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General Meeting of

Democrats Abroad Philippines

Saturday July 6, 2019 from 3:30-5:30pm

Elks Club (Library), 7th Floor, Corinthian Plaza Building

121 Paseo de Roxas corner Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Attendees: Lisa Pagkalinawan (Chair), Angelo Goode (Vice-Chair), Morrie

Kayanan (Communications Manager), Brian Borlongan (Get Out The
Vote—GOTV Coordinator), Bing Gelman (Events), Omar Tiwana (Makati
Ward and former Secretary), Joan Corpuz (Photographer), John Boyd
(former Chair), Gene Boggs (former Vice-Chair), Jon Sachs.

Lisa Pagkalinawan chaired the meeting and opened the proceedings at

3:30pm, noting a quorum was present.

Introductions were made around the room. Each giving a few words on
whom they were and where they were from. During this process, Gene
added a personal comment recommending the film “Quezon’s Game” as a
movie worth seeing.

Minutes from the previous Q2 General Meeting April 6, 2019 were


Since Secretary Jeremy was absent, Morrie agreed to again take the
minutes with assistance from Lisa. Angelo passed on a compliment to
Morrie from Cebu Member and Volunteer Tip Kilby because the previous
minutes got Tip excited about volunteering with Democrats Abroad (DA).

Members greeted each other a Happy 4th of July. Angelo brought two
colorful homemade signs, one saying Celebrate Juneteenth, and the
second featuring the words “Happy Pride from Democrats Abroad” against
Democrats Abroad Philippines, 2

a rainbow background. We took a number of group photos with these


DA Philippines Q3 General Meeting July 6, 2019, celebrating July 4th

Independence, Juneteenth and Pride: (left-to-right) Morrie Kayanan
(Communications Manager), Bing Gelman (Events), John Boyd (former
Chair), John Sachs, Brian Borlongan (GOTV Coordinator), Lisa
Pagkalinawan (Chair), Omar Tiwana (Makati Ward and former Secretary),
Angelo Goode (Vice-Chair), and Joan Corpuz (Photographer).

Lisa and Angelo reported on our Tax for American Abroad Seminar, held at
the Elks Club on Saturday on April 13, 2019. Speaker Richard Medalla, a
world-class tax consultant, gave an interesting, informative and highly
thought-provoking talk to the 22 attendees. All in all, it was considered a
well-attended and successful DA Philippines event.

Lisa continued discussion with praise for the part volunteers and members
played in utilizing social media to fund and donate a wreath. Kudos was
given to all who donated to this cause. In an independent effort, GOTV
Coordinator Brian and Communications Morrie wrote and produced a
GoFundMe page to raise the money for a lovely wreath of red anthurium
flowers to commemorate those American and Filipino soldiers, sailors,
marines, airmen, doctors and nurses who made the ultimate sacrifice and
went missing in World War II. The wreath was presented on Sunday May
26, 2019 during the Memorial Day ceremony organized by the American
Democrats Abroad Philippines, 3

Association of the Philippines in coordination with the US Embassy Manila

at the Manila American Cemetery. May their souls rest in peace.

DA Philippines members lay a Memorial Day commemorative wreath: (left-

to-right) John Stephany, Bing Gellman, Kathryn Carpenter Perlas, Lisa
Pagkalinawan (Chair), Morrie Kayanan (Communications Manager), Brian
Borlogan (GOTV Coordinator) and Stephen Tyler.

Angelo reported on the 2019 Global Meeting. Omar paid particular attention
to DA Philippines cosponsoring the resolution on Medicare and whether the
issue of Medicare portability is adequately covered in the resolution. Omar
also inquired about DA and Lisa and Angelo responded that Democrats
Abroad is given state-level recognition by the Democratic National
Committee (DNC), with eight members on the DNC, and sends a voting
delegation to the Democratic National Convention to select our presidential
candidate. Omar said he would like to learn more about it.

Lisa reported on DA Philippines’ First 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary

Debate Watch on Thursday and Friday morning June 27 and 28, 2019 at
Union Jack Tavern, Makati. A lively discussion ensued. The second round
of debates will be held on Wednesday and Thursday July 31 and August 1,
2019 and Lisa suggested we meet at the Union Jack Tavern again to
witness a paired-down group of Democratic Presidential hopefuls as they
take to the stage once again.
Democrats Abroad Philippines, 4

Lisa reported the 2018 Election Assistance Commission survey findings

note the rate of total ballot return by civilian voters abroad went up 300%
from 2014 in 2018, and Democrats Abroad may have helped some 50% of
those voters. Congratulations everyone!

The question of where and when the upcoming Mock Debate and Straw
Poll potluck social will take place is currently being discussed. At the
moment, the date is Saturday evening on August 10, 2019 at Lisa’s house.
If and when the final details are nailed down, watch for the all-members
email blast announcement and invitation, check our homepage and
Facebook for event details, and RSVP by email to da-

Lisa reported on the Membership Management Committee, which met on

June 16, 2019 including Omar, Brian, Angelo and Lisa. In order to better
organize the membership, they decided to create wards and assign ward
chairs for: Manila, Quezon City, Makati, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Cebu,
Davao, Angeles City, and others.

Omar explained how this new system would work: the ward chair should
text or call members in the ward and encourage them to get involved and
register to vote, and organize quarterly socials if people are interested. He
continued, suggesting we send out a survey to find out members’ interests.
He suggested one of the questions could be to ask if the member is
interested in being part of a directory of members to spur networking.
Several people expressed concern that DA wouldn’t allow this without
requiring everyone to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. Omar will do a pilot
test in Makati by texting and calling the members and sending corrections
and deletions to Brian to input into the database.

Other future events under consideration include a talk in September about

the Balangiga Bells.

Lisa is to ask Events Don Goertzen if it would be possible to alert his media
contacts about our upcoming events. Angelo offered to reach out to the
Philippines ABS-CBN News Channel ANC.

At the next Q4 General Meeting on October 26, 2019, the question in the
air is whether or not we’ll wear festive Halloween costumes.
Democrats Abroad Philippines, 5

Lisa handed out a few fliers to John B. and Angelo for
posting. And Bing will distribute cards to Americans in
her building.

At approximately 5:30 pm, Lisa concluded the meeting and all departed in
good cheer.