosses the start line and will be closed when the car crosses it again 1 lap later. - PROGRAMMER information can be found at Translation : ------------To create a language pack : - First run LFS. This will create a file "English.txt" in a folder "data\language". Please do not edit English.txt as it will be overwritten each each time you start LFS. Instead, make a copy of the file with the name of your language replacing "English". - After creating your new file, it can be edited in a text editor. - Load your language in Options...Player. - Reload the language file any time with SHIFT+F5, for convenience. - The help.txt file can also be edited, in the data\misc folder, copy the file help.txt to a new file help_XXX.txt (where XXX.txt is the name of your language file). - If you plan to make a new translation, we recommend that you contact us about it - we now have a special online translation system and it's possible someone else is already working on the language you want to translate - we may be able to get you in contact with them or set up your language for you to edit online. Controlling LFS from another program : InSim Motion Simulator Support : OutSim External Dashboard Support : OutGuage ----------------------------------------------The InSim, OutSim and OutGuage systems are documented in the InSim.txt file in the docs folder. Thanks : -------Thanks to all hosts and racers for your support.

Copyright : ----------(c) 2002-2006 Scawen Roberts - Eric Bailey - Victor van Vlaardingen