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Hai friends, I am sankilikumar (BE.ECE)from thigarajar college. engg.,madurai-15. its a
off-campus. totally 8 colleges. 415 students. first of all..BE CONFIDENCE with
I attended for some companies previously. But i am still confident and tried and
attempted for all, so please be confident.

I Round :- Written Test ( conducted by METRIC Track)415 are attended. It is having 5
phases of paper's .
(1) Verbal Ability --- synonyms,antonyms, articles, wrong sentense's, paragraph's.
(2) Apptitude Ability --- appitude questions from r.s.agarwal (regular)
(3) Mental Ability --- (very very very easy dont get confused)
(4) Technical Ability --- questions from C and datastructures (.SOLVE simple questions
first which may be present at the last.. be careful)
(5) Reading Ability --- they give a 3 pages document to read and understand and they
take back the paers and give us a question paper of abt 10 questions (read only once and
very carefully.. remember the key words and main theme of the document )

II Round :- Group Discussion (conducted by the HR Team)short listed 62
The topics given are very very casual. they just want to test whether every one is having
their own idea and are we able to talk when we are given a chance . After the
announcement of the short listed candidates from written test all of us are divided into
groups each containing 10 members.
The GD topics are like:
cell phone band

III Round :- Technical interview (short listed 47)
This is a bit tough round . the session lasted for about 45minut to 1 hour. be confident on
the subjects you are interested. about my all projects first...

I was asked to write the following programs and explain the logic:
Check whether the given number or a string is palindrome or not.
To print the number given in an integer form to the same in words like one for 1, two for
2 and so on
Program to print the angle between the pointers in the wall clock when time is taken as
Can trees be implemented using arrays?
Some programs were given and I am asked for output.
when is the queue empty and when is it full.

I was asked two puzzles
About the inheritance in C++
Some questions on electronics like what is meant by diode, transistor, resistor, capacitor.
Why are you interested in s/w?

00pm and I felt tensed but at last I selected .... Sankilikumar It consists of 3 rounds 1) written test 2) tech interview 3) HR interview. i hope. suerly we ll meet in virtusa.. The first question is tell me about yourself Why do you need a job? What is your place in the class? Did you selected or attended in any company? why sould we appoint u y virtusa happiest moment in ur life.30min 2) Verbal ability.totally 18 students r selected All the best to all of you. Be casual all the time. Errors also easy this paper is made by MERIT TRAC so you can prepare questions from IBM also .20min 3) Attention to detail-20m.. dont be over confident. the questions are regular like. S.-10m 20min 1st section is verbal ability it consists of 1) rc 5m 2) articles 10m 3) select appropriate meaning 5m 4) some stuff like find out errors 10m Articles are very simple like names of large cities followes by in & villages by at just based on this he asked 4 questions other also very simple We can get synonyms by context I think no need to prepare for that. interests. Be confident of wat u say.30m.20min 4) Technical-40m 30min 5) Reading ability. The results were announced around 6. This is the Easiest Round we have to face. hobbies. But be careful..IV Round :. I am sorry that I have not remembered the questions in written test.. Here the Key's to Success are CONFIDENT and COMMUNICATION SKILLS.HR interview. By.. There is no GD Written test consists of 5 sections 1) Analytical ability-20m.

If u prepare Barrons high frequent words some sections were easy.S. No need to prepare much for this.*=0 then what is value of $$***$$/**$*$$$$ like this Technical this is hardest in all sections we hav to do 40 q in 30 min & der r 10 progarammes each of 1 ½ page length don’t do them first be prepare from DS especially from linkedlist&trees most of d q r based on that READING ability they given a 2 ½ page material on pipelining of microprocessors is given followed by simple q s They said there is sectional cutoff but I hav seen my answer paper & I got 76 out of 120 n der is nothing abt sutoff marks on dat sheet Written Test: Again in written test it consists of different sections 1) Vocabulary 2) Quantitative part 3) Critical reasoning 4) Tech exam 5) Learning ability 1) Vocabulary: It contained sentence completion with prepositions. 2) Critical Reasoning: It was ok.sentence a) The b) an c) a d) none This type of sentences around 10 or 11. Total questions were 30. time and distance. No need for preparation. they were very easy. Mainly cubes sums. For Example: Sentence ----------------. . They were very easy. Then Reading Comprehension and some other.Agrawal well its enough. Der r some que based on binary numbers 5 prob r given $=1. time and work and so on.2nd analytical ability is some what tough it has a cube prob der r 3 cubes are placed horizontally and cutted into 64 (each cube) & den 1st one line (4*4)row of second & 1st 2 rows of 3rd cube r removed & painted black all sides now que are 1) how many cubes r only 1 side painted 2) how many cubes r 2 sides painted 3) how many cubes r 3 sides painted 4) how many cubes r no side painted and 2 probs on time & distance 1 started with a speed 20kmph &den 2 started after 30 min 1 when started with a speed of 25kmph and 3 started after how many min wit a speed 40kmph to reach all 3 at same time? Some thing like that bt easy Attehtion to detail this is very easy section & que on decision making r some twisted be prepared from R S aggarwal’s VERBAL reasoning. I didn't know that these many sections were there till I attended the test 3) Quantative Aptitude: Prepare R.

In this section they will give programs like creation of link. The subjects were 1) C-language 2) Java 3) Dbms 4) OS 5) UML The interview was abt 2hrs it was very tough time for any body bcoz this filtering round.C&Datastructures(40 ques) 5.If u r good at DS (data structures) then u can write this Exam well. It was for 10 minutes. 5) Learning Ability test.Attention ability(10 ques) Verbal ability: I. Where 2 pages are given.Fill the blanks with correct words. then they will take back the paper and give u a question paper containing 10 questions. It is very difficult frankly speaking. 1. The results were announced and I got selected.Learning ability(25 ques) 4.Verbal ability(20 ques) 2. This is the first day process 2-nd day tech interview nd hr Interview In Tech Interview they asked me nearly about 5 subjects bcz am comps student. . No need to worry.with. They gave bits on trees.Fill the blanks with for. In GD there were around 10 people and competition I very tough.(5 ques were given) First all the stuff has to be read for 20 minutes. Answer those questions by remembering what u have read. Here mainly time management is important. traversing etc.a. The topics given to me were on embedded systems an mailing technology Now comes the GD -My topic given was "should Reservations in India were necessary or not". options will be there. eg:I have arrived at Goa & I went to hotel by a taxi. After u read that.Analytical ability(25 ques) 3.4) Tech Written: This is main.linked lists.

100.. II. III. 1. so on.we hv to write the meanings of those words. 1.* stands for +.III. . if 1&3 are same tick c. If all the 3 words r same tick a. / stands for -.Data sufficiency 5problms r given. if all are diffrnt tick d.what is the value of 10+25- 18/4*5? 7 probs are given in such a way.1024..JJJJ234opdk JJJJ243opdk JJJJ234opdk a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4 Ans:c 2.v hav to r they alike or not.Some questions r given with words underlined. 3 words r given.564 1024.564 a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4 Ans:a so on like that 5 problms are given. If 1&2 are same tick b.stands for *.564 1024.Which costs more?either grapes or oranges? i)2 boxes of grapes costs Rs. ii)4 boxes of oranges can be replaced with 2boxes of grapes. Ans: dismissed Analytical ability: I.. eg:He was shelved from college. 1.+ stands for /.

Some reasoning problms r given.Who drew all the politicians? 2.In how many ways he can calculate his Id number & get into the lab.67 members participated. 1. ii)If the second is not satisfied. a)28 b)123 c) d) The rest i didn't remember. .prob on profit&loss IV. 1.U have to recruit a cook in a big hotel.the person should satisfy the following req" 1)He should hv 3yrs of experience. 2)He should be of 25 yrs age.he must be reported to manager. i) If the first req is not satisfied.Who hv drawn politician II only? 3.36 members hv drawn face of politician I.12 hv drawn I and 18 hv drawn II..28 members hv drawn politician II. 4)He should gain more than 6marks in culinary tests. 3)He should be healthy& no skin diseases should b present.A competetion on cartoons was held in a newspaper. Learning ability: A small passage was given..he must be reported to Head Cook. prblms were given on Time&dist or Time&work. and so was easy.3 hv drawn all of the three politicians.How many cartoonists hv drawn none of the politicians? 2.a) i only b) ii only c) both i&ii d)none 2.10members hv drawn politician III.A scientist has an id number of 7 digits to enter into the lab.He rembered that the last 3 numbers are 608 or 806.

A big cube was divided into 728 small cubes... ....(this sort of ques was askd) 1)which cube is painted only one side. was painted with black color. a)data insufficient b)report to head cook c)report to manager d)accepted Ans:b 5 problems were askd related to this...he is healthy...1)One person is having 2 yrs of experience. 2)which cube is not painted at all.... ...} b)typedef struct Node{ NODE *next... . } c)struct node { NODE *next.... ...he scored 9 out of 10marks. C&DataStructures 1)How does a NODE variable in a linked list is defined? a)typedef NODE struct node { NODE *next..... . so on.

} a)swapv(int *x. *x=*y.} typedef NODE. t=*x. *y=*t. *t=*x... *x=*y.. 2)Which code suits to swap numbers in this program? main() { swapv(int &p. } b)swapv(int *x. } c)swapv(int y) { *y) { int t. * *y) { int * &q).

later GD is conducted. I thought he was filtering students a lot. } some codes were given & we hv to find out the errors in prog.queues like a program was given & code to insert an y) { int *t.problems on linked lists. *t=x.he gave a time of 10minutes to read. y=t. were given.we hv to remind the passage & answer the ques. section I duration 20 min total marks 30 isa good company. } d)swapv(int x. Attention ability One passage of 3pages was given. A problem from sum of Alphabets are given numbers from 1 . t=x. x=y.It followed by a technical exam&HR interview.9 we hav to assign numbers to alphabets and A+B+C= something like that we have to know value of E ( Ans : 4) .after 10min he took the paper & gave us the ques paper consisting of 10 ques. y=*t. x=y.sort a list t.i don't remembr the rest.

Then B started work and did for some days and left then in how many days C completes this work? 9....A under took 3 works like that and did for 8 days and left.find sum of n terms ( I not did this problem) 12. Out fo which 3 members are dropped out so how much each person have to pay extra ? (Ans:3D/m(m-3) ) (check) 11.. A problem is on series 1 + 1(1+1/n)+3(1+1/n)2(square)+5(1+1/n)3(cube) +.sorry 7. C can complete the same in 12 much time it will take to ascend pole of 96 mtrs? (Ans:10 min 48 sec) .2....its direct question.He asked to find probability of finding a red ball...... In which twice the time is to be given to mathematics bit when compared to others.... y=inv(cos[cosx+4sinx]/sqrt17) then dy/dx=? (Ans :1) 10.. A can do a work in 6 days B can do same work in 8 days. of red and green time is 3 hrs then how much time is to be given to each bit of mathematics? (Ans : 72 sec or 1 min 12 sec) 4.. A bag contain 5 red and 7 green balls and another bag contain some no.. A monkey trying to ascend a greesy pole.. It was a little bit lengthy to read and to remember .. total M persons want to buy a gift of D Rs. In an multiple choice question paper... A simple problem on probability... A problem on work and time.He ascends 20 mtrs in one minute and goes down 4 mtrs in next minute.. In an exam consists of 150 questions. A problem on ven diagrams. each correct answer carries 4 marks and each wrong answer deducts 2 marks.... A problem on mixtures 6. x^y=2x+y and given that 2^a=a^3 find value of a?(Ans : a=1) 3. 50 questions are of mathematics and remaining are others. 8.. a person scores 480 marks in a 150 questions paper how many questions he did correctly? (Ans :130) 5...

. the tank gets emptied. ans. what is the percentage of alcohol after the end of the operations. if b marks are 360 then how much did d score? (no. c got 20% more than d. after travelling a distance of 300 miles.... a got 20% more than b. concentration of first liquid afetr oprts is – ((p- q)/p)*((64-8)/64)**3. A container has 64 lit of alcohol. . A C program is given and asked what will be output.. 8 lit of which is removed and added with same amt of water. vol of removed sol – q lit(8).. find the value of (x**3+y**3+z**3)/xyz... no of oprs – n(3). find how many days can a man alone can complete the work? 18. Section II Duration :20 mins Marks :20 This paper is on C language 1. x+y+z=0.. however the tank has a hole and fuel leaks out .. same work is done by 6men n 1 boy in 6 days.sorry 15. 3 men n 2boys can do piece of work in 12 days. b got 25% less than c. 19.. r different prob type is the same...... the car goes at a speed of 60 miles per/ hr. 17. the same process is repeated 3times..formula – intial vol – p lit(64). find rate at which fuel gets lost. I don't remember what this qustion is . 13. 16. he will earn profit of 25% what will be profit if he gives 10% discount? (Ans:50%) 14.... On a good if 25% discount is given.). A tank holds 25 gallons of fuel.. before going for a drive which is at a distance of 600 miles.. Write a program to know whether string is palindrome or not? 2. In an exam the maximum marks is 500.

char ***cpp[]=cp... predict the output of the following: char c[]={ " enter" .easy one Essay writing: 1)Time and tide wait for none.. Write a program to sort linked list.. Section III Duration :20 mins Marks:40 1) & 2) are like critical reasoning in barrens 3) & 4) are antonyms (he didn't ask antonyms directly but asked the word in capitals if replaced by any of following. printf("%s".. that would be inapproriate in context ) 5) & 6) analogies 7) & 8) correct the sentense with appropriate answer from the options given below 9) & 10) are pick oddman out. write a prg to genrate fibonacci series upto 100 recursively. printf("%s". 2)My vision 2020 of India. c+1. 7. A Recursive function is given asked what will be output how and why? 4.. write a prg / function to remove the duplicate from a sorted array. A program given and asked what are variables value1 and value2 stores? (ie. "new" }. (7 m) 6. c+2.. (8 m) 5. c}.--*++cp). 3.. char **cp[]={c+3. ++*cp).. .. "first" .. in that program they store GCD and LCM) 8. "print" .

PL (I don't remember exactly but.50. There was a set of words given as follows SUN.. The duration of the test was 2hours..And .NEP.. (This is a real sitter.3. i it maynot be possible 3.The questions are as follows (These are not in serial order and the information may not be accurate.---.Large.There were 3 sections:(In which they tested 4 skills) Analytical&Logical skills Programming skills writing skills All the 4 skill tests are fully brain teasers...100 only once using any of the arithmatic operator Key Steps: 50+(100/75*3)+25+2 7. There was an addition given as follows SATURN + URANUS = PLANETS the solution is not encoding the entire problem but to find coding for 3 alphabets Ans:Key Steps: 5..just used for representation purpose.---.MER. all are the names of planets in solar system with notation of each planet using 3 letters) The question was to find out the appropriate words in the given blanks 6. Find the odd word ALPHA DELTA SIGMA BETA Ans:I think it is Delta...Small He took 11 of huge boxes and put on a table.. when specified) SECTION 1 (Analytical and Logical) 1. Reason: as it has specific meaning(addition)and others don't have such meaning. How can u place 4 coins in 2 lines so that each line should contain 3 coins Ans:I wrote.75. takes a long time) A man have some three types boxes viz Huge..SAT. How can u get 81 using the digits 2. 1 2 3 2 5 6 7 8 3 find the next term in the series 2.And at random he has taken some of them and placed 8 large boxes in each of the boxes.VEN.(i think so) 4.25..and the L&A Reasoning has a minimum cutoff u should clear that to evaluate ur other sections..

i'm not giving such stuff) 9.How can u find it out and how manythreads do u want for this? SECTION 2 (Writing) 10. how many boxes are there on the table? 8. Write a function which returns a substring in the string 'Sigma' (character given)which starts wit 'Alpha' and ends with 'Thita' 13. If u have a large number of Knights and a chess board.Hour. . The above pyramid is to be printed when input number 13 is given.Minuite.By the end if he found 102 boxes empty. The three dots are given as a part of the specification.. You have a job in which you have to take time stamps and store them. So Write a datastructure that can minimize the storage requirements of Year. SECTION You can write the programs in this section using any programing language 11.No two thereads have same thickness and no thread has same thickness all its length. There was a pyramid given as follows 1 23 456 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 . But it is certified that any thread when lit burns itself in exactly 12 mins. The question is you are asked to find an elapsed time of 9 minuites.Date.. You are given a bunch of threads each having differing length.Month.The problem is to find the way of arranging the Knights on the board so that no Knight attacks the other. 12. after that he has placed 8 small boxes in some large boxes at random. The topic to Write was on "Connecting the rivers in India". (He has given mathematical relations that represents how a knight can move on the chess board as we know it as 'L'. Write a program to print the above pyramid.

2. give an expression which will give the answer as 383. and all the digits in that number are even. -. 2.y=1. while( (x > 0) && (y > 0) ) { printf("%16d%16d". which are perfect squares. 2003) 1. x += y. 1. *. a rectangle can be cut into 4 identical parts. What is the value of radius? 4. divide the number by 2. If number is even. generate a sequence such that if number is odd multiply it 3 and add 1. ------------------------ |?|2|?|3| ------------------------ |2||?| ------. (i think there is another program given which i don't remember) This paper is from IIIT.y). find the maximum power of 2 generaged in the sequence and print only the power. y += x. numbers are considered together and forms either 2 or 3 digit numer. 75. In the figure given below. } } 6. Volume of sphere is (PI)*(Theta) Cubic-meters and Surface area is (PI)*(Epslon) Square- meters And both are digit integer numbers. 2. 100 Exactly one time. Analise the Programe main() { int x=1. =) and if we leave as it is. 3. In this sequesce. This Sequence will always cyclic with 4.x. 50. /. Write a program to find the four digited numbers. Replace '?' mark by any operator (+. Generate an expression using some symbols. 25. . In how many different ways. Hyderabad (October. Start from a random number. not the sequence. 14.------ |?||1| ------------------------ |6|?|1|?| ------------------------ 5. Using the numbers 1.

while( s <= p) { i++. s += s.112. z2 are integer values) How many peaches make one apple? 2. Start with a random 2 digit number. t += 2. What you do in free time 17.120. INTERVIEW 9. 100. } 11. x1 peach + y1 plum = z1 apple.)(we have to write reasons for the answer..theta) str is the source string and have to return maximum sub string which starts with alpha and ends with theta. How Neural Networks and A.____ 3.) 1. Series continues until one of the element repeats.. 13. Tell me something about your self 14. Which is greater ?Product of all Bradman's first class scores or Sum of all test scores of Sachin. x2 peach + y2 plum = z2 apple .I are related. 10. write a function maxsubstring(str. .106.Vandalur Analytical Reasoning (2 qns. Where will you see your self after 5 years 15. How do you rate your self in 'C' Programming -Exam Conducted at Crescent. 8. Explain What is divide and conuer method? Travelling salse man problem What is greedy method 12. } return i. Interests other than studies 18. what will this line will do? if it is legal? B -= (B < 0) * 2 * B. t = 1..y1 .(x1. 7. what does this function do?? int f(int p) { int i = 0. You want to shift your career to management side or be in technical side? 16. s = 1.102. The series is generated by multiplying the number by 2 and placing the last 2 digits as the next number.100.alpha.

25. } .2#3=y.X met a man of that village(u don't which grp he belongs) and questioned "Tell me whether u r knight or knave ?" Reply: "i cannot tell u and left that place" Find which grp that man belongs to? 10. (Topic given: India should spend money on Atom bomb and Rocket OR for the welfare of poor..( Give generalised solution. Obtain 277 from 3.thirst. 11. d@e=f.u have to group the words using the following words 1) Master 2) Teacher 3) Deft etc. z=z*z. CODE is encoded as DGBF.4. U r provided with 500ml and 300ml jar(it has no markings)..we have to find it what it does and also problem in the fn. 5. b) u have to measure exactly 200ml. 1 = (4/4)*(4/4) 2 = ? 10 = ? ) 6.(4 Qns) : ( we can use any Programming Language for coding) • They had given one function .. 10. Student. 7. 1 Knight -> always tell true 2 Knave -> always tell false Mr.use 4 arithmetic operations only. 4@14=a. 1#2=x . 4#4=z. while( y > 0 ) { if( y%2 == 1) answer = answer * z..65.) 8. int y) { double answer. Using four 4's u have to make 1 . Programming. are the words given.Fins "KOVAI" 13.. and how to overcome it. y=y/2.) 14. 9. READ is encoded as JHNV .canopy. Essay(General). double what( double z. 5@15=b. U have to cut a Cylindrical cake of diameter 32 cm and height 20 cm in to 12 equal pieces. find (2#4)@5= ? 12. a) u have to measure exactly 100ml.100. lines(wit out rearranging) and u have to obtain maximum number of pieces..50. U have to cut a Pizza using 7 st. ( for eg. In a village there r 2 groups.

25. 3) If the value passed is a perfect square. ( pick the odd one out ) and also some codings like ( ALPHA z coded as BETAH .We have to find bug in the pseudocode.But the function of pseudocode is "To make a Robot to fetch a tumbler of water" • Write a program to print all Armstrong numbers. } • They had given one Pseudocode. Given 1. 2) If the value passed is -ve. DELTA z coded as GAMMA. return -1.What z the value of the radius ? ( Along with answer .Along with above two categories.I don't remeber the pseudocode fully.2. This part z a bit difficult one. answer: may be 22 2.. return answer.2.Don't waste time by spending much time on Programming.100 .75 and 100 . 1.In the recent paper i attended. In howmany ways can a rectangle can be cut into 4 equal parts. Volume of a LARGE SPHERE z ( pi * # ) . then how z ETA coded ? . return that number itself. Using each number "one and only once" and using arithmetic operators. So.3. there shall be PUZZLES in this section. answer: 383 = ( 100 + 2 ) * 3 + 75 + ( (50 * 1)/2 ) 4. write 383 in terms of the above given numbers.Analytical Writing 3. A tougher question of above.25.. 1. 153=1^3+5^3+3^3) • Write a function witj the following conditions.i got the following questions.. Analytical Section: Analytical Section consists of Vocab. my advice z don't think much about these.75. -Exam Conducted at Hydrabad Virtusa Paper consists of 3 sections . (abc=a^3+b^3+c^3) (for eg. v have to write approach).Area of it z ( pi * & ) where '#.only then other sections are evaluated.So.50. Analytical 2. given 1.. C-Programming First when v clear the cutoff of Analytical section. 4) If the value passed is a not a perfect square. 1) It should have one integer parameter. return root of that number. 3. this one . write 383 in terms of the given numbers.50.&' r four digit integers. . i have framed it :) ) .

but u have forgot their language.How can u make urself to convey ur BELOVED that u have been changed to an ANT. they shall give some code and v have to write whether the code is correct one r not .5.9.( like USA ) . 4 -> answer : nothing can be infered from his statement. not an essay) ( So.6.Suppose u have suddenly changed to an ANT.cube(x). Programming 10.8. He gives a highly impossible possible and asks to give a solution.9.5. ( Don't forget that v have to just write one page only .and also v have to write what that CODE IS DOING.5..4.The last question shall be .U r a foreigner to that place and U have met a person and he replies "I am a knave " .( To check ur innovative ideas :) ) For us. Given following sequence.0 answer : the sequences r nothing but the UNIT digits of square(x).6.1..find the how the sequence is generated. Using 4 fours and arithmetic operations write from 1 to 10 3=(4+4+4)/4 4=(4-4)*4+4 5=(4*4+4)/4 6 = 4 + ( 4 + 4 )/4 // 4 + 2 7=(4+4)-(4/4) 8=(4+4)*(4/4) 9=(4+4)+(4/4) 10 = ( 44 .9..write the points directly ) For us they gave topics Is it necessary for to HOST AFROASIAN GAMES ?? Why can't it spend that money for the welfare of poor ? OR Can India have better results if the current for of govt. What can u infer from his statement..4 ) / 4 I forget the two more questions. General topic.0 3 -> 1..Knaves always tell LIE. for 3 questions v have to write code. Analytical Writing This section has two questions only. 8. 10 ] 6.4. 7. if not correct ..power4(x) where x = [ 1 . 2 -> 1.1. .1.6. Knights always tell TRUTH.Out of 4.1.6. where the modifications show be done.5. is changed to PRESEDENTIAL FORM OF GOVT. This section consists of 4 questions.U know human's abilities.7.