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The Most Comprehensive Software Available for Behavioral Research

What is E-Prime®? What’s new for 2.0?
E-Prime is a suite of applications used to design, generate, • Enhanced graphical interface
and run computerized behavioral experiments. Build your own
experiments using E-Prime’s graphical interface. Collect, edit • Ability to play digital movies as stimuli (MPEG, AVI, WMV)
and analyze data – all within a few hours! Present stimuli and • Copy & paste objects between experiments
collect responses with millisecond precision.
• Digital recording of participant vocalizations
• Increased display speed for bitmap transfers
• Support for additional image formats
• Improved options for network or ghosting installations
• Support for presentation of stimuli on multiple video
• Display stimuli on any attached monitor
Make the Right Choice with
• Improved audio support
E-Prime® Professional
• Support for UNICODE and international fonts
Extends E-Prime® 2.0 to offer
enhanced capabilities for more
• Support for new devices (Joystick, Parallel Port Device,
sophisticated designs
Network Socket Device)
E-Prime® 2.0 Professional builds upon
the new features included in E-Prime® 2.0 • Expanded support for larger scripts
to offer enhanced capabilities: • Improved documentation and indexing of online Help
• Present stimuli on multiple monitors • A comprehensive scripting language
simultaneously • Professional version with additional capabilities
• Play multiple movies simultaneously
• Improved productivity tools to test and
debug (AutoAnswer, Experiment
Advisor scripting aides) NOW AVAIL ABLE!
• Set experiment-wide object properties E-Prime® 2.0 Release Candidate and
and defaults
E-Prime® 2.0 Professional Release Candidate
• Multiple correct answers
To obtain your quote contact us at
• Create custom libraries of shared
functions through package files
• Network concurrent licenses

What are the minimum and recommended Single Licensing Options: machine requirements for E-Prime®? E-Prime 2.0 if I currently have serial number must be provided at the time of purchase.0 format (.0? Yes.0 Professional $995 Minimum Recommended E-Prime 2.es2). A valid E-Prime® Can I install E-Prime® so that you can continue to access the original in E-Prime 1.x.0 can be on the system at the same time. Experiments created or upgraded to E-Prime 2.x experiments be compatible with E-Prime® 2. Most E-Prime 1.0.0 $495 • CD-ROM E-Prime 1. without notice.x will have the . Prices are subject to change E-Prime Device Drivers separately. whereas experiments created in E-Prime 1. Experiment files can be upgraded from E-Prime 1.es2) it will no longer be accessible in E-Prime 1. When converting experiments.0 (.) concurrent seat.0 will support what is known as a “side-by-side” installation where both E-Prime 1. Windows ® Vista requires installing the the cost of shipping and handling.x/2.0 without error or significant modifications.0 Professional $595 • USB Port Multi-Pack to Network License Contact us -Serial Port or Compatible USB to Serial Converter is required for use Site License to Network License for a quote with the PST Serial Response Box -Dual/Quad Core CPU system recommended for time critical movie stimulus paradigms.x system.0 Run-Time License $125 • 1 Ghz Pentium Processor • 2 Ghz Pentium Processor • 512 MB RAM or higher Network Licensing Options: • PCI Direct X video card • 1 GB RAM or higher Network License $796 per with 32 MB RAM • 8X AGP or PCI Express (10 seat min. Will E-Prime® 1. but once converted to the E-Prime 2.0 will have the file extension . Yes.x installed? key is also required for installation. • PCI Direct X sound card Direct X video card with • CD-ROM 128 MB RAM or higher • USB Port • Sound Blaster Audigy Upgrades:* Direct X sound card E-Prime 1.0 will copy your original E-Prime 1.x (. E-Prime 2. What operating systems support E-Prime®? E-Prime is compatible with Microsoft© Windows® XP/Vista® How much does E-Prime® cost? -E-Prime Device Drivers are not supported for Windows ® XP 64 and The listed prices are provided in US funds and do not include Windows ® Vista 64 at this time.0 to E-Prime 2. An E-Prime license E-Prime® Once an experiment is upgraded into E-Prime 2.x to E-Prime file extension.es2. E-Prime 2.x to E-Prime 2. EPRIMEMAR09 .x experiments will upgrade into E-Prime 2.0 $795 E-Prime 2. the experiments cannot be accessed through the E-Prime 1.x file (. *Requires previous purchase of a full E-Prime® system.x and E-Prime 2.