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PROCESS Engineering International is a wholly

owned subsidiary of PROCESS Engineering
Associates and shares all resources and
experience with the parent company. Selected
refining projects include:

Capacity Evaluations
Unit Debottlenecking
Fractionation Upgrade Design
Unit Simulation and Modeling
Energy Usage Improvements
Flare Header Studies
Relief Valve Validation Sizing
Process Design for New Technology Deployment
Turn-Around Assistance
and much more…

PROCESS has experience with a variety of
refinery processes. Examples of these processes
include: For more information about our qualifications,
Crude Units experience, and staff, visit our website at:
Vacuum Distillation Units
Isomerization or
Fluid Catalytic Cracking
Process Engineering for:
PROCESS is available to perform work for
clients in most parts of the world. We have 40+ Specialty Chemicals
chemical process engineers on staff and have
completed projects for clients in North America,
Commodity Chemicals
South America, Australia, Europe, the Middle
East, India and China. PROCESS Engineering International, LLC
700 South Illinois Avenue or
PROCESS is flexible and is set up to perform Suite A-201
any type of process engineering work, from Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830
optimization studies to new equipment process United States of America
specifications. All work completed provides the
Phone: +1 (865) 220 8722 Process Engineering International, LLC
client with high quality, economical solutions
Fax: +1 (865) 220 8729 700 South Illinois Avenue • Suite A-201
regardless of project size. Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830
+1 (865) 220 8722

Process Design process documentation. . LLC PROCESS offers the full spectrum of process (PROCESS) has employees with experience safety services including: in providing a wide range of process • Developing process safety programs engineering services. With Process Engineering International’s process design package and • Relief valve sizing process project oversight. • Process design basis development • Conducting Process Hazards Analyses • Process simulation and modeling (PHAs) • Mass and energy balances • Conducting Process Safety Audits • Process alternative evaluations • Performing Hazard Assessments (HAZOPs) • Conceptual Process Design (Front End Engineering Design) • Basic Engineering Packages • Vendor proposal evaluation PROCESS uses licensed commercial process Complete Process Design Package simulation software and in-house simulation Preparation. PROCESS provides oversight of • Statistical process control projects from conception through startup to ensure that the process design is not Additional Capabilities jeopardized. troubleshooting and optimization PROCESS has the specialized knowledge • Piping and instrument diagrams • Debottlenecking to oversee your entire project from a • Operating procedures. including: • Developing various process safety information including relief valve sizing. you will receive • Flare loading studies a economically efficient and operationally effective installation. Including: programs to perform: • Design basis • Detailed mass and energy balances • Alternatives evaluation/feasibility studies • Unit operation design/evaluation • Mass and energy balance computer • Piping system hydraulics calculations simulations • Relief and flare system design/evaluation • Process flow diagrams • Process control diagrams • Capital cost estimates On-Site Services • Operating cost estimates • Commissioning and startup Overall Process Oversight • Equipment specifications • Process evaluation. We work with detail documentation development engineering and fabrication companies that can provide a turn-key project to meet • Operator training your needs.Process Engineering Process Modeling and Simulation Process Safety Services Process Engineering International. etc. process process point of view.