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Mobilink Presentation - Presentation Transcript

1. Presentation Group members are Fawad Akbar MBA 1 Rozeena
Shaheen MBA 1 Rizwan Hadi BBA 1 Parwaiz MBA 1
2. Company Background & History
o Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited , better known as
Mobilink GSM .
o Mobilink has 28.24 million customers by March 2009.
o Mobilink's Head office is located in Mobilink House, 1 A
Kohistan Road, F-8 Markaz Islamabad.
o Mobilink started operations in 1994 as the first GSM cellular
Mobile service in Pakistan.
3. Company Background & History Mobilink started operations in 1994 as
the first GSM cellular Mobile service in Pakistan by MOTOROLA
Inc.later it was sold to Orascom, an Egypt-based multi-national
4. MISSION STATEMENT “ To be the unmatchable mobile system of
communications in Pakistan this provides the best value to its customers,
employees, business partners and shareholders
5. MOBILINK'S VISION “ To be the leading telecommunication services
provider in Pakistan by offering innovative communication solutions of
our customers while exceeding shareholder value and employee
o Total Customer Satisfaction
o Business Excellence
o Trust & Integrity
o Respect for People
o Corporate Social Responsibility
7. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Total Strength of Employees: Over
all: (Total 4500) Top Managers 75 Middle Managers 750 Line Managers
CEO Rashid Khan Chief Information Officer Tariq Rashid V.P H.R,
Administration & Security Ali Raza Mehdi
Marketing Bilal Munir Sheikh Vice President Customer Care Irfan
Akram Vice President & Head of Broadband Business Division. Mustafa
Peracha Vice President Corporate Affairs Agha Qasim
10.Product line and Categories Mobilink offers both Pre-paid and Post-paid
services. indigo JAZZ Post-paid Pre-paid

Post-paid plans 100 Package 400 Package Pricing Strategy of Mobilink Sms all network 0.50 other Network 1.05/min Call <Mobilink> 0. 5 Chat Services. 3. 5.11.75 Other operators 1.Post-paid Plans Unlimited Package Basic Premium Sms all networks 0.00/min Free mins 400 Line rent Rs 400 17.25/min Free mins 100 Line rent Rs 100 Sms all network 0. 14. 11 On Call Services.30/min .20 Other operators 1. 2. 6. 2 Mobilink Mustt Services.50/min Free Gprs 250 MB Free mins Rs 1500 Line rent Rs 1500 18. 1 GPRS.VALUE ADDED SERVICES 7 Power Tools.50/min Call <Mobilink> 1.Mobilink Indigo and jazz have 15 more products given below o Mobilink Indigo o Mobilink Jazz o Mobilink Black Berry o Mobilink PCO o Mobilink Wi MAX o Mobilink TV o Mobilink Game Product line and Categories 12.Post-paid plans 900 Package 1500 Package Sms all network 0.2 Other operators 1.50/min Call <Mobilink> 1. 3 SMS Messaging.05/min 1. 4 Power Tools.75 other Network 1. 12 Missed Call Alerts 15. 4.VALUE ADDED SERVICES 1 .50/min Call <Mobilink> 0.PACKAGES 16.75/min Free Gprs 100 MB Free mins Rs 900 Line rent Rs 900 Sms all network 0. 9 Info Services. 8 Mail Services. o 8 Jazz Cricket SIM o 9 Conference Bridge o PSO Cards o PIA Reservations o Stock Watch o Fax Mail o Corporate SMS o SMS Advertiser Product line and Categories 13.25/min Call <Mobilink> 0. 10 IVR Ring tones/Logos.20 0. 6 Dedication Services.

0306.00/min Jazz Easy 20.35/min Jazz Easy Rs 8.00/min JazzOctaine Rs20. 25.00/min Jazz Ladies First Rs 3.99/min Jazz Budget Rs10.They have made the ad in which NAJAM SHIRAZ sung a song “Hum Bolain Mohabbat ki zaban”.0302.International Dialing Prepaid Price Plans Package Zone 3 Package Zone 4 Rs10. and WARID) had done.Price In this stage they had not as lowered down their price of Sim and the calling charges.00/min Jazz Budget Rs20. TELENOR.Unlimited Free sms <Mobilink> 1000 1000 <Landline> 1000 1000 Other operators <Mobile>1200 1200 Free minuts <Mobilink> 2800 2800 Line rent 5.00/min Jazz Ladies First Rs 8.0303.99/min JazzOctaine Rs10. 0. Because they want to get more of the profit.0307 and 0308) Mobilink another brand INDIGO is also having good recognition in the market.International Dialing Prepaid Price Plans Package Zone 5 Rs20. 0301.35/min Jazz Budget Rs 3.30/min Free GPRS .99/min Jazz Easy Rs17.MARKEITNG STRATEGIES Product In the maturity stage they have modified the brand JAZZ and INDIGO. like their competitors (UFONE.INDUSTRY LIFE CYCLE 23. Mobilink has made the ads in which they want to portray the image of Mobilink with the Pakistan.00/min Jazz Budget Rs 8.99/min Jazz Ladies First Rs10.International Dialing Prepaid Price Plans Package Zone 1 Package Zone 2 Rs 2.00/min Jazz Easy 21.00/min JazzOctaine Rs 8. Manufacturer Retailer Consumer Manufacturer Franchiser Consumer Manufacturer Jobber Consumer 27. towns and villages with service code (0300.00/min JazzOctaine Rs 2.000 6.Mobilink Management Style Strategic Business Department Business Communications Department Project Management Department Operations & Customer Care Department IT Department Creativity & Content Management Department Finance & Accounting Department Administration & HR Department 28. Jazz is widely available in more than 5000+ cities. 24..SWOT ANALYSIS THREATS OPPORTUNITIES WEAKNESSES STRENGTH .Promotion In the maturity stage. 26.00/min Jazz Ladies First Rs20. the company is using different promotional strategy to retain the exisisting customers and to attract the competitor’s customers.000 19.00/min JazzOctaine Rs17.00/min Jazz Budget Rs17.Place The distribution channel of Mobilink also are.00/min Jazz Easy 22.00/min Jazz Ladies First Rs17.

29.7% Zong 6.Star -(High Growth. Low Market Share) • Jazz Easy • Mobilink PCO Dog-(Low Growth. High Market Share) • Jazz One Cash Cow-(Low Growth. High Market Share) • Jazz Ladies First • Mobilink Indigo • Jazz Budget 32.1% Warid 18.BCG GROWTH SHARE MATRIX 31.Question Mark-(High Growth.8% Telenor 21. their families.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Mobilink believe CSR to be a continuing commitment by our company to contribute to economic devolvement while improving the quality of life of our workforce. the community and society at large. 34.Market Share 31.THANK YOU .6% Ufone 21.5% 30.7% Mobilink 31. Low Market Share) • Jazz Octane 33.