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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
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Fertility Inn and Resort
by Cumfreak1952 (
All three of us were nervous, and yet excited at the
same time. Not being used to this sort of thing, we
were surprised at how many nude guests there, some
walking around, a few kissing and groping, and two
couples actually fucking out in the garden. There were
a couple of men I noticed that had extremely huge tools
on them, I noticed the girls noticing them as well, the
possibilities swirled through my head. (M+/F+, exh,
size, preg, voy, orgy)
It has been a horrible time in our lives, for me, and
my two daughters.
A year ago yesterday, I lost my husband due to a tragic
accident at work, and as a result, my two daughters
lost their father as well. Not only was he my husband,
he was my daughters' friend as well. It was amazing how
close they were with their father, a closeness not
normally seen by many families. I am not insinuating
any sexual activities between them and their father,
but, had it been happening, I don't think it would have
bothered me that much, for sex when it is right, it is
I am 42 years old, in excellent shape for my age. My
breasts do sag a little bit, but, for my age, the C
cups still stand rather good on their own. I have
narrow hips and nearly a teenage heart shaped butt,
which I have been told is my so called trademark. Being
5'3", 109 pounds, blonde and blue eyed with long
athletic legs also adds to my package.
My daughters are stunning girls, Becky, 19, Strawberry
blonde, green eyes, 5', 97 pounds, B cupped breasts,
and Dawn, 21 years old, 5'7", auburn hair with green
eyes, A cupped breasts, and fairly heavy freckles
around her entire body, excepting her legs.
We were talking before Dan, my now deceased husband,
about having another child, which I really wanted in
the worst way. We were waiting for the time in my
menstrual cycle to be the best chance of getting
pregnant. Dan's sperm count was rather low, and we
always had to wait to when I was ovulating to conceive,
and that always didn't work, sometimes we had to try
three or four months before conception was made. The
last time, I had to take fertility pills to give Dan's
low sperm count a better chance to mate with my egg.
A month ago, I was talking to my daughters when I
learned they were wanting to have children themselves
someday, and they were really hoping to use their
father's sperm. Not to have sex with him, just using
his sperm, injected by a doctor into their womb in the
clinic. Although I thought this was rather different, I
could see no harm in it, but, now, that is not to be
since Dan is no longer with us.
Dan's work had a huge insurance coverage on him, and
because of his tragic accident, it left us financially
secure, so I didn't have to work, for which I am
grateful. The two girls were going to college, one to
become a doctor, and the other to become a financial
Since the college they were attending was in the same
city we live in, they stayed home with me only driving
two miles to go to their classes.
It was during one of those days, I was home alone
surfing through the internet when I noticed this one
particular advertisement by a resort called Fertility
Inn. It had a telephone number on it, and I really
thought it was a joke. So thinking it was a spoof, I
went on to what I wanted to do on the internet.
The next day, the same thing happened, and once again I
saw the same advertisement from Fertility Inn. I was
starting to get really curious about this. Is this some
sort of a joke, or what? Once again, I went to what I
was on the internet for in the first place. A short
time later, I had to run into town to do a couple of
errands, and when I came back, I turned on the
computer, and immediately, the Fertility Inn
advertisement appeared. I still wanted another baby,
even though I was widowed now, and quite frankly, it
was beginning to pique my interest.
Without thinking, I decided I would call the attached
telephone number. I had to find out for myself if this
was a joke, or what. I dialed the listed phone number,
and was greeted by a very cheerful woman, who appeared
to be rather young, judging by her voice, "Fertility
Inn. How can I direct your call?"
WOW, imagine my surprise, how can she direct my call,
making me wonder, how many lines can they possibly have
in a place with a name like that. "I would like some
information about your place, such as, what is the
basic theme of the facility, and other related
"Can you hold while I connect you to our Public
Relations Office?" Saying I would, I was soon greeted
by another cheerful sounding woman, also appearing to
be rather young by her voice quality.
"May I help you?" she offered.
"Yes, I was doing something on the internet when I
noticed your advertisement. Can you explain what the
purpose of your facility is, and what is behind the
name, Fertility Inn?"
She was glad to answer my questions, stating: "To start
with, it is a resort style atmosphere, where people
come to spend the weekend. We have pools, game rooms,
and other styles of entertainment here just like other
resorts, but, we have certain criteria which have to be
met first before you can become a guest."
When I asked what the criteria consisted of, I was
surprised at her answer: "The purpose of this resort is
to get pregnant. There are a lot of women who would
love to become mothers and not be attached to the male
donor, so even though we have the names and addresses
of virtually every paid guest, they are required to use
false names. The women have to be ovulating, and the
men have to prove they are not sterile."
Impressed with this answer, I asked, "Why is this so?"
She replied with, "We, at the resort, do not want men
in here who can't deliver the goods, taking advantage
of the women in here who want to become pregnant, and
we want women in here that have a good chance in here
to get pregnant."
"So the name of Fertility Inn has its implied meaning,
you go there when you are fertile to get pregnant by
people you don't know anything about, is that correct?"
"Almost," she replied. "You do have the right to talk
to the men, find out about their medical condition, and
their parents' medical history, so you can have a basic
knowledge of the person you may anticipate as being the
father of your future child."
"Sounds interesting. How much is this going to cost
me?" as if I was really interested in this.
"Because of the nature of this resort, we have to
protect all of our guests, so because of this, we have
to keep the admission fee rather high to steer the so-
called freeloaders out of here. Our fee is $1,000 for
the weekend, per guest."
"We do have certain rules that are imposed, and
enforced, that we do expect to be maintained as well."
Sensing my curiosity, she continued by explaining the
rules to me.
"Rule 1, all guests shall be nude at all times, no
matter what. This allows to guests to check out the
other guests and see if there is a sexual attraction to
begin with.
"Rule 2, If on chance you find somebody who you would
like to mate with, you will allow others to watch, for
you have the right to watch other people mate as well.
"Rule 3, just because you mated with one person, you
have the right to mate with as many guests as you so
desire, and as often as you so desire.
"Rule 4, all guests shall have documented proof they
are disease and drug free, signed by a doctor within 48
hours upon entering this resort, so considering the
nature of this resort, we don't have a disease problem.
Bad for business, you know."
I was very impressed with her professionalism. I
thanked her for her help and hung up the phone. Now,
not only was I satisfied that his is not a joke, a
hoax, or a spoof, I found myself considering the
possibilities as well.
Becky walked inside the house before I had a chance to
clear the computer screen. She looked at the Fertility
Inn advertisement, and when I seen her standing there
looking at it, I could also tell she had most likely
the same questions going through her mind that I had go
through mine.
"I can't believe this," she said, "what are they going
to think of next?" she volunteered.
I told her I felt the same way about it when I first
seen this advertisement, and that I just got off the
phone talking to the Public Relations Office, and quite
frankly, I was impressed with what I was told. I told
her about the rules of the place, and what is to be
expected, and then I could see the wheels start turning
in her head, as if she was somewhat curious about the
place as well.
Seeing this, I asked her why she was so interested in
the place, and she surprised me by saying, "All my
life, I wanted babies. While going to school, I have no
time for a romance and my studies at the same time. It
would only take one weekend, and I could be pregnant
and not have to put up with the man's shit to make me
pregnant." I laughed when I heard this, not thinking
like that, and then I stopped when I noticed she was
rather serious about it.
While we were talking about this subject, Dawn came
home, and the entire discussion was repeated to her as
well. She, too, appeared curious about it.
"You two girls appear as if you are ready to become
mothers. Think about this, for it is a very important
decision to make, and let me know what you come up
with," I told them.
Nothing was said for nearly a month, so long in fact, I
thought they forgot about it. Dawn came home saying, "I
would like to visit the place, see for sure what it is
like before I make up my mind, one way or the other.
I've talked to Becky, and she feels the same way I do
about it."
Dawn asked how I felt about having another child, "I
would still like to have another one, yes, but, I don't
know if I can go to bed with another man, even though
it is strictly a physical nature of going to bed with
him, and nothing emotional, other than to have sex with
him to get pregnant."
Dawn talked me into calling the Fertility Inn, to set
up an interview, to see what its potentials are. I
called the Public Relations Office again, talking to
the same woman I talked to previously. When I told her
my two daughters was interested, along with myself, she
invited me to the resort, giving me the address, and to
be there Thursday afternoon, if possible, for that
would be the best time for her. Saying the three of us
would be there, we hung up the phone.
That night during dinner, the three of us talked about
several incidental things that happened throughout
their ordinary day, and then I told them I called and
set up an appointment for Thursday afternoon at the
Fertility Inn. Both of them appeared to be happy that I
called, making me wonder just how curious about this
place are they.
Thursday finally arrived, and I don't know if it
couldn't get here soon enough, or, too soon, but,
either way, the three of us got into the car. I drove
to the designated address, and sure enough, there was a
big hotel there, but, with no name on it. Strange, I
thought, but, then considering the name of the place,
maybe it would be best if there was no name attached to
the business, for theirs, and their guests' protection.
Parking the car in their parking lot, we quickly found
the main office door and walked in. I introduced us
saying we had an appointment with the Public Relations
gal. She invited the three of us to follow her. A
couple of doors down the hallway, we found ourselves
standing in front of a beautiful platinum haired woman,
maybe 35 years old, beautiful shaped body. When she
introduced herself to us, I immediately recognized her
voice as being the same woman I talked to on the phone.
She was a beautiful woman, 35 years old, or so, with
platinum colored hair, and a beautiful body. She
answered our many questions, and then led us to a
conference room where we were allowed to watch a tape
that showed the many qualities of the resort, qualities
we never thought about.
We left the resort, and while going home, the three of
us were talking about what we learned the entire trip
home. What made me laugh was Becky, once we got home,
she was standing in the kitchen looking at the calendar
hanging on the wall. "We are going to be ovulating next
week, in case if you are interested," she announced.
All three of us cycle each and every month at the same
time, so this would make all three of us ovulating at
the same time as well.
"I am game," Becky announced. "Me, too," said Dawn. The
two of them were looking at me, so I called the front
desk at the resort, requesting a room for the three of
us, starting next Thursday for four days." I then
called a friend of mine who was a doctor, and told him
we needed to be checked out to be sure of us being
disease and drug free. He scheduled us for Wednesday.
When Wednesday arrived, we got into the car and went to
his office. Once he was finished, he had us wait in the
lobby, and two hours later, he came back with three
pieces of paper, all three of them stating he has
physically checked our bodies and blood, and no traces
of diseases or drugs were evidenced. We were on our
Thursday morning, we woke up, and for some unknown
reason, started packing our bags, when Dawn said, "Why
are we packing when we are going to be naked for four
days?" All of us cracked up hearing this.
I was so nervous, I didn't think I could concentrate
enough to drive the short distance safely, so Becky
drove. "I have no idea why you are so nervous, Mom, I
am still a virgin." Dawn said, "And so am I." I was
really proud of them, and they have no idea how proud
of them I was to hear this. "You won't be for long, I
can assure you."
When we arrived, we signed in, and the first thing the
front desk girl asked for was our notes from the
doctor. Once she read through them, we finished
checking in. We arrived at our assigned room, and not
really surprised to see no doors at the entry. Once we
entered the room, we began to strip.
All three of us were nervous, and yet excited at the
same time. We went out of our room, to go to the lounge
where the coffee and other refreshments were located.
Not being used to this, we were somewhat surprised
seeing the many nude guests there, some walking around,
a few kissing and groping, and two couples actually
mating. There was a couple of men I noticed that had
extremely huge tools on them, and I felt myself
starting to get a bit flushed thinking about the
possibilities. I noticed the girls noticed them as
well, judging from their facial expressions.
We sat at this one table allowing us to watch over the
pool and the deck surrounding it, and most of the
people were walking around as if they were in a big
named chain motel, as if it was nothing to it.
Actually, I was envious of them, for I had a hard time
just walking to the lounge, much less sitting here in
the nude, for anybody and everybody to see me nude, for
which only one man has ever done in my entire life,
While we were sitting there, checking out the many men,
a woman joined us, her name was Gracie. I introduced us
to her, using our false names, Becky being Kathy, Dawn
being Sally, and me being Fran. She said, "Beautiful
girls, and you, too, Fran. You three won't have any
troubles finding mates here. There are some nice mates
here right now. Go out and have some fun."
With this encouragement, we did. We left the lounge to
walk around. I couldn't believe how free in spirit I
felt, and as I later learned, my daughters as well. We
decided to go into the pool, and while we were in the
shallow end, I noticed something under the water, which
appeared to be a young man, who came out of the water,
standing in the center of the three of us. "Hello, my
name is Rob," at which time I introduced us to him. He
remarked how beautiful we were, and he would be glad to
assist us in any way we desired. Thanking him for his
kind offer, I noticed he had a hard on, a big one,
nearly touching my exposed hairy pussy. I felt excited,
the first time since I lost Dan. I reached down, and
lightly touched his penis. I was shocked at myself for
being so bold, and then I heard the girls giggle, "Way
to go, Mom," Dawn said. "Are you interested," Rob
asked. "I don't know anything about you," at which time
he replied, "You really are not supposed to know
anything about me, that is the beauty of this place,
everybody is protected from everybody. No true identies
are to be revealed."
I asked, does any members have heart or sugar problems.
When he said no, I told him, "I am interested. You are
a good looking man, and either way, my child will be
He started to kiss me, and I found him to be a master
at kissing. He had me wet in no time, and he hasn't
done anything yet to me other than kiss me. I became
oblivious of the girls standing by me, and as he
started to make love to me in the pool, it felt so good
to have a man's hands on my breasts, tweaking my
nipples making them hard, to have a man with a hard
penis waiting to penetrate my body, to plant his seed
in my womb to impregnate me.
He suggested we take this to the pool deck, which I
agreed, and quickly we made our way to the deck. The
deck was lined with air mattresses close together
allowing people to do what they wanted an not be on the
hot concrete surface. I laid down on my back and he
laid beside me, and started to kiss me once again. As
he kissed me, his hands started to roam all over my
body, from my knees to my ears, and back down again. I
haven't had this much contact in years, even with Dan.
As much as I loved Dan, Dan was not that experienced in
making a woman sexually hungry. Rob was giving me his
all, and before I knew it, he was on top of me, me
spreading my legs, reaching down grabbing his hard
penis, and guiding it to my wet and waiting pussy. Oh,
how good it felt, to feel the tip of his penis
penetrate me, to widen the lips as he gained further
penetration of my starving vagina.
It was then I remembered the girls. I looked around,
and found them standing there watching me get laid by a
man I just met, and using no birth control, no disease
control, fully penetrating my fertile pussy, knowing he
was going to cum inside me before too long, knowing he
was going to mate with me. He was very good about this,
he took his time, wanting me to enjoy what he was doing
to me, knowing what the final outcome could possibly
be, a baby in my womb because of him.
As I laid back, enjoying his lovemaking techniques, I
noticed the sun was not in my eyes any longer, and when
I opened them, I was surprised to see the number of
people standing there, all around us, watching me get
pregnant. I would have thought I would have froze up at
that time, but, I shocked myself by cuming, cuming so
hard I nearly blanked out. A couple of guys were
standing there playing with their hard dicks, and two
women were rubbing their clits, just as Dawn and Becky
were doing. I never taken the time to examine the two
girls' bodies, but, as I was in the process of getting
pregnant in front of them, I did notice how beautiful
their virgin bodies actually were.
I noticed the man behind Becky was rubbing her upper
thigh. Normally the motherly instinct would have cause
me to get mad, but, considering where we were, and why
we were here, I just laid back and watched to see what
would happen . . . . if anything. "Can I help you with
this?" he respectfully asked of her. "You can do it for
me, if you want," she replied, so she removed her hand
from her crotch, and the man started to rub her pussy
slit and clit for her. She was really good about this,
forcing herself to be calm as this happened in her
life, for her first time, having another person touch
her most intimate areas. She reached back, grabbing the
first penis she ever felt in her life, slowly working
it up and down.
She was really hot, so got on her hands and knees,
allowing this man to come up behind her, and as he
began to insert his penis into her virgin pussy, he
stopped. He whispered something into her ear, and I
could hear her say, "yes," and by that, I knew he just
told him she was a virgin.
Here I am, getting laid, possibly getting pregnant in a
few minutes, watching my youngest daughter getting her
virginity removed, and possibly pregnant, as well,
right before my very eyes. I came again, quite
violently, and when he tore through her hymen, I felt
Rob press deep and hard in me, shooting his hot sperm
deep inside me. He came for a long time, squirting so
hard, I could feel nearly every jet of his sperm on my
vaginal walls. "Kathy, Dawn, watch me," as I first felt
Rob shoot his sperm, "Watch me mate." The entire
audience applauded at that time, in appreciation of me
mating with Rob, in appreciation of letting them watch
me get bred, in appreciation of being able to watch Rob
breed me. Both girls came by me, kissing and hugging me
as Rob filled me with his sperm. "Dawn, rub his balls
for him, it will give me every drop he has for me." She
I then realized Kathy didn't get a chance to mate,
since she was there with me when I mated. "Hurry back
to your man, Kathy." "It's ok, Mom, there will be more
chances. Look," she said standing before me, allowing
me a chance to see her virgin blood on her legs. "I am
no longer a virgin."
Proud of her as I am, I reached around her legs, since
I was still under Rob, and he didn't want to pull out
of me yet, and hugged her legs. "I love you," I told
her. A few minutes later, Rob did pull out of me, and
very little of his cum dripped out of me. We quickly
went to our room where I could wash, and I noticed
there were a couple of women walking around as if
nothing happened, and all sorts of cum dripping down
their legs, as if they were the main attraction for a
gang bang.
On the way to our room, a black man walked by us with
the biggest dick I have ever seen, in life, in books,
magazines, and on X-rated movies. This guy was huge, so
huge, I didn't think it was real. I even joked about it
once we were in the room. Once I was in the restroom, I
washed the outside of my vagina, putting a tissue in
front of my vagina to catch anything that could drip
from me, and I noticed Dawn was not in the room. I
asked, "Where is your sister?" "I don't know, I thought
she was still in here."
I went outside, and seen a big crowd standing on the
pool deck. It couldn't be, I said to myself, as I
walked to the crowd. On her knees, sucking on this
massive black cock was Dawn, sucking on it as if her
life depended on it. "Sally, remember our earlier
discussion," even though nothing like this was
mentioned. "I will, Mom, I promise." She stood up, only
to whisper in his ear, take my virginity, yes, but, cum
on my belly, I can't have a black baby." He assured her
he understood, at which time she laid down on her back.
The black man got on his knees putting his face to her
crotch, licking her good, making her very wet and in
want, full of desires. Once he was sure he was ready
for her, he suggested she get on top and take it at her
pace, no matter how long it took. He laid down on his
back, Dawn did get on top of him, and another woman
held the black man's penis as Dawn lowered herself onto
his penis. I could easily see her discomfort in her
face as he initially penetrated her virgin vagina, and
once she appeared to be somewhat comfortable with this
inside her, she was determined to lose her virginity as
well, shortly.
She went nearly another inch further down, before she
stopped, showing more pain in her face, and then she
started to rotate her hips a bit, and I think she was
applying a bit more downward pressure on the tip of his
black penis, and eventually, blood was seen dripping
down the backs of her legs as well, and this is when
she slowly moved herself further down, and further
down, until she could take no more. Nearly half of him
was still outside her body, and he started to move up
and down under her, allowing his penis to move in and
out of her body. Slowly, he started to move faster and
faster, and then he pushed her up, shooting a most
impressive amount of sperm all over her body, covering
her from her breasts down to her pubic hair. The crowd
really wanted him to cum inside her, but, as she asked,
he didn't do that for them, he came outside her body
for her, which I appreciated of him to do so.
Knowing both girls were deflowered, and hurting, we
went back to our room to refresh ourselves. "What would
happen if all of us wanted the same guy to be the
father of our kids?" Dawn asked. I thought that was an
interesting question, but, didn't know for sure how to
answer it. "Why you ask that, Dawn?" I asked. "I liked
the way Rob made love to you earlier, and he is a good
looking man, and he appeared to make you happy, and
considering how you are, if he made you cum the way he
did, maybe he can make me cum as well. Also, judging
the way you said how much cum he put inside you, I
would like to feel his cum filling me as he did you."
Getting hungry, we made our way to the eating area, in
which a nice buffet was set up. As we dished up our
plates, we noticed Rob making entry to the room. We sat
at our table, and once Rob finished dishing up his
plate, he made his way to our table. "So very nice to
see you, and your girls, Fran. Mind if I join you?"
Saying he is welcomed, he quickly sat down between
Becky and Dawn. "About today," I started, "I have to
admit, you are a good man. You know what a woman
"Appreciate that, mam. I heard rumors today of two good
looking girls who had their first times here, on the
pool decking. Do I know who they are?" he asked, as if
he already knew before he asked.
"Both of us," Dawn replied. "Mine was by the blackman,
but, I didn't let him cum inside me, just take my
cherry," she detailed for him. "I don't want a black
baby, I want a white baby, I want your baby." I
couldn't see her left hand, so I assume she was rubbing
his penis at the table.
With our meal finished, the four of us went to our
room. Becky and I sat on separate chairs while Dawn and
Rob sat on the bed, obvious they were going to mate
tonight. They began to kiss, and rub each other's
crotches, and then Rob laid her back and started to
lick her vaginal slit, concentrating on her clit. Dawn
was getting very turned on, and then he laid on his
back. "I don't know what to do, Mom, I never did this
before." I asked Rob if he minded if I showed her, and
Kathy. "Be my guest, Fran."
I informed both girls to watch me, as I licked his
shaft from the base of it to the tip of his penis, and
slowly worked it into my mouth, taking as much as I
could without choking. After doing this for a minute or
two, I pulled up from Rob and offered his penis to her.
She did good, but, she went too far and started to gag
a bit, and then she tried it again without taking so
much into her mouth, doing a lot better this time.
"Kathy, you want to try this, too?" I asked. She got up
and joined me and her sister, and she too gagged a bit
at first, until she learned how far she could go down
on it.
Time was here for the mating, so I held the penis up,
and Dawn sat down on it. This time knowing it wouldn't
hurt her like earlier today, she was able to take it
all nice and deep in her body, all the way down to his
balls. "WOW, Mom, This is great," she said, as she
started to bounce up and down at a fairly fast rate. I
told her to slow down, make it last, and this would
allow him to make more sperm for her at the same time.
She did slow down, and fifteen minutes or so later, he
came, filling her good with his baby making ejaculate.
She did cum, for the first time in her life, while
sitting on a man's penis. She moved up and down slowly
in an effort to make more of his sperm go into her
fertile and receptive womb. I was impressed watching
his penis pulsate. It appeared as if it was never going
to stop, and finally it did. Dawn started to get up
from him, and he held her down, saying, "Don't get up
now, or it will all drip out of you. You want to hold
it in as long as possible to make the sperm work for
you." The next thing I noticed, Rob started to move in
and out of her, he never lost his hard, and he is going
to inject another load into my daughter. Soon enough,
he grunted again, sending another wave of sperm inside
her. This time, she made no effort to get up. I never
knew how stimulating it would be for me to watch my
daughter, nude, sitting in a nude man's lap, his penis
buried in her vagina, pumping a massive amount of sperm
into her fertile womb, openly displayed the way she
was, her legs outside of his wide spread legs. I was
wet beyond belief, and I need a man . . . . Any man.
I quickly went outside, and determined to get laid,
right then, and right there. I looked around, and I
didn't see a man anywhere. I went into the lounge, and
seen two men, the white man had a rather fat, but,
short penis, and the black man, who took Becky's
virginity, with his massive penis.
I casually walked up to him, and said, "I am in heat."
He taken my hand, leading me to the well lighted corner
of the lounge, laid me back, and licked me, licking me
for an eternity, to the point I thought that was all he
was going to do. He stopped, stepped back one step, and
took hold of his fully blood engorged massive black
penis, and aimed it at my waiting vagina. I never knew
what it was like, to have something so huge inside me,
and now I know. Believe me, I know. I felt him going
deeper and deeper, not knowing if he was going to ever
finish getting any deeper in me, when I finally felt
his balls on my butt. Damn, I thought to myself, like
being with a horse. He started working that massive
penis in and out of me with deliberate intent, intent
to satisfy my cravings, and intent on mating with me.
I guess I was groaning rather loudly, because there was
a few people standing around us, watching me mate with
this well hung black man. He would do me fast, hard and
deep, and then slow down to nearly fully stopped, only
to pick up the pace again. Finally, after half an hour,
he held me down tight to the table, thrusting himself
hard into me, causing the tip of his penis to fully
penetrate my cervix, putting his penis deep inside my
uterus, only to start filling me with his sperm. He
stayed in me for nearly ten minutes, and I thought he
was filling me the entire time, the way it felt.
Finally he pulled his spent penis out of me, and I felt
a river of his cum running out of me, all over the
table I was laid back on. The entire audience smiled at
me, for me, knowing I have just received a very large
amount of potential pregnancy. Cum, wow, did I cum. I
started cumming just when his penis first touched my
vaginal lips, and that was before he even penetrated me
Once he was in me all the way, I came again, and again,
until now, I am totally fucked out.
I returned to the room with his black cum all over my
legs and feet, leaving a small trail across the
concrete leading from the lounge to our room. If I were
to get pregnant this weekend, surely this would have
done it, from all the cum he put inside me.
"You look like hell, Mom," Becky announced. "I guess I
don't need to ask what you did, or if it was good for
you, right?"
"You're right, Becky. I am so sore now, I can hardly
walk." With that I collapsed on a chair. Rod was
screwing Dawn again, mating with her for the third
time. I didn't see any of his cum on the bed, so I am
sure she didn't drip from the first two matings she
received, and now she was on her back, mating. Soon
enough, Rod pulled himself deep in her, grunted again,
pushing more of his sperm into her wanting to get
pregnant fertile body.
This time he pulled out, a large amount of semen
dripped out of her, down the crack of her ass, and onto
the bed. Rod was spent, rolled over, and went to sleep.
I didn't have a problem with that, just wondering where
the three of us were going to sleep. We made our way to
the bed, and found a way for the four of us to get
comfortable, and go to sleep for the night.
The following morning, we woke up, washed ourselves and
made our way to the food serving area. We had our
morning coffee and treats, so we walked around the pool
to the game room area. Upon our arrival, we seen a
woman on her back on top of a pool table while a guy
shoved four ping pong balls in her vagina. He then
greased up his finger really good, working the grease
around inside of her vagina, and then he withdrew his
finger. She moved around bit as if she was taking aim,
and then we all could see her crotch swell and expand a
bit before a ping pong ball shot out of her vagina
towards a cup in the pocket of the pool table on the
far end from her. It missed, so she tried again, and it
missed, and finally on the third time, she made the
ball go into the pocket bringing a loud round of cheers
from the spectators surrounding the pool table.
We left at that time, talking and giggling about who
could come up with such crap as what we just witnessed,
wondering how a vagina, of all things, can be used sort
of like a popgun shooting out ping pong balls the way
she did.
"Mom, I want to go back to the room . . . With Rod,"
Becky said.
"Okay, you mind if we join you?"
"I want the both of you with me, it is a very important
time in a girl's life to get pregnant," she replied.
So, to the room we went. Once inside, she got to her
knees and started sucking on Rod's semi hard penis,
making it get real hard. As she was doing this, her
fingers were working on her own crotch, making herself
ready for penetration.
Once he was as hard as what he was going to get, she
got on her knees, allowing Rod to get in behind her. He
penetrated her fully on the second push, and started to
work it in and out of her. She was moaning as I never
heard a woman moan before, making me think she was
cumming the entire time he was inside her. Evidently,
this turned him on, for a short time later, he came,
pumping his sperm deep into her fertile belly, and when
he finished cumming, he continued to move in and out
again, only to fill her belly with more of his manly
baby making seed. He pulled out of her, and Dawn and I
was glad to see only a little bit of his white juice
come out of her vagina.
Becky and Rod mated two more times throughout the day,
and the following morning, we decided we had enough
matings, and to wait and see what happens, if anything,
at the scheduled beginning of our next menstrual
Nothing. Nothing happened for two months, so we went to
the doctor, to learn all three of us were pregnant. We
had DNA samples taken, to see if all had the same DNA.
We were pleasantly surprised to learn, Rob has to be
the father of all three of our kids.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of
the hands of children. They should be outside playing
in the sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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