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Nigeria revamp education sector

the education sector and will do everything possible to ensure that the dream of
moving Nigeria to a country which will by 2020 generate at least $900billionas
GDP and meet $4000 per capital income target

Chinese gov't to put pre-school education high on its agenda

In Beijing, a city with a population of more than 17 million, the number of kind
ergartens has dropped from 3,056 in 1996 to the current 1,266

China to Subsidize Electric Car Battery Development: Assets Supervision and Admi
nistration Commission
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission will subsidize gove
rnment-controlled companies for electric car battery development

Boeing expects China fleet to triple in 20 years

China will have 5,180 aircraft serving the civil aviation industry by 2029, up f
rom 1,570 last year. Chinese airlines will need 4,330 new jets valued at 480 bil
lion dollars over the next two decades

Canada's aerospace industry could double the number of high-paying and high-qual
ity jobs in Canada over the next decade if it has greater support from governmen
ts and investment in research and development: Deloitte

Mahindras to set up yet another aerospace project in Andhra Pradesh

11 Nov

China's daily demand for oil is projected to triple to 13 million barrels a day
by 2035. In China today, 30 out of 1,000 people own a car, By 2035, 240 out of 1
,000 people in China will own a car an 800 percent increase: IEA
China has taken harsh measures to eliminate the phenomenon of charging enrollmen
t fees by schools with better teaching resources: Ministry of Education

China could overtake Japan to become the largest gas market in Asia by 2015. nat
ion has three operating LNG terminals and 16 are currently at different stages o
f planning or construction: Shell

The Bangladesh government has invited bids to build the country s first floating l
iquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at a cost of US$ 1.0 billion to ease the mou
nting energy shortage and feed the growing industries

Tatas seek land for aerospace unit at Hyderabad. joint venture between IAI and T
ata Group is looking at an initial investment of around $200 million

US- Turbulent future for aerospace industry: Institute for Foreign Policy
27 percent of America s aerospace technical workforce is now eligible for retireme
nt, and that number will only increase