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I've never thought that cute and simple art can get a DD ^^^^

It's a super suprise to me when I saw a message on my front page: "Congratulatio
ns on your DD"
The first thing run through my head was: LOL, I dont know what you're talking ab
out, LOL
But I was curious, maybe one of my 2 drawings (not included this) which were acc
epted to :icongetdailydeviations: can get a DD. Can it be? I still thought: NO,
it's just a joke, I know tons of deviations are much better than mine ...
Still curious, I browsed the Daily Deviation button. I wasn't hurry to view all
the deviations today, keep thinking "No way" in my head, and I wasn't disappoint
ed when I nearly went to the last rows of daily deviations, and saw none of my d
rawings there. :D :D :D And when I was going to come back to my page, I saw my C
hii thumbnail , it is on the last row !!!!!! Can't believe, yep, I've never thou
ght about it, it's NO WAY, it's a very simple drawing, no way !!!! :iconhappybou
I'm so happy !!!!!! My face now :iconimhappylaplz::iconimhappylaplz::iconimhappy
laplz: LOL
Many thanks to :iconpuku-puku: who suggested it, I know you always spend so much
love for me :iconglompplz::iconglompplz::iconglompplz: and thank you :iconelico
ronel16: who featured it, it meant so much to me ^^^^
And all of you, my dear friends (yep, I never call you watcher), thank you so mu
ch for everything, I've received so much from you, the love, support, encouragem
ents ... I am nothing without you :iconaawplz: Thank you for being always by my
side from the very first steps of me here ^^^^ :iconlove::iconlove::iconlove:

:star::star::star::star:Open commission:star::star::star::star:
:halfliquid: 60 :points: line art simple ^^ Your OC
[link] (traditional)
ko biêìt coì ai ðãòt không nhiÒ ^^ one iece

i like your gallery :heart:

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