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2019 Healthcare Directory


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2019 Healthcare Directory

2019 Healthcare Directory

2019 Healthcare Directory
PHARMACIES Odon Pharmacy Walmart
CVS 200 W. Main St. 1801 S. St. Rd 57
307 E. National Highway Odon, IN Washington, IN
Washington, IN 812-636-4600 812-254-6195
812-254-6298 Prescription Shoppe 650 Kimmel Road
1500 Hart St. 2005 State St. Vincennes, IN
Vincennes, IN Washington, IN 812-886-0006
812-886-4869 812-254-7666 4040 N. Newton St.
20 Industrial Park Drive Rusch’s Southside Pharmacy Jasper, IN
Ferdinand, IN 1107 S. 15th St. 812-634-1777
812-367-2030 Vincennes, IN Williams Brothers Health Care
610 N. Main St. 812-316-0079 Pharmacy
Huntingburg, IN Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy 10 Williams Brothers Drive
812-683-3309 750 W. Second Washington, IN
Jasper, IN 812-254-2497
617 W. Sixth
Jasper, IN 812-634-7379 1216 Washington Ave.
812-482-3300 1810 N. Main St. Vincennes, IN
Huntingburg, IN 812-882-1800
200 W. Main St.
Petersburg, IN 812-683-9600 104 E. Broadway
812-354-8939 Walgreens Loogootee, IN
505 College Ave. 812-295-4370
402 W. Broadway St.
Loogootee, IN Vincennes, IN
812-295-4600 812-882-3896
Family Pharmacy 3606 N. Newton St.
508 W. 11th Jasper, IN
Bicknell, IN 812-481-1513

Reach for a cup of tea

When feeling stressed, people may to the herbal remedy site Herbwisdom.
want to reach for a cup of tea. Research com, chamomile tea is an age-old
conducted by psychologists at the City medicinal herb that has been used as a
University London found that a cup of remedy for numerous conditions, including
tea reduces stress, not just by drinking it, asthma, nervousness, sleep, and stomach
but also because of the calming effect of ailments and as a treatment for colds.
putting the tea kettle on. Furthermore, It, too, many help reduce stress. Tea has
decaffeinated green tea also can calm a many benefits for the body, and helping to
person and encourage sleep. In a 2017 tame stress may be one of them.
study published in the journal Nutrients, Courtesy of Metro News Service
participants were able to fall asleep much
more easily when drinking decaffeinated
green tea. Also, they reported feeling
much less stressed out over the course
of the one-week experiment. Even black
tea has been found to relieve stress by
lowering cortisol levels when a person is
faced with stressful situations. According

2019 Healthcare Directory

2019 Healthcare Directory
ACUTE REHAB Knox County EMS Memorial Hospital and Health
Daviess Community Hospital 906 N. 10th St. Care Center
Merlin K. Coulter, MD Vincennes, IN Todd Aud, CRNA
Larry Sutton, DO 812-882-7757 Meghan Buchta, CRNA
1314 E. Walnut St. Martin County Ambulance Stephanie Flick, CRNA
Washington, IN Service Amanda Gaither, CRNA
812-254-2760 222 Cedar St. David Head, CRNA
Loogootee, IN Layn Knies, CRNA
AIR TRANSPORT 812-295-9110 Brooke Knotts, CRNA
Air Evac Karen Kolb, CRNA
Membership information Daviess Community Hospital Johnathan Lynn, CRNA
812-568-6488 Daniel McCarthy, MD Erin Sendelweck Temple, MD
Paul Anwiler, CRNA Shea Souders, CRNA
D&S Ambulance Jessica Paulin, CRNA Victor Tirabasso, MD
604 Upper 11th St. Tammy Purcell, CRNA 800 W. Ninth St.
Vincennes, IN Samantha Stevens, CRNA Jasper, IN
812-886-8157 1314 E. Walnut St. 812-996-2345
Daviess Community Hospital Washington, IN
1314 E. Walnut St. 812-254-2760
Washington, IN

Your Recovery
Begins at Ketcham 5 STAR

Memorial Center


offer state-of-the-
art short-term and
outpatient rehabilitation
services to those
recovering from illness
or injury.
Therapy and wellness is
available to all ages and
open 7 days a week.

OmniStand ®
Fall-Safe Balance System
Effective, progressive
balance & gait-training .

OmniVR ®
601 E. Race Street Odon, Indiana 47562
• Virtual Reality System
Engaging, immersive VR
We accept Medicare and most private insurance providers. therapy helps make therapy
Our staff is available to verify and explain your insurance benefits. more fun and engaging.

Call 812-636-4920 or Visit

2019 Healthcare Directory
Amber Manor Care Center Caring Hands Senior Services Vascular Center
801 E. Illinois St. Memorial Hospital Memorial Hospital
Petersburg, IN 800 W. Ninth St. 800 W. Ninth St.
812-354-3001 Jasper, IN Jasper, IN
812-996-6000 812-996-0553
Bridgepointe Health Campus
1900 College Ave. Compass Point  CHIROPRACTIC CARE
Vincennes, IN Montgomery Medical Clinic Bowling Chiropractic
812-886-9870 Montgomery, IN Frank Bowling, DC
Colonial Assisted Living 812-486-2333 312 E. Main St.
Community Memorial Counseling Center Washington, IN
1622 S. Hart Street Road 721 W. 13th St., Suite 121 812-254-0246
Vincennes, IN Jasper, IN Hawkins Health
812-895-1504 812-996-5780 1 Loogootee Plaza
Emerald House BREAST SURGERY Loogootee, IN
297 S. 100 E. 812-295-3346
Good Samaritan Breast Care
Washington, IN James P. Hopkins, DC
812-213-4437 708 S. SR 57
Lindsey A. Fleshman, DO
Fox Ridge Manor 520 S. Seventh St. Washington, IN
160 Fox Ridge Drive Vincennes, IN 812-254-8925
Vincennes, IN 812-885-3280 Movement Clinic
812-895-1000 Jess Brower, DC, DACRB
Freelandville Community Home CARDIOLOGY 933 S. SR 57
310 W. Carlisle St. Country Health Center Washington, IN
Freelandville, IN 5066 N. 900 E. 812-254-2673
812-328-2134 Montgomery, IN Omer Chiropractic Clinic
Gentle Care, Inc. 812-486-3396 501 S.E. Second St.
1202 S. 16th St. Dayson Heart Center Washington, IN
Vincennes, IN Natasha R. DeHosse, ACNP 812-254-0476
812-882-8292 Vikash K. Khurana, MD Schaub Chiropractic Center
The Legends Melissa Overton, PA-C Jeffrey Schaub, DC, FIAMA
1764 Troy Road Abigail Qin-Nelson, DO 300 N.E. Fourth St.
Washington, IN Philip D. Watson, DO Washington, IN
812-254-9500 520 S. Seventh St. 812-254-7003
Vincennes, IN
Lodge of the Wabash Traylor Chiropractic
723 Ramsey Road 439 N. Main St.
Vincennes, IN Larry D. Herron, MD Montgomery, IN
812-882-8787 812-885-3026 812-486-2577
Parkview Village Heartland Cardiology Wellness First Chiropractic
800 S. West St. Adam Dawkins, MD Gerren Cullison
Odon, IN Geoffrey Day, MD 102 S. Spring St.
812-636-3000 William Lehmkuhler, MD Odon, IN
Emily Leinenbach, AGACNP-BC 812-636-8101
Villages at Oak Ridge
Joshua Leonard, MD
Natalie O’Connor, NP-C
Washington, IN
Robert Quade, MD Good Samaritan Community
440 Scott Rolen Drive Health Services
Willow Manor Nursing & Rehab Jasper, IN 615 Dubois St.
3801 Old Bruceville Road 812-482-5656 Vincennes, IN
Vincennes, IN 812-886-8753
600 S. SR 57
Washington, IN Good Samaritan Sports
AUDIOLOGY 812-482-5656 Performance
Memorial Audiology Services 800-797-7717 520 S. Seventh St.
721 W. 13th St., Suite 325B Memorial Health Washington Vincennes, IN
Jasper, IN Specialty Clinic 812-885-6964
812-996-0227 600 S. SR 57
Washington, IN

2019 Healthcare Directory
CONVENIENT CARE Austin Deem, DDS Nick Geisler, DDS
Good Samaritan Convenient 100 W. Van Trees St. Geisler Dental
Care Clinic Washington, IN 292 W. Main St.
Courtney Bauer, FNP 812-254-4372 Petersburg, IN
Jennifer Hoyt, NP-C Darrell Deem, DDS 812-354-8404
Amy Scamman, FNP 100 W. Van Trees St. 671 Third Ave.
Teresa Stephens, FNP Washington, IN Jasper, IN
1813 Willow St., Suite 3A 812-254-7550 812-634-6425
Vincennes, IN Brian J. Doyle, DDS L. Renee Goodwin, DDS
812-885-8941 12 S. Fourth St. Oaktown Family Dentistry
Good Samaritan Find a Provider Vincennes, IN 100 N. Broadway St.
Line 812-882-9484 Oaktown, IN
812-885-8500 Ellis Doyle, DDS 812-745-4151
DENTISTRY 321 Nicholas St. Herman Family Dentistry
Vincennes, IN Eric L. Herman, DDS
Aaron Cardinal, DDS 812-882-3356 608 S. Quail Run Rd.
703 Vigo St. Vincennes, IN
Vincennes, IN John Ellison, DDS
1658 Washington Ave. 812-882-1572
Vincennes, IN Stephen J. Holka, DDS
Aspen Dental 812-882-6098 Oaktown Family Dentistry
630 Kimmel Road 100 N. Broadway St.
Vincennes, IN Oaktown, IN
812-316-3100 812-745-4151

Lana Helms, DDS, MSD, PC

Celebrating 22 years of quality orthodontic care
for children and adults.
2116 State Street
Washington, IN 47501
(812) 254-4500
Flexible payment plans
& most insurance accepted.

2019 Healthcare Directory

2019 Healthcare Directory
Jon W. James, DDS Multi-Specialty Clinic of Memorial Health Washington
703 Vigo St. Memorial Hospital Primary Care
Vincennes, IN Scott Wilhelmus, MD Tina Kelley, NP-C
812-882-4084 721 W. 13th St., Suite 225 Hillary Lawyer, NP-C
Family & Implant Dentistry Jasper, IN 600 S. SR 57, Suite A
Steven E. Lynn, DDS 812-996-0337 Washington, IN
720 College Ave. DIABETES
Vincennes, IN
Diabetes Management and EAR, NOSE, & THROAT
Nutrition Clinic Robert Ehrhard, DDS, MD
Odon Family Dentistry 721 W. 13th St., Suite 102 Amy Reising, NP
420 N. West St. Jasper, IN 251 S. Truman Road
Odon, IN 812-996-0521 Jasper, IN
812-636-4334 812-634-6700
Good Samaritan
Kimberly Parsons, DDS Rebecca Akers, NP-C Memorial ENT Associates
2 E. Walnut St. Jane M. Bridges, MD Ryan Phillips, MD
Washington, IN 700 Willow St. 721 W. 13th St., Suite 325
812-254-4684 Vincennes, IN Jasper, IN
Craig Scott, DDS 812-885-8040 812-996-5575
302 Washington St. Welch Diabetes Education Richard Moss, MD
Bicknell, IN Center 721 W. 13th St., Suite 208
812-735-2754 615 Dubois St. Jasper, IN
Angela Smith, DDS Vincennes, IN 812-634-6666
101 Charles St. 812-885-8010
812-295-4000 DOT SCREENING Daviess Community Hospital
Alan F. Snyder, DDS Country Health Center Brock Bailey, PA
310 Church St. Jessica Wright, NP-C Timothy R. Cullen, DO
Vincennes, IN 5066 N. 900 E. Michael Daggy, NP
812-882-9309 Montgomery, IN Matthew Datzman, MD
812-486-3396 Kristi Dreyer, DO
Troutman Family Dentistry
IMED Janos Katanics, MD
Kenneth Troutman, DDS
John Paul Dohanich, DO W. Eric Heath, MD
Haviland Watkins, DMD
695 W. Second St. James Lewis, MD
202 E. 17th St.
Jasper, IN Christopher Nixon, MD, JD, MBA,
Huntingburg, IN
812-996-5750 FAAFP, FCLM
Loogootee Family Medicine Terry Perkins, MD
11 E. Main St. Tracy Powell, NP
Washington, IN Cindy Hock, FNP-C
105 Cooper St. Roger Lehman, PA-C
812-254-7922 Kwabena Osei, MD
Loogootee, IN
Michael Walker, DDS Rebecca Jackson, NP
2007 Memorial Ave. Thomas Parkes, NP
Washington, IN Memorial Health Employer
Chad Tarr, MD
812-257-1223 Services
Thomston Trowbridge, MD
Daniel Hedinger, FNP-BC
Stephen K. Williams, DDS & Erin Wehrheim, PA-C
695 W. Second St.
Associates 1314 E. Walnut St.
Jasper, IN
Christopher Leonard, DDS Washington, IN
511 W. 11th St. 812-254-2760
Bicknell, IN Memorial Health Family
Good Samaritan Emergency
812-735-2020 Medicine
Jessica Collins, NP
DERMATOLOGY 996 Bartley St.
520 S. Seventh St.
Vincennes, IN
Morris Dermatology Jasper, IN
Mindi M. Morris, MD 812-996-5575
429 Perry St. Memorial Health St. Charles
Vincennes, IN Wendy Mote, FNP-C
812-886-4572 Jessica Zehr, FNP-C
1950 St. Charles St., Suite 5
Jasper, IN

2019 Healthcare Directory


2019 Healthcare Directory
People You Know,
Taking Care of the
People You Love...

Good Top 500

Home Care Agency!

Home Care
Serving Daviess, Sullivan,
Pike Green & Knox Counties


in the Comfort of Your Home

413 North First Street, Vincennes, IN 47591 • 812-885-2767 • 800-345-0820 Toll Free •
2019 Healthcare Directory
Memorial Hospital and Health Cullen Medical Professionals Holland Family Medicine
Care Center Amy Archer, DO Ryan Flamion, MD
Logan Dellinger, DO Stephen Cullen, DO 303 Meridian St.
Stephen DeWitt, DO Amanda Mattingly, FNP-C Holland, IN
Darla Eaton, NP Erica Story, FNP-C 812-536-3943
Linda Hanekamp, DO Trudy Wessel, FNP-C The Huntingburg Clinic
P. Bryan Lilly, DO 2005 State St., Suite A Mary Burgeson, MD
Stephen O’Connor, MD Washington, IN Angela Persohn, FNP-C
Stephen Sample, MD 812-254-4650 Leroy Schaefer, MD
Bridget Schmitt, NP Daviess-Martin Medical Clinic 407 E. 22nd St.
Kyle Schroering, DO David Nibel, MD Huntingburg, IN
Monte Sellers, DO Daniell Summers, FNP-C 812-683-3612
Amy Sites, NP Loogootee, IN Jasper Primary Care Physicians
Erynn Thinnes, MD 812-295-5095 Dean Beckman, MD
Jason Vaughan, DO DCH Health Pavilion David Bell, MD
800 W. Ninth St. Suresh Lohano, MD, FACP, FAAP Jason Campbell, MD
Jasper, IN Lindsey Sell, PA-C, ATC Kathleen Munning, FNP-C
812-996-2345 Erin Collison, FNP-C 1950 Saint Charles St., Suite 4
ENDOCRINOLOGY/ 1805 S. SR 57 Jasper, IN
INTERNAL MEDICINE Washington, IN 812-482-9555
812-257-7566 Victor J. Kirchoff, MD
The Lohano Center for
Advanced Medicine DCH Medical Clinic 626 Prairie St.
Vasdev Lohano, MD, FACP Trisha Garrett, DO Vincennes, IN
Alicia Fields, DNP, FNP-C Susan Kraft, DNP, NP-C, COHN, 812-886-0768
812-254-2250 CME Tom S. Kirkwood, MD
1402 Grand Ave. 510 W. 11th St.
ENDODONTICS Washington, IN Bicknell, IN
Elizabeth Miller, DDS, MSD 812-254-6696 812-735-4040
622 N. Seventh St. Boguslawa Knopinski, MD Loogootee Family Medicine
Vincennes, IN 812-254-0503 Cindy Hock, FNP-C
812-886-5043 DCH Primary Care Clinic Sherri Mathies, FNP-C
ENDOSCOPY Kiran Burla, MD, FACP, FAAP James Poirier, MD
Memorial Hospital and Health Jessica Kavanaugh, FNP-C 105 Cooper St.
Care Center 1401 Memorial Ave., Suite C Loogootee, IN
800 W. Ninth St. Washington, IN 812-295-2812
Jasper, IN 812-254-2872 Martin County Health Center
812-996-2345 DCH Quick Care Clinic Jonathan Cropp, FNP-C
Debra Ramsey, FNP 229 High St.
FAMILY MEDICINE/ Tammy Twitty FNP Shoals, IN
PRIMARY CARE Kathalene Keller, FNP 812-247-2733
Kathy S. Brinkman, NP-C Lauren Cardinal, PA-C
William C. Thompson II, DO 1805 S. SR 57
1201 Main St. Washington, IN
Monroe City, IN 812-254-QUIK (7845)
812-743-5113 Good Samaritan Family Health
Country Health Center Center
Jessica Wright, NP-C Debra Painter, NP-C
5066 N. 900 E. Anastasia Ralston, NP-C
Montgomery, IN 429 S. Sixth St.
812-486-3396 Vincennes, IN
Jennifer Becher, NP-C
Cindy E. Douthitt, NP-C
Jennifer Inman, NP-C
Debra Painter, NP-C

2019 Healthcare Directory
MCV Family Practice Memorial Health Family Montgomery Medical
Jamie L. Frederick, FNP-C Medicine Associates
Karen F. Neeley, MD Jessica Collins, NP Merle Holsopple, MD
406 N. First St. Nikola Conrad, MD, MPT Kira Dent, FNP-C
Vincennes, IN Mark Luff, MD 542 N. Third St.
812-885-6950 966 Bartley St. Montgomery, IN
Sally Bodensteiner, MD Jasper, IN 812-486-2842
Jacob M. Ringenberg, MD 812-996-7810 North Daviess Medical Clinic
Caroline S. Steinman, DO Memorial Health St. Charles Bryan Porter, MD
Scott A. Stine, MD Emily Ferguson, FNP-C Mendy Mullis, PA-C
Jill Cucinella, NP-C Jessica Zehr, FNP-C 202 N. West St.
812-882-1106 Stan Tretter, MD Odon, IN
Vonetta M. Vories, FNP 1950 St. Charles St., Suite 5 812-636-7300
812-882-4694 Jasper, IN Ann Patterson, MD
Daniel J. Herman Jr., MD 812-996-6050 721 W. 13th St., Suite 322
Allyson Wehrheim, PA-C Memorial Health Washington Jasper, IN
812-885-0524 Primary Care 812-634-6646
Michael J. Kelly, MD Tina Kelley, NP-C Petersburg Family Medicine
812-885-2750 Hillary Lawyer, NP-C Chelsea Cummins, FNP-C
600 S. SR 57, Suite A Nicole Stevenson, FNP-C
Heather M. Ludwig Akers, MD
Washington, IN 1003 E. Illinois St.
812-257-1052 Petersburg, IN
Kristin A. Mahan, MD

420 IN-57 • Washington, IN 47501

2019 Healthcare Directory
Petersburg Medical Clinic
Lynnette Matteson, FNP-C
611 Main St.
Petersburg, IN
812-354-8426 YOUR BUSINESS
Jennifer Richardson, MD
3404 Newton St. Daviess County
Jasper, IN
812-634-7726 Chamber of
Washington Clinic
Davida Wilson, FNP-C
Commerce and
1717 S. SR 57, Suite F
Washington, IN Visitors Bureau
GASTROENTEROLOGY Providing for the Community and
DCH Medical Clinic
Reginald Sandy, DO
our Members...
1402 Grand Ave. • Referral Services
Washington, IN
• Networking
Good Samaritan Gastroenterology • Training
Naeem Raza, MD • Community Involvement
Oluwagbenga Serrano, MD
Ann Vash, NP-C • Marketing
1813 Willow St., Suite B • Member Discounts
Vincennes, IN
812-882-2703 • Advocacy
Good Samaritan Health Pavilion • Tourism and Event Information
Reginald Sandy, DO
Stacy A. Wilson, NP-C
520 S. Seventh St.
And So Much More!
Vincennes, IN
Digestive Care Center
Michael Snyder, MD For more information
825 W. 13th St. call
Jasper, IN
812-556-5048 812-254-5262
Country Health Center
5066 N. 900 E.
Montgomery, IN
Good Samaritan Surgical Clinic
Marvin Covey, PA
Lindsey A. Fleshman, DO
Melissa A. Lough, FNP-C
Daniel A. Neumann, MD
Rong Yang, MD
520 S. Seventh St.
Vincennes, IN
Huntingburg Surgery Center
Charles Tollett Jr., MD
407 E. 22nd St.
Huntingburg, IN
812-683-6339 One Train Depot St., Washington, IN

2019 Healthcare Directory
Jasper Surgical Associates Memorial Audiology Services HOSPICE
Marcus Kurucz, MD 721 W. 13th St., Suite 325B Good Samaritan Hospice
Donald Vennekotter, MD Jasper, IN Kelsey Cummins, NP-C
721 W. 13th St., Suite 220 812-996-0227 Patricia B. Ochs, NP-C
Jasper, IN Miracle Ear 601 S. Ninth St.
812-482-4494 1801 S. State Road 57, Ste. 200 Vincennes, IN
Memorial Health Washington Washington, IN 812-885-8035
Specialty Clinic 2707 Washington Ave. Helping Hearts Hospice
600 S. SR 57 Vincennes, IN Daviess Community Hospital
Washington, IN 1090 Newton St. 1314 E. Walnut
812-674-4040 Jasper, IN Washington, IN
Memorial Hospital and Health 1-888-387-3068 812-254-2760
Care Center Memorial ENT Associates Heart to Heart Hospice
Bernard Kemker Jr., MD Ryan Phillips, MD 415 E. 6th St.
800 W. Ninth St. 721 W. 13th St., Suite 325 Jasper, IN
Jasper, IN Jasper, IN 812-482-2012
812-996-0188 812-996-5575 Kindred Hospice
Washington Surgical Richard Moss, MD 3745 N. Newton St., Ste. 150
Associates 721 W. 13th St., Suite 208 Jasper, IN
David B. Robinson, MD, FACS Jasper, IN 812-482-3322
Jack Rostas III, MD, MPH
311 N.E. 14th St.
812-634-6666 HOSPITALS
Washington, IN HOME HEALTH CARE Daviess Community Hospital
812-254-8856 Good Samaritan Home Care 1314 E. Walnut St.
413 N. First St. Washington, IN
GERIATRIC MEDICINE Vincennes, IN 812-254-2760
Memorial Internal Medicine 812-885-2767 Good Samaritan
Marc Campbell, MD 520 S. Seventh St.
Guardian Angel
Frank Hopkins, MD Vincennes, IN
11617 E. State Road 67
751 W. Ninth St. 812-882-5220
Bicknell, IN
Jasper, IN Memorial Hospital and Health
812-482-7474 Care Center
Help At Home LLC
GYNECOLOGY 328 N. 2nd St. 800 W. Ninth St.
Jasper Obstetrics and Vincennes, IN Jasper, IN
Gynecology 812-886-5350 812-996-2345
Steven Hopf, MD Helping Hands of Martin HOSPITALIST
Farah Snyder, MD County PROGRAMS
613 Dorbett St. 211 Cedar St., Apt. 13
Jasper, IN Memorial Hospital and Health
Loogootee, IN Care Center
812-481-2229 812-295-6598 Carlos Garrido, MD
HEARING CARE Home Sweet Home Care Joseph El-Houjairy, MD
Robert Ehrhard, DDS, MD 2735 Washington Ave. Terri Hamilton, NP
Amy Reising, NP Vincennes, IN Eric Hartman, MD
251 S. Truman Road 1-877-281-5777 Michael Johns, MD
Jasper, IN Memorial Home Care Maggie Schnarr, ACNP
812-634-6700 800 W. Ninth St. Nicholas Werne, MD
Hometown Hearing Jasper, IN 800 W. Ninth St.
Karin Schmidt, BC-HIS 812-996-8400 Jasper, IN
2003 Hart St. Preferred Home Health Care 812-996-2345
Vincennes, IN 812-254-0063 Daviess Community Hospital
812-882-2075 Suresh Lohano, MD, FACP, FAAP
420 S. Highway 57 Jessica Campagna, DO
Washington, IN Lana Bridgham, PA-C
812-674-2334 1805 S. SR 57
Washington, IN

2019 Healthcare Directory
INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE MCV Internal Medicine Medical Arts Building
Memorial Health Employer Gerry M. Hippensteel, MD Charles E. Hendrix Jr., MD
Services Andrea M. Miller, NP-C Cathy Mouzin, NP-C
Daniel Hedinger, NP 406 N. First St. 700 Willow St., Suite 202
695 W. Second St., Suite 1A Vincennes, IN Vincennes, IN
Jasper, IN 812-882-4694 812-885-0520
812-996-5750 Good Samaritan Internal Memorial Health First Avenue
Medicine Clinic Darin Thomas, MD
INTERNAL MEDICINE Robert B. Avena, MD 1025 First Ave. W.
DCH Health Pavilion Felicitas Z. Gatchalian, MD Jasper, IN
Suresh Lohano, MD, FACP, FAAP 514 S. Ninth St. 812-996-8460
1805 S. SR 57 Vincennes, IN Memorial Hospital -
Washington, IN 812-885-6990 Consultative Services
812-257-7566 Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Evan Hurst, MD
DCH Primary Care Clinic Center 800 W. Ninth St.
Kiran Burla, MD, FACP, FAAP Alan D. Stewart, MD Jasper, IN
1401 Memorial Ave., Suite C 520 S. Seventh St. 812-630-8660
Washington, IN Vincennes, IN
812-254-2872 812-885-3601
MCV Internal Medicine Jasper Primary Care Physicians
Reynaldo A. Carandang, MD Dean Beckman, MD
406 N First St. 1950 St. Charles St., Suite 4
Vincennes, IN Jasper, IN
812-885-0881 812-482-9555

1764 Troy Road

P.O. Box 654
Washington, Indiana 47501

“You’ll Love Living

at The Legends”
Locally Owned and Operated

Enjoy resort style living at

The Legends Village the
area’s lowest rates for assisted
living. Larger apartments —
better service — lower rates
--- a win win for everyone.

2019 Healthcare Directory
Memorial Internal Medicine Jasper Primary Care Physicians LONG-TERM CARE
Marc Campbell, MD 1950 St. Charles St. Merlin K. Coulter, MD
Frank Hopkins, MD Jasper, IN 1314 E. Walnut St.
Joseph Munning, MD 812-482-9555 Washington, IN
Shawn Valuch, PA Memorial Health Employer 812-254-2760
751 W. Ninth St. Services
Jasper, IN 695 W. Second St. MAMMOGRAPHY/
812-482-7474 Jasper, IN BREAST MRI
Martha Yearsley, MD 812-996-5750 Memorial Hospital Women’s
1005 Dorbett St. Memorial Health Washington Center
Jasper, IN 600 S. SR 57 800 W. Ninth St.
812-482-5700 Washington, IN Jasper, IN
LAB & X-RAY SERVICES 812-674-4040
Memorial Hospital and Health Good Samaritan Breast Care
Country Health Center Center
5066 N. 900 E. Care Center
800 W. Ninth St. 520 S. Seventh St.
Montgomery, IN Vincennes, IN
812-486-3396 Jasper, IN
812-996-2345 812-885-3627
Good Samaritan Laboratory
520 S. Seventh St. Memorial Urgent Care Center NEPHROLOGY
Vincennes, IN 507 E. 19th St. DCH Medical Clinic
812-882-5220 Huntingburg, IN Vijay Bhasin, MD
812-683-4717 1402 Grand Ave.
Washington, IN

Guardian Angel Home Health Care, Inc.

“Your Care is Our Business”

Guardian Angel Personal Services, Inc.

“We Fill the GAPS”

2019 Healthcare Directory
Diabetes Management and Freelandville Community Home Washington Nursing Center
Nutrition Clinic 310 W. Carlisle St. 603 E. National Highway
Richard D’Mello, MD Freelandville, IN Washington, IN
721 W. 13th St., Suite 102 912-328-2134 812-254-5117
Jasper, IN Fox Ridge Manor Willow Manor Nursing & Rehab
812-996-7388 160 Fox Ridge Drive 3801 Old Bruceville Road
Medical Arts Building Vincennes, IN Vincennes, IN
Deanna Fields, ACNP 812-895-1000 812-882-1783
Rafael Lao II, MD Gentle Care, Inc. OBSTETRICS/
700 Willow St. 1202 S. 16th St.
Vincennes, IN
812-886-4983 812-882-8292 Shalin E. Arnett, DO
700 Willow St., Suite 201
NEUROLOGY Golden Living
Vincennes, IN
Henry J. Matick, DO 309 W. Pike Ave.
621 S. Seventh St. Petersburg, IN
812-354-8833 Dustin Blackwell, DO
Vincennes, IN 700 Willow St., Suite 203
812-886-6608 Hillside Manor
Vincennes, IN
Memorial Neurology 1109 E. National Highway
Emily Klein, FNP-C Washington, IN
812-254-7159 Country Health Center
Naghma Mufti, MD 5066 N. 900 E.
Tiffany Murrell, NP The Legends
Montgomery, IN
Kristi Nord, MD  1764 Troy Road
440 Scott Rolen Drive Washington, IN
812-254-9500 Heartland OB/GYN
Jasper, IN
Dennis Atienza, DO, FACOG
812-996-5781 Lodge of the Wabash
Jonathan Frances, DO
John Pidgeon, MD 723 Ramsey Road
Tera Knepp, FNP-C
520 S. Seventh St. Vincennes, IN
1401 Memorial Ave., Suite B
Vincennes, IN 812-882-8787
Washington, IN
812-882-5220 Loogootee Health & Rehab 812-254-2400
313 Poplar St.
NURSING/ Loogootee, IN
Jasper Obstetrics and
Aperion Care Bridgeport Scott Beckman, MD
Loogootee Nursing Center Megan Isaacs, MD
900 E. Corporation St. Highway 50 W.
Bridgeport, IL Jennifer Lueken, MD
Loogootee, IN Kristin Werne, MD
618-945-2091 812-295-2101 613 Dorbett St.
Bertha D. Garten Ketcham Oak Village Healthcare Jasper, IN
Memorial Center 200 W. Fourth St. 812-481-2229
601 E. Race St. Oaktown, IN
Odon, IN William K. Mayfield, MD
812-745-2360 625 S. Seventh St.
812-636-4920 Parkview Village Vincennes, IN
Bridgepointe Health Campus 800 S. West St. 812-885-0041
1900 College Ave. Odon, IN
Vincennes, IN Thomas P. O’Rourke, MD
812-886-9870 Lindsey VanSchoyck, NP-C
Prairie Village Nursing & Rehab 328 N. Second St., Suite 203
Colonial Assisted Living 801 S. State Road 57 Vincennes, IN
Community Washington, IN 812-882-1000
1622 S. Hart St. Road 812-254-4516
Vincennes, IN United Methodist Village OCULOPLASTIC SURGERY
812-895-1504 1616 Cedar St. Flannagan Plastic Surgery
Eastgate Manor Lawrenceville, IL Kathleen Flannagan, MD
2119 E. National Hwy. 618-943-3347 2005 Saint Charles St., Suite 4
Washington, IN Villages at Oak Ridge Jasper, IN
812-254-3301 1694 Troy Road 812-634-6600
Washington, IN

2019 Healthcare Directory
ONCOLOGY/ Eyeworks Kizior & Young Orthodontics
HEMATOLOGY J.W. DeCoursey, OD John Kizior, DDS
Good Samaritan Cancer Rhett Baker, OD Derrick Young, DDS
Pavilion Eli B. Hendrix IV, OD 2005 St. Charles St., Suite 3
Trista Armes, NP-C J. Scott Hendrix, OD Jasper, IN
Amy Ethridge, FNP Dr. Ryan Kluemper 812-634-2040
Cassandra Lacher, DO Dr. Isaac Schunk 100 N. Louis Koch Blvd., Suite 300
Mark W. Stutz, MD 109 Cherry Tree Plaza Santa Claus, IN
520 S. Seventh St. Washington, IN 812-634-2040
Vincennes, IN 812-254-1600 201 E. Broadway St.
812-886-6565 203 Main St. Loogootee, IN
Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center Vincennes, IN 812-634-2040
Karim Anwar, MD 812-882-0990 2325 Main St.
Charlotte Stephenson, FNP-C Stephen R. Gregory, OD Ferdinand, IN
Dena Kamman-Rasche, NP Valley Optical 812-634-2040
800 W. Ninth St. 400 E. National Highway
Jasper, IN
812-254-1276 DCH CORE Center
Richard E. Hale, OD Marcus Thorne, MD, FAAOS
The Lohano Center for Andrew Houchins, PA-C
Advanced Medicine Family Eyecare
106 E. Main St. Allison Krieger, FNP
Thomas Waits, MD 421 E. Van Trees St.
1314 E. Walnut St. Washington, IN
812-254-1190 Washington, IN
Washington, IN 812-254-2663
812-254-8892 Insight of the Wabash
Cheryl McCormick Dr. Daniel C. Eby Orthopedic
Memorial Health Washington Surgery & Sports Medicine
Specialty Clinic 120 Main St.
Vincennes, IN Paul Alley, MD
600 South SR 57 Christopher Dilger, PA
Washington, IN 812-255-4809
Daniel Eby, DO, FAOAO
812-674-4040 Quick Vision
600 W. 13th St., Suite 200
Dr. Jericho Quick, O.D.
OPHTHALMOLOGY 1813 Willow St., Suite 2A
Jasper, IN
DCH Specialty Clinic 812-482-7441
Vincennes, IN
Wagih Satar, MD 812-255-0559 Memorial Health Washington
800-599-9590 Specialty Clinic
Vincennes Ocular Center
Southern Indiana Eye 600 S. SR 57
Bradley Keller
Associates Washington, IN
Vincennes, IN
Judith Englert, MD 812-674-4040
1950 St. Charles St., Suite 1 Norris, Blessinger &
Walmart Vision Center
Jasper, IN Woebkenberg Orthopaedics
1801 S. State Road 57
812-482-6424 & Spine
Washington, IN
Brian Blessinger, MD
OPTOMETRY 812-254-6894
Kelsey Jansen, PA
Adams Family Eye Care, PC ORAL/MAXILLOFACIAL Jarred Lampert, PA-C
1703 State St. SURGERY Randall Norris, MD
Lawrenceville, IL Monesmith & Wood Kelsey Vonderheide, PA
618-943-6400 Matthew Monesmith, DDS William Walker, NP
Clear Image Eye Center Kyley Wood, DDS Brian Woebkenberg, MD
Stephanie Day-Keller, OD 2005 Saint Charles St., Suite 2 1950 St. Charles St.
1209 S. State Road 57 Jasper, IN Jasper, IN
Washington, IN 812-482-2280 812-634-1211
812-254-0990 611 Dubois St. Quest Orthopedics
Joseph Dale Vincennes, IN Terry D. Fenwick, MD
610 W. 11th St. 812-882-8888 2121 Willow St.
Bicknell, IN Vincennes, IN
812-735-4834 ORTHODONTICS 812-882-6637
Lana Helms, DDS, MSD, PC
2116 State St.
Washington, IN

2019 Healthcare Directory
Vincennes Orthopedics at Good DCH Specialty Clinic PAIN MANAGEMENT
Samaritan Richard Moss, MD Commonwealth Pain and Spine
David D. Miller, DO 1314 E. Walnut St. Joseph Folz, DO
Molly A. Weiss, MD Washington, IN James Jackson, MD
Greg M. Whitsett, MD 812-634-6666 Nicolaus Winters, MD
520 S. Seventh St. Young S. Paik, MD 1025 First Ave.
Vincennes, IN Ryan C. Palmer, DO Jasper, IN
812-882-6972 1020 Professional Blvd. 812-476-7111
OTOLARYNGOLOGY Evansville, IN Commonwealth Pain and Spine
812-473-2060 Nicolaus D. Winters, MD
Robert Ehrhard, DDS, MD
Amy Reising, NP OUTPATIENT SURGERY Stephen K. Young, MD
251 S. Truman Road CENTER 520 S. Seventh St.
Jasper, IN Vincennes, IN
Memorial Outpatient Surgery
812-634-6700 812-316-0327
Sarah B. Jacob, MD St. Thomas Medical Center PATHOLOGY
607 Dubois St. 600 W. 13th St., Suite 100 Daviess Community Hospital
Vincennes, IN Jasper, IN Gregory Brown, MD
812-886-3460 812-996-5800 1314 E. Walnut St.
Memorial ENT Associates Washington, IN
Ryan Phillips, MD 812-254-2760
721 W. 13th St., Suite 325
Jasper, IN

2019 Healthcare Directory
Memorial Hospital and Health DCH Primary Care Clinic Jasper Primary Care Physicians
Care Center Kiran Burla, MD, FACP, FAAP Dean Beckman, MD
Daniel Weaver, MD, PhD Jessica Kavanaugh, FNP-C 1950 St. Charles St., Suite 4
800 W. Ninth St. Washington, IN Jasper, IN
Jasper, IN 812-254-2872 812-482-9555
812-996-0262 DCH Medical Clinic MCV Pediatrics
PEDIATRICS Trisha Garrett, DO Amber Neeley, NP-C
Susan Kraft, DNP, NP-C, COHN, Heather R. Nichols, MD
Country Health Center
CME Jerick C. Pacheco, MD
5066 N. 900 E.
812-254-6696 Noel O. Suanes, MD
Montgomery, IN
Grand Avenue Pediatrics 528 N. First St.
Amy Waggner, MSN,FNP-C Vincennes, IN
Daviess-Martin Medical Clinic 812-882-4434
Allyson Mudd, MSN, FNP-C
David Nibel, MD
1400 Grand Ave. North Daviess Medical Clinic
Daniell Summers, FNP-C
Washington, IN Bryan Porter, MD
12546 E. US Hwy. 50
812-257-0383 Mendy Mullis, PA-C
Loogootee, IN
Jasper Pediatrics of Memorial 202 N. West St.
Hospital Odon, IN
DCH Health Pavilion 812-636-7300
Douglas Bies, MD
Suresh Lohano, MD, FACP, FAAP
Yvonne Rominger, NP Martha Yearsley, MD
Lindsey Sell, PA-C, ATC
Michael Ruff, MD 1005 Dorbett St.
Erin Collison, FNP-C
Lindsey Taylor, MD Jasper, IN
1805 S. SR 57
Kathirene Wilcoxen, MD 812-482-5700
Washington, IN
721 W. 13th St., Suite 321
Jasper, IN

2019 Healthcare Directory
PHYSICAL, SPEECH, Inpatient Rehab Center Memorial Hospital
OCCUPATIONAL 800 W. Ninth St. Rehabilitation Services
THERAPY Jasper, IN 695 W. Second St., Ste. D
812-996-7330 Jasper, IN
Good Samaritan Physical 812-996-0682
Medicine Bertha D. Garten Ketcham
520 S. Seventh St. Memorial Center (Outpatient Pro-Rehab
Vincennes, IN PT/OT) 75 Industrial Park Road, Ste. D
812-885-8563 601 E. Race St. Ferdinand, IN
Odon, IN 812- 998-2104
Harvest Health & Rehab 812-636-4920
1 Loogootee Plaza 2121 Willow St.
Loogootee, IN Medical Center of Vincennes Vincennes, IN
Physical Therapy Clinic 812-882-1141
800 S. West St. 406 N. First St.
Odon, IN (inside Parkview) Vincennes Orthopedics
Vincennes, IN Therapy Clinic
812-709-3286 812-885-8005 520 S. Seventh St.
Inpatient Rehab Center Memorial Hospital Vincennes, IN
Good Samaritan Gary Corby, MD 812-885-2374
Rehabilitation Center 800 W. Ninth St.
520 S. Seventh St. Jasper, IN
Vincennes, IN 812-996-7330 Flannagan Plastic Surgery
812-885-3601 Ryan Flannagan, MD
2005 Saint Charles St., Suite 4
Jasper, IN

2019 Healthcare Directory

Because feeling better can’t wait.

My Health Live, a new virtual video service through

MyChart, allows patients to be seen virtually by a
nurse practitioner for acute illnesses typically seen
at the Convenient Care Clinic.

Common illnesses that can be cared for

through My Health Live are:
• Vomiting, diarrhea • Sore throat, colds,
and nausea flu and fever
• Insect bites

To learn more about My Health Live or to schedule a

virtual appointment, visit

Compassionate, quality care from our family to yours.

2019 Healthcare Directory
Country Health Center Kara Glendening, MSW, LCSW, MEDICINE
5066 N. 900 E. CCFI Anand Bhuptani, MD
Montgomery, IN Jessica Miller, MSW, LCSW 1314 E. Walnut St.
812-486-3396 Nikki Nale, MSW, LCSW Washington, IN
DCH Specialty Clinic Heather Nicholson, PMHNP-BC 812-234-6053
Kevin Powers, DPM Vicki Painter, MSW, LCSW
Kelly Shelton, MSW, LCSW Pulmonology Clinic
Tracy Lee, DPM Sohail Qadir, MD
1314 E. Walnut St. Olivia Taylor, PMHNP-BC
Vishal Viswambharan, MD, MS Ethan Merkel, NP
Washington, IN Shawn Valuch, PA
812-333-4422 721 W. 13th St., Suite 121
Jasper, IN 721 W. 13th St., Suite 221
Family Foot & Ankle Care of 812-996-5780 Jasper, IN
Jasper, PC 812-996-0564
Timothy Barry, DPM Samaritan Center
695 W. Second St., Suite C
Jasper, IN 121 Buntin St. Good Samaritan Radiation
812-481-7200 Vincennes, IN Oncology
812-885-2718 Brian J. Gebhardt, MD
Good Samaritan Podiatry
Samaritan Center 520 S. Seventh St.
Derek A. Besing, DPM
Emma R. Engel, PCNS Vincennes, IN
Jason R. Bickel, DPM
Molly A. Wasson, FNP-C 812-886-3939
Austin R. Muranaka, DPM
202 Broadway St. 1901 Willow St. RADIOLOGY
Vincennes, IN Vincennes, IN Good Samaritan Radiology
812-882-3312 812-885-2720 520 S. Seventh St.
Indiana Foot & Ankle Samaritan Center Vincennes, IN
Travis Hubbuch, DPM James Pfleging, PMHNP-BC 812-882-5220
Chad Michael Nunamaker, DPM Lucas Pittman, FNP-C Memorial Hospital and Health
Andrew Rader, DPM 2007 State St. Care Center
Darin Serletic, DPM Washington, IN Lokender Bommisetty, MD
695 W. Second St., Suite C 812-254-1558 Jonathan Day, MD
Jasper, IN Samaritan Center Amy Wigand, MD
812-481-7200 Sharon A. Arnold, PMHNP-BC Michael Wohlberg, MD
Memorial Health Washington Amy Dunbar, FNP 800 W. Ninth St.
Specialty Clinic Joshua A. Eagleson, APN Jasper, IN
600 S. SR 57 Allie Thomas-Fannin, MD 812-996-2345
515 Bayou St.
Washington, IN
812-674-4040 CENTER
PSYCHIATRY Samaritan Center Daviess Community Hospital
Mohamed Abdelhameed,MD, MA Michael L. Cantwell, MD 1314 E. Walnut St.
Linda Callaghan, MD 520 S. Seventh St. Washington, IN
Tracy Woodward, MD Vincennes, IN 812-254-2780
1314 E. Walnut St. 812-885-3292 Good Samaritan Rehabilitation
Washington, IN Center
Dayson Heart Center Vincennes, IN
Behavior Health Johnathan R. Grant, DO
Linda Hungerford, MD 812-885-3601
520 S. Seventh St.
Lawrence County Health Dept. Loogootee Family Medicine
Vincennes, IN
11020 State Route 250 (PT/OT)
Lawrenceville, IL 105 Cooper St.
618-943-3754 Dayson Heart Center Loogootee, IN
Tracy Kerzan, NP-C 812-996-0682
520 S. Seventh St.
Memorial Health Washington
Vincennes, IN
600 S. SR 57
Washington, IN

2019 Healthcare Directory
Memorial Hospital THORACIC Zip Med Urgent Care
Gary Corby, MD CARDIOVASCULAR 104 Wood St.
800 W. Ninth St. SURGERY Loogootee, IN
Jasper, IN 812-295-2955
812-996-7330 Dayson Heart Center
Elizabeth M. Ashworth, MD UROLOGY
Memorial Hospital 520 S. Seventh St. DCH Medical Clinic
Rehabilitation Services Vincennes, IN Michael Gallentine, MD
695 W. Second St., Suite D
812-885-8721 1402 Grand Ave.
Jasper, IN
Dayson Heart Center Washington, IN
Stephanie Lowrance, NP 812-473-1111
RESPIRATORY 520 S. Seventh St. Good Samaritan Urology
Memorial Hospital and Health Vincennes, IN Elaine L. Burcham, FNP-C
Care Center 812-885-3243 Bart J. DeBrock, MD
800 W. Ninth St. Theresa Hutchison, NP-C
Jasper, IN TRANSPORTATION Cassandra Memering, NP-C
812-996-2345 D&S Ambulance William R. Vaughn, MD
604 Upper 11th 200 S. Sixth St.
RHEUMATOLOGY Vincennes, IN Vincennes, IN
DCH Specialty Clinic 812-886-8157 812-882-4320
William Rusche, MD Knox County EMS Memorial Health Washington
1314 E. Walnut St. 906 N. 10th St. Specialty Clinic
Washington, IN Vincennes, IN 600 S. SR 57
812-825-6006 812-882-7757 Washington, IN
SKIN CARE Rides Solutions 812-674-4040
Good Samaritan Skin Spa 1001 E. Main St. Memorial Hospital and Health
Andrea L. Miller, NP-C Washington, IN Care Center
406 N. First St. 812-254-3225 Douglas Foertsch, MD
Vincennes, IN Senior & Family Services 800 W. Ninth St.
812-895-2456 211 E. Main St. Jasper, IN
Washington, IN 812-996-0188
SLEEP MEDICINE & LAB 812-254-1881 Memorial Urology Associates
Good Samaritan Sleep YMCA Van-Go Christy Breitweiser, NP-C
Disorders Center 2009 President Ave. Kristopher Gunn, MD
520 S. Seventh St. Vincennes, IN St. Thomas Medical Center
Vincennes, IN 812-886-3381 600 W. 13th St.
812-885-3988 Jasper, IN
Siddharth B. Jani, MD URGENT CARE
520 S. Seventh St. DCH Quick Care Clinic
Vincennes, IN Debra Ramsey, FNP WEIGHT LOSS
812-885-6860 Tammy Twitty FNP Good Samaritan Weight Loss Clinic
Memorial Hospital Sleep Kathalene Keller, FNP 406 N. First St.
Center Lauren Cardinal, PA-C Vincennes, IN
721 W. 13th St., Suite 202 1805 S. SR 57 812-882-4694
Washington, IN
Jasper, IN
812-254-QUIK (7845) WOUND CARE
812-996-2186 Good Samaritan Center for
Memorial Urgent Care Center
SPINE SPECIALIST Linda Benedict, NP Wound Healing
Norris, Blessinger & Lisa Letterman, PA 520 S. Seventh St.
Woebkenberg Orthopaedics Gregory Pfister, MD Vincennes, IN
& Spine Samantha Spellmeyer, NP 812-885-6780
Brian Blessinger, MD Tammy Ziegler, NP Memorial Wound Care
1950 St. Charles St. 507 E. 19th St. 507 E. 19th St.
Jasper, IN Huntingburg, IN Huntingburg, IN
812-634-1211 812-683-4717 812-683-1891
Zip Med Urgent Care DCH Wound Care Center
695 Third Ave. 1314 E. Walnut St.
Jasper, IN Washington, IN
812-634-6824 812-254-6824

2019 Healthcare Directory

Dr. K
Dr. Kenneth Troutman, DDS
Dr. Kenneth Troutman, DDS
Dr. Kenneth Troutman, DDS
Dr. Haviland Watkins, DMD Dr. H
Dr. Haviland Watkins, DMD
Dr. Haviland Watkins, DMD

Dr. Kenneth Troutman, DDS

Dr. Kenneth Troutman, DDS Dr. Haviland Watkins, DMD

Dr. Haviland Watkins, DMD is now accepting new patients
offers allWatkins,
general DMD is now
dentistry accepting
services new patients
(extractions, root
Dr. Haviland
and allWatkins,
canals, dental Watkins,
DMD isisgeneral
and now
now accepting
services new
new patients
restorative proce-root
and offers
canals, all general
all generaldentistry
implants, dentistry
and general services (extractions,
services proce-
(extractions, root
canals, dental implants, and general restorative proce-
dental implants, and general restorative procedures).
Dr. Watkins is a network provider for both Delta Dental and
HRIWatkins is a network
Dental Health Optionsprovider
insurance for both
plansDelta Dental and
HRI Watkins
All other is
is aa network
Health Options
insurance provider
provider for
for both
insurance plans
plans accepted Delta
Delta Dental
Dental and
HRI Dental
All Health plans
Options insurance plans
HRIother insurance
Dental Health Options accepted
insurance plans.
All other insurance plans accepted
202 E. 17th Street, 11 E Main Street,
Dr. Haviland
E. 17th Street, Watkins, E MainDMD
11 Washington Street,is no
202 E. 17th
Huntingburg Street, 11 E Main Street,
and offers all general
812-683-2006 Washington
Dr. Haviland Watkins, DMD is now812-254-7922
Huntingburg dentistry
accepting new patients
and offers all general dentistry services (extractions, root
812-683-2006 dental implants, 812-254-7922
canals, dental implants, and general
, DMD is now accepting
new patients and gen
restorative proce-
al dentistry services (extractions, root
2019 Healthcare Directory

yet so close to home.

With an expansive network of 31 specialties, our

highly qualified providers are there for you when
you need them. From vascular/thoracic surgery
to family practice, Good Samaritan brings the
region’s best health care to southwestern Indiana
and southeastern Illinois. Why go anywhere else?


• Anesthesiology • Obstetrics & Gynecology

• Cardiology • Oncology
• Dermatology • Opthalmology
• Diabetology • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
• Diagnostic Radiology • Orthopedic Surgery
• Ear, Nose & Throat • Pathology
• Emergency Medicine • Pediatrics
• Family Practice • Podiatry
• Gastroenterology • Psychiatry
• General Surgery • Pulmonology
• Hematology • Radiation Oncology
• Hospitalist • Sports Medicine
• Infectious Disease • Sleep Medicine
• Internal Medicine • Urology
• Nephrology • Vascular & Thoracic Surgery
• Neurology | 812-885-8500
28 Physician Network