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Gas Dynamics for Engineers

P. Balachandran

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Gas Dynamics for Engineers
P. Balachandran

Gas Dynamics for Engineers P. Balachandran

Intended as a textbook for undergraduate students of aerospace/mechanical engineering and as a reference
book for practising engineers, this book provides the most readable approach to the study of gas dynamics
with emphasis on the fundamental concepts that help readers develop a strong conceptual base.

This concise and well-organized text covers a wide range of interesting topics such as isentropic flow, Fanno
flow, Rayleigh flow, simple flow with mass addition, waves in supersonic flow and measurement techniques
in gas dynamics. The topics are dealt with in a carefully designed sequence with proper explanations along
with simple mathematical formulations.

• Explains through extensive use of line drawings.
• Contains a large number of solved illustrative examples to help comprehend the concepts with ease.
• Includes review questions to test students comprehensive of the subject.
• Provides answers to unsolved problems.
• Presents flow tables in appendices

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