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The time is now

THIS IS OUR 2019-2020
Since launching in 2006, Students for Life has
changed the rules of engagement, transformed the
national narrative of the pro-life movement, and
reached America’s culture drivers, young people, in
innovative ways about abortion.

Our National Field Program is unlike anything ever

seen before in the pro-life movement. Supporting
more than 20 full-time Regional Coordinators
in regions across the United States to go on the
“offense,” starting and equipping young leaders to
lead on their campuses and in their communities.

Our slogan—I Am the Pro-Life Generation—has

been seen at rallies and in media outlets around the
world, held aloft by young faces shining with courage,
love, and conviction. Our student leaders have
become the new face of the pro-life movement in
America: young, positive, and engaged. Millennials
have witnessed the devastating consequences of
putting “choice” above life and are rejecting the false
promises of the abortion industry that lured previous
generations, that women need abortion to succeed.
• Securing meaningful pro-life victories through
lobbying, community organization, and litigation. In

OUR 2018, SFLA was the only national pro-life organization

leading vocal opposition and action around a California

legislature bill (eventually vetoed by pro-choice Gov.
Brown) that would have compelled all state universities
to distribute the abortion pill, RU-486, on campus.
And we won! This effort proved the effectiveness of
our regional field staff who are invested in their local
communities and training our on-campus student
leaders to lead far beyond their campus walls. We
likewise mobilized students, parents, and community
• Building a powerful pro-life presence on campuses members to block Planned Parenthood programs in
across the nation. Thanks to Students for Life’s Pennsylvania and Washington public schools. During
ground-breaking National Field Team, our the Spring 2019 semester, we organized more than 25
team members trained more than 18,000 students lobby days in state capitols across the United States
during the 2018-2019 school year. In addition, SFLA and mobilized student leaders to testify on behalf of
started 164 new groups and sent over $86,000 in pro-life and against pro-abortion legislation in several
free educational resources, ensuring more than states including North Dakota, Washington, Missouri,
1,200 active Students for Life groups in all 50 states Texas, Ohio, and California. Finally, SFLA successfully
are fighting to abolish abortion, support mothers in litigated for pro-life student groups: for access to
crisis, and convert their peers, on and off campus. student activity funds at Ball State University and for
free-speech rights at Miami University of Ohio.

• Reaching millions of people on pro-life issues via

social media. While spending fewer than $50,000 on
digital marketing in our existence, SFLA has 60,000
Instagram followers, 54,000 Twitter followers, over
250,000 likes on Facebook. In 2018, our educational
and motivational videos had over 40 million video views
on social media, and our video content was viewed for a
total of 15,000,000 minutes, equivalent to 500,000
In the last 13 years, Students for Life has been… measured the result of our conversations with Sunday sermons. In addition, our earned media value
512 students who considered themselves 100% (the value of media coverage we received had we paid
• Changing minds about abortion at amazing rates. for the advertising) for the 2018-2019 school year was
While measuring minds changed on a college campus is pro-choice. After going through our display
on their campus, all but one student became over $70 million. Students for Life was featured several
difficult, we have the proof that our messages resonate times in the New York Times, Washington Post,
and convert. more pro-life, with 86% saying they were
• Defending the rights of [hundreds of] pregnant Washington Times,, and The Hill.
opposed to abortions once the baby feels pain
• Our January 2019 poll found that only 7% of and parenting students through our Pregnant on
and the rest supporting even stricter limits on
Millennials agree with the Democratic National Campus Initiative. On dozens of campuses, SFLA
abortion. While these numbers may seem small,
Committee’s extremist abortion platform of has secured life-affirming policies and provided
the percentages attest to just how powerfully
legal abortion in all nine months, for any reason pregnant and parenting students with resources
SFLA’s message resonates with this generation,
and taxpayer funded, while in 2016 we found it and peer support to choose life and continue their
those most marketed to by the abortion lobby
was 17%. education. Recent successes include reforming
on a daily, constant basis.
polices at Liberty University that formerly evicted
• When debuting our spring 2019 • Similarly, our When Do Human Rights Begin? pregnant students from their on-campus housing,
#PlannedParenthoodTruth campus tour, we saw campus tour found that over one-third of pro- securing on-campus parking for pregnant and
more than a 50% conversation rate amongst choice students we met on campus changed parenting students at Ball State University, and
pro-choice students we encountered. their minds to 100% pro-life, opposing abortion changing policies to allow and install lactation rooms
• During our fall 2018 They Feel Pain tour, we in all cases! on campus at the University of Wyoming.

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OUR STRATEGY TO Students for Life of America recruits new people into giving the pro-life

movement a second look, converts their hearts, and then mobilizes them to
become a leader in a Post-Roe America.

ROE AMERICA We believe that Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton will soon be reversed. When that
day comes, our Pro-Life Movement will be required to engage in all 50 states,
converting citizens to become pro-life voters, passing laws to make abortion
illegal, and ensuring every mother in crisis has access to the resources she needs
to choose life.
When Roe and Doe are reversed, Students for Life will be the only entity with
a trained and experienced army of ground troops ready to engage.

By implementing the six strategies below, the Pro-Life Generation will be

ready in every state, in every city, on every campus, ready to abolish abortion
and support families.

Recruit and equip this Pro-Life Generation

Combat the abortion industry where they target youth

Establish and invest in sound leadership in states

likely to outlaw abortion once Roe is overturned

Establish resources and support networks on campuses

to empower abortion-vulnerable women to choose Life

Work to elect national and state pro-life legislators and

advance pro-life and stop pro-abortion legislation in states

Conduct groundbreaking research to create the narrative

necessary to win the culture on abortion

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It is mission critical to win our culture now to begin the process of building
communities ready to answer the new needs of a post Roe America as well as
convert current and future voters who will reject abortion. In order to win our
culture, we must win our youth. Students for Life does this by recruiting and
training young pro-life students to be a voice for Life on their campus and in
their community.

For the 2019-2020 school year, we will support 21 full-time Regional

Coordinators serving students across the country. Their goal will be to start,
maintain, increase the capacity of Students for Life groups, building us to more
than 1,300 groups in all 50 states as well as train over 20,000 students
through group trainings and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

These Students for Life groups will host hundreds of events and displays on their
campuses to fulfill their goal of having more than 250,000 mind-changing
conversations during the 2019-2020 school year.

Planned Parenthood is working harder than ever before because they are also
seeing a Post Roe America on the horizon.

Planned Parenthood’s “create a customer” cycle begins in middle and high schools
through sex-ed curriculum and in campus health centers. Students for Life is
exposing and fighting against Planned Parenthood in schools where they are already
established or where they are attempting to bring their sex-ed into school districts
or partner with high school-based health centers.

Planned Parenthood is also working on college campuses through their on-campus

health centers, internships, and their own student clubs. Often, they will sponsor
sex weeks for campuses and use the events as a vehicle to advertise their services to

Students for Life is committed to continuing the conversation on defunding

Planned Parenthood of our taxpayer dollars and leading efforts that are needed to
ensure it becomes a reality.

For 2019-2020 school year, Students for Life will hire a full time National
Coordinator to spearhead these efforts. Our goal is to coordinate 20 efforts to
block or remove Planned Parenthood from campuses.

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Students for Life invests in young leaders who can lead on of Pro-Life Outreach: Effective Education, Industry
campus now and in their communities in the future. Our Impact, Public Policy, Rapid Response, and Supportive
strategy is working as Students for Life alumni now serve Services. SFLAHQ will actively serve over 1,000 pro-life
in key positions on Capitol Hill and in leadership roles with leaders during the 2019-2020 school year.
national, state, and local pro-life organizations.
When Roe is overturned, a majority of states will be
Our Leadership Fellowships currently serve 83 student vulnerable to legalizing abortion. While in some states the
leaders and include William Wilberforce Fellowship for battle to make abortion illegal will be a long-game (New York,
college students, Thaddeus Stevens Fellowship for high California, Oregon, Washington, etc), there are many others
school students, and our Christian Leadership Fellowship where the opportunity to outlaw abortion will be ready.
for students attending Christian universities. In addition,
Students for Life Action currently has more than 25 While Students for Life is creating a network of students
State Captains trained in legislative research and action. ready to mobilize on a moment’s notice across America,
Together, these top student leaders will work alongside there are 10 target states that will be the most important to
the Students for Life team to organize more than 70 state engage in.
mobilizations (lobby days and rapid-response rallies) and These states are: Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North
6 week-long mission trips in the 2019-2020 school year. Carolina, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia,
The Students for Life National Conference is the world’s and Wisconsin.
largest pro-life conference and is a place where a young Through our, America Without Roe Campaign, special
person’s passion for Life is cemented and where they leave attention will be given to these states to grow and prepare
prepared to go home and lead in their communities. Our
the Pro-Life Generation to mobilize quickly for rallies,
2020 National Conference is being transformed into the lobby days, hearings, and other calls to action. Some of
National Pro-Life Summit and will train 3,000 grassroots these states are also critical states in the 2020 election
leaders, of all ages. cycle, so student leaders will have several opportunities to
Launched in January 2019, is our build their public policy and rapid response “muscles.”
online leadership development platform where students
find a one stop shop for in depth trainings on our 5 Pillars

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A post Roe America will need to be ready to provide
material and supportive resources to women facing
unexpected pregnancies, who would have otherwise
thought abortion their only option. There will be a unique
need for pregnant and parenting support for students and
community members that can begin to be addressed now.

Students for Life expects to have 500 Student for Life

groups join our Supportive Services Pillar during the 2019-
2020 school year by signing a pledge to support pregnant
and parenting students on their campus. Through Pregnant
on Campus initiative for colleges and Building a Better
Future initiative for high schools, Students for Life groups
will provide on-campus resources and successfully market
off-campus pregnancy and parenting resources to the
student body.

While many students are unaware of resources available to

them, 100 Students for Life groups will form marketing
partnerships with their local pregnancy resource center
to make sure students know there is hope and help in their
The campus health center is often a main source for most
students to get information on STDs, pregnancy information,
and referrals for medical help that the on-campus health
center does not provide. In the 2019-2020 school year, we
will help 50 Students for Life groups build a relationship
with their campus health center to ensure that the local
pregnancy resource center information is advertised and
abortion alternatives are presented to students.
Sometimes campus policies are to blame for students
feeling pressured to have an abortion. If students are kicked
out of the dorm or face other obstacles to continuing their
pregnancy, abortion is seen as the best option. This school
year, Students for Life groups will change 20 campus
polices to better support pregnant or parenting students.

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With Students for Life’s boots-on-the-ground National
Field Program, that currently serves over 1,200 Students
for Life groups across the nation, our team is ready to
mobilize this Pro-Life Generation.

Battle for Next Supreme Court Appointment

With the balance of Supreme Court up for grabs and
potentially one vote away from overturning Roe, the 2020
Presidential Election will become the most important of
our lifetime.
Battle for State Legislatures
Our top Presidential and/or U.S. Senate Following the egregious actions of Virginia state delegate
battleground states for 2020: Kathy Tran and several members of the Virginia state
Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, legislature to roll-back common-sense restrictions on
Montana, and North Carolina. late-term abortion, the pro-life movement is organizing in
Virginia like never before. In fall of 2019, Students for Life
In these battleground states, Students for Life will be Action, Students for Life of America’s sister organization,
organizing young people to reach as many households will engage in 9 Virginia House of Delegates and Senate
as possible through door knocking efforts, and, for our elections to ensure pro-abortion Democrats do not
student leaders in non-battleground states, we will be succeed in wining control of the entire Virginia legislature.
organizing youth to engage in virtual phone banks. Our We will organize local youth leaders to conduct voter
work to organize and send out the ground troops will be outreach, door to door canvassing, leafleting, and local
in partnership with several key allies like the Susan B. media campaigns. Remote student leaders, meanwhile, will
Anthony List. participate in calling campaigns.

In 2020, Students for Life will engage in three state

legislative-control battles ensuring pro-life legislation will
continue to advance in states and build momentum towards
our goal of gaining pro-life control in 38 state legislatures,
preparing for the passage of a pro-life Constitutional
Amendment - the pro-life movement’s next step after Roe
falls. In addition, we plan to engage in the state of Illinois
and New York to punish some of their state legislatures for
their extremist abortion legislation passed in 2019.

14 15
Parenthood was either not as good as they thought (18%)
STUDENTS FOR LIFE’S 2019-2020 STRATEGIES or Planned Parenthood was now viewed as horrible (35%).


In addition, we launched a Denver Pregnancy Services
Test attempting to measure the impact of Students
for Life grassroots campus advertising and geo-fenced

PRO-LIFE NARRATIVE digital advertising had on generating phone calls into a

network of local Denver pregnancy centers. During this
test, we learned that physical ads placed strategically on
campuses by Students for Life groups were more likely
to generate phone calls into local pregnancy centers than
expensive, geo-fenced digital ads. We also learned that
future campaigns must include chat bots and Facebook
Messenger options so millennials can communicate without
having to make a phone call.
In May of 2019, Students for Life launched our largest
research project yet, a $400,000 campaign to find the
best messages to convert mushy-middle millennial women
and bring them into our movement. We’ve opened this
project up to several key pro-life organizations to serve as
partners as we move forward with research throughout the
fall of 2019.

Moving the Narrative Forward

When Americans glimpse through news articles about
abortion, there is no doubt about the influence Students
for Life plays. Pictures of joyful, young women holding “I
am the Pro-Life Generation” signs are the norm. As we
refuse to allow the pro-abortion narrative of white, old, out
of touch, to define our diverse, human rights movement.
No force has more conversations about abortion in our four facts, we were able to shift support for Roe v. Wade Not only is our team featured regularly in outlets like
nation than Students for Life of America. Because our from 40% (support), 21% (depends/neutral) and 27% the New York Times, Washington Post, FoxNews but our
team is on campuses daily, we can quickly develop and (unsure) to 35% (support), 16% (depends/neutral), and 9% trained student spokespersons aren’t waiting for permission
test messages that see the most success at the converting (unsure). Meanwhile, opposition to Roe grew from 12% to to lead the charge in their communities.
hearts and minds of this generation. 41%. Further, after being educated about who Federally
Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are and what they
Researching the Messages and Venues provide, millennials said they preferred their tax dollars
to Convert going to FQHCS rather than the abortion Goliath Planned
Parenthood by a 3 to 1 margin.
On campuses, our semester-long thematic tours
give us the ability to measure conversations and Through our Spring 2019 Digital Field Team Program,
outcomes like never before. In Spring of 2019, our we created an online quiz to move millennials from pro-
#PlannedParenthoodTruth tour asked students if they Planned Parenthood to anti-Planned Parenthood. In
trusted Planned Parenthood before and after walking less than a few minutes time, SFLA was able to utilize a
through our display. The conversion rate was consistently conversion methodology that presented the facts that
over 50%. demonstrate the real identity of Planned Parenthood. The
result? 53% of students that demonstrated a favorable view
Our latest polling conducted in January 2019 incorporated
of Planned Parenthood before now stated that Planned
the language our team uses on campuses to convert. With

16 17
The Pro-Life Generation is growing, and we need you to join us.

We know that every dollar entrusted to our ministry is a sacrifice,

so we understand the responsibility before us in planning each year.
Thank you for what you entrust to us.

Students for Life of America $ 6,932,732.11

National Field Team $ 1,252,911.59
Fellowship Programs $ 286,119.05
National Programs Team
(Opposing Planned Parenthood in Schools; Pregnant on Campus initiative)
$ 1,093,905.00
“I truly believe, with all of my heart,
Conversation Outreach Program $ 1,182,235.51
Communications and Marketing Team
National Pro-Life Summit
this is the pro-life generation in America.”
Stewardship Investment $ 1,009,783.75
Administration $ 359,752.11 Vice President Mike Pence
Students for Life Action $ 493,251.60
Virginia Election Operation $ 125,675.00
Kentucky Election Operation $ 60,925.00
State Lobbying and Mobilizations $ 152,525.00
Stewardship Investment $ 65,000.00
Administrative $ 89,126.60

2019-2020 Operational Budget

Total Budget: $7,425,983.71

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4755 Jefferson Davis Highway

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408

Phone 540-834-4600