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Good morning my friend,

Please go to this url for instructions on how to load this ready-made gmapsupp.i
mg file (containing malsingmaps of Malaysia, Singapore, RoadPOIs and SG HDB car
park entrance POIs) into your SD card.
Please read the section on how to find a Address.
Do not use the 'Address Search' button on your Nuvi, Streetpilot or Garmin XT.
Use "SPELL" button.
Good luck.
ps: Hopefully, this free community project will excite you enough to contribute
something back to Malsingmaps (eg. in terms of reporting errors, new POI, road d
iversions, join in community projects...etc...)

Below is an extract taken from the above url. You may go there to get the full w
orks... :)

Quick and Dirty Guide for Simple Garmin Streetpilot and Nuvi Users
- From Malsingmaps -

This article is targetted at some Streetpilot and Nuvi users who want a quick an
d dirty method to start using their new toy with our Malsingmaps and learn about
GPS lingo later.
I may get scolding from elder brothers for putting this quick and dirty fix here
... but what the heck... :) I want you to enjoy your new toy asap... and hopeful
ly you will come back here in the near future to contribute technically or non-t
echnically... -- Jaguar
1 Uploading Malsingmaps into Garmin Streetpilot and Nuvi
2 Using Malsingmaps on Garmin Streetpilot and Nuvi
3 Good luck

1. Uploading Malsingmaps into Garmin Streetpilot and Nuvi

a) Go get a card reader and buy a suitable 512MB (or higher) memory card. [So fa
r, the gmapsupp.img for all of Malaysia and Singapore has not exceeded 20MB. You
may use the spare capacity to store secret MP3 files and/or speedtrap files lat
er... ]
b) Turn on your computer.
c) Click this link -> [
n=0&order=&directory=misc/gmapsupp] to bring you to the download directory. This
directory contains old and new files. Choose one that you like. Ea
ch zip file has maps for all of West & East Malaysia, Singapore, Road POIs and S
ingapore HDB carpark entrance POIs.
d) Download the file into a folder of your choice on your computer.
e) Unzip the file. You should see a file called gmapsupp.img
f) Copy this file to your SD card as follows \garmin\gmapsupp.img ( This means y
ou create a New Folder called Garmin in the root directory of your SD card, NOT
anywhere else. )
g) Put SD card into your GPS and turn it on.
h) Road POI and SGP HDB BLK POI image files are in the above files
to assist you to find any road (in all of Malaysia and Singapore) or HDB block (
applicable only in Singapore. Remember: Do not use "Address Search" button on yo
ur Streetpilot or Nuvi. Use "Spell Name" button to find a POI as you would do fo
r any other POI.
i) OK. Dont' ask so much now, ya ? Just listen to instruction and start enjoying
your new toy.

2) Using Malsingmaps on Garmin Streetpilot and Nuvi

a) DO NOT USE "Address Search" button on your touchscreen to search to a address
b) Use "Spell Name" button on your touch-screen to spell a road name.
c) For example: Spell "Blangah" instead of "Telok Blangah Heights"; "Besar" inst
ead of "Jalan Besar"; "Kadut" instead of "Sungei Kadut Loop"; This is because na
mes are sometimes shortened to "Tl Blangah Hts" or "Jln Besar" or "Sg Kadut Loop
" ... :)
d) If you want to search for a HDB Block, just use "Spell Name" button and spell
"232" for eg. All the roads having Block number 232 will appear on your screen.
Choose the appropriate one and you are on your way.....
e) If you want to narrow your search, put a space before and after your block nu
mber as in " 232 ". If you are looking for block 2A (for eg), key in " 2 " with
a space before and after the digit 2. As the BLK POI project was painfully done
by many contributors, some of us ignore the alphabets... :), but you will still
get to the car park entrance of your desired block. Cheers.
f) I recently noticed that users of the StreetPilot C510, or the Nuvi 610/660 se
ries have a different screen after they press "Where To?" button. For these user
s, please press any button on your second screen..
eg, Press "Food, Lodging" button and you will see the "Spell Name" button. Start
keying in your road names here.....
3) Good luck
I can't make it any simpler than the above.... and hopefully you will be happy e
nough to come back here later, read the Wiki/FAQ section and minimize asking ver
y very basic questions... Have a great day !!! Christmas sale is coming !!! --Ja