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PTE Young Learners
October 2009

Pearson Test of English
Young Learners


Revised Edition October 2009

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The Pearson Test of English Young Learners
Basic Information about the Tests 4

The Brown Family – An Introduction 5

Detailed Syllabus for Firstwords 7
Language Content for Firstwords 8
Test Format for Firstwords 10

Detailed Syllabus for Springboard 11
Language Content for Springboard 12
Test Format for Springboard 14

Detailed Syllabus for Quickmarch 15
Language Content for Quickmarch 16
Test Format for Quickmarch 18

Detailed Syllabus for Breakthrough 19
Language Content for Breakthrough 20
Test Format for Breakthrough 22

Pre-test Games 23

Vocabulary List Introduction 24
Firstwords Vocabulary List 25 - 28
Springboard Vocabulary List 29 - 35
Quickmarch Vocabulary List 36 - 43
Breakthrough Vocabulary List 44 - 53

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Pearson Test of English Young Learners

Basic Information about the Tests

The tests are offered at 4 levels, Firstwords, Springboard, Quickmarch and Breakthrough,
and are designed to motivate young learners from their first encounters with English Language
learning and to acknowledge their achievement.

The aim of the tests is primarily to test a learner’s ability to use the language
communicatively rather than to test their knowledge of the language system, although it is
recognised that knowledge of the language system underpins communication. At all levels in
the written test, learners are tested in their listening, reading and writing skills. There is also
a speaking test, conducted by a trained examiner, in which learners participate in a board
game and an individual activity.

As learners progress through the levels, there is growing emphasis on the scenario rather than
on knowledge of specific language items and vocabulary.

Although the test is presented using British English, American English is acceptable. A
knowledge of the Roman script is assumed at all levels.

The dates of test sessions can be found on our website

Certificates are awarded for Pass, Merit and Distinction at each level.

The Brown Family

Throughout the four test levels, the learner will meet and share some of the everyday
routines, adventures and mishaps of the Browns, a British family.

The Brown family all live in London. Mr Tom Brown is a busy pilot who flies all over the world,
even to the countries where children do the Pearson Test of English. Mrs Elizabeth Brown is a
supermum. She looks after her four children and also works as a vet. Naturally she meets lots
of animals every day.

The oldest of the four Brown children is Anna. She is working hard for exams at school and
likes sports, dancing and pop music. Her younger brother also likes sport. In fact, he is crazy
about football and loves Arsenal football team and computer games. Unfortunately, he is
better at football than he is at doing his homework. Sophie is the second youngest child. She
likes helping her mother with the animals and looks after the family pets. Jack is the baby of
the family. He enjoys playing with his toys and never goes anywhere without his teddy bear.

Paul and Mary Brown are the children’s grandparents. They live very near the family and
often come over to baby-sit. Both are retired now but they were farmers. Mary loves cooking
and Paul enjoys gardening.


Pearson Test of English Young Learners from Edexcel – Information Booklet 5 .

Pearson Test of English Young Learners from Edexcel – Information Booklet 6 .

Pearson Test of English Young Learners Level 1 Firstwords 7 .

mine. Main Structures • Has / Have got I’ve got a dog. • Possessive ‘s’ Ben’s book. classes. Don’t touch. • There is / are How many dogs are there? • The imperative and negative imperative Get up. • Personal and possessive pronouns and adjectives I. women 8 . It may be particularly useful for learners who have had to master the use of the Roman alphabet. Has he got a dog? He hasn’t got a cat. height and features Express numbers from 1 to 20 2. Areas of Language Use Introduce and greet other people Identify people by name Ask someone their name Respond to simple instructions Identify key classroom. Be quiet. • ‘Let’s’ for simple suggestions Let’s go to the cinema. • The Present Continuous (affirmative only) Mr Brown is watching television. Sit down. • Basic question words What? Where? What colour? Who? How many? How much? Which? • Demonstratives . SYLLABUS for FIRSTWORDS General Objectives This test is designed to motivate and reward young learners who have just started learning English in an academic context. • ‘Can’ for ability and requests Mrs Brown can swim. men. Language Content 1. my etc • Plural of nouns books.pronouns and adjectives This is… That’s… Is this/that…? This book is good. Are you Mary? I’m not tired. • The verb ‘to be’ in the present tense He’s John. houses. cats. household and other objects Ask/answer about colour and position of objects Ask/tell someone their/your age Ask/talk about families Request things Express simple likes Suggest simple activities Describe people’s appearance in terms of age. children.

school bag Please note that structures and vocabulary given in italics are for guidance only and are not intended to be a complete list. write.• Prepositions of place The book is on/under/by the chair. shorts. grandmother • Numbers from 1 to 20 • The house Kitchen. hungry • Common pets and zoo animals Dog. Refer to appendix for complete list of vocabulary likely to appear in Firstwords Tests. Vocabulary • Simple colours Red. head. but 3. baseball cap. trainers • Basic adjectives for feelings Happy. sweatshirt. bathroom. tired. TEST FORMAT for FIRSTWORDS 9 . bedroom. cat. green. yellow • Nouns for family members Mother. monkey. dad. tortoise. uncle. snake. computer games. blue. sister. tiger • Common toys/playthings Bicycle. leg. mum. ruler. • Simple conjunctions and. pencil. father. garden • Parts of the body Arm. aunt. lion. doll • Verbs often used for classroom instruction Sit down. stand up. fill in • Classroom objects Book. back • Children’s clothes T-shirt. pen. Topics • Families • Pets and Animals • School • The Body and People’s Appearance • Toys • Houses 4. open your books. sad. rabbit. brother.

The FIRSTWORDS written test consists of a one-hour paper which tests listening and reading and requires minimal written response. test takers listen to a short. There is also a separate speaking test. recorded passage and complete a task. The following task types are used: • matching questions and answers • matching utterances and social situations • matching pictures and vocabulary items • filling in gaps in a text Speaking 20 Marks Learners will be tested by participating in a board game activity and performing an individual activity. Each passage is played twice. Listening Tasks 30 Marks There are two listening tasks. The following task types may be used: • picture identification • matching • multiple choice Reading and Writing Tasks 50 marks There are four reading and writing tasks. 10 . For each one.

Pearson Test of English Young Learners Level 2 Springboard SYLLABUS for SPRINGBOARD 11 .

Language Content (in addition to Firstwords) 1. negative and interrogative Lions eat meat The baby doesn’t eat hamburgers Does Mrs Brown start work at 8. Main Structures • The present continuous . before. often • Other question words How often? What kind? What time? How much? • Verb + infinitive want to. always. after + then (adverb) • Prepositions Opposite.General Objectives This test is designed to motivate and reward young learners who have had exposure to English in an academic context and who are in advance of Firstwords. between.00? • Adverbs of frequency Sometimes.interrogative and negative Is Ben wearing a red T-shirt? Annie isn’t eating a cheeseburger • Like + …ing Ben doesn’t like getting up early Sophie loves school • The simple present tense for habits – affirmative. second. never. help to. in front of 3. decide to • Simple ordinals First. Areas of Language Use Answer question about a picture Use the alphabet Recognise words when spelt out Ask/say what people are doing Express likes / dislikes Talk about likes and dislikes Talk about habits and routines Tell the time (hours only) / state day of week Express numbers from 1 to 100 Express ability 2. Topics 12 . third • Conjunctions When. plan to.

etc. Refer to appendix for complete list of vocabulary likely to appear in Springboard Tests. lamp. etc. laces • Food and drink Eggs. sweatshirt. Tuesday. scarf etc. carpet. spots. jacket. • Words associated with clothes Button. water. telephone. juice etc. bread. chips. • Continents Europe. spring. living room • Parts of a house or flat Door. April. Vocabulary • Days of the week Monday. T-shirt. cabbage. • Families • Pets and Animals • School • The Body and People’s Appearance • Toys • Houses 4. tennis. washing machine • Sports children play and/or watch Football. etc. rhino. bathroom. • Basic words to describe the appearance of animals Stripes. feathers. zip. window.• Clothes • Food • Description of Animals • Homes Topics included at lower levels may also be reused and developed. milkshake. trainers. Asia. gymnastics Please note that structures and vocabulary given in italics are for guidance only and are not intended to be a complete list. rice. crocodile. wings. • Fast food Hamburgers. rain. sunshine • Clothes and accessories Coat. giraffe. kitchen. floor. table. hippo. shell • Rooms in a house or flat Bedroom. etc. Wednesday • Months of the year March. wall. May • Seasons and weather Winter. • Animals Camel. • Furniture and household objects Bed. meat. apple. 13 .

recorded passage and complete a task. The following task types may be used: • picture identification • matching • multiple choice Reading and Writing Tasks 50 Marks There are four reading and writing tasks. Listening Tasks 30 Marks There are two listening tasks. test takers listen to a short. reading and writing. The following task types are used: • dialogue completion • matching utterances and social situations • filling in gaps in a text • writing answers to questions Speaking 20 Marks Learners will be tested by participating in a board game activity and performing an individual activity. 14 . TEST FORMAT for SPRINGBOARD The SPRINGBOARD written test consists of a one-hour paper which tests listening. Each passage is played twice. For each one. There is also a separate speaking test.

Pearson Test of English Young Learners Level 3 Quickmarch 15 .

Ben is better at English than Sophie. ate. ask and answer questions about a story Understand a simple story Talk about future plans Tell the time (hours and minutes) 2. 16 . • Superlatives of adjectives Anna is the youngest girl in her class. to express future plans and intentions I am going to visit my aunt next week. slept. • Conjunction ‘because’ Billy was late for school because he missed the bus. Did you walk? • Irregular past forms of common verbs went. Main Structures • Past tense of ‘to be’ Was. came • ‘Going to’. I didn’t walk. Areas of Language Use Talk and ask about sports and hobbies Talk and ask about everyday activities Talk and ask about countries. cities. shops and buildings Talk and ask about modes of transport and journeys Order food in a restaurant Talk about past events Understand. Language Content (in addition to Springboard) 1. got up. drank. • Present continuous for future use She’s going out tonight. towns. SYLLABUS for QUICKMARCH General Objectives This test is designed to motivate and reward young learners who have achieved a basic level of English and who are in advance of Springboard. were The simple past tense I walked. • ‘Can’ for permission Can we go to the cinema? • Comparatives of adjectives Ben is older than Sophie. I am going to work hard this year.

3. chemist’s. newspaper Please note that structures and vocabulary given in italics are for guidance only and are not intended to be a complete list. solving puzzles • Common jobs and professions Teacher. sea. medicine. sore throat • Names of countries and nationalities France. taxi driver. newsagent’s. toothache. cinema. lake • Town facilities Museum. Canadian • Points of the compass North. south. Topics • Spare time • Time • Places • Jobs • Illness Topics included at lower levels may also be reused and developed. • Shops and essential shopping items Baker’s. doctor. French. nurse • Common illnesses which affect children Headache. Refer to appendix for complete list of vocabulary likely to appear in Quickmarch Tests. Vocabulary • Common spare time activities Swimming. Chinese. police officer. bread. Canada. • Clothes • Food • Description of Animals • Homes • Families • Pets and Animals • School • The Body and People’s Appearance • Toys • Houses 4. mountain. China. east and west • Basic geographical features River. dancing. library etc. playing computer games • Hobbies Collecting stamps or teddy bears. 17 . supermarket.

Each passage is played twice. 18 . TEST FORMAT for QUICKMARCH The QUICKMARCH written test consists of a one-hour paper which tests listening. Listening Tasks 30 Marks There are two listening tasks. reading and writing. For each one. The following task types are used: • dialogue completion • matching utterances and social situations • filling in gaps in a text • sentence completion Speaking 20 Marks Learners will be tested by participating in a board game activity and performing an individual activity. The following task types are used: • multiple choice • short written answers Reading and Writing Tasks 50 Marks There are four reading and writing tasks. test takers listen to a short recorded passage and complete a task. There is also a separate speaking test.

Pearson Test of English Young Learners Level 4 Breakthrough 19 .

• The infinitive to indicate purpose Grandmother made a cake to give to Diana. Areas of Language Use Describe everyday objects Describe how objects feel Describe sensations Give instructions such as directions and procedures Write a story/narrative about a special event Talk about past experiences Ask for/give explanations and express purpose Ask for/give opinions Ask about/state preferences Predict and discuss future possibility Offer. she will go out. request. • Tag questions She is. • ‘Will’ all basic uses We think Ben’s team will win. • First conditional form with ‘if’ If Annie finishes her homework. isn’t she? They will. • ‘Would’ for polite offers Would you like a cup of tea? • Would (rather) for preferences I would rather go to… I wouldn’t like to go to… • Past continuous in narratives Mr Brown was having breakfast when the phone rang. make spontaneous decisions 2. Main Structures • Present perfect Have you ever been to London? I have never been to New York. won’t they? 20 . SYLLABUS for BREAKTHROUGH General Objectives This test is designed to motivate and reward young learners who have achieved an elementary command of English and who are in advance of Quickmarch. Language Content (in addition to Quickmarch) 1.

beautiful. heavy • Extinct and endangered wildlife Panda. snow leopard. drums. 21 . techno • Musical instruments Guitar. Vocabulary • Words of senses and perception Smell. suitcase. whale. piano. feel. taste. Topics • The Senses • Nature • Space and Space Travel • Travel • Jobs and Professions Topics included at lower levels may also be reused and developed. reggae. rough.3. dinosaur • Professions and jobs Teacher. look. doctor. rap. delay. hairdresser. etc. sharp. • Types of music Pop. black rhino. • Computer games Gameboy. smooth. etc. sound. loud. sweet. pop singer • Words connected with travelling Ticket. • Spare time • Time • Places • Jobs • Illness • Clothes • Food • Description of Animals • Homes • Families • Pets and Animals • School • The Body and People’s Appearance • Toys • Houses 4. keyboards. Playstation Please note that structures and vocabulary given in italics are for guidance only and are not intended to be a complete list. rock. airport. soft. soul. Refer to appendix for complete list of vocabulary likely to appear in Breakthrough Tests. dentist.

Each passage is played twice. reading and writing. 22 . test takers listen to a short recorded passage and complete a task. For each one. There is also a separate speaking test. The following task types are used: • multiple choice • short written answers Reading and Writing Tasks 50 Marks There are four reading and writing tasks. Listening Tasks 30 Marks There are two listening tasks. TEST FORMAT for BREAKTHROUGH The BREAKTHROUGH written test consists of a one-hour fifteen minute paper which tests listening. The following task types are used: • dialogue completion • matching utterances and social situations • filling in gaps in a text • writing a narrative based on pictures Speaking 20 Marks Learners will be tested by participating in a board game activity and performing an individual activity.

’ (*We would like to thank the Leeds School of English. Note: If there are very few test takers in the group you may go back to the first test taker again and have a second round of sentences. or similar games that the children know and enjoy may be played*. We therefore suggest that a relaxation period of 5-7 minutes should be taken. ‘Yesterday I went shopping and I bought a book’. for example: ‘It was a beautiful morning in September’. FIRSTWORDS ‘Guess what it is’ Draw a part of a picture.Pre-Test Games Young children are likely to find the exam situation stressful and may find it difficult to concentrate for the time needed to complete the test. and should not be included in the time allowed for the exam. Whisper in the test taker’s ear a word such as ‘ice cream’. Note: If there are very few test takers in the group. Remember that this period should only take between 5-7 minutes. After two or three questions. Other options: spaghetti – bananas – salad – chicken QUICKMARCH ‘Going shopping’ Begin the game by modelling the first sentence. Then another test taker continues the story by adding a third sentence. A Further Option: ‘Yesterday I went to a party and I ate sandwiches’ BREAKTHROUGH ‘Chain Story’ Begin the game by telling the class a sentence which is the beginning of a story. A Further Option: ‘I heard a very strange noise last night.) 23 . The game is continued with each test taker repeating what has been said before and adding a new object each time. The last test taker must round off the story with a happy or sad ending. when somebody does not remember what to say. Test takers are only allowed to ask YES/NO questions. Argentina for these excellent suggestions. Ask the test takers to say what they think it is. i. The next test taker continues the story by adding a second sentence. you may go back to the first test taker again and have a second round of sentences before finishing the story. The games suggested below. The rest of the test takers must guess what he/she likes eating by asking YES/NO questions. Suggested Options: school bag – car – plane – ruler SPRINGBOARD ‘Guess what I like eating’ Ask test takers to go to the front of the classroom. You can play the games suggested below or any other similar guessing game the test takers like doing. Student 1 then repeats this sentence and adds another object. add a little more to the drawing until it is finished.e. Finish the game when the chain is broken.

The items are listed in alphabetical order. These should be assumed subject to the constraints of the language content syllabus for each level. they will not be tested on them. The lists give root words only. listening tasks and oral test materials will normally be limited to these items. they do not include derived forms such as plurals or inflected verb forms. 24 . the verb write should be understood to include the forms write. The lists do not include numbers or names of people or countries which may appear in the examination materials. In other words.Vocabulary Lists Introduction The following lists contain the vocabulary items used in each of the four levels of the Pearson Test of English Young Learners. writes and writing at Firstwords and Springboard and additionally wrote at Quickmarch and written at Breakthrough. Items not included in these lists may very occasionally occur in an examination but test takers will not be required to understand or recognise such items. The contents of examination papers. That is. For example.

Firstwords Vocabulary List A boat coloured a body come about book computer above bookcase correct across boring country after box course again boxer cousin all boy cow alphabet bread crayon already break crocodile an breakfast cross and brother cupboard animal brown answer bubble D apple burger dad arm bus daddy armchair but day ask buy desk asleep bye diary at different aunt C dining room automatic café dinner cake dirty B calendar disco baby call do back camera dog badminton can doll bag cannot door ball car double banana careful draw baseball carefully drawing baseball cap carrot dress basketball case drink bath cat driver bathroom catch duck be chair beach cheese E beautiful chicken each bed child ear bedroom chip easy beef chocolate eat behind cinema egg bell class elephant below classmate else between classroom end big clean English bike clear enjoy bird clock eraser birthday close example black clothes expensive blue coke extra board colour eye 25 .

F hat large face have last fade he later family head laugh fantastic headphones learn fast hear leave father helicopter left favourite hello leg find her lemon finish here lemonade first herself less fish hi lesson floor him let flower himself letter fly hippo level following hippopotamus library food his life foot hit like football hobby line for hockey list French fries home listen friend homework little friendly horse live frog hot dog living room hour long G house look game lot garden I loud get I love giraffe ice cream lunch girl in girlfriend interesting M give into magazine glass it man glasses its many go mark good J mat goodbye jacket match granddad jeans maths grandfather juice me grandma jump meat grandmother just medium great meet green K member grey kick middle guitar kid milk kind minute H kitchen mirror hair kite Miss ham know missing hamster mobile hand L money happy lamp monkey 26 .

month pen short more pencil shorts morning phone show mother photo shower motorbike piano side mouse pick sign mouth picture sing Mr pineapple sister Mrs pink sit much plane skirt mum play sleep museum player slight music playground small must please smile my pocket snake point so N pool soccer name potato sock new pound sofa next present some night pretty something nightie purple somewhere no push song nose put sorry not sound now Q speak number question spell spider O R sport of radio stair oh read stand OK red start old remember stay on repeat still open restaurant stop or rice story orange ride street other right subject our room sun ours run sunglasses out sure outside S sweatshirt over sad sweet same swim P sausage swimmer page say swimming paint school swing paper sea pardon sentence T park she table tennis part sheep talk party shirt teacher pause shoe team pea shop teddy 27 .

television town walk tell toy wall tennis train want test trainers watch than tree water thank trousers way that try we the T-shirt wear their turn well them twice what then when there U where these ugly which they uncle white this under window those understand with through us woman tick use word ticket usually wow tiger write time V tired vegetable Y to very year today video yellow together visit yes tomato visitor you tomorrow volleyball young too your tooth W tortoise wait 28 .

Springboard Vocabulary List A beach burger a bean bus about bear busy above beard but across beautiful butter actor bed butterfly actress bedroom buy address beef by adult before bye after begin afternoon behind C again bell cabbage all below café alphabet belt cage already best cake always between calculator an bicycle calendar and big call angry bike camera animal bin can another bird cannot answer birthday car any biscuit card anybody black careful anything blank carefully apple blonde carrot arm blouse cartoon armchair blue case art board cassette artist boat castle as body cat ask book catch asleep bookcase centimetre at boot centre aunt boring cereal automatic both chair autumn bottle change bottom cheek B bowl cheerful baby box cheese back boxer chest bad boy chicken badminton bread child bag break chin ball breakfast chip banana brilliant chocolate baseball bring cinema baseball cap brother circle basketball brown circus bath brush city bathroom bubble clap be bucket class 29 .

classmate dear everything classroom decide exam clean delicious examination cleaner dentist example clear describe excellent clever desk excuse clock diary expensive close different extra clothes difficult eye cloud dining room cloudy dinner F club direction face coat dirty fade coffee disappointed fair coke dish false cold disco family colour do famous coloured doctor fantastic comb dog farm come doll farmer computer door fast conversation double fat cook down father cooker draw favourite cool drawing feather corn dress field corner drink film correct drive find cost driver fine count dry finger country duck finish course DVD first cousin fish cow E fishing crayon each flavour crazy ear floor crisp early flower crocodile easy fly cross eat fog cup egg foggy cupboard elbow following curly elephant food curtain else foot cushion email football cut end for English forehead D enjoy forest dad entrance forget daddy envelope fork dance eraser fox dangerous evening French fries dark every friend daughter everybody friendly day everyone frog 30 .

from hello jump fruit help jumper full her jungle fun here just funny hers herself K G hi kangaroo gallery high kick game him kid garden himself kilometre get hippo kind giraffe hippopotamus king girl his kitchen girlfriend history kite give hit knee glad hobby knife glass hockey know glasses holiday glove home L go homework lake goat honey lamp good hooray land goodbye horse large goose hospital last gorilla hot late granddad hot dog later grandfather hour laugh grandma house lazy grandmother how leader granny hungry learn grass hurt leave great husband left green leg grey I lemon grow I lemonade guitar ice less ice cream lesson H idea let hair ill letter half important level ham in library hamburger inside life hamster interesting light hand internet like handsome into line happy it lion hat its list hate listen have J little he jacket live head jam living room headphones jeans long hear job look helicopter juice lot 31 .

loud mum our love mummy ours lovely museum out low mushroom outside luck music over lucky must own lunch my M N magazine nail P make name page man near paint many neck pair map need panda mark neighbour pants marry nephew paper mat never pardon match new parent maths newspaper park maybe next parrot me nice part meat niece party medicine night past medium nightdress pasta meet nightie pause member no pea metre nobody pen middle noise pencil milk noodle pencil case milkshake nose penguin mine not pepper minute note person mirror nothing pet Miss now phone missing number photo mobile nut photograph money photography monkey O piano monster of pick month off picnic moon office picture more often piece morning oh pillow mother OK pilot motorbike old pineapple mountain on pink mouse once pizza moustache onion place mouth only plan move open plane Mr opposite plastic Mrs or plate Ms orange play much other player 32 .

playground road smile please robot snack pocket rocket snake point room snow policeman round so policewoman rubbish soap policy ruler soccer pool run sock poor sofa postcard S some poster sad somebody potato salad someone pound salt something present same sometimes pretty sand somewhere prince sandwich son princess sauce song problem sausage soon pupil say sorry puppet scared sound purple scarf space push school speak put scientist spell pyjamas sea spend seal spider Q see spoon queen sell sport question sentence spotted quickly shark spring quiet she square quite sheep stadium shirt stair R shoe stamp rabbit shop stand radio short start railway shorts station rain shoulder stay rainbow shout stick rather show still read shower stomach ready shut stone real side stop really sign storm red silly story remember sing straight repeat sister strawberry restaurant sit street rhino skirt striped rhinoceros sleep strong rice slight study rich slipper subject ride slowly suddenly right small summer river smell sun 33 .

sunglasses this us sunny those use supper through usual sure throw usually surprise thumb sweater tick V sweatshirt ticket vegetable sweet tidy very swim tiger video swimmer time village swimming tin visit swing tired visitor to volleyball T toast table today W table tennis toe wait tail together walk take tomato wall talk tomorrow want tall tonight warm task too wash taste tooth watch taxi toothpaste water tea top wavy teach torch way teacher tortoise we team total weak teddy touch wear teenage towel wedding telephone town week television toy welcome tell train well temperature trainers wet tennis travel whale terrible tree what test triangle wheel than trip when thank trousers where that true which the try white theatre T-shirt who their tummy whose theirs turn why them twice wife then twin wild there will these U wind they ugly window thick umbrella windy thief uncle wing thin under winter thing understand with think untidy without thirsty up wolf 34 .

woman yes word yesterday work you world young wow your wrist yours write wrong Z zoo Y year yellow 35 .

Quickmarch Vocabulary List A aunt blank a automatic blanket about autumn blonde above awake blouse ache blue across B board actor baby boat actress back body address bad book adult badminton bookcase afraid bag boot after ball bored afternoon balloon boring again banana borrow against bank both ago baseball bottle agree baseball cap bottom air basketball bounce airline bat bowl airport bath box all bathroom boxer along be boy alphabet beach bread already bean break alright bear breakfast also beard bridge always beautiful brilliant ambulance become bring an because brother and bed brown angry bedroom brush animal beef bubble another before bucket answer begin burger any beginning burn anybody behind bus anyone believe business anything bell busy anyway below but anywhere belt butter apartment best butterfly apple better buy arm between by armchair bicycle bye around big arrive bike C art bin cabbage artist bird café as birthday cafeteria ask biscuit cage asleep bit cake at black calculator 36 .

calendar climb dark call clock date camera close daughter camp clothes day can cloud dear candle cloudy decide cannot clown delicious cap club dentist car coat describe card coffee desk careful coke diary carefully cold dictionary carpet college difference carrot colour different carry coloured difficult cartoon comb dining room case come dinner cassette comfortable direction castle competition dirty cat computer disappointed catch conversation dish ceiling cook disco centimetre cooker do centre cool doctor century copy dog cereal corn doll chair corner door change correct double chatter cost down cheap cough draw cheek count drawing cheerful country dress cheese course drink chemist cousin drive chest cow driver chicken crayon drum child crazy dry chin criminal duck chip crisp during chocolate crocodile DVD choose cross church cry E cinema cup each circle cupboard ear circus curly early city curtain earth clap cushion east class cut easy classmate eat classroom D egg clean dad elbow cleaner daddy elephant clear dance else clever dangerous email 37 .

empty finally girlfriend end find give engineer fine glad English finger glass enjoy finish glasses enough fire glove entrance first glue envelope fish go eraser fishing goat evening flat gold every flavour good everybody floor goodbye everyone flower goose everything flute gorilla everywhere fly granddad exam fog granddaughter examination foggy grandfather example follow grandma excellent following grandmother excuse food grandparent exhibition foot grandson expensive football granny explain footballer grass extra for great eye forehead greedy eyebrow forest green eyelash forget grey fork grow F forward guide face fox guitar factory free fade French fries H fair friend hair fall friendly half false frightening hall family frog ham famous from hamburger fan fruit hamster fantastic frustration hand far full handsome farm fun happen farmer funny happy fashion future hard fast hat fat G hate father gallery have favourite game he feather garden head feed general headphones feel geography hear few get height field ghost helicopter fill giraffe hello film girl help 38 .

hen island lemon her it lemonade here its lend hers less herself J lesson hi jacket let high jam letter hill jeans level him job library himself journalist lie hint journey life hippo juice light hippopotamus jump like his jumper line history jungle lion hit just list hobby listen hockey little holiday K live home kangaroo living room homework keep long honey key look hooray kick lorry hope kid lose horrible kilogramme lost horse kilometre lot hospital kind loud hot king love hot dog kitchen lovely hotel kite low hour knee luck house knife lucky how knock lunch hungry know hurt M husband L magazine ladder magic I lady make I lake man ice lamp many ice cream land map idea large mark if last market ill late married important later marry in laugh mat information laughter match insect lazy mathematics inside leader maths instruction leaf may interesting learn maybe internet leave me interview left meal into leg meat 39 .

mechanic neck oven medicine need over medium neighbour own meet nephew melon nervous member never metre new P midday news page middle newspaper paint midnight next pair milk nice palace milkshake niece pan mind night panda mine nightdress pants minute nightie paper mirror no pardon Miss nobody parent missing noise park mistake noodle parrot mobile no-one part money north partner monkey nose party monster not past month note pasta moon nothing pause more now pea morning nowhere pen most number pencil mother nurse pencil case motorbike nut penguin mountain pepper mouse O perhaps moustache of person mouth off pet move office phone Mr often photo Mrs oh photograph Ms OK photographer much old photography mug on piano mum once pick mummy one picnic museum onion picture mushroom only pie music open piece must opposite pig my or pillow myself orange pilot mystery other pineapple our pink N ours pizza nail ourselves place name out plan near outside plane 40 .

planning rain secret plant rainbow secretary plastic rather see plate read sell play ready send player real sentence playground really shampoo pleading red shark please remember she pocket repeat sheep point restaurant shelf policeman rhino shell policewoman rhinoceros shirt policy rice shoe pond rich shop pool ride shopping poor right short popular ring shorts post river shoulder postcard road shout poster robot show potato rock shower pound rocket shut prefer room shy present round sick pretty row side prince rubbish sign princess rug silly problem ruler silver programme run sing project single pull S sister pupil sad sit puppet safe skate purple sail ski push salad skirt put salt sky pyjamas same sleep pyramid sand slight sandwich slipper Q sauce slow quarter sausage slowly queen say small question scared smell quick scarf smile quickly school smoke quiet science snack quite scientist snake scissors snow R sea so rabbit seal soap race season soccer radio seat sock railway second sofa 41 .

soft summer thick some sun thief somebody sunglasses thin someone sunny thing something supermarket think sometimes supper thirsty somewhere sure this son surname those song surprise through soon sweater throw sorry sweatshirt thumb sound sweet thunder soup swim tick south swimmer ticket space swimming tidy speak swing tiger special tights spell T time spend table tin spider table tennis tired spoon tail to sport take toast spotted talk today spring tall toe square task together stadium taste toilet stair taxi tomato stamp tea tomorrow stand teach tonight star teacher too start team tooth station teddy toothpaste stay teenage top steal telephone topic step television torch stick tell tortoise still temperature total stomach tennis touch stone tent tour stop terrible towel storm test town story than toy straight thank train strange that trainers strawberry the transport street theatre travel striped their tree strong theirs triangle student them trip study themselves trousers subject then true suddenly there try sugar these T-shirt suitcase they tummy 42 .

tunnel want window turn warm windy twice wash wing twin watch winner water winter U wavy wish ugly way with umbrella we without uncle weak wolf under wear woman understand weather wonderful uniform wedding wood untidy week woods until weekend wool up weight word us welcome work use well world usual west wow usually wet wrist whale write V what wrong vegetable wheel very when Y vet where year video which yellow village while yes visit whistle yesterday visitor white yet volleyball who you whose young W why your wait wife yours waiter wild yourself wake will walk win Z wall wind zoo 43 .

Breakthrough Vocabulary List A anywhere bat a apartment bath about appear bathroom above apple be abroad area beach accident argue bean ache arm bear across armchair beard action around beat actor arrive beautiful actress art because add article become address artist bed adult as bedroom advertisement ask beef advice asleep before afraid assistant begin after astronaut beginning afternoon at behind again athlete believe against atlas bell age attack below ago attraction belt agree attractive beside air aunt best airline author better airport autograph between album automatic bicycle alien autumn big all avenue bike allow awake bin almost away bird along awful birthday alphabet biscuit already B bit alright baby bite also back black altogether bad blank always badminton blanket ambulance bag blind an bake blonde and balcony blouse angry ball blow animal balloon blue anniversary banana board another band boat answer bank body any bar boil anybody baseball bone anyone baseball cap book anything basement bookcase anyway basketball boot 44 .

bored cap clever boring capital climb born captain clock borrow car close both card clothes bottle careful cloud bottom carefully cloudy bounce carpet clown bowl carrot club box carry coach boxer cartoon coast boy case coat brave cassette coffee bread castle coin break cat coke breakfast catch cold breathe cave collect bridge CD college bright ceiling colour brilliant celebrate coloured bring centimetre comb brother centre come brown century comfortable brush cereal competition bubble chair complain bucket chance computer build change concert burger character confident burn chatter contact bus cheap contain business cheek continent busy cheerful control but cheese conversation butter chef cook butterfly chemist cooker button chest cool buy chicken copy by child corn bye chin corner chip correct C chocolate corridor cabbage choose cost café church cottage cafeteria cinema cotton cage circle cough cake circus count calculator city country calendar clap couple call class course camera classmate cousin camp classroom cover can clean cow candle cleaner crayon cannot clear crazy 45 .

cream dinner enemy creature dinosaur engineer criminal direct English crisp direction enjoy crocodile dirty enormous cross disagree enough crowd disappear enter cruel disappointed enthusiastic cry disaster entrance cup discover envelope cupboard disco environment curly dish equipment curtain disk eraser cushion dive especially customer do even cut doctor evening cycle dog ever doll every D door everybody dad doorbell everyone daddy dot everything daily double everywhere dance down exam dangerous draw examination dark drawing example date dream excellent daughter dress excited day drink exciting dead drive excuse deaf driver exercise dear drum exhibition decide dry exit deep duck expensive definitely during experiment delicious DVD explain delighted explore dentist E extinct depend each extra describe ear eye description early eyebrow desert earn eyelash desk earth detail east F detective easy face diamond eat factory diary egg fade dice either fair dictionary elbow fall die elephant false difference else family different email famous difficult empty fan dig end fantastic dining room endangered far 46 .

farm forward granddad farmer fox granddaughter fashion freckles grandfather fast free grandma fat French fries grandmother father fridge grandparent fault friend grandson favourite friendly granny feather frightened grass feed frightening great feel frog greedy female from green festival fruit greeting fever frustration grey few full ground fiction fun grow field funny guard file fur guest fill furniture guide film future guitar finally gym find G fine gallery H finger game hair finish gang half fire gap hall first garage ham fish garden hamburger fishing gate hamster fit general hand fix generally handsome flame gentle happen flat geography happy flavour get hard floor ghost hardly flower giant harvest flu gift hat flute giraffe hate fly girl have fog girlfriend he foggy give head fold glad headphones follow glass healthy following glasses hear food glove height foot glue helicopter football go hello footballer goat helmet for gold help force good hen forehead goodbye her forest goose here forget gorilla hers fork grand herself 47 .

hi international last hide internet late high interview later hill interviewer laugh him into laughter himself invitation lazy hint invite lead hippo island leader hippopotamus it leaf his its learn history least hit J leave hobby jacket left hockey jam leg hole jaw lemon holiday jealous lemonade home jeans lend homework jewellery less honest job lesson honey join let hooray joke letter hope journalist level horrible journey library horror juice lie horse jump life hospital jumper lift hot jungle light hot dog just lightning hotel like hour K line house kangaroo lion how keep lip huge key list hungry kick listen hurt kid little husband kill live kilogramme living room I kilometre local I kind lodge ice king log ice cream kitchen lonely idea kite long if knee look ill knife lorry imagine knock lose important know lost impossible lot in L loud information ladder love insect lady lovely inside lake low instead lamp luck instruction land lucky interesting large lunch 48 .

M mobile newspaper machine moment next mad money nice magazine monkey niece magic monster night make month nightdress male moon nightie man more nightmare manager morning no many most nobody map mother noise mark motorbike noodle market mountain no-one married mouse north marry moustache nose mat mouth not match move note mathematics Mr nothing maths Mrs notice may Ms now maybe much nowhere me mug number meal mum nurse mean mummy nut measure muscle meat museum O mechanic mushroom object medicine music occupation medium musician ocean meet must of melon my off member myself office mend mystery often menu oh merry N oil message nail OK metal name old metre nasty on midday national once middle nature one midnight near onion might nearly online mile neat only milk neck open milkshake need opinion mind negative opposite mine neighbour or minute neither orange mirror nephew order Miss nervous other missing nest our mistake never ours mix new ourselves news out 49 .

outside picture print oven pie prison over piece problem own pig produce pill programme P pillow project pack pilot protect packet pineapple public page pink pull paint pirate pupil pair pizza puppet palace place purple pan plan push panda plane put pants planet pyjamas paper planning pyramid pardon plant parent plastic Q park plate quarter parrot platform queen part play question partner player quick party playground quickly pass pleading quiet passenger please quite passport pocket past poem R pasta poet rabbit path point race patient poisonous radio pattern policeman railway pause policewoman rain pavement policy rainbow pea pollution rather peace pond read pen pool ready pence poor real pencil pop really pencil case popular receive penguin port recipe pepper positive record perfect possible red perhaps post region person postcard religion personality poster remember pet potato repeat phone pound reply photo practise rescue photograph prefer response photographer prepare rest photography present restaurant piano pretty result pick prince return picnic princess rhino 50 .

rhinoceros sell slice rice send slight rich sensible slipper ride sentence slow rider serve slowly right service small ring set smell rise sew smile river shame smoke road shampoo snack robbery shape snake robot share snow rock shark so rocket sharp soap roll she soccer roof sheep sock room shelf sofa round shell soft route shirt soldier row shoe some rubbish shoot somebody rude shop someone rug shopping something ruler short sometimes run shorts somewhere shoulder son S shout song sad show soon safe shower sore sail shut sorry salad shy sort salt sick sound same side soup sand sight south sandwich sign souvenir sauce signature space saucer silence speak sausage silly special save silver spell say since spend scared sing spider scarf singer spoon school single sport science sink spotted scientist sister spring scissors sit square sea site stadium seal situation stage season size stair seat skate stamp second ski stand secret skirt star secretary sky stare see sleep start 51 .

station tap tissue statue task title stay taste to steal taxi toast step tea today stick teach toe still teacher together stomach team toilet stone technology tomato stop teddy tomorrow storm teenage tongue story telephone tonight straight television too strange tell tool strawberry temperature tooth street temple toothpaste striped tennis top strong tent topic student terrible torch study test tortoise stupid than total subject thank touch such that tour suddenly the tourist sugar theatre towards suitable their towel suitcase theirs town summer them toy sun themselves tractor sunglasses then traffic sunny there train supermarket these trainers supper they transport sure thick travel surface thief treasure surname thin tree surprise thing triangle surround think trick swap thirsty trip sweater this trousers sweatshirt those true sweet through trust swim throw try swimmer thumb T-shirt swimming thunder tummy swing tick tunnel ticket turn T tidy twice table tiger twin table tennis tights type tail time typical take tin talk tiny U tall tired ugly 52 .

umbrella wash wing uncle waste winner under watch winter understand water wish uniform wave with university wavy without untidy way wolf until we woman up weak wonderful us wear wood use weather woods usual wedding wool usually week word weekend work V weight world valuable welcome worry value well wow vase west wrap vegetable wet wrist very whale write vet what wrong video wheel view when Y village where yawn violin whether year visit which yellow visitor while yes voice whistle yesterday volcano white yet volleyball who you whole young W whose your wait why yours waiter wife yourself wake wild walk will Z wall win zip want wind zoo war window warm windy 53 .

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