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Mejia, Danilo Group 51 4B1-C DRUG STUDY February 18, 2009


Generic Name: Abdominal pain, nausea, =Monitor Vital signs
LAMIVUDINE Anti-retrovirus For Chronic Inhibits viral DNA Hypersensitivity, vomiting, diarrhoea, insomnia, PO 100mg once = Monitor serum amylase, lipase
Anti-viral hepatitis B synthesis by inhibiting Lactation cough, nasal symptoms, daily and Triglyceride during therapy.
Trade Name: infection and HIV enzyme reverse Impaired renal function arthralgia, muscle pain, Increase levels may indicate
Epivir Nucleoside transcriptase Pedia: patients with headache, fever, rash, alopecia, Adult: Pancreatitis.
Epivir HBV Reverse history of Pancreatitis malaise, increased creatinine 100 mg once daily. =Instruct to take medication
3TC transcriptase phosphokinase and alanine every 12 hours.
inhibitor aminotransferase, peripheral Child: >2 yr: 3 = Monitor for signs of Hepatitis
neuropathy. Rarely mg/kg once daily. such as jaundice, Fatigue,
rhabdomyolysis, pancreatitis, Max: 100 mg/day. anorexia and pruritus.
hepatitis. Neutropenia and =Explain that it will not cure the
anaemia (in combination with disease.
zidovudine), thrombocytopenia, =Monitor for liver function tests.
increases in LFTs. Paronychia. =Monitor for signs of peripheral
Angioedema, urticaria, and neuropathy
anaphylactoid reaction.
Potentially Fatal: Lactic acidosis
associated with severe
hepatomegaly and hepatic
=Avoid alcohol intake
Generic Name: Anti-viral For Chronic Entecavir is a Hypersensitivity, Lactic acidosis/hepatomegaly w/ PO 0.5 mg once = Monitor for signs of Hepatitis
ETECAVIR hepatitis B guanosine nucleoside Lactation steatosis. Exacerbation of daily such as jaundice, Fatigue,
Nucleoside infection. analogue with potent Impaired renal function hepatitis after discontinuation of anorexia and pruritus.
Trade Name: analogue and selective activity treatment. Patients w/ renal Should be taken on =Monitor for liver function tests.
Baraclude Treatment of against HBV impairment, liver transplant an empty stomach
chronic hepatitis B polymerase. recipients. Pregnancy & (Take on an empty
virus infection in Interferes viral DNA lactation. stomach at least 2
adults w/ evidence synthesis thereby hr after a meal & 2
of active liver decreasing hepatic hr before the next
inflammation. damage caused by meal.).
hepatitis B infection.

hyperglycaemia. hepatitis B capable of modifying hypersensitivity to insomnia. the immune response interferon or Human Pancreatitis. Potentially Fatal: Hepatotoxicity. confusion. alopecia. autoimmune hepatitis or myelosuppression. Hepatitis C and have anti. proliferative action months for =Monitor Bone marrow A2 Interferon Anti-viral Hairy cell leukemia against tumor cells and Hypersensitivity. Nausea. pneumonitis and pneumonia. Has antioxidants & Hypersensitivity. =Avoid alcohol intake Generic Name: =Monitor for signs of INTERFERON Cytotoxic For chronic Interferon are protein Previous Neuropyschiatric disorders. seizures. lethargy. Laxative effects. SQ neuropsychiatric disorders ALFA Chemotheraphy. CV problems. hepatitis C depression Intron A have antiviral activity. Silymarin hepatocyte =Monitor for liver function tests. anorexia. depression. Hepatic hypersensitivity reactions. nausea. infection weight and appetite autoimmune disease. =Monitor. =Administer anti-emetics for It decreases progression decompensation. a history of ocular side effects. PO = Monitor for signs of Liver Antidote Chronic Hepatitis. =Monitor for signs of infections infection. blurred vision. pulmonary infiltrates. Flu-like symptoms. hepatoprotectant Pregnancy or Lactation Anorexia 240mg Bid failure such as jaundice. Nausea. CBC and diff count immunosuppressed hypertriglyceridaemia. autoimmune diseases. Vomiting.Prevents toxic Tea= 3-4 x daily 30 edema and mental status Silybin liver detoxification penetration & stimulate mins before meals changes. coma. gen Trade Name: Liver cleansing and actions. 5 mill units / day Nausea and vomiting of hepatic damage. 3 mill units 3x =Assess for cardiovascular Trade Name: Interferon. psoriasiform rash. for Hepatitis B =Monitor Intake and output. . IM . DRUG CLASS INDICATION ACTION CONTRAINDICA ADVERSE EFFECTS ROUTE/DOS NURSING TION AGE IMPLICATION Generic Name: MILK THISLE For Liver cirrhosis. colitis. thyroid =Monitor Liver function test transplant recipients abnormalities. regeneration. Serum Albumin Diarrhea weekly for 24 disorders Interferon alpha 2b infection. nephrotoxicity.

(reverse transcriptase) Monitor renal function every 3 and hence inhibits viral mth. cough. mg once daily. increased female gender. and respiratory or hepatic impairment. before initiation due to possible phosphorylated to the Potentially Fatal: Lactic resistance development in active adefovir acidosis. fever. DNA replication. HIV Brand name: function is hydrolyzed effects e. It insomnia. liver disease (especially in nucleoside nucleoside analogue. abdominal PO May be taken with or without ADEFOVIR Hepatitis B acyclic nucleoside pain. PO 600 mg once Patients with risk factors for TELBIVUDINE hepatitis B synthetic thymidine abdominal pain. in patients who develop metabolite. exposure). Brand name: analogue undergoes intracellular lipase. nausea and vomiting. The diester skin rashes. diphosphate. It is used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection. and severe Hepatomegaly suggestive of lactic acidosis or Telbivudine hepatotoxicity. enzyme diagnosed.g. It can be viral and serological markers used in patients with every 6 mth and LFTs. Increased risk of hepatotoxicity metabolite inhibits nephrotoxicity. daily. The active with steatosis. Monitor LFTs several inhibition blocks months after discontinuation of reverse transcriptase treatment due to risk of severe thus reducing viral acute exacerbation of hepatitis B. Pregnancy. DIPIVOXIL infection reverse transciptase asthenia. pharyngitis antibody testing to be performed Hepsera tab and subsequently and sinusitis. lamivudine-resistant Discontinue therapy if liver . Interrupt therapy triphosphate inhibits if myopathy is suspected. Fatigue. hepatotoxicity. dyspepsia. child. obesity. telbivudine Potentially Fatal: Lactic acidosis clinical/laboratory findings triphosphate. hepatitis B biochemical. diarrhoea. flatulence. Generic Name: Anti-viral For Chronic Adefovir dipivoxil is an Lactation. rash. severe hepatomegaly untreated HIV infection. Dizziness. renal inhibitor. pregnancy or prolonged Sebivo film-coated phosphorylation to diarrhea. replication. hepatitis B viral DNA discontinue if myopathy is polymerase. Nausea. Pruritus. cough. Discontinue treatment tab form its active like symptoms. headache. elderly. in females. DRUG CLASS INDICATION ACTION CONTRAINDICA ADVERSE EFFECTS ROUTE/DOS NURSING TION AGE IMPLICATION Generic Name: Anti-viral For Chronic Telbivudine is a Hypersensitivity. dyspepsia. malaise. flu. headache. obese patients and HBV DNA polymerase with prolonged treatment. Adult: >18 yr: 10 food.

function worsens.hepatitis B. .