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Introduction and Executive Summary

Yes, the world is moving towards cryptocurrency as maximum people want reliability,
security, speed and transparency. As cryptocurrency is the revolutionary concept in the
marketplace, many new users are coming to invest in this field. Moreover, Cryptocurrency
encourages exchanges free of regulatory meddling and promotes what is referred to as low-
cost banking because it can be done anywhere if the user has access to the mobile phones.
While connecting with the cryptocurrency, one can create and use secure, free and beginner
friendly wallet for yourself. Yes, it is right that not all investments are the easy concepts as
risks are always there but blockchain technology is on the top to change the methods of
transactions. On seeing the future benefits of the cryptocurrency, Loopia Network has also
adopted this technology to make people more aware and secure. Those who are not tech
savvy are also able to use this platform and can take the benefit of cryptocurrency world

What exactly the Loopia network is?

Loopia Network is a social network platform available

Aimed at for cryptocurrency users and
blockchain experts in all over the world. The platform is specially designed for building the
chain of community where users can sell and purchase goods services with the decentralized
cryptocurrency named LOOP. Loopia Network is the social media platform that gives the
opportunity to the users to get paid of writing, posting, upvoting and sharing on social media

Easy for all: Don’t be afraid to enter in the world of cryptocurrency. The platform of this
Loopia Network is quite easy to use even for those who are new to this world. You need not
to have special skills to participate. The platform is structured to learn fast about
cryptocurrency. All who want to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency, Loopia network is
present for them.

Cryptocurrency of the Loopia network: The cryptocurrency adopted by the Loopia

Network is LOOP. It is also called LPN. You can earn LPN from your contributions and
spend it Infor
many ways including
posting ad's. While combining with the blockchain technology, Loopia
the ads.

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Network also provides the cryptocurrency marketplace. On this platform, what you can do
with your LPN’s:

 You can cash out the LOOP or LPN

 You can buy and sell LOOP on cryptocurrency exchanges for FIAT or other
cryptocurrencies you prefer.

Blockchain technology:

Blockchain technology has a powerful impact on the business world. It has a great potential
to secure and integrate the data. Transparency in the transaction is must so that nobody can be
cheated over the network. It seems, in next upcoming years, the blockchain technology will
become the key pillar of the internet. Blockchain is the technology that places the trust from
the third parties into our own hands by allowing us to validate our own transactions. This
technology is more fast and secure. Incoming future will have a lot of cryptocurrencies and
you will know more about it. On seeing the power of blockchain technology, our Loopia
network has adopted it and is giving benefits to its users.

How the ecosystem works?

Anyone an entrepreneur, businessman, or regular guy who wants to make some fortunes, can
promote their products or services without any obstacle. The platform pays its users in the
form of LOOP or LPN. In its social networking platform, the advertisements will be
distributed to the community and the advertisers can get good ROI for their business.

Here the users can earn desired amount of cash on using the platform to interact with other
users. If user does not want to spend on its platform then he or she can earn through viewing
the ads from other users or the companies. Moreover, you can earn by posting reviews,
sharing content or commenting. You can receive awards from it. It is an authentic P2P
experience wherein the advertisers can post the ads without the intervention from a
middleman. All collections in the form of rewards can be converted into the LOOP.

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Wallet: Here, on the Loopia Network, you will be provided a wallet where you can collect,
receive or send your money in the form of cryptocurrency. You will be rewarded for
transactions from your wallet.

More information about the working

 There is an AI algorithm that people will be able to turn on or off that will match
people with likeminded individuals so that it will be a breeze to e-meet new people
and follow interesting people.

 Also, there will be a chance for influencers to partner up with corporations or

individuals and share reviews or do some promotion for tokens.

 We will also allow merchants to accept our token both on the website in the
marketplace and as mobile payments.

 Also, the points and tokens on the website right now will be exchangeable to the
blockchain based currency

 Premium memberships will also be purchasable from the website and will upgrade the
daily cap of active points available from 500 to 1000 allowing those who come into
the network later to catch up with those who have been with the network longer and to
allow anyone to be able to build a stronger profile in less time than the free option.

 The premium membership purchases will be distributed between loopia network and
going to a pool distributed to users.

 There will a sub-crypto asset created for the active points to make the active points
incorruptible, this asset will not be sold or traded on exchanges and will have an
infinite supply to meet the ever-growing active points creation by people staying

Active Points: Points will also add 1 LPN for every 50 points you accumulate to your wallet.
The users will be able to earn on their content solely by "super likes." music creators, video
makers, blog writers, basically any content creator.

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For example, 1 post has 6000 points total, and 1 has 4000 points, and the pool is LPN fixated
for x many years before decreasing to x much (similar to mining but just pool based
distribution and virtualized halving also saves energy and is green) then that means one post
gets 60% of the pool and the other 40% of the pool this will ensure that users are active and
engaging on the platform and building up their online persona on the platform with time
the "super likes" should be limited before getting saturated per 24 hours to avoid misuse of
the system and people only giving their friends etc. a more significant part of the pool
distributed x much among all for yy years (the pool will be set in whitepaper how much is
locked in a self-spreading smart contract for this) shared distribution of ad revenue with
creators + site + viewer creator of content for example videos has a choice to add
advertisements before his video and get paid a share of the advertisement costs the viewer
that watches the video also gets paid a share for the advertisement that is put before the video
ensuring that his time watching the ad is not wasted this is only the ideology behind the video
advertisements the other ads will be similar to other social networks with sponsored posts but
still, there will be revenue sharing.

There is option to turn off ads for the viewer so that you have a choice of if you want to
partake in the ad ecosystem or not (get paid or not up to you, the default will be on) send
currency instantly to any user over the website wallet or through the chat and shop with ease
on the marketplace that is already on the platform this will create a robust ecosystem within
the platform and allow the community to sell and buy things with ease for LOOP API system
will allow developers to build on it, and creating merchant applications will be a breeze so
mass adoption will be easy. People will be able to pay with their wallet to merchants that
accept LPN with a simple scan.

Types of ads:

Targeted ads: In these types of ads, the viewers can earn higher income and the advertisers
can get the better ROI. The targeted ads are of higher value rather than non-targeted.

Non targeted ads: In the case of non-targeted ads, the viewers will earn lesser than above,
but these are still countable.

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If you are a user of Facebook,
social networks you will not find any difficulty in using the Loopia Network.

Loopia Network is almost like any

other network and other social media sites. In addition, the benefit

is that this platform uses the blockchain technology that make whole ecosystem fully
decentralized. The virtual network provides all users to interact with each other with ample

The users will be able to get money in the form of cryptocurrency for the activities like creating
filling high quality
material that other users like, for example a music producer can earn money form super likes if people upvote his music then he
surveys, commenting,
gets a bigger sharingpool
share of the monthly or thus
paid users
for his will
this get
also the rewards
includes in the
any video, form
blogs, of or just general
posts about anything, the main feature is that any content creator can get directly paid for their content and spend the crypto
LOOP for hassle
without any their interactions, viewing
and directly send ads or other
or buy anything activities.
they like over the marketplace or even at the store from a merchant that
supports our cryptocurrency and uses our api to buy / sell products directly.
Any businessman can promote his business while using this platform. Imagine how much
impact you can bring on your company if the other users want to do the same for you.
Usually, by seeing the ads, you have contributed well in the community. And that should be

Token Allocation:

 10% will be sold in private sale hoping to achieve 200.000 USD discount is about 100%

 60% will be sold in a public IEO on Latoken

 25% will be put into the distributed pool spread for 10 years virtual "halving" every year
decreasing the distribution pool by 5% the first three years each year and then 10-15%
per year from year 3-10 until that pool is dried up then the premium membership
purchases and merchant fees over the course of 10
2 years.

Future benefits to the users and characteristics:

Here we will explain how Loopia network can improve social media activity. How can it
shape the future of social media users? Here we will tell you some benefits that you can
consider deciding how it will be beneficial for the future:

Your data is safe and secure: All platforms commit their data security, but data theft is the
main issue today. Have you remembered about previous
data scandals that Analytica
happened data scandal?

Here on this platform we assure that hour

your data is solely yours. We will never share your data.

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Always pays compensation for your contribution: Here the platform is somewhat different
from other social media websites like Facebook. Loopia Networks always allow its users to
get profit from their contribution.

You will have full control over your advertisement: You can get the best ROI and can say
bye-bye to the ad-blockers. In future you will not to spend more, but you will gain more.

Better community moderation: There is no need of all authority that lets the bullies slide on
mainstream social media. This platform will allow you to moderate the contents by yourself.

Low Fees: As compared to others, Loopia Network has low operational fees. By using the
wallet, user can save more money.

Road Map:

 In March 2019, the idea of the project is getting put down

 In May 2019, Loopia Network Platform is launched under the name of crypto friends and
then rebranded to name as “Loopia Network” and relaunched in June 2019.

 In June 2019, Loopia Network hit the milestone of 1000 users 2 weeks after the platform
launches. People started to get involves at the platform.

 In July 2019, white paper is going to be released, bugs are fixed and updated. Finalization
of ideology, private sale starting, Mobile apps almost ready to go and finally is going to launch.

 In August 2019, private sale is going to revealed

 The Future: Public sale takes place 70% sold total, Migration of most of the back-end
functions over to the blockchain, more will come.

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Founder and Owner:

With the efforts of Mr. Kristinn Spence, the Loopia Network is supposed to run well in the
future. The owner and CEO of Loopia Network, Kristinn Spence believes in the Future of
social Networking. He said in the interview, “Well I cannot speak for any other social
networking website out there but I know for sure what we will be doing and what our
vision is, for us we are going to make payments available for everyone and transferring
funds over our network without having to rely on banks or a centralized institution, and we
are going to make it so that everyday users can do this with ease and without having to be
very technical or even know how cryptocurrency or blockchain technology works, and then
we are going to enable all the content creators on our platform to be able to earn directly
for their content and it does not matter what the content is as long as that they have the
rights for it and then we will connect advertisers and influencers and allow them to deal
with each other directly, making it a real decentralized P2P or B2P social network."

Conclusion: Social network platforms seem to be leading the way to mass adoption and
people are moving towards cryptocurrency & low-cost transactions. Banking is totally
changed now. While joining the Loopia Network platform, one can easily take the benefits of
crypto world. Combining with block chain technology, the platform Loopia is providing the
benefits to its users. Making money, saving money and transact money in the form of cryptos
will be beneficial for the user of Loopia Network.

Extra information
we are launching our android and ios apps in the coming days and they are already ready and launchable as well as we have set
down clear goals for our fundraising and ieo and have been talking to over 8 exchanges interested in launching us on their trading
platform after we finish our IEO.
Our team is ever-growing right now and if you want to get involved feel free to contact us.

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