Indian Springs Rules & Regulations The interpretations of the following rules and regulations rest solely with the

Association Board of Managers. Violation of any rules or regulations may result in a fine of up to $200.00 per day. For the purpose of these rules and regulations, a condominium unit owner, resident and/or family member, shall be considered as the person occupying a condominium as their legal residence. The term "premises" applies to the entire property of the condominium complex, whether private use area, or common grounds. No condominium unit shall be used for any purpose other than a "single family residence". "No rented rooms", as defined by the City of Franklin Zoning Code, are allowed. No portion of a unit, (other than the entire unit), may be leased, and no transient tenants may be accommodated therein. CONDOMINIUM RESIDENTS' CONDUCT 1 Immoral, intimidating, improper, unlawful, offensive, annoying or nuisance activities are prohibited on the premises.
2. Firing of BB guns, pellet guns or firearms of any kind on the premises arc prohibited. Shooting fireworks is against City and I n d i a n Springs laws. 3. Noisy activity is prohibited. No loud music/TV alter 9:PM B u r g l a r alarm systems must conform to a maximum o f t e n m i n u t e s iiliirm sound

5. Wrecked cars, vehicle restoration, repair and rebuilding are NOT permitted. Non compliance will result in a fine. 6. No commercial vehicle shall be parked in the owners parking area, (unless doing work in the unit, i.e. plumbers, electricians, etc). Overnight parking for commercial vehicles, (work trucks) is permitted in front of tennis court. 7. Residents shall not park in the turnaround areas or in front of the dumpsters or in the "No Parking" areas. 8. Absolutely no driving on the property without a driver's license. 9. No parking behind a parked vehicle anywhere on the premises, this is a City of Franklin fire code violation and must be enforced.


PATIOS AND BALCONIES a. The exposed patios, balconies and private ground areas shall be used for their intended use only. b. No wading pools or club houses made from boxes allowed


4. ATTACHMENTS AND/OR SIGNS a. No awnings, radio or satellite dishes shall be attached or hung from any unit without written approval of the Board of Managers. b. No signs, notices, advertisements or illumination shall be inscribed or exposed on, or at any window or part of any unit.

a. Each resident shall keep the unit, carport, patio and limited common grounds in a good state of preservation and cleanliness. b. No littering is permitted on the premises. c- Trash, garbage and rubbish must be placed in the dumpsters provided. d. No reusable garbage receptacles, (for garbage), are allowed on the outside of the units. e. Items too large for the dumpster must be removed by the resident at their expense. Non compliance shall be subject to a fine. 5.

c. Real esiaie signs are allowed only on week ends, Friday thru Sunday. CARPORTS AND PARKING a. Carports shall be kept in an orderly and neat condition and not used for storage, except for vehicles. 6. SIDEWALKS, ENTRANCES, DRIVEWAYS AND STREETS

2. MAINTENANCE a. Any needed exterior repair must be reported by the resident to the management company. b. Contracting for and supervising of the repairs will be the sole responsibility of the management company. c. No guarantee is made that the repairs will be made to the specifications of the homeowner. d. No prior notice of contractor schedule is provided. e Under no circumstapccs is the homeowner authorized to contract for exterior repairs. 8 7.

Sidewalks, entrances, driveways and streets shall not be littered. They shall be used for no other purpose than entering and/or exiling the complex and for proper parking. EXTERIOR UNIT LIGHTS a. b. Each resident is responsible for their unit light bulbs. Only white or yellow bulbs are permitted.

HOLIDAY LIGHTS a. b Outside lights and yard art are allowed. Unit doors can be decorated.

VEHICLES AND PARKING Every resident is assigned (2) parking spaces in front of, or in back of their unit, with the exception of the "L," building. It does not matter if they have a car or not. These are their spaces and cannot be parked in by other residents without their permission. Extra space, for visitors is in front of the tennis court and in front of the complex. Please respect your neighbor and do not park in their space. Residents without cars need their space for visitors and people that come to drive them to church or appointments. Your car will be subject to be towed at your expense, if you fail to comply. 1. All vehicles must display a current inspection sticker. 2. Unlicensed motorbikes, go carts, bicycles, and skateboards are prohibited on the streets and common grounds. 3. Speed limit on the property 10 miles per hour as posted. 4. Licensed vehicles are permitted to use the street for entering and exiting the property. No racing is permitted.

ALTERATIONS TO CONDOMINIUM UNIT 1. Any structural exterior addition, alteration or improvement requires written permission of the Board of Managers. 2. Architectural Alterations (exterior) a. Obtain a building permit when required. b. Submission of a drawing to the Board of Managers with written consent of adjacent home owners. c. Approval by majority of the Board of Managers. d. Matching the existing theme of the project. e. Maintenance of additions, such as privacy screens are the sole responsibility of the homeowner and shall be sealed but not stained or painted. 3. Alterations to private areas a. Burglar alarm systems, storm windows and doors are considered alterations and require approval by the Board of Managers. b. Unit owners are responsible for maintenance of these alterations when approved. c. Any interior alterations (new carpet, flooring) involving use of loud equipment shall be performed only during the hours of 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturday. No work shall be performed on Sundays or holidays. d. Unit occupant shall be responsible for the disposal of waste construction materials and shall not use property dumpsters intended for residential garbage only. Violators will be fined.

PETS AND ANIMALS 1. Pets are allowed to be kept inside the units only. The owner must provide proper care and restraint. Obnoxious behavior, offensive noise, odor or unsanitary conditions at any time are prohibited. 2. All animals must be attended by a responsible person anytime said animal is outside the unit. No animal or pet shall be permitted to run loose and must comply with the Williamson County leash laws. 3. Deposits of fecal matter in paved and/or landscaped areas must be scooped up immediately by the pet owner. Owners must use the designated "dog walks" for dog relief. Failure to comply will result in a fine. 4. No animal shall be kept or bred for commercial purposes. 5. No savage or dangerous animals shall be kept in any unit. The Board of Managers has the sole right to judge what is savage and dangerous. 6. The Board of Managers may, without liability to the owner thereof, remove or cause to be removed, any animal or pet from the condominium which it determines to be in violation of the rules and regulations 7. Do not leave out food for stray cats. You will attract skunks, rodents and ants. 8. All pets currently living on the property will be "Grandfathered" in. As of September 2009 pets over 25 pounds are not allowed.

In order to maintain the property as we would like, it is imperative that aH association fees must be collected from every owner in a timely manner. Effective September 2009 as per Board of Managers, the late fee will be increased to $50.00 if not received by the IS1 of the month. All accounts delinquent over 90 days will be turned over to our attorney and the names also will be published for all residents and home owners.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS 1. Unit owners are responsible for insuring the interior of their unit. This includes fixtures, walls, chandeliers, window treatments and all homeowner improvements and upgrades including carpet and flooring not furnished by the original developer under the homeowners policy. 2. Insurance claims under the association policy are to be coordinated through the management company. 3. No unit owner shall cause, permit or allow anything to be done, kept or caused in a unit or on the premises that is hazardous, or could cause an increase in insurance loss or liability. Any exclusive deviation from this clause requires written approval by the Board of Managers. Additional premium cost will be the responsibility of the unit owner; payment to be made in advance.

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