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Application for Transit (subclass 771) visa

for Australia 876

Important – Please read this information carefully before you What is needed with the application?
complete your application. Once you have completed your
Persons other than crew joining a vessel
application we strongly advise that you keep a copy for your
records. You must enclose with your application:
No fee is payable for an application for an Australian transit visa. a passport valid for travel to Australia issued to, or
including, each person in the application;
Who completes this form? a recent passport-type photograph of each person included
in the application (the photograph must be signed on the
You should complete this application form if you intend to
back by the person to whom it refers);
remain in Australia no longer than 72 hours and if you can
establish that the principal purpose in entering Australia is: an itinerary;
• to pass through Australia in transit to another country (Where evidence of confirmed onward booking to continue your
a ‘stopover’ is intended, you should apply for the appropriate journey from Australia to a third country within 72 hours of
visa in a visitor class instead.); or arrival; and
• to pass through Australia to join a vessel as a crew member correct documentation (eg. visa) for entry to that third
(Note: Persons entering Australia to join a cruise ship as a country.
passenger should apply for a visitor visa). Persons joining as crew of a vessel
Children included in a parent’s/guardian’s passport need not Foreign members of crew employed on foreign non-military
complete a separate application form if they are under 18 years ships which are in Australia during an international voyage are
of age. Details of such children can be included on their required to hold an Australian maritime crew visa. A maritime
parent’s/guardian’s application form. crew visa may only be applied for while the applicant is outside
Children not included in a parent’s or guardian’s passport must Australia. A maritime crew visa is valid for multiple entries to
fill in a separate application however a parent/guardian must Australia for 3 years from the date it is granted and only permits
sign on behalf of the applicant if the applicant is under 16 years travel to Australia by sea. Crew who need to travel to Australia
of age. by air to join a ship may apply for a transit visa to travel to
Australia but applicants will be checked by immigration officials
Please answer all questions fully and correctly. An incorrect
to ascertain if they hold a maritime crew visa. If you do not
answer, or failure to provide an answer to any question, will be
hold a maritime crew visa when you apply for a transit visa,
taken into account when your application is being considered
you may be refused a transit visa to travel to Australia.
and could lead to the refusal of your application.
Your application should be accompanied by:
Travel agents may complete this form for you but you must
sign the declaration. • a passport; and
For information on the making and processing of visa • documentary proof you are employed on, or are to be
applications, see the information form 1025i Making and employed on, the ship you are joining in Australia.
processing visa applications. The following details are to be supplied by the local
shipping/handling agent:
Integrity of application • the name of the person joining the vessel as crew (the
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (the applicant);
department) is committed to maintaining the integrity of the • the name of the person the applicant is replacing;
visa and citizenship programs. In relation to this application, if
you or a member of your family unit: • the name of the company employing the applicant;
• provide, or have provided in a previous application, • the name of the vessel being joined;
fraudulent documents or false or misleading information • the date of arrival in Australia of the applicant;
(knowingly or not); and/or • the port and date the applicant is expected to join the vessel;
• fail to satisfy, or have failed to satisfy in a previous application, and
the Minister of your or their identity; • if the agent is not the vessel’s owner, a copy of the request
this visa application may be refused and you, and any members for crew from the vessel’s agent in Australia. The request
of your family unit, may become unable to be granted a visa for should contain the details of the applicant.
specified periods of time, as set out in migration legislation. If Your transit visa, if granted, will permit you to travel
documents are found to be fraudulent or information to be to Australia by air and enter once only. Your maritime
incorrect after the grant of a visa, the visa may subsequently be crew visa will allow you a period of 5 days to sign onto your
cancelled. vessel after you arrive in Australia. If you fail to sign onto your
vessel in that time, your maritime crew visa will cease and you
may be liable for removal from Australia.

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How you lodge the application Migration agents in Australia
Your completed application accompanied by the passport and Migration agents in Australia must be registered with the Office
photograph may be lodged by you or by your representative or of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the
sent by mail. If the passport is to be returned by mail you must MARA) unless they are exempt from registration.
provide an addressed passport-size envelope and sufficient
postage. Migration agents outside Australia
Migration agents who operate outside Australia do not have to
Residential address be registered. The department may give some overseas agents
an ID number. This number does not mean that they are
You must provide the address where you and any persons registered.
included on this application form intend to live while your
application is being dealt with. Failure to give your residential Note: Some Australian registered migration agents operate
address in this application will result in this application being overseas.
invalid. A post office box address will not be accepted as your Migration agent information
residential address.
A migration agent is someone who can:
Documents required on arrival • advise you on the visa that may best suit you;
• tell you the documents you need to submit with your
• Passport with a valid visa for travel to Australia and if crew application;
joining a vessel, another document that identifies the holder
as a seafarer. • help you fill in the application and submit it; and
• Return or onward ticket or other documentation for travel • communicate with the department on your behalf.
and entry to a destination beyond Australia. If you appoint a migration agent, the department will assume
• Completed incoming passenger card (will be available on that your migration agent will be your authorised recipient,
ship/aircraft prior to arrival). unless you indicate otherwise.
Your migration agent will be the person with whom the
Period of stay in Australia department will discuss your application and from whom it will
seek further information when required.
Your stay in Australia must be for no longer than 72 hours.
Extensions of stay will not be granted. You are not required to use a migration agent. However, if you
use a migration agent, the department encourages you to use
a registered migration agent. Registered agents are bound by
Transit visa conditions the Migration Agents Code of Conduct, which requires them to
Transit visas have the following conditions attached to them. act professionally in their clients’ lawful best interests.
If you do not comply with the conditions, your visa may be Information on migration agents, including a list of registered
cancelled and you will become an unlawful non-citizen. migration agents, is available on the Office of the MARA website
You must not:
• work in Australia; or You can also access information about migration agents on the
• undertake formal studies or training in Australia. department’s website

Exempt persons
Passport information
The following people do not have to be a registered migration
Please note that visa applicants will be required to hold a valid
agent in order to provide immigration assistance, but they must
passport before they can be granted a visa. It is strongly
not charge a fee for their service:
recommended that the passport be valid for at least 6 months
prior to travel. • a close family member (spouse, de facto partner, child,
parent, brother or sister);
If you change your passport after you have been granted the
visa you must notify the nearest Australian mission or office of • a member of parliament or their staff;
the department • an official whose duties include providing immigration
If you do not provide the department with the details of assistance (eg. a Legal Aid provider);
any new or additional passport you use to travel to • a member of a diplomatic mission, consular post or
Australia, you will experience significant delays at the international organisation.
airport and could be denied permission to board your
plane. Appointing a migration agent/exempt person
To appoint a migration agent/exempt person you should
Immigration assistance complete Part E – Options for receiving written
A person gives immigration assistance to you if he or she uses, communications.
or claims to use, his or her knowledge or experience in Your migration agent/exempt person should complete form 956
migration procedure to assist you with your visa application, Advice by a migration agent/exempt person of providing
request for ministerial intervention, cancellation review immigration assistance.
application, sponsorship or nomination. Form 956 is available from the department’s website
In Australia a person may only lawfully give immigration
assistance if he or she is a registered migration agent or is
exempt from being registered. Only registered migration agents Options for receiving written communications
may receive a fee or reward for providing immigration assistance.
If you do not appoint a migration agent/exempt person you
If an unregistered person in Australia, who is not exempt from may still authorise another person, in writing, to receive written
registration, gives you immigration assistance they are communications on your behalf. This person is called the
committing a criminal offence and may be prosecuted. authorised recipient.
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Authorised recipient information
All written communication about your application will be sent to
Home page
your authorised recipient, unless you indicate that you wish to General Telephone 131 881 during business hours
have health and/or character information sent directly to you. enquiry line in Australia to speak to an operator (recorded
The department will communicate with the most recently information available outside these hours).
appointed authorised recipient as you may only appoint one If you are outside Australia, please contact
authorised recipient at any one time for a particular application. your nearest Australian mission.
You will be taken to have received any documents sent to that
person as if they had been sent to you.
To appoint an authorised recipient you should complete:
• Part E – Options for receiving written communications;
• form 956A Appointment or withdrawal of an authorised
Note: Migration agents/exempt persons do not need to
complete form 956A.
Form 956A is available from the department’s website

Consent to communicate electronically

The department may use a range of means to communicate
with you. However, electronic means such as fax or email will
only be used if you indicate your agreement to receiving
communication in this way.
To process your application the department may need to
communicate with you about sensitive information, for example,
health, police checks, financial viability and personal
relationships. Electronic communications, unless adequately
encrypted, are not secure and may be viewed by others or
interfered with.
If you agree to the department communicating with you by
electronic means, the details you provide will only be used by
the department for the purpose for which you have provided
them, unless there is a legal obligation or necessity to use them
for another purpose, or you have consented to use for another
purpose. They will not be added to any mailing list.
The Australian Government accepts no responsibility for the
security or integrity of any information sent to the department
over the internet or by other electronic means.
If you authorise another person to receive documents on your
behalf and they wish to be contacted electronically, their
signature is required on form 956 or 956A to indicate their
consent to this form of communication.
Note: Electronic communication is the fastest means of
communication available and the department prefers to
communicate electronically because this results in faster

Important information about privacy

Your personal information is protected by law, including the
Privacy Act 1988. Important information about the collection,
use and disclosure (to other agencies and third parties,
including overseas entities) of your personal information,
including sensitive information, is contained in form 1442i
Privacy notice. Form 1442i is available from the department’s
website or offices of the
department. You should ensure that you read and understand
form 1442i before completing this form.

Please keep these information pages for your reference

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Application for Transit (subclass 771) visa
for Australia 876

Please use a pen, and write neatly in English using BLOCK LETTERS.
Tick where applicable  PHOTOGRAPH
Please attach a recent
passport photograph of
Part A – Your details yourself
1 Reason for transit AND
of children over 2 years
of age included in this
application and in your

2 Crew joining a vessel – Do you have a valid maritime crew visa?

No You must have a valid maritime crew visa before you can be 11 Details of passport being used for travel
granted a transit visa. You should apply for a maritime crew
Yes Passport number
visa immediately.
Country of
3 Your full name passport
Family name
Date of issue
Given names DAY MONTH YEAR

Date of expiry
4 Other names you are, or have been, known by (including name at birth, Issuing authority/
previous married names, aliases) Place of issue as
shown in your

5 Name in ethnic script (if applicable) 12 Country of residence

13 Full residential address

Note: A post office box address is not acceptable as a residential
6 Sex Male Female address. Failure to give your residential address will result in this
application being invalid.
7 Relationship status
Married Separated Never married or
been in a de facto
Engaged Divorced
relationship POSTCODE
De facto Widowed

14 Postal address (If same as residential address, write ‘AS ABOVE’)

8 Place of birth



9 Date of birth 15 Telephone numbers

Office hours ( AREA CODE )

10 Citizenship After hours ( AREA CODE )

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16 Do you agree to the department communicating with you by fax, email 22 Details of other persons included in this application and in your passport
or other electronic means? Note: If the residential address for any of these persons is different to
No the address provided at Question 13, please attach a sheet showing
Yes Give details each person’s residential address. If a person has more than one address,
all addresses must be shown. A post office box address is not acceptable
Fax number (AREA CODE ) as a residential address.

Email address 1. Family name

Note: If this application is refused, you will be notified by mail Given names

17 Address while in Australia Sex Male Female


Date of birth
Country of

18 Length of stay 2. Family name

Given names

19 Occupation Sex Male Female


Date of birth
Country of
20 Employer’s name birth

3. Family name
21 Employer’s address Given names

Sex Male Female


POSTCODE Date of birth

Country of

4. Family name

Given names

Sex Male Female


Date of birth
Country of

If you need more space, attach a sheet giving the required details

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23 Total number of persons included in this application 25 Arrival/Departure details

1. Arrival date
24 Contacts in Australia
City/port of
1. Name arrival

Address Departure date

City/port of
Telephone ( AREA CODE )
Country of

2. Arrival date
City/port of
Address arrival
Departure date
Telephone ( AREA CODE )
City/port of
3. Name Flight/Ship



3. Arrival date

City/port of
Telephone ( AREA CODE ) Flight/Ship

4. Name Departure date

City/port of
Relationship departure
Address Flight/Ship
Country of

Telephone ( AREA CODE ) 26 Have you or anyone included in this application ever previously applied
for a visa or travelled to Australia?
Yes Provide dates of previous visits to or residence in Australia




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Part B – Health 30 During your proposed visit to Australia, do you, or any other person
included in this application, expect to incur medical costs, or require
27 In the last 5 years, have you, or any other person included in this treatment or medical follow up for:
application, visited, or lived, outside your country of passport for more • blood disorder;
than 3 consecutive months? • cancer;
No • heart disease;
Yes Give details • hepatitis B or C and/or liver disease;
• HIV infection, including AIDS;
1. Name • kidney disease, including dialysis;
• mental illness;
Country(s) • pregnancy;
DAY MONTH YEAR DAY MONTH YEAR • respiratory disease that has required
Date from to hospital admission or oxygen therapy;
• other?

2. Name No
Yes Give details

Date from to

3. Name

31 Have you, or any other person included in this application, undertaken a
health examination for an Australian visa in the last 12 months?
Date from to

28 Do you, or any other person included in this application, intend to enter Yes Give details (including HAP ID if available)
a hospital or a health care facility (including nursing homes) while in
Yes Give details

29 Have you, or any other person included in this application:

• ever had, or currently have, tuberculosis?
• been in close contact with a family member that has active
• ever had a chest x-ray which showed an abnormality?
Yes Give details

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Part C – Character If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions at Question 32, you must
state who it applies to and give ALL relevant details.
32 Have you, or any person included in this application, ever:
If the matter relates to a criminal conviction, please give the nature of
• been charged with any offence that is the offence, full details of sentence and dates of any period of
currently awaiting legal action? No Yes imprisonment or other detention.
• been convicted of an offence in any country
(including any conviction which is now
removed from official records)? No Yes
• been the subject of an arrest warrant or
Interpol notice? No Yes
• been found guilty of a sexually based offence
involving a child (including where no
conviction was recorded)? No Yes
• been named on a sex offender register? No Yes
• been acquitted of any offence on the grounds
of unsoundness of mind or insanity? No Yes
• been found by a court not fit to plead? No Yes
• been directly or indirectly involved in, or
associated with, activities which would
represent a risk to national security in
Australia or any other country? No Yes
• been charged with, or indicted for: genocide,
war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture,
slavery, or any other crime that is otherwise of
a serious international concern? No Yes
• been associated with a person, group or
organisation that has been/is involved in
criminal conduct? No Yes
• been associated with an organisation
engaged in violence or engaged in acts of
violence (including war, insurgency, freedom
fighting, terrorism, protest) either overseas or
in Australia? No Yes
• served in a military force, police force, state
sponsored/private militia or intelligence
agency (including secret police)? No Yes
• undergone any military/paramilitary training,
been trained in weapons/explosives or in the
manufacture of chemical/biological products? No Yes
• been involved in people smuggling or people
trafficking offences? No Yes
• been removed, deported or excluded from any
country (including Australia)? No Yes
• overstayed a visa in any country (including
Australia)? No Yes
• had any outstanding debts to the Australian
Government or any public authority in
Australia? No Yes

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Part D – Assistance with this form Part F – Signatures
33 Did you receive assistance in completing this form? 38 BIOMETRICS DECLARATION AND CONSENT
No Go to Part E This declaration and consent must be signed by the main applicant and
Yes Please give details of the person who assisted you each accompanying person aged 16 years or over.
If I am requested or required to provide my fingerprints and facial image:
Title: Mr Mrs Miss Ms Other
I consent to:
Family name • the collection of my fingerprints and facial image; and
Given names • if applicable, the collection of the fingerprints and facial image of
each accompanying person under 16 years of age.
I declare that:
• I understand that my fingerprints and facial image and my
biographical information (and those of each accompanying person
POSTCODE under 16 years of age) held by the department may be given to
Australian law enforcement agencies to help identify me and each
Telephone number or daytime contact accompanying person, to help determine my eligibility and the
COUNTRY CODE AREA CODE NUMBER eligibility of each accompanying person for grant of the visa applied
Office hours ( ) ( ) for, and for law enforcement purposes.

Mobile/cell I consent to:

• Australian law enforcement agencies disclosing my biometric,
34 Is the person an agent registered with the Office of the Migration Agents biographical and criminal record information (and that of each
Registration Authority (Office of the MARA)? accompanying person under 16 years of age) to the department for
any of the purposes outlined above; and
• the department using the information obtained for the purposes of
Yes Go to Part E the Migration Act 1958 or the Australian Citizenship Act 2007.

35 Is the person/agent in Australia? Signature

No Go to Part E of main
Yes applicant 

36 Did you pay the person/agent and/or give a gift for this assistance? Date
Signatures of all other persons included in this application
Yes aged 16 years or over.

Signature of
Part E – Options for receiving written dependant

communications DAY MONTH YEAR

37 All written communications about this application should be sent to:
(Tick one box only)
Signature of


Authorised You should complete form 956A Appointment
recipient Date
or withdrawal of an authorised recipient
Signature of

Migration agent Your migration agent/exempt person should dependant
complete form 956 Advice by a migration
OR agent/exempt person of providing DAY MONTH YEAR

Exempt person immigration assistance Date

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39 DECLARATION Office use only
WARNING: Giving false or misleading information or documents is a Documents sighted Itinerary
serious offence.
Onward ticket
I declare that:
Seafarer’s identity document (if crew)
• the information provided on, or with this form, is complete and correct;
• I understand that if any fraudulent documents or false or misleading
information has been provided with this application, or if I fail to satisfy Not approved Reasons for refusal
the Minister of my identity, my application may be refused and I, and
any other member of my family unit, may become unable to be
granted a visa for specified periods of time;
• I understand that if documents are found to be fraudulent or
information to be incorrect after the grant of a visa, the visa may
subsequently be cancelled;
Entry Single Multiple Number
• I and my accompanying persons will, if granted a transit visa:
– travel to Australia with fully paid tickets for travel to a third country
beyond Australia and will produce these tickets on arrival in
Australia and will retain them while in Australia;
– not seek authority to settle in Australia and will leave at or
before the end of the authorised transit period; and
– not undertake employment or any formal studies or training DAY MONTH YEAR
during the authorised transit period in Australia. Date of grant
• I have read the information contained in form 1442i Privacy notice; Validity
• I understand the department may collect, use and disclose my Length of stay
personal information (including biometric information and other
sensitive information) as outlined in form 1442i Privacy notice. Conditions

of main


Signatures of all other persons included in this application

aged 16 years or over.

Signature of Signature of
 authorised officer

Signature of



Signature of



We strongly advise that you keep a copy of your application

and all attachments for your records.

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