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Leeds Heritage

Open Days 2019

A Free City-Wide Festival of Heritage
13th–22nd September
2 Welcome

A ‘People Powered’ Festival

In the 25th anniversary year of Heritage As the Councillor responsible for Culture,
Open Days (HODs), Leeds Civic Trust is I am passionate that more people know
once again proud to be supporting the about the wonderful story of Leeds, so it
wonderful events across the city this gives me great pleasure to introduce this
September. booklet showcasing Heritage Open Days
‘People Power’ is this year’s theme and activities taking place this September.
there is no doubt that it would not have This year there are so many activities
been possible to organise this festival across our city. There really is something
of architecture, history and culture year for everyone – for example, you can
after year without the dedication of debate council housing and its history in
volunteers. It gives me great pleasure to the centenary year of the 1919 Housing
be able to say a very big thank-you . Act at Gipton Fire station; find out why
Several hundred people volunteer in we celebrate criminals with Leeds Civic
some form or another to support HODs Trust Blue Plaques; or gather some
here in Leeds – hosting walks, preparing friends for the Great Leeds Pub Quiz!
exhibitions, delivering talks, putting on a Some fantastic buildings are open to the
performance, opening up their building – public this year – including the British
giving up time to share their passion for Library at Boston Spa, Leeds Civic Hall
our great city! and the 15th Century Stank Hall Barn.
And the best thing is that all of the
The adventures begin with a very special activities are completely free of charge!
launch. On Thursday 12th September join
us for a blue plaque unveiling at Holbeck So, I would urge you to take part in this
Working Men’s Club, a performance by great celebration of Leeds. Use this
the Commoners Choir and a reading of booklet to plan your week and check the
a specially commissioned poem by Ian HODs website for late additions. Some
McMillan. events are bookable – book early as they
fill up quickly.

Start discovering the wonderful story of

Leeds! Thank you and happy HODs 2019!

Jane Taylor Cllr. Judith Blake CBE

Chair, Leeds Civic Trust Leader, Leeds City Council
Heritage Open Days 3

Get Ready to Explore

Did you know that you’re part of the country’s largest heritage festival?
Each September, some 40,000 volunteers organise over 5,000 events to
celebrate England’s fantastic history and culture.
It’s your chance to find hidden places and We have separated this year’s booklet
try out new experiences – all of which are into events requiring pre-booking and
FREE to explore. others that you are welcome to attend
Here in Leeds, HODs is a unique on the day. If a pre-booked event you
opportunity to discover, explore, visit wanted to attend is fully booked, please
and experience all sorts of exciting and do not turn up in the hope of a spare
diverse events that tell the great story of place. With plenty of open events, you’re
our city and its people. guaranteed to find another exciting event
to visit.
Although this booklet is bursting with
events, more will have registered online This year’s overall theme celebrates
after our print deadline, so we urge you ‘People Power’ – keep an eye out for
to visit for special events – although we’re sure you’ll
all the events happening here in Leeds – agree that being an entirely volunteer led
you may miss out on a real gem! festival, all HODs events are definitely
people powered!
This booklet is also intended as a handy
‘quick guide’ – for full information about
booking, access, refreshments and any Have a great festival!
last minute changes please refer to the
website. If you don’t have internet access, N.B. Leeds Civic Trust publishes this
your local library will be happy to help booklet with care. We have tried to
you access the HODs website and book ensure details are correct at the time of
events. printing and therefore cannot be held
Some events are bookable through responsible for subsequent changes.
Eventbrite - where this is indicated
please go to and
key in the search term.

4 Events At A Glance

Thursday 12/09
Launch Event & Blue Plaque Unveiling  1800 / Holbeck Working Men’s Club, LS11 9QX

Friday 13/09
All Souls’ Church 1030-1600 / Blackman Lane LS2 9EY
Castle Grove Masonic Hall  0945 1030 1115 1200/ Moor Road LS6 4BP
Devonshire Hall 1300 1400 / Cumberland Road LS6 2EQ
Extraordinary Women on Blue Plaques 1030-1300 / Wharf Street LS2 7EQ
Factories & Fevers: Child Health in 19th C Leeds 1800-1900 / Castleton Mill LS12 2DS
From Crops to Commuters - Thorner 1800 / Victory Hall LS14 3ey
Gotts Park & the Yorkshire Red Books of Humphry Repton 1400 / Mansion House Gotts Park LS12 2QX
INF23 by Michael Shaw 1000-1700 / Left Bank Leeds LS6 1LJ
Leeds General Infirmary & Old Medical School LGI 1000 OMS 1130 / Great George Street LS1 3EX
Leeds Minster 1100-1400 Organ Recital 1230 / Kirkgate LS2 7DJ
Oulton Conservation Area Walk  1800 / St John’s Church LS26 8JU
Rachel Reeves MP - Women of Westminster 1230 / Bramley Library LS13 3ND
Saint Saviour’s Church 1000-1200 / Ellerby Road LS9 8LD
St Aidans Church 1100-1600 / Elford Place LS8 5QD
St Hilda’s Church 1000-1200 / Cross Green Lane LS9 0DG
St James’s Hospital Workhouse Chapel 1100 / Beckett Street LS9 7TF
St Peter’s Church 1000-1600 / Town Street Rawdon LS19 6QL
Sunny Bank Mills & Archive 1000-1600 hourly tours / Farsley LS28 5UJ
The Leeds Library 1200-1400 Tour 1215 / Commercial Street LS1 6AL
Woodlesford Conservation Area  1800 / Methodist Chapel Church Street LS26 8RD

Saturday 14/09
A Policeman’s Beat Through Otley 1100 1400/ Otley Courthouse LS21 3AN
Aireborough - All Our Yesterdays 0900-1300 Tours 1000 1200 / Yeadon Town Hall LS19 7PP
All Saints’ Church 1100-1600/ B
 arwick in Elmet
All Saints Parish Church Otley 1000-1630 Tours 1100 1400 / Kirkgate LS21 3HW
All Souls’ Church 1030-1600 / Blackman Lane LS2 9EY
An Outing in Oakwood 1400 / Oakwood Clock LS8 2FA
Beckett Street Cemetery 1400-1530 / Beckett Street LS9 7AA
Church of the Epiphany 1100-1300 / Beech Lane Gipton LS9 6SP
East Leeds History & Archaeology Society 1300-1400 / Crossgates Library LS15 7LB
Friends of St John’s Open Door 1000-1600 / N
 ew Street Farsley LS28 5DJ
From Coaching Inn to Craft Cafe 1030-1245 / R
 iversMEET Cafe Methley LS26 9EP
Holy Trinity Church 1000-1700 / Church Street Rothwell LS26 0QL
INF23 by Michael Shaw 1000-1700 / Left Bank Leeds LS6 1LJ
Kirkstall Abbey & The Cistercians 1400 / Kirstall Abbey Visitor Centre LS5 3EH
Heritage Open Days 5

Saturday 14/09 continued

Leeds Civic Hall 1000-1500 / Calverley Street LS1 1UR
Leeds Minster 1000-1230 / Kirkgate LS2 7DJ
Methley St Oswald’s Church 1100-1700 / Methley LS26 9BJ
Makkah Masjid Mosque 1200-1500 / Thornville Road LS6 1JY
Middleton Railway 1000-1500 Hourly Tours / Moor Road LS10 2JQ
Morley Town Hall 1030 1400/ Queen Street Morley LS27 9DY
Otley Courthouse  1000-1600/ Otley Courthouse LS21 3AN
Oulton Conservation Area Walk 1400 / St John’s Church LS26 8JU
Pudsey Textile & Musical Heritage D-Day Commemorations 1030-1600 / Pudsey Town Hall LS28 7BN
Pudsey Masonic Hall 1030-1600 / Church Lane LS28 7RF
Roundhay Park - Hidden History 1100 1400 / L
 akeside Car Park LS8 2JL
Saint Saviour’s Church 1000-1700 / Ellerby Road LS9 8LD
Sculptural Encounters In Leeds 1000-1200 & 1330-1530 / Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery LS2 9JT
St Aidan’s Walking Dragline 1300-1600 / Astley Lane Swillington LS26 8AL
St Aidan’s Church 1000-1600 / E
 lford Place West LS8 5QD
St Bartholomew’s Church 1200-1600 Organ Concert 1600 / Wesley Road Armley LS12 1SR
St Hilda’s Church 1000-1700 / Cross Green Lane LS9 0DG
St James’s Hospital Workhouse Chapel 1400 / Beckett Street LS9 7TF
St Martin’s Church 1000-1600 / P
 otternewton LS7 3LB
St Matthews’s Church 1000-1400 / Wood Lane Chapel Allerton LS7 3QF
St Peter’s Church 1000-1600 / Town Street Rawdon LS19 6QL
Sunny Bank Mills & Archive 1000-1600 hourly tours / Farsley LS28 5UJ
The Great Leeds Pub Quiz 1900-2200 / H
 olbeck Working Man’s Club LS11 9QX
The Grammar School at Leeds 1430-1630 Tours 1445 1515 1545 / Harrogate Road LS17 8GS
The M&S Company Archive: Dressing for Victory 1100-1500 Talk 1130 & 1330/ Woodsley Road LS2 9LP
The Power of Print, Print Room 1100-1500/ School of English Cavendish Road LS2 9JT
Woodlesford Conservation Area 1400 / Methodist Chapel Church Street LS26 8RD

Sunday 15/09
Adel Quaker Meeting House 1230-1600 / N
 ew Adel Lane LS16 6AZ
Adel St John’s Conservation Area 1300 / The Old Stables Back Church Lane LS16 8DW
Aireborough - All Our Yesterdays 0900-1300 Tours 1000 & 1200 / Yeadon Town Hall LS19 7PP
All Souls’ Church 1030-1600 / Blackman Lane LS2 9EY
Around the Rosebank Millenium Green 1400-1600 / Hyde Park Source Rosebank Road LS3 1HH
Beckett Street Cemetery 1400-1530 / Beckett Street LS9 7AA
Blue Plaques - In the Dock 1700-2000 / Holbeck Working Men’s Club LS11 9QX
Boston Spa Heritage Trail 1530 / Boston Spa Library LS23 6BH
Bramhope Puritan Chapel 1400-1600 / Leeds Road Bramhope LS16 9JJ
Church of the Epiphany 1130-1430 / Beech Lane Gipton LS9 6SP
From Coaching Inn to Craft Cafe 1030-1530 / R
 iversMEET Cafe Methley LS26 9EP

6 Events At A Glance

Sunday 15/09
Leeds Civic Hall 1000-1500 / C
 alverley Street LS1 1UR
Getting to Know Lawnswood Cemetery 1400 / Otley Road LS16 6AH
Gledhow Valley Bath House 1330-1630 / Gledhow Valley Road
High Royds: Lost World of a Victorian Asylum 1030 / High Royds Memorial Chapel Menston LS29 6DG
INF23 by Michael Shaw 1000-1700 / Left Bank Leeds LS6 1LJ
Leeds Minster  Service 0915 1030 Choral Evensong 1730 / Kirkgate LS2 7DJ
Methley St Oswald’s Church 1230-1700 / Methley LS26 9BJ
Middleton Park & Beeston Wood 1330 / Middleton Park Visitor Centre Town Street LS10 3SH
Middleton Railway 1000-1500 Hourly Tours / Moor Road LS10 2JQ
Oulton Hall & the Yorkshire Red Books of Humprhy Repton 1400 / Oulton Hall Rothwell LS26 8HN
Roundhay Park - Hidden History 1100 1400 / L
 akeside Car Park LS8 2JL
Saint Saviour’s Church 1100-1700 / Ellerby Road LS9 8LD
St Aidan’s Walking Dragline 1300-1600 / Astley Lane Swillington LS26 8AL
St Aidan’s Church 1300-1500 / E
 lford Place West LS8 5QD
St Bartholomew’s Church 0930-1300 / Wesley Road Armley LS12 1SR
St Hilda’s Church 1100-1700 / Cross Green Lane LS9 0DG
Sunny Bank Mills & Archive 1000-1600 hourly tours / Farsley LS28 5UJ
The Airey Homes of Oulton 1030 1130 1230 / Wordsworth Drive LS26 8EP
The Leeds Owl Trail Goes to Holbeck 1100 / Leeds City Museum LS2 8BH
Wetherby Walk 1345 / Riverside Car Park Bandstand LS22 6RF

Monday 16/09
Briggate Morris Dancing 1800 / Briggate adjacent Turks Head Yard LS1 6HB
Extraordinary Women on Blue Plaques 1030-1300 / Wharf Street LS2 7EQ
Herd Farm - Iron Age Roundhouses 1030-1230 / Herd Farm Activity Centre LS17 7RJ
INF23 by Michael Shaw 1000-1700 / Left Bank Leeds LS6 1LJ
Leeds Central Library Tour 1730-1900 / Calverley Street LS1 3AB
Leeds General Infirmary & Old Medical School OMS 1200 LGI 1330 / Great George Street LS1 3EX
Leeds Minster 1100-1400/ Kikrgate LS2 7DJ
The Leeds Library 1200-1400 Tour 1215 / Commercial Street LS1 6AL
Too Feeble To Play? Celebrating Women in Sport 1300 / Wharf Street LS2 7EQ

Tuesday 17/09
200 Years of Change - Wellington Place 1200-1300 / Wagon Hoist Wellington Place LS1 4AP
Aire & Calder Navigation Walk 1030 / The Corn Exchange LS1 3BR
Behind the Scenes at the British Library 1030 / Boston Spa LS23 7BQ
Extraordinary Women on Blue Plaques 1030-1300 / Wharf Street LS2 7EQ
Headingley Hill Walk 1830 / Hyde Park Pub LS6 2AS
Heritage Open Days 7

Tuesday 17/09 continued

INF23 by Michael Shaw 1000-1700 / Left Bank Leeds LS6 1LJ
Leeds Central Library Tour 1730-1900 / Calverley Street LS1 3AB
Leeds Minster  1100-1400 Tour 1230 / Kirkgate LS2 7DJ
St James’s Hospital Workhouse Chapel 1100 / Beckett Street LS9 7TF
The Leeds Library 1200-1400 Tour 1215 / Commercial Street LS1 6AL

Wednesday 18/09
Alan Bennett - Unexpected Activist 1800-1900 / Leeds Central Library LS1 3AB
All Saints’ Church 1400-1600/ Barwick in Elmet
Aspire - Former Yorkshire Penny Bank  0930-1700 / Infirmary Street LS1 2JP
Drighlington & the Battle of Adwalton Moor 1643 1400 / The Spotted Cow Whitehall Road BD11 1LJ
Extraordinary Women on Blue Plaques 1030-1300 / Wharf Street LS2 7EQ
Hidden Gems at Leeds Art Gallery’s Print Room 1800-1900 / The Headrow LS1 3AB
INF23 by Michael Shaw 1000-1700 / Left Bank Leeds LS6 1LJ
Leeds General Infirmary & Old Medical School LGI 1100 OMG 1230 / Great George Street LS1 3EX
Leeds Minster  1100-1400 Tour 1115 / Kirkgate LS2 7DJ
Saving the Heritage of Little Woodhouse 1430-1600 / Joseph’s Well LS3 1AB
St Matthews’s Church 0900-1130 / Wood Lane Chapel Allerton LS7 3QF
The Leeds Library 1200-1400 Tour 1215 / Commercial Street LS1 6AL
Walking for Health Through Armley & Wortley 1030 / Gotts Park Clubhouse LS12 2QX

Thursday 19/09
4000 Miles to Home 1000-1300 / T
 he Sikh Temple, Chapeltown Road LS7 3JT
A History of Leeds Art Gallery 1310-1330 / The Headrow LS1 3AB
A Ramble Around Yeadon 1030-1330 / Yeadon Tarn Bandstand LS19 7UR
Adel St John’s Conservation Area Walk 1300 / The Old Stables Back Church Lane LS16 8DW
Aspire - Former Yorkshire Penny Bank  0930-1700 / Infirmary Street LS1 2JP
Behind the Scenes at the British Library 1030 / Boston Spa LS23 7BQ
City Heritage Pubs Walk 1400 / The Adelphi LS10 1JQ
Extraordinary Women on Blue Plaques 1030-1300 / Wharf Street LS2 7EQ
Hinsley Hall 1100 & 1400 / Headingley Lane LS6 2BX
INF23 by Michael Shaw 1000-1700 / Left Bank Leeds LS6 1LJ
Leeds Central Library Tour 1030-1200 / Calverley Street LS1 3AB
Leeds Minster  1100-1400 Choral Evensong 1900 / Kirkgate LS2 7DJ
Oulton Conservation Area Walk 1800 / St John’s Church LS26 8JU
People Power - Farnley Wood Plot to the Suffragettes1430-1530 / Lancasterian School Room LS12 5HY
Quebecs Hotel, Leeds Liberal Club 1200 1300 & 1400 / Quebec Street LS1 2HA
St James’s Hospital Workhouse Chapel 1100 / Beckett Street LS9 7TF

8 Events At A Glance

Thursday 19/09 continued

The Leeds Gasworkers’ Strike of 1890 1600 / The Railway Club Driver Street LS12 1EB
The Leeds Library 1200-1400 Tour 1215 / Commercial Street LS1 6AL
The Sikh Temple 1030 & 1130 / Chapeltown Road LS7 3JT
The Story of Mabgate 1800 / Patrick Studios Mabgate LS9 7EH
Treasures of the Leeds Central Library 1400-1500 / G
 roundworks Morley LS27 9SL
Woodlesford Conservation Area  1800 / Methodist Chapel Church Street LS26 8RD
Words from the Wings 1930 / Shadwell Library LS17 8HL

Friday 20/09
Classic Jukebox Factory Tour 0930-1130 / Sound Leisure Sandleas Way LS15 8AR
Extraordinary Women on Blue Plaques 1030-1300 / Wharf Street LS2 7EQ
Hinsley Hall 1100 & 1400 / Headingley Lane LS6 2BX
Hollybush Conservation Centre 1500-1900 / Broad Lane Kirkstall LS5 3BP
Holy Trinity Church 1000-1530 / Church Street Rothwell LS26 0QL
Images of Old Leeds 1000-1500 / The Leeds Library Commercial Street LS1 6AL
INF23 by Michael Shaw 1000-1700 / Left Bank Leeds LS6 1LJ
Leeds General Infirmary & Old Medical School OMS 1130 LGI 1300 / Great George Street LS1 3EX
Leeds Minster  1100-1400 Organ Recital 1230 / Kirkgate LS2 7DJ
MAP Charity at Hope Foundry 1600-2100 / Hope House Mabgate LS9 7DR
Mill Hill Chapel 1000-1600 / Lower Basinghall Street LS1 5EB

Park Square the Place & its People 1230 / St Pauls House Park Square LS1 2ND
Royal Armouries Museum 1100-1300 & 1400-1600 / Armouries Drive LS10 1LT
Saint Saviour’s Church 1100-1700 / Ellerby Road LS9 8LD
Seven Statues Four Sculptures & a Bridge 1100 / The Queens Hotel City Square LS1 1PJ
St Peter’s Church 1000-1600 / Town Street Rawdon LS19 6QL
The Historic Village of Kippax 1800 / The Cooperative High Street LS25 7AB
The Leeds Library 1200-1400 Tour 1215 / Commercial Street LS1 6AL
Where There’s Mud - Thorpe Park Archaeology 1900 / Newman Centre Cross Gates LS15 1JY

Saturday 21/09
4000 Miles to Home 1000-1300 / T
 he Sikh Temple, Chapeltown Road LS7 3JT
‘100 Years of Council Housing’ John Boughton 1245-1430 / The Old Fire Station Gipton LS9 6NL
A New Future - Guiseley Theatre 1200 & 1430 / The Green Guiseley LS20 9BT
Basements and Balconies 1100 / Corn Exchange LS1 7BR
Beckett Park/Kirkstall Grange 1200 & 1400 / The Grange Beckett Park LS6 3QX
Beckett Street Cemetery 1400-1530 / Beckett Street LS9 7AA
Blue Plaque Unveiling RAH Livett 1100-1200 / Gipton Estate East Leeds
Bramley the Village that Disappeared 1000-1200 / Bramley Trinity Methodist Church LS13 2ER
Calverley Methodist Church 1200-1600 / Chapel Street Calverley LS28 5PS
Heritage Open Days 9

Saturday 21/09 continued

Calverley Old Hall 1000-1600 / W
 oodhall Road LS28 5NL
Calverley Parish Church 1000-1600 / Towngate Calverley LS28 5NF
Guiseley Theatre 1000-1600 / The Green Guiseley LS20 9BT
Groundworks Open Day 1100-1400 / Merlyn-Rees Avenue Morley LS27 9SL
Headingley St Columba Church 1000-1530 / Headingley Lane LS6 2DH
Hollybush Conservation Centre 1500-1900 / Broad Lane Kirkstall LS5 3BP
Images of Old Leeds 1000-1500 / The Leeds Library Commercial Street LS1 6AL
INF23 by Michael Shaw 1000-1700 / Left Bank Leeds LS6 1LJ
Inspirational Women at Fulneck 1000-1600 Tours from church / F
 ulneck LS28 8NT
Knitted Map of Leeds 1000-1800 / The Corn Exchange LS1 7BR
Leeds Beckett University 1100-1600 / Headingley Campus LS16 5LF
Leeds Central Library Tour 1030-1200 / Calverley Street LS1 3AB
Leeds Minster 1000-1230 / Kirkgate LS2 7DJ
Mill Hill Chapel 1000-1600 / Lower Basinghall Street LS1 5EB
Miss Lily’s Victorian Circus 1230-1700/ Horsforh Ballroom Horsforth Library LS18 5BL
Moorlands School, (Fox Hill) 1000-1200 / Foxhill Drive LS16 5PF
People Powered Press - Have a Go 1000-1500 / S
 plit (Yorkshire Dance) St Peters Square LS9 8AH
Skelton Grange Environmental Centre Open Day 1100-1600 / Skelton Grange Road LS10 1RS
St Hilda’s Church 1100-1700 / Cross Green Lane LS9 0DG
St Martin’s Church 1000-1600 / P
 otternewton LS7 3LB
St Peter’s Church 1000-1600 / Town Street Rawdon LS19 6QL
Stank Hall Barn 1200-1600 / Dewsbury Road
The Back-to-Back Houses in Harehills 1100-1230 & 1400-1530 / Harehills Road/Lambton Grove LS8 5PB
The Leeds Library  1000-1600 / Commercial Street LS1 6AL
Victory Garden Allotments  1300-1600 / off Park Avenue Rawdon LS19 6ER
Voices of Tetley’s Brewery 1100 & 1400 / The Tetley Hunslet Road LS10 1JQ
Woodhouse Ridge - A Walking Tour 1100-1300 / Opposite 56 Ridge Terrace Headingley LS6 2DA
Wortley Local History Group 1030-1600 / Whingate Methodist Church & Community Centre LS12 3EJ

Sunday 22/09
4000 Miles to Home 1000-1300 / T
 he Sikh Temple, Chapeltown Road LS7 3JT
200 Years of Housing for the People in Little Woodhouse 1400-1600 / P
 ark Dale Hall LS1 4PQ
Aire & Calder Navigation Walk 1330 / The Corn Exchange LS1 7BR
Beckett Park/Kirkstall Grange Walk  1200 1400 / The Grange Beckett Park LS6 3QX
Beckett Street Cemetery 1400-1530 / Beckett Street LS9 7AA
Bramhope Puritan Chapel 1400-1600 / L
 eeds Road Bramhope LS16 9JJ
Bramley: The People Powered Baths 1230-1600 / B
 road Lane LS13 3DF
Calverley Methodist Church 1200-1600 / Chapel Street Calverley LS28 5P
Calverley Old Hall 1000-1600 / W
 oodhall Road LS28 5NL
Calverley Parish Church 1600-1800 / Towngate Calverley LS28 5NF

10 Events At A Glance

Sunday 22/09 continued

Calverley Village - A Walking Heritage Quest 1030-1130 / Calverley Arms LS28 5QQ
Farsley Rehoboth Burial Ground  1100-1400 Hourly tours / Coal Hill Lane LS28 5NA
Guiseley Cemetery 1400 1500 & 1600 / Chevin End Road LS20 9DL
Hollybush Conservation Centre 1100-1500 / Broad Lane Kirkstall LS5 3BP
Images of Old Leeds 1000-1500 / The Leeds Library Commercial Street LS1 6AL
INF23 by Michael Shaw 1000-1700 / Left Bank Leeds LS6 1LJ
Inspirational Women at Fulneck 1000-1600 Tours from church / F
 ulneck LS28 8NT
Knitted Map of Leeds 1030-1630 / The Corn Exchange LS1 7BR
Leeds Beckett University 1100-1600 / Headingley Campus LS16 5LF
Leeds Minster Service 0915 & 1030 Choral Evensong 1730 / Kirkgate LS2 7DJ
Mill Hill Chapel 1300-1600 / Lower Basinghall Street LS1 5EB
Miss Lily’s Victorian Circus 1100-1500/ Horsforh Ballroom Horsforth Library LS18 5BL
The Power of People Through Music - Meanwood Ensemble 1900-c2100 / Northern Monk LS11 9YJ
Victory Garden Allotments  1300-1600 / off Park Avenue Rawdon LS19 6ER
Voices of Tetley’s Brewery 1100 & 1400 / The Tetley Hunslet Road LS10 1JQ
Yeadon Above & Beyond - the story of Yorkshire’s own airport 1300 / Yeadon Town Hall LS19 7PP
Heritage Open Days 11

Use this space to make an itinerary for yourself

Events I intend to visit Time Date Do I need to book?















12 Pre-Book Events

‘100 Years of Council Housing’, with 200 years of change - the surprising
author John Boughton - Talk history of Wellington Place - Walk
Sat 21 / 1245-1430 Tue 17 / 1200-1300
Celebrating 100 years since the Housing Join Leeds City Walking Tours guide
Act, celebrated author and social Rachael Unsworth and see how much
historian, John Boughton delivers a you can discover in your lunch hour.
special talk about the Council houses Rooftop views are included in this walk
which shaped so many of our lives. that takes you back to the open fields of
The Old Fire Station, Gipton
Approach, LS9 6NL Wagon Hoist, Wellington Place, LS1 4AP
To book: Search ‘100 years of council To book: Search ‘surprising Wellington
housing’ on Eventbrite Place’ on Eventbrite

A Policeman’s Beat Through Otley - A Ramble Around Yeadon - Walk

Walk Thu 19 / 1030-1330
Sat 14 / 1100, 1400 Discover the rich history and heritage
You’re nicked! Walk the police beats of of Yeadon with this rewarding circular
Otley. Based on extensive research and walk of the Conservation Areas where
interviews with two former officers, find your experienced local guide will bring
out what it was like to walk a day and a Yeadon’s past to life using photographic
night town beat in Otley between the archive material.
years 1956 to 1968.
Yeadon Tarn Bandstand Cemetery Road
Otley Courthouse LS21 3AN LS19 7UR
To book: 01943 467466 To book: 01943 878609

Adel St John’s Conservation Area -

Sun 15 Thu 19 / 1300
This flat circular walk includes Adel
Church and the Old Adel Rectory, York
Gate House, Long Causeway and old
cottages, Adel Smithy and the old Adel
School building. The walk will end at Adel
Church which will be open.

The Old Stables Back Church Lane LS16

To book: Alan Bennett - see pg. 13
Heritage Open Days 13

Aire & Calder

Aire and Calder Navigation Heritage Alan Bennett - Unexpected Activist

Walk Talk Wed 18 / 1800-1900
Tue 17 / 1030 Sun 22 / 1330 Dr Kara McKechnie explores local hero
A walk from the city centre to Thwaite Alan Bennett’s politics and the way they
Mills discovering the rich history of are expressed through his work. Bennett
the area with an option to continue on is not typically seen as a political author,
to Woodlesford, returning by public but by taking a fresh look there may be
transport. The walk includes the history new clues in his work.
of the river and its use through the ages,
the flood defences, and the railway line. Leeds Central Library Calverley Street
The Corn Exchange Call Lane LS1 7BR To book:
To book: leedslibraryevents

An Outing in Oakwood - Walk Aspire - Former Yorkshire Penny

Sat 14 / 1400 Bank - Tour
Historian Janet Douglas leads a
Wed 18 Thu 19 / 0930-1700
walk round Oakwood, which has the Enjoy a tour of the former Yorkshire
city’s earliest Victorian villas. In the Penny Bank to discover hidden vaults
course of the 19th century, this rural beneath the grand floors, see where
backwater was overwhelmed by waves people once paid in their pennies in the
of suburbanisation and in 1912 it was grand Banking Hall.
incorporated into Leeds.
Aspire Leeds Ltd Yorkshire Bank
Oakwood Clock Princes Avenue Chambers 2 Infirmary Street LS1 2JP
Roundhay LS8 2FA To book: 01132 368368 / events@aspire-
To book:

14 Pre-Book Events

Bramley Baths c.
Lizzie Coombes

Basements and Balconies – Mystery Behind the Scenes at The British

Tour! Library - Tour
Sat 21 / 1100 Tue 17 Thu 19 / 1030
Join this city centre tour if you enjoy a A rare behind the scenes tour of the
mystery trip - the only clue is the word British Library. A fantastic opportunity
‘exchange’! The tour will be led by Rob to visit a real national treasure in the
Kilner, aka ‘Workers Lunchtime’ and will heart of the country which will provide
take in some Leeds ‘highs and lows’. a special insight into the complex and
diverse material we collect and preserve.
The Corn Exchange Call Lane LS1 7BR
To book: Search ‘basements balconies The British Library Boston Spa LS23 7BQ
tour’ on Eventbrite To book:

Blue Plaques - In the Dock! Boston Spa Heritage - Walk

Sun 15 / 1700-2000 Sun 15 / 1530
You have been selected for jury service. A guided walk around the Boston Spa
Will the blue plaque be found guilty or Conservation Area including the Blue
not guilty? A thought-provoking event Plaque Trail. Discover more about this
where in the era of #MeToo, polarised attractive village and its history as a spa
politics and climate change, we look back resort.
at our plaques and play devil’s advocate.
Boston Spa Library High Street LS23 6BH
Holbeck Working Men’s Club Jenkinson To book:
Lawn LS11 9QX
To book: Search ‘Blue Plaques in the
Dock’ on Eventbrite
Heritage Open Days 15

Bramley: The People Powered Baths Castle Grove Masonic Hall - Tour
– Family Friendly Fri 13 / 0945, 1030, 1115, 1200
Sun 22 / 1230-1330 Castle Grove was the opulent home of
Pack your swimming goggles and dive in several noted Leeds businesspeople
for a talk with a difference - in the pool! and the home of Castle Grove Masonic
Take in the bath’s Victorian finery whilst Hall since 1935. Discover the sumptuous
Bramley Baths Board Member, John interiors and learn about Freemasonry
Battle. guides you through the pool’s past and present.
Moor Road Headingley LS6 4BP
Bramley Baths Broad Lane LS13 3DF To book:
To book: 0113 256 0949

Factories and Fevers, Child Health in City Heritage Pubs - Walk

19th Century Leeds - Talk Thu 19 / 1400
Fri 13 / 1800-1900 A guided walk round some of the city
Dr Emma Storr explores the experience centre’s most popular heritage pubs
of children working in Leeds’ 19th century including the Adelphi and Whitelocks.
factories and mills. Hear the crucial role The walk will conclude at the Templar
Leeds physicians Charles Thackrah and with an opportunity to buy a drink and
Robert Baker played in the Public Health discuss issues raised during the walk.
Act 1848.
The Adelphi 1 - 3 Hunslet Road LS10 1JQ
Castleton Mill, Castleton Close LS12 2DS To book:
To book: Search ‘Child Health Leeds’ on

Classic Jukebox Factory Visit - Tour

Fri 20 / 0930-1130
Get lost in music on a tour of the world’s
only vinyl record playing jukebox factory.
See how Sound Leisure’s retro music
machines are put together by a team of
skilled craftspeople. Don’t forget your
dancing shoes!

Sound Leisure Ltd, Sandleas Way LS15

To book: Search ‘classic jukebox visit’ on

16 Pre-Book Events
Quilting at rivers
MEET Devonshire Hall - Tour
Fri 13 / 1300, 1400
Devonshire Hall is one of Leeds
University’s most popular halls of
residence. The Grade II* listed building
created from two Victorian villas retains
some beautiful original features.

Cumberland Road LS6 2EQ

To book: 0113 2751265

Drighlington and the Battle of East Leeds History & Archaeology

Adwalton Moor 1643 - Walk Society - Talk
Wed 18 / 1400 Sat 14 / 1300-1400
Historian Ken Goor leads a walk round ‘Stalwarts of Leeds’. A look at the lives
Drighlington, including the site of the of Leonora Cohen and Sir Montague
Battle of Adwalton Moor. Discover the Burton. This talk gives an insight into
pub turned Civil War field hospital and the lives of two people who rose from
site of the first demonstration of Percy humble beginnings yet in different ways
Shaw’s ‘cats eyes’. influenced the lives of Leeds people.
The Spotted Cow 122 Whitehall Road Crossgates Library Farm Road LS15 7LB
Drighlington BD11 1LJ To book:
To book:

From Coaching Inn to Craft Cafe – From Crops to Commuters, Thorner

Activity Walk
Sat 14 / 1030-1245 Fri 13 / 1800
Two fascinating talks about the heritage Discover how the impact of the railway
of quilting. The first describes the changed the character of this once
‘Finding Ruby’ project, a vintage quilting largely agricultural community. You will
trail with roots in Texas. The second find out how Thorner was a pioneer of
considers quilting methods past and self service shopping and hear about the
present. Quilts will be on display. See influential work of a popular Victorian
non-bookable events too. vicar.

rivers MEET Cafe 102 Leeds Road Victory Hall Carr Lane Thorner LS14 3EY
Methley LS26 9EP To book:
To book:
Heritage Open Days 17

Guiseley Theatre Guided Tour Getting to know Lawnswood

Sat 21 / 1030 1330 Cemetery - Walk
At the heart of the Guiseley community
Sun 15 /1400
since 1867, Guiseley Theatre has lived A walk looking at the graves of some
life as a Town Hall, a library, a school, a of the people who made Leeds great.
military hospital, cinema and much more. Opened in 1875, Lawnswood’s grounds
Join Chairman, Christopher Ingram to and most of its buildings were designed
hear about it past, present and future. by architect George Corson who was
himself buried there in 1910.
Guiseley Theatre The Green LS20 9BT
To book: Otley Road LS16 6AH
office To book: friendsoflawnswoodcemetery@

Gotts Park and the Yorkshire Red Headingley Hill - Walk

Books of Humphry Repton - Talk Tue 17 / 1830
Fri 13 / 1400 A walk around the Headingley Hill, Hyde
Discover the history of this well known Park and Woodhouse Moor Conservation
Leeds mansion, its stunning parkland Area. Discover some of the influential
setting and its owner Benjamin Gott, local personalities who lived in the area.
owner of Armley Mills. The Mansion is Explore the Conservation Area to view
set in a landscape designed by Humphry listed buildings (some ‘at risk’) and other
Repton. heritage assets including green spaces.

Gotts Park Golf Club Armley Ridge Road Hyde Park Pub Headingley Lane LS6 2AS
LS12 2QX To book:
To book: 0113 2311896

Herd Farm, Iron Age Roundhouses Cemetery
Family Friendly
Mon 16 / 1030-1230
Visit replica Iron Age roundhouses and
find out how they’re used to educate
about our prehistoric ancestors. Discover
the challenges of prehistoric life and the
skills and ingenuity required to survive in
Yorkshire over 2,000 years ago.

Harrogate Road LS17 7RJ

To book:

18 Pre-Book Events

Hidden Gems at Leeds Art Gallery’s High Royds (now Chevin Park): the
Print Room - Tour Lost World of a Victorian Asylum -
Wed 18 / 1000-1100 Walk
A rare chance to see behind the scenes at
Sun 15 / 1030
Leeds Art Gallery. Find out how curators A walk around the grounds of the former
care for fragile and valuable works, see ‘West Riding Lunatic Asylum’, built in the
original artworks from different periods 1880s. We shall also visit the Memorial
and styles, inc. J. M.W. Turner, Paula Rego Chapel and graveyard.
and Andy Warhol.
High Royds Memorial Chapel and Garden
Leeds Art Gallery The Headrow LS1 3AA Buckle Lane Menston LS29 6DG
To book: Search ‘hidden gems Leeds Art To book: Search ‘High Royds Lost World’
Gallery’ on Eventbrite on Eventbrite

Hinsley Hall: so much to offer at the Hollybush Conservation Centre -

Diocese of Leeds Pastoral Centre – Tour Family Friendly
Talk & Tour Fri 20 / 1500-1900
Thu 19 Fri 20 / 1100, 1400 Sat 21 / 1100-1600
Discover the history of this fascinating Hollybush is an environmental
building set in stunning grounds. volunteering centre which helps manage
Archivist Robert Finnigan introduces threatened green spaces across Leeds.
Hinsley Hall over tea and coffee, followed Learn about 300 years of history. See
by a walk through the grounds finishing non-bookable also.
at the ‘Hidden Chapel’.
Broad Lane Kirkstall LS5 3BP
62 Headingley Lane LS6 2BX To book: Search ‘Hollybush Conservation’
To book: on Eventbrite

Hinsley Hall
Heritage Open Days 19

Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus

Leeds Beckett University – Family Leeds Central Library - Tour

Friendly Sat 21 Sun 22 / 1100-1600 Mon 16 Tue 17 / 1730-1900 &
From the 15th century monks who
Thu 19 Sat 21 / 1030-1200
developed Beckett Park, to the Victoian Behind the scenes tour of Leeds Central
civic leaders who established education Library in the magnificent Grade II* listed
provision in Leeds, hear a selection of building. Find out about the architecture,
expert talks from current academics. history and famous visitors, as well as
Non-bookable events available too. visiting some secret corners. See non-
bookable events too.
Headingley Campus LS16 5LF
To book: Calverley Street LS1 3AB
events/university-events/heritage-open- To book:
days-2019/ leedslibraryevents

MAP Charity - Hope Foundry, Oulton Conservation Area - Walk

Mabgate - Tour Fri 13 / 1800 Sat 14 / 1400
Fri 20 1700, 1900 Thu 19 / 1800
Once employing hundreds of Leeds Discover Oulton’s fascinating history,
people, this vast site has been reinvented from a brief mention in the Domesday
as a place which encourages young Book to a rural estate village and its
people to reach their full potential. A subsequent growth over the years. With
unique opportunity to look inside the a host of listed homes and buildings,
stunning Grade II listed former foundry. which used to be under the Calverley
family’s ownership.
Hope House, Mabgate LS9 7DR
To book: Search ‘MAP charity hope St John’s Church, Leeds Road, LS26 8JU
foundry’ on Eventbrite To book:

20 Pre-Book Events

Oulton Hall

Oulton Hall and the Yorkshire Red Park Square - the Place and its
Books of Humphry Repton - Talk People - Talk
Sun 15 / 1400 Fri 20 / 1230
Dr Patrick Eyres talks about the work of Leeds historian James Rhodes will give a
landscape gardener Humphry Repton in talk about the history of Park Square and
the very setting he designed. Find out some of its famous residents. Featuring
about Repton’s innovations which made amongst others Sir John Barran, Thomas
him successor to ‘Capability’ Brown. Ambler and Joshua Tetley.

Oulton Hall Rothwell Lane LS26 8HN The Barran Room St Pauls House LS1
To book: 2ND
To book: Search ‘Park Square the place
and its people’ on Eventbrite

Quebecs Hotel, formerly Leeds Women of Westminster: The MPs

Liberal Club - Tour who changed politics - Talk
Thu 19 / 1200, 1300, 1400 Fri 13 / 1230
Tours of Quebecs Hotel, the former A fascinating talk by Rachel Reeves
Leeds Liberal Club. View the splendid MP. 489 women have been elected to
interior, including a magnificent stained Parliament. Hear a selection of their
glass window depicting Yorkshire towns’ stories, from Barbara Castle, to Diane
coats of arms. Abbott, via Margaret Thatcher, women
certainly have shaken up Parliament!
Quebecs Hotel 9 Quebec Street LS1 2HA
To book: 0113 2448989 Bramley Library Hough Lane Bramley
LS13 3ND
To book: 0113 3781851
Heritage Open Days 21

Saving the Heritage of Little Sculptural encounters in Leeds

Woodhouse Walk Walk
Wed 18 / 1430-1600 Sat 14 / 1000-1200, 1330-1530
Explore Little Woodhouse’s Georgian Discover the sculptural heartbeat of
Squares. Discover important former Leeds, from the energetic “Legs Walking”
residents and visit Joseph’s Well, by Kenneth Armitage to Quentin Bell’s
formerly John Barron’s mill warehouse, eye-catching “The Dreamer” on this
and 18th century merchants houses walking tour from Leeds city centre to
Claremont and Denison Hall. the University of Leeds campus.

Main Entrance, Joseph’s Well, LS3 1AB Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery LS2 9JT
To book: Search ‘Saving heritage little To book:
woodhouse’ on Eventbrite sculptural-encounters-in-leeds-walking-

Seven Statues, Four Sculptures & a The Airey Homes of Oulton - Tour
Bridge - Walk Sun 15 / 1030, 1130, 1230
Fri 20 / 1100 An opportunity to visit one of the few
Under the guidance of knowledgeable remaining Airey homes in the country
guide, Hazel Lunn, discover how the and learn about their history from
wonderful city of Leeds evolved. A city residents. Prefabricated homes for
centre walking tour taking in statues, miners in Oulton were built to Sir Edwin
sculptures and interesting stories. Airey’s design and represented post war
architectural innovation.
The Queens Hotel City Square LS1 1PJ
To book: 46 Wordsworth Drive, Oulton LS26 8EP
To book:

The Back-to-back Houses in

Harehills - Walk
Sat 21 / 1100-1230, 1400-1530
This tour will guide you not just through
the back-to-back streets of Harehills, but
through the history of their development
between 1891 and 1912, and early
Edwardian social and sanitary reform and
national legislation.

Harehills Road / Lambton Grove Harehills

Sir Edwin Airey / Airey Homes
To book:

22 Pre-Book Events

The Great Leeds Pub Quiz The Historic Village of Kippax - Walk
Sat 14 / 1900-2200 Fri 20 / 1800
Gather your friends or join a team as we You will see the remains of a Motte and
challenge your knowledge of Leeds over Bailey Castle, a 12th century Church,
a drink or two! From sports to landmarks, traces of later structures and much more
along with a few unexpected rounds too. in this historic east Leeds village under
Who will become the Leeds Champion the guidance of local historian Edgar
2019? Pickles.

Holbeck Working Mens Club Jenkinson The Co-operative 60 High Street Kippax
Lawn LS11 9QX LS25 7AB
To book: Search ‘the great Leeds pub To book:
quiz’ via Eventbrite

The Leeds Library – Tours The Leeds Owl Trail goes to Holbeck
Fri 13 Mon 16 Tue 17 Wed 18 Thu 19 Walk
Fri 20 / 1215 Sun 15 / 1100
A booklovers paradise! Take a guided This Leeds Owl Trail walk will start at
tour of this magnificent subscription the Civic Hall and end at Temple Mills.
library, the oldest of its type in Britain. At the end of the walk there will be an
Founded in 1768 it boasts Joseph opportunity to hear about plans for the
Priestley as one of its earliest subscribers. area by an architect.

18 Commercial Street, LS1 6AL Leeds City Museum Millenium Square

To book: LS2 8BH
or To book:

The Power of People through music

- an evening with the Meanwood
Ensemble - Performance
Sun 22 / 1900-c2100
Welcome to the beautiful sounds of
classical vocal quartet, Meanwood
Ensemble – as they fill the Grade II listed
former mill, Chapter Hall with their
ethereal acoustic. Bar available.

Northern Monk, Marshalls Mill LS11 9YJ

To book: Search ‘meanwood ensemble
northern’ on Eventbrite Meanwood Ensemble
Heritage Open Days 23

The story of Mabgate from Industrial

Revolution to John Lewis - Walk
Thu 19 / 1800
Join this walk and discover the colourful
history of this fascinating area of the city.
The history of Mabgate will be linked
with the development of current cultural
activities in the area.

Patrick Studios Saint Mary’s Lane

Mabgate LS9 7EH
To book:
Words from the Wings

The Sikh Temple (Gurdwara) - Tours Too feeble to play? Celebrating

Thu 19 / 1030, 1130 women in sport - Talk
Enjoy a warm welcome and introduction
Mon 16 / 1300
to the Sikh faith and culture at this north Trace the progress of women in sport.
Leeds Gurdwara. This is the largest Sikh From ancient Greece to the Lionesses
Temple in Leeds and its stunning interiors football team, via local heroines Beryl
include beautiful lattice work and ornate Burton, Hannah Cockcroft, Jessica Ennis-
domes. Hill, Nicola Adams and the Leeds United
and Rhino’s women’s teams.
281A Chapeltown Road LS7 3JT
To book: Leeds Civic Trust, Wharf Street LS2 7EQ
To book: Search ‘too feeble play’ on

Words from the Wings - Voices of Tetley’s Brewery - Tour

Performance Sat 21 Sun 22 / 1100, 1400
Thu 19 /1930 Join a former Tetley Brewery employee
Actors from Trio Literati present a searing and explore the hidden history of the
footlight on the world of amateur theatre old brewery. Learn about the brewing
with all its triumphs (a few) and disasters process by tracing the histories of the
(all too many!). From cardboard crowns buildings that used to stand on this site.
and makeshift scenery to the magic
discovery of talent - Am Dram has it all. The Tetley Hunslet Road LS10 1JQ
To book: Search ‘voices of Tetley’s
Shadwell Library 99 Main Street LS17 8HL brewery’ on Eventbrite
To book: 07850283529

24 Pre-Book Events

‘Walking for Health’ through Armley Woodlesford Conservation Area -

and Wortley Walk Fri 13 Thu 19 / 1800
Wed 18 / 1030 Sat 14 / 1400
This is a 4.3 mile circular walk, which Discover how Woodlesford has been
starts and finishes at the Gotts Park shaped by its past development from
Clubhouse. Follow local trails through a small rural agricultural village into an
woodland, townscapes and ginnels expanded settlement with a wide range
and find an amazing yet little known of industrial activities. Quarrying, mining,
viewpoint. brick making, potteries and milling have
all been significant.
Gotts Park Clubhouse, Armley Ridge
Road, LS12 2QX The Methodist Chapel, Church Street,
To book: Search ‘walking for health Woodlesford, LS26 8RD
armley’ on Eventbrite To book:

‘Yeadon Above and Beyond’ The

story of Yorkshire’s airport - Talk
Sun 22 / 1300
Aviation Historian Ken Cothliff traces
the fascinating story of Leeds Bradford
Airport from its humble beginnings to its
place in international travel today. Many
of the featured photographs have never
been shown in public before.

Yeadon Town Hall High Street LS19 7PP

To book: Search ‘Yeadon above and
beyond’ on Eventbrite
Gotts Park - Walking for Health
Heritage Open Days 25

Holbeck - Where it all starts & ends

Head over to Holbeck for a host of events this year. From a blue plaque
unveiling, to a pub quiz, as well as a very special closing event at The
Northern Monk, it’s all happening in Holbeck!
We’ve teamed up with The Holbeck duty at the HWMC as we put our Blue
Working Men’s Club (HWMC, the home Plaques in the dock. With over 170 blue
of Slung Low) and The Northern Monk plaques in the city, we challenge the
brewery to bring you a number of audience to look at our plaques from a
eclectic and fun events. It all kicks off different perspective. Find out which
at this year’s launch event on Thursday ‘terrorist’ has a plaque, and decide on
12th September, where a special blue the fate of a new plaque proposal. The
plaque will be unveiled to commemorate courtroom opens at 5pm.
the HWMC, we’ll have a shindig with With our launch event in Holbeck, we’re
the Commoners Choir, and the bar will also wrapping up this year’s Heritage
be open to raise a glass to HODs 25th Open Days at The Northern Monk, the
Anniversary. micro-brewery which shares it’s home
Saturday the 14th sees ‘The Great Leeds with Marshall’s Mills. And are you in
Pub Quiz’. Think you know everything for a treat as the hauntingly beautiful
there is to know about this great city? Meanwood Ensemble performs in this
Well, this could be your time to shine – stunning industrial setting. We can’t think
join as a team, or come down by yourself, of a better way to round off this year’s
and we’ll find a team for you. From HODs.
general knowledge to trivia, and picture But be quick! Tickets are required for
rounds, there’ll be plenty to keep your each of these events, and can be found
brain busy! on
On Sunday 15th you are invited to jury

26 Open Events

4000 Miles to Home

200 years of ‘Housing for the
People’ in Little Woodhouse - Walk
Sun 22 / 1400-1600
A walk looking at successive waves
of construction, demolition, rescue,
restoration and new housing for the
people throughout the 19th and 20th
centuries. The route takes in grand
country houses, Victorian terraced
housing, social housing and recent studio

Park Dale Hall Marlborough Towers LS1


4000 Miles to Home - A journey to A History of Leeds Art Gallery - Talk

West Yorkshire - Exhibition Thu 19 / 1310-1330
Thu 19 Sat 21 Sun 22 / 1000-1300 A close encounter with the Gallery
A.S Kang arrived in West Yorkshire as through its building’s history. This short
a young boy with his family from the lunchtime talk explores the Victorian
Punjab. A keen photographer Kang fabric of the Gallery, opened to the public
captured unique images of life in a mill in 1888. Learn about the transformation
town. By looking back at these 1950s of the Tiled Hall from the Free Public
images, we are invited to reflect on the Library newsroom to a space for the
communities we build today. display of sculpture.

The Sikh Temple, Chapeltow Road LS7 Leeds Art Gallery The Headrow LS1 3AA

A New Future - The Regeneration of Adel Quaker Meeting – Open Doors

Guiseley Theatre Sun 15 / 1230-1600
Sat 21 / 1200, 1430 Simple Quaker Meeting House set in
Come and join this lively presentation walled grounds with adjoining Burial
and discussion, detailing the future hopes Ground. All gravestones are identical
and dreams of the new Guiseley Theatre in their modest design to indicate
Community Interest Company. Gain an equality. There are some significant
insight into the future of this exciting burials, including two war graves. A small
community hub. Many more events too - exhibition in the Meeting House gives
check the HODs website. the history of the building and the Burial
Guiseley Theatre, The Green, Guiseley,
LS20 9BT New Adel Lane LS16 6AZ
Heritage Open Days 27

Aireborough - All Our Yesterdays

Tours Talks & Exhibitions
Sat 14 Sun 15 /0900-1300 Tours
1000 1200 slide show 1100
Three fantastic events in one historic
building! Join Aireborough Historical
Society and see inside this beautiful late
19th century Town Hall, with previously
unseen community archive material
donated by the people of Yeadon
and view the exhibition of yesteryear

Town Hall High Street Yeadon LS19 7PP All Souls’ Church

All Saints’ Church, Barwick-in-Elmet All Saints’ Parish Church, Otley –

- Tour Family Friendly
Sat 14 / 1100-1600 Sat 14 / 1000-1630 Tours 1100 1400
Wed 18 / 1400-1600 Visit the oldest building in town! On
display: Saxon Cross sections and
Dating back to Norman times. Discover historical documents. The tower will be
the spectacular East Window which open to visit the ringing chamber and
shows the saints, the Gascoigne chapel, view the bells. There will be a number of
altered by Mary Isabella Gascoigne and presentations, including detail about the
her husband in 1858. See the church the church’s stained glass windows and
clock with its famous red face. Enjoy a virtual tower tour.
guided tour or just wander round our
historic church. Kirkgate, Otley LS21 3HW
Aberford Road Barwick-in-Elmet

All Souls’ Church - Open Door Around the Rosebank Millenium

Fri 13 Sat 14 / 1030-1600 Green - Walk
Sun 15 / 1000-1600 Sun 15 / 1400-1600
Completed to the designs of Sir George A circular walk around the Rosebank
Gilbert Scott in 1880, and as the city’s Millennium Green exploring the history of
memorial to Revd. Walter Farquhar Hook, a hidden 5 acre slice of countryside in an
the church was furnished on a lavish inner city area of Leeds from green fields
scale - a treasure house of ecclesiastical to housing to Millennium Green. It is now
art and a living church today. owned and cared for by local people.

Blackman Lane LS2 9EY Hyde Park Source, 2 Rosebank Road LS3

28 Open Events 28

Beckett Park/Kirkstall Grange - Walk

Sat 21 Sun 22 / 1200, 1400
Explore the history of the Kirkstall
Grange estate, from its origins as an
outlying farm of Kirkstall Abbey, taking
in Victoria Arch, the site of the formal
gardens, the medieval ridge and furrow,
the 19th century designed parkland, the
air raid shelter, and planned work to
restore the historic features.

Leeds Beckett University, The Grange,

Beckett Park, LS6 3QX

Beckett Street Cemetery – Tour & Blue Plaque Unveiling - R.A.H Livett,
Visit housing pioneer
Sat 14 Sun 15 & Sat 21 Sun 22 / 1400- Sat 21 / 1100-1200
1530 To celebrate 100 years since the Council
Housing Act of 1919, join Leeds Civic
See the graves of over 180,000 Leeds Trust for a plaque unveiling honoring City
people and gain an insight into the Architect R.A.H Livett OBE. From the
fascinating stories of life in Victorian Quarry Hill Estate, to the Gipton Estate;
Leeds. Join us for a tour around the Ireland Wood to Saxton Gardens, his
second oldest public cemetery in the vision and legacy shaped the city.
country. There will be opportunities to
find relatives’ graves, so bring some Gipton Estate, East Leeds - check
details with you. nearer the time for
exact location
140 Beckett Street LS9 7AA

Bramhope Puritan Chapel – Open

Sun 15 Sun 22 / 1400-1600
A rare example of a chapel purpose-
built for Puritan worship. Built by Robert
Dyneley in 1649. and used by the family
until 1797. The chapel gradually fell
into disrepair and in the gales of 1962
a tree crashed into the roof. Gifted to
Wharfedale Rural District Council the
Chapel was extensively repaired.

Bramhope Puritan Chapel Leeds Road

Bramhope LS16 9JJ Kirkstall Grange @leedscivictrust
29 Heritage Open Days 29

Bramley - The Village that

Disappeared - Exhibition
Sat 21 / 1000-1200
People Power! An impressive archive
display of over 400 photographs and 50
maps of old Bramley carefully preserved
and curated by Bramley History Society

Bramley Trinity Methodist Church Upper

Town Street Bramley LS13 2ER

Briggate Morris (Leeds North Calverley Methodist Church – Tour &

West Morris side) comes home to Exhibits
Briggate. Sat 21 Sun 22 / 1200-1600
Mon 16 / 1800 There’s lots going on at this Grade II
Come along to Briggate and enjoy Morris listed Church with award winning Leeds
dancing at its best! Briggate Morris will in Bloom garden. Among many exhibits,
perform dances from Leeds and further one of the displays will feature the
afield in the industrial North West Grimshaw family - with links to artist
tradition. Atkinson Grimshaw. Performances
by Singing for Pleasure, dance group
Briggate adjacent to Turks Head Yard Attitude, and organ recitals.
entrance, LS1 6HB
Chapel Street Calverley LS28 5PS

Calverley Old Hall – Performance & Calverley Parish Church –

Open Door Performance, Tours, Family Friendly
Sat 21 Sun 22 / 1000-1600 Sat 21 / 1000-1600 Sun 22 / 1600-
The Landmark Trust has owned Calverley
Old Hall since 1981. It had long been Founded in 1154, with medieval stained
divided into cottages, but under a single glass. Surrounded by a churchyard
landlord, the Thornhill Estate. Calverley with its own goats and alpacas! Special
has had a chequered history - join us for afternoon tea followed by a Songs of
a chance to wander around the interiors Praise on Sunday afternoon. Look out for
and learn more about what we have in flash performances of the story of Walter
store for the site. Flash performances of Calverley, the ‘Yorkshire Tragedy’ on
the ‘Yorkshire Tragedy’. Saturday!

12A Woodhall Road Calverley LS28 5NL Towngate Calverley LS28 5NF @leedscivictrust
30 Open Events

Calverley Village - A walking

heritage quest – Family Friendly
Sun 22 / 1030-1130
Collect your walking guide for this
circular walk around the historic village
of Calverley. A family friendly walk,
where you can find out more about
the charming village of Calverley - the
people, the buildings and the events that
shaped the village to make it what it is

Calverley Arms Calverley Lane Calverley

Calverley Arms LS28 5QQ

Church of The Epiphany – Open Extraordinary Women on Blue

Door Plaques - Exhibition
Sat 14 / 1100-1300 Fri 13 Mon 16 Tue 17 Wed 18 Thu 19
Sun 15 / 1130-1430 Fri 20 / 1030-1300
Grade I listed 20th century Bishop From culture to education, activism to
Burrough’s Memorial Church by N.F. sport, these great Leeds women have
Cachemaille-Day. Beautiful Christopher paved the way for future generations and
Webb stained glass. Labyrinth in the the Civic Trust is proud to celebrate them
Lady Chapel. Members of the church on our Blue Plaques. We’ve brought them
family will be available to guide you and together for this photographic exhibition.
give information on the improvements
they have made. Leeds Civic Trust 17-19 Wharf Street LS2
227 Beech Lane, Gipton LS9 6SP

Farsley Rehoboth Baptist Burial Friends of St John’s – Open Door &

Ground - Open Day, Tour, Family Exhibition
Friendly Sat 14 / 1000-1600
Sun 22 Sep / 1100-1400 Hourly tours Illustrated history of Farsley and its
After 11 years of no public access, this is people, including its development as a
a unique opportunity to visit the Farsley textile and wool centre and the churches
Rehoboth. A historic burial ground from role in the village. Heritage Walk Guides
1785. In total circa 4,000 local people available. Browse the old photos, listen to
are interred in the Rehoboth all with their the organ and explore the artefacts.
own histories and contribution to the
history of Farsley. St John’s Church New Street Farsley
LS28 5DJ
Junction of Coal Hill Lane and Bagley
Lane Farsley LS28 5NA
Heritage Open Days 31

From Coaching Inn to Craft Cafe - Guiseley Theatre - Exhibitions

Exhibition Sat 21 / 1000-1600
Sun 15 / 1030-1530 Two exhibitions for the price of one -
Take a trip to Rivers MEET, a delightful and both are free! Aireborough Camera
cafe and craft centre housed in the Club exhibit their beautiful images of
former Royal Oak coaching inn on the old lansdcapes and architecture. Followed
Rothwell to Pontefract turnpike road. An by ‘Guiseley Theatre - A People Powered
archive exhibition will chart the history of History’, which explores the people
Methley and the former Royal Oak. Also who have ensured the success of this
see bookable events. community hub.

rivers MEET Cafe 102 Leeds Road Guiseley Theatre The Green LS20 9BT
Methley LS26 9EP

Gledhow Valley Bath House - Tours Groundwork’s Heritage Open Day –

Sun 15 / 1330-1630 Family Friendly
Sat 21 / 1100-1400
Come and find out more about the
unique bath house, set in the special We are hosting a number of activities
inner city area of the Gledhow Valley throughout the day linked to mill life,
Woods. Dating from 1671, and originally as well as sharing untold stories and
part of the Gledhow Estate, it has a small photos from Morley’s industrial heritage.
changing room and a small pool fed from Heritage craft workshops, woodwork,
a spring. Find out more about the Friends felting, sewing, crochet, ancestor
group too. research and talks and tours! Enough to
make a day of it!
Gledhow Valley Road
Groundworks Merlyn-Rees Avenue
Morley LS27 9SL

Guiseley Cemetery - Tours

Sun 22 Tours / 1400, 1500, 1600
Take a ‘People Powered’ tour of the
cemetery in the company of the
enthusiastic and knowledgeable
volunteers of the Friends of Guiseley
Cemetery. Hear the heart-warming
stories behind those that made a
significant difference to the community.

Chevin End Road Guiseley LS20 9DL


32 Featured Events

Leeds is an amazing city -

explore every corner!
One of the most rewarding things about co-ordinating Heritage Open Days
is the opportunity it gives me to visit parts of Leeds that I haven’t explored
for a while, or maybe have never explored.
Over the years I’ve discovered some real same time so you could ‘make a day/
treasures and met some enthusiastic weekend of it’.
local champions – all eager to share their Head south east and find events in
local knowledge with visitors. Rothwell, Oulton, Methley, Woodlesford
With so many excellent events in the and Swillington across the first weekend
city centre it’s easy to base a whole (Friday 13th/Saturday 14th/Sunday
day there but with 10 days of HODs this 15th). You can take a guided walk round
year there’s more of an opportunity to Oulton and/or Woodlesford, hear about
travel further afield. There’s a ‘circle’ of Humphry Repton’s stunning landscaping
events skirting the whole city taking in at Oulton Hall, discover the fascinating
Wetherby, Boston Spa, Barwick, Kippax, history of quilting and the history of
Methley, Rothwell, Middleton, Morley, Methley at the rivers MEET craft cafe
Drighlington, Fulneck, Pudsey, Calverley, (and refuel at the same time!), be
Yeadon, Guiseley, Menston, and Otley welcomed into one of the last surviving
(no apologies for the lengthy list!) and so post-war prefabricated Airey homes and
many other places in between. wonder at the industrial heritage that is
I’ve selected a few suggestions that have the St Aidan’s Dragline. Two beautiful
more than one event in an area at the churches – Holy Trinity at Rothwell and St
Heritage Open Days 33

Oswald’s at Methley will offer a tranquil (The University of Leeds) at both venues.
interlude. (Look out for other events in Both the Parish Church and Calverley
the area later in the week). Methodist Church will be hosting plenty
There’s competition across the same of activities including dancing, singing
weekend in Armley and Kirkstall. A and exhibitions (including one about
lecture about child health in the mills Atkinson Grimshaw’s local ancestors). If
and factories of 19th century Leeds you have any time left you can take a self
takes place at the beautifully restored guided circular walk round this popular
Castleton Mill and you can learn more village – conveniently starting and ending
about Humphry Repton’s stunning at The Calverley Arms.
landscaping, this time at Gotts Park. At No sooner had I offered these
Kirkstall Abbey Prof Joyce Hill will take suggestions than I thought of many
you back to the Abbey’s beginnings and more. Now it’s over to you to make some
across the weekend you can find peace tricky choices and plan your days. As
at ‘Armley Cathedral’ – the majestic St always please check the website for full
Bartholomew’s. details of events. Wherever you go we
Have you ever been to Calverley? There’s hope you enjoy Heritage Open Days 2019
a full programme of events across the and I look forward to meeting many of
second weekend (Saturday 21st/Sunday you along the way.
22nd). Calverley Old Hall, site of well
known gruesome murders and now a Meryll Wilford
restored Landmark Trust property will be Heritage Open Days Team
opening its doors as will Calverley Parish Leeds Civic Trust
Church. Look out for ‘flash’ performances
of the ‘Yorkshire Tragedy’, which is based
on the murders, by stage@leedscompany

St Aidan’s Walking Dragline

34 Open Events 34

Headingley St Columba United

Reformed Church - Tour
Sat 21 / 1000-1530
Headingley St Columba is a beautiful
1960s church of significant architectural
interest, featuring on the cover of English
Heritage’s ‘Religion and Place in Leeds’.
Tours of the church with organ (Binns,
Litton and Hayley) and piano recitals.

70 Headingley Lane LS6 2DH


Hollybush Conservation Centre - Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell -

Exhibition Family Friendly
Fri 20 / 1500-1900 Sat 21 / 1100- Sat 14 / 1000-1700
1600 Sun 22 / 1100-1500 Fri 20 / 1000-1530
Explore this historic medieval parish
It’s the fortieth anniversary of The
church, a continuous place of worship
Conservation Volunteers taking on this
since 1130 AD. Following an attempted
then semi-derelict farmhouse complex
sacking by the Scots in the early 14th
by the river bridge in Kirkstall. Learn
Century the present church was rebuilt.
about 300 years of history, and recent
Discover a rare 15th century Armour
restoration. On Sunday the whole site is
jack known as the “John o’ Gaunt Jack”.
open for the Big Green Weekend Open
Activity trails for younger visitors.
Day! See also bookable events.
Church Street Rothwell LS26 0QL
Broad Lane Kirkstall LS5 3BP

Images of Old Leeds

Fri 20 Sat 21 Sun 22 / 1000-1500
An exhibition of images from the
Thoresby Society’s unique collection of
lantern slides. Come and see views of
Leeds over a hundred years ago. The
exhibition is hosted by The Leeds Library,
housed in a wonderful Regency building.

The Leeds Library 18 Commercial Street


Knitted Map @leedscivictrust
35 Heritage Open Days 35

INF23 by Michael Shaw, Exhibition
Events throughout HODs – check ‘At
a Glance’/website
INF23 by Michael Shaw is an epic,
site-specific inflatable sculpture that
responds to the architectural features of
Left Bank Leeds, a Grade II* listed arts
venue and former church. It is designed
to encourage playful exploration of the

Left Bank Leeds, Cardigan Road, LS6 1LJ

“Inspirational Women” at Fulneck. Kirkstall Abbey and the Cistercians

Exhibition, Tours, Activities & Events Talk
Sat 21 / 1000-1600 Sun 22 / 1300- Sat 14 / 1400
1600 We don’t usually think of ‘People Power’
Step back in time and experience the with the founding of monasteries, but the
stunning views, tranquil beauty and story of the establishment and spread
peaceful ambience of Fulneck village of the Cistercian Order is a repeating
settlement. Fulneck invites you to their narrative of individual leadership,
enjoyable activities and welcomes you to enterprise and innovation within a
a new exhibition featuring inspirational traditional monastical framework. Join
women. Tour from church on both days. Prof Joyce Hill to hear more.

Fulneck LS28 8NT Kirkstall Abbey Visitor Centre Abbey

Road Kirkstall LS5 3EH

Knitted Map of Leeds – Craft Leeds Beckett University – Family

Activity, Family Friendly Friendly
Sat 21 / 1000-1800 Sat 21 / 1100-1600
Sun 22 / 1030-1630 Sun 22 / 1100-1600
People Powered Knitting! Get crafty at Discover the people behind Leeds
the Corn Exchange with Knitted Leeds, Beckett University’s historic campus.
and explore the massive knitted map of From the monks and landowners who
Leeds. Get in a spin with The Spinners developed Beckett Park over 400 years
of Aire and see how sheep’s wool is ago, to the civic leaders who established
transformed into usable yarn. Learn the our education provision in Leeds in 1824.
basics of knitting too.
Various events on the Headingley
Corn Exchange, Call Lane, LS1 7BR Campus Leeds Beckett University LS16
5LF @leedscivictrust
36 Open Events

Leeds Civic Hall - Tours

Sat 14 Sun 15 / 1000-1500
Built in 1933 the Leeds Civic Hall is
acknowledged as one of the finest
Civic Buildings in Britain. See the great
entrance hall, and the throne made
especially for Queen Victoria, the lavish
Lord Mayor’s room and Grand Council

Calverley Street LS1 1UR

The Leeds Library

Leeds General Infirmary & Old Leeds Minster – Family Friendly

Medical School - Tours Events throughout HODs – check ‘At
Fri 13 Mon 16 Wed 18 Fri 20 / See ‘At a Glance’/website
a Glance’ for detailed tour times Grade I listed Church with 10th century
The General Infirmary is Grade I listed, Leeds cross. Highlights include a rare
designed by George Gilbert Scott in 1867. Elizabethan table tomb, Christopher
The adjacent Old Medical School is Grade Newton organ recital, a 13th century
II listed, designed by WH Thorpe in 1894. knight, mosaic panels made by Salvati
Please note individual tour times. in Venice and the Angel Screen by Sally
Scott from 1995. Children’s quiz available
Great George Street Entrance LGI LS1 for little ones!
Kirkgate, LS2 7DJ

“Leeds: There’s No Place Like Makkah Masjid Mosque - Exhibition

Home” - Exhibition Sat 14 / 1200-1500
Events throughout HODs – check ‘At An opportunity to visit this spectacular
a Glance’/website Mosque and see the displays about
Have you ever wondered where the the Islamic faith. Built by community
famous sons and daughters of Leeds fundraising, up to 2700 worshippers
lived and worked? Find out at this special and visitors can marvel at the building’s
exhibition about the city’s celebrities and beautiful tiles, dome and minarets. Come
worthies! View the wonderful collection and learn about Islam and what happens
of old and new Leeds maps, books and inside a Mosque.
pictures. See also bookable events.
36 Thornville Road LS6 1JY
The Leeds Library, 18 Commercial Street,
Heritage Open Days 37

MAP Charity - Our Vision of Hope at

Hope Foundry, Mabgate – Exhibition
& Open Door
Fri 20 / 1600-2100
This enormous foundry site used to
employ hundreds of Leeds people.
It’s now reinvented as a space that
encourages young people to reach their
full potential. Prepare to be inspired! A
unique opportunity to look inside the
stunning Grade II listed property.

Music & Arts Production, Hope House,

Mabgate, LS9 7DR

M&S Company Archive: Dressing for Middleton Park and Beeston Wood
Victory – Talk & Exhibition - Walk
Sat 14 / 1100-1500 Talk 1130 & 1330 Sun 15 / 1330
An ice age woodland with 11,000 years of
Join us for a special weekend opening
history, here in Leeds! Explore the 1204
of our ‘Marks in Time’ Exhibition. You’ll
Medieval Boundary Ditch, 1814 Wood Pit,
also be able to enjoy an Archivist’s Talk
Trams in the Park, coal mining history,
on our CC41 Utility Clothing collection,
and the Middleton Lodge Ice House, only
highlights of which will be on display
discovered a few years ago. Join the
exclusively for Heritage Open Day.
Friends of Middleton Park for a walk back
The Michael Marks Building Woodsley in time!
Road LS2 9LP
Visitor Centre Middleton Park Town
Street, Middleton LS10 3SH

Methley St Oswald’s Church,

Exhibition & Open Door
Sat 14 / 1100-1700
Sun 15 / 1230-1700
A Grade I listed treasure trove of
memorial sculpture and stained glass. Its
highlights include the alabaster effigies of
nobles from the Wars of the Roses. Don’t
miss Saturday’s exhibition by the Frei
Compagnie with armour and weapons
seen at Towton

St. Oswald’s Church, Methley

Middleton Park

38 Open Events 38

Middleton Railway – Tour, Family

Sat 14 Sun 15 / 1000-1500 Tours on
the hour till 1500
Did you know that the world’s oldest
working railway, is here in Leeds?! On
this special guided tour you’ll get an
opportunity to explore the cabs of some
Hunslet built locos - including the Picton,
which was transported all the way back
from Trinidad! Hourly guided tours.

Middleton Railway Trust Ltd Moor Road

Hunslet LS10 2JQ

Mill Hill Chapel – Open Door Miss Lily’s Victorian Circus Game
Fri 20 / 1000-1600 Sat 21 / 1000- and Exhibition – Family Friendly
1600 Sun 22 / 1300-1600 Sat 21 / 1230-1700 Sun 22 / 1100-
Come and visit to see some of the finest
stained glass in Leeds, and find some Roll up, roll up! Come play Miss Lily’s
peace and quiet. Find out about our Victorian Circus Game; discover the
outreach work which includes providing captivating characters who created
meals and clothes for the homeless with British circus history. For smaller
the Leeds Vegan Alliance, and language enthusiasts, dress up in Victorian or
support for refugees. circus costume, play with Victorian toys
and paint your own clown egg face.
Lower Basinghall Street LS1 5EB
Horsforth Ballroom Horsforth Library
Town Street LS18 5BL

Moorlands School, formerly Fox Hill

Open Doors
Sat 21 / 1000-1200
Fox Hill was the opulent mansion that
George Corson designed for William
Francis Tetley (of the Leeds brewing
family). Some interesting original features
remain. Moorlands School archives will
be on display.

Fox Hill Drive LS16 5PF @leedscivictrust
39 Heritage Open Days 39

Charles II: Farnley

Wood Plott Morley Town Hall – Tours & Family
Sat 14 Tours / 1030, 1400
See areas not usually open to members
of the public in this magnificent Grade
I listed building, including the court
room and cells (as seen on “Emmerdale”,
“Heartbeat” and “South Riding”). Visit
the Alexandra Hall, Morleian Room,
Council chamber, Mayor’s Parlour and
banqueting rooms.

Queen Street Morley LS27 9DY

Otley Courthouse – Exhibition & People Power: from the Farnley

Tours Wood Plot of 1663 to the
Sat 14 / 1000-1600 Suffragettes - Talk
A fascinating glimpse of police, criminal
Thu 19 / 1400-1530
and court life in the 19th and 20th Join historian David Thornton and hear
centuries. Tours available throughout the about the 1663 Farnley Wood Plot which
day. Victorian police house, cell block tried to de-throne Charles II, the Luddites
and magistrates courts, converted to an and Chartists of the mid 19th century
arts and resource centre. pursuing their aims and the Suffragettes
intent on giving Herbert Asquith a none
Otley Courthouse Courthouse Street too friendly welcome.
LS21 3AN
The Lancasterian School Room Low Moor
Side Lane Farnley LS12 5HY

People Powered Press - Have a go! Power, People, Leeds – Self-Guided

Family Friendly Walk
Sat 21 / 1000-1500 Throughout HODs – check ‘At a
Did you know that Leeds has the world’s
largest letterpress printing press? It even From Corn Price Riots to LGBT+
has a Guinness World Record! Leeds demonstrations, via Suffragette Marches,
graphic designers, Split, open their studio Leeds has always played a role in wider
doors. With their help you’ll get to grips historical movements. In this self-guided
with the world’s largest printing press. walk you’ll be able to hear their stories
Follow the footsteps of Leeds Chartists and visit the sites that have shaped our
and make your mark! history.

Split, (Yorkshire Dance) St. Peters Local and Family History Dept, Leeds
Buildings 3 St. Peters Square LS9 8AH Central Library, Calverley Street @leedscivictrust
40 Featured Events

100 Years of Council Housing

2019 sees an importnat milestone in the country’s and indeed, Leeds history
with the 100th anniversary of the Housing Act. We’ve planned a few events
to celebrate this momentous occasion.
Introduced by Lloyd George’s Coalition Architect and designed many of the city’s
Government to house a population recognisable council houses and estates
exhausted by war, these were the first – the Trust is proud to announce that he
tentative steps to create homes that were will be honoured with a blue plaque as
clean, well built and large enough for part of this year’s Heritage Open Days
growing families. festivities. All are welcome to attend on
Rev. Charles Jenkinson was elected to Saturday 21, at 11am, where a house on
the City Council in the 1930s and took the Gipton Estate will be specially chosen
immediate measures to clear the city’s to erect the plaque.
slums; within four years 10,000 back to Approximately 75,000 homes were built
backs were demolished and 9,000 new in the intervening years, but the humble
homes built. council house has faced a few challenges
RAH Livett worked alongside Rev. along the way, including ‘Right to Buy’.
Jenkinson, before becoming Civic But there are glimmers of hope, and it is
a twist of fate that this year, exactly 100

Gipton Estate c Leeds Libraries
Heritage Open Days 41

years on, new government rules will see

Leeds City Council, once again, starting
to build its own housing.
On the morning of Saturday 21
September, celebrated author and social
historian, John Boughton will attend the
plaque unveiling.
In the afternoon, he will host his own
HODs event, delivering a special talk
at the The Old Fire Station in Gipton,
based on his bestselling book and blog
‘Municipal Dreams’. (Tickets need to
booked in advance for this particular
Continuing the housing theme, PhD
researcher, Joanne Harrison invites
you to find out about the city’s back-
to-backs with a series of walks around
Harehills. Joanne vividly brings to life the
social history, architecture, context and
controversy surrounding these homes,
which are as synonymous with Leeds as
Marks & Spencer.

West Yorkshire Queer Stories has been uncovering the often hidden
histories of LGBTIQ+ life in Leeds and beyond. Now you can hear a
wealth of newly recorded interviews with local people – accompanied
by photographs, blog articles and specially-commissioned films – on
our website.

Our new downloadable app places you at the heart of Leeds’ lesser-
known history as you explore sites of local LGBTIQ+ interest on a self-
guided tour. From private spaces to political places, you’ll listen in on
moments of quiet personal triumph as well as find out more about the
larger events that reflected social change on a national scale.


42 Open Events

Pudsey’s Textile & Musical Heritage

& Commemorating the 75th
Anniversary of the D-Day landings
Sat 14 / 1030-1600
There will be a display of photos and
artifacts on Pudsey’s Textile Heritage.
A display of information regarding the
huge Musical Heritage of Pudsey. A
Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary
of the D-Day Landings.

Pudsey Town Hall Robin Lane LS28 7BN

Roundhay Park c Leeds Libraries

Pudsey Masonic Hall – Open Door, Roundhay Park - The Hidden History
Exhibit & Tour Walk Sat 14 Sun 15 / 1100 & 1400
Sat 14 / 1030–1600 Visit some of the lesser known areas
Guided tours of Pudsey Masonic Hall. of the 700 acre Roundhay Park and
Learn about its history and the part learn more about its history. Led by
Masons have played in the life of Pudsey. knowledgable guides from the Friends of
See the impressive Lodge Room which Roundhay Park, who tell the story of the
contains banners from the various development of the park from a medieval
lodges. Many interesting artefacts in hunting area. Please wear suitable
the building, including a display of footwear.
photographs of old Pudsey.
Lakeside Car Park Roundhay Park LS8
Masonic Hall, Church Lane, LS28 7RF 2JL

Royal Armouries Museum - Saint Saviour’s Church, Richmond

Exhibition Hill – Open Doors
Fri 20 / 1100-1300, 1400-1600 Fri 13 / 1000-1200 Sat 14 / 1000-
Paper treasures! Join us as we enter into
1700 Sun 15 / 1100-1700
the world of paper treasures and discover Fri 20 / 1000-1200
what secrets the books, manuscripts ‘Ye who enters this holy place pray for
and papers of the archive and library the sinner that built it’. Who was this
collections at Royal Armouries have to (very well-known) person? And why are
offer. Specialist staff will be on hand to we invited to pray for them? Find out on
talk about the fabulous collections. a fascinating visit to this beautiful inner-
city church.
Royal Armouries Museum Armouries
Drive LS10 1LT Ellerby Road LS9 8LD
Heritage Open Days 43

Skelton Grange Environment Centre

Big Green Open Day! Family Friendly
Sat 21 / 1100-1600
Visit Skelton Grange Environment
Centre’s award winning riverside eco-
building and nature reserve. Loads of
fun nature based activities for everyone
and the lovely café. The Big Green Open
Day is a great opportunity to explore
the natural heritage of this site, with
bushcraft, games & nature trails.

Skelton Grange Road LS10 1RS

Skelton Grange

St Aidan’s Walking Dragline – Family St Aidans Church Leeds – Tours &

Friendly Talks
Sat 14 Sun 15 / 1300-1600 Fri 13 / 1100-1600 Sat 14 / 1000-
1600 Sun 15 / 1300-1500
Come and see the colossal and only
Walking Dragline Excavator in Britain Come and see the beautfiul Mosaic
(now over 70 years old!) and preserved made by artist Frank Brangwyn and
on the former St Aidan’s Opencast Site. the grandest font in the world, along
It is also a Monument to the Sunshine with the finest Pulpit in the UK. A full
Miners, as the Surface Miners were called. programme of tours, short talks, music
Sit in the driver’s seat and have your and storytelling.
photo taken!
St. Aidans Vicarage Elford Place West
St Aidan’s Open Cast Coal Site Astley LS8 5QD
Lane Swillington LS26 8AL

St Bartholomew’s Church –
Exhibition & Family Friendly
Sat 14 / 1200-1600 Organ Concert
1600 Sun 15 / 0930-1300
Lots to see in this wonderful church
building, with exhibition & shop. Grade
II* listed Victorian splendour, completed
in 1877. Spectacular reredos and nave
lighting. The celebrated Schulze organ
dates from 1868.

Wesley Road Armley LS12 1SR

St Aidans Church

44 Open Events 44

St Hilda’s
St Hilda’s Church – Family Friendly
Fri 13 20 / 1000-1200 Sat 14 / 1000-
1700 Sun 15 / 1100-1700
Built in 1882 by architect JT
Micklethwaite. Amazing collection of
carved and decorated woodwork. A
landmark building at a major gateway
into the city. The church is built from
red brick, like the nearby housing,
symbolising that it belongs to the
community. Memorial to Mother Agnes
Logan Stewart.

Cross Green Lane LS9 0DG

St James’s Hospital Workhouse St. Martin’s Church, Potternewton -

Chapel - Tours Exhibition
Fri 13 Tue 17 Thu 19 / 1100 Sat 14 Sat 21 / 1000-1600
Sat 14 / 1400 Grade II Listed building. History
trail, magnificent chancel murals by
A Victorian Grade II listed workhouse Hemmings and stained glass by Kemp.
chapel on the St James’s hospital site. Find the stories behind our windows and
It is close to Beckett Street cemetery war memorial. See our People Power
where many occupants of the workhouse exhibit ‘Our connections to the Yorkshire
now lie. A plaque commemorates the Penny Bank’.
nurses who died between 1914-18 and in
the influenza epidemic. St Martin’s View LS7 3LB
Beckett Street entrance St. James’s
University Hospital LS9 7TF

St Matthew’s Church - Open Doors

Sat 14 / 1000-1400
Wed 18 / 0900-1130
A warm welcome to this re-furbished
Grade II* listed church. Bell tower and
organ will be open from 11 on Saturday
- have a go at bell ringing. Display of
photographs of Chapel Allerton over the
past 100 years. Try playing the organ
Saturday. Refreshments both days.

Wood Lane Chapel Alleron LS7 3QF

Stank Hall Barn @leedscivictrust
45 Heritage Open Days 45

St Peter’s Church, Rawdon –

Fri 13 Sat 14 Fri 20 Sat 21 / 1000-
See a multi screen presentation about
the history of Rawdon from the bronze
age to present time and an audio
presentation describing the artifacts
donated to the church from local families.
Pick up a leaflet for a local history walk
too at this historic Anglican church.

Town Street Rawdon LS19 6QL

Gas Workers’ Strike

Stank Hall Barn - Family Friendly Sunny Bank Mills & Archive – Family
Sat 21 / 1200-1600 Friendly
See inside one of the oldest secular
Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15 / 1000-1600
buildings in Leeds! Stank Hall Barn is a Hourly tours
magnificent Medieval building dating Get up close and personal to a unique
from the mid 15th Century. The Friends of collection and discover our fascinating
Stank Hall Barn are campaigning to save textile heritage. Tour buildings normally
the barn and bring it back into use. There closed to the public and bring to life the
will be guided tours of the barn and site. rich history of the mill and its people
over the centuries. The archive will be
Stank Hall Dewsbury Road open, showcasing new displays and new

Sunny Bank Mills Farsley LS28 5UJ

The Grammar School at Leeds, Tours The Leeds Gasworkers’ Strike of

& Open Door 1890 – Talk
Sat 14 / 1430-1630 Tours 1445, 1515, Thu 19 / 1600
1545 The Gasworkers Strike of 1890 marked
Visitors are welcome to visit The a rise in trade union power and the
Grammar School at Leeds and find out decline in influence of the local Liberal
more about the rich heritage of its two establishment. Michael Meadowcroft
founding schools, Leeds Grammar School recounts this fascinating history at a
and Leeds Girls’ High School. Enjoy a special lecture at the Railway Club - next
guided tour with the school archivist and to the last remaining gasometer involved
a heritage display. in the strike.

Harrogate Road LS17 8GS The Railway Club Driver Street

Wellington Road LS12 1EB @leedscivictrust
46 Open Events

The Power of Print, Print Room

Sat 14 / 1100-1500
People Power! Join the School of English
to find out more about the history of
letterpress printing and to have a go at
printing your own impression.

House 9 Cavendish Road, School of

English, University of Leeds

Uncovering the Past

Treasures of the Leeds Central Uncovering the Past - 15 Years

Library - Talk of archaelogical investigation at
Thu 19 / 1400-1500 Thorpe Park
Join us for an informative talk about the
Fri 20 / 1900
most unusual items from the Leeds Local Hear about the archaelogical evidence
& Family History Library’s collections. spanning approximately 8000 years
We’ll hear all about the strange-but-true at this site and some of the regionally
stories from Leeds’ past, including a giant significant resulting artefacts discovered.
archway made of bread and mysterious
scrapbooks of creepy newscuttings. Conference Room, Newman Centre,
Cross Gates LS15 7JY
Groundworks Leeds, Merlyn-Rees Avenue
LS27 9SL

Wetherby with visits to the Georgian Victory Garden Allotments – Family

Bath House and Council Offices - Friendly, Tours & Exhibits
Walk Sat 21 Sun 22 / 1300-1600
Sun 15 / 1345 People Power! Happy 100th birthday to
View the Bath House and see how it was Victory Garden Allotments! Visitors will
used and by whom on this Wetherby be able to participate in guided leisurely
walk. Take in the surrounding garden tours around the site. Exhibition of the
with peaceful river views. Access the history of this historic allotment site and
nearby council offices with Art Nouveau hear some tales from older plot holders.
staircase. Enjoy tales of Wetherby past Plants and vegetable sale too.
and present.
off Park Avenue, Rawdon, Leeds, West
Riverside Car Park Bandstand Yorkshire, LS19 6ER
Heritage Open Days 47

Woodhouse Ridge - a walking talk Wortley Local History Group -

(or is it a talking walk?) Exhibition
Sat 21 / 1100-1300 Sat 21 / 1030-1600
Exploring artefacts, find out about the Come and discover past trades and
Ridge’s glory days using old postcards industries local to Wortley. Display
and maps to help illuminate the boards and slide show relating to trades,
ornamental park character that it once industry and local employment in
flaunted. En route, we’ll discover the sites Wortley. Knowledgeable Wortley Local
of the belvedere shelters, the mill and mill History Group members will be on hand
pond and check out the line of the goit to answer your questions. Refreshments
that fed it. available.

Meet opposite 56 Ridge Terrace, Whingate Methodist Church &

Headingley LS6 2DA Community Centre Whingate LS12 3EJ

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