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Nutrition Month Quiz!

How well are you putting your best fork from the Nutrition Month homepage at
forward this Nutrition Month? Find out the Academy of Nutrition and
with this speedy and helpful quiz! Dietetics. It’s one of the inspirations
for this year’s slogan. You have the
1. True or false? Each one of us holds the power to change and improve your
tool to make healthier food choices. eating pattern.
2. C. Variety, nutrient density, and
A. True amount

B. False These are the 3 keys to a healthful
eating pattern. According to the
2. According to the Dietary Guidelines for guidelines, “To meet nutrient needs
Americans, you should “Focus on _____” within calorie limits, choose a variety
as you plan your eating pattern. of nutrient-dense foods across and
within all food groups in
A. Calories recommended amounts.”
B. Trying new foods every day 3. B. Fats/oils

C. Variety, nutrient density, and MyPlate is made up of fruits,
amount vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.
D. Added sugars and saturated fat Although MyPlate addresses fats and
oils, they do not get their own space
3. Which of the following is not one of on the plate graphic.
MyPlate’s food groups?
 4. A. True

That’s actually a central tenet of this
A. Protein year’s National Nutrition Month
B. Fats/oils celebration. For more information,
C. Fruits visit
D. Grains 5. A. Can

That’s right, those small shifts can
4. True or false? How much we eat is as actually make a huge impact. Plus,
important as what we eat. 
 smaller shifts are easier to sustain.

A. True
B. False

5. Fill in the blank. Making small shifts in

what you eat _____ add up over time.

A. Can
B. Cannot


1. A. True

That quote actually comes straight

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