Sensory Learning Survey

Sensory Processing Disorder and Learning Visual Attention Visual overload Careless mistakes Distracted by visual details Problems learning letters, spelling mistakes Trouble with graphs and other visual learning Skipped words Lose place Eyes close to page Misreads questions Large messy handwriting, eyes close to page Spelling mistakes Reversals Problems with crowded worksheets Skipped problems Speech / Socialization Interrupts conversation Poor back-and-forth conversation Problems hearing in background noise Mispronounced words Problems learning a foreign language Word finding problems Retreat from crowded Trouble assemblies, gym, echoing rooms Can't hear in PE or music Auditory Tunes out with listening Missed instructions Distracted by sounds Problems remembering what's been heard Mispronounced words, Word substitutions Phonics and rhyme problems Wild guesses with words Avoids reading Phonetic errors in writing and speech - dropped letters and sounds Very poor spelling Trouble retrieving words Proprioceptive / Cerebellar Fidgets / sensory seeking Flops, poor tone Trouble multi-tasking Poor procedural memory



Poor reading fluency

Writing / Speech


Irregularly formed letters (impaired automaticity), overload errors Visual monitoring of writing Reversals Mistakes counting fingers, poor approximation Unable to do multistepped problems Poor back-and-forth conversation Awkward speech – selfediting (fluency)

Play / Socialization

Retreat from crowded Misses visual signals in sports Impaired depth perception

Retreat from crowded Unexpected falls, leaning on children in line Bad at sports – multitasking, timing

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