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Travet Award Redemption / \ffiAfifg

Buy Mites / Mites Transfer Form
Present this form at the Mabuhty l{iles S€rvic€ Center or your preferred Phllippins Airlines tick€t offlcs.

rnay Gquest tur fligtrt fiads or your behdt tlnly cornpletdy accomplishad and signed forn$ xnh the roquiftd do.ilnents lill [o processsd.

Mabuhay Mibs membership numba
Pha* updatetln loilouing only if lhaearecharryes
NdI'F (asFifi&ar {Cotfty@) WuCe) Iebflwet*ntu)
FictNdrE Conbc{ No.

ilIdde Ndne

MoifbNo. tt

n*iflg your resewation, otlswise, Frr fsaentatbfi will b€ caEeued. Rush FocessilB leos may apply.


d?a u.t cm6y aoerd nafr&E
0 USl30 Rl}si Doces$oq ee b. arBd tideb Es{ed +9 calorxler days ryix b fihht ftor[tr€ O US$50 Rrdl o|mseim lbs tor au6rd tct€c bq,ed 1-3 cdondar dflvs Ddor b nhm d60a.urs


Servbg Clss Upgrado 6rads h lanfiy and fdolds tr'to a'E rrwlbers 0f Mabuhay Mihs.

0 RegulaFocs{rllg er (qrr6ds €ceit,td d hasl l0calendardails wiorb fi'qhtd€paft{s il br€q{S r€cdlqttrS cderdtrdays Fhrb flight@dFe
US$30 rush p{oc€€sFE l€e

Do yo{ ntrd addili$rd Mils fo. yoff 6hhl ilatd? f ydl hfl6 50t6 el fb raguiFd M[6 fu rod€rpliff, yoi
Tmtu )qf, itle. to atuSH t dnlEy Mt6 ndr$€i8 md. Iilib ca be ls6btr6d io in6B& ol 1,000
car buy ilild al tlSS25 por tiock of 1,000 Mil€s. Purdneed lliles musl bo us€d rgsiret lh6 roqustod 1,fi6 !6. hileio.r. llil* lrash mb U$$15 per t ,000 Mil€6 per [d$sc.tion. ltuinua Lld* hmb domd
fiight award. lriles purchassd shall bs valid I ye$ ftm date ot purchass. Porchased fiiies do nol ie 25,06 Xi6p€r €lqd{ }€s. Rsdtri*trn€y HdE a MilMof 25,0m Ml€pscdsdtrys. Tra.Ekn€d
runt toisrds €lil*levsl ststq8, ililiun l#l€s p{ 6
pu&hs p€( cd€{rdr ye* ie 25,@ $iles. ftlie f,Hs m6t bo used against th6 rsquesldd Righl arard sd shall b€ v4lid 1 yosr fron dele of lrensfer,
F dla€d 6mt b€ ffi$d. Plw returlo 4}-Tg;|jlijl:g;g: lr ddds. m Trefolt€d Uiloa do nst codnl loudrds 6lile-t€yol slatu8. lrliles hatetash{r€d mrd ba reverc€d.

U Top Up illle+ {Miles lo be added to your Mabuhay Mibi accounl) B€neficiays Name
Tdal Mtleg Amourtl US$
I Glft tit E (itil8s to be added to andher rt|emb€t's Mduhay Miles ffiunt) Ben€ffci8tt/s Mabuhay Mil6 fiGmbership nurFsr
Ben€ficisds Name
Frd Lndh be Tcid Miles to be trandc,..ted (nittnatn of z,oN Mites,
B€fi€ficiavs Mabuhay l,liles mernbersi$p ounbet
Tdd llilos Amount US8
Totd MibsPurdred P&co{}cr€ Fce (tj8t10) Tdd lrfiea TraFfetrcd PrDcesdr8 F6e (U3$f0)
ApdicaueTa(G Totd Amolllrl U$$ ApdlcableTeres_ TddArnqrr{[JS$_

Requirements IMPORTANT
Prerent original and submit photocopies of tie following doarmofits wien I -_ Airlines will only issue flight arards to mysell
undeBtand that Phillppine
claiming your award tickets: and/or my beneficiaries in accotdance wih lhe Terms and Conditions set forth
Member's Mabuhay Miles membershi! card (optional) and shted in the Mabuhay Miles sebsit6. My signafure below also certifiss
Valid lD trifr photo and signature of illember / that I trlll pay taxes and processing fees, whsre applicable.
Travel Coordinator lBeneficiary {eg. Driver's License/ Passport}
For international travel: Copy qf pa$sengeCs yalid passport
Valid lD wi$ pioto and signature of auth0rired repres€ntative $ignatur€ over printfd ndme of member or Date
authorized TraYel Coordinator

Ihls portioil hto be filled byBe Mah*uytlilc llembe/ttavef Coordinatgr whench'llningflidrt affifdsthru an4drcrized re$tserit{tive.


M*tlltay llils Sdlios &nts, ?F Pdffi Re$y er'kitq, 1@l A. Andz Skst (My Paeay Rd.), 12?3 il*ai Cty, itiihftB fAmodoT
Tdlh.ll$ils{63?}817&00 Fs(632}018-1921/8S3{88{C6bu:(032)310JQ0 UgCdBdal{@747-1959
llllalsib: viqr':ll:iay'.rie:.o'r Email: r:;t'rll![ai !:.iri rl

Amaiz StrFt (tmfily P*y Rd. Driver's License/ Passport) For inte.000 cd buy Mil* al US$25 p6 l. 0 Regubr poces$ng for rcq@s{s receitEd at least 10 cahrdar days prior b flight depattuc I US$30 R]sh pmcessing fee for rpq$B€ts rcceiv€d 4-9 calendar days prior b Right depature I BUY MILES REQUEST Do y@ n€d addition€l Mils ftr )our ffight trard? lf ye hds 50% of th€ r6quired Mlls fq red€mplis. Miles Trffib sbUS$'15 pq 1.l. Trayel Coordinator /Beneficiary (eg. may reguegi for flight awards on yout behalf. I Top Up Itiles (Miles to be add€d to your Mabuhay Mibs account) Beneficiaryg Nane Total Mil$ Amounl US$ I Glftt|ile! (Miles to be added to another hemb€ds Mabuhay Miles account) Beneficiarys Mabuhsy Miles rnemb€rship number tsenefcien/s Name firyl lfrddle Las Tdal Miles to be tlandened (ninimum of 4No Mil66]. TotdAmountus$ ApdicableTares_ TOdAmouniUS$--. PIes rek to www._ Requirements I IMPORTANT Present original and submit photocopies of the following documents when I I undertand that Philippine Airlines will only issue flight awards to myself claimiBg your award tickets: .loc* sf 1. Maimum Miles tou @n pudle p€( cal€nda y€tr is 25. Only conplstcly accomplished and signed forns yrith the roquircd docments trill be proces$ed.national travel: Copy of passenger's valid passport Valid lD with photo and signature of authorized representative Signature over printed name of member 0r Date authorized Travel Coordinator This portion is to be lilled by lhe Mabutuy Miles MembedTravd Cmrdinator when claiming flight awards thru an anthorized represertative. Purchassd Mil6 do not ie 25. psdlssd cenotbe w{sd.).000 Mil6. *s rs at lga$ I o €tendtr oays pntr to ngm oepanufF il US$50 Ru$r orocesfu fes 6r amd tckea Esued 1-3 cd$dar days pdor to ahht depafiIre N SERVICE GLASS UPGRADE REDEMPTION Service Class Upgrads awards to family and trisrds wtD a€ tnembers of Mabuhay Miles.fih8 to am$s Mabuhay MB$ mqrb€is 9@d.000 Mil68 ps bilssfa. I I I Midde Name I I I I l. your ressrvation will b€ cancelbd.747-1959 WebGils: 1@ m3bul. Rush processing fees nEy apply. otlErwbe. you IT@br MILES TRANSFER REQUEST yw li. Mabuhay Mibs membership number It tS totcil( r*Lf @ riwl PIea* update tn fallowing caty ilthue are changx Nane pinted on menbersnp Name (as wnted nenW.aytriies com Enail: mabuhaymlles@gai6n th .o. Mil€e ce be lrambned in inffitB of 1. NAME OF AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVEi _ Ulite iercbv adE te t* doe rglfioned SIGNATURE OF MEMB€R : AWARO TICKET RECEIVEO Mabuhay Mils Sflke C€nttr. Mils $al ac tan6fEred €nnol b€ 6F6€d. Msjnm lriles fdBbr a{o€d flighl award. I I I I I I I Mobirer. PhilippiE TARF/OC07 T€l llo. I - and/or my beneficiaries itr accordance wift the Terms and Conditions set forth Member's Mabuhay Miles membership card (optional) | and stated in the Mabuhay Miles website. Beneficiary's Mabuhay Miles membarship number Tctal Milos Amount US$ Tc{al Mikes Purdesed Processing Fee (US$10) Totd Miles Transfened Proesdng Fee (US$10) ApdicibleTa(ee. 21F Pffit Realty B'libing. 1021 A. Purchasod Milss nust b€ 6€d against tho raquostsd Mils ps hmatbo. 123 Makati City. where applicable.ship card) (CosW@@ Ate:a^de) ffelephdtevrntut) FrstNari* [rr0rSrfrfrpfJitMfr t t t t t t t I ContactNo.000 Milas. litanila (632) 817 S00 Fil (632) 818-491 / 893-6884 c€b!: {032) 340{000 UgcaEda kr w€ ddalls Tranfen€d Miles do not @uot towards elilslovsl elatus. Mil€s purchased shall be valid 1 yeor from dat6 ot purchase. My $ignature below also certifles / Valid lD wittr photo and signature of Member I that I will pay taxes and processing fees. Travel Award Redemption / Buy Miles / Miles Transfer Form Present this form at the itabuhay miles Service Center or your prefsrrcd Philippine Airlines ticket office.000 Mibs ps caisdar y@r.000Mils p€r €hndd ysl kipbnt may rodw a mflimm of 25. Tr&stur€d munt towards oiitelevel stat!8. Mil€s Uibs must be usod againsl ths r€qu€stsd flight award sd shall bs valid I year fron dat€ of transfer. LastNare |rtfltDtgtrrJtAl t t t t t I t t t t I EmaitAddress I AWARD TICKET REDEMPTION rnaking your rcselation.

a$s to fanlly and fd.m0 uil€8Fqcdsdsys l'sbn€d cdrnt towsds elilFl€El rtstuE.crwsmiliM of 25. Emd: r:irrrralll6sa.. psdlas€dmmtb€ ffisd. 1ml A.hate Purchas€d t{ils do rol a aJb nisper €ldd{ y€s. Mil€s purchas€d sfiall bo Yalid I yeer ftm date of pur.4s.gainEt lhe rcqffited brry lril€s lfiloG P€.it€d Mlls $ot mddTplis' voo TrdFbf yar ldb€ b dcds MafurlBt ltls wddds ffid. llil€{ cd} b€ 1. g Re$IdptoesEirB &. "q.s UsbuhEy Miles accounl) Ben€fida{fs Mabuhay Mils mgmbership nunbar 8anefi€i8r/3 l{ame Totd Mile3 to be tsan{efied khid. s*$Aa$e *sfigl$oatgl llleffireffigb€lor ti'cnrnrune SIGNAIUREOF ITEIHER: {f oF AUIHoRTZED REpRESE}'ITAI'VE: AWARO TCKET N€CEIVEO 8Y: he: TARFncOT M*r-*qv ttites Ssoioo C€nls.000 ilih& Purdtar€'d Mils n08t bo Eed . Onlt cfuetdy accorplished and signsd foms tith-tha roqdtod documrnts rill bG proce$ed.** Mabuhay Mibs lremberuhiP number Pleax tffide dre ffilwitU uty ilthem are clnrges ' (CdtfrYe). My signatule below also certifies Valid lD wisr photo and signature ot illember / lhal I rlll pay taxss and processing fees. b#ado. Reipleot msy r.l.a& Mites) B€neficievs Mab{lhay Milos membership numbet Tdd Mit€3 Anpunt us$ TctdttilosPutde#d* ProdngF€G{U$t10}. Tdd Mil€n Trdi!fiBncd Fffiing F6c (US$10)-- Apdicail4T068 Apdicaur Tax€s.b qfid4at(e N BUY MILES REQUEST I MILES TRANSFER REQUEST fffiftr€d h iffiHl|s d Do yd n6d€ddiliof. l.fds m 1l{es. {*es b&Fd 'l'3 calsd?r davs trb io ffoht &Daturs I SERVICE CLASS UPGRADE REDEMPTION aervns Cbss Upgaads Ef. I I I .atds f. Pleeroblb g'sajGli::q:i:91::i1! kv dd:d€.ho are r€mleB of Mabuhay Miles.m0 ili€8 FaBadis Muirnm Hiles tsgsk alqrcd cil d US3?5 pq bbci( of 1. Tddtunount USi Requirements IMPORTAIiT Pre*ent origi0al 80d Submit phot0copies of he lollowiflg doc{mont$ when I undsrstand that Phillppine Alrlinos sill only issue flight auards to myself claiming your awatd ticltets: and/or my benetioiailes in accordance wih the Torms and Conditio0g set fotffi MomGi's Mabuhay Miles membership card (optionsl) and shtdd in ths Mabuhay Miles rvebsile. .ztF Pffi Realty &iHnq. your rssorYdton ui! b€ caEsflod' Rush ptoc$sing lees apply.levol stalue. 1223 tl*ati City' PhilipriG ie$h.t cf{tw slole tol namqg 0 US$30 Ru$ Hoce$dm bo br a|Vad XcfieB beEd /Lg caFdadaYs BUto iiqhl depa$r€ fl U3$50 Rrdl fiffitu lbe b. knaiz 6b6l (bmcly Pwy Rd.& US$i5 F. Travel Award RedemPtion / Buy Miles / Miles Transfer Form pr63ant this form at the tlsbuhay f.[40 Ml6 p6.i:i]i *. ohetlvba. ffi Trmfsrsd Miles do noi mf. Llils hdl dq t#Ekt€d ba Bdscd'snd I Topnll€ {Miles to be add€d to your llabuhay Mile3 accourd} UI Bcn€fidarY8 Il]BfiF Miles-- Tctd Amounl US$- I gftn[rt (irilssto be add to andher fi€mb€l.ih€. aril. 1 . Sewiee Cent*r or your preferred PhilippinG Airlines ticket offico. I AWARD TICKET REDEMPTION n*ing yow reservstion.ur purds Xe cCsrds Fs b 25'0001.6twM) tetePtwrtiAnW) Nann (asgiilglon FFstNarts ContaclNo. Ychere applicsble' Travel Co0rdinator /Beneficiary {eg.).' .tspdal{0s747'195s l/Y€bsib:p.trunof2. fljsht awad. *ay Or night anarUs on youi mnaf. Uaim t*c .must be used againit th6 r.r !.rl Mt€s b your ff{0ht trtrd? lf ydr htr8 60$ ot lhs Gs.que€tsd flight arard erd shall b€ valid 1 y6ar kom dr}e of trsn$fer.t toysrd6 6lits.:ii!f ayF:* lc. Trm$r 6. Ddver's Licsnsel Passport} For inter0ational travel: Copy of passenger's valid pa$spott Valid lD with photo and signafure 0l authorired repretentative $ignature over printed nsme of mer$er or Dat€ authorized Travel Coordinator This portiofi is to bo filbd by UE ilahfisy Hiles Memberltravcl Coordimtor wlEfl clalrfq ni$rt awuds hru en alslorited reprosentative. 'lEy*itaros?)stz$00 Frx(632)818-192t/89368EaCEbr:(032)31G8000 us.l irliddeNarc Mobile No.{ile.f e$res ecelFd dlE6t l0cahttdada!8 pdsb iigtttdepatuB o us$:}0 rush pfocsssiq f€€ hr €q{Fdt tecslved +9caiqdedays$o.

an 'r3lti ain. Putchat€d llils do rot ic 25. trpl€ ddale Irst6{€d ltilgs do not c@ni lorsds 6lile-hvel Etstus.iz sb€€t (bmst Pxay Rd. Mls Mil€$ must bs used alsin€t lh€ requsled fligh! sw€(d af.ttttt. SIGI. Mairom llil6 you a ptfdls t€. 1@1A.IATURE OF MEMBER SrcNATURE OF AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATNE: AWARD TIC(ET RFCEIVEO BY: oae lbrtuy i*is sflioo c{ds. t iles purcha$d 6hall be valid 'l yesr fion dsle ot purchaa. Msila 1632) 817 F00 Fu (632) 8l0-192'l t893{881 C€&u: (032) 340{000 usrtdEda l{0G74H959 1ya6516.erlo b€ trand3'ted (nidnumot2(r(N Mites. Only conrphtely #conplishod atd signod furms uith tte roqtdtd tucttmenls rill !c processod. Purchaeed llilo8 must bs used ag. Befleficiary's Mabuhay Mile6 tnemborship nufirber Milee To(el Atttount US$- pwctEc€d Tctd ltil€| *-'l----aaenounljSl' Ptocc$Hng Fee(US$lo) Tdd ldiles Trgl.IMN Id No. calcdt y€a ie ?5. Rush p&cassin0 ts€s lrlay apply.0m MilEs ps #d ys.t .es AppfieblcToos. wtiere applicabls.l(e tl us$30rush proc€s8irE I€ei€d il-scdondildsy$ pdorb ffightd6patrr{9 N BUY MILES REQUEST N MILES TRANSFER REQUEST Do you rrad additiofiNl Mls h yolr ffbht flsd? ll ts hays 50S ot ths rcqoit€d tlil6 &r Edffiplixt.itr photo and signatur€ of ldembet / that I *lll pay taxos and procesEing fe€s.S0 tlts t€. MabuhayMilmmembenrripnumber t AO|Bt?t*-t{t'ilttpt#t preant*tetntdt*tuuily*rrwearectwges Nane bsryittdmnetnbashbcard) GsWe) {A'uce) Feref. I .000 iliba.-. ourrwise.. cahnda . . t{l6*6m. I usl30 eebaftd dcre8 h$ed +9 cdefidtdffsiotttfiqld Rnsh o.lcessng deDan$ I USli60 Rd| lrmho hefora|dd tck€bFstE{t t3cdendardavsothrbft$t{hptrfin9 ! SERVICE CLASS UPGRADE RE9EMPTION S€rvho Class thg€ds ard6 l0 fsiity ad fti€rds *F al8 msmbgts of Mabuhay Mihs.0m tli6 F.-:a h. PhilippiE IAS.t l-t MobileNo. My signaturo below aleo certilies Valid lD f. f. -ilfrW- Travel Award Redemption / Buy Miles / Miles Transfer Form Pr€tent this fom at the ttabuhey Hilas Service Center or your preferred Phllippine Aldinei ticket afftcs.-- npOcauera.ii.avel Cotrdinator lBsneticisry (eg. Am.}.Ox pet bsrEdin $hs Traeftr mb US$15 pr l. UdiM lriiee bffiftf dsl€d tlight arard. Mils hst & h*sbr€d c$td be resssd.i*s cin Esd: daliir3tiri4eJa olr t: . Trdd€hr€d 6snt towsrds €litg-brsl cteluE.dinafor uftenchimfuqfl!fit arads hru alanlhorieed represontativs.1 I I L. may Gquest k'r f ight eafils on yoor behatf. rl t t . yur reeoffa$on siil be caEei€d.*rNdne lTiAtntaMA t t-t t t t t t t.p. 1223 Uddt qty. I ---. liibe m be fsffibtred h iF€ol€. First Cless 0 Re$dag0c6s$ng e re$ests recoirBd dloast 10c*rdstdrys pdof b {bht&plf.Pl6as r€f€t h tnr!-Hl]tij:i{.&0 ilil6. tr Top Uptlls3 (Mil6 to b€ dtl€d to your Mabuhay lttile! aceurd) Beneticitr/s !'|arne Told Miles Arnounl US$ D efttiLa (Miteslo be add€d lo anothff membo/s Mabuhsy Miles acsgufil) Beneficiats M8buhay Mil€3 rnomb€rslllp numbef Eerleficisry3 Narm Totd Mi. t I EmailAddrsss I AWARD TICKET REDEMPTION mding your resoFrdion.i€n I --* understand that Philippine Airllnss will only issue flight awards to mysell daimiry your af.000 ca hry Mil6 d US325 ps l&* d 1.FtNane'lFtlr'frtlAylt of 1. kff*ilt nsy miF 8 nsilM of 25. Tolalturldlntus$ Requirements IMPORTANT Pre$ent origioal and submit photocopios of the follosing documents i. l-.ttlcontactNo.ftrrud Ptpe*{rlg F€o {US$10) ..inst lh€ Equst€d f.d shail bs valid 1 yes |to!n d3td of kansfer. you TrfrEbr tdr $hs b apfs tldxtE t{k mdrbds Four{. p{r$€€€d csrbt b6 ffisd. aF Poid Rsslty &dldi4.l rr{ddeNarelAJ t*f t J t l. 1. Driver's Licenss/ Passport) For i[ternatioilat travel: Copy ot passet]ger's valid passpott Valid l0 wifr photo and signsture of authotized representative Signature over printed name of member 0r Date auhorized Travel Coordinator fiisportion is to befillcd bytrc tilahSuy tliles lternberfinvel Uckets: and/or my beneficiaries in accordance wi$t the Terms and Conditione set fotth Menber's Mabuhay Miles membership card {opUonal) and shted i0 the Mabuhsy Miles website.wnilnbi F.