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AMPM Cycle 5 Brochure 2011-2012

Advanced Masters Program in Management of
Global Enterprises (AMPM)

Participating Schools:
• Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India
• SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy
• UCLA, Center for International Business Education and Research
(CIBER), Anderson School of Management, Los Angeles, USA
• College of Business, City University of Hong Kong at Hong
Kong/Shenzhen, China.


Recent waves of globalisation have created new markets and business
opportunities that few could visualize earlier. These however, come with
challenges and risks even fewer managers are familiar with. Companies today
have to prove that they are, and will continue to remain, globally competitive if
they are to be able to carry their clients, investors and talented high performing
employees with them into the future. This, in essence, translates into the ability
of managers to have a global mindset, address global markets, and manage
globally distributed human resources and global financial contexts. These have to
be achieved even while following basic principles which underpin a company’s
vision and strategy that need to be interpreted in differing settings globally.

Participant Profile

Advanced Masters Program in Management of Global Enterprises (AMPM) is an
executive education program in Global Management, designed for:

 High potential professionals who, as a part of their job assignments need
to develop markets and manage clients and work-sites around the globe
 Consulting professionals and MNC executives who may be transferred to
various worldwide locations
 Promising young entrepreneurs who are planning to set up or expand their
business to different global domains

Managers who are the products of the AMPM program will define global strategic
plans for their companies and add value to execution of plans with their close

Hi-Tech Marketing and others 3. 2. USA (Silicon Valley). perform analysis and produce a report under supervision of a faculty from one of the participating institutions. who 2|Page . This enables students to continue to work in their companies even while enrolled in the program • Program is Oriented towards needs of executives with 10 plus years of work experience and recognized high potential • Global perspectives on essentials like strategy. Indian Society in Transition. and India. participants choose an issue. Theme: This set of courses is oriented towards managing with a Global perspective. Curriculum Highlights The program has 5 modules spread over 16 months. Context: This set of courses highlights the unique strengths and characteristics of business in specific geographies of Europe. financial structures and work cultures of most important geographies and economies of the twenty-first century represented by India.Chinese and Asian Economy. AMPM Cycle 5 Brochure 2011-2012 knowledge and familiarity of markets. • Contextualized learning of business situations in most important regions of the world at leading business schools on location • Application to specific Global projects under supervision of faculty from top class business schools in each region PROGRAM OUTLINE Learning in AMPM has three components: 1. marketing. Cross-cultural Management. finance and HR. Such managers will be “globally- ready” to take up challenging tasks in confronting competition either globally or locally. Some of the courses offered are. Some of the courses offered are: Managing a Global Corporation. They undertake research and data gathering. The balance of the curriculum is delivered online by faculty of the respective schools. A panel of faculty. East Asia. in top class institutions in four regions of the world. project or theme that they or their company is interested in exploring in detail. These consist of four residency sessions of ten days of intensive education each. Global Marketing. Practice: In this component. Europe and the US. It is expected that the quality of report will be comparable to a top-level consultants’ report on the chosen issue. Global Risk Management and others. International Economics. China.

The on-campus modules have the participants. Distance modules supplement the classroom sessions over the following 10 weeks. SBI. Oracle Corporation. Intel.. scanning three continents. Wachovia Bank and many others. Microsoft. Encomium. Amazon. Tata Elxsi. Curam Software. and corporate executives interacting intensely over a period of 10 days. with the business and cross-cultural strengths of the international education partners. The end result is a program that integrates the needs of the industries. Thomson Reuters. HDFC Bank. The students will. international faculty. and software houses to ensure that it meets their needs. Sasken Communication Technologies. provide value to companies who have sponsored them and lay a foundation for future work. Carrier. PARTICIPATION Participants in the earlier Cycles include senior executives from Accenture. technology MNCs. NGC Network. Net App India. Valtech India Technologies Ltd. China Residential: Nov 2011 Online: Dec 2011 to Feb 2012 (Saturdays) • European Economic and Financial Systems • Cross Cultural Management • The Dynamics of Innovation and Marketing strategies 3|Page . through this effort. Brakes India Ltd. During these sessions learning is through instructor led classroom discussions and field visits at each location. HCL Technologies. EDS. India Residential: Aug 2011 Online: Sep to Nov 2011 ( Saturdays) • Managing Global Strategies • International Accounting Standards & Practices • Organization Design • Creativity in Context City University of Hong Kong at Hong Kong/Shenzhen. GLOBAL LOCATIONS AND COURSES The curriculum has been developed in consultation with the major employers. 3Com Corporation. An indicative list of courses and schedule at the four locations is: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Texas Instruments. Samsung. Impelsys Systems. AMPM Cycle 5 Brochure 2011-2012 may offer suggestions for further development. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Cisco. will evaluate the student’s work.

assistance would be provided for minimizing these costs through group booking. Center for International Business and Research (CIBER). 14. AMPM Cycle 5 Brochure 2011-2012 SDA Bocconi School of Management. Los Angeles. Anderson School of Business. USA Residential: May 2012 Online: Jun to Aug 2012 ( Saturdays) • International Business Management • Hi-Tech Product and Service Marketing • Technology and Innovation Management • Services and Product Management Project : 15 weeks The project starts after the end of the 4th Module CERTIFICATION Upon completion of the program. Each participating institution will also provide a certificate of completion for the module conducted at their location. However. the GDW Consortium will award a Master in Global Management Certificate. COURSE FEE Tuition fee for the 16 month program: • Indian Nationals Rs.500 • USA and the rest $31000 Note: Amount in INR is definitive.00. 1st installment (to be paid before the beginning of Ist module) 40% 2nd installment (to be paid before the beginning of 2nd Module) 40% Travel and hotel expenses on location have to be borne by the candidate or sponsoring company. 4|Page .000 • Europe and UK € 23. Others subject to change on currency variations Payment schedule: Registration fee (to be paid on acceptance of the candidate) 20%. Italy Residential: Feb 2012 Online: Mar to May 2012 ( Saturdays) • Chinese and Asian Economy • Managing Asian (China) Context • Global Risk Management • Globalization Strategies of Chinese Corporates UCLA.

confirmation of seat will only be made upon receipt of registration fee.htm PS: Once registration is completed. cancellation will not be permitted and no refund request will be entertained. Bangalore 560076. Phone: 080 2699 but substitution of participants will be considered in the case of company sponsored candidates. on acceptance for admission. Completed forms may be mailed to: Project Coordinator Advanced Masters Program in Management of Global Enterprises(AMPM) Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Bannerghatta Road. AMPM Cycle 5 Brochure 2011-2012 REGISTRATION Organizations interested in nominating participants or individuals interested in participation should submit the completed application forms (can be downloaded from the website).iimb. There is no application However. 5|Page Web: www. http://www. 2699 3209 Fax: 080 2658 4004 /4050 Email: gdw@iimb.ernet.