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(Former Member Secretary & Chairman, ICHR)

I took charge of the Member Secretary of Indian History Council (meaning
ICHR-author) in 1990. Though I was member of various committees from
1973, the year of inception of the Council, I became its permanent member
only in 1988. I took up the post of Member Secretary under the persistence
of the Chairman, Dr. Irfan Habib. Those were the days of high turbulence
due to the Ram Janambhumi-Babri Mazjid dispute. Politicians made forceful
attempts to reap undue benefits from the issue. Being Member Secretary, I
was privy to all documents including the secret ones about this vexatious
problem. Also, I had the opportunity to examine them.

In an article sent to the ‘Mathrubhumi’ weekly, three weeks ahead of the
demolition, I wrote that all political parties have played their role in
worsening the RJ-BM issue. Probably, because the article was published
after demolition, the Communists propagated that my writing was meant to
justify the violence of Sangh Parivar. Their allegation became sharp and
credible all the more, when I was appointed as Chairman of ICHR by the
BJP regime. But they cleverly buried the fact I became Member Secretary of
ICHR under the Congress regime and at the insistence of the Communist
historian, Irfan Habib. They even forgot that me and Irfan Habib became
friends during my fight against the design of RSS to saffronize ICHR, which
was free from any sort of politics till then. I had not had any special hatred
towards RSS; but my position was that nobody should clandestinely increase
the number of members and capture ICHR. I feel that not only Babri Mazjid,
but no religious structure shall be demolished. I owe this explanation
because my narrations of the circumstances which led to the demolition were
thoroughly misinterpreted.

Babur, who was in India for just five years, fought three great wars including
that of Panipat, and led his army to Oudh (Ayodhya) in the fourth year. It
was not possible to construct such a big mosque within one year in those
days. Few pages pertaining to Babur’s expedition to Oudh and return to
Delhi has been destroyed by somebody from his autobiography. This
beautiful autobiography earned him the name ‘Prince of Autobiographers’.
Dr. B. B. Lal, encouraged by the then HRD minister Prof. Nurul Hasan, had


already conducted excavations at Ayodhya. But Ayodhya is a historical fact. Let RJB committee and BM committee exchange their records through their favorite historians and finally the PM. The idea failed because the Communist historians including Irfan Habib decided to side with BM committee. who want to repeat such conquests and destruction. In short. when he was the Prime Minister. Chandrasekhar. it is this spot where Ram was born. Ample evidence is available on 6th century BC and the existence of places like Magadh and Ayodhya. the demolition was a criminal act. I am not insisting that it should be at the same spot. Whatever be the dispute. We must understand that the 2 . I do not agree with Bajrang Dal. Since the faith in Ram was an established fact from the Gupta period. The problem became acute because the rulers did not tell the truth to the common man. because Muslims do not have any compulsion of place or time in constructing mosques while Hindus do have such faiths. Though there is no evidence to show that. But equally. It is also to be noted that during the period of Aurangzeb. This is a historical fact. The ruling dispensation failed to bring political. social and cultural leaders on a single platform to find out a solution. only a temple shall be constructed at the disputed area. The dimensions of these were same as that of the pillars (resembling temple pillars) of the mosque. and in the light of evidence confirming a temple beneath. I proposed two solutions in my articles written in Indian Express and Deshabhimani (CPM’s Malayalam Daily). There is no doubt that the mosque shall be somewhere in that area. the issue took an ugly turn thanks to the absence of statesmanship. The demolition brought drastic changes in the Indian mind. The compensation shall not eventually destroy the Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. there are enough historical evidences which prove that a man by name Ram lived in Ayodhya and ruled that Rajya. I mean construction of a grand mosque. the temples at Kashi and Mathura were seriously demolished and mosques were constructed in an overbearing manner. Shiv Sena or a few hardliners in RSS. And those responsible shall compensate for it. I disagree with Congressis and Communists who complicated the problem by suppressing historical facts and playing nasty political games. after examining all details will work out a formula – this was his suggestion. He found two rows of pillar- bases extending up to the foundation of the mosque. In today’s parlance Ramayan may be an epic. put forth a good idea for an amicable solution.

While chopping the hands in the name of blasphemy. If it is there. I was born and brought up in Muslim majority areas of Ponnani and Parappanangadi. it will be difficult for me. Muslims can easily be misinformed and provoked while Hindus will not be offended if someone talks whatever he wants about Rama or Krishna. Though the entire Muslim society is not involved in this. They were carried away by the propaganda of the Communists that I am a BJP man. But at least a few of them have become cold post 6th Dec. And those friendships continue till today. There are Muslim friends who became all the more close to me precisely for this reason. The ‘Malabar Riots’ broke out with a 3 . I do not think it will be possible today. At least a few of the mosques are under the control of militants. miscaal. we see the influence of Muslim League weakening with the ascent of the radical religious fervor imported from the Gulf Countries. Therefore Kerala did not. But Muslims are not so. League succeeded in blunting the communal thrust among Muslims. Educated people forcing purdah on women is a very recent phenomenon. they do not understand that they are doing a more condemnable act. This danger looms large whether from Madani or from a disguised SIMI. I think there should not be Mutts or Madrasas which teach only one religion.all were the results of this change of minds. Muslim League was a party which stood up for partition. I had several Muslim friends.. But then. The decline of all-religion schools and the increase of one-religion schools is a dangerous trend. to accept Muslims. when I am grown up. Earlier I had visited a number of mosques like muchunthi. ’92. If I study and mingle with only Hindu children. after independence they became a political party to take care of the welfare of their community. And RSS is not so much a strong force in Kerala. jamaat. There shall not be a situation in which Hindus do not know what Islam is and Muslims do not know what Hindu is. for my historical studies. it has to teach all religions. The friends of our childhood will always be our friends. generally witness any communal divide or violence. a section definitely is responsible. But.retaliatory violence by Muslims and the anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat . They were determined not to fall into the Communist trap. etc. Those who forgot the wounds of partition made a come back. They are even running a parallel economy. This ultimately is the disastrous result of the demolition. They get lots of money.

news that the British army demolished the mosque of Thirurangadi. Epigraphy experts Dr. of the various Governments to suppress this fact from the public. Leave alone RSS. Ramesh. V. the inscription showed that a Maha Vishnu temple was constructed at Saket (Ayodhya). Mohandas 4 . Will we believe? . Dr. The Communists slandered the RSS for fabricating this carving. by T. G. must understand that their backwardness was exploited. Several remnants of a temple-structure and idols were obtained from the debris of the demolished mosque as well as through excavations. either after demolition or on the ruins of that grand temple. while no such incident did happen. 2010. More than 180 inscriptions belonging to this dynasty have already been found in several places in India including Thanjavur (in Tamil Nadu). These are the grievous mistakes which aid and abet communal divide and violence in our country. by Govind Chandra of the Garhwal dynasty. (Prepared by Abdul Haqeem by interviewing the author) Free translation from the Mathrubhumi weekly. a very important stone carving which was sandwiched between two walls of the demolished building was also found. K. Sharma. the Muslim clerics issued a fatwa preventing learning of Malayalam and English! Muslims. et al were prevented by the then Government from deciphering and publishing the contents of this plaque.88. Anyone who has a preliminary knowledge of archeology will find that the mosque was constructed in the name of Babur in 16th century. dtd 10th October. It was a big fault. issue 31. even Communists or anyone else could not have fabricated these inscriptions which are in Sanskrit of that period with a distinct Garhwali style. Vol. In fact. which ruled Kanouj (old Kanyakubja) during the 12th century. at least now.In the 19th century. not unintentional. This might have been due to the fact that majority of Muslims were poor and illiterate at that time. Not only that. K. I.