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Action Team Name: Active Living Meeting Date: April 4th, 2008 – 10-12 Note Taker name: Plumb/Brawer/Santana/Smith Telephone #: __________________ e-mail: _________________________

Attendees: Tina Green (Black Women In Sports), Lamar Kendrick, Jessica Anderson (Pa Environmental Council), Natasha Moody, Rickie Brawer, Andy Dyson (Neighborhood Bike Works), Ayana Bradshaw (Philadelphia Collaborative Anti-Violence Collaborative), Rob Simmons, CR Robinson(Philadelphia Horticulture Society/Philadelphia Green), Ruby Davis (EPRA), Tracore Aboubacar, Ken Smith (PDPH), Abbie Sanatana (Jefferson), Lisa Jones (School District), Karl Ingram, Leona Brown (Project HOME), Sister Quaye (PARRC)Maggie O’Neil (Drexel/Citizen), Dottie Wells (Salvation Army), Jim Plumb (Jefferson), Taraya Gibson, Roy Hoffman (PDPH)
Agenda Item Introductions Discussion: Main Points Jim Plumb began the meeting by welcoming everyone on behalf of PUFFA and the Active Living Action Team (Angie Womack and I as CoChairs) and asking each attendee to state name and organization (if applicable) and note information on attendance form Reviewed the agenda – attendee check Ken provided a brief overview of PUFFA for new attendees • Later there were questions about distribution of money • “How much of the grant money goes to community groups?” • Discussion of planning grant contributing to coalition building and creating plan (Need to address this more clearly/openly) Reminded all about Community Meeting April 16th Jim Plumb gave a brief review of previous two meetings and the background for the presentation by Harjeet Sembhi, based on recommendations form previous meetings and contacts to do a policy scan looking at several organizations. Follow-up Actions Add new folks to the list Responsibility Calvin James

Previous Meeting Follow-up

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New Topics

Harjeet Sembhi presented “ACTIVE LIVING ASSETS RELATED TO POLICY AND SYSTEMS CHANGE IN PHILADELPHIA” (see attached) Importance of SafeScape concepts!! Discussion followed: • Corner stores owned by immigrants for generations, passed down through families; need to employ neighborhood folks (referred to Food Systems Action Team) • Plenty of facilities for active living, folks may have access, but not feel safe…need Police Department at the table • Have we connected the dots to the Anti Violence Groups??? • Many, many kids in Charter schools and Independent schools – what are requirements for physical activity? • Importance of private sector Fitness facilities • Private sector often hard to engage • Many, many kids in after school programs; what are opportunities for PA in these program • Corporate Social Responsibility - PUFFA needs business and entrepreneurial input; how to involve major companies in effort; opportunity Wednesday the 9th at Temple 830-1130 “Social Entrepreneurial Conference; • Larger companies can support and advocate for policy efforts; Insurers could provide memberships to local programs, not just Bally’s, etc; how can they disburse funds to smaller CBOS who promote physical activity o Corporations developing policies that support active living in employees • E.g – “Business” could fund PCA to continue PA activities • Youth have mapped bike trails • Asset mapping – parks, recreation centers, YMCAs, PAL centers

Hard copies distributed to attendees; include in minutes

Jim Plumb

Review with Food Systems Action team

Jim Plumb

Identify their action steps Jim Plumb Investigate

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Next Steps Review Philadelphia Green with Robert Allen Follow-up on questions raised

Synergy: List examples of synergy provided at meetings
Data/Information Requests Next Meeting Date Baseline data used by Philly Green Plan TBD

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