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“A One-Legged Man with a Heart of a Warrior”

Adopt a Role Model Project


What makes a man worthy to be a role model? Do you gauge it by how many diplomas

he has or how many awards he has received or how many accomplishments he has achieved?

I believe that each person has many role models they look up to throughout their lives. As

a person grows up it changes her perspective and standards which also brings about a change of

an exemplar. I, for example, can count a number of people who I idolized growing up.

When I was a little girl, I revered my dad like most little girls do. I thought highly of him

and followed him everywhere. I would get sick whenever he is away and get better only when he

comes home. I was a typical daddy’s little girl. As I was growing up, I also met other people who

caught my interest and admiration like teachers, celebrities, and other famous people.

Nevertheless, comparing all of them, no one inspires me more than my dad.


Dominador Tolentino Pascua was born in Candon, Ilocos Sur on July 19, 1948 and is the

only boy among five children of a businessman and a grade school teacher. He was a college

drop- out when he fell in love with a young beautiful girl Erlinda Galutan and got married on

May 10, 1972. They have five children: four girls and one boy. Life was not easy for them as

they both did not finish school but they made sure they always have good meal on their table. He

tried almost any kind of work. He went to Saudi Arabia and worked as a janitor in Saudia. When

he came back to the Philippines, he put up a sari-sari store to have additional income and worked

as a farmer, as tricycle driver and many others. Because of the increasing financial needs of the

family, he kept thinking of ways to improve their living. And because he was a good cook, he

decided to start a canteen in their house using their own utensils and with only his wife to help

him out. Then with the help of God’s grace, his eatery was able to send his children to school

and support his family’s needs just enough.

In 2006, a life-changing event happened which shook the life of his family. He had a

motorcycle accident and has suffered several injuries. He is diabetic and because of wrongful

medical attendance, he had an infection which caused the need to amputate his leg. He was

He will not sell out his principles no matter what. He found strength in is family to go on with his life. My father does all of these things for me because of his unconditional love for his family. he works hard every day just to send me to law school. Respect. honor and integrity mean a lot to him. Pride and dignity should not be sacrificed just to make a quick buck. he started to pick himself up. judges. respecting and caring for each other. And even now that my siblings have their own families we are still very close and we can always count on one another. After his recovery. Despite his disability. We did not have much growing up but he never made us feel that something is lacking. It is anything that makes you be a better you. CONCLUSION So what makes a man worthy of being a role model? It is the imprint he leaves in your life. a role model is someone who inspires you to dream and gives you the will to make it come true. The ordeals in life and how you face it is what tests the true character of a person. educated people but they respect and admire him because he is intelligent and though he does not have a degree. The food he serves on our table no matter how simple is always a feast for us because we eat together as a family. All hardships that come we face as a family.hospitalized for almost a month and wreaked havoc on their finances. He did not want to be a burden to his family and made sure that his disability will not hinder him from living his life. WHY IS HE MY ROLE MODEL? For me. accountants. makes you a better you. He gave great importance to family and made sure that we grow up loving. He taught his children the importance of giving due regard to others. He taught us the importance of happiness in simple things. But he never lost hope. He supports you and pushes you up when you are down. . It is the inspiration and teachings he gives you. It is the bigness of his heart and vastness of wisdom he so willingly shared with you. Having strong convictions and the courage to fight if he is right is one of his strong points. he was able to give all his 5 children quality education without sacrificing his integrity. He is a one-legged man with a heart of a warrior. His friends are doctors.